Big Brother 11 – Ronnie says if he gets HoH, drama will be high when he rocks the house with his nominations and Jeff is safe.

10am Big Brother Time: Jessie says Laura scares him in this game and how she can talk to anyone in the house. Jessie says he knows Kevin wants Jeff out. Jess mentions a conversation Ronnie told him about Michele, that Michele told Ronnie as soon as the cliques are over, Michele will be trying to get Ronnie out. bedroom braden & caseyJessis and Russ don’t believe this convo and that Ronnie overembelshed this conversation, and Ronnie is just trying to take a target off his back and put targets on people he wants out.
10:15am Big Brother Time: Jessie is aware that Ronnie could be riding their coat tails and Ronnie will be used as a pawn if he doesn’t start winning things. They don’t want Ronnie to skate to the end because of their group. Russ says he’s going to take a dump and heads to HOH bathroom. Jessie says Chima brought up more toilet paper. Jessie says he doesn’t want Nat and Chima to team up. Jessie turns on the HOH TV.
Jordan and Lydia are in the backyard laying in the sun. Laura and Kevin are now talking on the couch while Ronnie is on the elliptical. Ronnie joins them and Kevin calls him camera ready. They talk about how they still have two and a half more days of doing nothing and how after the show tonight, the fans should all be caught up. Laura says the public probably won’t see Kevin/Lydia/Jeff’s fight until Thursday’s show. They then talk about editing. They wonder if Big Brother will show Chima’s veto speech where she’s kind of racist and talks about white girls. Ronnie says Big Brother will, since Chima laughed after her comment.

10:20am Big Brother Time: Lydia and Jordan are doing their makeup outside. Lydia wonders if Ronnie has deals with everyone and Jordan thinks Ronnie just gets over excited and wants to talk game with people who don’t want to. Lydia mentions Ronnie saying he’d play video games for 13 hours straight and is just so passionate about the game. Lydia telling Jordan it might be better for her and Laura without Braden. Lydia thinks that people won’t go after Laura and Jordan because they are just two girls and only two votes.? Lydia heads inside to get something and Jordan joins Jeff on the hammock. She thinks people will probably think they’re scheming and Jeff doesn’t care. She tells Jeff he needs to talk to someone? today.? Jeff said if Jordan kissed him he would kiss her back and they’d both probably laugh when they kiss. Ronnie is called to dairy room. Jordan leaves and heads to the backyard couch with the other house guests.

Ronnie & Jeffrusselronniesr1
Russell and Ronnie in the storage room chatting, Ronnie playing the angles again, Russ playing along, Jeff comes into the storage room, Ronnie asking if they are cool, Jeff says Fuck yeah we are, does not know the others plans but will let him know, that’s if he gets HOH Ronnie is safe. Ronnie says if he gets it he will shake the house and Jeff is safe. Ronnie states drama will be high when he rocks the house with his nominations. Both leave when Laura comes in, Natalie in the Br getting dressed putting a brace on her shoulder. Big Brother tells Russ to reattach his mike. Chima says he cant hear you over his protein shake, he is getting an apple and melon to have for breakfast.

11:15am Big Brother Time:
Casey is sitting outside on the fridge, Jordan and Ronnie at pool side, Jordan says she is guarantees that someone will put him up if he wins and they cannot let him win HOH, Ronnie says that whoever said that Michele and him Jordan are final 4. Jordan asks if you can talk to him, he says NO. Ronnie gossiping saying that someone called Jordan bad names (Hes are not mentioning names) Michele joins them pool side and the talk stops. Braden in kitchen yells out ‘show time’, Chima Laura there as well, Ronnieyesterday’s fight seems to be in the past, Russ joins them. Laura says that the people who are nominated need to clean the house it is a mess. Jeff comes into the kitchen, Laura is upset that the guys took a ‘dump’ and did not clean up after, looks like Braden did and then Jeff. Big Brother is ready to make them clean the house for the live show tonight. Big Brother announces that it is outside lock down, everyone please go outside. Ronnie tells Michele that she is safe if he wins HOH, the same stuff he has told half of the house, gets up and leaves to where Jeff is exercising wants to be in the shade. Jordan is there and tells him to come and sit down in front of her so they can talk, Nat joins them and Jeff leaves. Jordan is putting lotion on Nat’s back, Ron is sitting against the house watching. Jeff and Braden are lifting weights
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Ronnie, is going to get on everybody’s nerves and promise the world until all his lies collide. Just wait and see.


How can everybody get played by lydia , she might be one the best manipulators of the season and its only been a week. She always has to play the victim one way or the other.