Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell in an Australian accent “Look at that it’s a walking talking Chia pet. If you touch it’s weave it’s gets very angry.”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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3:45pm Jeff and Jordan in the bathroom. Jordan is trimming jeffs hair she say’s she’s doing it like a real barber does. Jeff is giving her pointers on where to cut and which lines look even. Friendly cure banter between these two as she cuts his hair. Jordan gets annoyed at Jeffs “suggestions” she tells him to sit down and listen to her, “look in the mirror as i do it” Jeff giving her more pointers “cut here… not there it looks uneven” jordan struggles to cut Jeffs hair she finds out that there is a patch missing on the back of his head…jeff is giving her some encouragement saying she’s doing great maybe she should become a hairdresser. Jordan says no way she doesn?t want to work on weekends. jordan stops using the trimmers and starts cutting with he scissors. Kevin and the dark wizard (Lydia) joint hem Lydia gives Jordan some pointers eventually she takes over and starts fixing parts of Jeffs hair. Lydia finishes up and Jeff inspects “Good job Gucci?s”. They tell him his new hair cut makes him look years younger. Jeff is pretty happy at that comment. jeff starts wrestling with Jordan they crash onto the bathroom couch.. jordan screams “OH MY GOD, you popped my implant” jeff say no way. Jordan laughs and says they hurt now.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:05pm Hottub Scrappy and Jessie sitting in the hotub looking miserable. Scrappy is chewing on some candy and picking her nose and flings it into the water (yum). Natalie says she is really worried that they are going up on Thursday. Natalie thinks that Lydia’s been walking around like a wizard today and she’s been a bitch to Jessie and Natalie. Jessie says if one of them go home on Thursday a lot of people will switch sides.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

4:16pm backyard Lydia and Russell Playing badminton. Lydia seems to be in a better mood she’s taken off all her “sad black clothes” She had a big fight in the Diary room and now she is over it. Russell starts talking about Jessie and Natalie saying they are sucking up to Jeff big time right now and everyone is noticing.. he thinks Jeff is getting pissed by it. Lydia mentions they have been sucking up to her as well thinking she’s the wizard. Russell says Natalie has been a bitch all day all she does is complain… was quieter when she slept all day long. Russell calls Natalie and Jessie a bunch of fake mother fuckers. Russell asks if she’s been talking much to CHima, Lydia say no. He goes on to say week 1 Chima would always say she should of been casted on America?s next top model… Russell laughs says she should of been casted on the Discovery Channel as the human Chia Pet. Lydia laughs. Now Russ going back to week 1 where Chima allegedly says she was cast for the wrong show. Supposed to be on America’s Next Top Model. Russ says she should be on the Discovery Channel. Calling her a human Chia Pet. Lydia just laughs. Russell starts impersonating CHima’s Laugh and goes on about her being on a wildlife show. In an Australian accent Russell says, “Look at that it’s a walking talking Chia pet. If you touch it’s weave it’s gets very angry.”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:30pm Kitchen Jessie, Kevin, Lydia, Jordan all milling around. Jordan keeps complementing Jeff on how good he looks with the new hair cut. Kevin comments to saying he’s looking hot “don’t you just want to jump on him”. Jessie is trying so hard to make conversation with Jeff He throws complement after complement at Jeff… Lydia is playing with the play doh.. says she wants to play cowboys and Indians, Jessie isn’t sure that will be any fun. Lydia is working on the Jeff’s play doh figure trying to get the hat Jeff made to fit on its head.

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HA!!! I love that Jessie is trying to talk to Jeff and Jeff will not talk to him!!! Jessie is an idiot. He thought he was untouchable and never gave Jeff or Jordan the time of day and now he is so desperate to make friends so they will not vote him off.
I am curious though, how do they figure these things out? Like what the wizards power is? Has it been done before?

Randy Wolfgang

You’re right and now I am thinking Jeff really doesn’t like Jesse — at all. And another poster was right – if he decided not to use the wizard he would have told everyone – so he is usung it and Jesse at least is going up.


Jeff is an idiot, not Jessie.Jeff is dumb idiot.


It’s not a wizard hat it’s a dunce cap


If Jeff decided to not use the power it wouldn’t benefit to tell everyone that he’s America’s favorite(and be more of a target), plus he might want the nominees to squirm a bit also. That being said I’m sure he will use it since he doesn’t like Jessie and Russell promised to save him and Jordan and put up Ronnie(what Jeff wanted) so he might feel like honoring their deal.


I think they may have done something like this in the past and that is where they are getting the idea! I sooooo want Jeff to put up Jesse and Nat. The show would be so good! Can you just see the Botox queen trying to stifle herself over that one. Then Russ can open a can of whoop on her and she can’t say much back!


I am 100% sure Jeff will use his power and put up Jesse and Natalie. I don’t think he has ever cared for them. He sees how they are….


If Jeff uses the power he will be a major target. They would be voting out Russell but with Jeff using the power, he is a dead man.

Randy Wolfgang

Are you blind or stupid or both??????He already has a target on his back!!!!!! sooner or later, they would go after him – you just don’t want him to put Jesse up and are thinking of any absurd excuse for him him not to do – and you think its Jeff that is wearing the dunce cap!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!


I am blind and stupid. Are you Russell? Is that you Russell? Bossing around women again. Makes you feel like you have a big weiner huh?

Randy Wolfgang

You misspelled “wiener”, you idiot.


?Randy Wolfgang says:
August 11, 2009 at 5:31 pm
You?re right and now I am thinking Jeff really doesn?t like Jesse ? at all. And another poster was right – if he decided not to use the wizard he would have told everyone – so he is usung it and Jesse at least is going up.


Yes, Russell, you are right, I’m the idiot. Let’s count how many grammatical errors are in the post above? hmm? People in glass houses should not throw stones.


Have you seen Russell’s weiner? It is huge…check it out!


Jeff is the smartest player in the game. Obviously he is going to use the power and tighten his alliance with Russell, strengthen his friendship with Lydia and get rid of a threat that wants him out, Jessie/Nat.

Anyone who watches big brother and thinks Jeff should not use the power and instead allow the Jessie alliance to evict him out the following week is dumber than Natalie smells.


Jeff isn’t smart. Good heavens.

Randy Wolfgang

Couldn’t say it better myself!!!!


Let the hate go Randy…let it go.


I think Russell has a crush on me. Yikes.


yep Rockstar is an idiot, he/she? thinks that jeff isn’t ALREADY a target by JESSIE , NATALIE AND CHIMA( which have already said they have to get him out soon), and if he uses the power it will NOT even the playing field by removing jessie from the game which he has been carried through by his cliques/ alliances( because without the cliques he would not have lasted this long and would’ve been gone 2nd week because nobody would trust him, the cliques kept him safe)

Jessie is whining because he knows his “arrogance and cockiness” is the reason why america got him evicted last year and he stupidly chose to bring that same d bag attitude to this game, nobody was happy that he was brought back, but his clique had to keep him because he was their teammate, without he cliques nobody would have trusted him…….

im not rooting for jeff im just not rooting for “sheep team jessie”


Jeff will be more of a target but heck he has a showmance with Jordan right now so I am sure he will just use the power and do it. CBS should just call this the Jeff and Jordan Summer Showmance show and get rid of everyone else like they wanted to from day 1.


OMG he’s lettin both of them cut his hair……. GOOD LUCK BRO

I am Jordan

simon…911…..the words look like some are being covered up again…..HELP ! !

I am Jordan

thank you much 😉


He best not of popped jordans implant cuz I’ll kill him I like lokki ng at those….jeff better use the wizard power cuz he has the power he might as well use it


We only have 2 people that post hate for Jeff, Interesting…


Jeff has only one ball. Ewwe

Randy Wolfgang

Now we all see how intelligent you really are – I keep forgetting there are some half-baked teenagers on this board


Stop stalking me Russell.


im gonna go out on a limb here and say “rockstar is really michelle from last year, nobody went hardcore for jessie like she did”


Nope, good guess but no. Just a fan of BB. or am I really Julie Chan? haha


fact is… THEY’RE ALL IDIOTS!!! The most boring bunch of dorks on the planet – when it’s time for bed i just tune in BB at night on showtime – out like a light in 5 minutes! Hard to admit I’d take old Screech-cha any time over watching these guys – producers ought to fire the firm that did the casting for this edition.


Chia pet bites can be nasty – LOL!! I love it – don’t touch it’s weave and anger it!!! ROFL!!

I can’t wait for Thu once Jessie is gone!! The aftermath is going to be awesome – just hate that i can’t afford live feeds & have to wait till BBAD to see if the Chia Pet still has her back up!! I just hope somehow Jordan or Jeff (if he can play) can win HOH. Now would certainly be time for Jordan to show she’s not as dumb or strong as they all think.


In regards to when Michelle and Russel were playing pool and got into the fight….if she had of just said “I denied it because you threw me under the bus and I wasn’t letting you take me down. I wanted to see if I could trust you and I obviously can’t” THEN everything would have been fine…I think Russell would have been ok with that….c’mon ppl if you are going to play the game you have to learn how to LIE!!!


Somewhere along the line Michelle simply went coo coo for coco puffs.


Found this on another website…NOT MY SPELLING!!!!
?Cootie Taw winner can overthrow the Head of Household only once, just before voting.
?Cootie Taw winner can replace both nominees.
?Neither the HoH nor the Veto competition winner can be nominated.
?HoH does not vote.
?Cootie Taw winner does not vote.
?Cootie Taw winner breaks the tie, if there is one.


Cootie Taw!!! LOL! Question:Can the wizard be eligible to play in HOH competition after using Coup D’Etat?


If Jeff didn’t know how to say it, should he be allowed to use it? I say NO


LMAO! Cootie Taw!

God I hope Jeff uses the cootie taw.

shelly d

can he play for the next hoh after that and if not for how long?

Randy Wolfgang

Yes Jeff can play in the next HOH


russel is bad , but he’s just playin the game hardcore, and callin people out on their bullshit , and this confrontations with chima is the only thing thats makes him look bad , other than that he’s no different from the way jessie , natalie are playin the game bullyin people into voting their way cmon now


why is Natalie always in the middle of a fight, instigating like she’s a referee? whenever there’s a commotion in the house, she’s there like a ghost. hovering on the 2 people arguing as if they don’t see her just standing there. what is her purpose? I’m so done with that pitbull…


kevin is such an idiot, he don;t want to disappoint chima who had NO power in the game anymore currently , and he don;t save his ONLY friend in the house lydia? what a BITCH


NASTY spitting in the pool i know her girlfriend jessie thought that was real sexy


not sptiiting flinging her “boogers” in the pool…real classy lady that one id be embarrassed to be her bf


I love this blog and I am on here at least once a day but I must admit I am sick of hearing about Natalie’s boogers. Everyday there is a new Nat story with her boogers having a supporting role. I can’t stand it, it makes me want to throw up just thinking about all of the places in the house where she may have picked, eaten, or wiped her boogers. Noone is going to want to live in that house when this is over. Down with booger posts. I even hate the word BOOGER. Gross.


Please America doesn?t give Jeff power that he has not earned again. I think he has become a little arrogant.


I agree. Same people gave Jeff the power probably voted for Bush

I am Jordan

hey, I voted for Bush, and I’ll vote for him again when his term is up.


I never voted for the Little Shrub but I voted fof Jeff. Not sure what you think the connection between the two are….?


so who did you vote for the power?


Arrogant or just low-key?


Is it just me? Or is Jessie’s head too small for his body? He looks so strange!


BB jessie has been carried through this game because of his clique/ alliance

What a moronic statement. Obviously you aren’t watching the same game here. Say what you want about the HOH wins–it’s a win, period. You know, rather then a cheap popular vote which producers knew favored Jeff before it had been announced? Jessie is playing the game harder then most in that house wether you want to admit it or not. If anything, it is JEFF who has been carried through the game by being on the Athelete team while the cliques were intact. Nice try though.


yeah and “without the cliques jessie would not have been evicted 2nd week”, and you telling me by influencing people to vote his way is not being carried? i know jeff has also been carried never said he wasn’t, but not by his choice


Death to the Liver Lipped, DIY hair weave,racist Chia Pet!!! …


How did they get the play doh? I must have missed that part.


I think BB leaves them gifts… Santa Claus…..or the Easter Bunny ( you know why the Easter Bunny hides her eggs don’t you )


No, Why does the easter bunny hide her eggs? 🙂

Von Ton

The only person in Jessies clique that can actually win something is ChiaPet…Nat-Rat hasn’t won shit…Jessie won 2 things, in fact he actually only won once, because he was only HOH because his team won.He is a looser and they all need a rude awakening


best case scenario he uses the cdt gets rid or the arrogant and cocky jessie and then wins hoh and put up chima and natalie and natalie gets voted out……….

again not a jeff fan just don;t like “sheep team jessie”


Kevin did two good things when he didn’t use the veto. Number 1, I hope he proved to Lydia that he’s more up Chima’s ass than anything, and number 2, by him not using the veto he made it easier for Jeff to put up both natalie and jessie-those bastards. Chima, Jessie, and Natalie make my skin crawl. I hate nobody, but if I did, those three would be at the top of my list. I love Jeff. Jordan’s okay too. Russell is a hothead but I love him anyway. Let’s remember Chima can’t be the HOH next week so Thursday would be the perfect time to get rid of Jessie or Natalie. I gotta go now, I’m getting ready to go watch showtime afterdark. Can anybody tell I’m addicted? Go get em Jeff! 🙂


Jessie seems worried that twice he’s been on, and he’ll have loss. Go team Jeff/Jordan! BTW, giive me some more boobie shots Jordan!!!


if jeff doesn t use it to get rid of one of these immature a holes j/n i don t think i can watch anymore. i think someone could say there mother died and cheta chima would cackle. kevin s an idiot to hang out with those 3


i counted in the last 5 min next american model laughed 13 times . such a nervous habit




Get rid of Jesse and Nasty Gnat!!!