Big Brother 11 Spoilers – “Ubber Pawns” doing some Ubber Cleaning

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers
4:30pm – 5:30pm Kitchen Jordan Cleaning like crazy while Lydia is outside picking some veggies from the garden. Lydia goes inside and offers to help Jordan clean the fridge. They start cleaning out the fridge together. Lydia mentions that they are the pawns this year, “what in the hell did we do to become the Uber Pawns?” Jordan has no idea why… Jordan is concentrating on her cleaning.. Jordan says she?s a major neat freak and is totally OCD when it comes to the fridge. Lydia says the backyard was pretty messy she went through it and cleaned it up, she found Russells wine bottle. Jordan continues to wash the dishes on all 4 cameras. Chima walks by asks where everyone is at… Jordan says they are all sleeping except for Lydia she’s outside. CHima mentions that she got to twitter, Jordan tells her about the meal she’s making “backed Ziti”. Chima heads up to HOH. Jordan gets called into the diary room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:30pm HOH Chima chilling, Listening to Prince and eating her candy

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:00pm Kitchen. Jordan is now preparing a salad. She’s cutting up celery, onions and a tomato. Lydia joins her they joke about how boring the Big Brother house is… Lydia points out that there will be 5 girls to only 3 boys after this week. Jordan says Laura was the only girl to have left. The talk drifts to Ronnie Jordan mentions that that he tried to convince her to vote to keep him here and he would be in a final 2 alliance with him, “he was a douche bag”. CHima joins them and they start chatting about TV shows, Lydia says she is the Big Brother Martha Stewert. Jordan says she doesn’t watch Martha Stewert but watches Rachel Raye. .. Lydia points out how the house guests are really boring right now. Chima brings up Women Power and how the last girl to win was Jun. Chima tells them that this could be the year a women wins again… Lydia says that the final 5 this year are going to be women. Chima agrees… Chima now brings up that she is afraid to have children because of the stretching. She says she was thinking of having a surrogate, She tells them its 20K but you have to watch them and make sure they eat right. Lydia says she has some girlfriends that sell there eggs and they get 10grand a pop.. but the operation ins’t without risks.

Scrappy and Jessie walk in looking very tired. Chima mentions that Natalie looks dead, Lydia says they look like the 2 hairy wrestlers from Nacho Libre. Natalie tells them to shut up. Natalie wanders around the house looking like a man pissed off, She follow jessie pretty much in circles.

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chima lying to herself, the reason she scared to have kids is because she can’t get a man, im sure she will be at the sperm clinic soon enough b4 her “clock” expires


Enough with the woman power crap! Why should anyone care if a man or a woman wins? If I was in the house, I’d want ME to win, and if that wasn’t possible, I’d want the most deserving person to win. How can a person be so narrowminded?


exactly , all she doin is helpin jessie and natalie float further in the game then when they don;t need her anymore they will evict her


yesss…& she sees how easy it is for Jessie & Natalie to talk & plot their “keep our hands clean” schemes, why wouldn’t she think they wouldn’t do the same to her? She can’t do anything about whether Jeff uses the power, it’s not like she can win the HOH again..she can’t even play in the next HOH comp. so she Jeff’s doing everyone in the house a favor & getting the root to all the problems (besides Ronnie) out of the house!


i think he should use the power and put nat and jessie on the block and maybe we could see a double eviction!!!!!!!!!!! would that be sooooooooooo great if they both got to go!!!!


lol chima’s man sould be shim because she sure talks like one!


ugh I hate Chima and Natalie. I can’t wait for Jeff to take Russ and Lydia off the block. Put up Natalie and Jessie and have Natalie sent home! Destory Jessie’s alliaces and then get him out as well!


F**k Chima’s eggs she’s a bigot and thats coming from a black women she needs to just leave! Every moment of the day she bashes Russell every time she speaks its about Russell this Russell that I think she really did like him and is so piss that he called her out on her sh*** .Go Jeff and Jordan hope she make some moves soon and I might be pulling for lydia if she just leave Jessie alone and stop throwing people under the bus that don’t even have issues with her. Stop being so emotional damn it people this is a game.


Mon 7:27 PM BBT Jeff just said he’d cut Jordan’s throat so her dinner will fall out of her neck NT – 2tall4u2

If Chima said that people would be leaving nasty comments all over the internet.


talk about reaching… Everyone except you would realize he said that jokingly… When Chima opens her mouth and calls Russ a Terrorist she means it and says it with anger and total hate towards him…


…& Chima says it because she’s a woman scorned. EVERY SINGLE comment she says has a funny way of tying back to Russell, just so she can talk about him & call him a terrorist. Sorry he didn’t wanna sleep with you, bitch! GET OVER IT!

The Original Jim

^ the truth.


Does Chima do anything around the house? I mean does she ever cook or clean? All she does is go around bashing men. She really is a DIVA. And now that she’s HOH. She’s acting like her shit don’t stink. Won’t come downstairs, just stays up in her room all day, complaining about everyone. What a bitch! She is really starting to get on my nerves.

Mr. E

She cleaned Michelle’s crap off the toilet seats, so I hear.


Does anyone else see a resemblance between Jerry O’Connell and Jeff? Jeff is better looking but they could pass for brothers.


I think it is more of a young Tom Selleck thing 😉


I loves me some Tom Selleck, but I don’t see that…:)


lol…doesn’t matter….he has it going…hubba hubba 😉


I was watching a movie on Lifetime today with Jerry O’connell & said the EXACT same thing. Jeff’s a tad hotter to me though 😉 LOL

Mike Boogie rules

Chima is a big lipped , bigot. She sucks and she needs to be OUT!….Natalie is a whining little pisser and shell ne gone when Jessies gone because shes so far up his a$$ she’ll have to go when he goes.


Chime IS a diva bitch. She doesn’t cook, wash dishes or clean. She gets dressed, tosses that nappy hair around, and plays with her makeup or does that nails on the chalkboard laugh. I am SO sick of her and absolutely disgusted with her mouth. I wonder if she curses that much in rl?
Natalie is just a guy in drag. She walks like a pissed off pit bull and needs a freakin hair cut. She doesn’t cook, wash dishes or clean either. Natalie is a floater. She has yet to win anything and sleeps all day.
These are the laziest people I have ever watched in my life. If they are that bored…..CLEAN THE HOUSE


you are so right Joan!!! what a bunch of nasty lazy people!! I don’t care how OCD I was I wouldn’t clean up after those 2 or cook for them. Let them fend for themselves.


All Natalie does is let herself smell like musty old menstruation, since she barely EVER showers & she didn’t at all when she was a have not AND on her period, which is disgusting beyond words. Her BF would probably leave her just for that, not only her being under Jessie’s dick every 2 seconds.
Chima & that damn weave. If she’s going to wear weave she can at least make it look neat & realistic…not that nappy natural disaster. That shit looks like something’s (or maybe a country’s) living in it. She’s such a diva? And for what? No reason at all.
I would get so annoyed with people like her & Natalie that have to be cleaned & tended after like kids.


I am getting fed up with this live feed. Chima has been talking about girl power for the last hour, and it is getting completely obnoxious.


i hate that natalie. i just can’s stand her


she’s got a pig nose LOL & she’s too wishy washy for my liking


ha, i thought it said michelle (SHE’S got a pig nose)
Natalie is a 12 year old boy.


chima and michele on bbad talkin shit , they said casey was intimidated by people’s occupation? i know he was askin them question to shoot the shit and get to know everybody but he wasen’t intimidated by anyone….every time chima opens her mouth i wish someone would smack her in it


i can’t wait til jeff take him off the blaock i just want to see that bitch whine when she has another week to deal with her sexual emotions about him


I’m so done with Chima. From her hair to her laugh to the irrelevant shit that comes out of her mouth. UGH! THAT BITCH!


I dont see why everyone is bashing only Chima. They’re all (the BB cast) idiots from what I see. Jeff or Jordan isn’t on the block so I dont see the point of Jeff using the Coup d’etat, he’s only going to make himself a target…AGAIN. It seems like almost everyone is down for Russell leaving so Jeff should leave it alone.


The BB live feed last night was torture. Who the hell wants to see & hear Chima & Michelle talk B.S. for most of the show? Whoever is responsible for making live feed subject focus choices needs to get canned. I lost track of how many times I switched from Showtime2, to that Linda Blair jailhouse movie! (,…Which was actually kinda entertaining). Also, What’s the deal with cutting away from any house guests when they begin to talk about something like “Favorite Movies”, “TV Shows”,or “Musicians”? That would sometimes be more interesting than some of the other conversations they have.

Still hope that Jeff upsets things with the wizard power,… but, Russell is making it more difficult to root for him staying with each passing day. The guy just doesn’t know when to “SHUT UP!” If he should just chill n’ play pool & cool out with Jeff & Jordan in the backyard without discussing “The Game” all the time. Bet Jeff would feel more compelled to use The Wiz power naturally on his behalf. Russell may have turned him off with all his damn complaining, (& that drunk,crappy conversation a few nights ago probably didn’t help either).

Here’s to hopes that Jeff uses it anyway just to flip things in the house & stick it to Jessie, Natalie & especially Chima.


i don’t know what show yall watching, but from what I can see Chima is one of the biggest cleaners in the house next to Michelle and Jordan. If anything, shes always complaining about people not cleaning after them selves. And please stop wit all the bashing of the house guests, yeah they lie and back stab but thats part of the game. If you don’t like what people are talking about on the live feed and want them to shut up so bad why don’t you just turn off the tv and get a life. Who spends their days on here talking shit about people in the BB house all day. Its pathetic really.


looks like you do lmao…


No honey I have a life, I can’t say the same for you.


The whole game is to get to the end by telling & saying anything that can & will get you there, BUT the way Chima is playing is not game,,, it is right out terrible & shameful, & B.B, should have put her out of the house from the GET-GO, hands down. I can,t understand why she can talk the black talk but if a white house guest talked & said the terrible things that has come from her mouth, there would be a right out war with viewers. And if it was a white person saying the same things to her,,, O.M.G. She has already said once she would sue B.B. a couple weeks ago, for something she did not like. At times I feel the other house guest are walking on egg shells with her. So we will really see where her mouth & her woman power is come Thursday,, won,t we ? She may be all mouth, then again I,m sure she will get a big warning from B.B. just before the start of Thursdays show. B.B. will not let her do the things she is saying she,ll do,, ratings or not. Kids are watching !!! Not a good thing to happen for the show no matter what. She,ll get her panties in a knot, but she,ll have to control herself I,m sure !!!