Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie explains why Girls always get skid marks, “It’s from the discharge”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:00pm HOH Kevin, Chima, Jessie and pig Pen. They are watching Jeff and Russell in the kitchen preparing food on the spy screen. Chima comments how boring that channel is, KEvin says that show was cancelled there was only 2 viewers. Jessie and Natalie start arguing again, Natalie tells Chima to
kick Jessie out because this is a girl only room. Chima tried to get Jessie to leave but he won’t.. Natalie tells him the only reason why he’s in this house is because she hung her ass off a toilet longer than the other houseguests. She jokes if she knew about Jessie what she knows now she would of dropped faster than

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Ronnie. Natalie starts hitting Jessie with Pillows demanding he leaves. Jessie calls her a dingle berry and tackles her. They start wrestling… Chima comments that she didn’t tune into UFC. Natalie starts screaming “he’s touching me Help, he’s violent”, “Stop him big brother he’s hurting me”.. Chima tells them to stop before they ruin her bed. Kevin leaves to go get food. Chima says you guys made Kevin leave, she tells them that there is a lot of sexual between Natalie and Jessie and maybe they need to have sex to get it sorted out. Natalie yelps that she will go to the diary room and tell them that you are hurting me, “HELP big brother he’s pinching me, he gave me a big bruise on my back!” Jessie pins her and counts to 7 than climb off her. Natalie gets up and says “America! Jessie is getting his ass kicked by a little girl!, He’s getting his ass beat by a 115 pound little girl! He lost America. The bottom line is that the body builder lost”. Jessie is laughing he says Natalie is a string girl I?ll give her that. They lay down and relax.. talk moves to general chit chat Jessie tells
them that he doesn’t like anyone to do his laundry besides his mom. Chima asks if he’s got skid marks, Natalie yelps that everyone has skid marks (umm no) chima than says the exact same thing I was thinking
“Umm NO” Natalie defends her skid marks and says all girls have them because of their discharge….


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!
9:10pm Backyard Jordan and Jeff. Jeff is practicing using the large gold clubs, he’s trying to hit balls into the hammock. Jordan climbs into the hot tub. She asks Jeff how he likes his new Hair cut.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff sys she did a very good job on it. Jordan says that Lydia fixed it a bit. Michelle comes outside and starts doing a load of laundry. Michelle over hears Jeff talking and comments on how cute his vocabulary is. Jeff smiles says he’s never heard that one before. Jordan says she’s worried that her pants are going to shrink if they put them in the dryer.. she still thinks she’s put on weight while being in the house. Jordan telling Michele that she thinks Jeff busted her implant, she says it’s been mega sore since he tackled her after the haircut. Jeff starts trying to hit Jordan in the hot tub with the nerf balls, she?s tells him that she’s the bullseye in the center. Jeff tells her not to worry about her implants he will check them tonight when we’re alone. Michelle moves to the hammock. Jeff keeps firing balls into the hot tub, Jordan tell him to watch it “he’s trying to drown me”. Jeff says that?s a good thing “it’s a term of endearment”. Jordan starts getting out of the hot tub comments that she stinks and needs to go shower (should of showered before the hot

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
tub gross) They ask Jeff why he got penalized, Jeff explains that he had Gatorade and was given another day of slop. Jordan leaves. Russell comes outside and sites on the couch eating his food. Jeff continues to play with the badminton. Russell and Jeff start playing pool. Russell asks him what the first thing he’s going to eat when he’s off slop. Jeff says Pasta and a grilled steak (What no microwave steak comeon!). Russell says he’s always craving meat and potatoes. Kevin comes out and heads to the hot tub.. he soaks his feet, Michelle joins them. after the pool game Russell goes to take a nap Jeff heads into the kitchen. Michelle and Kevin remain talking about how uneventful the last 2 days have been. They both thought there was going to be more drama. Kevin asks Michele if she has decided if she is going to use the mystery power, Michelle laughs and says she’ll hold a group meeting and then decide who they should use it one. They start talking about careers, education and travelling.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:55pm kitchen Chima, Jeff, Jessie, Natalie, Lydia, and Jordan. Lydia has a game which is a bunch of cards with questions on it. She pulls a card and it asks “Does each person have a soul mate” Jeff says there is a soul mate for everyone, Chima says sometimes 2. Natalie says i already have a soul mate he’s at home his name is Jason. They are talking about who cooks more, Lydia says she cooks more than
Natalie, Natalie says she’s made more food for Jessie. Jeff says “the important question is Who loves Jessie more?” (AHAHHAHA go Jeff) Everyone is “OHHHHHH good one” Lydia says its Natalie hands down. They all decide to play table topics

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

“What is the worst problem facing the world ”
Jeff = People…. everyone laughs. Jeff explains its people getting involved with other countries

“if you could work as an assistance for one year who would that be ”
Michelle = Gwen Stefani

“if you only had 5 years to live what would you change ”
Chima = ahhh so many things… find a man, have a baby and spend more time with my family

what makes a house a home
Natalie = “pictures”
Is science or art more essential for humanity
Lydia = “ART.. Jessie pushes her to explain how art saves lives over science ”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

what?s the most fun you’ve had at a party
Kevin , “TJ’s, Strippers and Donkeys.. he laughs and says no just the stripper”

what does a perfect day look like
Jordan: ” everyone getting along… nah I?m just kidding…. umm waking up and… me and my mom go
somewhere nice for a walk than go get food than go shopping… I dunno spending the whole day

what?s the best way to spend a raining weekend
Jordan “sex”
Jeff “hahaha staying at home watching movies a little boom boom Jessie yells out a little liberator (yesterday Jeff was telling them about a sex toy called the liberator… it?s a foam wedge that the girl site on and allows for a larger variety of sexual positons)
Jeff laughs likes crazy”.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Kevin says it?s my turn to asks a questions he pulls a card an asks Lydia who she would most want to kiss… she calls BS on that question pulls the card out of his hand and reads the question “what type of business you would like to run”… She says “art gallery”
If you could master on instrument what would it be
Everyone jokes “Skin Flute”
Kevin laughs says “no, piano”

In your opinion, what are the 7 wonders of the world?
Lydia : “sex. Then Rock n Roll. The Pyramids in Egypt. Dhali Llama. Make up, Candy and Disneyland”

Which temptation do you try the hardest to resist
Kevin: “The Ass variety”

What’s your dream job?
Jordan: “Dental Hygenist. ” They give Jordan a hard time she defends her decision saying she always wanted to be one you get to wear scrubs and you get paid well.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:45pm Kitchen everyone laying table topics except for Russell, Natalie isn’t really participating.

If you could go on a spritiual journey, where would it be?
Jordan: “I would probably go to one of those countries that you see in those commercials. You know where those kids are so skinny.” Jessie wonders why those little kids are so skiiny everywhere but have massive stomachs. Kevin and Chima explain that it a symptom of malnutrition, and the kids could be filled with worms

if you can be brillant in one subject what woudl it be
Chima: “Math and science”
What fashion trend do you follw was very cool back than but now is silly
Lydia: “Jellies and a big oversized t-shirt”
What sporting event would you most want to see
Kevin: “Opening of the olympics”
Id you could get a tattoo what would you get
Jeff: “jokes says everyones face on the underside of my bicep”.. Kevin asks who would be in the arm pit.. Jeff says Ronnie. (LOL )

Whats the hardest thing you had to overcome
Michelle: “The Endurance HOH competition”
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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Okay I am a Jeff and Jordan fan but I gotta say, Jordan’s boob job does not look too great. She needs a redo.

Johnny Conservative

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to find that she had a boob job…..I was thinking they were real.


Not at all surprised that pig pen would assume everyone has skid marks. Most of us bathe and use toilet paper.


she’s sooooooo NASTY!!!!!! Really she should get a life


what was the name of the game they were playing?


Table Topics


What do you expect from someone who eats their own boogers.


what!!!! did i miss something???? how freakin old is she? come on did she really do that?


How are they being given all of these games? Is it because they are all sleeping too much and they need to stimulate the house?

P.S. Thanks Simon for all these wonderful write-ups!

Randy Wolfgang

The game was called Table Topics


Thanks for the spoilers … great job. BUT PLEASE: STOP saying “than” when you mean to say “then”. Makes your site so difficult to read. Also, learn the “their” vs “there” phenomenon. Not too hard. But this “than” thing … PLEASE STOP IT!!!!!


These guys work day and night to provide word by word updates of the ongoings in this house. I think you can give them a break on spelling, sheesh!


it seems you would realize they are typing up what they see and hear as fast as they can to get it to us as quickly as possible…and adding pics ( and sometimes little extras…that we appreciate very much ). So……….I think you know what they meant even when there are mistakes… remember these 3 rules.
1. If you don’t like how it’s done do it yourself.
oops…sorry….there was only one rule 😉




Even I don’t pick on Simon and Dawg. Big Brother contestants, darn right, but not the site owners. Geez. When you are typing fast and trying to get the info out and moderating and handling site management, it is very hard to allow your brain to think as quick as your fingers work. I’m so happy and love the site and have been here for years that I even click on the ads. ’cause thats how I roll. Support the ones for whom this would not be possible.

With that said. Team Jessie!


You’re welcome. I’ve been here for years, well the other urls before you decided to keep this one for good. I know how this all works and I’m quite happy that finally there is action in the comments. I’ll do whatever I can to support you however I will take jabs by calling you an idiot. Don’t take it personally though. I’m Team Jessie and I make no bones about it. haha


Team Jessie…fine. Team Jeff…fine. But please no TEAM JORDAN…..NO! I will have nightmares.


Everyone is right … my comments were totally unnecessary and uncalled for. I need to practice more restraint during my PMS days and learn not to open my mouth (seriously, I don’t know why I get so uptight and bitchy – I always regret it later).

Please accept my apologies for being so rude. I understand how hard you are working and I appreciate everything you are doing.


I just threw up in my mouth a little…seriously?! Every girl has skid marks because of discharge? WHERE is she getting discharge? Her ass?! WTF?!??! I am SO disgusted…I honestly didn’t think she could disgust me anymore…she is reallly really nasty….I cannot imagine what kind of filthy man would so much as touch her let alone have sex with her…she can’t have a boyfriend…she just can’t…UGH I am STILLG ROSSED OUT!


I think we’ve all suffered from ***** leakage at one time or another.


Ok, Rockstar, (if that is your real name), when you find yourself defending someone’s ***** leakage, it’s time to find a new team.


Come on, you’re telling me you never pooped yourself while getting kicked in the gut?


Only assholes get kicked in the gut! Haha, just kidding.


Uh No! unless you’ve been pounded in the ass like a prison newbie…


Natalie has no manners at all. She acts so gross!


Okay Natalie, your disgusting! I so want to see her go home real soon. Yes, women when having their periods may experience some discharge, but if she’s having that much friggen discharge that it leaves skid marks, she so needs to see a dr! She needs to comb her hair, wash her body, and don’t forget your cooch natalie!! idiot!


Jessie should get a taste of his own treatment. When Jeff uses the Wizard power, he should say “Jessie and Nat, move your feet, you have a new seat” as payback for Casey. That would also refresh everyone’s memory of how back-stabbing Jessie can be, so hopefully, they will vote him out.


Chima was right about not being good in math.. “If you could be brilliant in ONE subject… She said Math & Science…and she thinks she’s smart!

Uncle Cool

I have to jump on the ‘Natalie is disgusting’ bandwagon. Can anyone be so unhygenic in real life? If she has a boyfriend, he must be worse if he sees her as attractive. Further more, when did she become a world champion bronze medalist?? There is nothing on the internet about it that I can find.


We don?t need the yelling and calling of names for the show to be enjoyable. Some people still love happy endings. I hate the way those evils talk about people they don?t even know. Get them out. I don?t want them getting any more money than the show has to give them. Go boring Jeff, Jordan and Michelle and Russel just for his vote for a minute.
Oh by the way. Nat is so nasty.


Loving the pig pen dust! And WTF?, everyone has skid marks?! Ummmm NO, most of us wipe our butt after a poop. Where did they find this girl? Is she for real?!


“PigPen” is the perfect nickname for her. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. Thanks guys.


I love the pic of Natalie popping her zit. And the discharge comment, she is just plain nasty. I wish I hadn’t read that.


It’s called a pantiliner, you nasty-ass.


Props to whoever suggested the pig pen cloud


PigPen, get an STD check, your body maybe telling you something!!


Maybe PigPen thinks she’s on Survivor!


I think that Chima has a long way to go before becoming the best at math, let alone science. The difference between one and two seemed to confuse her.


Love the clouds of dust around Nasty…thats just too funny….you did good.
Thank you simon 😉


THANK YOU for humoring me with the cloud of dirt around Pig Pen. I was LOL when I saw it. Its perfect and it suits that dirtbag perfectly! Thaks for the laugh – keep up the good work! 🙂


Natalie is so gross. She reminds me of a dingle berry I found on my ass hair once!!


I JUST want to vomit EVERYTIME you guys post a pix of Nat the Tarty


Pigpen is a disgusting pig. How does her boyfriend put up with her? Skid marks, Discharge??? Gross!!! She will probably pick her nose and eat it!!


AI.. too late she’s already been there and done that.. That my dear friend is NaSty Charm School for young women.. sarcasm


Okay while I find Pig Pen so disgusting I get what she was saying about discharge. Every woman has what is called “egg white cervical mucus” around ovulation. Without this discharge a woman can’t get pregnant. (It’s this discharge that allows the sperm to live). I’m in the middle of trying to get pregnant so I do know all about this. And yes, this discharge can stain underwear. It’s a different kind of “skid mark” but I understand what she was getting at.

That being said, pretty sure her underwear have brown skid marks ALL over it. She doesn’t shower…ewww. probably means she doesn’t wipe either. YUCK! Plus what a hypocrit. “let’s get rid of Kevin and Lydia. they can’t even win a competition. They are just floating through the game”. Ya well when’s the last time she won a competition? oh wait…NEVER HAPPENED!


Natalie is just totally disgusting and nasty. She has no pride in herself and acts more like a guy than a girl. Who knows, maybe she should have been born a guy LOL. And as far as her having a boyfriend – I seriously doubt it!