Big Brother 11 Spoils – Ronnie is Found out, Natalie: “Everyone that Voted to Evict Chima Supports Racism and Hate”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:45pm pool room Laura, Casey and Jordan are discussing the HOH Competition. They
think that the Competition was easy and they are stupid for not winning. Larua says she doesn’t think Ronnie will put her up because he’s smart but if he does and she gets evicted she’s going to get a banner plane. They are all upset about how stupid they were for falling for ROnnies plan. Laura says they should of know cause Big
Brother kept on calling them into the Diary Room. She tells them thats what they do if someone is doing something tricky so they can explain it to the viewers. Casey says he hates being hustled.
Laura says that yesterday she told them they have to get Ronnie out. She knows this game like the back of her hand (she keeps saying that). I told Russel and JEsse that they And she told Russel or maybe it was Jessie, they have to get rid of Ronnie. Jordan tells them that she feels sorry for Braden, she mentions how hard they tried to save hime. Laura scowls “Now we have to go up there and look at his stupid ass pictures”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Casey tells the girls when they brought that plan to him it sounded great but now he’s thinking back and it wasn’t cause he’s sitting in their celebrating with them. Larua tells Casey not to worry he won’t be the taret Casey has plenty of reasons to worry, “you are saying that you think I should not worry based on the word of a
liar”. They mention that did a good play getting the brains and brawn together. Laura tells Casey he really doesn’t have to worry she thinks that Ronnie secretly hates Russ and he’s the target to get backdoored. Casey says no way. Laura says “If I go home I won’t be mad at anyone it was my decision to do what she did”. Casey
agrees. Laura mentions if she gets HOH she’ll put russell and jesse up if one of them wins POV i’ll slap Natalie up. Laura tells him Ronnie may try to Backdoor Russell but he will tell them that he is trying to back door one of us
Casey leaves


They start talking about Ronnie trying to tell them Michelle is the one that flipped. They totally don’t see her doing that. Laura says that America is on their side not Jesse and Russell (ya your pretty much right) Jordan and Laura decide to cause some drama by making something up if. The problem is neither of them can think
of somthing to say. Laura says Russian Roulette. Not much fun without the gun is it. Jordan tells her she thinks the the other sides plan is to put Casey and Jeff up this week than you and me.

Michelle joins them
They are telling her that Ronnie is the Rat they are sure of it. Michele defends Ronnie, shes not sure she believes he was able to do all this. They ask her why Ronnie is saying she did it. Michelle says that Ronnie told her it was a joke. Laura informs her that Ronnie came to her many times and seriously told her it was Michelle that was the rat. Jordan telling them they just have to get through this week. Laura being optimistic “we’ll just put up Kevin and Lydia to fly under the radar”. They agree that HOH is critical next week.

8:00pm Rusell, Ronnie and Jesse are talking Ronnie is asking Jesse who he should put
up. Jesse says Casey and Jeff. Ronnie mentions who awesome it is to get Braden out. HE says that the other group is all scared. Jesse says sure they are they don’t have a leader. He mentions that Laura may become their leader. Russells says whatever Laura is stupid.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:25pm outside Jeff, Laura and Michelle. Laura is wishing she had Alcohol, Jeff is shaking his head saying that?s a bad idea right now. Jeff says this year we have a puppet master and his name is Ronnie. Laura promises them that if she goes home she will make sure they find out about Ronnie.
Casey Joins Them
Casey says Ronnie is going to go into the Diary and with his notty voice go ahahahahahhah. Jeff looks pretty mad.. . Casey looks around, “he sold out his team for this”. Casey says him and JEsse have been close this entire time and Jesse told him it was a mistake but Casey didn’t listen.


Ronnie joins them
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Casey asks Michelle who she voted for.. she says Chima to evict. Casey says so did he and he told that to her face. Ronnie says that Chima is saying differently. Casey says what do you mean “I told her to her face I was voting her out” as simple as that. Ronnie says no she is saying that you voted to keep her. Casey is getting mad. Ronnie tells him that he’s just saying whats other people are saying not whether its true or false. Casey goes on to ask them all who they voted They all say they voted Chima out. Casey smile “ain’t this a fun game lets say it again SOMEONE IS LYING”

Ronnie talks about the HOH contest and how he can’t believe it was him and Michelle at the end it was great. Jeff talks about how even though there was a rat in the house that they all stuck together and went through with the plan. Casey than says let?s hope we continue on with the rest of the plan… right SIR RON…. Ronnie
replies “right”… They are playing if off like they aren’t sure it’s Ronnie, Ronnie isn’t catching any of it. They all tell him that they are excited to her his nominations. Roonnie tells them nominations are tomorrow and the have and have not competition and saturday is POV. . Laura ask Ronnie if he knows what he’s going to do already. Ronnie says he’s thinking how they can hedge their bets so that they can get done what they want to get done. Laura says the only way to make sure one of them goes is to put up both right. Ronnie says no… we can backdoor one of them.
Jeff asks about backdooring, Ronnie explains how if he puts 2 of his friends up so that only his friends will play POV. then the other person they really want to go home will not be picked.Ronnie is telling Casey that usually the person who is pointing fingers usually is someone that needs fingers pointing to them Ronnie tells him that he’s on Casey’s side, if you keep confronting me like that then I will have to rethink my decisions.

Ronnie leaves.
Casey said, he’s the rat, he is the one with the vote.

Jeff came out and said that Ronnie came inside and was bent out of shape. Casey said that’s his guilt. They all Agree that Ronnie is the rat. They are so made they don’t even want to go see his HOH room. Casey tells them that 24 hours ago he was after Ronnie and Michelle. Then Jeff comes up with his fucken super plan. Jeff says it wasn’t my plan it was other peoples they came to me. Laura says it doesn’t matter they had to do somthing. Michele say I just want you all to know that I was not an accomplice to that after which she goes inside the house.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:00pm Kitchen Russell, Lydia, Jessie,Kevin, Natalie and Laura. They are getting after Laura saying that they saved her and this is how she repays them by voting to evict Chima. they are saying to laura that one of the people she trusted just stabbed her in the back. They call her stupid for doing what she did. Russell says did I not ask you if we take Lydia off would you care if Braden goes up? you said I don’t care. They call her out for saying she was going to put Natalie and Russell on the block after they kept her off the block. Laura starts crying. Jordan joins in. Chima saying she isn’t mad at Jordan cause she knew she didn’t have Jordan’s vote.Jordan said, I heard you chima were going after me. Chima said I wasn’t going after you. Chima said the reason I have issues with Laura because she gave me her word for a vote and she went back. Natalie asks Jordan why she would support racism. If they supported a racist then she supports racism. Laura said, everyone told me that you all were against me. Natalie says that one of those people outside betrayed you and now you need to figure out who it is. Kevin said, you both got played. We knew all the time it was going to be 5 to 5. You told us it was going to be a blowout….
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:20pm Backyard Casey, Laura, Jeff, Jordan. casey calls Natalie a 5th grade. Laura tells them about the confrantation she just had, Casey says they think the louder they yell ther more right they are. Laura says she’s not upset about the game just about how personal it is getting. Laura tells them that the other group is trying to make it look like it was Csey that was the rat. Casey “WTF why if I am the rat.. why would I take the heat and not reap the benefits” Jordan says that Natalie is saying that we all support racism because we voteds for Chim ato leave. Casey doesn’t think that voting in the bb house ranks him up as a racist there just being stupid now. Jeff says it doesn’t matter if your fucking yellow your a bitch colour or no colour. Jeff says its bullshit he works in a school thats 80% black it’s not good as a teacher.

Laura says if they got rid of JEsse and Russel it would shut that bitch up. Jeff says that Ronnie is going to put Russel up. Laura says no way he won’t he is trying to use that back door excuse he will put one of us two of us up. Jeef says he doesn’t care about the game anymore he just wants vengeance. Laura calls Jesse the biggest Bozo ever she hopes that CBS is portraying him like that again. THey decide they will not talk to Ronnie about anything.

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Jessie/Natalie/Russell – Solid Alliance til the show’s end. Natalie is like a spy for Russell and Jessie.

Ronnie – He needs to put up Jessie, Russell, or Natalie. That would break that alliance and the house will have less drama.

Jeff – He doesn’t knwo that the public is votign him as favorite houseguest. He need sto get his head back in the game so he could win that public vote prize that Keesha won last season. Also glad to see him talk to Casy, Jordon, Laura, Michelle, and HoH Ronnie. So no one can say he’s distant from others now.

Jordon – She need to use anything she has as her advantage, she’s too focused on who dislikes her so she to channel that negative energy to positive and it good brign better karma around her.

Chima – She’s lucky. If Braden didn’t have that impulsive debacle with Lydia then Chima would have been evicted. She’s a floater and doesn’t grasp the fact that she coudl join Jessie”s alliance. She’s just flappign thopse jaws of negative shrude rhetoric.

Casey – Casey is up to something. He’s like wine, better with age and brains. He knows exaclty what he’s doing. And every action he makes is for a purpose only he knows about.

Laura – She needs to not take the bate so much. If Natalie is aorund she should avoid her. Russell claims Laura is in his alliance but Natalie will make Russell change his mind. Laura swtiched alliances fast and needs to hold on tight, play it smooth and use more of her brain, so she can do better on the show.

Michelle – She could be evicted by default. Her backbone is Ronnie. She needs to stay with him and work on their strategy

Lydia – It seems no matter how much she tires on Jessie he’s not letting her in so much. But it’s too late ieth all the massaging and male genatelia feeling she did to Jessie. She’s apart of theri alliance and need s to except, acknowledge and embrace that more. THe only thing that’s keeping her not hanging with Jessie, Rusell and Natalie more is Kevin.

Kevin is so close to jsut be out off the show because he didn’t pick the two alliances in the house: The sporty douches or the other group. He would be smart to have Lydia and him hang with Jessie more to be apart of their alliance. Russell may not like Kevin around, but with Lydia with Kevin, it makes ir more comfortable for Jessie and Russell to feel cool around.

every episod eis packed with intese drama. Better than the last two seasons.

ugh ronnie.

hahah i lol’d