Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Whats up with the RONDOG, nobody talks to him anymore

9:50am HOH Jesse and the love muscle.
Russ is saying he wants to weigh himself, because he thinks he’s losing weight. He asks Jesse what’s up with “RonDog”. Jesse says he is straight up player, “he comes and tells us everything” Jesse thinks if RonDog is playing them both its Jesse that is screwed. Jessie believes Ronnie 100% and he thinks that he is on their side. Jessie says he plays it off like he is annoyed by Ronnie but he isn’t. Russell tells Jessie that he’s getting information from Jordan when she was crying, she was upset because it’s only her and Laura once Braden leaves. Jordan isn’t that close to Laura. Jordan and Jeff think think Laura was playing them so she wouldn’t go on the block. They both agree that the got lydia on their side because they saved her by using POV on her.. They are both very confident that they will win HOH again, Russell had a dream about it, “We are golden if we can make it to week 6 intact, all 4 of them” Jesse remind him that its casey not Jeff thats going to final 4 with them. Jesse says he doesn’t talk to Casey very much, so you keep me informed. Let casey know I would never put a girl before him. They are saying that Natalie and Ronnie really don’t like each other. Jesse talks about how Natalie wants to keep Chima, Jesse wants to keep Ronnie, and Russell wants to keep Casey. They remark about how ppl aren’t talking to Ronnie like they used to.
Russel says he started the fight between Braden and Lydia, yesterday. He says he was telling Braden that he shouldn’t wait til he’s leaving to take it out on Lydia on how he felt. He says he was egging it on.


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