Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The House Guests are sleeping their way to half a million and did Kevin Cheat in the POV?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:06pm Jordan in the pool everyone else sleeping

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Did Kevin cheat in the POV? There has been rumblings on the blogs and Forums about Kevin talking about seeing the questions while the other houseguests were competing. Kevin did mention something about this but its still not clear if he broke any rules or to what extent he say the competition underway. Dawg and I covered what Kevin said and if you wish to flash back the times are in the 2 posts linked below. I feel if Kevin did break the rules we would of heard something about this. Theres isn’t much time left in the season so if they have to redo the POV it has to be today, either way tonight we will find out the truth about Pandora’s Box and if the POV was Legit .

Kevin Wins POV
Keivn Discusses Winning POV


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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508 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The House Guests are sleeping their way to half a million and did Kevin Cheat in the POV?

    1. Yeah what sucks is that there will be no evidence that he could actually see anything because the cameras only catch his front…when have you seen cameras on the back side of house guest when in competition so there will be no proof of what he was looking at. Sorry no REDO just RUMORS.

      1. I thought the camera setup for comps rivaled NFL Networks. There’s a good possibility that Kevin’s rear angle has been captured, although that wouldn’t normally ever be edited into the show cut. Outside of physical evidence, we have an admission directly from Kevin that he had additional time over other HGs. In court, the weight given to either would be comparable. A redo is necessary or BBs own credibility could be injured with its sponsors.

        1. And what exactly did Kevin say Sir. Do you have the feeds? Please fill us in on his admission of guilt. I’m sure were all dieing to find out what you know. Your probably going off of rumors you have heard online.

        2. And I heard that Kevin cast a spell on Michelle and Jordan and made them answer incorrectly. Kevin is evil and he can cast spells. If Jeff had not been put into a stupor by Kevin’s wizardry, he’d still be in the game. Its clear to me that witchcraft is the only reason Kevin has lasted this long in the game, where as truly wonderful game players fell by the wayside.

    1. In season seven, HOH got taken away from someone because there were technical difficulties with some of the buzzers. It wasn’t her fault that some of the buzzers did not work properly so she did not cheat but there was still a redo of the HOH comp. That means if Kevin really did cheat, there should be a redo of the veto comp. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a redo.

      1. Brian, please refresh my memory on that. Was that redo immediately or sometime after? Didn’t they have to rewatch types and retest the buzzers? I remember something happening but I just don’t remember much. I think everyone is just hoping on something but I doubt it will change anything. I think we get what we get, guys. Those that don’t like it now, keep hoping. It was HOPE, wasn’t it Simon and Digg, in the box? I was hoping on Russell coming back in but that went out the window when he walked in the JH door. Just the pits sometimes.

    2. It may not be Kevin’s fault that they did not set it up right, or whatever happened, the rumor is that he saw the questions and had time to think about the answers before the other HG’s. He knew the other HG’s had not seen the question,s as it is alleged he told Natalie he saw them and that gave him an advantage. Well if you know that you have seen the questions and the others HG’s have not and you make a conscious decision to not tell anyone that you have an UNFAIR advantage, well that is CHEATING!!

    3. besides the issue of seeing the questions first, theres the matter of having a calendar… does anyone else remember last season when the contestant was ‘punished’ for keeping a calendar? they are not allowed….

      also, i do think they should redo the POV… maybe keep the same game, but with different questions.

      1. Makeshift calendars were not allowed last season. Makeshift calendars are allowed this season. Rules change. Games progress. Get over it.

    4. If Kev saw some questions in advance during the POV comp, BB’s tech fault or not there should be a rematch (period). Ya know, just like Michelle had to give up her HOH because Chima had a diva melt down.

    5. It is not Michele or Jordan’s fault either. And from the sound of things, Kevin barely beat Michele. If it had been fair, it is likely Michele would have won – so you think it is fair to just tell Michele tough shit, CBS screwed you out of 500 or 50K?

  1. Well, like any other competitions, if First place is found to have cheated or for some reason is disqualified, then First place automatically goes to the second place getter, the POV would not have to be redone just awarded to Michelle!

        1. Hey BBGrandma your making some good points.. From watching the feeds right now I doubt Kevin’s POV will be taken away, at least we’ll know the truth about Pandora’s box tongiht

        2. won’t tonights episode be the nomination ceremony? So the pov won’t be shown tonight. Also I don’t remember there ever being a 30 minute episode, except maybe in season one. Tonight show is on an hour.

        1. what we should do write cbs and complain for a redo because of cheating in envolved or we will help their ratings in the near future when it comes to big brother.

  2. i think that it would be great if its true, but did i miss something because i couldnt find anywhere that he cheated…what did he say??

    1. Hey I really hope that jeff comes back tonight in the pandoras box!
      the show sucks without him!
      also I really want nasty gone I’d rather kevin win over her!
      but now its up to jordon.

      Well I hope you think, and give jeff the 25,000?

      1. i would loooove to have jeff back, but it doesnt look like its in the cards…. theres always All Stars… he’s just toooo sexy not to come back around hahaha

      2. i ditto that shayy!! i just dont want people like nasty and kevin to win because they are greedy brats who play too personal and dirty. its not even fun to watch anymore.

        1. i agree with you. Gnat needs to look in the mirror she calls mich the devil and how she talks about people behind their back .weel Gnat take a hard look in the MIRROR. you are the Devil himself. when she prays over her food she is saying to herself what kind of evil can i do to these people. she wouldn’t know how to pray.

  3. Yeah, I’m missing something too…. where does it suggest he cheated? Maybe it’s just that I don’t understand the challenge.

    Simon, would you please re-post that description of a sociopath? Soo accurate. And a bit scary….

    1. deebee original post

      hmmmm?I happened on some characteristics of a sociopath and it reminded me of the newest HOH on BB11 so I thought I would share.
      *Glibness and Superficial Charm
      *Manipulative and Conning
      They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
      *Grandiose Sense of Self
      Feels entitled to certain things as ?their right.?
      *Pathological Lying
      Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
      *Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
      Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
      *Shallow Emotions
      *Incapacity for Love
      *Need for Stimulation
      Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.
      *Callousness/Lack of Empathy
      Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others? feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.
      *Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
      Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.
      *Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
      Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet ?gets by? by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.
      Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

      1. WOW… yep, that is nasty alright! Did you see how demanding and annoying she got with kevo about the fashion show and what he wanted to wear??? DID YOU GET THAT JASON?? YOUR FIANCE IS A SOCIOPATH!!! Say what?? you had no idea you were getting married? yah…good luck with that! LOL!

        1. So right! You can pretty much take a look at her daily dialog and find something on the SOCIOPATH list in most of what she says. The others you can find something occasionally, but not regularly like Nat. It’s in who she has become as a person.

      2. Wow Simon you hit it right on the Head that is sure Gnat, no doubt about it. if she has a page on my space this needs to go to here. then she can really see herself

      3. Thanks…. I wish I knew how to publish this all over the web, just in case there are still people who think she’s just a brilliant game player.

        I hate to say it but I think Nasty will go far in this world. No conscience or morals to hold her back…. no self-doubt. It makes me crazy.

  4. This was an exciting season, but it has now jumped the shark. Who can watch these 2 scumbag losers win? I can’t. Sorry Michelle, nice try. J/J screwed the pooch by taking out Hep-L instead of Nasty. And, of course, the infamous Russell backdoor – aka, worst move in BB history! Russ or Mich for America’s Fave??? I’m torn, but that’s the only issue that I care about at this point. Oh yeah, I hate Nasty PP!

    1. I agree- Unless they re-do the POV, the 25K is the only thing I care about any more, and it is tough b/w Russell and Michele. I am leaning towards Russell b/c I think he really got screwed with the B/D. Michele had some opportunities to help him and win for herself, and she gave it a good try, but Russel really had the rug pulled out from under him. Also, I kind of want to send J/J (and all other HGs) a message that America liked Russell, too.

  5. Even if it wasn’t a purposeful cheat… what about the illegal calendar that he and Natalie had going to study? I’ve only watched a few seasons but I heard at another blog that their BB rule book says that they cannot write down or record dates, etc. I may have misunderstood that being the rule but since it has been shown on the feeds and BBAD, doesn’t that mean production has been letting them break the rules? Also, I heard that Michelle was using her birth control as a calendar but I don’t understand how. Is she just looking at the number of days and trying to keep straight how long they have been in there or is she not taking her pills so that she can mark the days?

    Is there anyone who can shed some light on this? I like the show but since I haven’t seen all the previous seasons I sometimes get lost on the rules, etc.

    1. I think the thing is yes, last season someone’s calander made of lipstick was taken away. HOWEVER, with Michele using her Birth Control as a calander, are they really going to be allowed to take that away? And if they don’t take that away, it would be unfair to take Nat and Kev’s calander away.

      1. See, I’m not positive that Michelle was using a birth control calendar, I never saw it (I did see Kevin/Natalie) but I did hear it. I hope it’s not true personally because I really like Michelle as a player. More than anything, I didn’t really get HOW she was making it work since the Kev/Nat calendar was so elaborate. If everyone cheated, it would only be right to scrap the comp and do a different type I think. However, I don’t understand why they didn’t stop anyone from doing these things (I’m always hearing BB tell them not to discuss the diary room sessions, etc) since obviously dates will tie into several comps near the end.

        On a slightly different note, I’m a bit depressed that Michelle is probably going home this week. I really thought that her putting up with all the lies that were being told about her, and letting Natalie tell her that she is untrustworthy and being isolated throughout the game… I thought all these things would pay off and give her a shot to compete in the final 3. However, she didn’t get HOH or Veto so, sadly, it looks like poor Michelle is going to the jury house. I just hope that when she goes there she will stop biting her tounge, since the money is no longer an option, and tells certian HGs what’s what.

      2. You got to understand, you have lipstick which is writing down dates then you have playdough which is just making playdough images.

        1. Oh… thanks for trying to explain it to me. I guess sometimes I get caught up on logic making sense before rules making sense. You would think I would have accepted that by now since I work in retail- lol :)

    2. i brought up the calendar thing and someone replied ‘meh meh meh, get over it, meh meh’ so im glad someone else is interested in it.

      1. also, i think michelle is just using her birth control to remember what today’s date is an how many days they’ve been there… but as i understand it, kevin and natalie’s calendar has all the details of all the competitions and things in the house and stuff like that.

  6. Kevin and Natalie both cheated with the calendar. Michelle saw the calendar, looked at it, but she did not report it as far as I know, I have not read or seen anything mentioned about the calendar. The only one who did not know about the calendar was Jordan. Big Brother knew about the calendar and didn’t do anything about it. The only fair thing for BB to do is give POV to Jordan, since she is the only one who didn’t have assess to the calendar. Another thing that bothers me about BB is the fact that they have not stopped Natalie and Kevin from messing with other peoples belongings, and then the statements they make that no one better mess with their stuff. Also I personally hope that they do not air the hateful things Natalie has said about Michelle.

    1. Actually, Michele made her own calander as well. Nat, kev, and Michele are all using calanders. And they did tell Kevin and Natalie to put everything back and stop hiding things or they could be expelled. But when Jeff threatened to cut Russell’s throat, he told BB it wasa joke, and they shrugged it off. That’s favoritism and uncool.

    2. People like you need to buy a vowel. “Michelle did not report the calendar.” WTF??? You don’t think the producers watch what’s on 4,721 of their own cameras to know what’s going on in the house??? They have blind cameramen and producers or what??? Are you a “kissing cousin” of Jordan’s from West Virginia or what? ?? Enough of this stupid calendar-cheating-crap. Rules change. Games progress. Grow up. Buy a clue.

  7. I really have been annoyed this week. Nat acts like she is an ANGEL! NOT EVEN CLOSE NAT. she has back stabbed everyone just like each and every person does in the big bro house. I seriously can not stand her in this game and she completely floated her way to the finals. But sooo did kevin and hate to say it jordan. The differnce with them though is that they can admit it and kevin has actually stepped his game up 110%. Nat trys to play the good game player card and it is soooo flipping backwards.
    ohhhh and Michelle is not the devil she is playing a game towards 1/2 mill. grow up you 24 year old liar….. at least michelle has played the game BY HER SELF and still is in the game. she really truely deserves to be in the finals along with kev or jordan. nat needs to float her way to the jury house.

    1. If Michelle leaves at F4, then she deserves American’s Vote for $25,000. She’s worked harder and tolerated more unfair and undeserved ridicule and dirision than any other HG in recent memory. VOTE MICHELLE FOR $25K!

  8. Just a note – kinda off topic. I also laugh at Jordan and her cookie dough – that WILL catch up with her, but everyone bashing what a cow she is? Take a look at the pic of her taking her shirt off – she has a great body! Not everyone can be 35 pounds underweight! I think she looks fabulous – for now….no wonder young girls have such image issues.

    Please BB gods – find some way to get rid of NataLIE!

    1. I would laugh if they redid it and Kevin won again. Cause then everyone would come on here and claim he cheated again. Haha, it’s sad is what it is.

  9. Would not be surprised if he cheated that is what him and pp do lie, cheat, harrass, mess with other peoples stuff, which I thought was illegal! Wonder if he will be man enough to admit it?

  10. Where did this rumor begin about the suppose cheating by Kevin seeing the question before the others did? Where did someone hear he said that to Natalie? I think that rumor was put out there by BB/CBS to keep you that are calling and emailing them that you are not watching anymore to get you to keep watching to see if they caught him. Did you ever think of that? Seriously, where did this start from?

  11. I hold out little hope of Jordan winning POV but you never know. With Jeff gone and Jordan hanging on by a thread I don’t really care to watch. But the more nasty you play the longer you stay I guess in the BB house. Natalie seems to be a horrible person. If the only person I had to “win for” was Chema I would quit!! This is why I know that Natalie is not a good person – she really likes Chema. If Russell has not been SUCH a hothead I believe he could have gone far or maybe won. But the least little thing he blew up. This is my 6th season of watching but by far this has been my least favorite. My very least. And again with Jeff gone, the only guy who is, it appears, a real “stand-up” guy is gone. Luck to Jordan and if all else fails luck to Michelle. Oh I hope Season 12 will be better!!

  12. This is what Kevin said AFTER the POV Comp

    Cam 1

    KEVIN: And it helped that we had technical errors, cuz I was like, ok, these are the questions I need to think about.
    NATALIE: What do you mean, technical errors?
    KEVIN: Like, we had to stand next to the door and face the wall…

    Trivia… momentarily, while production tries to hide any signs of impropriety around Kevin’s win.

    Feeds return a moment later to the happy camper up in HoH.

  13. KEV did tell Gnat that he saw the answers. so i would consider that cheating, i have said all along BB is helping him and Gnat win this game. and if it hey don’t redo POV and not let kev play for cheating just mich and jordo . then you know BB is helping them.

  14. Every body should contact CBS/BBs viewer lower page feedback link and post your concerns over Kevin Cheating on the POV and Kevin and Nat cheating with the Calandar
    go now fast get their attention!!!

  15. The thing of the matter is on Jordon’s weight/eating. She is not, in any way, fat. However, she does eat too much and at this rate, her being very fat in the future is possible. Girl needs to cut back.

  16. Wouldn’t it be great if when they evicted the next houseguest, the door doesn’t open and they get to stay. I think that happened one year, when they were voted out but got to stay.

  17. I don’t understand why the HGs think Nat is 18. They all know that you have to be 21 to be on BB but with all the talk by Nat of her gambling in Las Vegas they should have called her out on it since you can not gamble in Nevada unless you are over 21. Also do they really think BB would alow an 18 y,o to drink Alcohol on camera? I think not.

    1. i dont wanna go crazy and be like “HE’S A CHEATER! PUMPKIN EATER!” because i really dont think he WANTED to cheat, he just had an opportunity that was hard to avoid.

    2. I really wanted Michele to win, but it sounds like Kevin was given an unfair advantage due to technical problems, so I don’t think he should be penalized because CBS screwed up and he got the benefit. To be fair to everyone, they should re-do the POV using the same game, but with different questions. Funny how Jordan mentioned all she could think of was Jeff, and he wasn’t the answer to any of them. Didn’t Michele say Kevin should have known the answers b/c the questions were about his friends? Sounds like the questions may have been angled towards N/K anyway.

  18. It should be a redo. If he admitted to seeing the questions then even if it wasn’t his fault he had an unfair advantage. I would say the same if any of the houseguests seen them. Nasty and Kevin should of been kicked out along time ago for messing with and hiding items. They both are being plain mean! Why mess with Michelle, she knows she is going home, let her be. Why rub it in. Does Nasty think she is going to actually win? If I were a jury member I would vote for Kevin. She has done nothing but lie since the moment she walked in. There are times that yes you need to lie but her lies are far beyond game play. She is mean and walks around like she has a stick up her bum. If I was in the house when she walked around scuffing her feet with everyone elses HOH slippers on I would of pulled them off her feet and thrown them out. I stopped watching because one I can’t stand her, Michelle and Jordan are boring without Jeff and Russel and Kevin never really did much either.

    Natalie and Kevin are the two most unlikable (people) house guests in the cast. It’s a shame one of them will probably win.

    They are both just mean spirited, which I believe is exposing their true character. There is no need to refer to them as “bitches” and “evil”.

    Good God Natalie…do you REALLY think you haven’t sold out?…and Kevin, you just exude cattiness and bitchy-ness!
    …wait until your enlarged prostate turns on you!

    You make a great match…the only thing to look forward to at this point, would be if you turn on each other!

  20. Every season we get to the point where it becomes impossible to believe that Big Brother is not being rigged. The producers decide how they generally want things to go and they orchestrate it to happen that way (which is why they won’t let conversations continue when HGs are talking either about production or DR sessions). But, sometimes it gets caught on tape….Kevin having an advantage during the recent POV competition, Natalie winning anything at all, etc. I think when it has become obvious, they should AT LEAST have a new competition. No Jordan wouldn’t win, but MIchelle might.

    1. It is completely possible that Kevin might lose the POV after his little cheating admission…I hope so. My grandma told me ” Cheater’s never Prosper”…please Big Brother, don’t let this mean-hearted, animal hating person win any cash.

      1. No nothing well nothing but played the game as a decent human which awarded him the vote by the viewers. But I guess some people think cheating is a much more “deserving” way to win a game.

        1. What and being so dumb you stab your OWN alliance member in the back is a reason to win the game? The first chance Jeff actually had the possibility of going home he did. Bad BB player.

          Jeff also had an unfair advantage because of the way CBS edit the show. Get said he wanted to slit Russell’s throat and kill his and Michelle’s families if they betrayed him. Meanwhile it was Jeff who betrayed THEM. Yet America saw none of this on CBS. If they had shown him saying things like that and bossing Jordan around all the time maybe he wouldn’t have got the Coup.

  21. Deffinetly!
    disqualify nasty or kevin, To leave jordon and michelle
    to final2
    or bring back jeff, say goodbye to mich?
    oh goshh I miss jeff!!!
    I want him back maybe bb will realize he was the eyecandy, and ratings
    and bring him back?
    He deserves the money out of anyone!

    Plus he diddnt get goodbye messages, or his picture going grey.

    What so u think?

    Ps. Witchcraft thing is BS

    1. Blah Blah blah its rigged so Nat and Kev win…..But BB please bring Jeff back even after he has been voted out…You Jeff lovers are totally blind! WAKE UP HES NOT COMING BACK

      1. Yeah, it’s not like Jeff was Laura or anything. Bring Laura back, CBS! This show is totally rigged! You expect us to believe that in America, a woman like Laura with such big breasts would be evicted from a tv show?!?! C’mon! It’s totally rigged. It hasn’t been the same since Laura left. She’s the only one that made the show entertaining. I’ve kept watching, but I hate it, I hate CBS and I hate myself for doing it. But maybe if I keep watching, they’ll bring her back! They have to bring Laura back! She deserves to win, no one else!

        (If you found that annoying, baselss, ridiculous and unrealistic, then think about how others feel reading the same remarks about Jeff time after time after time)

  22. this is the first season of BB i have ever seen and it is HORRIBLE. reality tv my ass!!!! they have hired people who are either pretty and dumb or completely delusional. I really hope that this is not the norm and they just got a batch of burnt cookies!!! i will never watch this show again!!!

    1. Honey……….you will watch it…………”if you are reading blogs……….and commenting like the rest of us………… are just like us……..addicted…………..admitt it?

    2. making alliances and denying you have one is one thing but to sabotage someone else things and call them all kind of names is childish and should be written into the BB rules (if there are any). As for NataLIE, I really do not think she has much of a chance with the jury because they will all know that she was a liar from the start with the “Im only 18”. I would like to she her corn cob up the butt walk walk out that door and to the jury before its over. Her and Lydia are by far the 2 worst people in this game. Put them both on Survivor and see how far they go.

    3. Yea, you know what, come to think of it, I still think Jeff is coming back. Are you sure his picture didn’t go greY?

      It would be great to see Their faces if he walked back in the house. Poor Jordo’ would be so happy,haha, and America would be happy that the evil stinky duo would face danger and get the hell out!

      Stupid Jeff though, he should of left Kevin locked in that room! Damn!

      1. Its gray on this site its gray in the house…were not gonna watch cuz Jeff is gone but we will be glued to the show and the BB web sites to see if he comes back. Ratings will not be affected…Jeff lovers are still watching in hopes he will come back. You do realize the show ends in two weeks right? Just keep watching with your fingers crossed you will see Jeff again. When hes in the Jury house!

  23. Just got in from church. Reading the blog.
    What is all the chatter about RE-DO the POV.
    Don?t know what it is (1080i), but I like it and I want it…
    In fact I like RE-DO so much and giving the prize to the 2nd place winner.
    We should RE-DO the following:
    Lets RE-DO the last election / the 2nd place wins
    Let?s RE-DO the COLD WAR but keep the Space Race / the 2nd place wins
    Let?s RE-DO World War 2 but keep World War 1 / the 2nd place wins
    Let?s RE-DO the Civil War but keep the War of 1812 / the 2nd place wins
    In fact lets just RE-DO the whole thing over and no one ever migrate out of Africa
    That would solve our little Nat and Kev problem we have today / GET A LIFE!!!!.

    1. Hanglow, that diddnt make sense, you don’t know what your talking about!
      he cheated,
      they diddnt cheat in wars, he got head starts it was unfair,
      plus jeff should come back, because he deserves to win the money soo much.

      So yah

      1. Hey (shayy- I Miss Jeff), it is not just Hanglow but Hanglow10 ? when soft. But if you are a female it could be Hanglow12.58 ? when HARD, If you are a male it is always Hanglow – zero.

        1. Simon, I apologize to you and your associates, but even I have a little time to respond to these little girls and boys / NO Men or Women here.(The gonna be a bitch?s only club). I do enjoy the exchange. I am sure that they are very sweet and nice people. I agree that if you cheat in any way it should be DQ?ed. So what did Kevin do? What did he have control over and how did he use that control? I think these people just need to get laid. Oh, by the way, I am Mormon. On my way back to church. Lets see what happens.

        1. I think he alluded to the fact that we all are from Africa, originally, not just dark skinned people. You’re not a dumbass for thinking that, though, because he only mentioned Natalie and Kevin (the non-white players) as being affected if we had not. I could be wrong, though. It’s hard to figure out what that guy means half the time.

      1. I agree that if you cheat in any way it should be DQ for that person. I have watched every BB season and I have never seen BB let the HG use any type of calendar that they made from various items in the house. If Kev did have any type of tech glitch advantage he shoud be DQ and the POV should go to the 2nd place person Michele.

      1. I agree that if you cheat in any way it should be DQ?ed. So what did Kevin do? What did he have control over and how did he use that control? I think these people just need to get laid. Oh, by the way, I am Mormon. On my way back to church. Lets see what happens.

    2. um… did you just compare big brother to the cold war, ww1, ww2, the war of 1812 and african immigration?

      k, just checking.

        1. Okay, maybe the guy is racist and I shouldn’t have defended him. We all came from Africa. Pre-historic Africans did not immigrate directly to the Americas, it’s true, but to the Indo-European region and from there to Asia, and from there across the Bering Strait to North America, then to the rest of the Americas. DNA tells us so. It didn’t take slaves to give us Afircan genes in America.

    3. Hey “hanglow1” :),
      First thing, you’re a racist.
      Second thing, if you have to brag about it, you ain’t got it.
      For me this has nothing to do with Nat or Kev, I want Michelle to win. I’m just commenting because I really dislike people who hide behind the computer to spew racism. ‘Lil bois’ bragging about the size of their penises over the net is just hysterical!

  24. This season is a farce. Natalie is a horrible liar and schemed I can’t atone where she gets her sick ideas on the pranks she wants to do on others. Sad to say that two bad people without morales will win. And yes I know it’s a game but they took it to far. Stealing other people items etc good riddance bb11.

    1. This season is not a farce.. It’s a game (that you said you realized) but obviously you don’t.
      Just like all the other ridiculous comments on this site about Natalie ad Kevin, you are writing with yourheart (If you have one) and not your head. The farce is all these nasty comments and name calling about people you don’t know and the game that they are playing. Natalie freely admits that she lies and schemes, and if any of you silly people would look at her profile, that is what BB already knows and thought it would spice up the game, and by golly they were right….And she is a skilled liar, not a horrible one…She’s good and that’s why she’s still in it to win it.. Kevin won the POV so accept it..I hope Natalie and Kevin are final 2. All you haters act like you’ve never told a lie or cheated or anything, some of you wish you had the chance to lie without repercussions and win $500,00 for doing so. Yes, you may hate Natalie and Kevin, but guess what, THEY DON”T GIVE A SHIT!!!!

      1. Uhhh, not really, Natalie the pigpen is always saying how Truthful she is, how she has never lied in this game, on & on (of course that one little one she admitted to). She constantly tells people it’s the god’s truth.

      2. Actually no – 500K would not be worth treating others with such utter lack of empathy or compassion as Kevin and Natalie have shown with the way they trash talk everyone, steal from them and willing to cheat to win. If it is to you well then I imagine you keep company with the like. Each to their own but I have a different standard of what is important in my life and some things money can’t buy

        1. Do you understand the point of the show?

          You don’t go on BB to prove what a good person you are you go on to be on TV and to win money and prizes.

          How you act in the house has nothing to do with real life.

          That is why it is cut off from the outside world. Otherwise they would just have a bunch of people in a random house in the Valley.

          Going to Ralphs. Exciting.

      3. Well, I think you are right. They did it and the others fell into the trap. Maybe the smack they share between each other about the others behind their backs is a bit childish but that is not game. That is just talk. They lied to get to the next round and the others believed them. The others lied, also, but just didn’t get as far. Some lies worked, others didn’t. Darn it if the ones we don’t like as well didn’t get to the well!

  25. I do not feel sorry for Michelle, I feel sorry for her husband. She is horny, hot and weak. Russell will be riding that girl day and night in the jury house . That will be your (Unseen) BB Showmance this season. By the time she get to see her husband, she will be worn out and looking for a divorce lawyer. Thanks Simon for a fine job.

    1. I should have said “Rode Hard and put away WET”. Am I the only one that picked up on their relationship? Jeff definatly did and called her out on why was she crying when he evicted him from the BB house.

      1. Way off base. I’ve watched the feeds every day and there was no relationship between Michelle and Russel except her playing the game and looking for a friend. PLEASE……..Michelle may be socially awkward, but many with very high IQ’s have social awkwardness. She has played the game, without cheating and she deserves to win as much as anyone. Natalie tried to hide her birth control pills. Natalie hid her gloves before a competition. She has been a clear threat to other HG’s because of her intelligence. No crime there.

        1. To (Yae Dum Dum) if Michelle is fertile, she will be delivering an arab baby in 9 months / Get over it. You are right / She did find a friend (A friend with benefits.)

      2. you have got to be kinding, Lydia will be jerking Jessie and Russell day and night. Now Michele might chase Jeff around the house in hopes of sqeeze, unlessJordan makes it to Jury house before her than her and Jeff will be doing the banging. All you will hear from the driveway at the jury house moans and grones and Dude I got got

        1. He said he’s Mormon, like, twnety-seven times. Usually that means either someone feels morally superior because of their religion or that it’s bait to draw in negative comments against the entire religion based on his own. Then, in the latter case, he has firepower against everyone else when they call him a bigot or racist or sexist, etc.

      3. Hanglow 10 you are a complete moron!!!! You obviously haven’t been watching the show or you would have known that the reason Michelle was crying when Russell left was because she knew her chance at the $500K was walking out the door with him!
        For all of you people that still want Jeff back and wish Kevin & Nat were gone…there is NO ONE to blame but that idiot Jeff and blockhead Jordan!!!! They had a WALK to the final 4 with Russell and Michelle and SCREWED all 4 of them!!!! Get over Jeff! He is a complete numbnut!!!!! I DO feel sorry for Michelle because JEFF & JORDAN screwed her!!!!
        I’m not watching any more because I can’t stand Nat & Kevin because of all the ‘low blows” they have inflicted throughout this game. Game, yes……but those 2 have gone far beyond game play. Nat won’t win the big money unless she goes up against Jordan, because everyone in the Jury house knows about the 18 yr. old lie..they may even vote for Jordan over her (doubt it). Doesn’t matter. Now that Michelle will be gone it’s not worth watching anyway.

      4. Once again Hanglow -0 you reveal yourself. I think you’ve got the hots for Michelle. You’re hot and frustrated because you know down deep she wouldn’t look twice at a racist, small headed like you, so instead you spend your time fantasizing about who she would want. ;)

      5. I guess by that reasoning, Chima wanted to have sex with Jessie? She was more depressed than anyone. One day, when you mature, you’ll realize that not everything in the world revolves around sex.

    2. If crying when the leave is a sign of being sexually active with a HG then is that why The spastic three were all crying when Jessie left? Don’t think Michelle had anything more going on with Russell then having him watch her back and she knew it.

  26. Really, no one here besides Michelle deserves to win. Natalie and Kevin are disgusting! They hardly have done anything but lie and now cheat. Now, I know and understand that lying may be a part of the game but this is just unacceptable!

    The producers should really make Natalie shower, I can smell her from here! Kevin is just nasty. No one likes them too, its funny, America are split between Jordan and Michelle with votes, and Kevin and Nasty Natalie are literally between 20 people, maybe less,lol….

    I/m still hoping for a big change in the game with Pandoras Box, I have a feeling it will happen…

  27. I agree, I can’t stand Nat and Kevin. They make me sick. But the fact is, in the real world, this is how it works. People that cheat and hang on coat tails, get what they want. People that are nice and work their asses off, get kicked in the ass for it. Welcome to the real word. It sucks……… BIG BROTHER IS JUST GIVING US THE BIG PICTURE…….

    1. May be the real world but in the end the scum of the world who win at no cost and use people end up with messed up relationships, no one who really cares for them and a life that is pretty shallow, short term happiness at a cost of long term misery. As I see it Nat and Kevin exposed themselves on national TV as parasites, and lying cheating thiefs, and in the real world after their 50K or 500 K is spent who the hell will hire them or want much to do with them – only other lying cheating scum that will use them the same way.

    2. ladykay – that was the most honest thing I have ever read and you hit it spot on. It sucks that this is the way things are! I’m one of those that busts my ass every single day and I get sh!t on. The sad part is, younger people are going to watch how PP & Kevin are behaving and getting away with things and are most likely going to walk away with the big bucks and will start emulating them. It’s a sad, sad world we live in!

  28. for everyone concerned about kev’s cheating:

    i found this on website. if you want fairness please respond. and w/luck we’ll have a new pov comp

    CALL ALLISON 1-818-325-6900 EX 6903 DIRECT LINE

    9-5 2:35:42 pm….

    Nat says: you studied dude
    and it paid off.That calendar, it paid off..
    Kevin says:I was like a crazy mofo.
    Nat said:that is what you need to do like studying
    for an exam
    Kevin :and it helped that they had technical errors cause I was like ….oh these are the type of questions i need to think about.

    Nat said what do you mean about technical errors

    Kevin : Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall

    Conversation Gets Cut.. trivia

    After All of that: remember to be respectful to AG not to trash the HG’s but demand a fair PoV be played!!

    1. Joy: Thanks for the phone number; called at least 30 times to protest Kevin’s POV. Hopefully, America wins on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Can’t stand Kevin and Natilie………and yes Mikeny, Natalie should take a shower, but she may clog up the drain with all the Sh**** that come from her itty bitty brain!

        1. Or not. I mean, it’s your money and your time to waste, but did you really call 30 times? I can’t imagine that call 29 would be taken anymore seriously than call 1, when it comes from the same person. It seems a little obsessive. I’m sure your opinion was noted with the first call. Unless you used aliases and disguised your voice or something. And I think that takes you a whole ‘nother level of obsession.

    2. If BB does not do anything to Kev for using any type of assistants such as a technical error and the calendar that he and Nat made, well I don;t understand what is going on. Michele should be the winner of the last POV comp simply based on the calendar that he and Nat made. Both Kev and Nat will do anything to win and if BB lets them continue to break rules they are part of the problem and not the solution. CBS, you need to get involed.

      1. michelle has a calendar too, so if that’s how they determined the winner then jordon’s got it. they need to redo the whole thing.

    3. thanks for the info joy. you should repost it often on each blog so everyone gets it. the more calls the better!

  29. remember when we couldn’t understand why mich wasn’t upset after the veto comp. she kept smiling in the mirror. maybe she turned him in and she knows something is gonna happen????

  30. You guys are ridiculous, they aren’t taking away the POV from Kevin, stop being bitter. Hell, I’m bitter too, Natalie is my least favorite house guest in BB history, and I don’t like Kevin either, but get real people. Kevin specifically said “WE” had to turn and face the wall, meaning Michelle and Jordan were there too. The competition wasn’t done separately, they all competed at the same time. Which means Michelle and Jordan were not at a disadvantage at all, they saw/heard the same things Kevin did. If Michelle or Jordan had won the POV and said the same thing Kevin did, no one would give a rats ass at all, it’s all favoritism, and you guys are blinded by it.

    1. That’s a great point you made about what was overheard. If they all overheard it, it makes it fair game, unless Kevin was positioned closer to whatever was overheard. I agree with everything you said up to the favoritism part. I’m not saying people don’t have their favorites, I’m just not convinced anyone wouldn’t say that same thing about Michellle (a.k.a. Coocoo Magoo) or Jordan (a.k.a. Jordough).




  32. if kevin cheated and BB knew it would they just do a redo for the pov or would they kick him off for cheating? and why would kevin be stupid enough to say anything knowing the cameras hear and see it all. shit I would keep it to myself til after the game was all over and if I won would never say nothing ( they might take the money back) :)

  33. if kevin cheated and BB knew it would they just do a redo for the pov or would they kick him off for cheating? and why would kevin be stupid enough to say anything knowing the cameras hear and see it all. shit I would keep it to myself til after the game was all over and if I won would never say nothing ( they might take the money back) :)

  34. Pig Pen has made this entirely personal, and I am sure she lives her personal life embroiled in an equal amount of drama. She revels in others fury and frustration, often stirring the pot so to speak. She’s useless and a habitual liar. Which in turn also makes her a blatant hypocrite. dont waste your time protesting the pov will stay the same, pandoras box was irrelevant, jeff is NOT coming back, and unfortunately pig pen will probably win(just threw up in mouth) BB11. she should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.

    1. It’s refreshing to see so many people upset at the lying and bad behavior that is going on in the House and the reluctance to see them rewarded for their actions, even if the game’s rules allow the behavior to take place. However, it is worrisome as to HOW upset people are. Get an STD and burn in hell? Sheesh. It’s not like she’s Glenn Beck or anything.

  35. The link pertaining to Kevin’s cheating doesn’t work, but from what I gather from the comments, Kevin had a delay during the POV comp due to tech error? Which gave him more time to think about the questions? Is that correct?

  36. wth hanglow, maybe go back to church…omigosh bb needs to take action – DISQUALIFY THE CHEATERS!

    Ty for the number

    And btw shutup people when you don’t low what your talking about (hanglow)

    1. Take your own advice.

      None of us know what we’re talking about regarding the POV and wont until the episode airs. For all we know there was just a problem that resulted in him (or possibly ALL of them) more time to think about what questions may be asked. Perhaps he did see the questions though. WE DON’T KNOW. All this jumping to conclusions is very, very immature and sad.

      Some people here(Nat fans and Nat haters) make Chima, Lydia, Ronnie, Jeff, Kevin, Russell, Michele, Braden, Natalie and all of them look like ANGELS. Seriously people…calm down.

      1. Kevin admitted to cheating on BBAD. I feel this game is rigged. We do not get to see the feeds 24/7. They cut the feeds so no one really knows what happens behind the scenes. I for one will not pay to watch feeds ever again. Simon and Dawg do a great job of the 411 and it is enough for me to know what is going on. Thanks S n D.

  37. I wish Jeff would get brought back too!!!! He is the only one I wanted to win and deserves to win based on game play….If it has to be between the 4 that is there now I hope Jordon wins over anyone else….Natalie and Kevin did nothing this whole time but lie to everyone. The both say that they have been loyal through out this whole process but there have been numerous times they lied including the time they told Jeff that if he used the veto to backdoor Russel and save one of them and then next thing you know they put him up on the block and he’s gone….I dislike them so much and really considered not watching the show anymore…I realize that its a game and all that but I just dont like seeing people who didnt really play the game well win….Russel would be better then Natalie or Kevin…Anyway lets all hope that this Pandoras box thing will be good..

    1. Based on gameplay? He played a terrible game and the only reason he got Jessie out and took over the game was because of the CDT. He got a lucky break and took advantage UNTIL he screwed his alliance and sent himself and Russell packing…now Michele and Jordan will soon join him. But if you are ok with CDT giving Jeff a lucky break, what’s the problem with Kev’s POV win being a lucky break?

      And why is Jordan better then Natalie? They both suck at challenges. Each have one fair win and one undeserved win. But Natalie played a smarter game by lying and outsmarting J/J. Why is Jordan better then Kev or Michele? They both outplayed her strategically and competitivly. The only person post-jury Jordan would have deserved to beat in the final two was Lydia.

  38. I apologize to everybody. I just realized what a complete moron I am with my comments on here. Please accept my apologies. And by the way, I was lying about church……haven’t been in years. And if you read my posts, you’ll also see that I’m lacking in education. Sorry about my spelling and grammatical errors.





  40. Come on people. Do you really think AG is going to listen to all of those messages? She’ll hear the # of messages and all that tells her is that people are still watching and still reading. The only true way to have an impact is to quit watching the show and to not visit their website. But that isn’t going to happen. Their numbers are probably up substantially.

  41. Re-Do the POV. It would make for great television and definitely increase ratings!!! ( and it would sooo piss off gNat and Kevin supporters)

    1. i think they would just redo it considering it was technically their error… they gave him the opportunity to cheat.

  42. Is it just my computer or is everyone else missing today’s updates? All I’m getting for today is the one talking about the house guests sleeping their money away. The other updates are gone.

  43. “The link pertaining to Kevin?s cheating doesn?t work, but from what I gather from the comments, Kevin had a delay during the POV comp due to tech error? Which gave him more time to think about the questions? Is that correct?”


    Pretty much, but seeing as how they all competed at the same time, they all got the same delay, and all got the same amount of time to think. Basically everyone’s bitter that Kevin or Natalie will win the game, so their grasping at any straws they can get ahold of. I don’t blame them for not like Kevin or Natalie, because I don’t either, but the POV was fair for all 3, and Kevin won it.

    1. He admitted to seeing the answers. AG has picked who they want to win. Nasty and Kevin have been cheating with the calendar, hiding and stealing other HGs property. I guess this game is like corp. Liers and cheaters always rewarded. Nice and honest people finish last.

  44. simon is ther server working intermittenly? i have been sending e mails in the last hr and only 1 (that duplicated) went through? or are you deleting some? I never send anything offensive .

      1. whatever. i only talk about the game and never bad mouth anyone so if thats idiotic (because I dont make up racist or homophobic) nicknames , or say things like I wish they were dead etc… then so be it.

        1. hey porkchop…i wouldnt bother even responding to him, her, it because they obviously get off on getting people to respond by saying immature and unintelligent things. yes, i believe something is going on with the site because it is not just you have mentioned problems. hold tight, im sure simon or dawg are on it, they always are. =>

          1. thank you. I don’t bad mouth people in life so am not gonna do it on here either. and i don’t read the BS comments from the ones who do.

  45. I agree Lavin!!! I think if this was a true reality show that the producers would have let the game play out instead of fixing competions (or lack) of so they can script the game and screw up my summer!!!!!! I want my time back CBS! What a hoax!

  46. I really dont have a comment on how the game is being played, just wanted to say that Kevin is a Bobble Head Fairy! no disrespect to gays. I just can’t stand his streotypical demeaner. He seems to get more and more flamboyant as time goes by….

  47. am watching CBS and thought that was so funny when Kevin stripped the mannequin of the clothes (during the clothes comp) and said “give me the scarf bitch” to the mannequin LOL

    1. That was funny. He has his moments I do say. He sure likes to call everyone and everything B**ch though, getting old Kevin, find a new word. lol

  48. Okay, I cheated. During this technical problem I had longer to think of my next comment. Well, you would think I could at least come up with a better one, wouldn’t you? Sorry, Digg, but I hope I made you smile a little while you are pulling out your hair to try and get it going again. You, too, Simon. We will all be here when you get back. Take all the time you need. Love ya!

  49. ya know – was working thursday & dvr’d BB, but since I checked the site saw Jeff was gone & Nasty won HOH I have had no desire to watch it or even get too interested in the posts. I can only hope there is some kind of re-do as it’s my only hope of having any interest. If Michelle goes I just don’t care who wins. I’ll watch but it isn’t like before.
    I can’t stand Nat or Kevin. Whether they played the game best or not – ugh!! Guess maybe next year we can hope for something better.
    Thanks Simon & Dawg for keeping us updated!!

  50. Tell me Nat, what the F*** do you do with YOUR life besides stalk this site with sniper remarks? You have stated your position ad nauseum, are you really that bored that you have to keep saying how much you love Nat? Wait until she (?) gets out and go for it, but stop wasting our time.

      1. Agree!!!I don’t like Nat but maybe she’s the kind who doesn’t like to express her feelings (I mean, the human ones) on national Tv. She wasn’t really excited!!! Besides, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder because she’s been going on how her BF was cuter or hotter than some people… Well, I wouldn’t call him cute or hot.

    1. When I was watching, I was thinking that she doesn’t seem too excited or emotional about being proposed to. Then I thought what Ana said earlier ‘she doesn?t like to express her feelings’ But, now you just reminded me of the fit and crying that she expressed about Jessie.
      Things that make you go hmmm…

  51. was the pandoras box door always there (minus the sign) or do they add it when the pandora game is played? also Nat was right she did see BF, get engaged and lost POV. she did lie and tell HG’s that when she opened it up she could only get 50 K even if she won.

  52. Nat even lied to her own boyfriend. She gave up alot? She gave up squat!

    Plus, is it just me or are the bloggers today a bit on edge? It’s all good folks. It’s just a game.

  53. So to everyone that called Nat a liar for saying her boyfriend proposed to her, its not nice to bad mouth people when there telling the truth. Team Natalie all the way.

  54. So to everyone that called Nat a liar for saying her boyfriend proposed to her, its not nice to bad mouth people when there telling the truth. Team Natalie all the way.

    1. Sorry Tam, but the little pig has lied about EVERYTHING to everyone. So forgive us if we wouldn’t in million years think BB would reward the disgusting skank with a loved one’s visit.

  55. I can’t believe she wasn’t lying. I still feel like there is something more that’s going to happen. Why would they say the JH is involved??? I must admit it was a riot when those guys were running around bugging the other HG’s.. Nat’s BF is quite good looking.. what he sees in her I’ll never know but to each its own

    1. I laughed my head off when those critters were going around scaring and annoying Jordan, Kevin and Michelle. My husband wanted to know why I was laughing so hard I cried. LOL

  56. This is BY FAR the most lame season of Big Brother EVER first of all a SUPER unlikable cast ever, secondly the most lame twist ever and thirdly the EXTREME bending of the rules for some houseguests. Why am i still watching you may ask, i am unsure the only thing i can think is that i am praying things will get better but at this point it does not look like it will. Dang Big Brother for making me a pathetic addict!

  57. BB has officially jumped the shark… Expect the unexpected this season was the worst for not having enough twists it was really lame someone at CBS should be fired for not being creative at all this show with the exception of the CDE it has really been lame…. Pandora’s Box was really lame… What a waste of time…. CBS needs to come up with better things for next season if there is another one…..

  58. yeah, julie also said that pandora’s box was gonna change the game… i really dont think nat not playing POV is really changing the game. Maybe there will be another PB next week too.

    1. CBS should have let the other HGs see what choices Nasty had to pick (Nasty not knowing they can see her) while PB was going on. So when she made the selffish pick, they could see how seflfishly Nasty really is.

  59. Vote Casey!

    Casey “What are you, his pitbull or something?

    Casey was clearly the funniest guy in the house, and he deserves the 25 grand over any of the HG. IMHO!

      1. frenchlady I did vote for Michele!! I agree she is got this far all by herself. I just wish we could vote more than 1 time on line like they can with the text messages, they get 10 votes doing that. Go Michele !!!

  60. i like how the voting has changed for fav houseguest.

    and a side note for all stating that we’re awful for saying that gnatalie was lying about getting engaged – once you’re known to be a liar it takes a very hard time to be believed, you will always be doubted….

    1. Oh, I’m sorry Sweetie, but I got to vote for Russell. I just liked him from the start even when others didn’t. But, Jeff is going to Hawaii and maybe with Jordon and he might get lucky! Michelle, I hope she wins a trip, too. Somewhere real romantic where her husband can make up for lost time with her. And, her eyes will roll back in her head with all the love. Yes, Grandma does know how that works! I have seen the back of my eyeballs a few times. Too much info from the old lady, I know.

    2. Sorry, can’t vote for Jeff because I can’t vote for stupidity. He lost the game for his entire alliance, and I can’t reward that.

      1. I’m voting for Michelle or Russell.

        I liked Russell, he just made bad choices but I liked him and since Jeff took his trip, I think he deserves a little something extra.

  61. Argh. There has never been another season where it got down to the final four and the most likely two (kevin & natalie) to go all the way, are both so darn….underserving. I can usually pick a fav of the final two, that I hope will win but there’s a thin line separating kevin and natalie. I’d vote for kevin, of course…

    JEFFF – we love you!! You should have won!

    1. Jeff didn’t win because he made stupid choices. He should have made strategic decisions instead of being emotional. The whole reason K/N are as far as they are is because of Jeff. Such a pity.

      1. Davor -ITA. This season definitely comes into second place as far as ” God, these are the last two people that I want to see win the whole game”. June & Alison were mean. I couldn’t have cared less when it was down to them. If it’s just Kevin & Natalie, I’ll feel the same way. At this point, it’s a toss up between Jeff & Michelle for my America’s fav vote.

        1. The ironic thing is that she will watch it later and think she looks so amazing…Saw your reply about her BF going to CBS and you may be onto something there!

  62. Question? who is the deciding vote for the win? there is only 6 in the jury house, 2 to choose from, you need 7 or who will decide?

        1. The outlines for the Jury vote being a America’s Vote was released by BB production upon the removal of CHIMA from the game.

  63. she laied that lie on tooo thick thats why nobody believed her, sayin that the jury votes would be reversed if they were mostly for her was ENOUGH that she was tied up blind folded and could hear anythin and the way she ALWAYS talk when shes lyin bein all jittery …………..

  64. OMG, so Natalie is engaged? The BF is cute? He did tell her that stuff? OMG the girl got some of us, too! Told you she could throw us off her game with the truth! Damn, that girl is good!!!! Darn her!! I’m on the west coast so I am getting all this from your comments. Are you tricking me?

  65. I am voting for Michelle to get the $25000, my poor underdog scientist. I wish she would have won the half a million, but oh well.

  66. yeah???? but there will be a quiz about the peeps that came in the house. Nat will not be able to answer any of the questions she was not there did not see

    1. only the ceremony will be live… where whoever (it may not be kevin after all, we dont really know) will announce if they choosed to use the veto.

  67. Hey BB how about if you had done this for the twist with Pandora’s Box If Natalie decided to open the box to see her loved one then there would have been no Veto competition at all…. What would Natalie have done then….

  68. I think CBS has just done a giant CYA!!! They are in full control of the edits of things said in the Diary Room. It wouldn’t be hard to make us think that Kevin truly has doubts about Natalie still being loyal to him. His last comments COULD make you think that she has told one to many lies to him, and now he would consider saving himself, putting up Jordon and then voting her out. That would leave him with N. and M. to go to final three. Just that glimmer of hope might quiet down all the noise on this blog and others. Don’t fall for it people – I think we know how this will turn out!

    1. i agree if kevin had ay common sense he would take t her puttin his ass up as a sign of her gettin ready to strike and make a power move to that half- a – milli… even though she told him she was puttin him up, regardless she did NOT know he or she would win POV she intended on getton him or michelle out this week she claimes she foolin people but she haven’t fooled anybody about her not havin an alliance with kevin ever since jessie got evicted she been in an alliance with him …now that he’s POV winner he needs to make a move now get jordon out and go after natalie so huk and michelle can be in the final 2 , THATS the only way he can win that 500k, if he be’s as stupid as we all think he is natalie will win the 500k that he helped carry her too because iof it wasn’t for people carrying natalie no way in hell would she have come this far, she needs to spolit that money with the people who carried her or kept her form goin home, she didn;t do it all by herself very little she actually did herself and thats a fact

      1. I couldn’t understand alot of your big run on sentence. Why get rid of Jordan? No way. Jordan to the final two. I hope she outwits all of them. Still pissed off nothing was done with that key Jeff found. CBS you have made alot of people digusted. You reward the nasty and kick the butt of the good. Last season yeah Dan lied, but he was America’s player, he couldn’t let on the truth. But even with his lying, it wasn’t done in a nasty way like Gnat. And he didn’t lie about stupid stuff like she does. I have never hated anyone like her, and if YOU give her that 500K I can almost say with truth NOONE will watch next seasons of BB, if there is one. This has gone beyond my favorite not winning, it has to do with rewarding nasty people.

    2. I agree. They are trying to spin this to pull the ratings out of the toliet. CBS screwed up this season big time. They let Chima and GNAt run the first half of the season, now they are in real trouble. How dare CBS let GNAT have a visitor from home, even if it was her ugly old boyfriend. WHy CBS reward GNAT’s nasty behavior?

      1. You have problems Angie. I bet you don’t have a boyfriend, and if you did, he wouldn’t look half as good as Nats. Hate got the best of you, so you should chill till this is over. I would really like to see the pics of the users here, that would give us something to hate and laugh about. ;)

  69. Michelle’s got my vote too…she’s had to work the hardest to get to final four. I liked Jeff too, but but he America’s help..Michelle has done this on her own

    1. i voted for michelle… jordan will get $25,000 if she goes out 3rd to last anyway, if she is final 2 she’ll get at least 50,000 – i voted a bazillion times for jeff to get the coup d’etat and then he blows it by voting russell out instead of kevin… dumb move really dumb move. Michelle deserves it and she needs it. so that’s my two cents.

  70. I hope Jeff wins the 25k and hopefully some miracle will happen for Jordan to go to the final two I really don’t like Natilie.

    1. Hell yeah I am VOTING FOR JEFF! I am so tired of hearing Jeff did this, Jeff did that, is all Jeff’s fault. BS! The only thing Jeff did was believe the lies of the nasty duo. Who in my opinion have done far worse, so PLEASE VOTE FOR JEFF, THE CUTEST, MOST HONEST PERSON IN THE BB HOUSE.


  71. Did anything happen tonight that could be a surprise? I didn’t waste my time watching Natalie put up Kevin and MIchelle..and I won’t watch it Tuesday to watch Kevin win POV….Yes..I guess I’m a sore loser, but I have a tad bid more integrity than what BB has to offer this year!!

    1. I agree with you. I don’ t think that you are being a sore loser. I think that after watching CBS allow Chima and Nasty GNAT to run the season, anything we feel is okay. I used to be a hugh fan. Now, I’d like to see the whole thig cancelled. Sorry, Julie, you don’t need the paycheck anyway. The fans tried to get CBS to do the right thing and stop the cheating, like Kevin’s cheating on this week’s POV competition, or at least do something else instead of reward him for cheating. But, it seems that CBS has forgotten one big thing, without the fans, there is no BB or CBS. Maybe we all need to start tuning in to ABC. Maybe they dan pull off a better BB than CBS.

    2. So you didn’t see PigPen’s speech? Oh dear god, go to and watch it….with the volume off of course. If you looked up moron in the dictionary, you’d see her in her dumbass crown, sunglasses, bathrobe and nasty, nasty, nasty hair…..LMAO!

    3. Yes ,Jeffs coming back! Got ya. Why dont you just watch the show. People keep saying their done with the show but they cant stand not knowing whats going on.Just watch the dam show, you know ya wanna.

      1. No canadian?I don?t?and what makes you think I?m a Jeff fan??? I said I have more integrity than to watch the show this year?I?m not going to watch the ?darn show? because I ?wanna??I?m not going to watch the show because of how degrading it is to the human race!! Period!

        1. Yeah its so degrading that just got to know whats happening on there. Dont be offended, its just a comment. Just thought you were a Jeff fan when you said, “call you a sore loser”, but wait, you couldnt be a fan of anyone on that degrading show, cause you wont watch it.

  72. vote for michele!! She get this far all by herself!!! But i dont get why they making us vote so early…lets say kevin win the half million and then the 25000 america’s vote for fav…that doesnt make cense…

    1. I think that The POV should be replayed .If kevin did have advantage it is not fair>They should use the pandox box , and have Kevin and Nathalie out for opening it….The meaning of the panddoc box is bad luck,and what was the twist of this box the Nathalie can not play the POV. This sick,I hope that they change it around…………..The twist should be the person who wins decied to vote out the person he or she decied including Nathlaie…………..

    2. its possible. that happened one year on survivor, the winner of survivor won a million and then america voted him and he got 50 k. ( and on survivor there is no 2nd place winner so he won it all).

        1. here is the survivor pay scale except for allstars, they each got an extra 10k just for showing up. Winner, $1,000,000 Runner-up, $100,000 3rd, $85,000 4th, $70,000 5th, $55,000 6th, $45,000 7th, $35,000 8th, $27,500 9th, $20,000 10th, $15,000 11th, $10,000 12th, $7,50013th, $5,500 14th, $4,500 15th, $3,500 16th, $2,500.
          bb is 750 bucks per week. this is why they are sometimes so excited to get to the jury house, they get paid while in the jh (11.5 weeks plus the few days before game starts = about 9k). for all stars it was 4000 per week but that was not offically confirmed by cbs.

          1. you are wrong abou the whole pay ( except the 750.00 per week) on survivor only 1 person gets a million, thats it no second place ( I watch survivor every season) then the second ( or same person) gets 50 g’s if they are voted americas favourite. do the reseach before you misinform people on here please.

    3. I would say that if one with the most votes for the $25,000 should end up being one of the two big winners, they would go to the next one with the highest number for the $25,000.

  73. what if michelle doesnt get sent home next and what if she somehow makes it to final two……….. then would she still be eligable for the 25000?

    1. anyone get the 25 k if they are voted regardless of if they are final 2. ( they just get both , the 50 + 25 or the half mil +25)

    1. Guess you can’t have your little Jeff fantasy and remake him into a decent human being anymore, huh? He doesn’t deserve a dime. He made the worst mistakes of the game. What type of person would turn their back on their own alliance and buy into anything the enemy said? He is insecure and let his fears about competing against Russ get the best of him. I can’t stand Nat, but at least she is loyal to her team. Jeff is a traitor and shouldn’t be rewarded for that.

    1. Okay, I am upset! if you do a text on your phone (and pay per time) you have a max of 10 – I just tried to vote a second time online, and it says I already voted???? I only get one online vote????? Even American Idol doesn’t limit it to one vote!!!!!

    1. the POV will be a taped one that they already did but if you noticed Kevin hasnt used it yet ( he will live) because the person he uses it on will be the evicted HG.

      1. i know ive gotta be missing something stupid here…. so if kevin does indeed keep the veto and he uses it on himself, then jordan goes on the block with michelle……. will there be an eviction directly after that???

        1. YES!!! Hello, CryinoverJeff!!! I miss him, too!! I wish I could hear him call someone a douche and yo yo again in his Chicago accent ;) guess I’m gonna be looking on youtube tonight for some Jeff (minus Jordan) !!!!

          1. i am from chicago and there is no such thing as a chicago accent. thats just the way jeff himself chooses to speak. maybe he did not get best education growing up.

            1. you are wrong, I have 2 friends from Chicago and they both sound just like Jeff, people from there clearly have a different way of saying there words as do people from N.Y.

  74. i might have missed a couple of updates but did kevin run to natalie with the convos he had with michele about taking her to the final 2 those couple of times? when he was with her in the hot tub outside and told her it was the best situation him and her in the final two? and the one they juts showed on tonights episode in the HOH room?

    I dont remember reading about him telling natalie about those convos like they usually do, but i might have missed it

  75. If Natalie doesn’t make F2, and leaves without the big money, I’m willing to bet that the mentally challenged individual that proposed to her will ask for the twist tie back.

    1. Steve, shouldn’t the little wench be able to keep the twisty tie if the loser bf breaks it off? That should be the honorable thing to do….yeah? BWAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAA:-)

      1. He gave her a fake ring so he’s not out any money. If hes smart he’ll run away….far away. Ahe didnt look all fire up too see him either….shes got issues

  76. Quantum mechanics suggest that an infinite amount of parallel universes exist ? in theory, copies of ourselves exist right here, right now in the same space and time separated because they are in another dimension of space. This means that every possibility of life, and every possible decision that you can make, is eventually fulfilled in other parallel universes. I suggest that Jeff fans take solace in the fact that somewhere in another dimension of space, Jeff chose not to evict Russel, Natalie was evicted, and Jeff ended up winning the game.

  77. how is it cheating when everybody had the same advantage due to the tech difficulities? and the calender well obviously BB is allowing it as they havent taken it away due to w/e reason and who is to say that they didnt inform the HG’s that it was allowed remember we dont see everything that happens in the BB house

    1. I didn’t even see the video, but you obviously aren’t reading the same posts I am – the posts I see say Kevin is the ONLY person who saw the questions in advance because the technical difficulties were with the other 2. Read the posts before you make uninformed statements.

      1. well another fan let me inform you of what i know seeing as how i am uninformed according to one forum i frequent this is what they either paraphrased kevin as saying or he actually said “K – Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall.” and yet another site “Kevin : Like we had to stand next to the door and face the wall”. so considering they both have the same wording i would imagine that they all had the same opportunity…however if kevin did have a chance to see the questions prior to everybody else well that is BBs screw up not kevins fault and they should redo the comp, however why should kevin be punished for BBs screwup?

  78. I cannot stand that stinkin’ Pig Pen!!!!! Wearing a blow up crown & ugly robe, pretending to be royalty! OMG!!!! When will this torture end?? Michelle, sure hope you win America’s vote. Jeff had his chance & really screwed it up.

  79. let me put my 2cent worth in. If this game isnot rigged then how did they know to have nasty nats boyfriend there right after the HOH comp?

    1. Huh. Good point. He would have had to have already been in town I guess although they don’t live that far away. Btw how funny was Kevin on the show tonight? ;) I truly hope he considers taking Michelle to the final 2. He is a better person than he has allowed himself to become with Natalie’s influence.

      1. Oh I LOVED Kevin when he said “her name probably isn’t even Natalie!” Okay, I won’t mind if he wins, but I still will not watch if it is just he and Nasty in final 2. After seeing tonight, Kevin should vote Jordo out and he and Michele for F2. I would watch the finale if that happens.

      2. Could they be trying to ’tilt’ the win away from Natalie knowing how greedy she is and would therefore open the box in spite of not being able to play the next HOH?

    2. You realize the every show you see on TV isn’t happening in real time and live right?

      She opened PB the next day or the day after. After the HoH was the Clothing Luxury Comp.

  80. just because this is sunday you have to remember that these shows are pretaped. What we saw tonight was taped last Thursday night.


      1. No Ava, I did not vote for Jeff, that wasn’t the real me who posted that. Some little joker likes to post as me a lot. i am not a Jeff fan whatsoever. I’m sticking to my alliance. haha

  82. No canadian…I don’t…and what makes you think I’m a Jeff fan??? I said I have more integrity than to watch the show this year…I’m not going to watch the “darn show” because I “wanna”…I’m not going to watch the show because of how degrading it is to the human race!! Period!

    1. Yeah, im sooooo done with that show myself……….5 minutes later…………. Hey, does anyone know whats happening on BB, im never watching again but does anyone know , huh huh ,well whats going on? arrrgggggg, someone please, tell me.

    1. Because Natalie won the HOH at 6:00 p.m.BB time in the evening on Thursday, She did not get her HOH until around 10:30 BB time, (if you watch BBAD, it was 12:30 central time)…they stayed up all night, It was Friday, the next day when she opened the mystery door……I’m sure if it had been Michelle, her husband would have been there, or Jordan’s mother…..Nothing rigged.

      1. Yep, Michele’s husband, Jordan’s mom(or brother), Kevin’s boyfriend, and Natalie’s boyfriend were probably all waiting in advance. That’s how they do it in Survivor.

    2. They have this new technology called a PLANE. Believe it or not but these new fangled things can get you around the country in under 24 hours. What will they think of next?!

  83. I don’t think PP’s fiance’ is very good looking…he’s just okay if you ask me, my hubby is much hotter (I can’t help it, he is!). Her response to his proposal made me and my husband laugh, “hell yeah!”…she is such a dude!

      1. Maybe he’s thinking when she gets her own bread ($500,000) she can buy her own damn ring. Until then she just gets the twist from the bread wrapper. If she doesn’t win, he is out of there! He is out nothing.

      2. she told the houseguests that there is a story behing the twistie and it had something to do with jason’s parents getting engaged with a twistie or something like that. it is supposed to be symbolic or something like that. trying to remenber when i was watching it live on feeds

  84. what is going on with the jury surprise that advertised………they didnt say anything about that tonight………..pandoras box sucked ass.aalmost 2 weeks of this crap and no BIG game changing twist.Does bb think america cares the nasty got engaged nobody even believed her.there better be something big going down on tuesday or im going to boycott cbs period.

    1. Yeah, what happened to the jury surprise? ITA, PB sucked ass – this season has sucked with because it lacks the interesting twists of previous years.

      1. wrong, the bachelor did it once for trish and whats his name then the amazing race did it for amber and whats his name. no one on any sesaon of BB ever got married. ( you are talking to an expert on reality show trivia) I actually have that game. LOL

      1. And yet, you think Jeff and Jordan rock. Two people who were the most egotistical, self-absorbed, ugly-souled, power-mad HG of the season. Pity your crush on their showmance blinds you to reality.

        1. bahahha you’re hilarious. You’re just jealous that america gave the power to Jeff and not Jessie. Anyone that would have gotten the power, WOULD HAVE USED IT. And please elaborate how they are ego-tistical, self-absorbed.. and how jessie isn’t? HE WORE A GOD DAMN SHIRT THAT SAYS HE”S A LEGEND, HE RIPS HIS SHIRT CAUSE HE THINKS HES SO HOT/THE SHIT. Please tell me. I really need a laugh.

    1. seriously?!? Jessie doesn’t deserve jack. He only made it as far as he did because of Natalie, she helped him stratigize. Not that I like Natalie.

      Jessie reminds me of the guys that I went to highschool with that had very few if any friends, no girlfriends. Once he graduated he set out to prove that he was somebody. Those people become body builders and/or strippers.

      The women they surround themselves with girls to feel important, or good about themselves. They have no real interest in the girl. The harder the catch, the more they are interested and once they get the girl they are gone.

      He will never become anything, because he can’t get over the past. He doesn’t move forward just stays in one place.

      1. It wouldn’thave to be live when he takes himself off, Jordan goes up. Then either Jordo or Michele leave – but it is not a given answer which one goes, so why wouldn’t they let the veto ceremony happen earlier?

      2. correction: sorry for all the BB rookies ( i have watched it since season 2) kevin did win the POV he cant use it til tues live because then once he takes himself off the block ( Jord) goes up, then Nat votes along with Kevin who goes home. if its a tie 1, 1 nat breaks the tie then that person goes home. next week there is no HOH just comps for the power of veto and whoever gets that gets to send one of the other 2 home. basically picking who they want to go to the final 2 with) (and this will be done in 2 parts live). thurs and sun. (the 3 do the battles to get the power to get out who they want) and that person is evicted then, then the finale’ airs tues live and the winner is picked . this year however, there will only be 6 voters so america will be asked on sun after the 2nd part live show airs to vote for one of the final 2. ( you will know then who the final 2 are because the person who wins the veto sends that person home live. then in the finale if it’s a tie julie breaks it with the americas vote.

        1. haha im no rookie. my question wasnt how the pov was going to be used. my question was regarding to someones’ post who said the veto COMPETITION would be live tuesday. as in, due to kevin “cheating”, he was revoked of the pov.

          thanks though. ;)

        2. ummmm you have it WRONG.. Nat can not vote when she is HOH.. it’s just Kevins vote tht counts….. You better rewind and re watch all the BB to know how the game is really played

        3. Hey Porkchop, I guess that makes YOU the rookie. LOL Those of us who have been watching since season 1 know that the HOH doesn’t vote this week. There’s only one vote to eliminate someone and it looks like that’ll be Kevin.

  85. That was a shitty show tonight. I can’t believe she actually told the truth about something (proposal). Kevin’s DRs crack me up–I just can’t stand him now because of hanging out with Gnat and turning into the male version of her*** scratch that: she is the male version of herself– I meant he’s the female version of her***!!!!! Talk about a cry baby,”I would’ve voted for Jeff to stay if he had approached me and kissed my ass etc.” puuulease. The only way Kevin can save face with America is if he turns on Gnasta-lie and kicks her lying ass out the door. I hope whoever works at CBS reads this site!!!! Pandora’s box was the most crappy and disappointing ” twist ” EVER!!!! CBS BETTER have something good on Tues show about jury– and if they’re talking about America’s vote being the jury impact, then AG should be fired from CBS for being such a pathetic producer.

    1. I also think that Gnat’s going to leave BB house being ultra paranoid and ruin her future when she turns on her own fianc?e and accuses him of just wanting her money and making her pay for her own ring if she wins some money. (She WON’T win first prize — there is absolutely NO WAY she can get the money over any of the hgs left.)

      1. As soon as my husband seen him. He said “he is an abuser”. Which is exactly what I was thinking!

        Why if they have been together for so long, would he now all of a sudden ask her to marry him, HUH! a possible $500k, this time Natalie is the stupid one for not seeing it.

        She said his mom and sister do not like her, which says a lot about thier relationship, it is already drama filled.

        I don’t think he loves her, he just doesn’t want to loose her!

    2. I think AG should be fired for how terrible this season has been. And whoever chose Nasty and Chiman for the cast should also be fired — it that was AG, then she needs to be fired twice!

  86. If Kevin cheeted I hope that they take it away from him. K&N both need to go home .
    I hope that BB does some thing about it and do it fast or they will loose a lot of people that watch BB

  87. Its an eviction tuesday that’s why its live and the pov already happened. Kevin didn’t cheat. Jeff/Jordan lovers are just grasping at straws

    1. The fact that kevin said that the technical difficulties helped him. He may not of purposely cheated but something happend that helped him. There needs to be a redo for it be fair. If they don’t and I was Michelle I would sue BB. They allowed way to much this summer. Such as no house guest is supposed to destroy another persons property. Natalie and Lydia placed playdoh in the dryer and ruined Michelle, Jeff and Jordan’s clothes. According to the rules they should have been kicked out!

      1. I didn’t know about that!!! I was wondering why Michelle kept saying she had hardly any clothes! I just assumed they were destroyed in comps or hidden/stolen by Gnat. Those bitches should’ve had penatly votes or slop or something for destroying other people’s property.

  88. Right after the POV competition and the live feeds came back on I saw Kevin saying to Natalie… thanks to the technical difficulties in the competition he got to see the questions before Jordan and Michelle so he had more time to think of the answers… BB cut to fish!

    I like Kevin but the POV SHOULD BE RE-DONE to be fair to everyone!

    1. I like Kevin, but this is NOT fair. he even admitted he saw the questions, obviously that gives him way more time to think so BB should redo it. and it’s not like they haven’t redone competitions before. Remember in all-starts when Erika won HOH but they had to redo it because the buzzers weren’t working. I don’t see how this is any different

      1. kevin and natalie are just pissing me off and bb just lost a fan if they win ….and they are cheating and nothing is being done…Jordan and Michelle need to sue them…

        1. i strongly agree! this show is not suppose to allow cheaters, esp. liars, jerks! they are just losing their viewers trust! viewers will be so disappointed if they allow liars, like natalie & cheaters, like kevin get to the final two!

        2. So I guess when the other houseguest who admitted to moving up or down the steps because they could hear where people cheating doesn’t count because it is someone you support. SH** happens and how do we all know it wasn’t some crap he was telling nat to fake her out about the win. You know like telling her that then as usual she runs her mouth to the others and Kevin them tells them she is a liar.

  89. BB has turned into a slap-sh**t comedy hour, the sad part about it is…………. the joke is on the freaking viewers, no excitement, nothing to keep their viewers hooked, with the remaining ass*** it’s anyone’s guess who will win this crap…..

  90. Kevin did cheat but it wasn’t really HIS fault. I heard it was some technical difficulty during the challenge that gave him an advantage. If he did cheat tho it should be taken away from him.

    And I’m not a J/J lover, I’m a Michelle fan.

  91. If you want to discuss cheating, lets….

    Michelle couldn’t have cheated with birth control pills. If anyone takes BC pills they would know it, how do you keep a calender with your pills? dahh! Nasty only stated that to start rumors to shake the house up and cause trouble.

    As far as Jordan cheating on stepst, you hear people move on steps but can you really tell whether it’s up or down. Honestly, I don’t think Jordan could cheat, she plays fair and she’s honest. A few people are lookng for excuses for Kevin. Kevin down right cheated, he saw a problem with technical error and rather than notify production he used it to his advantage, now that is DOWN RIGHT CHEATING. He’s a slime ball just just like calling Jordan and Michelle the Bitches. Both Nasty and Kevin have garbage can mouthes.

    It needs to be redone and correct the problem, and I do hope Michelle or Jordan wins. Kevin needs to go, then Nat, their both slimeballs and white trash!!

    1. what is your point??? Natalie and Kevin had a calendar, they tracked POV’s, and HOH’s, etc.

      Technically Jordan is the only one who didn’t cheat and break the BB rules!!!

    2. Whether you believe Jordan cheated or not, doesn’t change the fact that she did. She is NOT honest. That is the biggest joke I’ve heard. You call it honest when someone trashes everyone behind their backs, makes fun of them and the way they look, and then smiles and kisses their ass to their face? That’s one of the biggest forms of dishonesty. She has no problem using men, and she’s admitted that herself. So, why wouldn’t she use Michele? You can tell from watching the game she was cheating. She even said she heard.

      1. How many times do we have to go over this? You can’t prove Jordan could tell which way Michelle was stepping (eventhough she said later on that she could tell a few times that michelle was stepping down) and even if she COULD tell, who’s to say that Michelle would be right? or Jordan wrong? Either way it went to tie breaker and Jordan won it fair and square unless you can suggest that she could see through wall to what Michelle was writing?

        If kevin did see/hear the questions before his turn, that is unfair and I think the 2nd place finisher should get the veto or the comp should be repeated.

    3. the deal with jordan and the steps… i may be misunerstanding what happened, but that does seem like cheating to me. i mean she doesnt know if the person next to her is right or not, and probably couldnt even tell accurately where they were on the steps. Either way, its definitely not the same as seeing the questions before hand.

      1. Cheating is cheating. If you steal an exam from a Prof. and see the questions before hand, it is no different than if you copy the answers from someone’s test paper next to you. Either way, you are cheating and there is no differentiation.

    4. Right on… Funny how people are saying Jordan cheated… HELLO SHE WON THAT COMP….. Sooo how did she cheat?..if so the person she was cheating off of would have won as well and it would have been a tie!!

  92. If BB wants to be really fair,, provide no warning, just do lockdown. ON Tuesday take all outside and redo POV. No warning, no preparing, just do it. Now that would be fair for all!

  93. I’ve read that ratings have been very good so I wouldn’t count BB out yet. That being said, I don’t want Kevin or Natalie to get a dime more than they already have.

  94. I agree! they should have gotten evil dick back on the show!
    that would have been entertaining! and can you imagine him and natalie in a room together, oh god or him and jessie in a room together ! or even him and kevin in a room together!!!! he would have no patience for any of them!! OR CHIMA AND HIM!!!! evil dick would start up some trouble! as he did before!

  95. Pandora’s box ( both of them ) was a LAME effort on BB’s part to make a boring show interesting. The box should of been used to bring in a different player from the jury house. It didn’t have to be jeff but anyone in the jury house. Now that would of brought something for the house to worry about and would of change the game some. As for now, this show is not worth watching. The begining of the show is the best part of the program and then it just gets boring after awhile with less people! Big Brother should change the format and have a winner when there is about 5 or 6 people left in the house. Also, if Kevin cheated ( he knew he was and didn’t say anything) he should forfit the VETO to either jordan or Michele and since Natalie knew about it, she should be able to be one of the HG picked to leave.

  96. Ghetto Nat’s boyfriend proposed to her because he thinks that she is going to win the money. He’s probably as schemeing as she is. Hope he takes her for the money and splits. I know that everyone has to lie and scheme in the BB house, however, I know that we can all agree that Ghetto Nat’s behaviour toward the others on a personal level is so vendictive, mean spirited and pure ugly. She also never washed (especially when she was on her period) and she cheats at pool and chess. She also wanted to take Jeff and Micheles prizes from them and vote the out. She is the ‘scum’ of the earth and a low life. She is what you see. That is her real everyday character. Ugh! I just check the blogs now and then. I refuse to watch the end season of BB 11.

  97. If Kevin did get an advantage due to BB screw up, then they need to redo the POV or we, as paying viewers, should get a class action suit against BB for fraud. I believe that Evil Dick also cheated as he could see the reflection of the others answers in the glass. What kind of rookie producers and technical people do they have running this show anyway. Or perhaps it is rigged after all!! Hmmmm!

  98. lets be honest the person who deserves the 25k , is michelle. Yes she might be a little strange at times, some what annoying giggle. But never talked shit on anyone in the house , never got power hungry when having hoh. She was true to her alliance , even if they were willing to go back on theres ( jeff,jordan). Jeff who completly flipped the script from HoH to nominee and out the door. To me his true colors shined through! just my opinion take as is!

  99. Its not right that kevin and pigpen had a calendar to study when Natalie on BB9 made one and BB took it from her stating she could not have it …. I bet BB9 Natalie was yelling at the tv for BB to take it LOL

  100. Know what I dislike more than this season of BB. I hate when people can’t spell! Lose is the opposite of win. Loose is the opposite of tight.

  101. I agree with bb1188, Michele is the only one that deserves the money. Natalie is nothing but a liar; she’s been lying from the beginning. Kevin is no better than Natalie, and I really don’t feel sorry for Jordan. She tells stories about how her mother lost their home. Well instead of getting a boob job, she should have given her mother that money to help pay for their home. What a dumb blonde! I agree; Michele has never talked badly about any of the other HGs or lied. MICHELE ALL THE WAY!

  102. boring now……. gNat is a weasel, Michele is too quiet, Jordan is off in some other dimension and Kevin…….. hope he wins it all !!!!!

  103. nat + kevin have been cheating this whole game with the hiding things and the broad game crap they got away with it so now every dam bb after this is going to be the same bullshit them two pulled this is the end for BIG BROTHER now its going to be just a game show thanks pigpen + kevin

  104. i guess its time to let the gay boy win after all he was the one who said only pretty guys or girls can win he didnot say cheaters could win he is proving that a gay man can cheat and win

    1. Are you serious, this season has been catered to Jeff the whole way, and now that the other side has their chance again, your mad, get a life, you loser!

      1. well said….I mean who did they think America was going to give the CDT to? hhmmmmm, the good looking nice guy??? yeah i think so

  105. UGH! I can not stand Pig Pen, she is sooooo gross!!! Chews with her mouth open, puts her face in her plate or bowl and scoops food into her mouth!!! YUCK!! She is way tooo bossy, she walks around telling people what to wear, omg does she have a mirror. She is such a boy!!!!!!! I MISS JEFF!!!


  107. This is what Kevin said to Natalie right after the POV Comp on Saturday Sept.5th
    Cam 1

    KEVIN: And it helped that we had technical errors, cuz I was like, ok, these are the questions I need to think about.
    NATALIE: What do you mean, technical errors?
    KEVIN: Like, we had to stand next to the door and face the wall…

    The Cameras then went toTrivia… momentarily, while production tries to hide any signs of impropriety around Kevin’s win.


    So it seems as though Kevin had a CLEAR ADVANTAGE because he had time to think about the questions in BEFORE the timer began.
    Having to think on your feet is the whole purpose of the competition !

  108. they want the gay guy to win this season it was fixed from the start,kevin + nat just made bb a game show it is not fun any more they got away with cheating the whole time .why didnt bb tell the house they were hiding things or bring out the broad

  109. Whatever by giving Jeff the ”Coup De’ Crap” power, they obviously wanted him to win, but he screwed himself over, so now they’re giving Kevin his shot, so get over! Go Kevin!

    1. The coup d etat was given jeff by america, not bb. It could of gone to anyone. (like ronnie)
      This has been a horrible ending to a average season. Go Michelle!!!!

      1. yeah cause the ho that has voted like 100 times for Jeff to get the $25,000 doesn’t affect who got the CDT……he’s the good looking nice guy and of course America was going to vote for him and unless you know something i don’t know, bb could have come up with that little CDT twist after seeing just how much everyone liked him….the guy was a moron and only got as far as he did because it was basically handed to him!!!

        1. I voted for Michelle to win the CDT and the $25,000. She is the best. Jeff was overrated but the Natalie-Kevin duo is destroying the game. RE DO the VETO COMP. I cant stand how Natalie bashes Michelle and thinks Jordan will be easy to beat in the final three.

  110. Something has got to be in the works. When Jordan and Michelle were told to pack up … was Kevin. I have a funny feeling that BrokenBack Mountin….is going to be driven out of town

    1. BrokenBack Mountin??? are you mentally challenged??? why the hell does every moron on here that has something to say about Kevin end up going to the gay thing??? i mean, at least if you are going to do it, type it correctly moron!!! you should be driven out of town for being a fool, scratch that, for being an illiterate fool

  111. I’m hoping the POV will have a “do over” since Kevin was able to see the questions and think about his responses prior to the challenge. BB had a technical difficulty, if they don’t (BB) viewing public will be disappointed. It’s becoming more of a scripted show, which I don’t want. Maybe BB should be like American Idol – low score your gone, unless HOH or POV holder.

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