Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima brags “I’ve called Russ a Terrorist 20 Times now”… Jessie now calls him “Osama”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:45-7:45pm Chima and Jessie HOH. They are talking about Russell. Chima is shocked that Russell even thinks anyone will vote to keep him Jessie tells her he came up here to take a nap he’s super tired, He complains that he’s tired of talking game and wants to chill. Chima just keeps going on about Russell. She says Russell is pissed because he’s going home and he’s going to get worse tomorrow. Jessie points out that Jeff is really laying low.. Chima agrees but tells him that she rarely see him talking to Russell anymore. Jessie saying he noticed today that ever time
Russell was inside Jeff was outside.. They start counting the votes they easily have enough votes. The talk changes to siblings Jessie tells her he empathises with her not being close with her sister.. He’s 10 years apart from his brothers and he says his relationship is different with them because of that separation…he never grew up with them. He says he can?t imagine what it would be like to be 20 years apart like chima.
Natalie joins them
Chima tells them she thinks her alliance sleeps too much.. the other people are always up doing things and all I see you guys do is sleep. Natalie is laughing she says she didn’t sleep all day… JEssie calls her out say she was sleeping on the couch for hours when everyone was talking. Natalie tells them she started hugging Lydia on the couch because she thought it was Jessie… WHen she realized it wasn’t she said “Oh SHIT I thought you were Jessie” than I ran upstairs.
Natalie is telling them that she see Jeff and Jordan as a major threat.. She thinks they need to break them up first.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Chima completely agrees, says once Russell is gone we’ll go after Jeff. Jessie says Jeff might have the power and he’ll turn this house upside down. Natalie says another target should be Michelle but after Jeff leaves. Chima thinks that Jeff will be a easy target because he’s with Russell. Chima telling them about spitting in Russell?s face to get him to hit her.. Jessie doesn’t think she should go that far. Natalie tells her she doesn’t want to take a hit from Russell. Chima goes on about if he hits her she’s going to press charges on him. I could make sure that is ass sees the inside of a cell AND get r**** up the a$$ on a regular basis. Jessie and scrappy a little speechless. than chima starts laughing and all of them follow suit. CHima keeps calling Russell a terrorist and Jessie threw in a Osama … feeds get cut….Chima wonders if Russell will start following around her yelling like he did with ROnnie.. She thinks he might say something about her mother being sick, Jessie doesn’t think so because than he’ll have the whole house coming after him. Chima says the whole house is already coming after him or maybe you know something i don’t.. .Chima points out that Russell is only going after the women, Jessie agrees she says he looks like a F*** misogynist. Jessie tells them that Russell has never yelled at Natalie.. and he thinks he’s just yelling at you because of the position Chima’s in. He brings up Russell yelling at Ronnie. They stat talking about Jeff and Jordan.. They agree taht they need to keep reminding j/j about
how big of a liar Russell is and how he’s already won 10grand. Jessie starts talking about what it is like when you leave the house and go into the real world. He says that you will have people that like you and people that hate your guts. He tells her be prepared to see some nasty comments on you tube… Natalie is hunger and she wants Jessie to go Microwave her a steak (YUM).. They are looking at the spy screen to see where Russell is, Natalie says they should yell downstairs “TERRORIST” Chima laughs no just say “TERROR”. Jessie leaves to get food.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00-7:45pm Backyard Russell drinking with his hat down getting ready to go Ghetto.

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Natalie is soo.. over obsessed with Jessie..
If she already has a boyfriend outside the house why would she be hugging on him and be getting mad at him for talking to Lydia..
They need to get rid of her..


Her or Jessie…I feel pretty confident that one of those two will be leaving after seeing Jeff’s DR sessions tonight. I can’t wait to see Chime-in blow up on Thursday.


Natalie needs too leave she is a bigger floater then Kevin and Lydia. She hasn’t won anything, she is riding through the game on Jessie’s back.


Jeff and Russ need to get the HOH the next 2 weeks. Jess/Nat go up this week. Jess goes home. Nat / Chima next week with ideally Chima going home. Next week Nat / Michelle with ideally Nat going home. I hope they can get that whole clique out, because even if they eliminate most of the clique, if one is remaining at the end, then their clique buddies will be in the Jury house. That whole clique needs to go Ronnie, Jess, Chima, then Stinky.


I AGREE with you 100%. Nat NEEDS to go HOME and I hope that Jeff uses the coup d?etat on her. That would be SOOOOOOO great.

Mr. E

Okay. NBK is going down. Screw those guys.


I am getting sick and tired of Chima saying Russell is a terrorist. What gives her the right ti say that. If she spits in his face, she should get kicked out. That crosses the line. She is freaking obnoxious and a spoiled rotten brat. I see NO redeeming qualities in her. As for that so called rape she said she experienced on BB tonight?? I don’t believe it.


Hey Joan I didn’t realize another Joan was in here, I will go by Joanie. Great minds think alike. Totally agree with you.


I found a news story on it on another site. Apparently, the guy was executed in February of this year, and was charged with 2 other rape/murders besides the Chima rape. Tried and convicted on one, charged but never tried on the second. He got lethal injection before going to trial on the other two rapes. he was also suspected in other cases. So… guess the story really is true.


You know that Chima and Jessie are really walking a fine line with America talking about Terrorists and Osama. We are in a post 9/11 America and this is not something to call someone or joke about. It is absolutely disgusting. Comparing Russell to terrorists and Osama is absolutely ignorance and an just a slap in our faces. They need to stop. BB and CBS need to talk to them and tell them it stops now or your gone. CBS could get some serious shit for their comments and allowing them to keep talking this way. Absolutely DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL! Boy this has angered me!!!


Hey, I hear ya there… but you are reading spoilers, not watching it on CBS. They did air a little bit of the blowup, but CBS will edit most if not all of that out on the broadcasts. The rest of the house guests are going to get sick of it too, so it will bite them in the ass. When Russ comes off the block and the attention turns elsewhere, people will forget.


I agree, unfortunately CBS won’t show any of those scenes on its main broadcast, so the casual BB fans will never know and CBS doesn’t have to worry about a viewer backlash. Only the people who watch or read about the live feeds know what’s really going on in the house. I only started visiting this board about a week ago and I was shocked at how different the TV show is from the actual feeds.


I wonder why America didn’t give one of those 3 the wizard power… Hmmm…. I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.


I can’t believe that Chima even joked about Russ getting raped. And she wants to spit on Russ to provoke him hitting her. Someone should explain to the Chia Pet that spitting on another person is assault and if I was Russ I would hit her. For someone who says she was raped by a serial killer I can’t believe she actually found rape of another human being funny. She needs to be pulled into the diary room to have a discussion with big brother on how inappropriate that discussion is and to warn her not to even try to spit on Russ or she is out.


I couldn’t agree more Joan. I can not fathom how someone who has such a tragic rape story could even hint at joking about someone else being raped. It makes me really seriously doubt her rape story now.


u know i was thinking could she had made such a horrible tragedy a story for sympathy votes? she seems so desperate for her nominations to stay put i am wondering if she would such a thing. i know that it is horrible to be thinking this way but for her too think someone else getting raped is funny something is wrong. people who have been raped do not joke about it loosely so i really wonder!


Bravo Chima! Such a classy lady you are bragging about your derogatory comments and wanting to provoke a man to hit you by spitting in his face so you can press charges so he can get raped in jail. Reallllllll class there girl!!! ::barf::


RE: Chima goes on about if he hits her she?s going to press charges on him. I could make sure that is ass sees the inside of a cell AND get raped up the ass on a regular basis.

For a person who told everyone the story about how they were brutally raped, she sure does not have a problem speaking about it or wishing it on someone else…Chima is discusting!!!


Chima is a wacko. CBS really needs to stop her behavior or kick her off the show due to her threatening remarks towards Russell. If she does spit at him, he needs to press charges. In this day and age, spitting is a form of assault and she can be prosecuted. For someone who claims to be so smart, she is not showing America her intelligence instead she is just showing how ignorant she truly is.


Chima is a total hypocrit. I just hope Jeff uses the power Thursday no matter what happens over the next few days. Chima, Jessie and Natalie are disgusting.


i hope that Jeff put up Nat and Jesse. I would love to see Nat go home……She acts like a jeleous girlfriend


Jess will go home if those two go up. Jordan, Russ, Michelle will vote to evict Jesse. Lydia will vote to evict Natalie, Kevin is an irrelevant wild card. Chima, Jeff, Jessie, Gnat cannot vote. Jessie goes home.


She does act like a jealous girlfriend and jessie isn’t even her boyfriend its very very sad.


Chima is one sick witch. There is definitely things wrong with her and it is all coming out little by little. Her ideas are sickening and disgusting. She needs to go along with Russell, Jesse and Nat. Control issues are so obvious with the prior ones mentioned here except for Jesse, he just follows along like a lap dog.


Wow, I’d hate to be Jesse’s girlfriend or Girlfriend. Microwave a steak??? Seriously?? Wow, If I were dating him I’d break up with him on the spot if he offered to make me dinner and cook aa steak in the microwave. That is absolutely gross. What a turn-off. Ladies err boys take note!!


For that trashy bitch a microwaved steak is the best meal she’s had


I can’t put myself in Chima’s shoes about calling someone a rapist. But it would seem as though a person who has experienced a horrific rape crime would be sensitive about using that word. However I have never been in that experience so maybe calling out rape is a defense tatic for her. I think that being called a rapist or terrorist in front of cameras is uncalled for, unless that it can be supported with evidence. I don’t think Russ is a saint, he is a bully but not a terrorist or rapist. I think Chima needs professional help.


She’s a hypocrite.


she’s just pi#@ed because someone dropped a house on her sister ;)

Mr. E

It’s like she absolutely fails as a human being. She’s clearly being racist, she called terrorist a racist slur when she was talking to Russell and now she’s using it against him.


I have been in Chima’s shoes and I can say from experience you never ever ever joke about rape. It is not funny and you would never wish it on another even if you hate them. It is something you never truly get over. You learn how to cope in life and not let it take over your life. I find it hard to believe she actually went through it. She has also tried to provoke Russ before to hit her so she can become a victim. She needs to be seen as the victim and make all her enemies out to be a bully. Russ with some of his actions could be called a victim but so could Chima. And lets not forget that Micelle did lie to Chima which started the whole fight between them. Chima is a vengful bitch. I would hate to see what she would do to a boyfriend that broke up with her or scorned her. Scarrrrrryyyyyy!


The story that Chima is true see info below….but that doesn’t give her any right calling Russel a terrorist and hoping he gets raped. She need some help. I can’t believe BB is letting her say all this stuff. You know they would call Russel in if he was making racist comments. She is now trying to play it off that she is calling him a terrorist because he is bringing terror in the house. Please don’t insult our intelligence. BB didn’t do a very good job looking for house guest that are sane. It looks like they went out of their way to find people who desperately help. Perhaps the ones who need it (Ronnie, Chima, Michelle, Jesse, Gnat and Lydia) will get the help they need.

Chima of Big Brother 11 survived a brutal rape at the hands of a serial killer.

In fact, she was his last victim.

This story came out 3 weeks ago, and somehow I missed it. So I am passing it on now, in case you missed it too.

On September 17, 1996 Dale Devon Scheanette raped and murdered Christine Vu. On December 24th of that same year, he did the same to Wendie Prescott. The women lived in the same apartment complex. (Later it was discovered that Scheanette lived there as well.)

Scheanette became known as the ?Bathtub Rapist? because after raping, strangling and duct-taping his victims, he left their bodies in half full bathtubs.

Between the two murders police only found one fingerprint ? but the semen taken from both victims matched.

It was three-years later that Chima Simone, one of the houseguests on this season?s Big Brother, was attacked. She was beaten badly and raped. But luckily for her, she survived by fighting back. Chima?s rape brought back attention to the cold cases, and the semen he left behind matched the semen taken from the victims he had killed years earlier. Also, new fingerprint technology helped catch him. He was also suspected of five other rapes within the same area.

On February, 10, 2009, Dale Devon Scheanette was executed by the State of Texas for the rape and murder of Wendie Prescott. He was charged but never tried for the rape and murder of Christine Vu.

Just before he was excecuted Scheanette?s last words were: ?My only statement is that no cases ever tried have been error-free. Those are my words. No cases are error-free.?

He died by lethal injection. It took nine minutes for him to be pronounced dead.

Chima told her fellow Big Brother 11 houseguests that she had to endure two seperate facial surgeries because of the extent of her injuries.

Poor girl! I have a new found respect for Chima. Anyone who can survive what she did and continue on with a smile on their face is absolutely amazing in my eyes. I cannot even begin to imagine..


yes i agree but that is no excuse for her to act the way she is. she is acting like a psycho ho that wants everyone to think she is some bad ass because she can scream so loud that no one can hear anything but her side of things.

Love Muscle Fan

I don’t understand why she wished rape on Russell after she had plans to provoke hom to hit her so she can press charges against him. Setting him up and accusing him of hating women seems to reflect her need for therapy.


i reallythink cbs should not allow this terrorist talk to go on. now . chima should be kicked off show she is a real low life and does her race no favors. jeff plz break this up and get rid of muscle head jessie then the bit bull/\


Personally my top pick IS Jeff. I voted for him when they were doing the De’TAT for America to text in. I would love to see Michelle go home but would really like to see Natalie leave first. She is coasting through this game doing nothing. And then for the next HOH I would pray it would be Jordan, Jeff to win. That could really do some damage…like the house isn’t already that way.

And I agree the terrorist term is being used a bit to freely for my taste.

Love Muscle Fan

I would like Jeff to nominate Chima and Natalie so one of them goes or maybe Natalie and Jesse. Those 3 are annoying! I love Russell and Jeff.


He can’t put up Chima which sucks, but I’d love to see him put up Natalie and Jesse. You know Kevin, Lydia, Jordan, Jeff, and Russell would vote to evict Natalie.


OMG, Jesse said to Kevin when he woke up “hey sleeping beauty”

u rule

ARE U SERIOUS?? LOOOOL!!! I guess we know which hole Jesse wants to stick it up, eh? loool.


Where do I start? Jesse should be gratefull for having another shot at this but he’s acting even worse than last year. He is so cutthroat with Russel , Jeff and Jordan, so two faced around them , I have to change the camera when watching the feeds. I would love to see Russell catch him talking trash. Chima is saying things that shouldn’t come from someone who experienced such a violence in their lives. Natalie is a Chiuaua that hides behind the master’s legs after barking out. Those three are toxic.


How does a person who went through some type of trauma suppose to act after? I will never tell somebody that, because each person acts differently. Nobody at the same after any type of experience, their stories or experiences is just similar. Look at the male who rape Chima and see where he?s at now for assuming. I not a fan of how she playing the game, but she is playing it because it is a game. I don’t know her personally, but I bet anybody any kind of money we all said or done something we wasn’t proud of.

:) :)we got this

amen! someone with common sense. im finding its not as common as i thought! thank you WTF! :)


I just meant that all this violence wishing towards the Hg’s are becoming over the top. I didn’t mean to measure nobody’s pain or way of dealing with it.


Everyone acts differently to every situation but wishing the same thing on Russell crossed the line. It doesn’t exactly merit pity from me on her behalf. She needs to stop acting like a 15 year old.


maybe chima acts the way she does because she was rapped. i suggest she get some therapy because whether justified or not she hates men. and she has a real mean streak and is acting very low life

Mr. E

You know, I wouldn’t be presumptuous enough to come to that conclusion, but it’s absolutely true that she has an express hatred of me.


Please, Please tell me that Jeff will use The power to get rid of Jessie(limpy or GnatDogg this week, I have heard that Jeff doesn’t plan on useing it, I’m hoping that he is just saying that and will use it, Please I want to see ChiaPets face when he takes her Noms. down and puts up her Doggs, so someone out there tell me that he will use it, after all that is why I voted for Jeff because I knew he would have The balls to do this, but it sounds like he won’t.OMG, please Jeff don’t fail me.

Love Muscle Fan

That is what I hope jeff will do also! Chima is too crazy and if NatDog and Jesse can be separated, that would be cool!


Maybe Jeff won’t use the power because he knows Russell will be evicted which leaves Jeff in the clear (others do the dirty work). This may ensure a winning vote for Jeff in the end (if he?s able to stick around). Its possible Jeff may think he has a good chance to beat Jessie in competitions and has a better chance against Jessie (if he keeps him around) than Russell. Putting two people up on the opposing side will not get him some votes in the end (like putting both Nat/Jessie up). Then there is also the possibility Russell may just get PSssst that Jeff didn?t use the power and doesn?t give Jeff a winning vote in the end Looks like Jeff will continue to do well in endurance competitions and Jessie won?t do to the muscle mass. Sounds like Jeff is getting tired of Russell?s mouth running TOO. Of course we will know on Thursday if the power is used and hmmm??.possible double eviction on the spot (????). The anticipation!!!!!!!!!!


I know… especially with Russ just now making a stupid comment about he would betray both Jordan and Jeff to win the money. Jeff was like “HUH” and asking him to clairfy, and of course Drunk Russell trying to back peddle and say that he didnt mean it that way, and how the final two will be Michelle and Jeff, then realizes he is leaving out Jordan and changes it to Jeff and Jordan. I dont think jeff bought any of that. Its funny how liquor brings out ones true colors. Jeff should be worried because Russ could be playing him. Russ knows that with Jessie gone Jeff is his next biggest threat. Russ may switch sides just to get Jeff out because the house is going to mad at Jeff for using the power anyways. Plus Russ must realize that he would never win against america’s choice player. Once Jeff is gone that leaves Russ as the sole “power house” to dominate. He said he would do anything to win. I would not be suprised if he pulled that stunt… and Mr Technotronics who didnt know how to pronounce “Coup D’ Etat will find his behind out the door. MAN that would be a HUGE slap in the face for all those who voted for Jeff. (I didn’t vote for anyone)


Chima is such a hypocrite. “any vote for Braden is a vote for bigotry” Any vote for Chima is the same thing, if someone called her the N-word 20 times, everyone watching would throw a shit fit. She is a phony twat

Culo D' Etat

Karma is a bitch, she may go out lower than Braden!

Billie The Puppet

I hope Chima is Backdoored next week!


Two wrongs don’t make a right. The violence Chima suffered does not give her the right to treat Russell in such an unfair way. Today’s yelling match between Russell and Chima really troubled me. Who the hell does Chima think she is? What a repulsive female! The fact that she is calling Russell a “terrorist” is extremely racist, considering his Middle Eastern heritage. I think it is wrong, wrong, wrong that BB has not put a stop to that. In the reality of today, being called a terrorist is as bad as if someone used the term “nigger”. Both terms are very, very inappropriate and offensive. Chima can be just as loud and obnoxious as Russell, so it is laughable that she thinks she is so much better than he is. “Woman of the Year” she ain’t, that’s for sure. I just can’t stand that “bitch’s arrogance and pathological self-righteous indignation!


I really want to find out where I can go & write a complaint on this laugh-at-her-own-jokes vindictive bitch. I’m ready for her & her derogative comments to go back home where she belongs. She’s ridiculously horrible.

calling the kettle?

YOU gotta stop being a bitch first!


I thought you agree with the two wrongs don’t make a right. I guess you are more like Chima than you thought.


Ok, when is CBS going to call Chima into the Diary Room and tell her to stop calling Russell a Terrorist! this is a game and chima should not be calling Russell a terrorist just becuase of his race, that is so wrong. I wish CBS would step in and say something, this is really unfair to Russell and it is not something that I would think CBS would approve of!! CBS what are you waiting for !!! Tell Chima to KNOCK IT OFF with the Terrorist crap!


all u guys are racist and he chima since day one its just an excuse, bring jeff down! now chima is the racists while braden was ok? u guys are racists


I’m not exactly sure what you were trying to say as your grammar was hard to read but I’m assuming that you are commenting that there is a double standard towards Chima???

I’m not exactly sure what the comments were towards Braden’s outburst or even what he said (I didn’t follow that closely and only recently came upon this website) but I am at least aware that he has apologized for the comments both while in the house and afterwards in several interviews. So there has been some level of contrition on his part, the same as such I haven’t yet seen from Chima and her actions. This isn’t to justify anyone’s use of hurtful words that portray an entire race in a negative light, but admitting mistake is a step in the right direction.

As for how people are acting towards Chima and calling her a racist, I don’t see how that makes everyone else racist? One of the many common definitions of racism is: “The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes”, and by her (Chima) attributing “terrorism” to him (Russell) based on his ethnicity, she is by definition – a racist.

Please don’t call other people racist simple because they are pointing out the bigotry in reality contestants actions and are appalled by it.


Sure buddy, can do. First off maybe I should clarify to you, I am not a racist if you were wondering (so not everyone is a “racist on here”), do you even want to guess what ethnicity I am?

Secondly, its an often used adage that two wrongs don’t make a right but there’s a reason for that. People using ignorant terms on here don’t necessitate you or others perpetuating that hatred, how does that make things better? This can also apply to Braden’s comments, Jessie’s comments, Chima’s etc… Because someone said something hurtful doesn’t make it appropriate to return the favor.

Thirdly, her (Chima’s) claim that “terrorist” was in some response to his (Russell’s) terrorizing the house, is weak justification at best. It seems pretty clear that that is a term veiled in obvious racist overtones, just as “Chimpa” while someone can justify (wrongly) is just a play on her name. Both are wrong, it’s that simply.

Fourthly, what I was taking offense to was the comment that “everyone or all” are racist on here. I don’t think that is a fair comment to make. I think most people are just purely voicing an opinion her “gameplay” and dislike for the moves she has made, and are not at all basing it on the color of her skin. I would like to think this because it seems an awful lot of people also seem to have a distaste for Jessie, who happens to be white. And others don’t like Michelle, who is white and a women. Or comment on Jordan not being very bright in their opinion. Or on and on…

When someone does make a comment that is racist, sure by all means speak up, that’s what makes free speech great but tossing out overly general racist accusations doesn’t serve to make a point, instead it only creates weird side arguments like the one going on right now.

And finally, my reply to your comment was pretty even-keeled and not meant to be malicious, so please don’t take it that way. There’s wayyy too much arguing over race and personal attacks, when really its a GAME and should be kept that way.

calling the kettle?

i totally agree but ya gotta consider the fanbase here, we are outnumbered!


HAHAHAHA I love your name! Culo D’Etat – thanks I needed a laugh

oh boy

soooo there’s a right and wrong way to act if you have been raped? you guys are genius! publish this stuff; it certainly should be wrapped in something.


there is if you want to speak about your experience to help other victims, which is what Chima said was her goal


she called russ a terrorist and jessie called him osama , i dare him call him that to his face….


Jesse is too much of a coward to say and do anything to anyones face. He would’t face Michelle, let alone Russel.

u rule

I’m so with you on that!


Has anyone else heard Jessie say that he has built morale with another HG? WTF does he mean? Built a rapport? He’s so stupid I can’t stand it.


Viking Chime needs to be brought down a peg or two, this is a game and she has no right to constantly keep calling Russel a ” Terrorist”, I am shocked that CBS has not called her aside and put a stop to this. As for the Eighty carat Turd (Jessie) he has referred Russel to “Osama” This is
also shocking. All this needs to come to an end. Viking Chima is a bad reflection to her culture and
Jessie you are one of the weakest players I have ever come across as you just waddle along and do what the girls tell you to do, your are a WUSS, you need to go home. I am sure your family is embarrassed about your behavior. Viking Chime, be careful that Russel does not press charges against you as you are instigating all the bad behaviour in Big Brother. You are not as intelligent as you make yourself out to be as far as I am concerned you are loud, abusive, irritating, insulting, despicable and the most annoying imbecile in the house. That heckling laugh of yours just makes me to tape your mouth shut.


Ava, I could not have said it better myself! I respect your view on that situation 100%!


As Chima so eloquently put it, “America won’t get mad at me. They hate Middle Easterners”. Way to go! Chima is nothing more than a self-centered, hypocritical, racist chump!

Please Big Brother, after her Braden expulsion outburst, please don’t edit her comment out of the TV show.


As Chima so eloquently put it, ?America won?t get mad at me. They hate Middle Easterners?. Way to go! Chima is nothing more than a self-centered, hypocritical, racist chump!

Please Big Brother, after her Braden expulsion outburst, please don?t edit her comment out of the TV show.


hey Ava. I am a black woman as well and Chima is an embarassment. She being a black woman as well should know better. Her racist rants are vile and inexcusable. Russ is being very civil towards her and I’m shocked he hasn’t called her the N-word to her face. I bet you anything she would be offended and pissed off and cause a huge commotion, yet in her mind it’s ok for her to spew her racist crap. She is psycho


Chima is the real terrorist shes the worst person ive ever seen on a reality show…just because she was rejected by Russell she wants to call him every bad name in the book…she needs a reality check!!


Why is it okay for Chima to call Russell a terrorist? Or make threats to spit on him so he will hit her. Something is really wrong with this girl. ANd how are the women kicking ass? Delusional, paranoid, bitchy all describe Chima perfectly. If Jeff doesn’t break up the athlete alliance this week,. then he will go home next week if they win HOH.


Chima said about Russell “I could make sure that is ass sees the inside of a cell AND get raped up the ass on a regular basis. ”

And this coming from a woman who claims she was raped herself? OK …either she’s lying about the rape or she is the lowest living life form. No person who was violated like that would wish it on another human being, except maybe on the one who violated them.
She needs to go. She’s total toxic waste.

The show should have not of aired her rape story anyway. BB is not properly portraying who these ppl are. So after last nights episode Chima gets America’s sympathy and everyone thinks “wow, what a strong woman she is.” But Unless they’re also watching sho-time, reading the spoilers or looking at the live feeds the perception they get of her is completely false.

I don’t even like Russell, but after reading what Ive seen in the last 24 hours, I would not only like to throw chima under the bus, I wanna be the bus driver.


Is Chima crazy??? How can she say she wants someone else to get raped up the ass!!!!!
I think once her story was told….viewers had a new respect for her but only for a nano second due to her comments……how do you all think she will be received once she is out in the real world again??? I don’t think she will be loved….


Unless ppl are watching the other BB shows, shotime, live feeds etc. they will not have a clue as to what an awful excuse for a human Chima really is. The thing is, the ppl in her real life have to already know how she is. And that they choose to stay around her anyway is almost frightening.


Chima has to be the worst contestant in BB history,,,how did she get picked for the show…after week 1 and her comments on the live eviction show it just threw me for a loop what a hypocrite she is. Her sob story last night was just to gain sympathy votes if you ask me my opinion…I hope she gets booted out of their…Jeff better use his power and put Natalie and Jesse on the block,,,what has Natalie done in this game but ride the coattails of Jesse who by the way I cannot stand myself. It was all I could bear to see him last season but to put up with him this season. At least Russell tells it like it is…I hope Chima gets booted out on Thursday for her threats..,.CBS and BB need to put an end to what Chima is doing…I would be disgusted if my child was acting the way she is doing on National television…lets also hope if Jesse is in the eviction seat that Lydia has the balls to evict Jesse on BB….Also…hears to hoping that Russell gets HOH next week and puts up Chima and boots her out the door.


As much as Id hate to see Russell as HOH again, I know he would boot that tragic mess called Chima outta there and It would be worth another week of his self serving dribble just to watch that happen. But alas, I think he’s going home this week so we might just hafta have to leave it to the next HOH to see that justice prevails.
Jeez, and to think just a week ago I thought Scrappy was the biggest loser there. Chima makes her look like an angel.


There is a section on the CBS website for viewers to complete a feedback form and have your complaints and displeasure with Chima voiced directly with the network executives. Chima is clearly a woman with a battered and broken past. The victim is now the perpetrator. She damaged Braden’s reputation by calling him a racist. Her repeated name calling of russ as a terrorist and her statement that “americans hate middle easterners because middle easterners are terrorist” is disgusting and unacceptable. As a society we have progressed beyond these discriminatory labels. She is not representative of our current culture and is a bad example for the current generation to witness. She has even publicly stated that she intends to spit on russ so that he can assault her so that she can press charges, send him to jail, so that he can get raped every day. These are statements made by a delusional, emotionally and psychologically imbalanced individual. She clearly cannot handle the stress of the game and should be removed before she becomes and even greater danger to herself and others.


I totally agree we need to start something to get her kicked off for her racist and sexist comments, she is clearly a man hater and wanted any excuse to go off on Russell she is unbalanced and a danger to the house. Did you hear her threatening Jeff that if anyone uses the power to take off her nominies she is going to throw a fit and ruin the Thursday night show. She is awful and needs to go now…otherwise she will ruin this season with her diva like behaviour and sense of entitlement she hasn’t earned the right to have. I feel bad that she went through what she went through, but what she is putting Russ through with her violent behaviour and racist attitude is almost as bad. She needs to be STOPPED!!!


Sounds to me like she put the PERFECT PLAN into PLAY herself! All BB has to do is push Jeff a little( power of persuasion) without actually telling him WHAT to do . When he changes the nomanations to Jesse and Gnat , Chima will go bonkers and get thrown off the show and Jesse will be evicted!


I really hope that happens!!!! I am praying to every god that, that exact thing happens…she is so awful!!!


Is there anyone who knows of some anti-defamation site for Middle Eastern people that we can go to and let them be aware of what she is saying, we need to get the media involved and let her know that in fact she is wrong and not all American’s hate middle eastern people, and she should be punished for her racist comments. It really upsets me that this woman is allowed to say these things and not get smacked legally or professionally for it. Let’s find out where she works and complain about her comments to her bosses and make sure that once she leaves this house, she learns that her comments have consequenses!!!


go to CBS site..write them….from what I have read a lot of other folks have done that…all about Chima…

Big D

Hey google her name, she works in the entertainment I industry as a red carpet interviewer. I bet if you contact her employers and let them know the racist comments she has been spitting out like acid vomit, they wouldn’t be to happy about employing a bigiot racist hypocrite. I mean it’s a game and I have said some mean things In life but come on The shit she has been saying. And she has the nerve to say she isn’t going to stoop to Russell’s level. Are you kidding! And I think CBS is afraid of editting her this way, how corny of corporate CBS. Atleast us die hards know the truth.


I went to the CBS site I also found Chima on Facebook and let her know in a message exactly how I felt about her, you should all go and let her know exactly how wrong she is about American’s and woman in general.


Oh and the sad part is that from her (Chima) behavior African American women all across this nation will painted with the same brush stroke. Unfortunately for us also Chima may have caused BB to hesitate when choosing another African American.


I hope not, that would be like saying all blonde girls from the south are stupid…I am sure with the amount of times she gets called to the dairy room, that Chima is a class all unto herself and is not the representative of African-American women. She actually isn’t representative of any women at all…I can’t believe how horrible she is.


I know and I also hope that is not the case. She is an African American female so am I but I am totally disgusted by her behavior in the house. I truly hope she is just doing this for the camera time. I hope she is just playing a female villian, the kind you just love to hate.


I have found out where she works, she works under the name Chima Simone, the email to reach them is I suggest we all use it and let them know what kind of horrible person they have representing them. Behaviour like this should not be tolerated or rewarded!


Nevermind she doesn’t work for them anymore, they answered me back and said and she never will again!