Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie might want to be evcited

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:50pm Backyard Michelle, Kevin, Natalie and Jeff. Jeff is telling them about a show he saw on Discovery channel about a Hiker cutting there arm off. He goes into detail about hiker that was in the mountains and some rocks fell on his arm and pinned him to the ground. He lasted 2 days out in the elements than decided to take his pocket knife and cut off his arm. Kevin looks grossed out.. Jeff continues the hiker was “Mega smart” and knew exactly where to cut. He first broke his arm in 2 places than had to saw off a tendon.. “dude he did this all without pain killers dude dude dude” Kevin brings up the movie where the two people were stranded out in the ocean and the sharks were circling them.. talk moves to Movies briefly..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:05pm – 6:35pm HOH Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is mad at Jordan for talking too much during the Russell fight. He reminds her that this is Big Brother and they have to keep their cards close to their chest. Jeff being a bit of a prick to Jordan telling her to not talk anymore just think. He wants her to stop airing their business to the house for the next 3 weeks. Jeff brings up a earlier card game where Jordan didn’t know the instructions. He tells Jordan to not play the “dumb card” anymore its not working on people. Jeff says he feels like he’s in a high school relationship. He tells her they have stick together all they got is each other. Jordan tells him she’s terrified of going to the Jury house with Russell, Lydia and Jessie in it. Jeff tells her there going to get to final 2 they just need everything to work out next week. They start going over all the possible HOH and eviction scenarios. They both agree that Michelle needs to go next week… Jeff asks her if she will make out with him.. She say no she’s too stinky right now. Michelle joins them and tells them that Russell is laughing it up with Kevin and Natalie in the red room. Jeff wonders why the Fuck their talking to Russell he’s got 500000 reasons not to talk to Russell. Michelle thinks
Russell is trying to campaign to get Natalie voted out. Jeff doesn’t see that happening ever, unless Natalie wants to go to the jury house to suck Jessie shlong. she’s pretty sure Kevin is going to vote for Russell to stay because he wants to screw me over. Jeff and Jordan both saying theirs no way that Kevin is going to do that. Michelle says she’s going to kick his ass if he

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

does. Jordan chimes in calling Russell a douche. She adds that she walked up to Russell during the fight and bumped him because she knew he would never hit a girl and she wanted to make him mad. She wanted to do more to him but was scared production would get made. Jordan says Russell looks like a Weasel like the Ronnie rat. Jordan is worried that America will think Russell is a sweet guy so she hope when he gets evicted he say something been to show hi true colours. Jeff laughs says Russell thinks he’s being cut as the villain but he’s really being casted as the douche bag. Michelle throws in her diggs “He a fucken Misogynist time to go Home” Jeff is getting pissed off about Russell now claims Russell is no fighter and that Russell is a pussy. Jeff would cry if he was Russell because he’s such a Douche. (add six dudes in there) Jordan wonders why a guy like Russell is cast on the show. Michelle thinks they all have a special thing, “Like Natalie is some kid genius or something, I really work in a salon” Michelle tells them she’s cried once in the diary room and five times in the house. She explains that most of it was after Russell had freaked out on her, once was with Ronnie Rat, Once was when she thought that Jordan and Jeff didn’t trust her. Jordan and Michelle start laughing over Michelle thinking J/J didn’t trust her. Jordan says Michelle is being “SOOO Funny thinking that”. Jordan says she’s cried 2 in the diary room. Jeff heads into the shower. Michelle going off about Russell. Jordan adds she hopes people are mean to him outside the house ant they call him Faggot on the streets.. Michelle really trying to downplay her and Russell being a team. She says that Russell actually bought into her fake final 2 he must of thought she was stupid to agree to something like

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

that. Michele saying that Kevin asked her if she had a final 2 with Ronnie because she had one with Russell and Michele said no. Michelle laughs at Natalie suggesting that she should throw the HOH competition, “why the fuck would I do that” Jordan asks Michelle about the internets and how she can go on it and look up things about the show. Michele tells her on there are message boards and she can type in a question as a search . Michele said she saw the boards before the show with speculation about who will be on the show.. Everyone was saying this was going to be the crazest season. Jordan agrees she thinks this season has had the most fights. Michelle says the only people she’s gotten into arguments with were Chima and Russell. She adds that Ronnie and her would not of gotten into a fight if it wasn’t for the other 2. Michele saying that Russell would wake up in the middle of the night and slam his fists on the bed. Jordan says he’s fucked up.. .”why does he think he’s so smart” Jeff come back from the shower and starts playing solitaire.. Michelle tells Jordan that Natalie told her she putting Michelle up but Natalie is going after a much larger target. Jordan doesn’t think anything of this she tells her Natalie told her Michelle was the target… They all head to the Kitchen.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:20pm-6:00pm Red Room Kevin, Natalie and Russell. Russell telling them it’s pointless for them to be fake with each other he’s going home tomorrow and there?s nothing he can do. He just wants the truth to come out none of these lies. Kevin and Natalie not talking much. Kevin asks Russell what he’s going to wear. Russell wore his best clothes 2 weeks ago he’s not sure what he should wear this time. they start laughing about Jeff asking Russell if he wanted to have sex with him and if
Russell had a boner for Jeff. Kevin jokes that he has a boner for Jeff. Russell leaves the room for a minute.. Kevin and Natalie Roll their eyes at each other. Russell comes back and starts talking about all the jobs Jeff was trying to tell them Russell never did. Russell debunks all of Jeff’s all of Jeff’s arguments. Russell brings up him asking production to beef up security on Monday because he was going to freak out…. Kevin and Natalie not really responsive so Russell start talking about food. He says being on slop he lost 5lbs maybe 7lbs. Natalie suggests Russell use the slop diet when he’s training for fights, Russell agrees that it a good diet. Kevin asks Russell if his parents will be watching the live feeds. Russell says his parent have better things to do than watch the feed. They?ll watch the TV show but they don’t need to see him in the sun all day or starting fights. Kevin leaves to talk a shower Russell tells Natalie that he hopes she takes out Jeff next week. She says the second Jessie went home, she had one target and that was JEff. They talk about the HOH tomorrow… Natalie wants a boxing match she thinks the other HOH comps where luck of the draw kind of shit she wants something that takes skill.


6:50pm Splish Splash room, Russell deep in shit starting thought. Kevin and Jeff in the kitchen making food.. small talk about herbs.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I’m SOOOOO glad Jeff finally grew some and called her out on playing the dumb card. He’s hinted around out it several times, but never been straight to her face about it. About time.


umm excuse me…jordans smart yah gotta do what yah gotta do to stay in the game…people usually take the people who are weak and dumb to the finals

BEWARE of the cookie dough monster

I agree… Sometimes I wonder if she really is clueless or is she just acting like a slow country bumpkin so she’s not a target.the “high school relationship” comment jeff made was hilarious.


That WAS hilarious. Jeff finally has begun to get fed up with her. She’s been making Jeff do all the dirty work while keeping her hands clean so she can get jury votes. When she asked the 90210 question and claimed she had no clue what suits are in a deck of cards, I knew for sure what she was doing. Just exploiting the situation. She does it at home, and she does it here. I hate when females do that, they demean our entire gender.

Randy Wolfgang

I wonder if knowing that tomorrows HOH will be endurance will actually help Russell’s case to stay for Michele & Kevin. Russell is strong and he won the last endurance comp. Also knowing that he’s going after Jeff & Jordan hardcore, solidifies that Michele/Kev wouldn’t be targets this week & would have the numbers against Jeff/Jordan. And even if Kev/Michele/Russ didn’t win HOH, Russ would still be Jeff & Jordan’s #1 target. if I were Kevin or Michele, it might be a good idea to keep Russell.


do they KNOW the HoH is endurance now? Did I miss something?


Randy, I know that you’re still hoping but Russell’s going home. They are not gonna keep him. The only way he might find himself back in the house is if CBS throws in a twist like “the last person being evicted is sent back in the house”.

Randy Wolfgang

Yes from the way Michele is talking I dont’ think she will vote for Russell to stay – I’m pretty sure he’s out the door today.


Seriously, this idea makes a lot of sense. I just don’t think any of these kids are very smart when it comes to strategy, other than maybe Nasty. IF Russ, Mich, and Kev could all make a pact not to put each other up, and we know there is little chance of Jordough winning HoH, then J or J will be gone. Kevin and Mich would both have 3 players to one, and J/J and Russ would focus on each other. If Nasty stays, then Mich and Jordo could target Nasty and Kev and vice versa. Mich and Kev would be much safer if they make this deal. But, I don’t see any chance of that happening.

the save russ foundation!!!

I agree 100%. I think Kevin would waltz into a final 2 situation then. Jeff or Jordan, whichever was left if they don’t win HOH next or if they do both would be gunning for Russ or Michelle most and Kevin could still fly under the radar to get at least a final 3 minimum . All he has to do is one bold move in the whole game and could waltz in the money




oops! Now i finish…

First Russell says in the DR that getting rid of him would be a wise move on Jeff’s part, then he flips out and goes apeshit when Jeff puts him up. Russell is a strange cat.


I can’t stand Michelle; if it had been my pick, she would be leaving this week. I wouldn’t mind watching either Mich, Jordan or Jeff walking out the door next week. In the end, I think Natalie is going to get evicted tomarrow. My guess is that Kevin will try to set up Michelle with a vote for Natalie and Michelle will try to set up Kevin with a vote for Natalie, sending Natalie home.


Idk why everyone is starting to hate jeff and jordan…j/j are just trying to do whats best for them…so they should get the strongest out then the weak…there thinking game…everyone else is thinking of personel feelings…to get money you gotta think money…


lol. Yeah, JJ aren’t thinking personal feelings at all. That’s why Jordan cried today. No one else is thinking money … are you for real?


umm excuse me bitch…but dont be over here actin like you know shit when you dont…jordan cried cuz russell called her fat…girls get emotional bout that…


Sticks and stones. She got called fat, so what? Guess the truth hurts in her case. If a guy called me fat, I wouldn’t get emotional about it because I know I’m not fat. She doesn’t like being called that because she knows she’s fat. And just curious, if girls get emotional over things like that, do you think Jordan’s friend got emotional when Jordan checked out her friend’s vagina and then made fun of it for being fat? Jordan has now aired the whole story on TV about her friend’s fat vagina, which she dubbed “Big Texas” and Jordan doesn’t seem to feel too badly about that. Jordan CAN do something about being fat, but I’ve got a feeling there is little her friend can do about the way her vagina looks. So, dearie, if Jordan doesn’t like people commenting about her being fat, maybe she should have respect for others and not make fun of them either.

Jackie M.

I will be so disappointed if BB producers don’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, and save Russell. J/J, especially Jordan is sickening. Jordohipo shud be discipilned for chest bumping Russell, not much different from Chima wanting to start a fight so that he wud hit her. Pls, Pls, if there is a high supreme BB power, please save Russell, that wud be great TV to see J/J, especially Jeff “feel the pain”. when his nomination for eviction get taken off….I am still hoping against hope that Russell is saved.


It would be a miracle if Mich and Kevin vote Gnat out. We can hope….

Jackie M.

rite on Wolfgang, like ur idea that Kevin/Michelle think about joining Russell. If he gets HOH, his target will be Jeff/Jordan. Smart move, wish you cud telepath ur idea to Kevin/Michelle….

waz up

what the hell is wrong with jeff? I used to like him and wanted him to win but now that he is on a power trip its like he cant see clearly . why vote out micehlle next? If they were smart they would get rid of keven and nat since they have more allies in the jury. And why is he relying on jordan winning hoh ? mark my words nats gonna win hoh and this will be the end of jeff and jordan all because jeff got cocky. damn


what is going on with my girl Michelle?!?!? She is like Jeff and Jordan little puppy!!!!! If she was thinking straight she shoul keep Russell in the game and vote Nat out!!!! I am losing faith in her!!!!!!


Why keep Russell in the game and alienate J?J? Jeff is the next biggest target and he can’t play for HOH. Michelle knows she has to win comps at this point. Alliances don’t mean squat because when the numbers are this low, your chances of having enough votes to save you are slim to none. Russ & Kevin would turn on her in a heartbeat. She needs to get rid of the people who can beat her in comps. Russ this week, then Kev and/or Jeff, depending on who wins HOH next week. Gnat and Jordan haven’t won anything on their own.


ever since jeff used the pov to put russ up, i have been hoping that mich and kev would team up and vote out nat instead. but with everyday, it seems that this scenario becomes less likely. michelle seems like shes trying to buddy up with j and j, and kev never wants to be alone with rus, and they both go around telling j and j everything that russ tells them. i just wish by some miracle they would realize how j and j are just manipulating them and trying to control their votes. especially michelle, because j and j want to get her out next week.


J?J have said they want to get out Kevin, Gnat and Michelle, depending on who they are talking to at the time. It doesn’t mean anythiing until HOH is ploayed and then POV. Michelle’s alliance is and always has been to J/J.


First of all I just want to say that this latest fight is all Ronnie’s fault he should have gotten Russell out week 2…. LOL Second thing Russell only won that endurance comp because Jeff let him have it I think Jeff would have been able to stay on much longer especially after seeing Jeff walk away after coming down and then Russell struggling to get to his feet… Sorry had to call that one out… also why would anyone want Russell to stay when this week a strong player leaves and the other strong player can’t play for HOH so basically if it’s endurance I think Michelle has the best chance at it although she has been on slop all week did anyone see Gnat running last night it was a sorry excuse for running… Don’t forget last endurance comp the hanging from the rope Kevin went out after 25 minutes even though I think he could have stayed on for much longer and Gnat fell off because she started puking and as I recall also from that comp Jesse and Gnat wanted Jeff to win because they didn’t trust Russell already…. That was from his own so called alliance. Russell F’ ed up when he voted for Jesse to stay the night Jeff used the CDE if he had voted for Jesse to leave than I don’t think there would have been any question about his loyalty. So when you think about it Russell showed that week he couldn’t be trusted…… So everybody get’s on Jeff about backdooring Russell not for nothing when you think about it Russell floated from side to side himself and tried to form alliances with the people who were in power each week… always going up to HOH and hanging out and as soon as he would leave everybody would talk about him… So yeah Jeff Backdoored him good for him it was strategy now Jeff has one less strong player to contend with… Also he has never said anything about final 2 with Jordan I honestly think if it came down to it and he had a chance to go to final 2 with Michelle he would take it and vote out Jordan because he would have a better chance to win against Michelle… Don’t forget Jeff said it best today during the fight and he has said it before “He is not there to make friends he is there to play a game”..


haha! natalie went up to jeff to throw michelle under the bus about voting for russ but it didnt work. thank god!


I would like to see a fight! If I turn on BB afterdark and they are sleeping I am going to be pissed! Now that I think russel will go home i hope michelle splits from jeff and jordan and backdoors jeff. the houseguests only chance would be to get him out. If jordan ends up in final 2 i would not vote for her for americas choice-she is just too damn stupid!


newsflash…IF Jordon ends up in the final she is totally not dumb…lmao


she would be lucky…but still dumb. Sorry. The only way she wouldnt be dumb, was if she was faking liking Jeff.


newsflash yes she is! She has no common sense! She has been riding jeffs ass to finals like nat was with jessie. If she wins ill shit myself!




Where is Rockstar? We need something to keep Randy randy.

Randy Wolfgang

Oh Bemoaner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL! Sorry Wolf, whenever you try to reason with Rockstar, I always start singing that Poe song, “Can’t talk to a psycho like a normal human being” and then I get FISH


but it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for………..


If Russ stays there will be a major shit storm in the BB house.

another fan

Which would keep me watching…..

Wake Up!

In the real world…. without security….. Jordan would have been knocked the @#$$ out! I have learned that you do not jump up in a man’s face like that. Especially if you are expecting your man to defend you. You are seriously asking for trouble, meaning your man getting his @@@@ whipped. After watching and reading it looks like K/N are the only ones calming jordan down and not jeff. Jordan ranting about how she wasn’t scared to get in Russells face. I dare her to do it outside of BB with no cameras. However, I seriously dout that Russ will hit a woman, he would leave it up to his sisters.
Honestly J/J can not handle what Russ can deliver ( outside of BB). Hell even Nat can hold her own!


can’t believe you are supporting violence against women, your sick!!!


There is nothing in that post that condones violence against women. Quit jumping to conclusions.

Wake Up!

Thank you!

Wake Up!

being a victim myself…. i will never condone violence against a women…..but in theraphy you aren tought to take responsibilty for your own actions. Men are allowed to get angry, just like women are. Apparently you have never dealt with an violent person. You learn your limits and responsibililities. Keep your hands to yourself, is one of the rules and if you can walk away. This is what Jordan would have done. Erase $500K from the equation would you have chest bumped a man? I think not if you are the weaker of the two. We are also taught to pick our battles wisley. Do you challenge what we are being taught in theraphy? If you so then you more than likely will end up a statistic.


Well said.


except theraphy

Wake Up!

My bad… i was typing to fast.


It’s one thing to be the victim of a violent male unprovoked, and another to provoke a male to violence and then accuse him of violence. I was once a victim of unprovoked violence, and I got over it with therapy. For the same reason, I resent women that deliberately push men’s buttons so they can paint themselves the victim. It demeans those of us that suffered brutality for no reason at all. Some women seem to think they can set men up like this, ruin their lives and that there should be no consequences for their own part in the situation. Violence between any two human beings is wrong no matter what their gender, and provoking someone to violence, attacking someone’s character, their family, race, gender, sexual preference, individuality and their dignity is emotional violence, which is perhaps more damaging than a punch in the head. Both Chima and Jordan were hoping to get Russell expelled by trying to push his buttons beyond what any sane human can endure. Chima, Nat and Lydia tried to push Jeff to that point just a few weeks ago by hiding his stuff, stealing his blanket and pillow etc. While Kevin didn’t directly participate in all of that, he seems to condone it, which disappoints me, because I thought he was better than that. I know it’s BB, and the last thing we all want is a best friend competition, but inciting violence is unacceptable, and if the producers don’t address the trend, one of these days things will spiral out of their control and someone will get hurt.


I was very sadden to see how Jordan put herself in harmsway.. I’m a woman that obviousky does not suppoprt violence on women, but c’ on… just like we expect our boys/men NOT to hit a girl/women, we should be teaching our daughters to RESPECT and not get all in a man’s face, cause that man might just f@ck your butt up! Jeff was not going to step up! Russell is a bullie fine, but I sure hope Jeff geta F*cked next week! Jeff made a bad move by putting Russell up, he trusted the people that were always gutting for him. They should of stuck to the plan.


natalie will never win hoh


Jordan deserved all of that. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. She should have stayed out of Jeff’s fight. Jeff is tired of carrying both of them and tired of cleaning up her mess. Everyone needs an equal partner, and Jeff doesn’t have one. He has a right to go off on her when she gets in his way.


natalie needs ta go home!!!
used ta like jeff n jordan but not anymore! i feel like even tho russell has had his rude moments hes been loyal, if he stays ill be so happy!!…j and j are sooooo dumb!!


It’s too late not to believe Natalie now. This is a mess and I’m not going to stay up and watch BBAD anymore when Russell leaves. There will be nothing but a__ kissing talk. Everyone is afraid of Jeff and Kevin just might switch to his side. I voted for Jeff, sorry that I did.

jesse speaks

Why is it when anyone mentions CBS showing things THAT R NOT ON FEEDS it is assumed we pou lillel chilin kant foud no live feeds?
Well, I have too much money but not enough time…how about that? At least I wish that were true, I do have too little time.
CBS did show Tussell saying Jeff BETTER take him out.
He is getting his wish. Why is it Russell has never got in a man’s face? Anyone? All u Russ lovers come answer that one. He argues with men from a distance except Rat Boy…retract that. No men!


he’s argued with most of the men in the house, if you pay attention you would see that it’s the women always getting in his face.


You’re forgetting about Russ getting in your boy, Jessie’s face face.

Mr. E

Russell never said he was going after Jeff. Not once. There’s no footage of it. And Russell got in both Jessie and Ronnie’s faces. You’re showing nothing but a selective memory. He never got in Lydia’s face, he never got in Michelle’s face. He didn’t even scream at Michelle in their first two “fights,” she was doing all the screaming. And he didn’t scream at her in the last one either, she was again doing all of the screaming. Chima got in HIS face. Russell not only walked away from the first fight but she chased him down and threw water in his face. If you can’t stick to facts we can’t even have a debate.

jesse speaks

Fact…Thur night DR Tuss said “Jeff should have got me out last week. If he is going to do it it better be now. Or I will put him up.


Talk about selective hearing. You need to listen a little closer. I heard Russell say Jeff goes up next week if he won HOH. Call a doctor and get those ears cleaned out so you can hear.



Russells fight record is 0-1-0 his one and only fight he lost in an arm submission in the first round one minute and thirty seconds in……


in 2006




And how long would you last in an MMA fight? Look, when they cast these people, they pretty much ask for their life stories and take the tidbits they think would be most interesting to air. Jordan is described as a waitress, even though she admitted to working at Hooters for just a couple of months. Lydia is described as a makeup artist even though she is most currently a nanny. Russell has mentioned several different jobs, but MMA sounds the coolest to CBS. Sure, Russell works out a lot, but I haven’t heard him brag about any MMA victories. But thanks for that expos? on Russell.


someone else posted his record 2 days ago, old news, real old news!

Mr. E

1) I didn’t see the first fight with Jeff, but I’m giving Jeff the benefit of the doubt from what I know about Jeff.
2) Ronnie was going around the house spreading rumors that other people were talking s*** about other people (for instance, that Jeff called Kevin a f*****). He wasn’t just lying, he was lying about what other people were saying about other people and smearing their character, so Ronnie deserved every single bit that he got from Russell.
3) That’s not what happened. Natalie and Lydia were talking about putting Russell up on the block that week. Russell was tired of people talking crap about other people and said he just wanted one night where no one was talking game. When he walked past Jordan she said, “Russell hates me.” Russell took her in the storage room and asked her why she said that. She said his team was treating them like lepers. Russell said he never did that, and she agreed, but the way his team was acting made her feel bad. Russell got a bottle of wine and took it outside to the “outcasts.” Kevin, then Ronnie, then Natalie, all went outside to stalk Russell and watch him through the windows. This went on for more than an hour with them talking about him behind his back as if he couldn’t see it. When he went inside, Lydia shouted at him from three rooms away. She WAS shouting at him. After more than an hour of people hassling him he blew up on her and apologized the next day for taking it out on her alone when it was the entire team hassling him. So now, it wasn’t for no reason.
4) Not really. Jeff made fun of him to his face and he laughed it off. Kevin used to poke fun at him and he’d smile and shrug it off. Russell was putting on a show to make people think he wasn’t on Natalie’s team (he told this to Michelle later). Of course, they had already said that was exactly what he was doing so it didn’t work very well.

Mr. E

Natalie deserves to win at this point. She’s been absolutely brilliant at playing other people against each other, and these people are too stupid to keep a coherent thought. For instance, Kevin knows she’s not 18, Jeff used to call her an “instigator” to her face (she used to get a stupid look on her face when he did it) then conveniently forgot she’s such a huge liar. Jeff even said, “Just because you made some new friends you think you got it all figured out now, huh?” to Jordan…then what does he do? Jordan makes some new friends and he just swallows everything she’s feeding him like an idiot.


I am hoping for a miracle…. vote Gnat out!!!


Simon……Is English your first language?…..just curious because sometimes your sentences just make no sense at all…..also learn how to use their, there and they’re please


hey wanda, dont like- DONT READ.



Well said umm, some ungrateful people around here… Keep up the good work Simon


Wanda……..Is English YOUR first language?….just curious because sometimes your sentences just make no sense at all….also learn how not to come across as a retarded ingrate……….alright???…..Thought so ya dumb beotch!


Ha ha lmfao that’s a funny reply to wanda… This is not the only website that follow bb11 24hrs a day.. Google it and Plzzzz stop hating on these guys that go out their way to write this site.


english is not my first language and i understand


wow now we are bashing how fricken rude if you do not like the way he spells go to a different site. Simon i have enjoyed your site all summer and i cant spell worth a crap either and i am sure i am a hell of alot older than you lol. keep up the great work


Even though it’s not spelt right, who cares, can’t you figure it out anyway and just overlook it, the site takes alot of work, no one is perfect and kudos to Simon and Dawg…


we have been through this before…..they are up hours at a time watching, taking notes…and getting it back to most of us ungracious assholes just as fast as they can. Any nitwit with half a brain knows what they mean…..soooo. Here is the # rule around here.

Don’t bitch about the service

We love Simon and Dawg….and they will answer your ungratefulness so politely just as soon as they get a chance.
We are very happy with them and SEND MONEY PEOPLE….this is how they are able to get all the info to us and they’ll be back for us next year and doing the same wonderful job…..;)


and no….I’m not his mother……I just stalk his hot %$*# &$#%^ #$* all the time 😉


Simon….did you just censor me ? ……….;)


Just because you wrote a long rant it doesn’t mean anything. For everything Russell has done in the house there has been a reason. I’m not gonna justify your long, pointless rant with another long pointless rant….okay douchebag???


Jeez, is there any need to call a stranger on a message board, who is just calmly and rationally expressing their opinions, a douchebag?


hey pottymouth, your boy’s going home!


whatever douchebag #2!!!


he is still going home


look for lenaloveskevin next Thursday




i love how everyone is all the sudden criticizing the whole thing that everyone “loves jeff” and is “doing what jeff wants them to do”. sorry, IDIOTS, do you not remember the first few weeks when half the house was hogging jessie’s dick and doing everything HE wanted them to? the couldnt breathe because it was so far down their throat.

get real guys.


Yeah but two wrongs still don’t make a right. 🙂

Ridiculously Bold

“Colton” your such a lubricant,(A liquid introduced between two surfaces to reduce friction) but less effective. Your long post has no purpose, and frankly you owe me 30 seconds for waiting my time with your nonsense opinion of “why Russell is evil”.

You are one of those guys that analyze the behaviour of one guy, but makes excuses for those that do the exact same thing.

Go back and read your boring post and change the name from Russel to any of the other Fools in the house, and you will see that all instances you describe are completely interchangeable,

Please sit back and just enjoy the creativity of those that truly have an opinion that matters, and avoid posting such foolishness in the future. I feel such pity for your small mind, and clearly you come from the school as the Fat Fallopian Tube Jordan

I mean this in the nicest way

Your friend and confidant Ridiculously Bold


Good one Ridiculously Bold…I for the first time today laughed my ass off! 🙂


well… you some astro glide… are going to need it if you think he is entertaining.


I’m hoping Jordan wins HOH next week and throws Jeff under the bus, for all the little snide comments he’s been making about her not helping, just basically treating her like crap. I don’t see their relationship blossoming outside of the BB house, I think Jeff should just go back to Chicago and be a Godfather of some crime family and Jordan can return to the east coast and get an education. Right now if I have to vote, I’d say Big Brother should just keep the 500,000 dollars, not award it to anybody, and wait for next season. When the houseguests ask about the money, BB should just say, hey we lied too.


Ha!!! That is funny!

can't stand jordo

very funny armagedden,except jordon would be incapable of obtaining an education…..there are no mirrors for her to stare into 24/7 and no mass quanities of food to be eaten in your average college classes.jeff is becoming increasingly annoying to listen to. how can nasty nat, kev,jordo and jeff put down mich on national tv for having what they believe a mental illness for mich’s coworkers, family,friends and husband to hear and be embarrassed by??? i mean, what cruel,evil pieces of sh*t these hg’s are. i SOOOOOO AGREE keep the monies BB and give it next seasons HG’s …if the show is able to be put on the air after these boring dirtbags turned everyone off to the show!!!!!!!


They sure didn’t turn me off. I thought for a while it was going that way but then the scum started leaving for the jury house. I hope Jordan takes it all. Jeff can have second. Jordan will get favorite player too. Hopefully this will be the last time we ever have to look at Jessie’s ugly face again and Shema and her posse. What poor excuses for humans these thugs are. Jordan to win, Jeff to take second and Jordan for favorite. Mark my words.


She hasn’t helped actually.. shes the sweet cute blondie who is riding jeffs coat tails. Jeff is a smart player and he has a right to be pissed at her..she dosent do anything..just nods and agrees with everyone.He would actually be stupid to take her to the final 2.They would all vte for her just because she didnt piss anyone off..she let Jeff do all the dirty work.I do like russell..but to bad its a game and everyone wants to win 500,000..but only one wins.,and Jeff has been very smart playing the game..nat and kevin have done nothing but sliding with luck. I hope Jeff..Michelle or Kevin wins.


lol! That IS funny.


I so agree, time to shake things up and that would be great, they took the money away from Big Brother UK and made the house guests play to get it back. they should do that here.


LOL this is turning into a really funny week. No matter whether or not you like Kevin and Natalie, they have really stepped up their game. They were facing horrible odds and they have done an amazing job at turing things around. If Michele thinks she is safe next week (assuming she is not HOH) she is wrong because Jeff is getting tired of her. Kevin and Nat are ensuring that if they do make the finals that they have prepped for votes. They may have lied and snuck around but they play a great game thus far. They need a win tomorrow or all that lying may have been for nothing. Tomorrow will be interesting for sure.


Nat and Kev haven’t done anything. They’re really lucky the last 2 HoH’s have the collective IQ of a fence post.


jeff and jordan are their own worst enemy. even when michelle tells them about natalie they still dont listen and believe nat.


i hope michelle wins after all the shit she takes from people.




I so totally agree!! She has been trying to work this game at every turn. She has had NO one to work with. For a while it looked as if her and Russell were going to be a twosome when he was HOH and after finally opening up to him, he turned around and stabbed her in the back for NO reason. There are a ton of reasons in BB to stab someone in the back but he had absolutely no game by doing that. She has been so hated and so alone. I applaud her game. She is a strong player who has not been given one break. Why Scrappy hates her so much is a mystery to me. Michele certainly does not come across on TV as a horrible person. I do not get the hate she gets. I hope she wins!

Drew Bludd

Would Russell be more/less threatening with really long hair?? Or just ridiculous looking??




i hope at the finale someone tells jeff, jordan and russ that it was natalie and kevin who caused all this crap.


I’ll bet CBS is going to make Jordan look like an innocent victim in the fight, and I just hate that.


If Russel hand “bumped” her like that, he would of been evicted by big brother….she didn’t even get a slap on the hand.


And then she brags about it like she achieved something. Sigh. She’s an embarrassment to women everywhere.


Jordan use to be cute and lovable. Now everytime I see her I want to barf. She gets in Russell’s face and acts like she climbed Mount Everest cause she knows the dude wont hit her back. Wow! It takes real courage to hit a harmless target. Congrats Jordo!


Regardless of whether or not you like or approve of Russell, can we all at least agree that Jeff made one of the stupidest moves ever? Russ was NOT going to go after Jeff next week. He would have taken out the last of Nasty and K-Fed. J/J would have cruised to the Final 4. And, if Russ won HoH next week, then he could not play for it in the Final 4, meaning he likely would have been take out then. So, Mich and J/J were in perfect position to cruise to the Final 3.

Now, it’s a free for all and Jeff is target #1 with no power next week. Mich is target #2 if she doesn’t win HoH. And, Jordo will not win another competition and will not make it to the final 3 after Jeff gets the boot. J/J likely lost the game with that stupid move. Russell was not their biggest threat; rather, he was their strongest ally. He kept the heat off of Jeff.


Yep totally agree with you KRM. J/J would have cruised to final 3 if Jeff hadn’t made this stupid move! You’re right – he just made himself the #1 target. Dumb move Jeff – it probably cost you final 2!!


Just what show have you been watching? Russell was planning on putting Jeff up. He plainly said it to Michele.


You hit the nail on the head there…I would love to have seen Jeff and jordan and michele and russ in final 4 then start to duke it out between them. that would given the jury house no choice they wanted to vote for but would have had too so that would have gotten back at all them too.

No Mammes

You have no f***ing clue! Russell is the only one that can beat him in endurance comps thats why hes getting him out! This HOH will probably be endurance. Have you been watching Big Brother this season! Obviously not! Get a clue dude!


I think if Russel would have won, I think he would have put up J/J, for the same reason jeff put him up.


KRM you said it so perfect, and to everyone else why are you so mad that nat and kevin are lying? That’s in essence what the game is all about!!!!!!!!!!


I haven’t posted yet but I still have a response to this. To me, it’s not evil that Nat and Kevin are lying, it’s just frustrating as hell to watch the train wreck that is Jeff and Jordan. I’ve liked them since the beginning and I can’t believe how quick they were to trust the people who’ve been on the “other side” for the whole game. Sort of a let down, when the people you’ve been wanting to have power finally get it, only to make stupid choices and fall for lies and pretty much screw them over. Unless something magical happens (which it might, this is BB after all) Jeff’s pretty much done.


Russell is a 0-0 MMA fighter never had 1 fight lol… Natalie Olympic Tae Kwon Do Medalist oops guess she has 1 something. Russell is goin home he and Autotune are gone from 2009. Bye Russell u terrorist. Russell is a terrorist. He uses fear and intimidation to accomplish his goals. That’s terrorism.. That is Russell.


um… it’s just a game, take it easy homeboy.

Shayla Cole

Natalie hasn’t won shit IN THE GAME. Medals don’t win Big Brother hun. Natalie has to resort to lies and shady shit because she can’t win a single competition, cause she’s a useless, worthless piece of shit.


Russell was a great wrestler in high school. He received Honorable Mention in 2002 for 152 lb. Wrestler of the Year. He was ranked often in the top 20 of the area. He had a 25-2 record to start his senior season with 13 pins. Russell had an impressive 22 consecutive victories to start the season.

?Russell really worked hard during the offseason, went to wrestling camp in Minnesota, and he?s very focused,? veteran coach Dennis Ritterbush said.

That is more impressive than fake Jeff’s football career. And if Nat ever got into a fight…she’d be destroyed immediately…she can’t win anything other than being the stinkiest person.


Natalie has outwited and outlasted people. Has she cheated?? It’s like poker disception is part of the game.


As strong as feelings are being expressed by some on this blog, you might think one of the houseguests ran over the commenter’s dog after having sex with the commenter’s kid sister or something. I don’t get where all of the hate comes from. It’s a game show, everyone has their favorites and sometimes they don’t win. I realize that everyone loves to back a winner, but isn’t Big Brother just as interesting without them? Some/most/all of them are annoying, but it’s not like I know any of these people personally. I’m not worried that Jordan weighs so much that she’ll crack the ice when she tries to save me if I’m stranded on a frozen lake. I’m not worried that Michelle will accidentally feed me a tangerine when I’m deathly allergic to them. I’m not worried I’ll wake up in bed next to Natalie. And I’m not going to see a dime of that $500,000. Who cares who wins, as long as its a good game, I figure.


finally some with a sense of humor. god, you people really need to lighten up a bit before i will stab you in the neck, dude


All the lying and deception isn’t just part of BB, it’s reality in the real world too. People lie, cheat and steal to get on top in the game as well as outside the game. There are no morals. There are no ethics. Everyone is a douche bag.


Just Ridiculous fits you. You’re an idiot for sure


My My what a nasty witch you are. I believe I detect jealousy. I bet you weight 400 and look like a dirty mop. Too bad.


Didnt they all signed up to play game. Yes GAME. And how do you win this game. Let me see by alliances, lies. they all start out not knowing each other and not meeting each other until they are in the house. The funniest part is how they all say how they have watch the show and know all the ins and outs. And as the time goes on its like they have never watched it.
Trust and loyalty to who no one except $500,000 and what ever it takes to get it. Jeff had a good game going but lost control when he let it control him, Jordan is not dumb just nieve,Michelle is very smart just not a strong risk taker,Russell is a cannon with a short fuse,Kevin strong on ? and answers and weak on physical, and Natilie is sneaky
and vindictive. BB should have never let her “im 18 just graduated high school” lie into the game and should be exposed because they let her have an edge.


poor Jordo is just out of her element…she has apparently lived a shelterd life. I kinda feel sorry for her mom who made the comment on tv that her and jeff would make pretty babies…I know just where she is coming from but she is going to feel foolish when she has to realize jeff is going to lose interest in jordan. I think they make a very cute couple and not just because jordan is pretty but its the whole story of them and how jeff has taken care of her…his parents should feel very proud of him..he is a true gentleman. I’d watch a Jeff and Jordan reality show!

Uncle Cool

I would pay to watch Russ kick the shit out of Jeff on Pay Per View.


Jeff is a major dumb ass and Jordan needs to be pimp slapped for taking advantage of a dude not hitting her! I luv ya Russell!!!