Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Who Flipped their Vote? Jeff: “It was Jordon she got confused and said the wrong name”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm Houseguests are in lockdown while the CBS crew cleans the backyard.

6:13pm Michelle, CHima and Jordan. Chima is Screaming at Michelle calling her a liar. Chima calls them all fucking bitches, “fucking Bitches in this fucking house”. Chima tells Michelle to tell the fucking truth that she a bitch, “What are you Michelle” Michelle says she’s not a bitch or a liar.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:15pm Storage room Russell and ROnnie are excited. they are saying that they are unstopable and that noone can stop the brains and athletes alliance.


6:20pm Pool Room Michelle and Casey. Casey is pissed off at what just happended. He tell Michelle that he voted for Chima, He says at first he thought that Jesse was going to evict Chima. Michelle tells him that she voted for CHima to go. Ronnie walks ing and Casey starts counting the votes. he tells Ronnie it was him that it had to be, “it had to be you? You had to have changed up the vote”. Casey telling Ronnie that the jockeying for position is stupid. Casey saying he took a big risk. He switched his shit out.Ronnie swearing that he voted to evict Chima. Casey telling Ronnie that his evictions tomorrow will show if he’s lying or not. Jordan and Jeff join… they are all swearing that they voted to Evict Chima. Casey wonders who is lying. He still thinks it was Ronnie. Casey says to Ronnie that he was the one who has to put people up so it will come out in the wash then. He remind Ronnie not to go around broadcasting his Nominations. Casey tells Ronnie to look him in the eye and tell him he’s safe… Ronnie complies. Ronnie says do you think it’s true what Natalie said about her being able to hear our votes?Jordan and Michele say no. She’s a liar. Laura joins them and is swearing that she voted to keep Braden. Casey says “well one of you is lieing, “If it was you Ronnie i’m going to light your ass” Casey one of us little piggies was swayed but tomorrow we all find out. Ronnie promises them that things will be fine. Laura calls Ronnie a liar. Ronnie to Laura and others tonight after I get my HOH room come up there where we can talk privately.

They change to talking about Ronnie HOH room and how some of them are going to cry when they see the pictures. Ronnie leaves. Laura tells them that she knows this game perfectly and it was Ronnie, “he’s smart, and if he did that it makes them hate us more but makes him ok”, “I promise you on my life, and I know this game like the back of my had, IT WAS RONNIE” (Laura isn’t as dumb as i thought) Jeff adds taht he thinks Ronnie is going to put them up tomorrow.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


Laura says Ronnie is working both sides, he got all of us to vote Chima, he’s telling us we are cool , he’s telling them they are cool, he’s working both sides, he made sure it was going to be 5/5 and he voted to evict Braden. She goes on to explain how this moves makes him safe because they will now go after us and we after them leaving Ronnie safe. He did it to cover his ass and make sure they are all pissed at us. Laura says, he will probably put up me and Russell. Ronnie comes back in and Jordan asks him what the others are talking about… Ronnie answers that they are going over the speeches. Laura says that Ronnie is going to be more stressed out now that he has to make the nominations. Ronnie says I’ll tell you this it was hard keeping my vote straight. He says that Chima’s speech threw him for a loop. Jeff is getting a little mad, “WHO THE FUCK THREW THE IT” Laura tells Ronnie he should put Lydia and Russell up.Jeff says what about Russell and Jesse? Ronnie says what about Kevin and Jesse and backdoor Russell? Ronnie biggest fear is that Russell will get himself off the block so he has to be backdoored. Ronnie than tells them that he thinks Michelle changed the vote. Jeff defends Michelle and says no way. Ronnie goes on to say the fight was fake and Michelle and Chima are together. Jeff getting mad “WHO IS THE FUCKEN RAT?”

Jeff asks Jordan if she made a mistake and said the wrong name because she was confused. Ronnie blaming everyone else. That’s 2 people he’s sworn he thinks it was who screwed the vote.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:15pm green room Natalie, Jesse, Kevin and Lydia dancing around hapy as can be. Jesse is now complaining that Julie Chen fixed the HOH compeition so a brain would win. The others think thats a little far fetched.



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Nancy K

I can’t stand that Ronnie is a liar and can’t step up and take account for his vote, now he is throwing Casey and Michele under the bus! If your going to be a turn coat then have the balls to take responsibility for doing it. It was a good play if your Ronnie, but not that he lied to everyone else. But that’s what’s crazy about this game! I’de rather him make it without selling out people. Take credit for your vote, you have 5 people that love you, for the moment, and 5 others that you just pissed off, so hopefully you continue to have those others on your side! Good luck with that!