Big Brother 11 – A day in the sun and The LML goes down tonight

12:01pm Kitchen Russell is going on a cleaning spree. He’s cleaning the sinks, Drawers. Fridge

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:30pm Pool Jordan and MIchelle sunning themselves. Jordan has unstraps her Bra and has the side hang. Michelle comments how peaceful today is, Jordan explains that its because the other people are sleeping right now. Michelle points out that Russell has been cleaning for a long time.. she feels like their the only ones that clean. They discuss pervious Cliques, veto comp dates, evictions, votes, item they used in the different competitions; they are trying to memorize everything for future HOH competitions. Michelle thinks that next HOH is going to be endurance again cause so much is on the line.

Jordan is worried that she’ll have trouble remembering it all… She might get nervous and forget. Michelle tells her not to worry they have been studying hard, “no one else seem to be”… Jordan called into diary room.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
1:00pm Backyard Couch Kevin and Natalie. Natalie brings up the big lie saying they need to say that Jeff was grilling when they heard Russell and Michelle in the splish splash room. Kevin warns her that crazy shit is coming out of Lydia’s mouth. Natalie say they have to start the lie today or it won’t work. Kevin mentions they need to say that Chima was very adamant that they do not tell Jeff she wanted us to wait and let Russ fuck them over…. They go back and forth talking about the lie.. nothing really new they’ve been scheming for the last 20hours over this. Kevin says it’s going to be a tough sell because the other side is very tight now. They have to really play on the fact that Russell is a two face liar and Michelle has lied in the past. Natalie thinks Jeff will easily fall for it he doesn’t trust Russell and neither does Jordan. Kevin mentions that Jordan and Michelle might be closer than they think…. they move to the bathroom… Kevin tells her he’ll wait until late tonight than he’ll talk to Jeff in private. Natalie says she’ll play a game of pool with Jeff and start hinting things to him then. Kevin thinks it’s best if he just waits until late and Jeff is alone.
(I want to think what you guys think about this lie.. Will it work? My opinion is it will fail but I’m glad they are trying something it’ll make for some awesome feed watching)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:00pm Lydia making a pizza. Kevin and Natalie walk by Lydia she whispers that “They” (production) are going to help them with their lie. Kevin says no they aren’t. Lydia says yes they are they said we’re fun and exciting.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:10pm Jeff working out, Jordan watching.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:30pm Lydia and Kevin outside on the couch watching Jeff lift weights. Lydia says she wishes the weight would fall on Jeffs head.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
3:20pm -3:45pm Jeff, Jordan and Michelle laying in the sun… Jordan mentions that Russell has been acting a little paranoid, he’s been asking about my nominations, he seems worried. Jeff says he’ll tell him not to worry. He mentions how boring it is right now theres nothing to do but lay around.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
3:30pm -3:45pm Natalie and Lydia. Lydia is braiding Natalie’s hair. Lydia is bitching that the jury vote will be split because Chima left and the final vote for who wins the grand prize will be the viewers. Natalie mentions how excited she is that she gets to talk to her “DAAAADY” Lydia is promising Natalie that if she wins the veto she will use it on her. Natalie tells her to keep that to herself and wait until the veto comp is played. Lydia says that she’s going to try her best to get PP into the final 2. Natalie is doubtful, Lydia reassures her she will make it. Lydia asks about Natalie’s boyfriend.. Natalie says he’s doing very well with his career he’s a regional manager for a retail company, She’s very proud of him. They start bashing the other side.. Natalie thinks that Michelle is fucked in the head for what she did to Chima, Lydia agrees…

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160 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – A day in the sun and The LML goes down tonight

    1. I love the ‘Pig Pen’ and ‘Lydiot’ nicknames, by the way!!!! Up until reading those, I’d been calling them ‘Nastalie’ and ‘Lithium’.

    1. Bolth Lydia and Natalie are disgusting. Kevin is right up there too these days. I am sure Jeff and Jordan won’t believe the lie. Jordan and Michelle are tight and always together now.

    2. I agree but still there is a litte part of me that view her as a child, and then i just cant hate her like i do with Nath,Chima and now Kevin.. I feel like they do it out of evil and hate etc, while Lydia turns all the hate on herself and blowup in irasionall ways without any “evil plot” just pure emotion.. anyways i could be wrong here

  1. I find it funny and ironic that Natalie says Michelle is a liar blah blah blah, yet Natalie’s whole base on Michelle lying are Natalie’s own lies. Hahaha.

    And as much as I hate Lydia and Natalie, I wish I could give them kudos for not pulling a Chima and walking out and continuing to play the game, I can’t. The whole reason this whole thing is in motion is because of Kevin. I feel bad for Kevin. He’s a loyal person, and as stayed that way throughout even though even he knows he’s on the wrong side and with a bunch of crazies.

  2. Simon – to answer your question, I think the plan will not only not work, it will trigger the revelation to Natalie about Lydia wiping Jesse’s man juice all over Natalie’s shirt – Natalie will remember it was there and then Oh! Boy!!

    1. I agree, I think the hand **** will definitely come out during this lie. I think the Lie in general is a dumb idea, but I understand that they have nothing to lose at this point trying it. J/J/M/R already know that at some point soon they are going to be “backstabbing” each other in the Final Four after they’re done taking out the remains of Team Jesse so this revelation should come as no surprise no matter if it’s made up or not.

  3. I wish they would tell natalie that jessie busted a nut on her ASU sweatshirt! That would be freaking hilarious!!!!

    1. I really don’t believe they would – if they control the game like that, why should we ever watch it???? I think they told Lydia SOMETHING but by the time it went the mazelike route from her ears to her brain – with lots of rest stops in between – she probably heard something else!!!

  4. About the “lie”…no way will it work. J/J have heard and seen it all at this point, and they stay loyal 1.) to each other and 2.) to Michelle and Russell. I do think that if Kevin was smart, he would cease and desist all association with the two remaining cult followers, and at least try to make nice with J/J/R/M. Then after 2 weeks of getting rid of Natalie and Lydia, he can try to edge out Russell. But, I think that the “lie” is a waste of time and effort. And it will only go to prove exactly why the three of those need to go before any of the ‘four’. I don’t think Russell will backstab any of them, not at this point. J/J/M have stuck by him when the chips were down, and pulled him from a sinking ship. If nothing else, he has displayed gratitude through actions and words.

    I think that they are solid. The only problem could be next week if either Kevin or Lydia win HoH…but, really?? It will be Michelle or Russell.

    1. I agree. After the heart to heart talk Jeff and Russell had recently, and after the distrust Jeff has had for “the other side” there’s no way Jeff would ever believe them. the final 4 are JJMR and only a Kevin/Lydia HOH will change that. They played a game that relied on Jessie’s success and now that hes gone, its over.

    1. who ever you are you are useless and a waste. stop taking up space on this site with your words which are meaningless and no one cares. we all know that you are not the ronnie that was on the show. i know you think you are being funny but you aren’t even close. just go away….

  5. I don’t think it’ll work, but I’m a little worried about Jeff and Russell now as they seem to be distancing themselves. All they have to do is hold in there and get Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin out and then they can start a civil war. If Lydia/Kevin/Natalie wins HoH next week I think Michele & Russell will be put up and Russell will go home.

  6. I think ‘the big lie’ has about as much chance of working as Heidi Montag has of being interviewed on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’. And I agree with some previous comments in that I think it’ll not only fail, but backfire. Kevin, I think, has the most to lose when this happens.

  7. I also hope this lie doesn’t work but I have this sneaking feeling that Jeff just might be vunerable for it to work. My only hope is that they have overthought it and they screw it up. I cannot wait for PP to get the boot then they need to take care of Kevin. Won’t it just drive Lydia crazy knowing that PP will be all alone with Jessie for a whole week.. He he he.. Too funny. When are they going to realize that it wasn’t Michelle who did this to C, it was all her own doing.. After they get out and watch the footage of everything they hopefully will realize how foolish and childish they have been.

  8. Is it me,or is Lydiot a f’n moron?she looks like Jessie’s dork with that hair.If I was the HG’S, I would tell her what an asshole she looks like,this chick is WHACKED!

  9. ROFLMAO. Pigpen calling Michelle gross because she doesn’t wash her hands. This is the same slob that picks her nose and eats it and doesn’t shower for a week! And not much after this show of hypocrisy, Lydia and Nat discuss putting a used feminine napkin “under their beds”. Now who is gross?

  10. OK,I heard there were words and name calling between Jordan/Michelle and Nasty Nat/Lydiot.what was said and what was it about?

  11. I think it might work actually. I think if russell hadn’t done the lying that he did in the beginning, there would be no doubt. But Jordan and Jeff already don’t fully trust Russell. If it were me, i would actually have to consider that booger mouth (Natalie) and lydia might actually be telling the truth about Russ. (Even though we know it was a lie) And I also think it will trigger alot more issues. (like final 2 deals with both Michelle and Jeff) And then they will believe he is a liar about everything.

    1. It isn’t a lie, but they didn’t hear it when it was said. Michelle and Russell did make a pact but they were alone in the HOH. Talk about Russell getting paranoid, the only one that could have told them was Michelle. It very well could work.

  12. J&J need to get rid of Russell. He will stab them in the back. One of the crazy twins will go this week, but I think next week, with the seed planted, J&J will have an excuse to get rid of Russell’s evil ass.

  13. I don’t see how the LML will work. The good side has to know that they’ve been laying around inside and whispering amongst one another, trying to hatch put a desperation plan. I think we can even trust Russell to not give in here.

  14. I think it wont work either, and after thinking about this a while i actually think it will work in J/J favor since Jeff probably wont tell anyone about what Kevin is saying and Jeff will then have no doubts about backstabbing Russel when there is 5people left.. (wich might be a good thing leaving Lydia in finall 4, since she is the biggest fail ever) (also Jordan and Michelle has gotten very close now so if Jeff tell Jordan about what Kevin is saying Jordan will figure out the lie instantly) And we must not forgett that MIchelle and Russell gotta be alone for this to work and the last 30hours that hasnt happend at all i think.. and lastly Jeff would want Russel in finall 2 against himself or Jordan isntead of Kevin, because Kevin will probably win.. So i cant see this working out for the Wolfpack.. but yeah this could get very funny to watch :) (sry bad english)

  15. Not only do I hope the “lie” backfires on them, I hope Russ takes the opportunity to tell Natalie about Jessie and Lydia and her sweatshirt!!! lol And I want it to happen on Showtime tonight!!!!

    Would make my week!!!

  16. I not only hppe the “lie” backfires, I hope it makes Russ tell Natalie about Lydia, Jessie and Natalie’s ASU sweatshirt AND I want it to happen on Showtime tonight!!

    Would make my week!!!

  17. Omg, how sad nathalie and lydia are acting on national tv. How embarrassing!
    I hope Jeff and jordan don’t believe the crazy duo. Can’t wait for tonight, and see what they say about crazy
    chima getting fired.

  18. Interesting the two Bi**hs seem to be eating the appropriate food. What is Lydia making Alpo pizza? What is Nat eating a big plate of Kal Kan burgers?

  19. Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin must be insane to think anyone on the other team is going to believe anything they say.

    Kevin is nuts for staying with them. He should have bailed as soon as Chima left.

    I think Jordan and the gang should get rid of Kevin and force Natalie and Lydia to stay away from ‘Prince Charming’ for another week. Voting either of them out is giving them what they want – especially Lydia. The facts about Lydia’s ‘quality time’ spent with Jessie should be revealed to Natalie as well – as soon as possible.

  20. But, Russell has been keeping to himself. J/J/M have noticed and mentioned that, so when is this big conversation supposed to have taken place? Surely the 3 of them will realize that he hasn’t been talking to K/L/G.

  21. I can’t wait for Natalie and Lydia to go. I will be so mad if Jeff believes the lie. I really like Russell and I want him to stay until the final four. I am so disapointed in Kevin. I thought he was better than that. Here is the order to go: Natalie, Lydia, Kevin, Michelle, and then may the best person win.

    1. I would just make one switch in your eviction order…

      Natalie, KEVIN, then lydia (let her be in the house alone for acting the way she has the last couple of days)

      as for the final four that is a hard sell… here is what I’m thinking right now…

      Russell, Michelle and Jordan – all won an HOH
      Jeff – won the power because of us. He made a big power move but without this power he would have only won a POV… no HOH

      While throughout I wanted Jeff to win… Michelle is hot on his heels as well as Jordan (I think he knows that now that she won HOH). She is liked in the house and will win if she is in the final 2 against any of them at this point. I think he knows that if he doesn’t win an HOH he will most likely be playing for 2nd place.

  22. Also, maybe they do need to get rid of Russell (although I like him better than Michelle), but not now. They need to keep the numbers for now.

  23. Really? they really think this gives them a shot? I do not think so. Jeff was on to Jesse last week being really nice so when kevin goes to start talking to him he will walk away just as he did with jesse or let it go in one ear and out the other. Honestly I think the fab four know the scrappy three will do or say anything at this point.

  24. Is Joron making her nominations today (Sunday)? It wa nice that she offered Michele to stay in the HOH pad with her, since BB ended Michele’s HOH so soon. Why punish Michele when it was Chima that caused the problem of being told to leave?

  25. no way will jeff and jordan believe them it;s impossible because they alreayd don;t trust russ, and russ has lreayd told the the lies he told when he thought he was about to be evicted , jeff and jordan are not dumb at all as some idiots would like to think( just because they weren’t playing dirty or really hard in the game), they know that no way would natalie lydia or kevin would tell them the truth

    1. Now they say they are going to say they overheard it when Jeff was grilling….and CHima told them not to say anything but I thought Jeff didnt grill until after CHima left….

  26. i agree i hope the lie backfires and the 4 stick together if they were smart they should know something is coming…. If bb is going to let lydia and them get a way with something i believe they will lose alot of viewer for good….. I HOPE THAT THE BLOW __ __ __ STORE COMES OUT AND NAST NAT HITS THE FAN that is just plain gross it make me puke in my mouth to think she had that shirt on. sick man . also if you ever watch how they cook lydia and licks the knife and puts it back in the food for everyone also tuchs raw meat and then the food sick man . it makes you think what people do while your not watching…..

  27. The LML won’t work. Nobody is stupid enough to believe anything those witches say, not even Jordan. Also, while I’m at it, Lydia has a very short memory. Jeff took her off the block. He didn’t have to because Jessie was his target anyway. It was a gesture that he didn’t have animosity toward her, yet she turned on him like a pit bull. I’ll be glad when she’s gone too. And Kevin’s playing with dynamite, going along with this whole thing.

  28. they need to drop the clymidia and jessshe bombshell on nasty to make sure that they go at each other ….. then both clymidia and nasty an go ot the jury house together this week and the following week maybe get russel or kevin out

    1. If they could get rid of Natalie and then Lydia, I wish they would change the feed to the jury house – can you imagine those 3 alone in the house for a week?

  29. Sister Chima was unfairly fired by the bigots at CBS. I will invite Chima and Russell fo the White House for a beer so this can be a teachable moment.

  30. Just for the record, y’all… I do have a life, LOL!!! I can’t believe I’m so addicted to this season. Beyond happy to see I”m not alone!

  31. I don’t think Jeff will fall for it. He never believed anything Natalie or Jessie said this entire time… even when they were somewhat telling the truth. NOW if they went to Russell… and said something about Michelle he may go around questioning his group and that would cause some things to happen. But this lie they are coming up with to tell Jeff is a joke and I’m sure he will be holding in his laughter. Keep us posted on how it all goes down.

  32. I don’t think they’ll fall fo the LML. Best scenario would be after Kevin tells the LML that Jeff rounds up Jordan, Michele & Russell & have a pow-wow in the HOH room, laugh at the others & maybe play along & have a little fake fight to let them think they believe it.

    I have to believe they’re going to expect this and will be prepared.

    1. Lydia and Natalie want to tell the other group a lie to get them to fight amongst each other … so they called it the Last Minute Lie (LML)

  33. There should be some kind of penalty to any house members that threatens harm in some way to other members .Specifically like when Pig Pen Boogerwoman said she would “shank that bitch” about Michele. Maybe there already is that I don’t know about.
    To any of Micheles friends or relatives that read this site, What a Woman!

  34. This lie will backfire so bad on Kevin that he will definitely be the next target after Natalie is evicted Thursday. I can’t wait for Jeff to laugh in their faces when they try to convince him that Michelle & Russell plan on going to final 4 with Natalie/Kev/Lydia rather than Jordan/Jeff. After all thats happened in the last 48 hours this lie is going to go down as the EPIC FAILS of all EPIC FAILS.

  35. The LML won’t work and if Gnat insists on giving some hints to Jeff before Kevin’s talk with him, the lie will definitely blow in their face. I am flabbergasted by how dumb these great strategists are. Rule nbr 1: Never underestimate your opponent. They think that they’re smarter than everyone. It should be a capital offense to be that moronic

  36. Natalie thinks there is something wrong in Michelle’s head for what she did to Chima??

    Ok then. What is wrong in Natalie’s head for what she’s done to Michelle? (make up the green room lie and then let everyone attack Michelle over it) And what is wrong in Chima’s head for her to go freaking crazy when she got nominated?

  37. did I understand that right….is the lie that they overheared Rusell and Chima scheming BEFORE Chima’s eviction? because I don’t think Jeff would believe that they overheared this before her eviction but didn’t bring it up during the whole anti-michelle blowup yesterday.

  38. i almost want the liwe to work because michelle is getting on my nerves she is always up jordans but now leaving no time for my fave j/j . its nice and all for jordan to share her hoh with michelle but michelle should have not accepted it. looks like jeff cant be with jordan without his stalker michelle jmo

  39. I am watching the DR scenes and:
    – Kevin is a snake in the grass… He’s very insightful when it comes to read ppl but he’s such a hypocrite and a coward. He hangs with these girls because he’s scared of them. C’mon! You’re supposed to be a man and not a little boy. Man up! Steal Gnat’s extra pair of balls or better yet, search the house: maybe Chima left hers or Jessie left some steroids. DO STH!
    – Michelle is a smart wild card and I like that about her. She knows why she’s in that crazy house.
    – Chima needs a brain transplant, because there’s something wrong with the way she interprets things. Maybe some interference with her neurones
    – It seems that away from that all craziness, Russell kinda of comes to his senses. Actually, the guy seems to be smart.

  40. golf tournament ran late on cbs…..damn satellite is down here because of the rain cant even watch tv!…..

  41. The LML works best if Jeff is very stupid. It’s not even about trust, it’s about common sense. Natalie hates Jeff, why would she tell him this information? If Chima had dirt on Russell before she left, she would have used it to get revenge on Michelle AND Russell instead of just leaving the house with the chance that they would succeed and win the game.

  42. I think the better lie would be to let Russell ‘accidently’ overhear the witches pretend they are in the clear with Jeff and Jordan. Russell is so paranoid that might work.

  43. Is anyone on the East coast watching the taped show yet? Curious to see how much they white wash (no pun intended) Chima and the whole ordeal.

    1. they havent show anything wit crazy Chima yet!!! Kevin is hilarious with his comments about Lydia, Natalie and Chima…they all crying about Jessie leaving!!!!!

    2. What’s his name again? Dae Yum Yum or Yum Yum something!!! She was explaining how she came up with the name in the DR and I was like: “Wow!!! You’re in your 20s and you act like this, I can’t imagine how you were in high school. No wonder ppl picked on you”. I am not condoning bullying but she’s very annoying. She just looks like some psychotic nympho who escaped from the funny farm

    3. they said to stay tuned for Tuesday ep when one house guest self-destructs and is removed from the game. So we’ll see it on Tuesday. I hope its a lot of footage since there is no POV comp to show.

  44. Watching this weeks episodes proves how much of a hypocrit and liar Jeff is. I just want to punch that smug douche in the face. It is sad that the guy is so big on himself and doesn’t give a crap about anyone else. Annoying. That group of 4, 1 will probably win, and none of them deserve it. The fix is on.

      1. Sorry but you are complaining about how jeff is thinking about only himself and now body else but isnt that what the game is about? Winning the game so you can get the money not help somebody else win so you go home empty handed.

    1. How is be a liar? and how do they look like fools? chima is that you? or is it ronnie? lol u probably need better hearing and get ur eyes checked as well….or you are just as crazy as chima…sigh some people really are waste of air

    2. jeff could lie to me everyday of the week n’ I wouldn’t mind it…lmao….whoa…sound like lydia talking bout jessie,,,,,lmao……shoot me…

    3. Aww whats the matter?????? Jealous because he refused to stoop to the other sides level when they tossed his clothes and messed with his stuff. Or are you envious because he shows class while others are acting like spoiled children???? Or is just that he is better looking than you??? What is it exactly, huh??????

    4. i totally agree with u mr E. this is the worst bb ever.. very terrible…i really dnt understand why viewers like jeff.. ok big deal he’s cute but that’s it.. there’s nothing entertaining about him.. this is definately fixed

  45. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA they edited those women to look SOOOOOOOO rediculous! That was one of the best segments i’ve seen this season!!!!

    1. No editing required. I saw ir live on Showtime 2. It was ridiculous. They are that pathetic. Sadly though, because of the close-ups of the girls, didn’t get to see Kevin’s facial expressions like we did tonight. TOO FUNNY!


  47. jordan jeff russell and michelle suck…esp. jeff…hes lucky cbs has there own agenda, and they decided to give him the coup de tot. but yea how can one person be SO DAMN stupid..yes..u jordan! the show will be borin without jesse and chima….jeff and his jokes are lame…tries way to hard…russell is a meathead and michelle probably has a phd…but i bet she couldnt make real friends to save her life!im over this show.

    1. You’re talking about somebody being stupid when you can’t even spell “boring” correctly…oh, and by the way, it’s “coup d’etat”…just so you know…DEUCES!!!

    2. The show will be boring without Jessie??? LMFAO!!! He’s probably the most boring house guest ever….and a lame ass poser I might add….I can’t believe there are actually people in this world who could possibly like him LOL

    1. It’ll show Tuesday…I thought the show was hilarious with the 3 idiots crying over Jessie like he died or something and them playing the music to it and Jeff saying that they make it seem like Jessie turned water into wine…that was funny! I only thought the part about Lydia’s (who, is it just me or does she talk like a 3 year old) stupid stuffed unicorn…that was dumb…

  48. I can’t make sense of the big lie one way or another. LOL But….I don’t think Jeff is dumb enough to believe anything Lydia and scrappy throw at him anyway. Jeff and Jordan already have a plan to get to the end which includes getting Russell out after the whitches anyway so seriously, what difference would it make anyway? I still don’t like Russ, but Im glad he got to see the door smack Chima in the ass on her way out. I would love, love LOVE to hear what her Grandmother thinks of the”princess now.”
    IAlso, m getting irritated with kevin. He needs to go because he flip flops more than the fish would if they jumped outta the tank.
    Simon, you are doing a wonderful job. I will make a donation as soon as I get my new pay pal card. (My account is on hold due to a creepy ebay transaction…sorry)

    1. They really didn’t have to make the big lie an issue, since Jeff went to Kevin and told him that he and Jordon are thinking about backdooring Russ. Jeff is upset that Russ voted to keep Jess and now he is not thinking clearly (Michele told him). Whatever happend to the saying ” keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. Jeff and Jordon are in my opinion nice people, but they just don’t how to play the game, they talk way to much and that usually will come back to haunt you. Lastly, watch out for Kevin, he is a player, although he is certainly not my favorite, but he is smart.

    1. It is there plan to break up jeff and russells alliance by making up a lie that russel said he was going after jeff and jordan next week. I hope it works I want the love couple seperated.

    2. The plan was originated by Kevin with Nat and Lydia. They were planning to tell Jeff that Russ want to get rid of Jess and Jordon. Before that happened Jeff found out from Michele that Russ was the one that voted to keep Jess. Jeff got really upset and shortly after he spoke to Kevin and told him the plan about backdooring Russ. At least that is the way I think it went down about the BIG LIE. Now I am not certain what they (Jeff, Jordon and Michele) want to do? To much talking by Jeff and Jordon, when well they learn, less talk is always better in the BB house.

  49. First of all Chima wasnt fired, She quit. Read her response from below. I am a man but i give credit to Chima trying to unite the women in the house and atleast trying to engineer a woman to win BB11. Im shocked at the comments from women. Although her attitude wasnt great, she was a strong woman. But what has Jeff won, nothing. The first week he was the first to quit whiles scrappy and russell hung on.

    Hi Thomas. Yes, I did in fact quit the show, although there are reports on EW from CBS to the contrary. Big Brother would like everyone to believe I was kicked off for not following the rules, but I went to the producers repeatedly over the past couple of days wanting to leave….wanting out of that house!

    As crazy as that house is, the producers NEVER want the world to think or know that we houseguests DO LEAVE when it becomes futile to stay. I lost faith in the show & my ability to remain committed to this game. All of the remaining housemates know I wanted to leave and that is why any conversation concerning me is cut in the live feed because they don’t want America to hear the truth about my voluntary departure.

    Do you really believe that I would be expelled for tossing my microphone when past houseguests have only been kicked off for violence & threats of violence? You know better, as do I.

    It’s better that I left. I did what was best for me in this game and that was to leave. When I chose to play & play hard the power I did earn was completely usurped by a game piece never used before in this game and my HOH reign was rendered useless. I have no regrets. As cliche’ as it sounds, until the public is a part of a human pressure cooker, then the judgements should cease.

    I find it interesting that my personal attacks on Russell have been highlighted, but his attacks on me pushed under a rug. Selective portrayals? I think so. Russell did terrorize the house, especially the women in the house. Why America constantly finds men attacking women okay, yet vilifies the woman defending herself, will always confound me. But what’s done is done, now BB fans can find a new woman to hate. I didn’t sign up for what I was exposed to & I left gladly. It was the principle of the matter, the $500,000 prize be damned. That’s all for now! Take Care…’


    1. e was not trying to unite the girls she just knew she could control them so she had to get the boys out ,the girls were kissing her ass out of fear ,she got pissed when she could not run the house any more

    2. Oh please! As a woman, I am offended at any suggestion that anyone win anything based on the kind of genitals they were born with and not on merit. Chima started the whole mess herself. Any comments Russ made that were even close to mysogenistic happened AFTER Chima got too personal with her insults to him. She wanted some nookie with Russ and he turned her down. We saw it all on the feeds. She is not a strong woman. She is a human being with low self esteem and when the battle is tough, she walks instead of fighting it out. Who said the game is fair? In reality, CBS is paying these people to make TV for them. They signed a contract and they are getting paid for their time. Lots of people would love to be on the show and were not chosen. Why should Chima be able to do what nobody else can? They are employees, and if CBS tells them to eat shit, then they eat shit. Chima tries to play the victim, but those of us that watched her in action on the live feeds know the whole story, and she can’t dispute what is on tape. If she were a strong and intelligent woman, she would have realized that BB was a great opportunity for an aspiring journalist, and instead of sucking it up and reaping those rewards after the show, she let her pride and diva complex cloud her judgment and ruin all chances of every being employed in journalism.

    3. So because Chima wrote that in a blog to a entertainment site, it must be true. If she quit, and the producers say she was fired, she could sue the pants off them for defamation of character. There’s no way that the legal staff of that production company would let them leave themselves open to frivolous lawsuits by a psycopath. Face it pal, she not only got fired, but she has commited career suicide right before our eyes. I believe the words being thrown around Hollywood are ‘unhireable’ and ‘psychotic’ and ‘I wouldn’t let her walk my dogs’ are being spoken by everyone that Chima ever even thought of working for.

    4. Aww thats so sweet – you believe that drivel!!!! Real strong woman that one – she “quit” at the first big setback.

    5. I am very surprised Chima was allowed her racist tirades against Russell for as long as they continued on…physical and verbal violence are the same thing. I think there may be a lawsuit against the show and/or Chima for slander and defamation of character. I am sorry for what she went through personally 10 years ago but she needs to let go of her deep and destructive pattern of violence. Not a strong woman, weak and frightened and cowardly. She is a very abusive person who needs to heal her inner soul. The only thing we take from this life is our state of mind.

    6. Get over it, if she was so strong and a fighter she would not have quit. People have quit survivor with more grace than this woman. And race is not the issue religous background is and character calling him a terrorist and ugly ass claulflower ear. Yes they both have a right to defend themselves but people this is a game. Just like survivor OUTWIT OUTLAST and Im sorry lying to get ahead in this game is part of the game. Strong or not I dont beleive one word of her statement. CBS supposedly recorded the her departure and should show it.
      Fired or Quit gone is gone
      Now Lydia and Natilie can be the focus of making fools of themselves. All three of them crying about Jessie’s eviction like someone came in and killed him. Sick and the funny part is that Jessie could care less about all of that and love it to fill his ego

  50. It bothers me that these people are going to be in the jury house. How are any of them going to make an intelligent decision!!!!

  51. After watching these 3 idiots cry over Jessie I now understand why they call themselves “Charlie’s Angels”, they’re referring to Charles Manson and his cult of pathetic brain dead zombies.

  52. ohhhh on Tuesday the announcer mentioned that one of the players will be “removed” from the game…hmmmm thought one “quit”

    1. Yea, I caught that too! If Chima wanted to leave a long time ago, why didn’t she? She is a spoiled brat! I feel sorry for her grandparents…they must be so embarrased by that weak brat!!! How does she handle everyday life?? She would have thrown a fit if someone purposely ruined her stuff like she did to BB. I am glad she is gone! One down, two more dramatic psychos to go!!!

  53. I cannot believe production will help those creeps with their lie!! If they actually do, I am finished with Big Brother and their sponsors, as I am sure a lot of people will be also.

  54. Natalie thinks that Michelle is f****** in the head for what she did to Chima, Lydia agrees?Sorry what did mcihelle do? put her on the block? its part of the game, someone has to go up. THEY ARE DUMBER THEN DUMB!! GO F*** JESSIE HAVE A 3 WAY OR SOMETHING!

  55. Well I thought all the hot stuff would be aired tonight and no mention was made of Chima’s departure til at the very end of the show…..without naming Chima. So it looks like Tuesday will give us that show.

    If Chima’s departure was HER wanting to leave as OPPOSED to her being FIRED I wish CBS would clarify that officially. Otherwise it’s one word against another. I’m sure she had to sign some voluntary departure form if that was the case.

    My beef with Chima was comparing Russell to a terrorist based on his heritage when he never did that to her….AND that was her beef with Braden. Yes she was trying to unify a strong female alliance and that’s great. But she employed every bit as much “terrorist approach” as Russell did….more so in my opinion. And her female alliance is a very weak one. Natalie and Lydia both have a vandals attitude of wanting to heap destruction on the other alliance. That’s childish and thug mentality. Give me a break.

    I agree that Kevins response in the diary room was classic. He should’ve gotten with the other alliance when he had the chance. I admire Kevin. He tries to separate himself from the madness of his alliance…but what he should’ve done was go to the other side. HOWEVER I do suspect he’ll be the last of his alliance to be ousted….so he’ll have bought himself some good time.

  56. Cry me a river Chima … you can try and glamour-ize the reasons you left but truth be told you’re just a quitter-

  57. Captain planet… Its 2 sides 2 every story we r not there… She knew what she signed up for… A game! She stop trying there is no excuse 4 her behavior as a 34 year old woman. Her actions are not justified by any means. Everyone else lost fair and square she should suck it up and be a woman. This was not the first time the power was given te power

  58. Hmmm. Really makes the show seem like even more bullshit if production “helps” one side carry out a lie. This will definitely be the last season of this show I watch. CBS has dropped the ball way too many times. Time for it to end.

    1. Last season!?! Are you retarted? This is great. I’m elated that stupid bitch Chima is gone. She was delusional, thinking she was in “control” of anything.

  59. Jeff and Jordan are the most respectable two in the house. America obviously felt the same way and that is why he won the wizard power. Oh…and hooked on phonics can work for you too, loser!

  60. If Chima wanted to quit as she claims, why did she participate in BB games, it clearly showed that she did not want to….got her “hair”????messed up, yet she still played the game. Bottom line, fired or quit, she cooked her professional career with her antics. She really disrespected the hard working crew, throwing them the bird, expecting her “team” to do her bidding such as getting her mic, waking her up, etc. Demanding that she be allowed to be disrespectful to all, especially the loyal fans of BB….On that note, I hope it’s not true that producers will help with the lie. Chima, Nat, and especially Lydia truly act like Charles Manson’s followers….Lydia does really look and act like a mental person…I am afraid she may do something to hurt a fellow HG, or herself…especially if Nat (sure hope so) gets booted and joins Jessie. In fact Jeff shud make sure Nat goes to jury house, then Lydia will really go nuts, and want to leave the game….hope he thinks about that one.

  61. BB won’t help them with a lie, don’t forget these two women are always lying and making stuff up, they just think they are going to get help.

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