Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Ronnie is working everyone over and Chima’s got “The Biggest Balls In The House”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:15pm HOH Ronnie and Chima. CHima is telling them she wants Jeff gone this week, She mentions that Jordon will be lost without jeff. ROnnie agrees. Casey mentions that Michelle has broken away and it now playing for herself not any team. ROnnie saying he plans on having Russell the first jurior than Michelle which will leave Jesse, Kevin, Lydia, Natalie, Casey and chima. Chima chimes in saying that Jordan needs to go soon to. Ronnie tells them not to worry about CHima he controls her. Chima brings up that Jesse and Natalie are going final 2 so what are we going to do about them. Ronnie thinks its going to be a tough decision between him and Chima. Chima tells Ronnie that in final 2 Ronnie would win over Chima easy. Ronnie shrugs saying she still gets 50grand. Ronnie plans out the jury: Russ, Jordan, Kevin, Lydia, Michele, Natalie and Jesse. They agree to take Jesse to final 3 because Natalie will win the endurance part no problem.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:25pm HOH Casey and ROnnie. Ronnie is telling Casey he?s not going to be nominated nor will be a replacement nominee if one is needed. Casey tells him he owes him one. He tells Casey that the move he doing today is giving Casey and himself a chance to regroup. He tells casey that he has saved Casey and Jordan by doing what he is doing today however he cannot save Larua. Casey tells him that he doesn’t like Natalie she works off emotion. she told me ” Ronnie wants to talk to you about nominations but I didn’t tell him to put you up I told him to put up Laura and Jeff ” Ronnie is shocked he never thought she would say that. He remind Casey that not alot of this game relies on logic. Casey tells Ronnie that he likes him and he’s a student of the game. Ronnie talks about how Laura plays with emotion and he thinks it’s time to cut her loose, He knows for sure that Jeff will not go home, Laura is. Casey puts 2 and 2 together “so you are putting those 2 up ?” Ronnie says yes I am. Casey mentions Russell and how he really needs to get sent home. Ronnie says he still might backdoor Russell. Casey reminds Ronnie that Russell thinks he’s the king of the mother fuckin castle.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:35pm HOH Michele and Ronnie. Micehele says she just wants to see if Ronnie needs any advice for nominations. Ronnie says look Michele i’m going to be honest with you “promised my family that I would play this game logically and not personally and that with the exception of Russell he likes everyone. Ronnie says that some people are not helpful for him strategically in this game. But that does not mean they are
horrible players but emotionally liabilities. Ronnie tells her that he won’t put Michele up even if he could. he goes on to say there is someone particular who is a emotional libility and that people who forget about the filter on what to say and what not to say.There are people in the house he wants to work with but due to their
emotions is just not possible. Ronnie looks at her and says he needs her support this week. Michele smiles and says she believes he’s going to make a good decision (PHD does not equal good at BB) Ronie saying that he’s going to upset 2 people, one of them he doesn’t want to upset but it has to be that way. He asks Michelle if she will calm people down when it all happens. He tell michele to keep it a secret but he may backdoor Russell. Michele said she has his vote as long as they are in this together (OMFG people like come on COME ON can’t they see his lies) Ronnie says he needs teammates, Chima love her or hate her is a teammate. Michele knew that Chima wasn’t going home when she voted for her. Ronnie “REally”. “yeah I knew someone would not vote with us”. Ronnie is still saying he voted her out and Michele believes him Apparently Michele is buying it. Ronnie tells her that Russell is starting to get scared, he’s getting paranoid the linger we stay in the house the more mental its going to get…. People cracking early are liabilities.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:45pm Doom Room Casey, Laura, Jordan and JEff. Casey says they are beating are shit into submission right now. Jeff says that Natalie is like a little pit-bull she just wants to fight with everyone. They must have won a movie to watch. Jordan says to Casey at least you see the movie. Jeff mentions how frustrating it is to talk to Chima, everything he says to her she twists around and calls him a racist, “I don’t
care anymore”.


5:45pm Chess board Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Russel & Kevin are talking about previous season prizes. They start making fun of Jeff in the competition and how much he sucked after telling everyone how awesome he was going to do. Natalie tells Chima save some candy from the movie. they get to see the new movie with Kathryn Heigel called “The Ugly Truth”. Natalie says Chima has the biggest balls in this place because of the things she says and does to the guys. Chima says BB going to portray her as the “troublemaker” props to me for being a jerk.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm Doom room Ronnie, Laura and Jordan. Ronnie says it is a game but it doesn’t have to be mean and personal. Jordan Says that the other players always have smart and nasty remarks about me, Laura and Jeff. It it’s suppose to be fun why do they do that? Ronnie mentions his letter and Laura says the letter from his wife helped her too. Laura says we can’t show them that we’re down and we have to keep fighting, “i’m not going to give up”. If I have to go home. Ronnie says he feels bad seeing them all sad. Jordon looks at him and says she knows she’s going home soon. Laura tells Jordan that they cannot give up they gotta
keep fighting not over until you walk out that door and see Julie Ronnie says he doesn’t want to leave with sour grapes he goes on to say when he leaves he wants to know that he has done all that he can and did his best for his alliance.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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nominations confirmed….jeff and laura. ronnie sucks i hope he is gone soon


I agree…I HATE Team Jessie! Ronnie is so stupid


Ronnie makes me sick and he is definitely going down soon. He’s such a fat disgusting gay acting coward and has to be the worst player in BB history. I give him 2 more weeks. Definitely is not going to make it to jury. He’s so dumb. The first chance Jessie and Russell get to stab him in the back they are going to do it. Worst BB player ever Ronnie.


what i don’t get is how no one has called Ronnie out on his shit yet. Russell suspects it, Casey, Jeff, Laura, Jordan and Michelle all know he is the one that flipped and yet no one says anything. They seem to all confront each other about stupid shit but won’t confront Ronnie and call him out on playing both sides.


Jenny, I agree with you. Roonie is a moron, he is so getting played by the STERIOID duo. I only wish Will Kirby was in the BB house so he would school everyone in there espically jessie and russel. It looks like Jeff is leaving this week on BB and next is probably Jordan cause lets face it, Jordan is going to be lost without Jeff. Something tells me Jordan is going to win the POV and use it on Jeff, den Roonie puts Casey on the block and they vote out that broadd Laura

Randy Wolfgang

Ronnie is in trouble – this was the week he actually had to take an action and putting up Laura and jeff puts a gigantic target on his back. If he thinks that by back dooring Russell he will get back into the good graces of team Jeff he is sadly mistaken – they haven’t forgotten he lied about torpedoing Branden. Now if team Jeff actually does take him in – well they are so stupid they deserve everything that happens. However if Ronnie doesn’t back door Russell and either Jeff or Laura goes, he may be good for a couple more weeks but I see Ronnies star descending pretty quickly.


this sucks…


Ronnie is the biggest nerd and geek combo I have ever seen ! Braden’s foot looked
better that nerdo’s face !


While I am NOT a Jesse fan, I honestly don’t think Jesse is that bad of a person. Although he is his own biggest fan, he actually doesn’t talk as much smack as most of the house about the others. He is there trying to win the 500K, but is not nearly as vicious as Chima, Natalie, Lydia, and most of all that awful nerd, RONNIE. I always fast forward when Ronnie begins to talk, he is so unlikable.

Please someone get him out the there next week!! Go Team Jeff!


I can’t wait to see how Ronnie acts next week when he isn’t HOH and his ‘alliance’ drops him like a hot potato.