Big Brother 11 Spoiler – Jessie farts on Lydia, Russell is tanked and Chima’s Favourite Movie is “how to catch a terrorist”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:15pm backyard couch Kevin and Russell chatting. Russell is telling Kevin that unlike Chima, he doesn’t care who talks to her. He explains that the dispute is between her and him and has nothing to do with Kevin or the other houseguests. Russell re-iterates he doesn’t care who talks to chima because his issue with chima does spill over to other houseguests. Russell is opening a bottle of win. Kevin asks him if he’s going to drink it all, Russell says no someone else will come out and have some. Russell pours him a big glass and sits down. Kevin is munching on chips and salsa. Russell asks Kevin now that he’s going home why does Kevin not like him. Kevin says he doesn’t hate Russell at

all, the fight he had with Lydia wasn’t about her talking to you it was more about her not following the plan and getting
hung up on issues that don’t further our game. Russell?s tells Kevin that he has never spoken bad about Lydia or Kevin, but like the other people playing I?m here for the money.Jeff joins them. Russell says he trashed talked Kevin during the POV to rattle him he says he really wanted to win, he’s in this game to win. Russell tells him he really likes Kevin, but he’s a competitor so some of the things he does will be with the sole purpose of winning, Its not personal. Russell is trying to explain the fighting with Chima and how she is a alpha women and he’s a alpha male and together they fight
“That?s the way the world works”. He goes on to explain that he loves women and he respects them, He reminds Kevin that he has apologized to Chima for some things that were said, He knows he’s going home and wants to leave on a positive note with everyone.. Russell brings up his sisters being strong women they went to medical school and are tough mentally. Kevin mentions some comments Russell brought up during the POV and for Russell to have know to say that Lydia must of told him. He says that it was from a confidential conversation. Kevin says it has made him a bit mad. Russell tries to defend Lydia saying she was just casually talking she was deliberately trying to share information. Russell brings up Ronnie and how he wanted Ronnie out because he was a master player. Kevin completely disagrees he
thinks Ronnie was a horrible game player he played to hard too fast and wasn’t very good at competitions… Kevin heads back inside The wizard and Russell play pool.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm HOH CHima, Jessie and Natalie. Jessie is telling them he’s worried about the wizard power and
he’s worried its going to be used, He says some people are being way to calm. Jessie says something is going one and it involves Jessie, Russell and JEff, “did you notice how they called us to the diary room? it went Jessie, Russell than Jeff”. Chima agrees that is weird. Jessie thinks they are playing it up that Jeff and Russell are a team and there coming after me. Chima starts talking about production and how they probably want Russell to stay because he causes so much drama…. Big Brother warns them over the speakers to not Talk about production with other houseguests… CHima keeps going saying that the diary is coaching Jeff to say things to Jessie and Russell to say thing to Jeff and Jessie….
Again Chima gets scolded.. Now Chima says they have probably figured out all the outcomes for Jeff if he used the wizard powers and now Jeff just decides which one he likes the most…. Feeds cut Michelle joins the HOH.. Basic chit chat about twitter, face book and MySpace. Chima tells them she really doesn’t get what the big deal with twitter is. She only excited to do it because the other houseguests got ot. She says all her tweets will be about women power,

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

and how women are kicking butts this year. Michelle asks CHima who she wants to see be HOH next week. Chima doesn’t care as long as she dones’t get put up. Michelle tells her don’t worry your safe with me. Chima said I don’t think anyone should take Jordon to the final 2 because who would win against her? Michelle says people woulnd’t vote for Jordan because she really hasn’t done anything strategically. Chima brings up production giving Russell so much alcohol, “they are trying to get him plastered so he goes off”. Chima says she not going to call Russell a terrorist any more she will call him the alcoholic.
Kevin Joins them and Michelle leaves
General chit chat about taking bubble baths and keeping clean. Chima mentions she takes a shower twice some days cause she loves being clean. Natalie tells them she’s not a bath person she hasn’t had a bath for years. They start talking about politics and Obama?s challenges… now they bring up Patrick Swayze and how he’ll have passed away by the time they get out.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm playing pool Gandalf the Grey and Russell. Jeff tells Russell they need to talk game after the POV ceremony because some shit is going to go down. Russell says that Chima’s been sayign you are the wizard. Jeff denies that he has the power, he knows the reason he’s not up is because they all think he has it. He goes on to say everyone is nice to me all of a sudden because they are afraid of wizard powers. Russell says he has memorized all the dates teh houseguests were evicted and the dates, vote counts etc etc… he is going to make bags of rice with letters in them and leave them for Jeff if he leaves. Jeff thinks its easier to just tell him the dates and Jeff will remember them. Jeff is pissed that he can’t get tipsy with Russell and get all “retarded”. Lydia walks out and asks Russell if he drank all the wine.. he says yes, she goes on to ask him where everyone is she’s been sleeping for the last 5 hours. Russell tells her there up in HOH. He calls her over and whispers something in her ear.. (Can’t hear what it is) Lydia pulls away giggling and says “well aren’t you the mastermind”.. she goes back inside. Russell is very tipsy he’s consumed 4 beers and a bottle of wine.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:20pm Red Room Jessie is putting away his laundry Jessie farts on Lydia and she gives him heck. Lydia is giving him the evil eye…


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:40pm HOH Kevin, Chima, Natalie, Michelle and Jessie. They are talking about the movie they got to watch tonight. They start asking each other what their favourite move is and Chima says “how to catch a terrorist”.. Kevin start telling them about the conversation he had with Russell earlier today on the backyard couch. Jessie says that Russell is trying to play the villain this year because he thinks it’ll further him through the game. Jessie explains that every big brother seasons needs a villain he has to go around hating everyone it has to be like Evel Dick was but times it by 10. As the villain hes an attractive person to carry with to the final 2 because who will vote for the asshole villain to win 500K
Chima says her favourite movies are Scarface and the sound of music. Kevin likes care bears the never-ending story and titanic, Michelle likes the older Indiana Jones movies. Kevi bring sup Goonies and tell them how awesome it is.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I know this is a long shot, but how AWESOME would it be if Jeff uses the powers to replace Chima’s noms with Jess&Nat, which ideally for me Jessie would end up going home, and then Russell, Jeff or Jordan win HOH, and then either send Chima or Nat packing. Or maybe when/if Jeff uses the powers, Chima flips and ends up being sent home, or getting a penalty eviction vote!

u rule

I am with you.


That would really suck. If Jeff uses the power he will not be able to play for the HOH for two weeks, and the person he save won’t be able to play for one week. So there!


thats not true. there is no restriction on jeff for hoh if the power is used

The Original Jim

WTF are you talking about? Jeff uses the power and he gets to compete in the next HOH. Chima on the other hand still doesn’t.


What?? Jeff can play for HOH if he uses the power. Chima can not play in it because she is HOH this week. Kevin can’t be put on the block, he won POV, and Chima is safe too(HOH). So there!!!


not true.


“If Jeff uses the power he will not be able to play for the HOH for two weeks, and the person he save won?t be able to play for one week. So there”
Where did you get this info? I do not believe this is true.


How is it that the person or people he saves can’t be HOH for two weeks or next week?
He is replacing Nominees as the others are null and void as he is the new HOH.
It is live Chima wasn’t HOH at all.

Randy Wolfgang

Thats not true – you moron.


What are you talking about Ern Jeff the only person not able to play for HOH would be Chima…


Sorry called you Ern Jeff my fault … Went in a different direction with my thought..




Where do you get your info from? The only one who can’t compete in the HOH comp is the previous HOH, which is Chima. So if Jeff wins next week HOH he will of had 2 weeks of worry free game play and make shambles of the NBK


Ern, where did you hear that? That is the first that I’m hearing of Jeff not being able to play for 2 weeks if he uses his power. That is almost not worth it. Go ahead and get Russell out since he plans on stabbing him in the back anyway.


Is that really the case? I hope not! How do you know?


I did not know that. If this is the case the power is useless. I have never heard this before


That is not true, He can play for HOH. The only one who cant is CH CH CH Chia

Randy Wolfgang

Em isn’t wrapped too tight, she has stepped off one too many curbs, her porch light has been flickering for some time, she has splinters in the windmills of her mind – get my point.


Yeah, where the hell did you see/hear that??!??!! Go to and read the official rules before making any assumptions that are completely WRONG

Big Brother Fan

I would LOVE it if Jeff used the coup d’etat to send Chima home! However, I think if he put up Jessie and Natalie there’s a chance that Natalie would be the one sent home. Everyone in the house agrees that she’s the proverbial stick up Jessie’s butt. They are an inseperable team. Jeff and Jordan are a team, but at least when you see one you don’t ALWAYS see the other!!

And ERN… anyone in the big brother house is willing to stab someone else in the back for $500,000. THAT’S WHY THEY ARE THERE!! How do you know if Russell would be scary to date or not? He’s playing the big brother game.



i’m watching the live feeds and jeff, jordan & russell keep talking about something that is happening tomorrow. what could it be? the veto ceremony? if the pov is used, can jeff announce that he has the cdt? i’m lost.


so … how is it standing now? will kevin use the pov to remove lydia … or are jeff, jordan & russell just speculating that it will be used? and if or if not used, can jeff reveal his power at the pov ceremony or wait until thursday?


Jeff can’t spill the beans until Thursday’s live show. Go Jeff!


Can’t wait until Jessie takes Jeff out of this game


That would be great! I think that if Jessie and Natalie goes up, Natalie will be the one to go home.


Go read more once upon a time story books! They have as much fantasy as your scenario, since when does the evil. gutless horses ass win.


lol who are referring to as the evil guttless horse ass?


What an idiot you are. You must be Jessie’s family. Couldn’t be two that stupid and not be related.


It is not going to happen as Jeff is taking Jessie out!!!


Damn, check out the hair on Michelle and Chima up there. Yikes.


Jeff got an ear full from Russell tonight. If Jeff keeps Russell, who looked him in the eye and told him that he will stab him in the back for $500,000 then Jeff desires to loss. Russell is not worth keeping! Let him go! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that Russell is scary and I would be afraid to date him.

Jordan better wake up!

Mr. E

Because no one else would backstab him? HA! Russell’s been brutally honest for most of the game, why should he start lying to Jeff now?


Like the people in there don’t realize that they will get stabbed in the back at some point in this game… What do you think that those people went in there thinking i’m not going to stab anybody in the back to win $500,000 of course they are…


pictures cutting off the text again…”Milk” go to bed…Jeff is taking Jesse out.


So I heard from a friend that Ronnie has not been at home and that his wife thinks that they are keeping him secluded so that he might go back into the house later. Does anyone else know anything about this? WTF???


I was also told that when Julie interviewed the other evicted houseguests that she had given away spoilers to them either on thier eviction interview or on the early show, but she did not even mention the power that Jeff had to Ronnie, or ask him about it at all. Why would they want Ronnie back in the house? Do they want more drama then is already there?


That’s actually not true – I watched julie’s morning show interview with Ronnie and she asked him who he thought had the power and he said Kevin or Michelle and then she told him that no, it was actually Jeff that won it. I think you could probably find the interview on the Early Show website if you wanted to see it for yourself…


The house quests all have names, please use them. Because she does not let people walk all over her does not make her a bitch. I see that you have respect for women. Not!


No, the fact that she is constantly calling him a terrorist and getting in his face makes her a bitch. I give Russell credit, if she got up in my face like that with her back to the stairs, she would be going for a ride.

Mr. E

Chima has no concept of what is actually going on in the house, and Jessie has lost his mind. They have no power so they’re running around in circles. Now their big game plan is to put Jeff up on the block and accuse him of being Russell’s ally. Because, you know, that won’t make him use the power or anything or force him to work with Russell and take it out on Jessie and Natalie instead?


WTF is going on with the live feeds? Why do they CONSTANTLY switch to FISH? I’m cancelling if this nonsense continues!


It’s Chima’s racist ass constantly calling Russell a terrorist. it goes to fish every time the bitch opens her mouth because she can’t stop calling him that.

russell..the tub of lard

russell is not..a terrorist….wink wink…oh come on…


Time to go home Jeff and Joran.


Please, if anyone believes the horror story that Cheima told to the house guest about being r**** by a serial killer & he getting put to death for it,,, guess what guys,,, death roll prisoners are on death roll for years & years & years, she said it happened 10 years ago,,, will your on death roll longer then 10 years girl…


As much as I don’t like Chima, her story of being r*** is true. Check it on – you have to search by her last name (can’t remember what it is but the name being used on BB is not it) and the guy was convicted in like 91 and was put to death last year. Long enough for you for him to be on death row? Check things out before making assumptions & wild guesses people. A little research is all it takes . . . google it


If Jeff uses the power he does get to play in the HoH comp…He should put up Jess and Nat.




sorry, read it too fast – thought it said “doesn’t” get to play for HOH!


I actually agree with Russ….I think Ronnie was a terrible game player.

But that is all history…

Is it true that if jeff uses the power he can’t play for HOH for 2 weeks????!!!!

Hmmm…if so, that would change my feelings if he should use the CDT or not.

Randy Wolfgang

Of course thats not true – who would ever use it except to take themselves off the block. Idiots here are making stuff up.


I don’t know if that was a mistake but isn’t Kevin a “Have-not” this week? Why is he eating??


Sorry, I was referring to this: “Kevin is munching on chips and salsa. ” Was a little fast with my enter key ;)


can jeff nominate anyone? would be awsome to see chyma walk out!


chima (HOH) and kevin (POV) are the only 2 that are guaranteed safe this week


Jess / Nat are running the house, and Chima is #3 in that clique. Chima is running the show this week because she is HOH, but if Jess / Nat both were to stay after this week (I know that they won’t, it is just hypothetically speaking…), Chima would go back to #3. Once Jess goes home, Chima will most likely take the #1 spot with Nat making Chima’s sandwiches.


The only thing Chima is running is her big mouth!!!!!

Dawn D

Question for you guys who know the rules better that I do… Is there not some BB Rule about making physical threats? Chima talking about spitting on Russell and hoping he is r***** in prison is going way over the line. I understand things like saying someone is liar or wanting them out, but those threats seem to be beyond what should be acceptable. Does BB not remove a player who makes those type of threats?


What Chima’s doing is uncalled for and yet predictable. Somehow, she feels she has a sense of entitlement, and therefore can say whatever she wants, yet should someone go against her they’re immediately a “racist” or “anti-women” which makes herself nothing more than a hypocrite of the worst kind. It doesn’t matter if CBS edits the feeds so most people don’t see it, it’s plainly visible on Showtime and the live feeds, and therefore….ultimately…falls to CBS and their casting department as not only responsible but the ones who should be putting a stop to it.


Jeff already took a poll and most people said they will vote for Jesse to go home. Why would he not use it. They made it clear that they were coming after him. I dont think that it is right that Chima is able to get away with the things that she is saying. They showed the r***** discussion. It was totally stagged . Where I feel empathy for her I still dont Like her.


Question: Does any one know what happens in the Diary room? I see that the house get suspicious when people are call to the DR. Why do they call certain people? They should call some one who doesn’t have the power to throw the house guest off, like some in the rat pack so their team mates will begin to doubt them. I hope Jeff uses the power and put up Jessie and Gnat.
I am praying that because Russel was honest and told Jeff and Jordan he would stab them in the back. He also told them if he leaves it wants Jeff to win and Jordan to come in second. Hopefully Jeff and Jordan realize that the others are going to stab them in the back too. It would be nice if someone nice wins Big Brother. If it is up to Jeff and Jordan, I think Jordan might win over Jeff because 1. the rat pack will be mad that Jeff used the power and 2. the girls in the house want a girl to win. I love to see Jeff win. I think he has kept is cool, he doesn’t kiss a$$, he is doesn’t out fake.
In the DR room do they ask you to do certain things?
I can’t understand why Chima hasn’t been told to shut up. I can’t believe she can go around calling Russell a terrorist. I don’t think I could keep my mouth shut if I were on there and heard her saying this, I can’t believe they don’t tell her to knock it off.


In the DR, you get interviewed mainly. The production team may also pull people into the DR if they ever need to talk or meet with them in private. Kevin got pulled in to see a doctor b/c of the rash on his face.


Production pulling her into the DR to tell her to shut the hell up is a very real possibility


i think it would be stupid for jeff to use the power he has it for three evictions so there is no need to use it until he or jordan is targeted. that way when he uses it its justified. he just needs to stay low key for the time being and him or jordan needs to win the next two hoh’s so whoever they want out get out

Dawn D

He only has it for 2 evictions- last week when Ronnie left and this week. After Thursday, it expires.


If Jeff uses the power and puts up gnat & Jessie can Jeff still vote or does chima vote? Or maybe neither of them get a vote.

Randy Wolfgang

If Jeff uses the power neither he nor Chima can vote. If Kevin is smart he will not use the POV.
1. he sticks to the plan from the Jesse group (soon to be in big trouble)
2. he has already explained to Lydia that she is only a pawn
3. if he takes Lydia off and either Jeff or Jordan goes up, Kevin puts a big target on his back from a team he thinks may soon take control (they will)


BB had the Coup d’etat powers in season 7. The way it worked in season 7 was that neither the CDT or HOH had a vote.


Did Kevin use the power of veto? I think Jeff should not use the power and let Russell go.

Uncle Cool

Best case scenario would be to evict Jessie. Natalie is useless (even more) without him.

If Chima keeps up her mouthy, ignorant rants, she will be evicted by the producers.


Jess, then Chima, then Gnat in that order.


Jeff should use the CDT put up Nat and Jesse. Hopefully Jesse will go home instead of Russel. I don’t 100% agree with Russell, but at least you know where he stands and I think he and Jeff will at least stick together and make to final 4. Get Jesse out this week, hopefully Jeff, Jordan or Russel will win HOH and then take out Chima, Natalie, Lydia, Michelle and Kevin.


Just a FYI. I noticed today that the boring video of Ronnie (as a blonde) rambling on and on and on of all his wonderful qualities and admitting that he was cyber bullying has been removed. Hopefully charges have been filed and they have the video for proof and he will be arrested and won’t be able to come to the final show. There is a law passed since the young girl who committed suicide after being bullied online. I hope they have enough between that and him admitting that he has stalked someone to put him away and get him some help before it is too late for someone. I know Chima was r*****by a serial rapist, there might have been signs that the man who did this to her and the others he r*****and killed that he was not normal. If someone who have seeked help for him this might not have happened to these innocent women. Ronnie needs help. He has admitted to things that are against the law. He needs to be locked up and punished. Please for God sakes do not let him teach children.


the pictures are in the way of some of the words.


Chima should be evicted for inciting racism and violence. The other people in the house are just a guilty as Chima for not telling her she is wrong for calling Russell a terrorist. When racist comments go unchallenged it just gives everyone permission to say even more racist things. If she spits on any or throws anything she should be disqualified immediately.


some of the words are in the way. can that be fixed?


I think Jeff should use the CDT and put up Jessie and Gnat. They arent doing anything in this game anymore they hide in bed all day long. If Jeff does it will really stir things up and make the house mor exciting. And yes I agree Chia-pet should be at least warned to shut her mouth about the threats. GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!!


You can go to the cbs website, and at the bottom click on feedback and complain about Chima and her mouth. Don’t know if it would do any good but I have had enough with all her talk about threats, terrorist, and getting rapped .


just filed a complaint about Chima. But not about the r*****. How is she using the “r*****card” I actually watched a show called Cold Case Files on A&E and the story about her attack is horrible. She has EVERY right to tell her story.


By telling her story, then saying that she’d set Russell up and have him sent to jail to get r***** up the bum, is insane? Is there any way you can rationalize that and think it’s sensible? If so, you have the reasoning of Laffy Taffy.


Thank you Kristy for the info on going to the CBS website and clicking on Feedback at the bottom of the page. It worked perfectly and I did file a complaint about Chima and her racist remarks. That sort of thing is out of line even in this game and CBS should stop her.


just did the same!! she should be kicked off the game…


How many times are people going to comment that Jeff should use the CDT, He said last night that he is going to!! Let’s move on to Chima being REMOVED from the BB House when Jeff stands up on thursday and switches the nominees. She has been threatening what she will do…. we all know that she is crazy. I’m sure her family is proud of the comments she’s made.


i bet Chimaman’s family is just like her.


chima is a racist. I don’t think bb should let her get away with the crap she’s been saying. i think it would be a different situation if Russ was the one passing racial slurs. she would be the first one to complain to bb. Maybe he should just to see how she would like it.


Great idea! Here’s what I wrote to CBS:

I felt I had to write and express my outrage at Chima’s comments towards Russel on the show Big Brother. While I understand that the show is intended to be based in real-time with as little intervention from the outside world as possible, something must be done to explain to this woman that she is out of line.
She is purposefully using inflamatory words like ‘terrorist’ because Russel is of Lebanese heritage. She has even qualified these comments, revealing that she is quite aware of how the general public will react to them. And all this after expressing her own outrage over Braden’s racially profiling comments!
Furthermore, perhaps someone should explain to her that spitting on someone is by legal definition aggressive contact. So whether Russel hits her in response (thereby getting them BOTH evicted from the show) the assault charges she has claimed she will then file against him will only backfire.
I might also add that her comment about hoping that he’d be repeatedly sodomized in jail is tantamount to a threat of physical harm – and should have gotten her evicted from the Big Brother House immediately, at the very least!


Dana your feedback to CBS accurately stated. I too have submitted a complaint using the feedback form. I encourage others to do the same. Thank you!




I’m concerned that Jeff may be second guessing keeping Russell after Russell’s drunken rant last night saying he’s in it to win $500,000 and does not need to make friends or be nice to do it.

Although Russell may be a threat to him, he’s the less of both evils between he and Jess/Nat. Those two need to be split up ASAP if Jeff/Jordan have any shot at winning.


I really am sick to death of Chima saying things that are not true and trying to ruin peoples lives..even if there is a smidgeon of truth she blows it up into an epic…what is the deal with calling Russell a terrorist? I cant stand her.I would think that she would be a little more empathetic toward other people under her circumstances..if she wins I hope she uses some of the money to get some much needed counseling to deal with her anger toward men.!! Because it pretty obvious she needs help.


and…I too will complain to CBS about her..thanks for the info!


I too complained to CBS using the feedback section. I encourage viewers to do so as well. Chima clearly has not recovered from her abusive past and now the victim is the perpetrator. She threw water on russ to provoke him into a verbal fight. She repeatedly calls him a terrorist and asserts that Americans hate Middle Easterners because they are terrorist is racist, bigoted, and beyond any bounds of human decency. She is clearly a broken woman who should seek immediate psychiatric help for her numerous personality and emotional disorders. Her clearly stated intention is to have russ hit her so that she can press charges so that he goes to jail and gets r***** every day. She is not only guilty of inciting violence but a perpetrator. The show psychologist should remove her from the show immediately. She is a danger to herself and others. Please voice your disregard to CBS.


okay here i go! bad me! this game is set for bring out the unknown and making a program people will talk about around the watercoolers and wait to watch the after dark or following show. I also am tired of Chimas hate but if I was in that house I would use anyting I can get my grips on to coward down a person and that includes the Horrific happenings, I would make her cry and weep and what to get out of the house, its all for the money and I would push those Buttons and cross everyline to gt it, thats what they all agreed upon to play, to play the game. Sorry offended readers but I would. see you on next BB 12


i also complained to cbs if this was a man saying these thingsabout a woman being raped it would not be tolerated


oh for the love of GOD you think black people cant be racist..theres NO one more racist than Rev Sharpton…come off it..everyone is racist to a degree either for or agin..the point is…she used the race card against Braedon. then she turned around and said worse things to Russell….thats belittling the whole point of equality…she admitted it…but its not the race thing people are upset about she has accused people falsley..she could ruin their careers…but she is likely ruining her own too.and to the person that said all is fair in the game…thats not the way the game is supposed to be played..otherwise smothering people in their sleep is fair game too.. that’ way to get rid of the competition.


thank you Holly for your astute comments. TA racist transcends all classes and genders. One doesn’t have to be black to experience discrimination-all ethnic, gender, and racial groups are at some point or another on the receiving end. The game has clearly defined rules and incitment of violence is against one of the rules. Since she is clearly instigating violence against russ (simply because he declined her sexual advances and her badly bruised Diva ego couldn’t tolerate rejection) she should be removed from the show before someone seriously gets hurt. Please submit a complaint to CBS using their feedback section.


if she really wants to do her race proud she shouldnt stoop to the level of a racist. calling someone a terrorist , especially after 911 and what our new black president is trying to acomplish is just counterproductive. talking about russ getting sodomized in the big house {if she spits on him and then he hits her} seems like a strange thing for a r*****survivor to say..


Couldn’t agree w/ you more Carol. Chima’s comments are disgusting and cross the line of social decency. As viewers, CBS should not permit these damaging and discriminatory comments “face time”. I complained to CBS using their online feedback form. I encourage others who feel the same to do so too

chima vs black people

wrong….chima is chima….and why you gotta bring obama in to this.. Chima is that she is cause she is a bitch….nothing to do with her being black…as for the people on here who were talking about her features before she said anything…and same shit was being talked aboutl libra…last year on here…and no seems to be so concerend witht hat…..people please….chimas actions are aginst her…NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK PEOPLE..what joke for you to say …”if she wants to do her race any good” who the hell are you .. dayum…people ..on here somethings…


Chima does not represent “strong woman”. In fact she is clearly the opposite-she is in fact a scared, impudent broken little girl. A strong woman wouldn’t resort to such degredation and hate. A strong woman would be someone like Eleanor Roosevelt who was once quoted saying “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. A strong woman knows how to handle her emotions and herself. She has self-respect even when she is playing a game to achieve her ends. I too complained to CBS using the Feedback section.