Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima is dead set on Girl Power and Kevin scares them all “Ronnie is Watching us Right now”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:00pm Backyard Russell in hottub in deep thought.. Jordan, Jessie, Kevin, Lydia, Natalie, Chima and
Michelle inside eating…. 10 minutes later… Kevin and Lydia sitting on the couch. They are talking about how all Natalie and Jessie do is sleep. Lydia brings up that everyone was trying to get Jessie to play games outside today but he just slept. Lydia thinks that the best thing for the house will be for the wizard power to be used. She wishes they knew what it was so people could stop getting so paranoid about it. Kevin thinks that America’s vote will influence orther aspects of the game, he believes that Jeff and Jordan have this aspect of the game in the bag. Kevin start complaining about not being camera ready and the producers giving him shit for it.. He argues that when your on slop you have no energy to be “Camera ready”, Big Brother tells him to stop it “I signed no fucking contract that say i can’t complain”. Kevin mentions that he plans on starving himself so he faints that way the producers have to feed him real food… Lydia asks Kevin if he’s the wizard… He says no unfortunately. Lydia brings up how its nice to know she’s been on the block three times and will have survived each one. She asks him if she has the record for the longest time someone is on the block… Kevin doesn’t know he says Ronnie will know… Kevin mentions a scary thought… Ronnie is sitting at home right now watching us and voting.
Jeff joins them.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff says Lydia looks like Amy Winehouse. Jeff has a big bowl of slop and is eating it like cereal. Kevin asks him how he can eat that vile food.. Jeff gives hi the secret, “lots of milk” Jeff bring sup the delicious food Jordon is making and how she made it just to tease him cause he’s on slop. Jeff says he’s going to make the best meal every feed it to her than cut her throat open and eat it when it comes back out (he actually said that!) Jeff mentions they should rubber band the sink so taht when the next person uses it they get soaked. Lydia doesn’t know what rubber banding is. Jeff says he will explain but she must not do it to him or he’ll kill her. Jordan joins them with some cookies.. munching away. Jeff gets pissy and tells her he hopes she get food poisoning for eating that in front of him and Kevin, Kevin laughs. Jeff says he’s done cooking now that he knows Jordan is such a pro. She says she’s going to cook a meal for Lydia and
Kevin but Jeff isn’t allowed any. He tells her to go back inside with her new friends because they are scheming to win HOH and voting her ass out, Everyone laughing. Lydia and Kevin leave. They start talking about Lydia and Kevin, Jordan wants Jeff to really watch what he says to Lydia. He says don’t worry about Lydia he knows that everything he tells
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
her goes right back to Jessie he’s just joking with her. Jordan brings up Kevin saying that him and Lydia are 2 different players and they shouldn’t be looked at as a “team”. Russell makes a comment to Jordan saying that Chima’s HOH power is over and she’s all fake nice again to people. Russell asks Jordan if she had the wizard power would she use them. Jordan says she would use the wizard power but she doesn’t know what it is nor does she have it. Russell goes on and one about how much he can’t stand Chima and how her power is gone now so he can go on the offensive again. They start talking about food and Russell brings up Jordan cooking today and how it must of been good because everyone was talking about it. SHe asks him if he tried her baked Ziti? he has no idea what she’s talking about.. so she explains.
Jeff lights a smoke and tells Russell they need to plan it out soon (hahaha can’t wait) Russell says he thinks he can get Natalie’s vote but it really depends on Jessie for the win. Natalie joins them she tells them she didn’t go to bed until 7:30am and she woke up at 8pm, her and Jessie were told not to sleep so much.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!
8:00pm HOH Michelle and Chima. Chima starts by saying the day has been very uneventful, she thinks that tonight is going to be a wild night. Chima makes sure she locks the door. Michelle says all she did today was lay in the sun, eat and sleep. Chima wastes no time in bashing Russell. She calls him a backstabber saying that he was telling Jordan last night that he was going to back stab Jordan and Jeff but so is everyone else, the only difference is “we” hide it whereas he’s being honest about his intentions. Chima says that was a stupid thing for him to say… “why on earth would you say that?” Chima thinks the vote will be 4 to 2. Michelle points out that what if Kevin votes for Russell to get a jury vote. Chima doesn’t care she’ll break the tie and send Kevin home. Chima adds that Kevin isn’t going to piss me off cause he knows if he votes against me i’m not giving him any Jury Votes. Michelle points out that Kevin may be in
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
here with you for a long time he’s got plenty of chances to work on you. Michele says she only got close to Russell to figure out how to screw him over. She was never serious about him because he is not trustworthy. Chima says she tried that to, she wanted to giove him the benefit of the doubt because everyone said he was a snake. Chima adds that she trusts Michelle completely. Michelle appreciates Chima saying that. Chima brings up the wizard power, she’s thinking that maybe Jeff doesn’t have it because he acted so nervous during the POV ceremony. She says the couch was literaly shaking. Chima says taht the oinly reason she put Lydia up is because she say her talking to Russell all the time and thought they might be together… Chima asks Michelle if she’s noticed that Russell only picks on the girls which are not allied with the strong males in the house, She calls him a misogynist and a bully. Michelle says that Russell is planning something big she notices that all he does is think outside he doesn?t look sad just determined. Chima is ready for his fight.. she says as long as she can keep it about the game Russell will look like a bad guy and even more people will hate him. Chima starting to get mad at Russell and how he behaves she say her worst nightmare is to have a son like Russell.
They start wondering what is going on with Jeff and Russell. They know he’s outside alot with Jeff but yet again Jeff was always outside. Michelle points out that everyone that goes home hangs outside with Jeff, They both haven’t heard about Jeff and Russell really talking any game. Chima says she bets Russell is telling Jeff some mad shit about her and the rest of the girls. Chima goes off about Girl Power and how Russell just wants a man to win and she’s going to stop him. Michelle thinks that Jeff is starting to worry about the girls joining up. Chima says he better be after this week he’s in trouble. Chima tells her that Jessie was very mad he didn’t get a chance to play POV, Jessie thinks that the mystery power is going to be used on him. Michelle says she was shocked that Russell picked Jeff. They go back and forth about the wizard power and how Jessie is the most stressed about it. Chima thinks that Jeff’s been drinking the Russell kool aid and doesn?t see Russell ad the liar he is. They briefly talk about running out of enemies and how they will need to start turning on themselves.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:05pm Backyard Jeff and Russell Working out.. Inside Natalie and Jessie are sleeping in the red room (yes there sleeping again). Jeff is complaining how week he’s gotten from bing on slop. Russell says he’s gained a ton of weight its “ridiculous”.

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Note to self…..

Jeff + No Food = Hannibal Lecter




LOL when you have no source of food , our natural animal instincts turn on


He can nibble on me anytime he would like!!!

Henry W. Longfellow

Jesse sleeping again? Imagine that. Coming off of steroids is brutal. Look how much muscle tone he has lost. And sleeping is the only way to deal with the withdrawls. He did the same thing last year. Can’t wait till Thurs. to see his face. And hopefully
Chima will follow through with her threats. She is already the most hated female ever on a reality show…..surpassing Amorosa……so Thurs. should seal her fate. Can’t wait. Come on Thursday, get here already.


henry, I do not think Chima is that bad. In fact she is HOT!
I do not believe she would give you the time of day or even acknowledge your existence.
As women go you probably are a loser Mr. Shortfellow..


If you mean HOT as in someone who looks like a burn victim ya.


I’ll be very surprized if she does or says anything…..she is just all mouth…no pun intended …(ok…yes there was ) …….she just thinks she can railroad CBS…she has already wrote a check with her mouth that her ass can’t cash….evidently she is used to this behavior working for her…welcome to the real world…they aren’t going to put up with her chit. She can yell racism all she wants….it’s her behavior….it’s not that someone is’s how they behave. SHE wants it to be about her being black. I hope she goes out next week…I have my fingers crossed.


im going to agree 400% with u. i mean i appreciate the strong female role shes trying to portray (im one of 5 girls, im all about ladies succeeding) but any good has been completely cancelled out by that obnoxious mouth of hers. i am sincerely embarassed for her anytime i hear her viperish comments. i was sickened after finding out she was raped but then to hear that she wished that same fate upon russell sickened me even more. there arent words to describe what a truly appalling human being she is. shes the type of person that fuels hate and racism in our country. and im going to agree with russell she is a 35 year old has been feminazi. maybe she angry with the world or her life in general but it doesnt excuse the trash that spews out of her mouth,. im embarassed for her family and everyone aquainted with her. and i feel sorry for all the houseguests that have to stay in that house with her.

and i CANNNOT wait for thursday when jeff busts out the power and america gets to see the full magnitude of chimas vile essence. lol goo job winning hoh chima, cuz turns out it didnt really matter. and you can bitch and moan all you want, theres nothing you can do to change it. 🙂

Mr. E

If the Forces of Evil ever once considered that Jeff and Russell were teammates and that Russell was going to stay in the house this week, they wouldn’t think Russell was insane or Jeff was stupid, they would just see the two of them outmaneuvering everyone else. If the Forces of Evil ever stopped to think that Russell may not be lying, they would see the snakes in their midst. If the Forces of Evil ever stopped to plan for when they don’t have power anymore they wouldn’t constantly be caught by surprise.

Karen S

Oh Mr. E!
I am with you. Believing that Jeff and Russell, Jordon (sidekick) are definitely underestimated and that the fireworks to ensue is going to be more than noteworthy to every corrupt, instigating liar, manipulator and deciever to come down the road. Sometimes, good can and will triumph over evil. smiles~
If somehow, Jeff doesn’t use the power (I don’t believe he’s a coward) then his intellect will have suffered in my book.
The only thing I do see as a possible road block in the future of America’s vote where Jeff is concerned, is that his portrayal of being a bit rude and condescending to Jordon.
My thoughts only… thanks for the peek!


henry, I do not think Chima is that bad.
In fact she is HOT!
I do not believe she would give you the time of day or even acknowledge your existence.
As women go you probably are a loser Mr. Shortfellow..

and by the way, when I walk out of the shower – IT hangs low 10 inches / soft.


we girls have all been out with Mr Longfellow….and we named it the USS that ! !


so you like girls that wear wigs and laugh after every sentence. shes soooo anoying. anyway she s a manhater


well…she tried to give the time of day to Russ…so she can pretty much be had 😉


I can not put my finger on why this season’s cast is so different and they are not different in a good way. They are so not likeable. This season has been so crazy (in a bad way) with the rat Ronnie, Chima and her antics, Jessie the egotistical pig, Natalie the 25 year old liar, and Kevin ugh!


My favorite Natalie moment was in her goodbye speech to Casey. She said something along the lines of “You thought I was an immature 18 year old. Well, I’m 24!” Wow, Natalie. Lying about your age was a good strategy? Ugh, I can’t stand her!


My favorite Nat moment will be watching her cry when Jessie is Evicted Thursday.

Karen S

Ha! LOL! Every other dancing, singing… wooo hooo’s! that you can think of!!! YEP ME TOO!
*Natalie praying over her meals*
Please God and *soon to be Ex* insert BF’s name here, forgive me, but I am praying over my meals and thinking of you, but Jessie is here and I can’t wait for my two hump bump. And when the diary room sessions are over, Dear God, I promise I won’t hold any ill will over Jessie or Chima or even Lydia for getting to Jessie first… sigh~ *swooning moments*

It’s a shame that Jessie’s so called team mates do NOT have a clue about what he’s really thinking or doing. Not to mention, Chima knew about the green room lie and didn’t figure out who would turn on her this week to try and save votes, let alone figuring out last week, knowing how Jessie and Natalie were trying to get votes for keeping Ronnie.. and then.. OMG should I say it, Lydia… are you really not thinking ahead? Really?
ALL the HG’s have all day to talk and think through what is going on… and these particular details haven’t been called out?
There’s no side, but Jessie’s side.. Kevin, Lydia, Michele, Chima are but the pawns on all these little endeavors… of Natalie and Jessie. Natalie an actual pawn too, but it’s only because she is following Jessie, with blind faith instead her all empowered business degree. Yep, honey, I would make a business deal with your trusting, skewered vision.

I know there has to be some ass-kissing to get to the final’s.. but OMG.. I was convinced before this week, that Kevin, Lydia, Jordon, Jeff and Michele having the votes… all blind to has the wizard powers, (but knowing someone has them) would know too, all have to convince each other that the other has them. No one can admit they have them. You’d think paranoia and calling each other out.. would be bigger this week. I commend Jeff for his phoney worries and heart aches… wink
Why would anyone wanna get rid of Jessie or Natalie? either side of the wizard powers.

Up to now.. (may have to apologize later) MIT or street knowledge… got to give my kudo’s and wizardess powers of strength and encouragement to the underdogs… Jeff, Jordon, Russell of over throwing the unapologetic, full of S**T and into themselves without a ounce of decency over to the good guys! Again!

And yes, caught Nat the piss ant, digging her nose in the night vision.

Maybe it’s just me… (throws hands up)


she may not be an immature 18 year old but she sure is an immature 24 year old and THATS WORST

Karen S

I’m thinking the sense of humor is gone with this set of realistic characters and paranoia that is running amok from the begining.
One of my favorite memories of BB is Joshua making HG puppets in the pool and knocking them out for their weaknesses.

Besides Jeff and Jordon, who do you really like? And I don’t like them all the time either. It’s taken me a few weeks of watching, listening and seeing the true character of these people, that has caused me to waiver into the underdog (so to speak) melting pot.

I hated April and Ollie as well as Jessie and Michelle last season, because of the way they spoke about the other HG’s and then kissing their hiney’s to gain votes. If you can be that vulgar about the people you are living in close proximity to, they have to be that at least in real life. I want a someone I could call a friend to win.
Couldn’t believe the season that E. D. won. But here’s the mindset behind E. D., most people can handle someone who is upfront with you, not constantly working behind your back.
It could be that is why the underdogs appeal to me. They aren’t vulgar, hurtful, nor degrading in their game play.
Again, my thoughts… take it or leave it.


Evil Dick was the best by far, the best Big Brother of all time was with Evil Dick, now if Jeff uses his power to change and put up Jessie(lumpy) and GnatDogg this will be the best ever, really so far it was when Evil Dick was up against Dustin as the pawn and Dick stayed, OMG it was so great The Look and Dustins face classic.


I have to agree with you about the casting this year. Although, I am so glad they didn’t try to redo Evel Dick. I had to stop watching that year early on.

These people are not that likable. I like Jeff and Jordon, but they are slightly boring. And while I am trying to rute for Russell, he continues to be so mean.

My all-time favorites are Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. They were good individually and hysterical when they were together in the reunion show.


lol im sry but did anyone just catch natalie picking her nose in the red bedroom cuz all the lights were off and she thought noone could see?


She’s a PIG!


She is a disgusting pig!!! Didn’t you see the previous pic posted with her friggin finger in her nose up to the knuckle??? ***GAG*** skank.


tonights big brother after dark sucks. no hot jorden tonight. i guess she was sleeping. looks like she will be up all night now when she gets up.


jessie is gone next week..better be! i can’t stand him anymore!


i mean this thursday!


I hope jeff puts up jess and Nat and it’s a tie vote and chi-pet is force to pick one!!


Again. Jessie is a natural bodybuilder. This means he has signed a contract, that he doesn?t use steroids.

The comitee will proof tha after every championship.

And Jessie slepp so much, because he is going to bed on 5 am or 6 am in the morning.

That?s all


O.M.G. Thursday is going to be a BLOW-OUT, if Jeff, ( cutie ) dose his job right. Chima, will lose it big time, unless she is all talk with that terrible big mouth she has on her pie hole face of hers ! WOW, can,t wait, but then this might be all SET-UP-BY-B.B. One never knows ? We will see ! I have sat with my mouth wide open at the things B.B. has aloud Chima to get away with, she should be the one going home by the help of B.B,s hands Thursday, & let Jeff keep the power for one more week, & not say a word to anyone. I have never heard anyone get away with such talk,. Sure hope kids in school don,t think this is O.K, because they would be out. We need to contact C.B.S NOW, Go to C.B.S.COM.FEEDBACK. & tell them you are not happy with your family watching this Chima, talking crap like this. Do it NOW…..


Gross did she enjoy it after,probably it was her midnight snack go home gnat


can anyone tell me why Jessie keeps saying about not being picked for POV i thought they picked from a bag and didn’t know who they were going to play with so why is he so upset


Apparently Russell drew “houseguest choice” so he could chose anyone he wanted.


Please Please Please Jeff…..YOU HAVE TO USE THE POWER! If Jeff was smart, he would use the power and put up Nat and Jessie. Let the other houseguests struggle on which one to vote out. Then Jeff’s team will definately have the numbers. Forget about the fighting afterwards….Jeff….if you want to win this game…start playing and nominate those two.


Yes, I did. She’s a pig. Did you see her cutting her finger nails at the kitchen counter 20 mins later. Brown trash.




Aww, was that fun & releasing for you? Haha … SHUT UPPPPPP


Why don’t you just go to a board that likes Chima instead of complaining about people who don’t? …Oh wait, THERE IS NO SUCH BOARD!!


Thanks for the “yelling” at us all like we’re 2 years old (the all caps biz). No one hereis dissing Chima simply cause she’s black – that would be a racist thing to do. We are dissing her b/c she’s a hypocrite, liar, user, whiner, what else am i missing people, help me out!


i like chima but some of the things she says r inappropriate but still gameplay


I am a Chima Fan, but can’t believe how dumb she is being about Michelle. She says she totally trusts her. Wake up and smell the coffee! She is only using you. I would love to see a Michelle and Chima fight. Did she forget that she voted against her when Chima was up? At the time she was in her own clique. I will be so mad if Michelle wins Big Brother


I am a Chima Fan, but can’t believe how dumb she is being about Michelle. She says she totally trusts her. Wake up and smell the coffee! She is only using you. I would love to see a Michelle and Chima fight. Did she forget that she voted against her when Chima was up? At the time she was in her own clique. I will be so mad if Michelle wins Big Brother


Get Over yourself, Chima is an Ass and so are you, we all have our own opinions, its plain and simple no one likes the bitch.


couldn’t have said it any better than that!


Get off it, Chima is a whinny wannabe somebody, she loses comps and cry’s, she is lucky that others have gone before her, but stronger players are a threat and go first. She was given the HOH this week because Jeff threw it to use the CDT. and let alone she is a Sexist (man hater) and yes Racist LIAR! with ugy lips and a face of a hamster!


Heelo to the Real Ronnie! Your tool, LOSER!!


THe Real ROnnie please step up your a loser buddy


Jeff is Jesus!


WWJD?? Works with either name


OK a Bit much but I got your drift, I love Jeff, use the power Jeff, please!!!!!!


in the Name of the BIg Brother, the Camera’s and the Beloved Fans we Hayo the Powerfull and Mighty JEFF!


i request that our wizard rocks a nice gandalf style pipe in an upcoming picture


hahaa wickkeed !


Chima Fan,,, BOMB-SHELL TO-NIGHT,,,I have a life. Chima is what she made-herself into. We, the viewers did not make her, the way she is,,,SORRY about that, Chima Fan !!! But she should be taken out of the house BY BIG BROTHER, not voted out by a house guests. She has lost all respect from the viewers & herself. If she has a job on the outside,,, & she worked for my husband, he would let her go before she even got into the parking lot. She is one terrible , terrible person, & she should never be forgiven. We knew what she was going to be like the first night, just by being her…So many people have made a complaint to C.B.S. & they are not happy campers about it., & I can see why. They have to cover there tracks, with a person like her. She is NO LADY…. If a white person said the things that has rolled out of her MOUTH, there would be a WAR FOR-SURE, & ya-all know it..