Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguest Wake up, Casey was Screaming all night Thought he was Traped in a room with Lydia…


7:00am Houseguests begin to wake up. Natalie is on of the first up she goes straight to the Diary Room. After the Diary room she heads to the kitchen it appears that she may have hurt her shoulder.. perhaps she slept on it wrong she rotates it back and forth and heads back to bed.

8:30am Big Brother gives them the wake up call, “Good Morning HGS, it’s time to get up for the day.” The houseguests all slowly wake up casey and Laura head to the storage room to get batteries, Jordan and Lydia follow.
8:50am Backyard Casey Smoking outside lydia relaxing. He asks her if he missed anything crazy last night after he went to bed. She shakes her head there was some talk about Braden but nothing important. Quiet chit chat…. Lydia leaves to go inside and make breakfest. jordan walks outside and casey asks her if she patched things up with Lydia. Jordan says she patched it up as good as she can for now. Jordan is telling Casey how she doesn’t deserve it and she thought Lydia was someone she could trust. Lydia brings breakfast out to Jordan seems like they are getting along. Russel joins them. Russell says Casey was screaming in his sleep and Russell was banging on the wall to wake him up. They all says they heard him scream and heard the banging.

9:00am Bedroom Ronnie and Jeff. Jeff says something is going on today. Ronnie tells Jeff that today is most likely the they will do goodbye messages. Jeff thinks its too early, “eviction isn’t until Thursday, Dude, it’s Tuesday”

9:30am Spa Jesse and Braden. Jesse tells Braden he’s got some “grinding” to do. Braden agreesand says he wants to fight to stay, he thinks he still has a chance. The votes can change at any time. They both think that Chima can switch and change her mind alot but Braden is more centered. Braden tell him that keeping Chima around is risky cause you don’t know where she coming from. Braden tells Jesse he’s being optimistic Braden hopes jessie seriously thinks about it, Chima’s an awesome woman but he’s more reliable. Jessie says he understands, Braden says he would run through a wall to prove himself and win things and hopes Jesse considers that. Jesse does but htink Braden has to convince alot more people than just him.
9:35am Jesse joins the rest outside and tells them Braden is starting to campaign, “I didn’t expect him to give up”

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Notice how CBS always casts gay people who are NOT athletic. It’s not enough for the casting directors and CBS that the gay contestants are the only ones in the house and are instantly marginalized because they are gay. Big Brother = HOUSE OF HATE

We all know another heterosexual male will win this season because the women will fragment and go along with any heterosexual male she befriends, then one by one the women and gay man will be eliminated.


I don’t agree with your comment. Although this year they did go that route, last year Steven was athletic. I don?t think it is right for you to say Big Brother = HOUSE OF HATE. I don’t understand why it is necessary to cast someone just because they are gay. I think it is funny that they must always have the one gay person to make sure they do not offend people like you, but yet you are still upset. Would it make you feel better if they were to cast some really athletic male that hid the fact that he was gay or what about some athletic lesbian that would not fall for any heterosexual male as you state above. I don’t know about you but I watch Big Brother and give every contestant a chance and then determine who I hope wins by how they act, not if they are gay or athletic or hot, etc.