Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Swat Team is in the DR.. Jeff “DUDE DUDE DUDE.. DUDE DUDE DUDE”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

This Big Brother Spoilers reports describes the house guests in a indoor lockdown because CBS production is building a large Head of Household set in the backyard. The house guests are all speculating what tomorrows competition could be. There is some serious friction brewing between Jeff and Russell.

7:50pm – 9:30pm HOH Natalie, Jeff and Jordan. Natalie is talking about taking a nap and how much more energy she has now. She asks Them if they would like her to leave them alone while they take a nap. Jordan says no we’ll nap later. Natalie brings up the construction outside.. Jeff says there building somthing massive outside. Natalie thinks it’ll be endurance because all the big sets have been endurance. Jeff isn’t sure he says if they don’t have endurance on Thursday they won’t have
one until final 3. Jeff thinks about it for a second and says it will be endurance tomorrow because Russell will be gone and He can?t play.. This way it levels the playing field for everyone. Natalie starts operation throw Michelle under the bus. She tells Them that earlier in the day she heard Russell and Kevin talking and Russell said he had Michelle’s vote. Russell was trying to get
Kevin to go up to Michelle and tell her he’s onboard because she is.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie adds that Michele figured out that Kevin wasn’t going to vote for Russell so today when she was coming out of the diary room she told Russell. Michelle told him its over he doesn’t have the votes and he’s not getting them. Russell than said Fuck it, if it’s over, then I am going to go out with a bang. Jeff comments on how fucked in the head Russell is… “Why start a fight dude..
dude go home gracefully dude you lost dude”. Jeff says the story is bullshit because Michele already came up here and told me he said that because they all talked to Kevin so she came up here to talk to me. Jeff add that this is exactly the same scenario when Russell was on the block when Jessie was here. Jeff had asked him about the votes and he said he had Natalie, he had this person and that person.. then he told me to go to these people and tell them I was onboard. The first person Jeff talk to was Jessie and Jessie said he had no plans on keeping Russell. It was all bullshit everything Russell said was fucking bullshit. He’s just trying to get everyone to talk to each other but he doesn’t wanna be the one to do it.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie mentions that Russell was telling her that the Armed forces where waiting in the Diary room. Jordan asks what does he mean the armed forces like the police. Natalie no Armed Forces like swat teams. Jeff laughing like crazy “WHAT THE FUCK the FUCKING SWAT TEAM!” He asks Natalie if Russell really said the swat team was waiting in the diary room.. .Natalie stumbles she tries to backtrack a bit saying that Russell really didn’t say swat team he said armed guards.. “Security guards that?s what he said”.. Jeff asks again so did he say swat team because if he did he’s fucked in the head.
Jeff “That guy is the biggest loser i have ever met”
Jeff “He’s such a pathetic person”
Jeff “Everything I burnt him with yesterday he tried to reverse it on my but didn’t do it right”
Jeff “He’s not fighter what a joke…”
Jeff “How can he live with himself… ”
(add about 9 dudes in this conversation… and it?s not only Jeff dudeing out the other houseguests
are all saying dude like crazy)
Jeff goes on to say Russell is all talk he’s going to do shit in the jury house.. Natalie says Jessie won’t do anything with Russell in the Jury house. Jeff thinks that Jessie and Russell will have a bash Jeff fest for one day than Jessie will realises Russell is a douche and leave him alone. (Every once and awhile Jordan chimes in with this comment “What a douche!” i shit yo not
she’s said it like 4 times already out of the blue)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Russell called into the diary room Jeff makes a comment about the swat team is in there watch out. Kevin joins in on the bashing
Jordan says Russell is going to wear his black blazer with his hat cocked to the side when he get evicted. Kevin mentions that Russell claims he has a $1000 suit that he plans on wearing, Kevin mentions some designer it was made by but Kevin thinks Russell just made it all up.. Jordan says Chima told her that Russell family own a oil field somewhere in Africa. Jeff thinks that?s full of shit.. he can?t wait for that “little fucker” to get out of here. Natalie points out that Russell is walking around acting like Chima was so great … what a crock of shit.

Jeff says that all Russell has left in him is his Speech and his jury vote. Jeff is certain that the entire speech will be directed to him and have something to do with the threats Jeff jokingly made to Russell and Michelle’s families. Natalie says that Russell wants his speech to be classy and he wants to look classy. Jeff thinks Russell will look like the biggest “Douche” in history. Jeff says he is embarrassed for his friends and his family. Jordan wonders if maybe Russell?s dad talks to his mom the way Russell
talks to other women. Michelle joins them, having exhausted all possible ways to bash Russell they start talking about selling used stuff and giving it away on craigslist. Kevin mentions that he was trying to give away a bunch of stuff when he was moving and he was amazed that people would take anything off your hands even complete junk… Michelle start talking about taxes and how after she got married she got screwed by the IRS and had to start paying more taxes.. Jordan comment that she doesn’t understand taxes but she thinks they had to pay the IRS. Natalie says something about her father claiming her on his taxes.. Jordan tells them that she thinks she has ADD because at School she could never pay attentions she was always hanging with friends. She was always board in school and would spend her time looking at peoples clothes and their hair.

Jeff called into the Diary room

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Kevin mentions a ADD drug and how he wants to try it because apparently it allows you to intensely focus on things.. He had to take a populations class once and it was all about birth rates and consumption rates based on average age, income and family size. it was a very boring class.. but is was funny because the teacher knew it was boring and didn’t say much when student drifted away. Jeff back from Diary room .. Michelle called into the DR. Jeff tells them how the Diary Room made him all worked up and he left a real mean goodbye message to Russell.. He just wants this to end. Jordan asks Natalie if she said “I’m going to put Michelle and the strongest player up” Natalie said NO, I never said the strongest player “To be honest with you I?m putting Michelle and Jordan up, Jeff is out of the question because he saved me 2, but Jordan your just going up as a pawn” Jeff “Michelle is so full of shit she trying to play both sides again” Jeff getting pretty mad about Michelle saying she’s making things up again and if we try to go to her and ask her she’ll just say “I can’t remember” Jeff and Jordan completely convinced that Kevin and Natalie will not put Jeff up if they win HOH. Kevin keeps reiterating that they saved Natalie twice why would they put Jeff up. Jeff eating it all up (LOL… Jeff can’t wait to see Natalie put you up) Jeff says he’s pretty good and reading people and know when they are lying but still to this day he cannot read Michelle.

They really start ramping up the Michelle bashing.. Jeff and Natalie leading the charge. Natalie calls her Dr pyscho sleeper and the bathroom bandit. She explains that Michelle goes into the bathroom to check out what is happening than if she doesn’t see anyone she leaves. Jeff says they better not let her win HOH (MY fuck Jeff if Michelle wins you might not go up if Kevin and Natalie win you will go up) Jeff really hating on Michelle calling her psycho.. Making fun of her sleeping.. He really thinks she has a chemical imbalance. “dude when she eats sugar dude she gets all goofy.. what the fuck dude .. ” Natalie says that they brought Michelle in wearing a straight jacket and let her loose in the house. Kevin mentions that production asked them to not call her psycho anymore.. because she probably is.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie says she knows this is a game but she was in the HOH when Michele told Chima that she swears on her husband that she won’t nominate Chima if she wins HOH. She says she can’t stand the Bitch. Natalie continues on a rampage calling Michelle a crazy ass Bitch. Jeff jumps in again mentions how Michelle always forgets conversations. Kevin thins Michelle is just scattered brain, Natalie “Because she a crazy ass bitch”. Jeff tells them that Michelle cam up to him and asked him if her and Jordan were on the block and he had veto who would he save? They all laugh.. Jeff “Jordan!”..

Natalie has figured out a way to “make that bitch cry” she thinks they should all tell her that Russell is not going home. Jeff laughs says that will drive her crazy. .. Jeff brings up Russell’s eviction speech. He knows he’s bringing up Jeff’s family threat, but Jeff isn’t sure where he’s going to go from there.. he predicts some character attacks. Kevin says Russell is really bent about Jeff saying Russell wants to fuck him. Jeff laughs says after Russell got out of the Diary room Jeff showed Russell his abs “He there take a look something to jerk off to when your in the Jury house”…. Jeff says theres nothing Russell can do to beat him, Cards, pool, competitions, this game … dude dude dude theres nothing you can beat me in. Kevin says Russel is the kind of guy that doesn’t like to lose and he’s lost so he’s getting crazy. They start ramping up their Russell bashing.. Kevin says that Russell has serious insecurity issues, thats why he works out the way he does and has a job which has fancy titles. Jeff says Russell said he wants to hang out with me and he’ll fly me around and pay for it.. “Dude fuck him dude.I never wanna see that dude again in my life”.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:21pm Kitchen Russell and Michelle sad.. lonely .. confused.

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144 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Swat Team is in the DR.. Jeff “DUDE DUDE DUDE.. DUDE DUDE DUDE”

    1. hopefully after that they will finally realize michelle was telling them the truth…but maybe not. do they think so much of nat that they immediately dismiss anything anyone else says? thats the one thing i dont understand about them.

    2. LMAO are you suggesdting that Gnat wins HOH?!? You must be Cuckoo! Or you mean when Kevin puts up Jeff! And it will be soooo awesome! I will be doing the “I told you so dance in my little corner of the world!” Dawg wants a pic of THAT!

        1. im cheering for michelle!
          btw the pics are awesome again simon! only michelle looks normal in them! :P and yet everyone else calls her nuts. look at the jordan pic, i mean cmon, what short bus was she dropped off from?
          i will only forgive kevin for being such a prick if he does two things. 1-vote for russ to stay. OR 2. finally! win hoh and put up jordan and jeff. if not then he is a jerk just like the rest of them and i only support michelle.
          not sure how michelle can save herself if russ leaves. i guess she should just throw hoh comp huh? thats her only bet; that and win every other comp left or shes gone! i hope she is pulling the wool over their eyes and will vote for russ, while kev does thinking he is just setting her up. ha! the sheep ran the other way! baaaaaaaaa

    3. SIMON YOUR WORDS TO GODS EARS…..also simon iam sorry for getting a little crazy with my comments…my sincere apologies…you and the dawg have a wonderful site and thankyou too both of you…

  1. and when did Kevin, jeff and Jordan become such assholes. I knew Natalie was always mean but Kevin? c’mon guys who am I suppose to cheer for.. Coo COo MagOO

    1. Simon, im so mad…why are jeff and jordan acting like this…jeff said jessie was an ass for running the house but look at jeff…if you asked me to compare the difference between j/j to jessie and natalie…i wouldnt be able to find differences…and why are j//j believing n/k when they were on the other side…i cant wait for jeff to get on the block…and why is he acting like an ass to jordan…not cool…russell isnt going to look like an ass…jeff is…

        1. so true…do you wonder if its because of the paranoia…i mean jeff and jordan really have been tricked by kevin and natalie

          1. I would say it’s definitely the paranoia. You have to figure that only two out of six have anyone that they can truly trust on their side and even two isn’t enough to provide security. Besides, on BBAD, Jordan seemed to even be doubting whether Jeff is being loyal and honest with her at this point. I’d say stress levels are off the charts for pretty much everyone.

  2. its almost as if russell wants to get expelled….. he is threatening jordan now too. saying when she gets to the jury house……CBS should not let him go to the jury house!!!!!!! They will be liable if something does happen between jordan and russell……

  3. J/J are being so dense! Can’t believe they are buying the BS that Kevin and Nat are selling. Buying it hook, line and sinker! How stupid are J/J going to feel when they get back stabbed by Kevin or Nat and get nominated? We all know that’s what Kevin and Nat would do. J/J should have stuck with their original final 4 plan. I guess they couldn’t figure out the math of the jury house votes – that Kevin and Nat already have some locked in votes. I do have to give Kevin and Nat credit for good game play if their plan to get Russell out this week works and they make it even further in the game.

    1. Jordan doesn’t know MATH. She doesn’t know how many mins in an hour. And looks like Jordan’s dumbness is really contagious and Jeff got it now.

    2. Great point! Every needs to factor in the JH votes now. It is AS important as forming strategy based on who is the strongest player. J/J have to send all of Jessie’s people to the JH to have a chance at the money. It is too risky to have a final 3 with Nat- because if she gets into final 2 on a fluke- she wins the majority of the JH. All the more reason to work with Mich for final 3. If Jeff wants to be in final 2 he needs to apologize to both Jordan and Mich. to Jordan for being harsh with her and to Mich for believing K/N over her. I know most of you don’t want J/J to win, but my wish is to see J/J/M in the final 3 and let the comps decide the winner with no more bashing and backbiting. But I suppose that doesn’t boost the ratings, does it?

  4. the whole house is full of “douches” this season (btw that word is way overused in this update, thanks J/J). I have never seen so many insecure people in my whole life. That is the only reason you have to sit around and talk mad crap about each other all evening. I understand this is for entertainment value…but it would be more entertaining if Natalie was voted out. If there was more scheming going on. I don’t care what she says, I think she’s all talk no bark. She will probably not put Jeff up next week.

      1. As the alpha male, Jeff talks a certain way so the group feels the urge to mimic his speech patterns to show familiarity and solidarity. None of them actually talk like that, but it’s reflexive. Interestingly enough, when Russell did the same thing in order to show his solidarity with Jeff, Jeff and Jordan called him gay. Sexuality has nothing to do with it, it’s a way to build a comfort level with your group mates. In the same way they constantly flatter and groom him so that he shows them favor. As soon as they have power they’ll revert back to normal.

  5. omg, i am a j/j fan but they are really making me mad here lately, i have no beef with them getting russ out, smart move but if they beleive kevin and nat they truly are stupid!

  6. Can’t wait to see Jeff/Jordan get nothing in Jury House. Jeff may think eventhough he goes into Jury house, he’ll get $25K Bah! My vote goes to Michelle/Russ. Jeff is now nothing but an imitation of Jessie. He’s just a hypocrite. He keeps bashing Russell like he is any better than Russell. When he talks shit about Russell, I think he feel threatened. But now everyone knows Jeff is a scumbag.
    I am not really sure whom I want to cheer for now. Nat/Kev are just nasty lying bastards.
    But would love to see Nat/Kev’s speech about Jeff.
    Just hope Michelle wins it this season.

  7. I think that Jeff should drop Jordo for Nat. Then they can have a final 2 nose picking party. What is it about these two always having their fingers in their noses?

    1. Show men when Russ got in Jordan’s face. Just when did that occur? Wrong. It didn’t happen. Jordan got in Russ’s face. Women who deliberately instigate something with a man, go off on him, and then paint them self as a victim aren’t worthy of pity or respect. Jordan is trash and she proved it once again today.

      1. But he should of been man enough to say ” ok i’m not going to stoop to her level and especially cause shes a woman and walk away” plus the things he said to her, bet his family is so proud.

        1. So if a woman runs at you and puts her hands on you, as a man it is your job to be quiet and let her and just run back to your corner? He tried that with Chima and she RAN AFTER HIM. Bulls***. He was screaming at Jeff and Jordan jumped up and got in his face and was climbing all over him. There was no reason for her to even touch him but she did anyway. If you want to be treated like a lady, then act like one. Jordan was more thuggish than Russell was. He didn’t raise a hand to anybody and she was all over him.

          1. I was always tought to believe that, as a man, yes, you are supposed to let her have it out with you and you do pretty much take it or walk away. That’s the best thing to do in any situation, step back, cool off and then discuss it rationally later if at all possible. Unless she’s coming at you with a poison-tipped chainsaw. Then you could probably get away with dropkicking her or something.

            1. lol. i agree. he had no right to touch her at all. no matter what she said. thats the rule no matter the sex in my book. if someone talks trash then you do the same. having to get violent isnt necessary. but he DIDNT get violent with her. she did. she brought herself right in his face. and then she had her hands all up in his face. i do not blame him for screaming right back at her. theres nothing wrong with that. now the comments on her weight…..thats another issue. i think he was being cruel there. and he doesnt have a point bc shes not fat at all but he knows that that is EVERY womans weakness. tell kate moss she is fat and she will slice her wrists. we are just idiots about weight.

              1. HE didn’t touch HER. SHE touched HIM. And then she bragged about doing it because she knew he wouldn’t hit her. You are absolutely right, though, he had every right to unleash his anger right back at her. I resent women who instigate and then cry victim. These women deserve the treatment they receive.

            2. Sorry. There are many men who were raised to have no voice. Its a crime, really. I love men, and I love all that they bring to a relationship. Part of that is the courage of their convictions and the strength to take a stand and not be walked on.

            3. Jordan inserted herself into the middle of an argument between 2 alpha males. Russ did not touch her but he didn’t back down. If he had walked away, you can be sure Jeff would have called him a pussy, and Jordan would have felt like she won. I have suffered unprovoked violence and it is an insult to battered women when a woman uses her gender to manipulate a situation. There are women like Chima that think it’s ok to push a guy’s buttons until he snaps, and then cry like an innocent victim. Having been on the wrong side of a man’s fist for no other reason than being there when he felt like blowing off some steam, I have no respect for women that provoke violence or incite it in a man. If you want to push a guy’s buttons, then you should be prepared for the consequences. We are all people and it makes me sick that some people think that our rights and obligations depend on the kind of genitals we were born with.

          2. as a woman, i agree. if she wants to be bold, she has to be strong enough to take whats coming. plus, i think russ showed a lot of restraint not using his arms. he held them back. thats enough respect. idk why she gets to get away with “bumping” him. isnt that physical contact? it wasnt like she didnt see him! :0 BB really went crazy with the rules this year. whats the point of rules? everyone broke them and BB just chose when to enforce them with players that they didnt like or that didnt kiss production’s butt i guess. there are soooo many examples, like chima at first (she broke rules from the very beginning), and whats the point of the slop? some are on slop but can eat from the garden? what is that about? they cant even keep up with their own rules.

            1. I think the producers are too busy bleeping out movie titles, song lyrics, and names to worry about the rules. Ratings probably has something to do with it, I suppose.

        2. WHY do you expect behavior from men that you don’t expect in women? I’m so TIRED of women doing that shit. We aren’t entitled to special treatment. We’re all equals. Everyone deserves the same rights.

          1. calm down! jeez. and there will be equal rights for all…..when its no longer a male-dominated world. i think giving women one lil tip in the not getting drop kicked area is a small gift considering. its a rule that only decent guys follow anyway. PLENTY of men hit women! and im a guy!

              1. look at your other post about men who cheat bc they are being picked at by women. now, you say that gender is irrelevant? you flip flop back and forth. your comments seem to follow-irrelevant.

              2. Wong. I said I don’t support violence of any type and gender is irrelevant in that respect. Cheating isn’t gender specific, either. If a man is emasculated and cheats, women tend to think he’s scum but never factor into the mix their own detrimental behavior. I find that wrong. I find it wrong when the shoe is on the other foot, as well.

        3. One more thing, I feel sorry for men who are married to women like you. They become the most spineless, unhappy, dead creatures I’ve ever seen. Either that, or they finally cheat on you for a woman who respects men, and then you cry that they were unfaithful.

          1. I didn’t read where jen implied that women are entitled to behave in that manner but not men. Perhaps she meant that NO ONE should behave that way, but if one does, then the appropriate response is to endure rather than smack it up. And there’s really no need to get personal with sexist remarks, especially when you don’t even take the time to read what she really said.

            1. Her reply was to my post about women instigating. Did she not say: “But he should of been man enough to say ? ok i?m not going to stoop to her level and especially cause shes a woman and walk away?” Based on that, (and specifically her man/woman specification” I’m fairly confident that she has a different set of standards for women than for men. Additionally, she made remarks about Russell’s behavior but not Jordan’s, which is another reason to infer that was her point.

  8. I love how the Jeff love train has slid right off the tracks! I’ve been on it for quite some time. He didn’t deserve to be this far, and now he’s going to choke his chance at 500k away! YAY!

    Go Kevin and Natalie!

  9. I think Jeff wants Nat/Kevin to do his dirty work and get rid of Jordan next week, because he knows he cant against her @ final 2

    1. Actually, after this unbelievably stupid move, the only chance Jeff has of winning IF he even makes final two, which is now not very likely is with Jordan, and that is even more unlikely to happen now. Lets break down the votes.
      Jeff vs Jordan a toss up. Most jury members will vote for the one that pissed them off the least or played the best game.
      Jeff vs Nat: Nat gets all votes except Jordan’s and maybe America’s vote
      Jeff vs Kevin. Kevin wins 6 -1
      Jeff vs Michelle: Jesse, Russ, Nat and Kevin vote Michelle. Lydia and Jordan vote for Jeff. America probably for Michelle.

      Now, if Jeff had been smart and kept Russ to the end, Jeff probably would have won the whole thing. If Michelle, Jeff or Jordan end up against Nat or Kevin, there is no way they can win, because there aren’t enough votes. If they had stuck with the final 4, taken out Nat last week, Kevin this week, and Lydia next week, they all would have had a chance at winning. It would have depended on who played the best end game. Jeff not only screwed himself and Jordan, but he screwed Russ and Michelle, though of the 4, Michelle is the only one that has a chance of still winning the grand prize. Way to go, dufus!

  10. Everyone is now saying that they will vote for Russell to get the money in the jury house let’s see he already is guaranteed 20k so give him the other 25k so that would be like him getting 2nd place. Now what I need to say is that Russell supposedly has money already in the real world then he goes on and on in the red room about hitting Jeff if he goes to the jury house and Gnat and Kevin tell him that he will lose the money if he does that and he says he doesn’t care… So yeah vote for the guy who apparently doesn’t need the money.

    Watching BBAD and Jordan actually said she doesn’t trust Kevin or Gnat and is on the fence about Michelle and Jordan is teary eyed right now it is really annoying…. She doesn’t know if she should trust Michelle or not then maybe she shouldn’t treat her like an outcast and making her feel unwelcome if Michelle does win HOH she should put J/J up just so Michelle could then say you know what this wasn’t my intention at all but the way you 2 have treated me I have no choice but to do this… Another thing if Jordan would just listen to Michelle when she said that Gnat would probably backdoor Jeff she should really listen and think back on the whole season so far and how much Gnat and Kevin were on the other side of the house… I remember when Gnat, Chima, and Lydia hogged the washing machine and were generally horrible that night throwing Jeff’s clothes in the Splish Splash room and some other stuff…. Why wouldn’t they remember any of this……

    1. If it’s Michelle on the jury house, I’ll vote for Michelle. I know Jordan needs the money the most, but she’s is so stupid for believing the other side. If we regard her the money, she is also stupid enough to losing track of the money. But I’ll go with who people’ll vote for.

      1. Oops sorry, I just realize Jordan is also bashing michelle. She doesn’t believe Michelle telling her that Nat will backdoor Jeff. My vote is definitely for Michelle.

      2. Jordan needs the money so badly, but she would rather get a boob job than help her mother save their home from foreclosure. I’m curious why “who needs the money” matters when you vote?

      1. Why wouldn’t it be? Everyone is now on the Russell bandwagon because he got played in this game all i’m saying gamewise Russell was stupid for showing where he truly stood by voting to keep Jesse. All i’m saying why not really think about it and give it to someone who would actually benefit from the money and not let the emotions of boo hoo he got backdoored. Russell is just whiney and a sore loser just look at his so called MMA career 1 fight and he lost in a minute and a half by submission and that was back in 2006 so that goes to show you that he is a sore loser why hasn’t he had any other fights by now it’s been 3 years……

      2. i think we should consider that. how is that criteria any different than voting bc you like or dislike anyone? its all subjective and considering how the money would be used is a very good thing to consider. and if we did consider this then our lovely j/j would be out (him bc he actually has a very good career already, her bc she would use it foolishly. if she is poor now and saved 5000 just for boobs who knows what she will do with 500,000). russ would also be out since he seems to have a good career outside. natalie and michelle seem to need it the most. and kevin would probably be wise and start a business or something.
        all the more reason to support michelle. she is playing a good game; she hasnt been that much of a jerk and she would actually do something good with the money. perhaps she can cure some of the idiots she played the game with!

        1. or rather consider how the money will be used. thats something the jury members usually ask the final 2 each season. and it is something that we should consider before voting for america’s choice 25k prize. id give it to casey, hands down!

  11. I don’t hate Jeff for backdooring Russell, he thinks that Russell was about to betray him so fine, but I do blame Jeff for being a moron and trusting Nat/Kev. I mean seriously those two are the biggest liars in the game, Natalie has moved this far without doing anything and its just sad.

    I don’t feel too bad for Russell because he is a bully so oh well.

    Jeff is an idiot though, if he goes up against Nat or Kev he is losing the money.

    I want Michelle to win, she is the only one in the house who doesn’t suck major balls as of this moment.

    1. LOL! Team Psycho doesn’t suck major balls. That’s all we need to win, folks. Is it just the three martinis I just drank, or is that the funniest thing anyone has said all night?

  12. Jeff has lost it! I was a huge Jeff fan….now I want him to get evicted! I don’t know who that guy is anymore. He has turned into Chicago’s version of Jessie!

  13. okay wow. what’s up with so much bashing ? do they all have nothing else better to do ? I mean really. I hope Russ stays and see the look on jordos/nats surprised face. Now I’m rooting for Kevin (great game play), Michelle ( don’t really like her backstabbing. But I respect that she’s getting in shape for comps and is less annoying than the rest of em )

    1. To thisissaid: I don’t think they do have anything else to do but bash people. They only have every minute of the day to do nothing! I agree with you about Kevin. I want him to win! I was a Jeff and Jordan fan but Kevin is so cool. He and Natalie have out witted everyone and no one is really mad at them.

  14. Well, If you guys are hoping Jeff can still win this game, I guess you’re wrong. He’s already losing many jury votes. Whoever with him in the final 2 will definitely win this game. Jessie, Lydia, Russell will most likely to vote for someone other than Jeff. And that’s already losing three jury votes. If Kev/Nat is in the jury votes, then he’s losing four votes.

  15. i don’t know why J&J keep being so rude to michelle; if i was her at this point i would not be feeling very loyal either…..what the hell are they thinking….as soon as Jeff became head of household he turned hs back on michelle and has been very rude
    I’m a J&J fan but even I’m starting to feel confused by his behavior….I wish he could find the kind jeff again and calm down on all the name calling

    1. He did the exact same thing to Russ. I was hoping Michelle would realize she was next, but it looks like she has a crush on Jeff and isn’t seeing things clearly where he is concerned.

      1. you will see the kind jeff next week when his ass is on the block…HE IS A FAKE… you are seeing the real jeff rite now….he is a jerk-off….WAKE UP PEOPLE WE ALL GAVE THE POWER TOTHE BIGGEST JERKOFF IN THE HOUSE…..

      2. Michelle thinks Jeff is hot, just like you used to, ReformedJeffFan, but she doesn’t have a crush on him that distorts her thinking. Jeff can’t play HOH next week, so he can’t put her up. Only Kev/Gnat or Jordan can, and the chances are slim that they would win, and even if they do, Jeff is a bigger target.

        1. Don’t put words in my mouth. Who are you to say who I thought was hot? Sheesh .. so pompous. I thought Russ was hot, and I still do. I never thought that of Jeff. However, I did initially think Jeff was a stand up guy.

        2. BTW, I’ve noticed you do that to other posters as well. You think you determine what everyone else is thinking. Maybe you should gather more facts, Jeff, before you conclude.

          1. I conclude you are wrong to say that Michelle has a crush on Jeff. And, Jeff is hot but he’s not a stand up guy. So I conclude that you were wrong on that, too.

            1. I suppose I’m wrong to say that Michelle’s hair is greasy too? Because it is. but you seemed to have some little dig to say then also. If you remember you said “How come Shawn ryhmes with yawn” I mean, seriously, can’t you come up with anything better then that?

      3. I don’t know. She acted like that with Chima during Chima’s moment of power, and then put her up the following week. Michelle is smart enough to analyze all of the possible scenarios and tries to cover her ass in as many as possible. It has gotten her into trouble before, because she isn’t very convincing when confronted. She may well vote to keep Russ, but I don’t think Kevin is intrepid enough to make such a bold move on his own. Nat would have done it in a heartbeat, but I don’t think Kevin will, but maybe he too is looking at all the scenarios and realizing that the only person left that he probably can’t beat before the jury is Natalie. Come on Mich and Kevin, surprise me! Give me a reason to keep watching, because if Russ goes, the only thing I want to see is Jeff getting evicted. Once that happens, I don’t care who wins, because I don’t think Michelle can pull it off, and I really dislike the rest of them.

        1. That’s true. When she was up in Chima’s HOH room I was confident she was covering her bases and was really being calculated. When Chima went it, she confirmed it. Perhaps it is her attempts at flirtation (like when she and Jeff were playing pool) or perhaps its been her showing her hand more to them than necessary, but it leads me to believe she’s got a crush on Jeff. I would like to believe that isn’t true because she was able to see through the Chima BS very clearly. But, we’ll see.

      4. I agree with you about michelle having a crush on jeff. I also believe that she had a crush on jesse as well. Has anyone ever noticed how when there’s nothing in michelles cup, she’s still tipping the cup like there is something in there?

    2. It’s insane, but Jeff and Jordan have been meaner to Michelle than Russell ever was. Russell called her crazy when she blew up at him for no reason (Jeff was there, he said Michelle just went off unprovoked), but Jeff has ALSO called her crazy and Jordan constantly makes fun of the way she looks and while the worst thing Russ has called her is “Coo Coo” and “Coo Coo Magoo,” Natalie calls her a “Crazy Ass Bitch.” How messed up is it that other than Kevin, Russell is the nicest person in the house to her? Can some of the current Jeff and Jordan fans reconcile this for me, because they’ve turned into petty, angry, backstabbing dirtbags these last couple of weeks.

      1. It’s not insane. People suck up to the person who has power or the person who they need to advance them in the game. Who cares what someone says about you? BFD he called her Coo Coo Magoo. If whoever is calling you names votes another person out and you survive, then that’s good enough. And she didn’t blow up at Russell unprovoked. When he suggested a final 2 deal with her in Week 3 when he was HOH, Michelle was showing her willingness to work with him by tellling him that Chima wanted to backdoor him in Week 2. Then a few hours later he betrayed her confidence when he told Chima what she said. Then he couldn’t get it through his thick skull why she denied saying that in front of Chima. Duh. Get it?

      2. When Coo Coo Magoo wins HOH or J/J need her to save their asses, they will be BFF again. There is no honor among thieves. Get over it.

    1. At least Jeff and Jordan didn’t do that weird, awkward jive-talking “yo, fo sho, cuz” fake-laughing jag after they had it out with Russell. Watching Jessie do that was maybe the most uncomfortable five minutes of television I’ve ever seen….and once I even sat through 15 minutes of The View.

      1. LOL! That was pathetic! Jessie Jessie Jessie. Soon you will be reunited with Russell and it will feel so good to pump each other up again.

    2. I agree.. This is all crap! Jeff is being a prick and JordO is a ass why would she let anyone treat her let that its not a showmance its a jokmance!!
      Kevin should vote out Nat. Let’s be real she talks about if she wins but she has yet to win shit!! RusS makes the game fun and Michelle is the best shot to win.
      I’m not saying she will but its like the best shot to take her and win!

      Jade M76

  16. Jeff looks like a total douche dude, like totally dude. LOL!! As many of you, I was a J/J fan but after their ‘bullying’ behavior towards Russell this past couple of weeks. I really can’t stand them. Jeff looks more like the douche dude then Russell ever had. Russell I love that guy and he is fine too. Jeff is such a loser. And his ‘pitbull’ Jordan, she’s a winner (NOT)

    1. Jordan is no Pitt bull – she is one of those annoying yappy little dogs you can’t get to shut up. All yap and no bite, or even strength to bite.

  17. LOL “…and it?s not only Jeff dudeing out the other houseguests are all saying dude like crazy)” That’s classic.

  18. jeff is a tough guy when russell is not around…jeff is so ignorant and he is the insecure one always bashing russell and talking shit behind his back…why he works out , why russell works in a company with titles….WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING LOSER…. he says he is good at reading people…. he is a complete BAFOON…I CANT WAIT TO SEE THAT LOSERS LOOK WHEN THE WHOLE HOUSE TURNS ON HIM….I DONT CARE WHO WINS AS LONg AS HE LOSES…a complete punk ass loser…..

  19. hope nat goes home and russell stay’s. next week i want jeff to go, then jordan,
    and them let michelle,russell and kevin play it out, now i’m hoping that the way they have
    treated michelle that i hope the final 2 are russell and michelle.
    (jeff dude dude dude go home. sorry your dirty mouth doesnt match your good look)

    1. I totally agree I can’t believe the way they are making fun of Michelle. They are just being so mean. She has done alot to show her loyality to J/J. She put Chima up because she new that Chima was coming after Jeff and Jordan. She didn’t have to do that she was somewhat safe with Chima. They talk about how they can’t trust her and how she hasn’t proven to be loyal to them. What a crock. I was all for the three of them going to the final three but I hope and pray that either Michelle wins HOH or Kevin wins and puts them up. I can’t stand Nat. She keeps talking about everyone in the house and than try to say she has never lied or gotten personal. Yea right!!! I think it is going to be funny when Jeff and Jordan get put up by the two people they say they trust not to put them up/(Kevin and Nat)….

  20. I was a J&J fan as well, but their behavior lately has gotten me to dislike them. I was hoping they would win, but now I can’t wait to see them two put on the block. The look on their faces would be priceless.

  21. What the hell is going on? I was a huge Jeff fan from the beginning. My original fav’s were he and Laura. Now though, I’m losing respect for him. I know it’s a game, and you have to play or be played, but this is starting to go over the line. Why would he prefer Natahe over Russ and Michele? She hasn’t changed in one bit. I imagine he feels she and Kevin can help sway the other juror’s to his side, but she’s the same immature pig pen she’s always been. She will stab him in the back the 1st chance she get’s which we’ve all heard her say she would do. It’s sad that Jeff has put his faith in a lie to a couple chumps who are even more self centered than Russ. Russ may have turned on them later, but I truely believe he was going to keep his promise to work together until the final 4. Then, no matter what the situation, everyone’s on their own. Jeff has probably cost himself a chance @ 500k. Ah well, turn about is fair play. I’ll still pull for J/J, but they’s lost some of my respect. I guess absolute power really does curropt absolutely.


    1. Yeah, but now he’s burned his bridges with Russell, so backing off and sending Nat home instead isn’t an option for him anymore. If he hadn’t gotten so stupid, he would have been safe this week. Whichever of the other side that was left after tomorrow would be going home, and they would have made final 4 together. As his power ends, he will reflect on these things, and he is going to feel like a total, um,,,,, douche.

      1. Jeff will not realize just how much of a douche the world thinks he is until the whole thing is over and he reads what Nat was really saying behind his back and what people were thinking – it will be funny if he reads some of the comments everyone made about him after he started screwing up. I am so glad I don’t have live feeds, because it would be a waste of money to hear Jeff say DUDE fifty million times.

  23. There so dumb, jeff and jordan. They should evict natalie. I was rooting for jeff, but after what i have seen. forget it.

  24. ok so im trying to think about how michelle can save herself. can she win hoh? if she does then she cant play the following week which is a HUGE one to be in. she would need back up or she wont make it right? if natalie or kevin win they will put up michelle and jeff. but is that the smartest? bc if jeff wins pov its over. but if they put up jeff and jordan together then they have a shot or if they put up michelle and jordan (as they promised jeff) and then backdoor him if michelle can pull out pov (which she is good at). what do you guys think?

    1. I agree, the smartest thing for Michele’s game is to throw the HOH. She knows that Natalie and Kevin have changed their target and are going after Jeff. With Jeff gone, that leaves her as the strongest winner going into the marathon of competitions. She would virtualy march to the finals….

  25. Who got played? / Us! ? The BB fan?s.
    BB is better than I thought.

    The CLICKE?S members left:

    ? ATHELTE ? Nat / Jeff / Russ / JESS
    ? BRAIN ? Michele / CHIMA / RONNIE
    ? OUTCAST ? Kevin / LYDIA / CASEY
    ? POPULAR ? Jordan / LARRA / BRADEN

    Since we have been played, do you want to play a little more?

    How would you rate yourself?

    Hanglow10 / HS Grad Year / 1969 / (B/O/A/P) ? ( Jeff win ) just cut and paste.
    Whose next? Let?s see how we profile as BB fans.

  26. I’m glad to hear Jeff is looking at his own behavior and saying that he is acting immaturely with Russel. We are seeing 2 Jeff’s and the question is which one is really him? The one weve seen for the first five weeks or the Jeff we have seen for the last week?
    I wish Jeff ans Jordan would do a little self examination about if it makes more sense to trust K/N or R/M for this week and next. Trusting K/N makes no sense to me, given that they were on the other side for so long, given how attached Nat was to Jessie and given how well thier J/J/M/R alliance was working.

  27. I agree, Jeff’s only smart move was getting Jesse out but all of his moves since have been very poor judgement. Jordo is not playing the dumb card…she’s really air headed and her stories are so boring and drawn out. I used to be J/J fans and think Jeff had more on the ball then to be with someone like Jordo outside of the house but now I see they’re very well matched. He’s a doofus with good looks but then the good looks leaves when their personality doesn’t match. Now I hope Michelle wins. I felt sorry for Russell as I feel he was going to stick to final 4 deal. Creepy Kevin and Nat’s LML scheme caused a lot of why Russell is going and I hope neither of them go to final 2.

  28. I totally agree I was rooting for Jeff and Jordan but now forget about it! They are acting too dumb its redicilous! They let shit get to their heads and Jeff what’s up with him giving away hohs to Jordan and he can barely even get a kiss… Crazy!

    1. That was smart of Jeff to let Jordan win that HOH as he could compete in the following weeks comp and not have to worry at all about the current week eitther. He went on to win HOH the next week too so was that really a bad idea? Hell No!

  29. It’s quite funny to hear Jeff the biggest DOUCHE in reality tv continually call Russell a douche. You swore on your family you dishounourable douche!!!

  30. Obviously, you don’t have to have any intelligence at all to post on this blog, as evidenced by many of the comments on this post. The fact that many of the messages are anti-Jeff doesn’t speak to how many fans he has. It’s also ridiculous to say that he’s ‘treating anybody badly’ when it’s all about the GAME. This is a game, folks. He’s playing to win. Anything, legal, goes! How quickly everyone seems to have forgotten that Evel Dick treated everyone, including his own daughter, like shit for the entire show. But, everyone seems to be able to chalk that up to ‘game play’ and forgive it. How absurd!

    1. Agreed. Jeff has dominated the past month and he began that month as a massive target. Well done on his part. All while having the slowest (mentally and physically) partner in the house.

  31. The only reason jeff is pushing to get Russ out is that he knows Russ is the only one who can beat him in an endurance challenge. All the trash talking is just bs. Once final 4 comes he doesn’t want a strong player like Russ competing. The pressure that they’re under is causing all this trash talk. Russ reacted poorly when he was put up and jeff fell right in with him. They can’t do anything else to hurt each other so they talk shit . They’re just words and don’t mean a thing. Jeff won hoh at the wrong time cause I don’t see Jorden winning this week and he will more than likely go on the block. Everyone is lying at this point.

  32. The only way Russell can stay is for Michelle and Kevin to go in the diary room and vote Natalie out without knowing the other one is voting that way. Then plan to blame each other for the vote but in the end they would have both voted for natalie to go and Russell stays.

  33. And by the way jeff has said everything to russells face. I’m not siding with jeff but Russ is the one who took it in this direction just like he did with jeff , Ronnie, chima, Jessie, and Michelle. Russ has a classic case of little mans syndrome.

  34. I was and still am a J/J fan, but I realize that Jeff is really destroying his chances of winning this game. He needs to step back and take a good look at how he is coming across to the fans and the other HG. He seems to have succeeded in getting Russell voted out. Now he needs to stop mouthing off about it. He should let Russell go beserk tonight all by himself. He should smile and keep his mouth shut. That will drive Rusell insane and he will get more satisfaction out of it than any amount yelling and cursing will do. His nasty temper is losing the game for him. If he can get it back under control, he may be able to salvage the rest of the game. If not, he’s doomed and Jordan’s chances get a little better.

  35. Yes, the “DUDE” thing is way past out of control…just like Jeff’s attitude in general.

    Here’s to hoping that Jeff is about to be the one that gets got.

  36. How can Natalie still bash Michelle for swearing on her family to Chima and then going back on it in front of Jeff who did the same dang thing?? These people have selective memories I swear.

  37. Though I still think Jeff is awesome…I really am starting to believe that he is not very bright. I really can’t figure why he would trust Natalie and Kevin, they have never been on his side…Michele has been very loyal to J/J and Russell stuck to his word and went against his original alliance and kept Jeff off the block when Jessie/Natalie/Ronnie/Chima wanted him to be put up…I really don’t get it.
    Don’t even get me started on Jordan…she is not PLAYING dumb, she really is Dumb. She has the brains of a rock. Gucci might be the most ridiculous fake catch phrase in the history of forever!! Obviously Jeff does not look for anything but looks when choosing girls, I would think he would have been sick of the retardness that is Jordan by now, but apparently he is blinded by her “beauty”.

  38. If Russell goes, then I agree with Toona. No matter what, I do not want scumbag Nat to win. Playing the game with lies is one thing, but to STEAL is another. She is trying to steal Michelle’s gloves for the endurance comp. That’s says a lot about a persons basic morals/honesty. If she suceeds, I hope the BB producers give another pair to Michelle, better yet, evict Nat. As for J/J, they are so stupid it is beyond reason. I can hardly wait to see their faces once they learn thru their stupidity they kissed off 50G’s. Go Michelle…
    Wish bb producers do something, don’t let Russel get evicted, or bring back CASEY, and turn this house around b4 it is tooooo late…pls, pls.

  39. I am so sick of Jeff and hearing Jordon talk. She’s a complete idiot. I don’t want Russell to go…..why can’t Kevin grow a pair, he has a better chance of teaming up with Russell to get out Jeff and worthless Jordon. Nat can’t win anything and she insulted America for giving the power to Jeff, which ultimately got her bf Jessie out of the game. Russ, Michele and Kevin can gang up on the stupid couple J/J. But as much as I can’t stand dumb-ass Jeff it was a good move to backdoor your competition. You should have been more respectful towards Russ though. He still votes…playing to his vanity might have gotten you his vote Jeff, if your worhtless gf can actually win something and save your ass from going on the block.

  40. Ok IF Nat wins hoh she puts up Jordan and Jeff! J and j play in pov and maybe mich well if mich wins takes one off only one left to put up Kevin and Jeff and mich vote! If they put Mich and Jeff on the block Jordan plays pov and wins she takes Jeff off she’s safe! And again team Jeff have the votes! It all depends on who wins and who plays pov! I say team Jeff will win bc mich is a strong player and she lasted longer then Kev and Nat in the last endure comp! Lol! Go team Jeff all the way! Russ thinks since he has a big ding a ling all women must love him! That’s why when a woman gets on his ass about something he don’t like it!

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