Big Brother 11 – A day in the sun and The LML goes down tonight

12:01pm Kitchen Russell is going on a cleaning spree. He’s cleaning the sinks, Drawers. Fridge

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:30pm Pool Jordan and MIchelle sunning themselves. Jordan has unstraps her Bra and has the side hang. Michelle comments how peaceful today is, Jordan explains that its because the other people are sleeping right now. Michelle points out that Russell has been cleaning for a long time.. she feels like their the only ones that clean. They discuss pervious Cliques, veto comp dates, evictions, votes, item they used in the different competitions; they are trying to memorize everything for future HOH competitions. Michelle thinks that next HOH is going to be endurance again cause so much is on the line.

Jordan is worried that she’ll have trouble remembering it all… She might get nervous and forget. Michelle tells her not to worry they have been studying hard, “no one else seem to be”… Jordan called into diary room.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
1:00pm Backyard Couch Kevin and Natalie. Natalie brings up the big lie saying they need to say that Jeff was grilling when they heard Russell and Michelle in the splish splash room. Kevin warns her that crazy shit is coming out of Lydia’s mouth. Natalie say they have to start the lie today or it won’t work. Kevin mentions they need to say that Chima was very adamant that they do not tell Jeff she wanted us to wait and let Russ fuck them over…. They go back and forth talking about the lie.. nothing really new they’ve been scheming for the last 20hours over this. Kevin says it’s going to be a tough sell because the other side is very tight now. They have to really play on the fact that Russell is a two face liar and Michelle has lied in the past. Natalie thinks Jeff will easily fall for it he doesn’t trust Russell and neither does Jordan. Kevin mentions that Jordan and Michelle might be closer than they think…. they move to the bathroom… Kevin tells her he’ll wait until late tonight than he’ll talk to Jeff in private. Natalie says she’ll play a game of pool with Jeff and start hinting things to him then. Kevin thinks it’s best if he just waits until late and Jeff is alone.
(I want to think what you guys think about this lie.. Will it work? My opinion is it will fail but I’m glad they are trying something it’ll make for some awesome feed watching)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:00pm Lydia making a pizza. Kevin and Natalie walk by Lydia she whispers that “They” (production) are going to help them with their lie. Kevin says no they aren’t. Lydia says yes they are they said we’re fun and exciting.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:10pm Jeff working out, Jordan watching.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:30pm Lydia and Kevin outside on the couch watching Jeff lift weights. Lydia says she wishes the weight would fall on Jeffs head.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
3:20pm -3:45pm Jeff, Jordan and Michelle laying in the sun… Jordan mentions that Russell has been acting a little paranoid, he’s been asking about my nominations, he seems worried. Jeff says he’ll tell him not to worry. He mentions how boring it is right now theres nothing to do but lay around.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
3:30pm -3:45pm Natalie and Lydia. Lydia is braiding Natalie’s hair. Lydia is bitching that the jury vote will be split because Chima left and the final vote for who wins the grand prize will be the viewers. Natalie mentions how excited she is that she gets to talk to her “DAAAADY” Lydia is promising Natalie that if she wins the veto she will use it on her. Natalie tells her to keep that to herself and wait until the veto comp is played. Lydia says that she’s going to try her best to get PP into the final 2. Natalie is doubtful, Lydia reassures her she will make it. Lydia asks about Natalie’s boyfriend.. Natalie says he’s doing very well with his career he’s a regional manager for a retail company, She’s very proud of him. They start bashing the other side.. Natalie thinks that Michelle is fucked in the head for what she did to Chima, Lydia agrees…

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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i feel sad for pig pen and lydiot. really sad. do they know there is life outside the BB house?


yes how sad. these people do not have a brain. really pathetic.


I love the ‘Pig Pen’ and ‘Lydiot’ nicknames, by the way!!!! Up until reading those, I’d been calling them ‘Nastalie’ and ‘Lithium’.


LoL that about sums them up Pauleri. Great names for both of them.


Lydia is a disgusting human being!!! It’s not even funny


Bolth Lydia and Natalie are disgusting. Kevin is right up there too these days. I am sure Jeff and Jordan won’t believe the lie. Jordan and Michelle are tight and always together now.


I agree but still there is a litte part of me that view her as a child, and then i just cant hate her like i do with Nath,Chima and now Kevin.. I feel like they do it out of evil and hate etc, while Lydia turns all the hate on herself and blowup in irasionall ways without any “evil plot” just pure emotion.. anyways i could be wrong here


I wish that Lydia would had given me hand j back when i was HOH.



Randy Wolfgang

But Ronnie – why the whole hand??? – wouldn’t two fingers have been enough????


Now that’s just funny!


I consider 3 inches being large.

I am ROnnie!

you poser! I am the real ROnnie, and she gave me a BJ in my HoH shower while we had the towel up


I find it funny and ironic that Natalie says Michelle is a liar blah blah blah, yet Natalie’s whole base on Michelle lying are Natalie’s own lies. Hahaha.

And as much as I hate Lydia and Natalie, I wish I could give them kudos for not pulling a Chima and walking out and continuing to play the game, I can’t. The whole reason this whole thing is in motion is because of Kevin. I feel bad for Kevin. He’s a loyal person, and as stayed that way throughout even though even he knows he’s on the wrong side and with a bunch of crazies.

Randy Wolfgang

Simon – to answer your question, I think the plan will not only not work, it will trigger the revelation to Natalie about Lydia wiping Jesse’s man juice all over Natalie’s shirt – Natalie will remember it was there and then Oh! Boy!!


Woo hoo! Fourth of July all over again!


I agree, I think the hand **** will definitely come out during this lie. I think the Lie in general is a dumb idea, but I understand that they have nothing to lose at this point trying it. J/J/M/R already know that at some point soon they are going to be “backstabbing” each other in the Final Four after they’re done taking out the remains of Team Jesse so this revelation should come as no surprise no matter if it’s made up or not.

jeff fan

I wish they would tell natalie that jessie busted a nut on her ASU sweatshirt! That would be freaking hilarious!!!!


My vote is no. Their plan will not work. But it will make good TV!


I hope production doesn’t help them in this lie!


I hope they don’t either,. Anyone know when Lydia, Nastia, and Jesse will be appearing on Jerry Springer?

Randy Wolfgang

I really don’t believe they would – if they control the game like that, why should we ever watch it???? I think they told Lydia SOMETHING but by the time it went the mazelike route from her ears to her brain – with lots of rest stops in between – she probably heard something else!!!


I LOVE IT!!!! It’s so funny that the tables turned in less than what like 60 hours!

Just Fleeps

About the “lie”…no way will it work. J/J have heard and seen it all at this point, and they stay loyal 1.) to each other and 2.) to Michelle and Russell. I do think that if Kevin was smart, he would cease and desist all association with the two remaining cult followers, and at least try to make nice with J/J/R/M. Then after 2 weeks of getting rid of Natalie and Lydia, he can try to edge out Russell. But, I think that the “lie” is a waste of time and effort. And it will only go to prove exactly why the three of those need to go before any of the ‘four’. I don’t think Russell will backstab any of them, not at this point. J/J/M have stuck by him when the chips were down, and pulled him from a sinking ship. If nothing else, he has displayed gratitude through actions and words.

I think that they are solid. The only problem could be next week if either Kevin or Lydia win HoH…but, really?? It will be Michelle or Russell.


I agree. After the heart to heart talk Jeff and Russell had recently, and after the distrust Jeff has had for “the other side” there’s no way Jeff would ever believe them. the final 4 are JJMR and only a Kevin/Lydia HOH will change that. They played a game that relied on Jessie’s success and now that hes gone, its over.


I agree with Randy. Russel is armed with the Jesse/Lydia info and he will NOT hesitate to use it.


I’m a loving man with a hungry wife. Please marry me ?


who ever you are you are useless and a waste. stop taking up space on this site with your words which are meaningless and no one cares. we all know that you are not the ronnie that was on the show. i know you think you are being funny but you aren’t even close. just go away….




I don’t think it’ll work, but I’m a little worried about Jeff and Russell now as they seem to be distancing themselves. All they have to do is hold in there and get Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin out and then they can start a civil war. If Lydia/Kevin/Natalie wins HoH next week I think Michele & Russell will be put up and Russell will go home.


I think ‘the big lie’ has about as much chance of working as Heidi Montag has of being interviewed on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’. And I agree with some previous comments in that I think it’ll not only fail, but backfire. Kevin, I think, has the most to lose when this happens.


Can production help them? If so, how?


Yes Amber good point how?


I also hope this lie doesn’t work but I have this sneaking feeling that Jeff just might be vunerable for it to work. My only hope is that they have overthought it and they screw it up. I cannot wait for PP to get the boot then they need to take care of Kevin. Won’t it just drive Lydia crazy knowing that PP will be all alone with Jessie for a whole week.. He he he.. Too funny. When are they going to realize that it wasn’t Michelle who did this to C, it was all her own doing.. After they get out and watch the footage of everything they hopefully will realize how foolish and childish they have been.


Is it me,or is Lydiot a f’n moron?she looks like Jessie’s dork with that hair.If I was the HG’S, I would tell her what an asshole she looks like,this chick is WHACKED!


ROFLMAO. Pigpen calling Michelle gross because she doesn’t wash her hands. This is the same slob that picks her nose and eats it and doesn’t shower for a week! And not much after this show of hypocrisy, Lydia and Nat discuss putting a used feminine napkin “under their beds”. Now who is gross?


OK,I heard there were words and name calling between Jordan/Michelle and Nasty Nat/Lydiot.what was said and what was it about?


I think it might work actually. I think if russell hadn’t done the lying that he did in the beginning, there would be no doubt. But Jordan and Jeff already don’t fully trust Russell. If it were me, i would actually have to consider that booger mouth (Natalie) and lydia might actually be telling the truth about Russ. (Even though we know it was a lie) And I also think it will trigger alot more issues. (like final 2 deals with both Michelle and Jeff) And then they will believe he is a liar about everything.


It isn’t a lie, but they didn’t hear it when it was said. Michelle and Russell did make a pact but they were alone in the HOH. Talk about Russell getting paranoid, the only one that could have told them was Michelle. It very well could work.

it might work

J&J need to get rid of Russell. He will stab them in the back. One of the crazy twins will go this week, but I think next week, with the seed planted, J&J will have an excuse to get rid of Russell’s evil ass.


I don’t see how the LML will work. The good side has to know that they’ve been laying around inside and whispering amongst one another, trying to hatch put a desperation plan. I think we can even trust Russell to not give in here.

Dawn D



I think it wont work either, and after thinking about this a while i actually think it will work in J/J favor since Jeff probably wont tell anyone about what Kevin is saying and Jeff will then have no doubts about backstabbing Russel when there is 5people left.. (wich might be a good thing leaving Lydia in finall 4, since she is the biggest fail ever) (also Jordan and Michelle has gotten very close now so if Jeff tell Jordan about what Kevin is saying Jordan will figure out the lie instantly) And we must not forgett that MIchelle and Russell gotta be alone for this to work and the last 30hours that hasnt happend at all i think.. and lastly Jeff would want Russel in finall 2 against himself or Jordan isntead of Kevin, because Kevin will probably win.. So i cant see this working out for the Wolfpack.. but yeah this could get very funny to watch 🙂 (sry bad english)


Not only do I hope the “lie” backfires on them, I hope Russ takes the opportunity to tell Natalie about Jessie and Lydia and her sweatshirt!!! lol And I want it to happen on Showtime tonight!!!!

Would make my week!!!


At least they are not playing dead anymore.


I not only hppe the “lie” backfires, I hope it makes Russ tell Natalie about Lydia, Jessie and Natalie’s ASU sweatshirt AND I want it to happen on Showtime tonight!!

Would make my week!!!


Omg, how sad nathalie and lydia are acting on national tv. How embarrassing!
I hope Jeff and jordan don’t believe the crazy duo. Can’t wait for tonight, and see what they say about crazy
chima getting fired.


Interesting the two Bi**hs seem to be eating the appropriate food. What is Lydia making Alpo pizza? What is Nat eating a big plate of Kal Kan burgers?


And woofing it down.

Uncle Cool

Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin must be insane to think anyone on the other team is going to believe anything they say.

Kevin is nuts for staying with them. He should have bailed as soon as Chima left.

I think Jordan and the gang should get rid of Kevin and force Natalie and Lydia to stay away from ‘Prince Charming’ for another week. Voting either of them out is giving them what they want – especially Lydia. The facts about Lydia’s ‘quality time’ spent with Jessie should be revealed to Natalie as well – as soon as possible.

Dawn D

But, Russell has been keeping to himself. J/J/M have noticed and mentioned that, so when is this big conversation supposed to have taken place? Surely the 3 of them will realize that he hasn’t been talking to K/L/G.


I can’t wait for Natalie and Lydia to go. I will be so mad if Jeff believes the lie. I really like Russell and I want him to stay until the final four. I am so disapointed in Kevin. I thought he was better than that. Here is the order to go: Natalie, Lydia, Kevin, Michelle, and then may the best person win.


I would just make one switch in your eviction order…

Natalie, KEVIN, then lydia (let her be in the house alone for acting the way she has the last couple of days)

as for the final four that is a hard sell… here is what I’m thinking right now…

Russell, Michelle and Jordan – all won an HOH
Jeff – won the power because of us. He made a big power move but without this power he would have only won a POV… no HOH

While throughout I wanted Jeff to win… Michelle is hot on his heels as well as Jordan (I think he knows that now that she won HOH). She is liked in the house and will win if she is in the final 2 against any of them at this point. I think he knows that if he doesn’t win an HOH he will most likely be playing for 2nd place.


I completely agree with you, get the 3 stooges out of the house! (Nat/Kev/Lyd

Dawn D

Also, maybe they do need to get rid of Russell (although I like him better than Michelle), but not now. They need to keep the numbers for now.


Really? they really think this gives them a shot? I do not think so. Jeff was on to Jesse last week being really nice so when kevin goes to start talking to him he will walk away just as he did with jesse or let it go in one ear and out the other. Honestly I think the fab four know the scrappy three will do or say anything at this point.


Is Joron making her nominations today (Sunday)? It wa nice that she offered Michele to stay in the HOH pad with her, since BB ended Michele’s HOH so soon. Why punish Michele when it was Chima that caused the problem of being told to leave?


no way will jeff and jordan believe them it;s impossible because they alreayd don;t trust russ, and russ has lreayd told the the lies he told when he thought he was about to be evicted , jeff and jordan are not dumb at all as some idiots would like to think( just because they weren’t playing dirty or really hard in the game), they know that no way would natalie lydia or kevin would tell them the truth


Now they say they are going to say they overheard it when Jeff was grilling….and CHima told them not to say anything but I thought Jeff didnt grill until after CHima left….


i agree i hope the lie backfires and the 4 stick together if they were smart they should know something is coming…. If bb is going to let lydia and them get a way with something i believe they will lose alot of viewer for good….. I HOPE THAT THE BLOW __ __ __ STORE COMES OUT AND NAST NAT HITS THE FAN that is just plain gross it make me puke in my mouth to think she had that shirt on. sick man . also if you ever watch how they cook lydia and licks the knife and puts it back in the food for everyone also tuchs raw meat and then the food sick man . it makes you think what people do while your not watching…..

Auntie B

The LML won’t work. Nobody is stupid enough to believe anything those witches say, not even Jordan. Also, while I’m at it, Lydia has a very short memory. Jeff took her off the block. He didn’t have to because Jessie was his target anyway. It was a gesture that he didn’t have animosity toward her, yet she turned on him like a pit bull. I’ll be glad when she’s gone too. And Kevin’s playing with dynamite, going along with this whole thing.


they need to drop the clymidia and jessshe bombshell on nasty to make sure that they go at each other ….. then both clymidia and nasty an go ot the jury house together this week and the following week maybe get russel or kevin out

another fan

If they could get rid of Natalie and then Lydia, I wish they would change the feed to the jury house – can you imagine those 3 alone in the house for a week?


Sister Chima was unfairly fired by the bigots at CBS. I will invite Chima and Russell fo the White House for a beer so this can be a teachable moment.


Totally agree!


Just for the record, y’all… I do have a life, LOL!!! I can’t believe I’m so addicted to this season. Beyond happy to see I”m not alone!


Always saw Lydia more of a swallower than a spitter


I don’t think Jeff will fall for it. He never believed anything Natalie or Jessie said this entire time… even when they were somewhat telling the truth. NOW if they went to Russell… and said something about Michelle he may go around questioning his group and that would cause some things to happen. But this lie they are coming up with to tell Jeff is a joke and I’m sure he will be holding in his laughter. Keep us posted on how it all goes down.


Production are going to help them with their lie? That’s bogus, I didn’t even know they can do that!


“Production is going to help them with the lie?”
I find that disturbing to say the least.


I don’t think they’ll fall fo the LML. Best scenario would be after Kevin tells the LML that Jeff rounds up Jordan, Michele & Russell & have a pow-wow in the HOH room, laugh at the others & maybe play along & have a little fake fight to let them think they believe it.

I have to believe they’re going to expect this and will be prepared.


what is the LML? i only have the showtime fed and the regular cable feed.


Lydia and Natalie want to tell the other group a lie to get them to fight amongst each other … so they called it the Last Minute Lie (LML)


showtime feed i meant to say


There should be some kind of penalty to any house members that threatens harm in some way to other members .Specifically like when Pig Pen Boogerwoman said she would “shank that bitch” about Michele. Maybe there already is that I don’t know about.
To any of Micheles friends or relatives that read this site, What a Woman!


This lie will backfire so bad on Kevin that he will definitely be the next target after Natalie is evicted Thursday. I can’t wait for Jeff to laugh in their faces when they try to convince him that Michelle & Russell plan on going to final 4 with Natalie/Kev/Lydia rather than Jordan/Jeff. After all thats happened in the last 48 hours this lie is going to go down as the EPIC FAILS of all EPIC FAILS.