Big Brother 11 – Kevin to the witches about the LML “The Lie wasn’t a Lie it was real!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30pm HOH Michelle and Jordan. Jordan is telling Michelle that Russell cannot be trusted that they must consider getting rid of him. Jordan is adamant that Natalie must go home this week though. Michelle brings up backdooring Russell this week, Jordan says no way she wants Natalie gone but she wants them to feel like they are safe. Michelle tells Jordan that
Russell has been telling her he wants final 2 with her. Jordan mentions Russell vote for Jessie… they both agree that Russell has been acting funny lately. Michelle thinks Russell is being a little premature going around talking about final 2 or final 4. Michelle tells Jordan that Russell has been talking to her a lot and he mentioned that he wants Michelle to get HOH and take Jeff or Jordan out. Jordan says she kinda thought Russell would go after them sooner or later. they talk

about the alliance and how it?s really just the 3 of them and its always has been. Jordan bring sup the next HOH and how they all think it will be endurance. Jordan says that Russell and Jeff have an agreement that Russell will throw the comp to Jeff. Jordan warns Michelle that Russell will fill her head with shit and be ready for it because Russell is freaking out right now. Michelle laughs “are you kidding me!” she explains that at this stage she wouldn’t believe one word that Russell says. Michelle brings up the chess board being stolen and how the rumour is Natalie made a calendar with all the dates on it. Michelle doubts Natalie did it “she’s too stupid to make a calendar” Jordan says she is going to act super nice to Natalie from here until eviction so Natalie thinks she’s safe. Michelle thinks that will be a good plan but warns Jordan to not be too tricky because she may lose jury votes. Jordan brings up how pissed off Jeff is at Russell for voting
for Jessie that Jeff is about to tell him off. Jordan adds that she really wants Natalie home this week but after that she would want Russell out. Michelle agrees she doesn’t want to see him win 3rd place. Jordan tells Michelle not to worry if she sees her and Jeff off talking because they are not talking about Michelle.. Michelle says she understands and she’s not worried. Jordan offers her HOH room for Jeff and Michelle tonight. Michelle says Jeff won’t do it until he wins HOH… They start watching the spy screen looks like Russell is coming up.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm Backyard Jeff anr Russell. Russell tells Jeff that next week it comes down to Russell and Jeff for HOH. Russell offers it to Jeff, “just don’t fuck me over”. Jeff assures him he won’t. Russell thinks the next couple weeks will be easy for them. Jeff thinks it all depends on if they win otherwise it’ll be the suck again. Russell thinks they have it in the bag, once PP is gone it’ll be you me and Michelle against Lydia and Kevin. Jeff thinks Kevin has a good chance of winning. Russell “not if it’s physical” They decide to play pool… standard pool cursing..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm – 10:00pm Bathroom Natalie, Kevin and Lydia. Natalie bitches about her hair not holding up until Thursday. Lydia says they can pull it all out if she wants. Kevin starts telling them, about his conversation with Jeff. He explains that Jeff already knew that Russell had made a final 2 with Michelle and was planning on talking out Jeff or Jordan. Kevin
continues telling them that Jeff is talking about backdooring Russell maybe this week. Natalie doesn’t think that will happen. Kevin tells them that the lie they made up was really actually true because Michelle told Jeff already that Russ is talking to her about the final two. Kevin says he didn’t even have to tell him half of it, it was Jeff telling him. Kevin mentions that Jeff said he has no problem putting Russell up when he wins head of household. Kevin lists the reason Jeff gave. Russell betrayed Jeff on voting for Jessie, made a final 2 deal with Michelle and told him, to his face, he would back stab Jeff and Jordan. They all seem happy about what is happening.. Kevin tells them he is going to talk to Jordan later tonight. Kevin tells them that Jeff is concerned that Lydia won’t play for the POV. Kevin adds that Jeff is considering a partnership to oust Russell. Kevin reminds them that if they win POV that is a good opportunity to show Jeff we are on the same page. Kevin thinks that Jeff believes everything and wants to take Russell out they just need to get the POV. Lydia mentions that production reminded them to go to bed early tonight because the competition is first thing tomorrow. Kevin reminds them all that there?s still a good chance on of them are going home, but even of one of them do the seed has been planted in Jeff’s head and he won’t forget the shit that was said.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:35pm-10:00pm HOH Michelle, Russell, Jordan and Jeff. Talking about the next HOH and how it will be endurance. They all think they have it in the bag. Talk moves to Monday being slop day and how they all should fill up before hand. Russell tells them how much nicer the house is with Chima gone… He brings up what if Ronnie was still around.. they all cringe. They all start laughing that Ronnie thought he was better than Dr Will They start talking about this years house and how the people are not afraid to be mean.. “everyone has a sharp tongue” Jordan brings up her HOH Blog and how she doesn’t know what it is. Russell trys to explain to her. Russell says the only person he bashed is Chima Michelle was the smartest and Ronnie thought he was smart, Jordan is the house sweetheart.They continue talking about random things with breaks of awkward silence.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:50pm Pool Table Sparky and Hep-L playing pool…


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:05pm HOH Jordan and Jeff. Jeff is explaining everything Kevin told him. They are amazed that Kevin brought this up 30 minutes before they were talking about Russell going against them. Jeff mentions that he kind of thinks Michelle is playing them as well. Jordan disagrees… Jeff says Michelle is thinking about the end game right now she is trying to get in good with you and Russell, they are going to take me out first. Jeff proposes they backdoor Russell.. Jordan thinks it?s a bad idea because they lose a vote for next week. Jeff says he thinks if Russell wins HOH next week he’ll put Jeff up. Jordan tells him Russell might but he might also but the witch and Kevin up because he doesn?t like Kevin. Jeff reminds her if they get rid of Russell soon they can gain Kevin for the push to the final 4. Jordan doesn’t seem convinced… she thinks that Natalie is better sent home. Jordan starts reassuring Jeff that Michelle was just playing along with Russell and she doesn’t believe Michelle will deviate from the final 3 plan. Jordan tells him she will be putting up Natalie and Lydia if the pOV is used they will revisit the option of backdooring Russell if POV isn’t used they will take out Natalie. They are worried taht Kevin is playing them.. Jeff says the only way to be safe is if Jeff wins HOH next week… Jordan agrees.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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The suspense is huge people…best bb ever…


WOW! I’m impressed… Jordan is smarter than most of us realized. She is being more reasonable than Jeff or Michelle. We all know that Russell will eventually turn on j/j/m, but this week is not the time. The numbers won’t add up for next week if they move too quickly.


That is so true, jordan is using her brain. I think first time in 40+ days
take nasty gnat out first and then Russell next week. A lot of things can happen, let just hope
Kevin doesn’t win hoh.


Jordon is a smart one!!


michele FTW!

BB is a joke!

Whoever maintains this site should use the names of the house guess and not refer to as “witches” it is very disrespectful. Also, Chima was not fired from the game, she QUIT!

The sad thing is CBS with edit the events surrounding Chima’s departure anyway that they want. Why not say she quit and we agreed she could leave. It was a mutual decision!


You posting crap about the person who maintains the site is disrespectful. Move Along!


I totally agree… I haven’t been on n 2 days and I need names for witches and what’s. LML???? Still love the site thanks


LML is what N/K/L are calling their plan — the “Last Minute Lie”. Or so I read in the updates.
n/k/l are the witches, chima was one too… jeff has no talent… zero personality… he hides his psychotic nature well tho… jordan is a ditz… dummer than a rock…


Thank much… 1 last question what’s PP… Ooo that was to the point about the rem hg… What do u think bout chima nom getn taken from here


I have the utmost respect for you sir!!!!!




R u serious!!! Chima was a racist, manhatin, ugly, evil ass BITCH!!!!! She went nuts and CBS did great job getting rid of her ass! If you dont like the site move on! I hAve followed this site thru multiple seasons. They nail it every time! They kno who america loves! It sure as hell aint dirty looking GNAT, psycho bitch Lydia. So kudos to person that runs this site! Much love keep up good work!


Speak for yourself. This site this year is the best ever. These guys are hysterical in their writing and definitely speak for the majority here.
Chima did not quit, or you would have seen her somewhere. I bet she is in deep doo doo with breaking the rules, etc. Financial and suing type doo doo.
The official CBS site said she was told to leave.


It doesn’t matter if she quit or she was fired, the point is she was ruining this show and she needed to go. I really wish we would have had the pleasure to see her get the boot though. She sucked, had a poor attitude, and disrespected people on a daily basis. She crossed the line with her terroist comments. I am not racist, but I can’t help but wonder if Russ would have attacked her in that manner what she would have done. ( in the diary room yelling law suit- she would have that excuse to quit.) She was not stable enough to play a game like this, and does not know how to handle adult situations. BTW- about the nick names- those be-itches earned them. In fact, after last nite’s rant about the dirty tampax- I can think of a whole new list of names for those NASTY hoes


Oh, and love this site!!!!


Obviously the subtle literary reference to the three witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth is lost on you. I guess that should be no surprise if you are deluded enough to believe that the witch Chiapet actually “quit”. Let’s see she threw a childish temper tantrum and tossed a $4,000 microphone pack in the hot tub…The first time she faces any obstacle in the game she falls apart. Anyway, it’s nice to see some of Chiapet’s relatives visiting the site…


Did you donate??? Do you watch the live feeds and are kind enough to type out what is happening for others to be informed? Do you run this site? Then SHUT THE HELL UP


BB is a joke-are you friends with Chima? Do you know her personally? Do you REALLY know what happened? If you don’t, then you might want to re-think posting comments about events that happened. CBS released a statement that the producers asked CHIMA to leave..(you can go to the offical CBS website and read the statement IF you don’t beleive me)…if THAT isn’t being kicked off, then I don’t know what is!

I agree with everyone else, if you don’t like comments here, go somewhere else.


Well, it’s HIS site so he has the right to do whatever he wants… If something bother us, I guess we’re the one who should stop visiting it… Besides, I think that it’s quite time-consuming to maintain such a site so maybe we should be a little bit grateful, to be able to read about everything CBS doesn’t show in the recaps


i was worried about them getting rid of russell this week and waiting on natalie until next but now that we know for sure, from michelle, that russell wants to get rid of jeff i think it may be better to get rid of him now. he is a much better competitor than natalie so back dooring him now may be the wisest idea yet. because if he is here next week he wants to get rid of jeff. can’t wait to see what happens!


Kevin made up a lie and told michele… That’s y j/m will backd russ…. Smart move k/L/n…. Only hope for the numbers

Mr. E

That’s not what happened at all. Michelle figured the easy target and the biggest threat to her place in the Final Three was Russell, so it seems she made up a lie about him trying to go after Jeff (maybe, possibly, I’m really not sure at this point). At the same time, L/N/K came up with the exact same lie except involved Michelle since Jordan and Jeff can’t be broken up. Jeff and Jordan believed it since the other side and Kevin confirmed it and Jordan says Kevin never lies (HAH). Jeff had second thoughts since Russell seems to be Gung-Ho about the Final Four and Michelle has a habit of making crap up (although as Jordan put it, “Sure, she lies to everybody else all of the time, but why would she lie to us?”) Jeff refuses to make a move until he can talk to Russell about it since, as he put it, “Why would Russell tell all of this stuff to Michelle? That makes no sense.”


it was a lie made up by them but it is coincidentally the truth. michelle admitted to jeff and jordan about russell wanting them out. i am wondering though if russell may be making a partner with michelle now but not to put it in motion until it is just the four of them. which then means he is holding up the final four deal. michelle seems to get confused and her confusion led jeff and jordan to believe kevins story is true while michelle is referring to a different time she met with russell. i dont understand why it is so dificcult for her to realize the actual situation they are talking about never happened. either way, i hope jeff, jordan and michelle are in the final 3. the other 3 will never make it together to the end.


jeff is retarded, only if hand jobs come out


Jordan and Michelle are now saying that they’re giving Russell the boot. If they do, they deserve to loose. They don’t realize that it’s better to roll with the punches at 4-2 then to fk up the numbers at 3-3 and give the other side the power. Not to mention that if Jeff or Michelle wins HOH, put up L/N, if Kevin wins he’s taking one of them off the block and either Jeff or Michelle are going home. Regardless on if Russell is coming after them or not, now is not the time to get him out, wait until next week and keep the numbers while you can. It would be the worst move next to Marcellus not using the Veto on himself if they boot out Russell. And if they do, I am then hoping Kevin wins the whole thing. L/N don’t deserve the money one bit, and one of them is going to win it all. -sigh


excactly…..they are the ones being paraniod now. they need to stop overthinking things and go with first instinct….same thing towards the end of the game every year, people have a plan on what they want to do then a day later someone puts something in their ear and the wheels start turning and they fuk up and do the wrong thing……human reaction i guess….lol


i agree with reasoning that numbers are the main concern here, but if Russel gets wind of any of this the numbers won’t matter. All this talk about puting up Russel or backdooring him was wayyyy premature. Should have kept quiet until at least after veto. I can see clamydia dishin the news to Russel the next time they are alone. Clamydia needs chaos for a chance to win, and telling Russel this will do just that..


Omg how did Natalie know about Lydia and Jesse hooking up….and her ASU shirt??? Lmao….dumb nasty bitches. And Natalie seems okay with a jizz spot on her shirt…….that shows just how disgusting she really is….ewww


I think she has washed it since then, the stain is not still on the shirt. Also
Nat may end up dating Jessie, so if it’s from her man then whatever.

Evel Russ

Not after she sees the tapes and that Jessie was banging Lydia. Even if it only lasted seconds.


If Jesse had cared anything about Nasty he wouldn’t have let her put that ASU shirt on before it was washed much less have used it for that purpose in the first place……I don’t care how nasty she is…..kick Jesses ass to the curb……f ‘ him and his slug trail 😉

and just because it’s from her man……lmao…i don’t think so……maybe a desperate woman would think like that.


I think Michelle is lying to guarantee a spot in the final three. I think Russell wants to go to the final two with Michelle. He already knows that Jeff and Jordan are planning to go together. I think Jeff is being stupid because he knows that Kevin was going along with all three when they were yelling and bashing everyone. I hope Russell wins HOH and quit being the nice guy and say he is giving it to Jeff. He is in it to win. Come on Russell.

Mr. E

I’m just glad Jeff doesn’t trust Michelle. He seems to be the only one with a complete view of the game at any time.


Jeff is now making the argument to get Natalie out this week, and worry about Russell later, which is the right move.. Thank God he’s coming around to realizing this.. Getting Russell out would be the end of J/J/M..


finally he does but that can change in 2 minutes if he lets kevin put some more bull in his head…..tehy need to make up their mind and then tell the whole house. no more game talk with us till thursday….lol


jeff needs to stop jordan from thinking….tehy have the numbers!!!!!damn wtf?


WTF is wrong with MIchelle!! she is lieing to J and J hard rite now!.. like saying Russel hates Jeff and that he has never liked Jordan…?? i dont get it.. why she want Nath to stay over Russel?

Mr. E

THANK YOU JEFF!!!!!! He’s starting to think Michelle is full of crap and he wants to get to the bottom of this. Cameras keep cutting to FISH in the middle of Jeff and Jordan’s conversation every time he says that something Michelle said doesn’t make any sense.


Yes this is all very odd.. Did anyone hear when Russell said he didn’t like Jeff nor Jordan? It makes me believe Michele is making that up, but I don’t see for what..


Is this production helping the lie??? OMG

Mr. E

Jordan continues to surprise me. (But my expectations are low.) I’m wondering if Russell actually is plotting against Jeff since Michelle still lies about what Russell told her in HoH so she could just as easily be lying about this. And nothing Russell said was actually caught on the live feeds, which makes this whole situation very suspicious…Anyway, Russell is just a distraction. He doesn’t have the numbers but if you get rid of him, SURPRISE, KEVIN will have the numbers and what will be his motivation to play nicely with you? Finish off Natalie, THEN worry about Russell because your biggest threat isn’t the possibility that Russell will backstab you in the next two weeks but the guarantee that Kevin will backstab you RIGHT NOW. What do you think he’s going to do if he wins HoH, take out his own teammates? He might as well take one of you out so he gets closer to the Final Four.


I agree with you, Mr.E —- evict Nat this week and worry about Russ next week (and watch out for Kev…) I just hope that J & J are smart enough NOT to blow it and play into N/L/K LML bullsh*% . . . but who knows . . . J & J seems to be flip-flopping like some sorry-ass catfish out of water…. which worries me.


Agree, however I would be worried about Russell. They usually put alot of endurance competitions at the end of the game. And Russell has been very good at those. I also noticed how he’s trying to keep his hands clean so he can get the votes at the end. ( voting for Jessie was one right there- and we all know how much power Jessie has over those other weaklings in the house) Imagine Jessie, Kevin, Lydia, & Natalie in the jury house. How do you think they will vote if it’s Russ and jeff at the end? Or Michelle and Russ at the end? I don’t want to see Russ win this game.




It looks like Natallie isn’t that dumb after all…… Her LMLl idea may work…….. Jeff trusts Kevin and Jordan doesn’t think Kevin would lie…… Kevin even has Jeff lying for him with Jeff saying he heard Russell tell Michlle that….. Jeff / Jordan think Michelle lied and said they can tell when Michelle is lying because she hesitates and doesn’t remember…… I like Russel, but I would rather see him go, so Kevin / Natalie / Lydia can screw Jeff / Jordan / Michelle next week….. L-O-L……. Jeff thinks Kevin will protect him over Natalie / Lydia….. Nice job Kevin….. Let’s go NBK aka NLK!!!


I 2nd that MSG… reallyhope itgoes that way for the nbk

Evel Russ

Someone needs to just drop the handjobs bomb already. I want to see Natalie and Lydia go at it.

Evel Russ

It’s funny that Pigpen is bragging that she can beat Lydia at anything. I wish someone would be like, she won the race in to Jessie’s pants, what do you think about that?


im behind, why was chima fired ?


Because she’s a whiney brat. lol . No, really she started the attitude after jeff won the cdt. (the power to overturn chima’s nominations and nominate his own) jeff put up nat and jessie and jessie went home. Then she started her crap. Later she was told by producton to put her mic on and she refused. Ending up throwing it in the hot tub. She was told she would have to pay for it. Then threw a fit——— then got the boot ..


I really don’t think that all of this will be kept secret from Russell. Too many stories all about him floating and he will not let them not tell.
He will blow up big time and heads will roll.


I’m so disappointed they didn’t show Chima’s meltdown last night. So they’re making it look like M is still HOH at this point, is that because they’re going to leave Tuesday’s show as only about Chima and pretend the first half of Thursday’s double eviction is Chima leaving? Thus Jordan becoming HOH of the second and them voting from there becomes the second. I was disappointed they didn’t show the fireworks last night personally.


Hey.. does anyone besides me think that that self-serving, dumbass statement above from “BB is a joke” was actually from nasty ass chima herself or someone very close to her?? Just love how she’s trying to get it out there that she “quit” and was not fired. Um, honey, your ass was canned, just too bad they didn’t do it sooner!!


Team, just got home from a west coast trip / Chima gone Not good for Chima and Not good for Viacom / Russ having a chocolate (Chima) withdrawal. Natalie create a lie that just happen to be part true about Russ, Lydia got a whole lot more common sense than has been portrayed. Jordan is brighter than I thought. She is the only one that deserves to win the grand prize. She is a sweetie pie. If she doesn?t win, I may just adopt her family. Tired now!

Canadian Point of View

I hope they keep their heads for now. They need Russell right now for the numbers. I understand Jeff’s frustration with him voting for Jesse but I dont think it was meant to actually keep him. I think Russ thought it was in the bag that Jesse was going home and was considering his jury votes. Right now I just hope its either J/J/R in the final three because the jury house seems to hate them all equally and if they look at game play Jeff should win it. Keep Russ another week you guys or you’ll be out of the numbers you need!!! Use that gorgeous brain Jeff!

Randy Wolfgang

Watching the feeds last night – it looks like Nat the skank liar and Lydia are going up. It all depends on who wins POV. I am hoping Russell wins, that way Natalie the liar goes home. If Nat or Lydia win POV and take themselves off- it looks like Jordan will replace with Russell. If someone else wins POV, they still have not decided what they will do . A lot can happen between now and the POV so lets see. For myself, if jeff and Jordan go home – I won’t watch anymore since I don;t care about any of the others.


I fell bad for Russ! Has anyone actually seen a feed of him talking bad about Jeff or Jordan…since Jeff saved him? Not trying to get Michelle in a final two (which is acceptable) but anything other than this? If so, do you know the date and time?


who did Jordan put up? scrappy and Lydia? it’s not posted on the site at the top like normal and am so overwhelmed with everything to read, I just need basics right now.


if J/J/M/R don’t get rid of Nastily first then they deserve everything that comes to them. Keep the numbers this week and then figure your next move.

If it were me, I would send PP this week, Kevin next week, and then Russell.
Clymidia is a non factor skanky ho so I would take out the toughest gameplayers first.

Bottom line: As long as PP and Clymidia don’t win it all, I will be happy.


You all make me smile =) Im satisfied to know that despite society’s efforts, I think it’s everyone’s nature to be a hypocrite. Condemning someone’s actions with personal attacks makes you all no better than Chima. It makes you look childish and unintelligent. Come on guys, you cant think of better words than psycho bitch? I’d like to think that the majority of you all have some common decency. The way Chima acted, and the things Chima said were unforgivable, but the way you are all acting like you are on this pedestal of virtue and righteousness is just laughable. The casting process is rigorous and the producers knew exactly what they were getting into this season. It’s obvious each season they are putting more volatile personalities in the house for the conflict…and for the ratings… so dont be mad at someone for fireworks, when the fuse was lit before the show even started. If she is such a sore loser, than be gracious viewers America and relish in the fact that your antagonist is gone. Don’t feed into the negativity and lowest common denominator of ourselves. Also, a quick thank you to the people responsible for this site. Thank you for giving all of us a place to find the best and most informative info about all these seasons of big brother =) And again, thank you all for entertaining me daily.


Yeah. Sure dude. Whatever.


To a point, well said. I totally agree that personalities are paired up to clash. Lets face it if everyone got along, PEACE, LOVE and HUGS and KISSES NO ONE would watch. It would be the most boring show ever. However Chima went ABOVE and BEYOND what is acceptable. Calling Russell a terrorist for terrorizing the house, I have NO problem with that. But no she couldn’t leave it at that. She went on to say that he was a TERRORIST because of his NATIONALITY and where he was from( THE MIDDLE EAST). Then she took it even further saying “ALL AMERICANS HATE PEOPLE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST AND THAT WE ALL FELT LIKE HER!) Sorry LITTLE GIRL but YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!! Then she went on with 911 and the TWIN TOWERS. There was NO reason to take it there. She hit home with ALOT of people to were I would not be suprised if she is brought up on some type of charges. Being FIRED from BIG BROTHER is only the beginning. I would not be suprised if she does not lose her job as well as her feeling of safety and security just walking down the street. I know many many people that lost loved ones on 911 and that pain is as fresh today as it was 09-11-2001. She needs to get a GOOD lawyer and start APOLOGIZING to many many PEOPLE Starting with Russell and HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This scenario is based on Russel finding out that his scheming against J/J has been discovered.
If Russel wins POV he makes a deal with Natalie. If he takes her(Natalie) off with POV she, himself and the survivor of the eviction team up to get rid of J/J/M. If successful they outnumber J/J/M 3-2 for the next HoH.
If Russel does use POV to save Nat and Jordan puts Kevin up as a replacement it is the perfect opportunity, imo, for team J/J/M to make a deal with one of the nominees: Go with us to Final 4 and we dont evict you this week. They have some leverage here because a tie is possible and Jordan obviously breaks it. As i recall, if Kevin is saved by J/J/M, he and Russel dont have the best relationship in the house and Kevin would be more prone to join team Jeff, and with clamydia gone Kevin is free from any type of emotional or frienship bond.


Help. I missed a few updates this past week. Gotta few questions.

How did Lydia get the nickname Herp-L ???

And at what time/day did Natalie comment that she knew about Jessie’s jizz on her sweatshirt?

Thanks in advance for your answers. And MUCHO thanks to Simon & Dawg for these updates. Love, Love, Love ur website.

Dawn D

It is nice to see Jordan having a more clear picture for once. I think that Jeff is a little paranoid because he has a big target on his back due to using the CDT. They need to stick with the plan of sending Natalie out this week because they need to keep the numbers. After listening to Kevin’s DR comments yesterday, I think there is a chance he could swing to the J/J/M side. What do you guys think? personally, Kevin is the only one I have ever liked on that side. I would like to see J/J/R/K in final four. Michelle is okay and very smart she doesn’t float my boat. I am a J/J fan, but as long as Lydia and Gnat are gone, I am good with whomever wins.


I AGREE 100% with your final four. Jeff, Jordyn, Michelle and Kevin. with Kevin going out first of the four!


I’m so addicted to this damn show! LOL I am concerned for J/J/M/R alliance – looks like they are going down the tube and the UGH (aka NKL) is on the rise. The thought of Nasty Nat or Lydiot winning turns my stomach – anyone else I’m okay with. It’s hard for me to believe that JORDAN is the only one “thinking” right now. Let’s not forget – it’s double eviction week so there is a lot of sh*t going to go down – got my fingers crossed for J/J/M/R final four!!


its actually not a double eviction this week since chima left they not doing it anymore.


if they think it’s endurance next week it is better to get Russell out now because he is a bigger threat at those type of comps this may be there only shot to take him before he turns on them just saying Jeff is looking at it if he can get out Russell his shot at winning highly increases and the favorites for a endurance comp is Michelle, Jeff, and possibly nat (depending on what type it is she did good in the first one)




i feel that jeff shoud use his head and confront russell about it. then everything will come out. if they believe what kevin says, then theyl deserved to be screwed. theyl seem to forget that keving is playilng the game and wants to win the money too


the thing is that it’s not really a lie….michelle has told them in a round about way that Russell did mention to her of possibly going to the final 2 together…so Jeff knew that there had been backstabbing.. Kevin just added untruth to it..


AND Russell did vote to keep JESSE in the house when Jeff used the CDT… What kinda of CRAP is that?

Tina laws

So did Lydia she voted Nat out so what Jeff will be going home next week, if the three gals Kev,Nat, and Lydia mark my words he will GO home Period, Kevin saying what he need to say to stay in the Game Jeff hasn’t won nothing but a POV I hope he get evicted right after Russ!!!


whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!! if people like nat are “america’s future” WE ARE ALL DOOMED…..LMAO…..


I don’t want jeff winning he did nothing in this game america handed him the coup de nonsense which was very unfair in my opinion. My vote is for Kevin..I think Michele is a nut job and jordan and jeff to two dummies do nothing just sit around and tan.. I am not a fan of anyone i like people who play the game i think Russel is playing the game.. Lydia is just so up jessie and Nat is jessie lap dog…I think kevin or even russel should win this game…


sittting here lmao at your post…..what show have you been watching?????? Jeff IS a great player….he just hasn’t gone off on anyone, yelling, cussing. He has played the good guy from day one and he’s still must work…Jeff is no dumbie and he got America’s vote BECAUSE of who he is and the way he plays!! Nicky, lmao


Hey Deb, you’re either high or nuts to think Jeff’s been playing the game. He did nothing to deserve that power, at all…he couldn’t even pronounce it. And don’t get me started about America’s 2nd dumbest player who can’t even spell a word that isn’t even real. Then there’s America’s dumbest player, Jordan, who can’t tell time. Neither of them have even half a brain. In fact, more like a third each; even if they put their heads together, they couldn’t even make a whole.

Being nice and not saying anything is floating, and floaters who don’t play the game, don’t deserve to win. Stop looking into his pretty blue eyes, because that’s all that’s good about him.


Someone is a little bitter! Jeff deserved that power more than anyone in the house! Just because he isn’t all loud and in everyone’s face doesn’t mean he’s not playing! Who exactly do you think should have gotten it? Lydia doesn’t deserve the power and she’s never come close to winning any power. Nat hasn’t really done anything either besides hang and follow Jessie everywhere. Kevin has yet to make a bold move. So none of those ppl should have gotten it. The HGs know that America votes on things so if Jeff is smart enough to be the charming guy for America to vote for him then that is smarter than all of the other HGs as shown by them not getting the wizard power!