Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Wizard Power Paranoia Chima: “Jeff has it, Notice he never Mentions it Anymore”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:30pm backyard Jordan and Kevin. Jordan thinks Chima is mad at her. KEvin doesn?t think so, chima has no reason to be made at you. Jordan thinks it has somehting to do with her being up in the HOH and Lydia and Russell were fighting about CHima. Kevin explains that Russell told both Chima and Lydia that the other was going after them and he told Lydia to not talk to CHima but Lydia dod and then she found out that Russell is trying to pit Lydia and Chima against each other. Jordan is shocked. Jordan says she really likes Chima but she;s worried that chima will put her up if she wins HOH. Kevin tells her that both Chim and Lydia are pissed and it has nothing to do with Jordan. Kevin thinks people are stirring things up trying to save Ronnie. Jordan agrees they want people mad at Lydia and hope we will vote her out? Kevin says as long as you me JEff and Michelle stick to the plan Ronnie is going home. Jordan “thank god” Jordan says everyone is being weird right now pretending they have the secret power. They both agree that the power has been given out.


2:45pm Recycling Room Jessie and Ronnie. Ronnie thanks Jessie for all that he is doing for him to stay. Ronnie says his last attempt will be tomorrow he will go up to russell and tell him “you gotta do what you gotta do but I guarantee you I am not coming after you” Jessie tells him not to waste his breath they don’t have the votes and theirs no way they?re going to get them. Ronnie isn’t sure about that Natalie and Chima seem to think that if I can convince Russell then he can tell Michele and then Michele will vote for me to stay, Jessie says “well.. .. its worth a shot” Ronnie says I know and I?m going to try it tomorrow. Jessie says I dunno Ronnie things are pretty bad out there. Jessie bashes Michelle saying she’s only playing week to week, ROnnie calls her stupid. Jessi explains as opposed to having the numbers 6 to 3 with Russell on our side the numbers are 5 to 3 with her, Lydia, Kevin, Jeff , Jordan and Michele. JEssie says “Look Ronnie I?m fucked in this game” He explains that its a long shot to save Ronnie

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

the only way JEssie and his alliance can win is if they have the wizard power… neither of them think they do. Ronnie says if he gets HOH he’s putting up Jeff and Russell… JEssie tells him it a good plan we jsut need America?s vote. Ronnie brings sup talking to Ronnie and how tonight is too early because emotions are so high. Ronnie says he’s been thinking about it if I do get evicted Thursday night then it’s probably the best thing for me, I can go back to teaching in the fall and get back into the theatre. Jessie says to Ronnie that he’s not trying to sink Ronnie?s hopes but Russell made a deal with Jeff and Jordan they really want you out they don?t care about anything else they just want you evicted. Ronnie goes on to say that he hates Michele the only reason for her wanting him out now is that she said she wanted him out. Ronnie is going to try again and pull Michelle into their alliance. Ronnie mentions that if he goes on Thursday the other 3 in the alliance will be next. Jessie agrees….


3:00pm Chima joins Ronnie. They start talking about the wizards power both are certain that Jeff has won it because of the way he’s acting. Chima points out that Jeff use to joke about the power all the time and now he’s been silent. Ronnie says he’s going to try to talk to Russell but
doesn’t think it will make a difference, that Russ is not worried about Lydia because she can’t win anything. Ronnie mentions that Russell is scared shitless of Ronnie because Ronnie is so much smarter than him. Ronnie says to her that if he goes home on Thursday Russell will look back at that being the moment he got evicted.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:10pm Chima and Jessie in HOH room. Chim tells him that Russell cannot be trusted. Jessie says he’s going to try and get Russell for going after ROnnie. Chima tells I?m to watch out when you talk to Russell cause be fabricates stuff and tells the other side. Jessie starts complaining about slop and how much it sucks and it?s not fair for him. Chima doesn?t understand if Jordan hates Ronnie so bad they should of put him on slop. Jessie says they are going after him next that?s why they threw me on slop to weaken me for the HOH comp. Jessie says if they can get Russell on the block he’ll have Michelle, Jordan and JEff. Chima says he walks around like he’s everyone imaginary friend. Russell has no friends in the game. Jessie agrees and says that Russell should be their number one target next week. Chima thinks she’ll give Russell a chance to fight. Jessie says we’s going to backdoor him. Chima says i will put up Russell and Jordan “Backdoor vs super pawn match”. Jessie ponders putting Michelle and Russell up. they both start bashing Michelle. Neither of them like the way she played this game. They bring up the wizard power and Jessie says there side doesn’t have it. He believes that America will vote it to Jeff or Jordan because they were such underdogs these last three weeks. Chima strongly thinks its Jeff. Jessie tells her they need to cut their Losses with Ronnie, It’s over for him and the more they try to safe him the more damaging it is to them with remaining house guests.

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RONNIE-RULES sorta hott…

whats next?

ok YOU must be ronnies wife!:)


LOL he is not hot. But I do like his evil thots and laugh when he didn’t get put up last week.. So will the house b boring with ronnie gone … How boring will it b with jeff/Jordan/ michelle running da house


beer goggles much?

Evel Russ

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
I hope all the pro-Ronnie trolls leave when he is booted from the house on Thursday, they are making the message boards obnoxious and idiotic, much like the one they are supporting.


WOW….it’s a joke…good lord you people are taking this a little bit to far…who gives a shit who wins..i just want to be entertained..and right now …you fools are do a great job at that…


Evel Russ

No problem, enjoy your meal troll.


Yea exactly how boring would the house b with ronnie gone he is real entertaining and funny


okay lying is game…stop writing cmmnts seriously no one cares what you have to say..we all love jordan so stop dissin her.

whats next?



So because I don’t like Jordan I shouldn’t have the opportunity to write my opinion. If you love her so much, please tell me what she has done.

whats next?

you are persistent buddy!!! get off that horse and ride another one….:)

Jordan rules

It’s not really what she “has” done, but simply what she hasn’t.Examples: She hasn’t slept with Jessie, lied to everyone for petty gains, or flip-flopped on where she stands in the house. She is likeable and moral unlike most of the other houseguests.


Boy how entertaining would it b if she did all those things… But she cool


does it irritate anyone else how jesse is ALWAYS in the HOH room? most of the time when russell isnt even in there? does he think he still owns it or something? he drives me crazy!!!

whats next?

i think he thinks he owns the house! and keeps complaining about HIM being on slop. like he should get a season pass on slop because ………….? he is so wonderful and full of himself. brother

Big Lew

That is that meathead’s second home! Its were he prays and has sexy with Lydia! Stop pray Jessie because having sex with Lydia is not Christian!


I hate jeff he is so fake. Just hook up with jordan already! I like Jessie and thinks he’s going to win it.

J&J ALL the way

Jesse drives me crazy with just about EVERYTHING he does!

The Chosen One

So let’s say everything goes to plan this week and Ronnie is booted. And it looks like either Jeff or Jordan will have the power next wk. So it’s probably even better if they aren’t the HOH this week. I’d throw the HOH comp if I was Jeff and see who is put up. As long as Jessie and Natalie don’t win the POV and HOH, one of those idiots will be booted next week. Worst case scenario…Chima is gone. Although Lydia has to be one of the most annoying ppl around…she’s Wamber version 2.


I wouldn’t. He should try to win HOH and then he and Jordon are safe for a week. then next week he can use the “wizard” power. Let the other HG drive themselves crazy trying to figure out who has the power.

Mr. E

If they win the Coup D’etat this week, then they can only save themselves from the August 6th and 13th vetoes. So if Jeff or Jordan get HoH and have the Wizard power, they give up the following week’s competition.

If Jeff gets wizard power, he should just throw the competition blatantly and openly. That way he and Russell can both compete for it the following week while scaring the crap out of the Forces of Evil or at the very least chasing out the last remaining rats on the sinking ship.


I wouldn’t throw it up cause he can use the Coup d’Etat the week after if he gets Hoh next week.


could you tell me how to vote for the coup-de somthing


Ok that was a good theory… So the wizard p is not a one time use … And the hoh have no power if the wiz p is use?????????? That would be f up if ur hoh


nevermnd i like ronnie

whats next?

boo hiss


I hate Natalie so much I never thought til now to watch her interview on youtube, and guess what!!!! **** her boyfriend of two years– they have been broken up for eight months, and she told Diane that her exboyfriend and her just started talking 3 weeks before she went into the house**** I wonder if Jesse knows THAT. The little liar is playing him, and he’s fallen for her? Jesse is so gay but in the closet — why else does he always pick the boyish girls to hang with — like Manchelle from last season!!!! Sorry, just gossiping — I thought it was juicy….


U r so tru bout jessie

whats next?

i have to applaud BB for that 2nd announcement the other night. nobody ever knew eric was americas player. but throwing that out there set off a lot of ‘new’ scrambling. depending on who each of them thought would get the wizard power made everybody rethink what was going to happen-so much speculation. just about to lose me when jeff and jordan were going down the drain. way to save the show!

whats next?

i think i am done with writing on this forum because it just hit me that this must be what that loser ronnie does when hes at home. oh barf. i dont want to be in the same loser boat as that guy. terrible realization:)

J&J ALL the way

I wanna see Ronnie in a banana suit before he has to leave. And Jesse – they’d both be sooooo whiney & not nearly as classy & funny as Casey was. GO JEFF & JORDAN! Revenge is sweet!


ughhh these people are stupid. the power hasnt even be announced yet!!!!!!!!!

Miz cyn

On another post, Russell was quoted as saying that Chima has asked him to have sex with her on numerous occasions, but He’s turner Her down? Is that correct? I’ve must’ve missed it. I didn’t think that Russell genuinely liked Chima. I’m upset with Chima’s scheming.


its not ronnie’s lies that got him in trouble…its his attitude that he thinks he’s god and no one else is as smart as he is. thats also why no one likes jesse or natalie. its NOT the lies, its the “GOD” complex that makes us want to puke!

Vote Jeff

is it just me or has anyone else noticed that cbs continues to change the order of the pics for voting for the mystery power?

Mr. E

Poor Ronnie. If you don’t have any actual power, influence, or ability to change the events in the house, pretend that you do and hope no one calls your bluff…even after your bluff has already been called twice in a row. What a goon.


would be fun to watch the gay jessie going home again 2time losar
what a queer


I am sooo tired of Ronnie and his stupid starwars crap.. I might throw up if he acts like he has a light saber again!

J&J all the way!

If Jeff doesn’t get the mystery power, I am going to be so pissed! Ronnie needs to leave this week the stupid dumbass, the stuck on himself Jessie the next and she thinks she is all that Natalie the next. I hate those 3 so much!!!!!!


Someone give us the dirt on Jessie!! I just know he’s gay. Here’s a thought, put crazy James back in the house and I bet we find out really quick! We all know jessie loves a big muscle. He even spells his name like a girl.

Vegas Gal

I think he’s gay too, perhaps he doesn’t know it yet?


thought you meant ronnie. his mannerisms are so gay!


why in the world does Ronnie act like he is going to be around for the HOH….maybe trying to use the forse. Someone needs to tell him it was just a movie.


i hope jeff gets the power wpould love to see jessie and nat squirm


I still say there is another twist to the game…..Jesse and Kevin are actually lovers outside the house…..he he he.


Go to You Tube and check out the Ronnie’s video called “Chip & Zach” DISTURBING!!!!


i hate nasty natalie she looks and acts like a little boy and folllows jesse like shes a lost pup. it would be so freaking funny if her boy friend dumped her as she gets evicted…lmao