Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Wizard Freaks out the HOH crew with a visit, Chima after the visit: “let’s get Jeff out Next”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:10pm – 8:45pm HOH Natalie and Chima with Kevin Sleeping on the bed. The girls are Bitching about Russell and speculating about the wizard power. Jessie joins them and the ranting continues. Jessie tells them he’s been trying to talk to Jeff but it?s been really hard. Jeff isn’t giving up any game talk. Chima says it has to be Jordan or Jeff they both seem very distant today. Natalie points out that Jeff was always distant and he always hug outside…. Chima in the shower

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff walks in, shocks the living shit out of Jessie and Natalie. They are very welcoming to jeff they offer him a spot on the bed (Kevin still sleeping in it). Jeff asks them if he can listen to the Prince CD. Jeff turns down the bed lays on the floor.. after a bit Jeff leaves the room. Chima comes out of the shower. Natalie is you wouldn?t believe who was up here…. JEFF. .Chima asks what did he say. Natalie he said nothing he just wanted to listen to Prince.. Chima “well did you talk to him” Natalie “no all he wanted to do was listen to music he grabbed a pillow and slept on the floor. Chima says that was weird that he didn’t say anything…. Chima tells Kevin that she feels bad for him being on slop two weeks in a row, Kevin says its not that bad he’s getting use to not eating. They start talking about Competitions with some speculation about the HOH next week. Chima is trying to cheer them up telling them we’re half way there people we can do this. she asks Jessie if he’s still worried? “Hell YA” Natalie kicks in that everyone is worried beside you and Kevin and

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

the fucken wizard. They go back and forth about how important it is that they win HOH. They speculate what would happen if Natalie goes up in Russell place. Kevin says that Natalie would be safe. They start going over who they want out, Kevin wants Michelle out, Natalie wants Jeff and Jordan up but also Michelle, Chima wants Jeff up. Jessie tells them not to think about it until after the Wizard power is used. Natalie saying Michelle is crazy straight up, Kevin disagrees she thinks Michelle is socially awkward. Jessie says he’s never said she was crazy, Chima agrees she’s not crazy just awkward. Chima says that Jeff is not playing the game he’s just trying to avoid game. Kevin agrees and adds that Jeff has been like that since day one. They speculate who Jeff would but up. Chima thinks it’ll be Jessie, Natalie or CHima. Chima thinks it’s a mistake for them going after Michelle she thinks Jeff should be the target. They go back and forth about who they should go after.. The general opinion is Jeff is a real threat and so is Michelle.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm – 8:30pm Backyard Jordan and Michelle working out. The girls are doing various works outs abs, Triceps, quadriceps and gluts. Michelle gives Jordan some pointers when she does triceps extensions. The girls start talking game as they run. Michelle says she wants to be clear about the plan on Thursday. Michelle saying she sick of being in conversations with Jessie and Natalie because they don’t include her they just talk to her when they need her vote. Michelle comments that Chima really does what she wants, she doesn’t listen to Jessie.

8:10pm Jeff joins the girls and starts playing pool.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30pm Backyard Russell and Jeff playing pool just pool talk.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:46pm HOH Jessie and Natalie having a “argument” over Chess. In particular the rules that surround a stalemate Natalie thinks if she has two moves left its a stale mate. Jessie disagrees. Chima is laughing her head off but it looks like Jessie is getting a little bit pissed.. (Maybe he’s going to try and play the girls vs guys card).. They argument now moves to bets.. Chima still laughing, looks like they are kind of jokeing about it.

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I hope Michelle and Russell can work things out and make it to final 4 with Jeff and Jordan. You know if one of them wins HOH, Kevin and Lydia will switch alliances so quickly. I like Kevin most of the time, but I think he’s making a huge mistake by siding with the group that is about to get the rug pulled from underneath them. But then again, maybe it’s brilliant. If he makes it to the final 2, he’ll probably go home with the half mil. I hate knowing all of this info before it’s aired on TV yet not knowing what’s really going to go down til the live eviction. Why do you have to be so addictive,


whew…I thought it was the rum in my coke 😉


I am SO nervous about the wizard power! I wish we could see Jeff’s diary room sessions to know more of what is going on in his mind. I don’t want him to wimp out and not put up Jessie and Gnat… maybe we should all get together and chip in to send a banner over the house that says “WIZARD… USE THE POWER!”


he’s bent on using it , he has not once said he wasn’t goin to use it, removing jessie from the house and his sheep will be ripe for the pickin……….. jeff been playin silent game, and not he ready to strike, and jessie and his sheep hates that


He keeps avoiding Jessie, which is making Jessie shit his pants. Jeff is probably avoiding them so much to make SURE that they don’t get in his head to make him second guess himself.


ya said that a few hours ago you’re kinda late


if jeff doesnt’ use the wizard power and put up jessie and is sandwich maker den he needs to go home because that’s wats going to happen…

Mr. E

Jeff is so in their heads right now.


Well don’t forget everyone that Jeff said to Jordan in today’s show that he’d love to see Jess & gNat up against each other… I think he knows what we’re thinking and do not think he will fail us. They’ll go after him anyway, even if he doesn’t use the power, so he might as well weaken them while he can!


i really think jef should wait til next week to use the power. but he would have to go real hard for hoh


He has to use it Thursday or its gone

Evel Russ

That’s not an option. This Thursday is the last chance to use the CDE.


He can’t use the power next week. His last chance to use it is on Thursday. I’m not sure why next week would be better for him strategically. Chima’s HOH will have meant absolutely nothing this week if he uses the power. He no longer has to worry about Jess or Nat getting the POV and taking themselves off the block because Kevin has already won it. This is the perfect time for Jeff to strike.


Chima will blow up and might get herself kicked out.
She is not being truthful to herself about this wizard power.
She thinks that everyone should do what she wants and just
doesn’t get it.
That will be quite a show!!!!


If Jeff doesn’t use it during the live eviction on Thursday this week, then he loses it.


Once Jeff puts Jesse & Gnat up – and Jesse leaves – the only person Jeff has to make sure doesn’t get HOH is Natalie so the odds are in his favor. Chima can’t play for it, and if anyone else gets it (other than Gnat) they’ll be either on Jeff’s side or ready to switch to the winning side!


Honestly why does everyone want Jessie and Gnat gone. They are the most entertaining thing on this show. Jeff and Jordan are about as entertaining as a dead clown.

Evel Russ

How’d the clown die?


really ? …..who knew…… I’d have to pass on Nasty and that nose picking…and Jess with that deer in the headlights look. We could probably prop that dead clown up and do something with it. We are a kinky bunch 😉


Jeff says the funniest shit. People want to see someone win who isn’t ruthlessly scheming for 3 months straight.


Jesse and Gnt being the most entertaining?? Hahaha!! They are the reason I don’t even want to watch BBAD now! Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they have the same conversations everyday. Jesse is like a darn broken record….Russell picked Jeff for the veto, blah, blah, blah. Jeff is the funniest one in the house by far!


I dunno…when i watch after dark I read a book until Jeff and Jordan come on. All Jessie and Natalie do is “fight”. Chima is either watching them awkwardly or complaining about something. Michelle is usually creeping on someone else’s conversation. Kevin and Lydia don’t really do much. Russell’s insulting someone, moping around, or eavesdropping. Jeff and Jordan may not be the sharpest tools in the shed but they’re fun to listen to.

The Original Jim

I totally agree. They have some hilarious conversations.


Jesse & Gnat are like broken records – talking about the same sh*t over & over & over. Jesse’s mad Russ didn’t pick him for the POV comp, Gnat is pissed at everyone & everything – the girl looks miserable all the time – who does she even interact w/besides Jesse & Chima? You practicially never see her talking to anyone else and she’s a complete & utter slob! Case in point: the skid marks remark, the nose picking, the booger eating . . .


Its weird you say that because there has been enough to keep the show in full swing since Nat & Jess have been SLEEPING all week!


Haha it’s hilarious how they’re trying to kiss his ass but he won’t budge.


thx god lydia is playing this card game shes the only one with any imigination


Yes, and thank god jessie and natalie stopped wrestling. I was this close to turning it off with natalie’s “big brother! He’s hurting me america!”. Also, chima would be much more enjoyable if she didn’t laugh at everything she said. She comes up with some witty things sometimes, but it’s always followed by that cackle.


was Nat in a clown outfit?


Okay Simon, where’s Pig Pen’s dirt cloud? lol I’m surprised I get any work done at my job – I have this website minimized on my computer all day and I refresh throughout the day when no one is around. Thanks for the BB updates. I watch After Dark but don’t get the feeds so this site is great!


It’s all good – just had to give ya heck. Yeah the table top game is pretty funny. I wish Russell was playing.


I don’t even hate Russell. I think he has potential to be a great player, but being HOH totally destroyed him because of his paranoia. He messed his whole game up when he was HOH.


Jessie needs start campaigning against Natalie if he wants to stay in the house.


I find it so amusing that Jeff isn’t playing into nat, jes and chimas game, I think this is the first time jeff has been to the HOH room all week, the place probably seems foreign to him, I also hope that mich and rus can patch things up, but I don’t see it happening unless rus wins HOH and can have a heart to heart with mich, and she can finally admit what she said, but at the same time tell him why she had to deny


Nasty Natalie is doing nothing but LYING in this game, on Big Brother after Dark she just told everyone that when she was growing up, all she played with was boys. That could be true, but she lied and said she only had one female friend, her name is Nicole. NICOLE is Natalie’s Sister, Nicole is the one who lives with her Mother, remember I told you that I grew up with Natalie and Nicole, there Mother is Black and their father is Hispanic. I am not surprised that she is lying about having a sister, both Natalie and her Father use the “N” word when they talk about Nicole. Natalie tries to hide the fact that she is half BLACK, but anyone who looks at her can tell she is a black woman, which I do not understand why that is so hard for her to accept. My mother is hispanic, and my father is white. I am proud of who I am, Natalie is just like her father, they are both USERS!!! How can Natalie who works for Block Buster be so high and mighty and judge her Sister Nicole !!! Nicole is proud of who she is, and I have to say, she’s a much nicer person then the Bitch Nasty Natalie who is falling all over Loser Jessie, I hope Natalie’s so called boyfriend which I think does not exist, I think Natalie needs to come out of the closet, she acts and walks like a Man. Natalie and Jessie need to be evicted, I cannot stand that little lying BITCH !!!!


LOL, thanks for your input, NICOLE.


i can’t stand CHIMAN!


I love how Nasty Natalie and Jessie are being ignored by Jeff when it comes to talking about game play. They have ignored Jeff for the past 4 weeks, did not include him on meetings when they were all in the same clique, but now that they are not safe and they feel Jeff may have the WIZARD power, they are kissing his ass. I just hope and pray that Jeff really uses the power and puts Nasty Nappy Natalie and Loser Dumb ass Jessie on the block and Jessie is EVICTED! Natalie will be running around the house kissing everyone’s ass trying to make a new alliance once she loses her showmance Jessie. Keep ignoring them Jeff, make them sweat until Thursday when you put them both up for eviction. Please do not let America down Jeff!! Team Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Russell all the way.


Everyone says Jeff and Jordan are cute, but do we watch for cute or do we watch for drama? The show still has 5-6 weeks(?) left and I’d hope that the final 5 would be: Kevin, Jeff, Jordan. Jessie, and Chima. I want to see these conflicting forces fight it out, not coast it out.

It’ll be more satisfying for Jeff to beat Jessie than Jeff to beat someone like Jordan or Michelle. We need some tension!


of your group, I would much rather see Russell than Chima! As much as people argue about Russell, he brings so much entertainment value – plus I think he is actually much nicer than Evil Dick (who I also enjoyed watching). Chima is a whining complaining self centered person who I cannot stand to look at – I wish she could go home next.

Uncle Cool

I totally agree. I am sick of the ‘cute couple’. That’s why I hope one of them is gone (preferably Jeff) next week. This week, either Jessie or Natalie can leave. Break up the ‘couples’!!!


My two cent. That card game told me a lot. Jeff is smart and I believe that he understood that the house could have a little peaceful fun with out Russ. I also believe that he understand that his action will also affect Jordan more than he thought before / either way. I really do not care if he use the power or not. If he use it and Russ stay / Russ can not protect them, they just do not have the numbers. I personally believe Russ will return to Chima. If he do not use it he is still toast but Jordan will be safe. If Jeff do not save himself next week, Jeff is going home next week. Not Russ even if he stay. Jeff best option is to make a deal with Chima. Just my two cent.


Did I Just hear that Jeff voted for Obama and Jordan for McCain. Russ is going home.


I guess I can forgive him for that, since he’s from Chicago. After all, the whole south voted for Jimmy Carter.


are you for real?? the whole south?? go take your meds you lowlife waste of free air


You want drama? Wait till Thursday when Russel gets another 7 days in the House with Chima. Chima will shit herself with panic/frustration. I love how she (Chima) states almost daily that : “Anyone who disrupts/changes my nominations is disrespectful of the HoH’s power” Question Chia-Pet.. Why the F$%! have the Veto comp then. Get off your flippin high horse, holier than thow, hypocritical soapbox.


yeah thats like being on the block and you win the veto and chima is like if you respect me you will not save yourself lol.


And I really hated the way Kevin was saying he wanted to “respect Chima” by not taking Lydia down. When did Chima become the queen of the house?


ahaha so true! i reeeeally want to see her win a POV one week and use it and then someone confront her about what she said before! =) that would be awesome


Let’s all literally pray that Jeff uses the CD’T power on Jessie and Natalie. As we all know, Kevin and Michelle will go to where the power is so let’s also pray that the only ones that win the next HOH competion is either Jeff,Jordan, or Russell. All of the others can kiss my ass. They make me sick! In this order: I loathe Jessie,Chima, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, Michelle. Let’s go Jeff! You can do it!


hey big brother made a mistake they explained all the rules about the new power except if who ever uses the power gets to be in the hoh competion.


I NEVER heard them explain.Where and WHEN did they explain the rules. I got BITCHED at royally for not knowing the ins and outs of the CDT!


the Coup D’etat rules was stated in a past season seven I believe and spells out the full rules. Sorry SImon for this! Dogdave has it listed or linked top center of page under mystery power labeled in blue!
Simon I understand if you do not post this.


Thank you very much and by the way I do look around at the other sites but ALWAYS come back to SIMON! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


I agree Lila, let the best players battle it out. As for everyone on this board thinking Jeff and Jordan are so cute,,,Ugggh. I think I just threw-up in my mouth. Honestly, they aren’t attractive at all. The only person who actually looks like something is Russell, and he is such a bastard, that it makes him very ugly. Uggh, the people on this board and all their JORDAN/JEFF talk, really gets on my damn nerves!


Obviously a fan of FAKE! Liver lips, Hair Weaves, Implants,etc., Chima is what she is: Ghetto Fabulous!..She shows America that education doesn’t give you class.


you suck it, it’s not her fault she had to have plastic surgery after being raped, and who’s to say that none of the other girls in the house have fake hair, Weave is not just a black girl thing, I think this board is racist and extra hard on the minorities in the house, the facts are Jeff hasn’t done a damn thing in the game, hopefully he grows BALLS and starts playing, if he really uses the power it will be the first noteworthy move of the game otherwise he hasn’t done a damn thing except fly under the radar and stay out of convo, that’s not GREAT gameplay in my mind.


dedee..lmao you really need some meds…get off your high horse about Chima..what happened to her was terrible but does NOT give her the right to call others names and be such a loud mouth, nasty talking, waste of free air bitch….that laugh of her drives most NORMAL folks up a wall,,,she is so full of herself….she is NOT all that!..Jessie needs to go this week and next week,,bitch Chima


Just like how people get annoyed when others think Russel and Jessie is attractive. Get over yourself. People think Jeff and Jordan are cute. Stop causing a scene and let them be. Your whole “UgH I ThreEW UP iN MoUTh” attitude is what gets on our nerves (more so me). So please – grab a cookie, sit your ass down, and shut up.


Bad mouth Jordan and Jeff! get real look at CHIMA a totally Ghetto WANNABE playing with Russells ding-a-ling! Hates Men and Loves women, enough Said, so What are you sating about yourself. Are you Chima’s real girlfriend?


I agree the fake ass racist jack asses on this board go overboard on the Jeff/jordan bull but Jessie and Natalie are sickening, if anyone in the house has common sense you break all the couples up. for the simple fact that they’re couples, you never stand a chance against a 2 for 1.


We don’t need the yelling and calling of names for the show to be enjoyable. Some people still love happy endings. I hate the way those evils talk about people they don’t even know. Get them out. I don’t want them getting any more money than the show has to give them. Go boring Jeff, Jordan and Michelle and Russel just for his vote for a minute.


OH, and Casey was kinda cute for a old guy. LOL Actually, I am sad he’s gone. He had the best conversations out of all of them.


Don’t forget when Jeff take lydia off the block that’s another vote on there side. Also I do not nasty nat has a boyfriend the way she is acting.


I do not believe nasty Nat has a boyfriend the way she is acting.


they should get hg’s out in this order…jessie, chima, nat, lydia, kevin and michelle. Let final 3 be russell, jeff and jordan. let those 3 fight it out. everyone else in the house is a schemer. kevin flies by off everyone else. didn’t use the veto cause chima is hoh and is deciding to side with their alliance. lydia is just plain f*ed up. jessie shoudln’t even been given a second chance. let natalie be there a week without jessie and chima and see what happens. chima is ridiculous. the way she acts and the horrible cackling that comes out of her ugly face. i have nothing bad to say about michelle. i just like russell, jeff and jordan

deborah grimes

the only reason chima won hoh was with ronnies help so i think if jeff saves russ he will win hoh next week and out chima


the only reason Jeff won the power is cause he’s your boy next store who needs help in the competition, atleast she actually won, and it wasn’t given to her. The voting BS never favors the minorities in the house usually its given to your good ole american blonde, or your boy next store.


let me guess dedee…you are black?? ALL your post on here are angey towards whites and you bitch about anything said sbout chima…hummm you two girlfriends..heheh

deborah grimes

love the pigpen nameits fits her my god she is sooo dirty if there is a boyfriend i hope he isnot waiting for her dirty ass

loves J&J

Get Jessie, Natalie and Chima out of the house!!! I can’t stand to look at any of them or hear them talk. Makes me want to puke!!!! And Soooooooo glad that nerd Ronnie is gone!!!!


I’m not sure who’s the bigger HoMo, Jessie,or Kevin…Go Home Already!(Jessie). Natalie is one nasty bitch.She picks her nose more than Chima picks cotton.Ooops!


Jeff needs to use the power and get out someone who will come after him. I really dont think Russel would come after him if he took him off the block. But there is no doubt that Chima, Jesse, or Natalie would put him up. If he takes out Jessie, then only Natalie can win HOH and put him up. Its the best decision for him, whether he knows that or not is a different story.


Ronnie is still the biggest tool on this planet! Just wanted to let him know that the world still thinks he’s a tool. So, that he can actually be in touch with reality, and know that the world couldn’t stand him at all!!!!!


Anybody still thinking about anyone who already left the house let alone poor Ronnie (all he ever did was play the game, his idiot team mate just didn’t understand that the point is to lie to everyone else but your alliance) is a complete T- O- O- L, TOOL!


Thanks Simon for all that you do-We would be lost if it wasn’t 4 u…You rockkkkkkkk


Jeff and Jordan make me wanna puke… can there be a dumber chick.


Nuna you know Ronnie is hoping fr the returning Guest vote or power on him if one comes this season, it will be Ronnie! But He is such a loser


I think Chima is on the wrong reality show. Was she a reject from Flavor of Love? Flava Flav!!!!!!!!


that is hilarious! made me LOL


Haha Chris I could totally see Chima on Flavor of Love…she reminds me of NY, loud and annoying.


haha Chris..Chima does remind me of NY off Flavour of Love (dont know wth they gave her her own show) loud and annoying.

Mike Boogie rules

PLEASE dont give that big lipped ,bad hair, hyena laughing, whiny ass piece of trash her own show!

Jackie M.

can hardly wait for the big day….hv watched all of BB shows, including after dark, read all of your great comments, and I truly hope Jeff uses his power and put up Jess/Nat. Last nite on BB, it was disgusting having to watch those 2 idots in bed hving a pillow fight…in fact, I just fast forward that part….oh well, to all of team Jeff supporters….we need to hv a “pool” party once he gets rid of Jess/Nat……


I am so sick of seeing scrappy clip her finger nails! What’s up with that? Jesse even told her to stop.


I totally agree…JEFF PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT UP NATALIE, JESSIE’S LITTLE CHIGUAGUA DOG WITH JESSIE OF COURSE. I saw that stupid pillow fight too Jackie. YUCK!!!! had to fast forward it to. I’m all for the pool party to celebrate Jeff’s victory. Can someone from BB tell Chima not to use so much lip gloss….geeezzzzz almost have to use sunglasses everytime they show her ugly ass face.


I love Jeff and Jordan, and although she may be a little air headed, she seems so nice, so who cares. Get off your high horse, at least she is not a giant BITCH!!! And please Jeff use that power and put up Jessie and Nat.


My gosh Sarah…I completely agree. It is painful to look at her! Furthermore, why would you overdose on lip gloss and accentuate those puppies?!? She needs to look at Oprah in high definition. That’s how you handle overly large lips!!!


I hate Chima she makes me sick. If she won she would probably use the $ 500,000 on lip gloss. She needs to go ASAP. Jeff better use the power to put up Jesse (his head is too small for his body) and Natalie (his little puppy dog).


Talk about hate. I hate Russell, He makes me sick with his constant paranoia. I Actually like Jeff and Jordan, but Jeff will be making a huge mistake if he uses the power, because just like Russell told him, he will backstab him. Chima is the only person in that house who tells the truth. That’s why you hate her. Her lipsmay be big, but they tell the truth. She is playing the game. Jeff and Jordan are not. All they do is play the BY. They made themselves feel like outcasts. It is not Jesse’s fault he’s in the house. It is the rules of BB11, they put that twist into this season. It could have very well been Jessica or Cowboy if their designated team had won in the beginning. So many write about it’s not fair for Jesse to be there, well What is Allstars about? They also get a second chance to play. Natalie and Jesse hit it off, Jeff and Jordan hit it off, Lydia and Kevin hit it off, and at first Chima and Russell hit it off, Is everybody a puppy dog because they found someone they feel comfortable with to play this game with. I think not. If Jeff uses the power and does not win HOH, and anydbody other than Jordan and Michele win, he will be going home for saving Russell. Michele is a back stabber and has three faces. and they all lie to everyone. Lydia is a liar and has two faces. Russell is a liar with 4 or 5 faces, he tells so many, I can’t keep track. Kevin evades. Jesse implies. Natalie lies and twist everything up. Jeff and Jordan are the ones who are there just to be there. They add nothing., and while I have not heard them outright lie, they are not truthful. Like I said Chima tells the truth. One more thing, Nobody’s perfect. Chima may have big lips, but lets go down the line: Michele has a pig ski nose, Jordan has unshapely big thighs and legs and straw hair, Rusell has touret syndrome , jeff smokes too much (he’s really cute tho) Jesse ‘s body is too big for his head, natalie’s hair is a mess, lydia’s hair is a mess, too.


Wow Trice, say how you really feel about the cast members lol…actually i’m just kidding around, everyone has an opinion and yours seems to be justified in a lot of ways, of course I’d like to see Russell stay a little longer with Jeff and Jordan and tear the house up a lil more but hey I guess we’ll see the outcome of the coup d’ etat within the next 21 hours.

And yeah I have no respect whatsoever for Ronnie so if he somehow makes it back on the show I hope they deal with him swiftly!!