Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff hates who he has become “I’m trash talking like a teenage Girl”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:37pm HOH bashing continues Jeff says they are editing him as the biggest douche in history.. everyone agrees. Jeff says that Russell’s speech is going to be a epic failure. Jeff can’t wait for Russell to get up and make a complete fool about himself.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40pm HOH Jeff and Jordan
Jeff “I love how they are up here bashing them and now they?re down there being friends.”
Jordan “I don’t know who to trust i kinda hope Michelle win HOH ”
Jeff “I know ”
Jordan “I thought the deal was that Jordan wasn’t going up n the block. ”
Jeff “Kevin said that Natalie never said that”
Jeff “Kevin only said final 5 deal .. ”
Jeff “you think if Michelle wins you think she has the balls to put me up?”
Jordan “I dunno i think so ”
Jeff “This is the week this week is soo big.. I can’t play this week. ”
Jeff “if Michelle knocks Kevin out or Kevin knocks Michelle out its you me and Natalie playing for HOH the following week. ”
Jeff “tells her to try and win it. ”
Michelle joins them. Jeff is nice to Michelle asks her how she’s doing? what did you have to eat? She had pasta and it was good.
Jeff starts in on the Russell bashing.. talks about his “speech” and how pathetic it will be.. Michelle mentions that this is the first time she’s seen Jordan smile, Jordan says that she’s had a headache. Jeff I don’t know why people just don’t tell him to fuck off. He asks Michelle why do you still talk to him.. Michelle says she doesn’t she just listens to him ramble off. Jeff thinks that
Michelle and Russell have something or at least had something, “actually it doesn’t matter what you guys had cause he gone.. HE GONE” Michelle asks why don’t they believe her she’s got nothing with Russell and she can be trusted. Jeff says he knows they had something going on but it doesn’t matter “HE GONE… HE GONE” Michele says you just get so mad at me, I don’t think you should. Russell goes around telling Natalie not to believe anything Michele says because she is a liar.
Jeff called into the diary room

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle says that these last couple of days have sucked. Jordan complains that there is so much on her mind right now.. Michelle tells her not to worry if Michelle wins HOH she’s not going to put Jeff and Jordan up. Michelle “Please Jordan listen to me I?m not going to put you two up”. Michelle says if Kevin and Natalie win HOH it they are putting Michelle and Jeff up.. Jordan says
no they are going to put me up. Michelle says I?m 100% sure it?s going to be me and Jeff. Jordan still thinks Natalie will put Michelle and Jordan up. Michelle tells Jordan that Natalie told her she’s putting Michelle and a strong player and that strong player is the target. Michelle does a mini bash on Natalie saying “she’s such an annoying little BITCH” Jordan doesn’t say anything
back. Michele says she wishes the evictions and HOH were on different days. There’s just too much gong on. Michelle gets called into the diary room. Jordan alone in the HOH room crying.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:15pm – 10:50pm Jeff and Jordan , Jeff feeding Jordan. Jeff asks her what is wrong. Jordan says what Michelle has stressed her out she’s having second thoughts and She doesn’t know who to believe. Michelle joins them.. Jeff starts playing solitaire. Jordan heads into the tub for a bubble bath. Michelle trying to talk about pat season how they never show how hard people try and campaign.. Jeff really not talking much. Michelle says they need to win HOH than everything will be OK. She hints to Jeff that Natalie is a liar and she will put Jeff up. Jeff says he know she’s not safe with Kevin and Natalie but what can he do hi HOH is almost over. Jeff brings up Michelle and Russell having a deal. She tells him it has a fake deal. Michelle tells him what the heck was she suppose to do she had no one and Russell said he would save her. Jeff understands that but says you guys had something cooking so how can I trust you. Michelle tells him she was going to take Russell out once they hit final 4 and that?s why she was crying after the POV ceremony. Jeff calling her out for having a deal with Jeff. Jeff “if you wanted him gone why didn’t you blow him out of the water when you were in the backyard” Michelle tells him she’s bad with confrontations.

Jeff start up again about Russell and his speech Jeff says if Russell actually has an original speech that isn’t the same shit that Jeff had told him but flipped around than Jeff is going to say good job Russell you got me you win. Jeff doesn’t think this will be the case, He thinks that Russell will use the exact same material about Jeff’s character hat Jeff said to him a coupe days ago. Jeff hopes he doesn’t say anything about Jordan because it’s really upsetting her, he can say whatever the fuck he wants about Jeff though. Michelle comments that Jeff is the only “man” left in the house. Jeff says he’s not much of a man but he’s the only one in the hosue right now.. .”what does that tell you about the other players?” Jeff tells her he’s not into all this trash talking about other people he thinks its immature, He hates the person he has become recently. Jordan comes in from the tub. Jeff tells her he’s craving Pizza, Jordan suggests he go eat the one in his fridge. They start talking about slop, Jeff wants them to remove the have nots from the game. He knows he can handle it he just doesn’t want to deal with it this late in the game…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Red room playing texas hold’em.. Russell going over the fight this morning with Jeff.. Natalie and Kevin look thrilled.


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Wow. I just can’t get over Jeff’s arrogance. Its ok for JJ to “have something going” but NOT ok for Michelle and Russ. Ugh. Makes my stomach turn.

Mr. E

At least he hates who he’s become. Maybe he can join our anti-Jeff crusade and walk off the show?


I hear you I hope they split and jeff leaves! Jordan would not have a clue!

gino dee



He hasn’t become a teenage girl, he was one before this, for years and years. He’s always been whiny and a big bitch who was always jealous of others. He wanted to be #1 and have everyone think he was great but this always happens. As soon as he gets a little popular, he messes everything up. He was a jerk and still is

another fan

If Jordan is crying already, wait until she reads some ot the things America is saying about her!

Mr. E

I hope Kevin and Natalie are smart enough not to put Michelle on the block with anybody. Kevin and Natalie can control who goes on the block and who gets voted out but they can’t control the POV. If Jeff goes up on the block Jordan will use her POV to save him. If Jordan goes up on the block Jeff will use her POV to save him. And of course they will save themselves. That means there’s a 2/5, or 40%, chance that neither one of them will go home if they don’t put them both on the block. And that’s not counting Michelle. (More on her later). She can swing either way (no pun intended).
If they put Jeff AND Jordan on the block, they’ll use the POV to save themselves but not each other. This means there’s a 100% chance that they can make sure J/J are broken up…unless Michelle wins POV and saves one of them, at which point Kevin will have to put up Natalie and she’s guaranteed to go home (or vice-versa). So it’s either a 40% chance Jeff and Jordan are both safe or a 100% chance that one of them is going home. Kevin and Natalie have to put them BOTH on the block.
Next week Michelle has to do everything she can to either make sure Kevin and Natalie wins or save Jordan from the block.

Mr. E

Actually, she’s better off saving Jeff because he’s definitely not getting Russell’s vote.

discuss game

Really smart analysis. I hope Michelle throws it because she will have an easier time if she does. She can win the pov or make a deal with Kevin. I’d like Kevin to win but I can see him backing out of putting Jeff up. I reallly wish Russ proved his cunning nature and got both K and M to give him a sympathy vote in exchange for a jury vote. Who knows both could have fallen for it!


There’s Jordan eating candy at midnight again. No wonder she’s so FAT. Watch her walk. That is a fat woman’s walk. She can barely move those thighs already. 6 months from now she’s gonna look like Kelly Clarkson!


and how much you weigh?

5'10 160lb male


discuss game

Congratulations you are just as immature as she is! Really inappropriate comments. Save it for your friends. Ohhhhh now I see the problem 😉


why dont you talk about the game rather than putting someone down bcause of their weight. first of all, she is NOT FAT, she is not even chubby. have you seen any rolls on her. second, out of everything there is to talk about on bb, the one thing your focused on is her weight. it only shows what kind of person you are. why dont you think about how idiotic you sound, re evaluate yourself, and make an adjustment or two!!

Sick of Gnat

HATER. You are either 200+ lbs and jealous or 90 lbs and dying for a burger. Loser!


Umm, if you really think Jordan is “so fat”, it’s time to go cold turkey on the fashion industry koolaid you’ve so obviously been chugging!


yeah, I’d like to know how much you weigh also…
Jordan probably doesn’t weigh more than 120…you are crazy!

Jeff's a cliche

He’s also shown himself to be the meanest person this season. Not even Chima or Jesse talked so much junk, and so personally, against people as he does. He just hid himself in the beginning of the show or maybe he was just afraid of other strong personalities, such as Chima, Jesse, KC, Russ, or even Laura. Only now with several people left and the HOH title are his true colors coming out. He’s a FAKE and an ASSHOLE.


I don’t think Jeff is fake or an a$$hole. Let’s see how you would handle yourself going into that BB situation and go from having NO power or leverage to having basically 2 weeks of power and room privacy with your own bathroom and bed, etc. Each of us have our own level of sanity and what we can put up with people intentionally pushing buttons. The attacks have become way too personal and EVERYONE is doing it. I still support Jeff and hope that he Michelle and Jordon make the final 3. I was supporting Russell too but he can’t go 2 minutes without taking trash and starting trouble.


OMG . . Jeff is starting to irritate me as much as Chima irritated me. I don’t think Kevin has the guts to vote to keep Russell so Russell will probably go to the jury house even though I would LOVE for Michelle and Kevin to vote to keep Russell and rub it in Jeff’s arrogant nose. Natalie, Kevin, or Michelle has to win HOH Thursday to put up Jeff and Jordan and give us viewers something to cheer about. Geez . . maybe the Jessie/Lydia/Chima/Natalie alliance wasn’t as bad after all when I see the J/J alliance! Vote for Russell to getting the 25G!


I agree that the only move Kevin and Michele can make is to keep Russell and really shake things up. I would love to see Jeff’s dorky face when that happens. Not much hope however that either of them are smart enough Phd notwithstanding to realize it would the best move gamewise they could make. I will totally lose interest in this season once Russ goes to the jury house since I could care less about the other HGs.


Jeff and Jordan ROCK!!!!! They were my favs from the start and still are………… Everyone in this GAME (and that is what it is a game) has lied to one another………….. Ah hello you are all dillusioned if you think people are here to make friends. Russell is a jerk. Getting Russell out was the best thing Jeff can do, because Russell would be coming after him.

gino dee

spacey cadet they should call you….the only one thats dillusisional is you…like you said its a game…you play games to win…the moran blew his chance to win and broke his alliance to go with the enemy….who is dillusional spacey…..ARE YOU WATCHING THE SAME THING WE ARE WATCHING…LMAO…


Yes everyone lies, and yes Russell would have come after Jeff, but I doubt that it would have been next week. Jeff would have been safe for another week if he had let Russell stay. It would have been Michele, Jordan and Russell fighting for a friendly HOH instead of just Jordan. And while there was a chance that Russell would betray him, there is a 100% guarantee that Kevin/Natalie will put him up. Jeff chose a 100% chance of being put up over the possibility of Russell putting him up. Additionally Russell leaving makes Jeff the biggest target, because if Russell was around some of the heat would have been on him.

I wouldn’t begrudge Jeff playing for himself, I FLOVED that he put Jessie and Natalie up with the coup de’tat power, but I don’t like Jeff for being stupid this time around. His stupidity will be his downfall.

Ronnie regretted not putting Russell up, and Jeff will regret putting him up.


Russell wasn’t coming after Jeff. Plan was to get to the top 4, then every man for himself. That’s what Russ keeps saying, but Jeff’s too dumb to understand that. Of course at that point Russ would be coming after Jeff, but everybody would be going after everybody. I would hope Jeff would go against Jordan at that point. I don’t know what Jeff’s problem is with that. He seems to have gotten the same sense of entitlement that Chima had and wants an uncontested way to the top 2. He’s a stuck up jerk.

another fan

Too bad for you it looks like one will to the jury next week. Anyone who is good at playing this game sees they need to split up J/J to increase their own chances of being in final 2. Why would someone want to be in final 3 with J/J???? Not me! It would be 2 against 1, and I would end up with nothing because Jeff would win the final HOH. Even though the jury hates Jeff, I doubt they would vote for Jordan since she didn’t play the game, just distracted Jeff.


people unfortunately don’t understand this. I’m sure if we were all stuck in a house together with absolutely nothing to do but play cards we would lie and trash talk each other. They’re probably completely sick of one another at this point.

I’m still team J/J. I think getting Russ out was a good move, they didn’t stand a chance against him in any endurance comp this week, plus Russ said hisself in his diary room session that he was going after Jeff, he also told Jeff after Jeff used the POV that it was a good move, as did Jess when he used the Coup de’ tat. He’s doing the best that he can to further himself in the game. I’m guessing that everyone has forgotten that Russ has treated EVERYONE like shit, wanting to make people cry? Are you kidding me? Someone said it best the other day when they said that he has such low self confidence that he has to tell himself that he did a good job, or that he’s a good friend. He continuously did this to Kev last night on BBAD. He needed to go, regardless of who did it. Also Russ keeps playing nice to Nasty and then goes behind her back to get the votes (i know this is the name of the game, but come on people, everyone is playing, not just J/J)

Everyone at this point is coming after J/J except Mich. I really hope that they come around to seeing this, Nat and Kev have been against them since day one.

Also, anyone that thinks Jordan is fat is crazy, she may eat a lot there, but i’m sure she’s bored as hell. This is what’s wrong with America today, and to think that someone with such low class would tell a woman this and then call himself classy is so crazy for me to believe! Next time Jordan is in a bathing suit please look at her close, she’s really far from FAT!


I have not been able to stand JJ at all, I think th ecdt was a bullshit power and the only reason he is here now, that said, I agree full heartedly that the best move for jeff was to get russell out. the numbers were not in his favr afterthis week regardless, at least take out the strongest competitor and take your chances going forward


I think youre wrong. Russell would have taken jeff to the final two. Of course this is all before jeff got his panties in a bunch over the LML. Which by the way, I can’t wait to see Jeff’s face when he sees the footage of Natalie, Kevin and Lydia scheming. He had an easy ride to the final four at least before that. Thank God for the LML…we would be bored otherwise. Jeff and Jordan are looking more and more like asses everyday. They need to step it up if they want America’s vote.


I agree 100% Spacey!! 🙂


Jeff is one of the biggest liars in the house. He’s such a hypocrite as well. Bashing on Russ for having a final 2 deal when he has one w/Jordan. I guess no one in the house can have a final 2 deal except for Jeff. And am I crazy or does it seem everyone is still kissing Jeff’s ass (Kevin/Michelle) when he doesn’t even have any power next wk unless Jordan wins HOH!! I don’t get why especially Kevin and Michelle is kissing his ass. He’s become such a dick and I now can’t stand him. Dude needs to get sent home. Please please please keep Russell in the house. IMO he’s the most honest person in the house. Jeff is now a bully and his ‘pitbull’ Jordan gets fatter every week. She isn’t even cute anymore. Their behaviour makes me gross to me.

The Hibatchi

I don’t see why everybody is so surprised. Jeff is playing the game the right way! Russell is the strongest physical competitor next to Jeff, case closed. Jeff made the smart move by taking Russell out of the game and becoming the strongest physical competitor.

Is Jeff talking smack? Yes, but so what? Jeff is a competitive guy, and in a competition people run their mouths. Go out to any public park in America and listen in on a pick up basketball game. Smack talk is just part of the game! Furthermore, Russell has shown himself to be a belligerent asshole multiple times during the run of this show. Why anybody would root for him at this point is beyond me.

I also think it’s a little unfair to be calling Jordan fat. First of all, I think she still looks great. And second of all, even if she has gained a little weight I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that many people would do the same if they were put in a similar situation. It’s no mystery that people react differently when under stress. Some people abuse alcohol, some people smoke, some people EAT. It’s a very natural human reaction, and I don’t think anybody would disagree that the BB house is an extremely stressful environment.

At the end of the day, this show is about the money. It has been said that money is the root of all evil, and i’m sure that damn near everybody on this board has seen a friend or colleague, or maybe even a family member go through dramatic personality change because of a money related issue. I think that Jeff at his core is a good guy, I still very much believe that. He is certainly not a bully like Russ. He’s just stressed out, probably worried that Russ might do something stupid and wondering how he would react, all while trying to keep his eye on the prize and figure out how to win this game. I agree with many of your sentiments that at this point it will be tough for him to get the win (lord knows Jordan hasn’t proven herself to be a fierce competitor) and Michele is clearly the biggest threat in a cerebral HOH comp. If Michele wins it makes sense for her to put Jeff on the block, and i’d be shocked if she didn’t.

Finally, lets all keep it real about this “I can’t believe he would backstab Russ like that” crap. We can all believe it, nobody here should be surprised. It’s a game and the strongest people get targeted. That probably means Jeff will be targeted next, probably by Michele (even though she’s saying she won’t do it) and even though i’m rooting for Jeff to win, I won’t be surprised one bit.


Is it just me or does it get frustrating that Jeff’s answer to everything lately when he hears two different stories from people is to say we’ll talk to them together and see what each has to say DON’T they get that this is a game and one will lie. What makes them think that they can tell when someone is lieing it’s not like they have to this point I am a Jeff fan but it becomes harder and harder to be one because of the fact it seems like he hasn’t thought things through. His worst mistake has been to ask Jordan any questions on strategy in the game doesn’t he realize that she is also playing for 500k. He has had to carry the game for two people this whole time. I can’t believe that Jeff still thinks that Gnat and Kevin are only going after Michelle how stupid can he be at this point. If he looks at the facts let’s see Jesse was Gnat’s biggest ally in the house and Jeff got him out wouldn’t he think that he would be the target not to mention he has brought up Russell being one of the strongest competitors in the house and has to go well guess what Jeff you are now the strongest player in the house you proved it over the course of 4 comps by winning 3 of them I include the Jordan HOH as Jeff’s win because he threw it for her…


I can’t watch the feeds anymore tonight. Just when I think Jeff can’t get any stupider, he does. Now he and Jordan are saying they hope Michelle doesn’t win HOH this week so they can put a knife between her shoulders. They say this, even though they believe Michelle would put up Kevin and Nat. How you gonna do that, Jeff? You can’t be HOH, and it would be a miracle if Jordan won a competition by herself. Ah. He is counting on Nat and Kevin to get rid of Michelle for him. He thinks Nat has his back and that if him and Jordan take Nat to final 3, they can’t lose. What a dumbass! It would be so good to see Nat or Kevin win and put both Jeff and Jordan up. The look on their faces would be priceless. Michelle could play for HOH the following week, and with Jeff gone, she would have a pretty good chance winning against Jordan and Nat or Kevin, depending on who was eligible to play, giving her the chance to choose who she takes to final 3. The only one she can win with is Jordan, and I think Michelle figured this out last week, which is why she continues to flirt with Jeff and court Jordan. Jeff is proving to be one of the most gullible egotistical players in BB history.


By the way here is the link to Russell’s fight record which by the way he hasn’t had a fight since 2004 that is five years….


I need to get a hold of myself. It’s 2am here in Houston and I can’t stop reading this site. Damn you simon and dawg for making this site so damn addicting!
Michelle is so desperate to be accepted by Jeff and Jordan I don’t think she will make big moves any time soon. I hope I’m wrong though. It’s good to know Jeff doesn’t like Jeff either though. Maybe then he won’t be surprised that America turned on him for not only trash talking like a teenage girl, but also back stabbing like one too. I can’t wait to see his face when he doesn’t win the Jury money. I don’t think Russell deserves it either though. My vote would be for Jesse. He was making all the right moves and pretty much would have made Big Brother his bitch if it wasn’t for Jeff getting that damn power. I would have loved to have seen Jeff watch as Jessie picked them all off one by one. As much as Jessie sucks at life, he was actually PLAYING the game. He made moves and let others make them for him. He lost because of an unexpected last minute twist, not because he didn’t put his all in it, and do everything he could to stay safe. If no one wanted to Russell to go home, then Russell should have won that veto when everything was on the line.


Jeff’s thinking is arrogant and comes off in a very ‘asshole’ way. It’s okay for him and Jordan to have a final two, but it’s not okay for anyone else. And if anyone does talk about a final two then they are breaking any sort of final 4 deal?? How does that work? What an ass…. That’s bull! Everything Russel said about Jeff, and people being afraid to go against him because of Jeff’s intimidation tactics is true. God I’d love for Russell to stay just to stick it in Jeff’s face, and I’d love to see Jeff go home next week.

Do the right thing Kevin!!


Russell is too wishy washy. If Kevin was to vote to evict Nat and keep Russell, I wouldn’t be surprised if next week Russell is back friends with Jeff, and Kevin is sent home. As someone who is rooting for Kevin, I think his best move is too evict Russell tonight. He would then have a 50% chance that either he or Nat would win HOH against Michelle and Jordan, and put J/J up. If Kevin makes it to the final 2, he will win. Think about it, who are his enemies in bb house or jury house?


What I’m angry about is not their lying or their scheming. What really bothers me and many others is how arrogant and hypocritical Jeff and Jordan have become, since they let the power get to their heads.
Jeff should have NEVER brought up going after their families. I don’t see how much of a a joke iit could be when both parties (Mich, Russ) took it as a real threat. This is crossing the line. What also irks me is how they (esp Michelle) treat Michelle and the horrible things they say behind her back. Jeff said that he would like to cut her pinky toe off. Doesn’t that sound excessively mean to you?
Don’t get me wrong, I was once a hardcore Jeff and Jordan fan just like you. But their behavior in the past few weeks has truly disgusted me beyond belief. They were sweet when they were the underdogs, but with their rising power, they have become worse than Jesse/Nat or Chima ever were. At least they didn’t threaten to kill or maim people.
I think THAT is the reason why the general consensus is that people are getting tired of those 2.


Jeff is putting all his trust in Jordan to win HOH but even if she does he can still go home because if she puts up say Kevin and Michelle and either Nat, Kevin or Michelle win POV and take one off then Jeff has to go up and the two left can vote Jeff out. I am disappointed with how J&J are behaving and I am sick of hearing(reading) what they say about others. Did he forget what it was like when noone spoke to him?


NAT is still the most irritating person in that house. PERIOD.


Wait so is Kevin voting Natalie out, because it seems like he has some kind of deal with Russell.


natalie and kevin are such losers that they have to sabatoge the game…hide stuff etc.


wouldnt it be awsome if julie announced that america will get to be an upcoming hoh??? they we can finally get rid of natalie!


Someone must have flipped a switch in Jeff’s head, because he seems to be less arrogant. He and Jordan also seem to be doubting Nat and Kev like they should have been doing all along. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that people will say whatever they have to say to survive, and maybe he and Jordan are coming to their senses and can become semi-normal again. If not, they deserve what they get. Either way, this week has been worth watching because of the drama that would have never happened if not for J/J’s arrogance and the partially true LML.


now nat and kevin are searching michelles stuff for her gloves so she wont have them for the comp and nat will use them. they are snakes!


First I was Team Russell b/c I saw thru the All-American Jeff facade. That guy has a cold, black heart the way he attacks Russell. The worse Chima said was about his “cauliflower” ears and her lame “terrorist” remarks. Jeff’s mind goes to dark places, the way he says Russell wants to have sex with him and such. Jeff is grade A asshole. We all know the type: goodlookin’ jock/date rapist, type of guy who gets by on his looks. Now I hope neurotic Kevin wins it b/c he’s the least asshole of em all!


Go Nat!


natalie will win big brother 11. mark my words.


Putting Russell up, IMO was a horrible move for Jeff. If it gets down to it with Nat or Kevin as the bottom two with J or J…they don’t hold a chance. Who the heck does Jeff think is in the Jury House. What is he thinking??? He should have stuck with the original plan and brought Michelle and Russell to the final 4… Less drama and assure the whinners in having to vote for someone out of their alliance.


I’m still a Jeff fan and have my fingers crossed for a Jeff/Jordan/ Michelle final 3. Jeff has changed over the past couple of weeks but it’s a result of the game and at least he’s aware of the fact he’s not being himself. Once Natalie or Kevin are gone and he has no one feeding him lies I think he’ll settle down again


I’m still on the Jeff/Jordan/Michelle team – haven’t wavered but I would rather see Jessie win than Natalie! I like Kevin and would be ok for him to win also. That being said there are so many “lovers” that have turned into “haters” of J/J. They are playing the game – lying, cheating, backstabbing and all the other crap that goes along with it! Ronnie, Jessie, Russell, Chima, Natalie have all strutted around the house like they were the greatest thing since sliced bread – now that Jeff is doing it he’s a d*ick – spare me!! I’m not buying it! Furthermore, Jordan is not fat – she’s very pretty – love her or hate her – it’s still a fact. Or do boys prefer nose picking, stick up the butt girls like Nasty Nat? I cannot wait for the HOH tonight – GO J/M!!!!!


If Jeff and Jordon only knew how strongly America thinks of them as ” the douche bags” that they have become. I bet they are going to have there regrets later because no way they are going to win!!!

can't stand jordo

the idea that jeff spends endless hours russell bashing is sick. why wouldn’t russ go off on jeff…he gave his word…always kept his word…and was in turn back-stabbed by the goofy sounding (ugh their voices) jeff and porko jordon?also, did michele’s mother never teach her to close her legs while wearing a skirt….i mean she was flashing jeff (and jordon) her red underwear all night(on bbad) geeze louise,the girls no lady!
i think jeff is realizing he made a mistake putting russ up…….jordo will never win hoh unless it’s an eating contest. soda,candy bars, strawberries and cool whip at 12 am last night. jeff had to take the cool whip away from her lol


As much as some of us would like to see BB show the truth about what goes on behind doors they will never do. The show is portrayed as fun and entertaining, and once in a while to spice it up they show a confrontation. But, it would be really bad for CBS if viewers knew how cut throat this reality show really is. Even if there is no physical violence CBS is responsible for these people mental health-the stress they go through and I am sure they will develop high blood pressure which can lead to heart attack and stroke.Also, if people really knew the hell that goes on inside of that house, many would not apply for it. Of course the crazy ones will because that’s their way of life on the outside, anyway-crazy and stressed. The only difference is that they can’t use this asset outside to make money-any money. Here they stand a chance of killing each other for half million dollars.
I can only equate BB with a cock fight, boxing, or slaughtering cows–all on the mental level, of course. Shame on you CBS for going down so low for ratings, and shame on us for allowing you and encouraging you. Shame on me, most of all for still watching BB.


I am officially done with JJ.


Russel was a jerk? You idiot, you just said essentially they all are. What’s Jeff doing right now, nothing but bash about Russel 24/7. Admit it you are just some preteen girl that will like Jeff regardless of what the guy does. Suppose I’d be the same way about Laura if I were a pre-teen (certainly not fat Jordan though). Here’s what’s funny, remember Jeff talking about how big of a douche Jessie was for being so blunt to people he was backdooring, how he thought that was ridiculous? Jeff did the same thing with a guy he made a final 4 deal with because the team that Russel was helping him oppose told him a lie. So what if Russel voted for Nat instead of Jessie, they were one in the same, same team, yet Jeff is the one that turned on his own, for whatever reason. Did Russel put Jeff up or backdoor Jeff his HOH week? Just answer me that if you think they are the same. Russel has a right to be angry, but you see angry Jeff 24/7 mad because Russel is angry that he was stabbed in the back when, again, Russel did not put Jeff up during his HOH week. Anyone that likes Jeff at this point is incredibly dumb.


Russell didn’t put Jeff up on his HOH week because he was unable to due to the clique deal,,, he wasn’t allowed to put up an “Athlete”,,,, they were irked they couldn’t put him up the week they ousted Casey.


Cliques ended after Casey went home..cause thats when they mentioned the mystery power.


you are a true dumb ass.


Did anyone else hear Russell say that he won’t be going to the jury house? What does he mean?


heres what i think….michelle telling j and j that kevin is voting to get nat out, and kevin is telling j and j that michelle is voting to get nat out…so, if nat gets one vote then both mich and kev can blame eachother for it. ….but what their hoping is that both of them will vote for nat to leave, they just dont trust eachother enough to believe one another…so each one of them will both vote for nat to leave and have their fingers crossed that the other one will do the same. they can almost be sure to be in the final 3 if they keep russ cuz he hates j and j and they have the big bullseye on their backs.

loiseau chante

I agree ^ with Spacey. J/J seem to be under a lot of stress this week having the power. They just want to make sure Russell goes home. He was their biggest threat in comps, they were SMART to take him out this week. Basically, next week, they were only safe with Michelle winning HOH, in my opinion. If you think Russ wouldn’t have taken them out next if he’d won you’re an idiot.

You can see how stressed they are though. I can’t imagine the tension in the house. I, for one, am going to take their characters as a whole throughout the entire game, and not base EVERYTHING on this one stressful week. I mean, seriously, you guys know their personalities if you have been watching the feeds. Everyone is getting all upset over one week. Dumb. Go Jeff and Jordan!

loiseau chante

And WHY do people all of a sudden love Russell the Dumb Muscle so much???? He has ZERO game. He hasn’t won a comp in weeks, his social game is zilch, he couldn’t even keep a solid Final Four deal together! He made Jeff and Jordo suspicious to the point of backdooring him. He just isn’t good at this game and deserves to leave.


We hate who you have become too Jeff. Don’t try to appeal to America to get our vote. We are not as stupied as you are. Maybe BB told him that he is looking bad to us and try to amend it. Good try.


Seriously, folks, I know Jeff in real life – he’s paranoid and truly not acting like himself. As I’m sure all of the houseguests are not really themselves when they get on this show. Jeff’s not an ass; on the contrary, he’s one of the most caring, genuine people I’ve ever known.

Need to take it easy on bashing all the hg’s – stick to talking game folks as that’s really all we see – people out of their element, playing a game.

This might be asking too much for a message board – but show a little class and cut out the personal attacks about weight, etc. Would you want people talking about members of your family in that manner? No, you wouldn’t.


The same can be said about Russell as well then.


Russell has been abusive toward many HGs. (Chima, Michelle, Ronnie, Jeff, Jordan, Laura(?) ) You can’t really compare his actions to Jeff’s.


Forgot about his red-faced screaming match with Jessie.


Have you seen the way Jeff talks about other houseguests? He has said some of the filthiest, most demeaning things I’ve ever heard. I don’t understand how you justify Jeff’s behavior by saying he’s not an ass, but then can’t see that perhaps your own argument about Jeff can apply to Russ as well. Also, you ask everyone here to behave with class and stop bashing, but Jeff has bashed people 24/7 for the past 2 to 3 weeks. Perhaps his own ugly behavior is bringing out the ugliness in others.


Nice post! I admit I don’t particularly care for the Jeff we’ve seen the last week or so, but suspect the increasing stress is getting to him and everyone. I’m not crazy about the personal, non-game related attack posts here either. Didn’t seem like there were as many of them earlier in the season.


It’s under stress when your true character reveals itself. All I’m saying is Jeff revealed his real self now. Right now he’s with 20-something crowd.


While in the BB house, Jeff himself said that you can judge a person’s character by how they behave in adversity. He said that while talking about Jesse, I believe. Shouldn’t Jeff be held to the same standards he has for others? I agree that real character shines through during adversity, and I think Jeff is showing his.

WhoCaresWhoYou Know

Who cares who you know. We hear what we hear and we see what we see. 130 people have played this game and few have been as arrogant and abrasive during their HOH as Jeff. If he didn’t think it was such a crime for other house guests to have their own deals like he does with the entire house, it wouldn’t be so bad. Walking around all high and mighty telling people to watch their tone and spouting off like everyone answers to him, has nothing to do with stress and game play. Whining about a character attack and then shredding someone else’s character is very hypocritical and really lame. It has nothing to do with stress. Everyone is under stress, so that’s not an excuse. At this point in the game, 50 out of the 130 people to play this game have been under the same kind of stress. Jordan was even getting tired of him, and he said last night that he hates what he’s become lately. Since YouKnowJeffForReals, ask him why he hates what he’s become. If he hates who he’s become, why try to defend him when everyone else hates who he’s become? I have faith that he’ll be back to “normal” when he starts to doubt Natalie and Kevin. Why would he trust them in the first place? What did they ever do to gain so much of his and Jordan’s trust? If he would start doubting them and feed them a line of BS here and there, I’m pretty sure he would redeem himself in the eyes of most of his previous fans. He probably won’t be nearly as hateful to them as he has been to Russell and Michelle. When someone acts like Jessie, you shouldn’t try to defend them. There’s a reason why no one liked Jessie and it’s the same reason why people aren’t liking Jeff at the moment.


I spelled stupid wrong like Jeff. Ha HA

Uncle Cool

It will be good to see Jeff booted next week.


Im releived to see that Jeff realizes and hates the person this game has made him become. We all handle stress differently and he is under a completely new kind of stress AND he is surrounded by poeple that act the same exact way…bashing, lying, complaining, whining etc….. I am still rooting for Jeff because I believe the person we have been watching before the double HOH’s happened to him is the real jeff. I can only imagine how stupid, paranoid, egotistical I would become if I were in his situation.


What we have been seeing lately is the real Jeff. BB has probably told him during one of his DR sessions that America’s attitude toward his is changing because of his cocky attitude so now he has to try to play it off as “not the real me”. BB stuck too many people with severe disorders in the house this season, they all have something wrong with them. Who wants to tune in to see the same lame trash over and over. This has turned into a 3rd rate show that you wouldn’t expect to see on CBS. It isn’t ok to threaten to harm anyone and should not be tolerated period.


Jeff is turning into the most hated BB houseguest for his douchbaggery. Normally people tend to grow on you. You might dislike them but eventually you end up liking them. It’s the opposite for Jeff. Everyone loved him, now everyone hates him, well except for the girls who want to have his babies, but then again, there is no accounting for taste. Jeff sucks.


Russel’s a puke. Get him out tonight, then work on Nat. After that couldn’t care less who wins. I think it’s in Michelles’ best interest to keep Jeff now. The jury house will be filled with Jeff haters, giving her a decent shot at the 500k.


jeff was cool in the beginning but now he’s turned into a douche jordan would be lost without him natalie is a floater who hasnt won anything she should really leave it sucks that it will be russell leaving though


jeff is on power trip hopefully russell will get chance to rearrange his face next thursday when he turns up at the sequester house.
would be priceless if kevin and michelle kept russ there though they could both really use his help to get jeff evicted surprised that they cannot see it.
nats not much use anyway dont think shes won anything.
be funny if bb made an offer to kevin and michelle keep russ and we,ll give u 5 grand

Russell Sucks

I hate to break it to ya, but Jeff would work Russell over. You can see the fear in Russell’s eyes when they are yelling. Did you notice how Russell has gotten in everyone’s face when he’s yelling except for Jeff’s. He got in Jessie’s, Chima’s, Jordan’s, and Michelle’s but he sat on the couch and didn’t move when Jeff was yelling at him. Jeff would and probably will wipe the floor with him in the jury house – mark it down.


Jeff would bitch out and probably pull Russell’s hair. Russell could kill him, I bet if Jordon fell on him, Jeff would have to go to the ER. Jeff is nothing but a pussy.

oh yah, Russell doesn’t have any hair on his head. Jeff would have to pull down Russell’s pants and grab his balls before Russell would even blink.


I’m glad Jeff is used the veto on Russel.Russel is a mean bully that tries to provoke fights he would have stabbed Jeff in the back first chance he got.Everyone is turnig on Jeff and Jordon but If you would put yourself in the same situation you would see how hard it would be to trust anyone.We get to see everyone conspiring they don’t so it is hard to know who to trust.I don’t like Natalie or Kevin but I think Jeff has a better chance against them than Russel.


At least Jeff feels bad. Something you would never see from Russel. I think Jeff is a good person and the house has just brought out the worst in him. As for all these comments that Jordan is fat… give me a break. It is sickening reading these comments about her. As fat as Kelly Clarkson… good one. Grow up. This show isn’t about looks and weight. Those comments really show how shallow some of you are.


jordumb is a fat ass


Steve, which has exactly what to do with the game?


steve is a dumass


kevin and russell, final 2…hmmm


Jeff and Jordan are the only ones that are worth watching. Natalie is ugly and she walks like a duck, Kevin just does whatever Natalie tells him to. I can’t stand watch Michele eat ,it ‘s like a cow grassing. Russell is hated by all he has no one that is why he always try to start a fight and doesn’t know what to say he is a little peon.

Jeff has changed but only b/c those idiots made him that way. When you are trapped in a house with liars, thieves, bipolar people you have to do anything to protect yourself.

So glad Jessie is gone he was to himself anyone that wears a shirt with a pic of themselves is definately got issues!

Tasty chips

I am a fan of Jeff and Jordan, Jeff may have made a mistake but maybe not, Russ had to go, he is pathetic, they way he acts is uncalled for and stupid. I do hope Jeff does not trust Nat and Kev, if he does trust them then he deserves to go. Jordan is not fat, she looks perfect, anyone who says that is jealous that they cannot look like her or be with her. I think Jeff will be fine, he just let the stress get to him, he is the best player, hopefully this all does not backfire on him. If Russel goes then good, just hope it doesn’t screw Jeff, though if Nat went I would be happy because she wouldn’t see it coming and I would love to se her face.

Just SICK over J/J

Mr. E, I don’t believe it for a second…It’s more than likely Jeff has figured out that he better maybe start thinking how he LOOKS on cam b/c America’s vote will replace “Ms. I’m The Twin Towers” Chima’s vote…OOPS. (He probably realizes this b/c of something(s) that were asked of him in the DR shortly before).

Also E, in your scenerio…if Michelle uses a POV to save one of them (J/J) & either N/K go up there could still be a split vote & then the other of N/K breaks the tie. But I agree, J/J BOTH have to go on the block & all indications are that N/K will do just that but then again…a lot of time btwn now & nom time.

Jeff’s a cliche, It’s a close call but IMO “Ms. I’m The Twin Towers” Chima is just SLIGHTLY (OH SO VERY SLIGHTLY) worse than Jeff.

ReformedJeffFan @ 11:22, Exactly & Russ called him out on it too.

“Jeff says they are editing him as the biggest douche in history”, Well Jeffy, If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…


ughh, welllll, not everiione will like Jordann & Jeff. i <3 demm.. but denn againn plll alwazi have haterzzz, who make dem famouss. LOOL. everybodii has deir own opinionss,


It wouldnt be a split vote… If michelle were to take one of J/J down it would leave only 2 voters and it would be michelle and the nominee that was taken down (J/J).

Even if N or K get HoH, the best situation is for the person who wasn’t nominated to get the veto and use it. But would michelle use it?


Starting from Season 3 let’s look at the odds of someone entertaining winning. S3-Lisa S4-Jun S5 Drew, S6-Maggie, S7-Boogie, S8-Dick S9 Adam, S10 Dan. Obviously this is an objective list, some may find some winners entertaining while some don’t. IMO out of all of them 2 maybe 3 were fun to watch: Dick (hated him but no denying the entertainment value) Dan, and Boogie. Although I would hesitate adding Boogie, because w/o Will, Boogie was a waste of O2. If this trend holds up Kevin wins S11 hands down.