Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell and Chima go at it Russell: “get out of here you 35 year old has been”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm HOH Russell and Jessie. Russell wants to know when Jessie and Natalie plan on backdooring him. Jessie completely denies it and says that him and Natlie were the only ones that protected him. Russell says that word is Chima wants me out, they are forming an all girl alliance. Jessie says no way Chima is going after Lydia and Kevin but Kevin is going to be the pawn. Russell tells Jessie he’s got to be aware of what he says to Chima. Russell says the only reason Chima is acting all crazy is because I?m taking ROnnie out and she has an alliance with him. Jessie really rubbing in week 2 were apparently Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie really stuck up for Russell. Russell reminds Jessie that Chima ahs plans for a all girls alliance. Jessie defends Chima.. Jessie says he listened to Russell week 1, week 2, and week 3. Russell says you are the only one I trust. I don’t trust Natalie, but I trust you, you are the only one. He says if you did hear something, why you didn?t tell me. Jessie denies hearing anything. Jessie start talking about Michelle. JEssie says the only reason why Michelle was with them was because of the brief brains-athletes alliance.

Jessie says that Michelle was originally going to make a deal to save Ronnie. Jessie says she can?t be trusted. Jessie points out that his side is the only side winning they are the ones sending people home. Jessie claims the only person he wants to go to final 2 with is Russell, he says he never offered anyone final 2 beside Russell. Jessie explains how fuck he is in the game and how he couldn?t beat anyone in the final 2. Russell tells him if he hears anything from Chima about backdooring him he needs to know. Jessie says sure… Russell adds that Ronnie is out of the game now. Russell agrees that Michelle cannot be trusted he says if she wins HOH she’s going to put us both up. Jessie says he has a lot of people on him, he points out that Michelle has lied the most in this game and she will only tell the truth if you corner her. Russell says Michelle has a PhD and is smarty than they all thinks. Jessie doesn?t think she’s that smart. Russell says she’s hi next target. Russell is now convinced that the girls are going to “fuck” them. Jessie reassures him that he will win HOH on Thursday and get rid of Michelle. Jessie comments that Michelle winning those vetos was a fluke.

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9:30pm Hammock Jordan and Jeff Jeff is complementing Jordan on gathering information and keeping him sane. Jordan appreciates him noticing.. She’s bummed out that she sucks at competitions. Jeff tells her not to worry she’s going to get better. Jordan wishes she could hold on longer in the endurance competition. Jeff says she did fine. Jeff tells her right now it doesn’t matter if Ronnie goes or Lydia. Jordan thinks its best that Ronnie goes first than Lydia….. Jeff agrees The rat first. (LOL Jeff so has the wizard power) Jordan says they need to get Jessie and Natalie up on the block. Jeff says if those two go they can get Kevin to vote their way. Jordan asks what about Russell. Jeff says Russell is cool with them. Jeff confirms if he gets HOH he’s putting Natalie and Jessie up. They stop talking game and start talking about their age. Jordan is 8 years younger than Jeff……


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm HOH Russell and Chima, Chima wants to know why Russell thinks she wants to backdoor him. Russell says that Michelle was telling him that. Chima says no fucking way does Michelle know that type of information Mciehlle must be lying cause i Never said that. They call Michelle up. He asks Michelle did she not tell him that Chima was going to backdoor him. Michelle goes on to explain that Russell asks her who she thought was going after him and she said it if she had to “Speculate” she would say Chima is looking to backdoor you. She adds that this opinion is based on you being a dominate player in the competitions and have a good chance of winning veto. Russell says that Michelle never said it was speculation. Russell: “holy Fuck Michelle are you fucking kidding me right now” Michelle: “Yes Russell i’m jokeing right now this is just a joke” Russell keeps asking

Michelle if she said chima is going to backdoor him. Michelle sticks to the truth and says that she told him it was a speculation. Eventually Chima tells him he’s a liar. Russell freaks out and kicks her out of the room. He follows her out and right at the steps
they start yelling at each other nose to nose. Chima calling Russell the rat. They march into the backyard screaming at each other. Chima tells everyone that Russell is the liar and the rat in the house.


10:25pm Backyard Jeff and Russell. Russell explains what just happened. Russell tells him he has not idea what to do. Jeff tells him welcome to crazy world.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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83 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell and Chima go at it Russell: “get out of here you 35 year old has been”

  1. OK I take back my comment, Kevin is stepping up tonight. He is starting to begin to assert himself. THis is the best BB after dark ever.

    1. Chima is an IDIOT, I can’t stand her she thinks she is better than the rest and she isn’t, I hate her phoney laugh, hope she is gone soon.

  2. hey russ your making your sick pops real proud. im not a fan of chima but hes nuts. notice how pit bull is right on russ. shes such a sneaky bitch..

  3. best BB after dark is right! can’t believe chima had the balls to call russell a terrorist, then go and call him ignorant, wtf?

  4. Maybe I am missing something…Did I read or watch the other day that Nat and Jessie created a “lie” to tell Russell that involved Michelle? Is this what they are fighting about tonight. Isn’t Nat saying Yes, Michelle was in the green room and the truth is no she wasn’t. I don’t know why I am having such a brain fart but WTF is going on, why am I so lost? =) BTW these fights tonight are FAB LMAO

    ohh how i love big brother and how jeff and jordan just chill.
    they are the best.

  6. YAY! BBAD just started! I can’t wait to see the mayhem.
    From what I’ve read, they must be putting something in the water that makes these people paranoid because these people are going nuts.

  7. Oy vey! Ronnie and those crocodile tears. He had to know that the Hitler comment COULD be taken out of context.

  8. Russel is not an ass, he is the whole ass. Anus and all. He pushed Chima for no reason. So what she put her hand on his arm.. he is a liar and needs to get out of the house. Way to much aggression toward a female.

  9. THIS WAS THE BEST AFTER DARK EVER!!!!!!!!!! LOL AND Michele wasn’t in the green room that day was she? Wasn’t that the story that Nat and Jess made up to tell Russ to cover there butt for trying to keep Ronnie and get Russ out next week??? I dk someone please tell me if I am right or wrong. Also, I think that all this that happened tonight was all started by the little seeds Jess and Nat are putting in people’s Russ, Chima, Michele, Kevin and Lydia………..

  10. I just feel bad for Michelle! She is innocent, f-ing Nat and Jess created this mess…Did you all notice how Jessie was hiding in the have not room the whole friggin time, what a d-bag! WHy is he back on the show anyway….Oh and don’t forget about how religious he is…I bet if we asked him what the 7 Deadly Sins (Cardinal Sins) are that he wouldn’t be able to answer…He is living it, GOD I CAN’T F-ING STAND THAT D-BAG

    1. Yeah I did. I also noticed how Lydia stated her peice and “stood” up for Kevin (who was fine on his own) then messed around with the key. She then spent the rest of the time with Jesse. She let Kevin do all the work while she also hid. I am starting to like Kevin as he is beginning to play the game but Lydia still is floating. Jeff needs to get Jordan away (she is not going to help the cause because she is not going to be quiet and might mess his game up. I don’t like Jeff but I think if Jordan sticks around, he may turn on her soon.

    2. yes jessie is a little bitch for hiding out in the have not while all that stuff was going on after he started that shit by telling lies on michele.

    1. hahaha damn right, with her greasy face. i wish they would show the feeds with all the stuff she did/said to Russell. chima, lydia, ronnie & NATALIE, the instigating, two-faced pitbull need to go

      1. Manning up to a woman? Chima got all in his face, so he got in her face back. I hate when women think they can hit on men and act all tough but a man is horrible if he defends himself. Women should keep their hands to themselves if they don’t want to face the backlash.

        A woman slaps another a woman and gets slapped back it’s a cat fat.

        A woman slaps a man and a man slaps her back it’s abuse.

        Unless Chima has a knife in that jacked up weave of hers she should stop trying to start stuff by getting in Russel’s face and throwing water at him and then hiding behind other people like a coward. She’s lucky society has such double standards because if she did that to Nat and Nat beat her down, no one would care.

      2. C himera bounced the side of his head and threw a cup of water in his face. She should have been thrown off the show on her lips a giggling like the Joker. What is a man suppesed to do when attacked by a crazy woman. She is a feminist so let her step all the way into a mans shoes. Do not play her the victim.

    2. Give me a break. Russell and Chima both liked each other. Russell over the last two days have been behaving like an ass. He has been talking bs about her behind her back. That not a friend. Chima has been letting this thing with Russell build up for the last two days and it all came out tonight.

  11. Oh no, Michelle is not innocent. She has been playing both sides. So it coming back to bite her. I agree it was the best episode. I love how Jeff has been handling himself. Recently he has been the only one behaving like an adult.

    1. Jeff is playing the game. He knows he has a target on his back, that’s the only reason he staying quiet, and trying to calm the house down. This will benefit him and jordan, and let them stay under the radar.

  12. That was awesome! This is what I have been waiting for. This is just like last year BB10 when it was Keesha’s birthday and Libra, Michelle and Jessie were going at it! Thank you Big Brother! Priceless!

  13. i loved every minute of this episode. it was so funny how ronnie started to cry over dumb shit, and i love that kevin got in his face. jessie is a little bitch, he is hiding out in the have not room so he wont get blamed for anything as always. i love that jordan and jeff are staying clear of the drama for the most part. GO JEFF & JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. WOW Best after dark show yet!! Looks like jessie and the pitbull got what they wanted, they came up with the lie about michelle so they be safe. It’s funny how the pitbull is always up in the middle of things and jessie never around glad russel noticed that one.. Go michelle i so wanted to see her get up in the pitbulls face so glad she did not back down from the bitch i can’t stand nat.. Jeff- welcome to crazy world lmfao. Go jeff nd jordan

  15. I don’t understand why everyone seems to like jordan and jeff, nobody would watch the show if all the contestants were like them. Ronnie is a douche, but i hope he finds a way to stay cause it keeps the show good.

    1. I agree, would it not be hilarious, (and reminiscent of Dr. Will) to survive tonite, knowing that everyone hates him.

  16. LOVED every minute of it (except for Jesse spewing lies to Russell– it was so obvious: every time Jesse tells a lie, he follows it with,”You know what I’m sayin’ “!!!! GO Kevin!!! Russell and Chima’s fights were great, but I HATE that scrappynattynat!!! She’s walking (scratch that) slip sliding around –irritatingly– in someone else’s nasty slippers, grinning from ear to ear, inserting herself into EVERY one of those fights. Jesse is such a d-bag for hiding— couldn’t they hear all the screaming??? I would’ve been DYING to run and watch that shit go down!

    1. how can you say you loved every minute of it except jesse spewing lies to Russel? If it wasn’t for jessie and his lies, none of this would have even happened…I just don’t get why people don’t like jessie, ronnie, etc, they are the ones creating all the entertaining drama.

    2. Natalie is so slimy and gross. I hate how she always jumps into every convo and tries to take it over. I really hope Jeff has the power this week and puts Jessie and Nat on the block next wk…I’d love to see how they squirm on the block.

  17. I wish Russell could see that Jessie and Natalie are the reasons behind all this chaos and he should not trust them. They are big time liars and they are trying not to get blood on their hands.

    1. I agree Amy…especially when Nat ran out to tell Russell that everyone in the house wants to get him out. She was just in the house throwing him under the bus and sticking up for Ronnie. Plus the fact that she does not think that Russ and Ronn could have an alliance….she is the worst of them all.
      Russell should have looked at who was the most loyal to him, and that person was Chima, and if he hadnt tried to play her, he would not be in this mess. He is definately going home soon.

  18. it would be great if they voted lydia out and then put up ronnie and russel next week. now that would be entertaining.

    1. Jeff’s not stupid. He knows that his only chance is to keep Russell in the house because Russell’s the only person besides Jordan that’s kept his word. The Jeff and Russell alliance isn’t going anywhere. Which means the Russell/Jeff/Jordan alliance isn’t. The Jeff/Jordan/Michelle alliance is probably safe, too. Which means the big obstacle is getting Russell to bond with Michelle next week when he’s not HoH.
      Here’s the problem. Why the hell would Russell blow up Michelle’s shit when he knows she’s the only one who can help him this week? Why would he risk putting her in danger when he can’t back it up? What he needs to do is wait until next week when he’s no longer HoH and see where everybody stands.

  19. a great twist would be if they let each hg go to diary room and watch one clip that would show the biggest lie told to them. Can you imagine how they would all start shit after seeing something like that?

  20. There was a hour or so fight on show time Chema called Russell out and whole haouse started argueing all called into diarey room Jeff and Jordon on side lines

  21. Michelle needs to ask Chema about the green room since she was surpose to be in there when the question was asked to keep ronnie and mayb then Jessie will b called out

  22. I am a little frustrated here cuz production came out and quit the feed and made everyone chill. That`s wrong ! We are paying to get fed with the garbage ! That`s what we wanted. I was celebrating, better than that only if the cops had come out and busted Chima`s crack pipe.

  23. I about died laughing when Kevin jumped Ronnie’s shit. All of the sudden he had a man voice. What a wild night. Glad to see that Jeff and Jordan played it smart and kept quiet and just observed.
    The only thing that would have made that whole scene better is if Michelle confronted Natalie and Jessie about their lies and broke that whole thing wide open cause Natalie was outside telling Russell Michelle was lying and then running in and talking with Chima and Michelle about how Russell is lying. If Michelle would have put that together and brought that to light it would have been perfect.

  24. Jeff and Jordan are the only reasons this show is still good. Michelle/Russell I don’t know if I can trust yet. If J/J leaves before the finals, I’m done with this show cause I don’t want anyone else to win.

  25. I agree 100% with someguy, Jeff and Jordan are boring as hell and have no entertainement value. I hate Ronnie’s little dork face but I want him in the house.

    Kevin, Jordan, Michelle have to go, they are useless.

  26. I found this information on another site and thought it was quite interesting and informative:

    roberth said…

    I watched the alleged “chest bump” between Kevin and Ronnie in super slow playback, and it’s interesting… Something I didn’t notice in realtime that is obvious in the replay is that it is RONNIE who begins closing the gap between the two as things heat up. Ronnie clearly takes at least 3 steps towards Kevin as both are screaming and waving their hands in the air.

    AFTER Ronnie does his foward movements getting into Kevin’s face, then Kevin does pretty much the same type of posturing move, steping towards Ronnie. With each step forward by Kevin, Ronnie retreats. I’m telling you, it’s not clear from the feed on Showtime that there ever was any kind of inappropriate contact — other than Ronnie’s right hand that was placed on Kevin’s left shoulder as they stepped in unison screaming at each other.

    I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but on scrutiny I believe the amount of aggression that was displayed during the “chest bump” was exactly equal. Ronnie aggressively moved in, and Kevin backed him up in a very similar manner. There was a camera cut right at the big moment when Ronnie alleged that he’d been bumped, but it simply isn’t there on the video. And, interestingly, each of the HGs in the room immediately contradicted Ronnie’s claim that he’d been chest bumped. All in all, I think I agree that there was no actual chest bump — and in fact both guys displayed exactly the same amount of aggression towards each other. And it was Ronnie that instigated the physical aspect by closing the gap and literally putting his face into Kevin’s.

  27. Ronnie needs to go now, He is sick in the head even outside of this game. I just watched this and could not believe it. If he was a teacher or even a sub teacher here at my kids school, I would press charges against him. If you have not seen his video yet check this out.

    Ronnie should of never been allowed even on BB11 in the first place, let alone be allowed to stay any longer.

  28. I think Russell is just a bully, calling Chima a “35 year old has been”?!!?!? I would tell him that that is at least better than being a MMA never was!

  29. I HATE how the two main liars…Jessie and Natalie who pretty much started this whole thing with the “green room with Michelle” lie seemed to have gotten out of the chaos last nite looking squeaky clean. Hopefully Ronnie gets booted this thu. And Jeff gets the power. We need to vote for JEFF!! Come on all!

  30. Oh Jessie and Nat, lies do tend to float like dead bodies! What will Russell do when he finds out that you both lied about Michelle and the green room.

  31. last night was GREAT i loved all of it especially when Kevin jumped up in the Rat’s face to call him out for his lie about not being in an alliance with russel…… funny how people say ronnie is sooo innocent a re you blind? and the fake rat cry CLASSIC , i saw when jordon heard she laughed

  32. Pussy Jessy hiding out again after basically setting Russells wheels in motion, but multiple people did ask “where was Jessy?”

  33. Last night was a classic. Glad i stayed up to watch it. Michelle needs to regain Russell’s trust which is now waivering since talking to Jessie.

    Michelle can simply tell Russell that she is sorry but she couldn’t say anything in front of Chima because she needs to use Chima in the house. Russell put her in a tough position.

    Michelle needs to tell Russell verbatum everything that was discussed w/ Ronnie, Natalie & Chima about voting for Ronnie to stay and how they were going to let her in as the 5th member then try to back door Russell for trying to evict Ronnie.

    Michelle has told Russell alot but needs to be more forthcoming about conversations and trust Russell if she wants him as an Ally.

    After last night, i’m not sure where Michelle’s head is at, but did notice Jeff telling her that they needed to talk after everything cooled down. I expect jeff to help put the pieces back together.

    Best thing that will happen is when Jeff uses his HoH or Wizard power next week to get rid of Jessie or Nat. One less lier screwing with their game. Plus it will show Russell that he & Jordan are true to their word AND if Michelle is aligned with Jeff & Jordan and they can be trusted then maybe Russell will be that more confident he can trust Michelle. Michelle needs to win HoH or Veto again to prove herself again to Russell.

    Last night was definitely one of the most entertaining “After Darks” in the history of BB.

  34. I’m upset that Russell & Chima now seem to hate each other. Damn Jessie & Natalie. They’re not even that intelligent, yet no one seems to have put 2 & 2 together regarding their lies!

  35. Thats awesome. Russell will get his, he is the new Ronnie. Chima is the most real person in the house, she needs to take control now.

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