Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Will the Power or Russell Corrupt the Wizard?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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8:10pm HOH Natalie and Chima. They are watching on the spy cam Jessie and Russell talking while Jessie gets everyone food. Chima wishes she could get audio on the spy cam. Chima says I bet Russell is calling me a bitch and telling them he’s going to get me to cry before Thursday. Chim ais now worried that JEssie and Russell might get in a fight. Natalie tells her not to worry Russell has been mega nice to Jessie as of late because Russell is trying to get their vote. Chima laughs and points out if he wanted Jessie’s vote he should of picked him for the POV Competition. Chima starts singing a your going home song.. Chima goes on and on about Calling Russell a terrorist and she says she plans on calling him a terrorist on twitter. Natalie doesn’t think that it is a good idea to say that, Natalie: “words on twitter are forever not like spoken words which can be forgotten”. Chima tells her not to worry about calling him that the way she is saying it its ok. She starts talking about girl power and how the girls are going to take over the HOH

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

house soon enough. Chima starts singing her girl power song “your going home your going home by a girl your getting sent home by a girl”. Natalie is really pushing to get JEff removed next week. Chima say of course he’s our last competitor after Russell goes. Natalie now mentions that Michelle is coming after them.. Natalie now gives her who she wants gone in order Michelle, Jeff, Jordan , Lydia than Kevin. Chima start laughing at the spy screen at Russell. She says she can’t wait until Julie says Russell with a vote of 4/2 you have been evicted. She wonders if it’ll be a tie… “I wouldn’t mind a tie, than I could evict him myself”.

8:30pm HOh Chima, Jessie and Natalie. Eating the microwave food Jessie prepared for them. They are talking about Russell Chima keeps on bashing him saying his intimidations didn’t work, his lies didn’t work, his fake apologies didn’t work.. Chima brings up Russells Alleged “EPIC” speech. she thinks it?s going to be a dud. Chima points out that Russell could be a terrorist how would they know the truth?
They start talking about mean things they could say to people.. Natalie says she would only say mean things to Michelle and Lydia. She would call Lydia a stupid Bitch and a bipolar nut job. They start talking about the goodbye message to Russell. Natalie tells her not to curse otherwise they won’t air it. Chima thinks they will because of all the blow ups her and Russell have had.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:10pm Kitchen Jessie and Russell talking about Nutrition and bodybuilding… Jessie explains how genetics only gets you so far than all the rest is dedication, nutrition and working hard. Russell is really complementing Jessie on being so ripped.. JEssie taking is all in and gives Russell some nutrition pointers.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:25pm Back yard Jeff and Russell It smells like egg over there… Russell says there is a dumpster on the other side of the wall. Jeff agrees he says he went over there and thought man this smells like ass.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:55pm Backyard all the feeds the power weighs heavy on the wizards mind you can see he’s barreid deep in thought.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I think chema plays the race card way too much and is a racist person!


I agree and think she is so immature.
Natalie is even more immature if that is possible! LOL


You are so right. I don’t think bb should let her get away with that crap. I bet if Russell was making the racial slurs about her, it would be a different story. He would have been called out on it.


Hilarious pics. I laughed until I cried!


wonder who is gonna get their food for em after Thursday????


his her last name simone or benson?


Has natalie won anything yet. I don’t think she has, therefore, what will she do when jesse is evicted. Chima is the only one in the house that likes her besides jesse. If she wants to win this game, she needs to get in good with more people because she will need help to stay in this game. I think she will be the next one to leave after this week.

Mr. E

I really, really, really despise Chima. She is disgusting.


I would love to feed Natalie a bowl of dog shit

discuss game play

i love how pathetic jesse is being! as much as i dislike them, because hate is a powerful word people, nat and jess are smart players in terms of how they think it through. they havent been wrong about much. they just treat people too harshly and want to trip off power too much to win. they are the team that starts celebrating with ten seconds left on the clock because they are up by two points. they were celebrating last hoh like they won and it was only week 3! come on! had they not acted like that i would totally agree that they should win by game play. but they suck at being patient and not showing their cards.
and jesse is just as bad with the racists comments towards russ-horrible and ignorant!
i really hope BB has security in there because if jeff actually pulls an ace on thurs then someone’s gonna have to keep people safe at night.


When Chima discussed her r*****on tonight’s show, she said she wanted to speak to other women/victims as some kind of support group role model. Right. Who would want to listen to her after this crap?
Also loved Gnat’s comment about Twitter – written word is permanent vs spoken word, people forget. How about video being a permanent record, you booger-eating moron?

:) :)we got this

making any judgement about her r*****makes you look like a jerk.


I am not judging her r*****. I am judging her hypocrisy.


She said she wanted to spit on Russell so he would hit her, then he would go to jail and get r*****.

But ok, I’m a jerk.

Dawn D

I was thinking the same thing. r***** is a horrible, violent crime. To know the damage that brings to someone’s soul and then is wish it upon them is just vile. It truly made me sad that she would say such a thing. Shame on her for saying that. That comment wasn’t game, that was mean and an indication of her character.

Culo D' Etat

Natalie r*****our ears with her brilliant insights! Precious girl!


That microwave steak looks Yummy….. NOT… Jessie should publish a book titled “Microwave Anything 101″…. But some poor single loner has probably already wrote that book :)


Chima sucks – she’s just playing a card… a race r***** card. Those that have it really happen don’t broadcast the details. She’s trying to get sympathy and it sucks to see someone do that to win money. r*****should not be used as a game card. She is a racist gameplaying bitch.


I’m so tired of reading…. All I have 2 say is I hope jeff don’t use thecdt…. Let the best player win w/ o america help!!!!!!!! And y b mad b/ c ronnie put together a winning team???????????


I cannot believe Chima. She is so disgusting. I would think a woman of race would understand how hurtful her comments are, she seems to think america loves her, and how her comments aren’t bad. I see no difference in someone calling her the “N” word. I hate Chima, and I hope she reads these comments when she get’s out and gets a huge reality check.


On national TV none the less. When the wife and I heard her talking about it earlier, I really applauded her for having the guts to talk about it w/ folks she hardley knows, and also on national TV. Now though, I don’t even really believe it b/c it seems to me if someone goes through a tragedy like that they don’t wish it on anyone else, especially when they are just mad from being played in a game. I guess some people really don’t know how to take rejection. I knew she’d go a little overboard when Russell finally rejected her, but this is absolutely rediculous. Chima-pet is in for a lot of problems when she gets out. She may be the oldest in the house, but she has a lot of growing up to do. Another sad thing though is she may actually never realize she’s done anything wrong.


I hope Jeff puts up Jesse and Natalie. Jesse will leave and Natalie will have to leach onto someone else. Surely, they can see right through her! I like Jordan, but I don’t know how Jeff can carry on a conversation with her for very long. Does anyone think the “dumbness” is an act?

Uncle Cool

If Chima spits on Russell and he hits her, it is CHIMA that should get booted out. In fact, she should get booted out for even suggesting it.


I agree!


So Chi Pet was all up in arms because Braden called Kevin a Beaner… but now she has called Russ a terrorist… She is a horrible person. When are the contestants of Big Brother going to realize that this is a game and that personal attacks only make yourself look like the immature idiot that they are.


and the same can be said for all the attacks on the contests because you dont like them for w/e reason dont hate people because of the way they play the game


Wether you like Chima or not. She’s the most honest in the house. She tells it like it is and is very upfront with everyone. My only thing is she needs to use a better approach.

Mary Ann



there is a difference between being honest and being outspoken to manipulate ppl and to acheive a certain outcome.chima, is clearly a mixed up bigot who is spoiled,selfish and cruel and she can NOT handle being rejected by a man.she thinks she’s some kinda queen but in reality she is just a simple minded twit who is over the hill and bitter.oh, and yea,i forgot she’s a racist.pshhh how disgusting!


Really Chima? I sit watching the show last night and hear her pour her heart out about being r***** by a serial killer and how horrible that was for her, yet she makes a comment about getting Russell to hit her so she can press charges and put him in prison so he can get “a** r*****” ? Really? Makes me wonder how someone who has experienced such a violent crime against them would wish that on anyone else! She preaches about “empowerment” for women? I want nothing to do with her kind of empowerment!!


Very good point.

deborah grimes

they better start fineing chima+jessie for all that trash talk its one thing to pick on them but they are taking it to for russ has faimly out there and some one could hurt them if they read wrong

Mary Ann

I think last night when Russell told Jeff,” if Jordon, Jeff and Russell were the last three that he would back stab them because he wants that money so bad”, it was not the right thing to say cause I think Jeff is going to look at Russell in a different light now. What Russell should have said was ” if Jordon, Jeff and Russell were the last three, let the best man win.” At least it would show that he is a fair game player. I think Jeff may change his mind about keeping Russell now. Russell just cooked his ass saying that crap. I may be wrong, but the look on Jeff’s face when that comment was made seemed very disapointed in Russell.


Chima spoke of her r*****since week one CBS just choose to show on last night’s show


Jeff should let Russ go now because there’s no guarantee that he can beat Russ in a challenge. This is a way that Russ can go without Jeff getting his hands dirty….which means that Russ’ll vote for Jeff if he gets that far.

There’s a point every season where every houseguest can go home. This is Russell’s. He was up, he lost POV, and this is when Russ can go home and should go home.


What Chima said about being r*****could not be true,,, Why ? Because she said the serial killer was put on death roll, & put to sleep. She said the r*****was 10 years ago,,, so O.K.,,, your sitting on death roll far longer then that. So if it was 10 years ago, & it takes time for a Judge & Jury, a good year or better, ,,, so there was not enough time for all this , plus on death roll you get 3 appeals on death roll, that takes another year or more,,,, so it just could not have happened that fast. She is not telling the truth…PERIOD. Look at Scott Peterson, he is still on dearth roll waiting, for his appeals yet. How long has he been waiting ? At least 4-5 years, & he still is waiting for his first appeal.. Get Real People !!!


wow stfu try googling it next time before you run your mouth…and fyi its ROW not ROLL


Google Dale Devon Scheanette, He was the guy put to death for Chima (and other womens) attack.


Judy this happenned in 1996 in TEXAS. Chima’s r*****broke MANY cold cases open because of DNA technology.


chima’s from texas? how would you know that…r*****cases are confidential and yes, it does take many,many years before they are put to death. speaking from a stand point of when a wome is r*****MOST women (and i know first hand) DO NOT talk about it…….never mind repeatedly over and over on national tv in a casual converation.not saying it didn’t happen to that skanky ass b*ttch chima,just saying in light of all the dispicable things she said and did ,i’d doubt anything coming out of her mouth. i think i can’t stand her more then i can’t stand that cashew shape headed jessie …..and whenever jessie comes on BB i have to change the channel til he’s off screen.please get rid of chima,jessie,dirty/filthy natalie and wacko lydia so i can start watching BB again.


Bodybuildersaregay, I still have a hard time believing that , she said 10 years ago, this is 2009, & you don,t put someone to death that fast.


I just went to Dale Devon Scheanette case,,, & it says nothing about Chima, so I need more prof then that,, Sorry about the spelling on roll-row,, get a life, are you perfect ? I have a crippled hand , so forgive me for trying !!

Jackie M.

I agree, Russ may have cooked his goose w/Jeff. He shud have said may the best man win…I am still hoping that Jeff puts up Jess/Nat, and Jess goes home. Jess has more chances of winning that Nat…Wud like to see what Nat wud do once Jess gets booted. Can hardly wait until Thursday…can anyone tell me, if Jeff can only replace, but the HG’s still has to vote…..if so and he puts up Jess/Nat…I think Jess wud get booted…comments anyone…really enjoy reading your comments…


I think Jeff would be smart to put up either Kevin and Jessie or Kevin and Natalie and get either Natalie or Jess out. Don’t put both up, because then the other one will just get pissed that he sent them packing. At least this way them leaving is a house desicion.


Jessie has to go,, hands down. Natalie will not have a clue what to do without him. Who she going to boss around ?


I would hope that chima is not lying about the attack on her. She seemed very sincere when she spoke of it. I feel bad for that having happened to her but you don’t go around saying you are going to get a man to hit you just to get him in trouble because you don’t like him. I agree she is doing this because she was rejected by him. I remember when she was saying she thought he was a hunk and really liked him. Women who do try and get men in trouble for false attacks are women who make it so hard on those women who are really attacked. That is why people are doubting her credability about her attack. She is not a nice person inside.


i posted this as a reply but i see others questioning this. go to page 6 first bullet point. and tvjunkie not all r*****cases are private in fact the complete opposite is true all court cases are open to the public and public knowledge unless the defense or prosecutor file a motion to make the case private. all one really has to do to get any court document is file a freedom of information act with the proper government authority


I’m so happy with chima and Natalie against each other! It’s perfect!