Big Brother 11 – The Last Minute Lie is in Full Effect, J/J ponder backdooring Russell

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:40pm backyard Kevin, Michelle and Jordan. Jordan is telling him he’s safe this week. Kevin says thanks, He mentions that he is the only person in the house that hasn’t been nominated. Michelle congratulates him, he shrugs it off saying all it means is first time his ass is on that seat he’s going home. Kevin tells them he’s a big fan of the show and he’s so glad to just be on it. Jordan makes a joke about Kevin being allergic to the nomination chair. Kevin says it gives him hives. They start talking about the net HOH comp. they all claim to have no idea what it will be about. Kevin tells them how frustrated he was at the last HOH.. before the comp he was getting hole in ones all the time but during the competition he choked. Jordan reminds him he did pretty good he won 5grand. Kevin bring sup Jeff winning the trip. Jordan jokes saying that she will hide in the suitcase. Jeff there now.. Random talk Jordan mentions she’s on the period and goes into detail; about it. She says she doesn’t like using a tampon during the first couple days because it usually hurts.. Jeff asks that it seemed like all the girls are on their period right now. Jordan leaves to go the HOH room… Jeff follows after a couple minutes. Kevin and Michelle continue to talk about the game, Kevin wonders if there will be any more America Vote twists. Michelle isn’t sure, she thinks that production has been adding a lot of “extras” into this season so she wouldn’t doubt there was another vote in twist coming up.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:15pm HOH Jeff and Jordan. They are talking about this weeks nominations. they think that Russell should go home sooner than originally planned. Jeff brings up Russell getting all paranoid because Jeff was talking to Kevin. Jeff thinks the reason why Russell is getting scared is because He voted for Jessie. Jeff says we really can’t trust Russell. Jordan agrees but says they need to get Natalie out because she is going after You and Michelle. Jeff brings up if the opportunity arises that they should back door Russell maybe they should take it. Jordan thinks it’s best if they talk to Kevin and tell him that Russell is going after him that way they will be going after each other. Jordan explains her plan is to take Natalie out this week than next week put Kevin and Lydia up but backdoor Russell. Jeff brings up Russell being so paranoid, Jeff doesn’t understand why last week he told him time and again that he wants Russell to the Final 3 but now Russell is acting like we wanted him out and we didn’t want him out until he started acting suspicious. Jeff agrees with Jordan’s plan thinking that the entire house will support backdooring Russell. Jordan wants to get Natalie out first though. Jeff is pissed about Russell voting for Jessie even after Jeff saved him with his wizard powers. Jeff continues saying if Jessie had stayed because of Russell Jeff would be gone by now. Jeff starts talking about what Jessie said about Russell that he was very rich and will say he’s poor but it?s a lie. They start to speculate if they don’t win HOH next week. Jeff is worried that Russell might get it and put Him put. Jordan doesn’t think so she thinks Russell will put Lydia and Kevin up… They continue to talk about possible scenarios and decide to wait and see after the veto comp. right now as it stands Natalie and Lydia are going up Natalie is the target, however they are toying with the idea of backdooring Russell.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:30pm Red Room Kevin, Lydia and PP. They are making an event calendar and playing cards.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:45pm HOH Tub Jordan bath time

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:05pm Red Room Lydia is braiding Natalie’s hair. No one talking.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm- 8:30pm Backyard Couch Kevin and Jeff. Kevin is explaining the Lie. Kevin explains that yesterday after the big blow up in the red room the girls were called into the Diary room. When they came out Michelle and Russell were in the Pool room talking game. Kevin says that the girls hear Russell and Michelle talking final 2 and that they were going to split Jordan and Jeff up next week. Kevin asks Jeff not ti tell anything to the girls only tell it to Jordan. Jeff says no problem there… He says that earlier today him and Jordan were talking about not trusting Russell and possibly backdooring him if the opportunity arises. Jeff appears to be following for Kevin?s lie. Jeff complains about Russell voting for Jessie saying that if it wasn’t for Kevin Jeff would be gone this week because Jessie would still be in the house. Kevin tells Jeff the girls are not pleased with Jeff and Jordan but they are super pissed with Michelle and they want her out and if any one of them win HOH they will be going after Michelle. (earlier today Michelle told Jordan that Russell wanted final 2 with her so this its exactly new to Jeff) Kevin wants to talk with Jordan. Jeff tells him they need to talk to her soon, it’s hard to get a moment with her right now. Kevin reiterates that he doesn’t want the girls to know he told him this because the girls didn’t want Jeff to find out. They were all waiting for Jeff to get fucked over by Russ and they would rub it in his face at the jury house. Jeff starts telling that he wants to work work with Kevin.. he wants someone to win POV so they have the option to take out Russell. Kevin says he’s been pumping up the girls to win POV. Jeff hopes they don’t pull a chima and quit during the competition. Jeff says if Russell isn’t going home than Natalie is the one going home. Kevin bring up final 2 with Russell and how people might not vote JEff to win if he’s up against Russell. Jeff agrees, they’ll vote against Jeff just out of spite.

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BB Fan

Why do we need to know about Jordan’s period and that she doesn’t like to use tampons for the first few days? GROSS.


Does anyone know when Nominations are? they are usually the next day after HOH comp… which was on Saturday, right?

Mr. E

Does this look suspicious to anybody? Michelle has a story about how Russell is taking her to the Final Two and told her he wants to get rid of Jeff and tells it to Jordan. She leaves when Jeff comes out and Jordan then tells the story to Jeff. Russell comes out later and declares that no matter what he wants to get to the Final Four with Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle and nothing will shake him on that. Russell gets called into the DR and there’s an audio leak of the producers asking Russell “where his head’s at” and saying they don’t want to “lose any other cast members.” Later on that night, Natalie spontaneously comes up with this lie that Michelle and Russell are plotting on taking out Jeff before the Final Four off the top of her head. The Cult works on it for an entire day and let slip that the DR is providing them with ideas on what to put in the story, which causes them to revise some details. The next day everyone comments that Russell is extremely paranoid (you’re not paranoid if they’re actually out to get you). Jeff and Jordan are planning to get rid of him soon. Kevin takes Jeff outside and starts to tell The Big Lie except Jeff says repeatedly, “I already know all of that. I already know. You’re not telling me anything I don’t know.”…Do you think the producers are trying to get rid of Russell because he has a chance at winning the game and the rest of the HGs are still pissed off about the Coup d’Etat?


Yeah idk everything seems so weird right now.. Idk why they aren’t trusting Russell.. I mean I get why, because he has lied, but they’re gonna believe what the other side of the house, who has their backs against them wall is telling them? Lydia did mention that she thought the DR would help them with this lie, and Kevin said no.. I think it also depends what happens with these next two competitions.. If they are somehow favoring the other side of the house (not Russell).. Also, if it’s endurance then that would be interesting because Russell said he would drop for Jeff.. That also depends on Russell being there for next HoH..


believe it or not… those in the diary room “suggest” things to the houseguests… through the questions they ask. So this “LML” probably was influenced by the POWERS THAT BE BEHIND THE WALLS… just so they can stop moaning and groaning about Jessie and Chima and to get them to start back fighting to stay in the house. Is it fair? no. but I’m sure they were hinting to Jeff to use the Wizard power too… that’s why the show was pre-recorded.


Completely agree … seems very fishy. I’ve got a suspicion that they are being coached. It would be boring tv if everything were peaceful in the house and went according to plan for a week or two. Due to that, I can see production helping to stir the pot. Its all about ratings, after all.


Jeff bought the Kevin lie, and he’s seriously considering the backdoor plan.. Ugh.. It would be a stupid move.. The other side would have the numbers again next HoH competition, and someone between Jeff, Jordan, and Michele would go home next week for sure.. If the three of them go through with this backdoor plan this week, as much as I like them, they deserve to go home..


I can’t believe Jeff fell for Kevin’s lie.


I can’t believe Jeff is falling for the lie!!! I want them to get out PP this week, and then Russell the next week


Oh great… they need to get rid of Russell eventually but not now! I just hope they don’t go after Michele. IMO Jordan isn’t going to fall for it because she and Michele seem very close. If they don’t get Natalie out this week they’re going to be royally screwed…

stay calm!!!

ok everyone who is rooting for J/J/R/M as a 4some… CALM DOWN. Remember that it is early in the week. Jordan will more than likely nominate Nat and Lydiho. Let’s think logically for a minute. Russel is not a mute, nor is Michelle. The four of them will eventually engage in a conversation and HOPEFULLY.. Russel can reassure Jeff and Jordo that he is not targeting them. I honestly feel that Russel is being honest when he says that he will not go after Jeff and Jordan. I can only hope that Nat is evicted this week. They need to dwindle that alliance down to at least 2 people before they start going after each other. They need to evict Nat this week, which will make Lydiho go CrrrAazYyy…. and even if Russ wins HoH next week… I feel he will nominate Kevin and Lydia and one of them will go. I need a xanax! I’m wayyy too invested in this game. lol can anyone relate?


Yeah I am too.. I understand what you’re saying with that they can talk.. But the thing is that Jeff isn’t going to tell Russell anything.. Russell won’t have the chance to defend himself from the lie, until after his up.. Although if at that point Jeff and Jordan realize how stupid of a move it would be to get Russell out of here, they could still vote to keep him here, make it a tie, and Jordan break it to keep Russell there.. So that’s another hope we have.. However if they go through with the backdoor plan this week, they are idiots, and deserve to go home in my opinion..


I can definitely relate as far as the investment of time!!! I do agree that they are right in getting Russell out before the final 4, but this week isn’t the week to do it. They need Nat out this week to ensure a majority. Next week they can evict Russell and still maintain a 3-2 majority.


Jeff should know that Gnat or Lydiot need to go first ,They are gunning for him because he got rid of Jesse


JEFF! Your falling in the web dude! Your right to be suspicious of Russ, but come on dude, don’t fall for it! As for the “dirty duo”–Natalie eats her own nose candy(not to mention she looks/acts like a street thug!), and lydia uses Nat’s shirt to catch Jesse’s mojo and talks about hiding used tampons under peoples beds! YUK, those chicks are wack!
Toss the wankers!


Is Kevin really the only one that hasn’t been nominated? What about Jeff? I don’t remember him being nominated???


jeff hasnt been nominated either


Jeff was nom’ed during week 2 by Ronnie. He and Laura were put on the block by Ronnie after he won the ‘high school clique’ q&a HoH competition. Jeff won the POV comp dealing with finding the correct amount of coins for specific dollar amounts. Ronnie consequently nom’ed Jordan in replacement of Jeff… Laura went home.


Jeff was nominated in week 2 as a pawn against Laura, won POV and took himself off the block


dig the screen name, but you spelled it right!!


Jeff you cant keep falling for this shitt…there LIEING!!!!


Jeff was put up against Laura in week two..: he won pov and the Jordon was put up as a replacement…that was Ronnie hoh reign


….and natalie says that THEY are the good people…they have done nothing but lie so this newest lie is nothing ..the thing that gets me is kevin being in on it..i thought he was going to be a good guy but when he started to go with the three witches..I kinda knew he was just as bad as them. Oh well hopefully Jeff and jordon will realize what schemers they all are. they must realize that if russel threw them under the bus now russel would be done and they know hes NOT that stupid


Geez the nicknames are fantastic. Is somebody keeping track I hope?


First PP and lydia will be nominated, Everyone except for one person will play for POV. So I doubt lydia or Pp will win, the only way one comes off is if kevin wins Pov otherwise the pov will not be use. Next week would be the perfect time to backdoor russ if michelle, jeff or jordan win hoh, if nat or kevin win michelle and could go up. It all depends on next pov and hoh. Should be interesting.


Jeff was nominated but then he won POV and pulled himself off :0 ) I dont think Jordan will go for backdooring russ this week, she really wants gnat out! I think they should keep lydiot till final 4 just to torture her! shes gonna throw HOH comps anyhow cuz she wants to go home so thats the best idea. stick with russ this werek… if he wins HOH than he can get rid of kevy boy and theres no bloof on j/j hands!!! Its is really annoying that production is helping them tho!!! There’s enough drama between jus them why must they instigate…. GrRrRrRrRrRrRr……..


On CBS’s BB site(houseguests) Jeff has the most fans w/almost 7,000- then Jordan w/almost 6,000. Shitma has the fewest w/410 fans, that’s surprising! Scary to know there’s more chicks out there like her!!


Jeff is believing it because it is coming from Kevin. Kevin never played this dirty game…lying… he’s just now starting… which has thrown Jeff off his game leading him to believe Kevin. NOW if Lydia or Natalie was telling him this LML he would not believe it one bit. So… although I don’t like them cuddos to Natalie and Lydia for sending the right person out to tell the lie.


I agree.. I hated the lie they came up with about Michele trying to keep Ronnie and telling them she would vote for him in the green room, but this one was very well played.. Although a lot of it was something they didn’t control though, and that was that Russell had mentioned to Michele getting Jeff out, but in the final 4.. So that seed was already in Jeff’s mind, and this just re-assured it.. My biggest problem with Natalie is that she acts like a moral god.. I hate what Jeff did once Kevin started telling him the lie, which was feed him information.. He never did that when Jessie would tell him anything, but would just nod along.. But I guess it does go back to Natalie playing this right by sending Kevin..


Jeff knows Russell voted to keep Jessie. Jeff knows he cannot trust Russell. LML or not, bringing Russell to the final 4 is not wise. At the very least, Russell needs to go on the block (even as a pawn) to prevent him from having a vote at eviction.

Mr. E

Jeff isn’t believing the story because it’s coming from Kevin. Kevin has NOTHING to do with anything Jeff believes. Michelle already told this story to Jeff YESTERDAY long before Natalie even came up with it. The reason Jeff believes it is because Michelle and Kevin have told him independently the exact same story even though at least one of them is lying. What’s weird is that they both came up with the exact same story even though they haven’t talked in days.


No no.. What happened was that Russell made a final 2 with Michele.. Idk if he straight out told her, but a final 2 would mean getting rid of Jeff of course.. Idk if he told Michele to get rid of Jeff in the final 4, or if it was just implied.. Michele went to Jordan and told her this, because she seems to be all about a final three with her and J/J.. The story Kevin told Jeff is that Russell’s plan is to get out him next week.. That’s the difference between the two stories.. And if Jeff, Jordan, and Michele don’t get together and compare notes, they could be done.. They have to get rid of Natalie this week and go after Russell next week, not now..


you hit the nail on the head. im getting scared


I feel bad that Kevin compromised any integrity he may have had by doing it this way though. He has floated throughout the entire game, but I haven’t disliked him because he did seem to be a decent and honest person. Money will make people do anything and that’s what BB is all about.


i think this lie will be what brings jeff and jordan down


Agree 100%.. It sucks.. Jeff just said about Russell : “he’s gone”


It’s a long time until Thursday. Anything can happen.




I remember watching BB a few years back when one of the players came back. It was the girl that liked the cheese. When she came back she told the other players that the reason she was returning was to stir up trouble. I knew then that production is involved. I mean, when theyre in the diary room, it’s not just to ask questions and get comments. They’re getting gossip, and then passing it on to the other players. That’s why they stay in the DR so long. Chima referred to talking to them all the time. It’s also why they’re always being told, “You’re not supposed to talk about production”


I hope Jeff isn’t that stupid. He needs to get rid of one of the 3 on the other side of the house this week. Next week he and Jordan are in the clear since in Russell or Michelle win, they will nominate Kevin and L/N and if L/N or Kevin win, they will nom Russell and Michelle. If he boots out Russell this week, there’s a strong possibility that he’s out the door the next week. Right now if he boots one of the N/K/L alliance out, Jeff and Jordan have the numbers 4-2 no matter which side they’re on.


So wait, since Chima is no longer in the BB house, are they still going to do a double eviction this week? And if so, do you think they will bring back an evicted house guest?

dontfallfor it jeff!!

It makes me sad that jeff believes it 🙁




i think that russell if not backdoored this week and gets the HOH next week, he should go after jeff or jordan… the jury would like to see somethin like that and future jury HGs


I hope for once Jordan doesn’t listen to Jeff and keeps her aim on Nasty….then Kevin….shame on you Kevin….you old bottom 😉


I knew this was going to happen. I cannot believe Jeff is believing this lie. I am worried that they will get rid of Russell now instead of Natalie. Russell has kept his word in this game.


Jordan is actually talking smart, Jeff listen to Jordan!


have nominations happened yet?


J/J should evict Ppen this week and go from there.


i can’t believe jeff is falling for this. i hope he gets rid or that rat nat first, and then do what he wants to do with russell


For all you people that think Jordan is stupid, she is proving to be smarter than Jeff about the lie. He is buying it, and she is thinking it through and sees that if Russ goes this week, the other team is back on equal footing. I hope she stands her ground. If they try to back door Russ this week, it is over for them. They need to talk to Michelle and calm Jeff down. Can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope Russ wins POV so Nasty Nat goes home. Its too early to start turning on each other!


Jordan is being the voice of reason in this situation.. She keeps bringing up how they have to get Natalie out this week, because getting Russell out would put them a player down.. Which is exactly what would happen.. I hope Jeff comes around and understands that they need to keep Russell for one more week.. If they get Russell out this week, it could be the downfall of Jeff and Jordan, and maybe one of those three from the other side would win.. I would be disgusted if it’s Natalie or Lydia.. Kevin I wouldn’t mind so much..


Jordan has also been saying that they shouldn’t underestimate Kevin, that he is smart.


I’m surprised myself that Jeff is falling for this…..glad Jordan at least has more sense! I really hope she wins!


wow im confused… So did Michelle just admit to Kevins lie? lol.. what?.. How is that even possible


As much as I like Michele’s strategy, she’s stupid in a way that she doesn’t even realize it.. When Jeff told her this she should have flat out denied it, and convinced him that it never happened.. That should be easy since it is the truth, Russell never said to get them out next week.. She did the same thing with the lie Jessie and Natalie made up about her approaching them in the green room to keep Ronnie.. Never strongly denied it, so it seemed like she was the one lying..

Dustin Thawind

I think the Big Lie is falling apart. Jeff played like HE heard Russell say that stuff to Michelle and she didn’t deny it. The only thing is I am worried that since Jeff was kind of pissy to Michelle and a bit threatening that she could feel less secure in her alliance.


It seems the bad guys are still in control. Natalie needs to go. I hope that Jeff is not that stupid to believe Kevin and talk himself out of the money. Kevin backstabbed Jeff and told the girls. Jeff please don’t prove to be an idiot.


UGH…jeff, i thought you were better than this…


to add to that, id love it if Russell wins HOH to prove jeff, jordan and michelle wrong. but i guess u never know. russell might actually back door them, but i doubt that…


God i love Jordan so much, she is actually smart 🙂

a nono moose

One word for Jeff… SUCKER!


Simon,whens the next post




OMG, Jeff is so stupid to trust Kevin and why? Kevin hasn’t shown any allegiance to the other side, outside of behind closed doors with Jeff feeding him this big lie! Jeff is playing himself out of this game. He should have confronted Russell and get that lie out in the open.


I get my satisfaction when:
A. Jeff/Jordan/or Michelle win BB
B. The Jury has to vote for one of those three
C. Chima loses her job or is in a padded room
D. Nat/Lydia finally realize the world knows all(love to see their face for that)
E. BB stops showering whiners with gifts(and do a better background check!)

Uncle Cool

They sure are acting like they don’t know the world is watching.

Isn’t it common knowledge that they are being monitored 24/7?

If I was in there, I certainly would not be talking about personal things or family members/friends. I would most certainly bathe every day and wouldn’t pop a zit or pick my nose and eat it in front of the whole world.


Omg u guys r going 2 hate me…. I miss the feed for 1 day and I’m lost with the. PP is that about kevin/ nat?????




Not sure but I think the PP refers to Nat and it stands for Pig Pen!!
She is such a pig and only took 2 showers in a week!
And her hair always looks like a rats nest..

deborah grimes



PP stands for “pig Pen” aka Nat-the dirty girl who doesn’t bath, picks her nose , and pop zits!


Don’t forget about her skid marks!


The problem with Russell is he is never reliable. He made Ronnie his first target then snuck up to HOH to make a deal with him, then put him on the block. He continues to make deals and then flip. It’s like he can’t maintain a direction for more than a few minutes. To me it’s like watching a person of damaged mental capacity play the game. Love you, hate you, vote for you, vote against you. He can’t keep anything straight. He makes a pretty good start at an alliance with Michelle and then throws her under the bus by telling all her secrets for NO reason!!! He is the most unreliable person ever. It’s like he just can’t help himself. Once he does one thing he wants to immediately do the opposite. I do not believe for one minute that he would stick with his deal to save Jeff. It would depend on which way the wind was blowing that day. When he voted for Jesse!!! What?!! Your ass was just saved 30 seconds ago and you have already stabbed your savior in the back!!!! Russell is a true snake. No moral compass…at all.


he voted to keep jessie because they were friends and he promised his vote…


not saying russell is a good dude or hasnt lied, but moreso that much like with casey, he kept his word in the vote.


Russell promised Jeff that they would be allies, yet after Jeff used the power to take Russell off the block, and made himself a definite target, look how much gratitude Russell showed Jeff by voting to keep Jessie in the house!! That was crazy!!! Jeff just put his safety on the line to save Russell, and then Russell votes to keep Jeff’s biggest threat in the house!! At first I was happy to see Jeff & Russell coming together as a team, but after observing Russell’s lack of loyalty, he just can not be trusted. Jeff wanted to trust him and give him the benefit of doubt, but Russell has proven he can’t be trusted!