Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan says that she is going to borrow her friends internet to see the pictures and read what people said about her…

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12:55am Big Brother Time: Michelle, Jordan and Natalie are talking about church, and religion. Natalie says she is not uber religious, but she is trying to get back into church and stuff. She also is trying to make Kevin believe again because he use to be Jehovah’s Witness. Michelle said that she was raised Catholic. Jordan said that her grandmother was a Jehovah’s witness. Jordan says that at home, when she actually goes which isn’t a lot she goes to a “black Church”. She also comments that her grandpa told her that she needs to become saved. Then Jordan starts to talk about how the left behind series has her scared that the end times are near. She asked Natalie if she has ever doubted that their is a God and stuff, especially when bad happens to them. Both Natalie and Michelle say that their were times they have doubts, but ultimately they believe in God. Jordan says that she believes that everything happens for a reason. They then start talking about the fashion show. They all comment that Kevin made a good host. Natalie didn’t expect that of him. They all think he is funny. They talk about the veto. Natalie said that from what she saw in the diary room, she would have done really well. Jordan was disappointed that she did so poorly. they then talk about details such as how the blocks were set up and that is what made the competition hard.


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1:05am Big Brother Time: They start to talk about whether or not their families are okay at home. Michelle is especially worried because her husband doesn’t really talk to her side of the family. …and the feeds cut to FISH. Jordan says that she won’t be able to sleep tonight. She asks how long she took a nap, and Natalie said one or two hours. Jordan says I had this nail polish since before Lydia left. I’m scared to take it off. I think I’m gonna wait to see how long it last. They talk about sleeping patterns in the Big Brother house. Natalie said that most of the scheming happens at night. Natalie says Me and Jessie went to bed at 5 or 7 in the morning. When we were going to bed, Casey was waking up. Jordan thinks it was less stressful when there was more people around. Natalie said it’s because now they can smell the money so they are stressing more. Jordan and Michelle say that Nat is in a better position then them, she is already going to the finals. The talk then turns to the fact that Michelle has never had to make the pre-eviction speech. Michelle says she is nervous. Jordan said that is one of her least favorite things. Jordan says there’s a dollar bill! Michelle says Yeah, it’s been there for a minute. Jordan says Jeff got a lot of money. I was excited that I got 1700 dollars, then Jeff told me that he got 3000. They then talk about Big Brother and who in their family watches Big Brother. Nat said that being on here is a dream. She would fight with her bf and win so she would get the TV on Big Brother nights. Michelle said that she is the only one of her friends that watch. Natalie said that Big Brother is taking a big time risk. Natalie also says if she was married and stuff she wouldn’t do it, but since she is young she figured why not. Jordan starts talking about calling her dad and then said “I don’t know if he signed a release” …and the feeds cut to FISH. Michelle says that she had to go threw her closet then get more stuff. Jordan said that she didn’t think she made it and they had her fooled. Jordan then said that Natalie is lucky because she only has an hour flight home.

1:20am Big Brother Time: Jordan says that she will miss the house a little when they leave. Jordan says that talks about the Jeff and Jordan diary room. She said that she was so excited and that she did most of the talking, and Jeff was pissed. Jordan says I want to go to the bar out there. Natalie asks what if they turn this into a club. Jordan says That would be so cool. Jordan says I want to go to the Club they always go to on the Hills. Michelle is totally lost, but Natalie knows what she was talking about. Jordan then proceeds to say that she would freak out if she saw Brody Jenner (For those who don’t know The Hills, Brody Jenner is the son of Bruce Jenner, and a regular on that MTV “reality show”). Natalie agrees that he is a cutie. They then talk about the Octomom, and they think that isn’t cool for her to do that. They then talk about the TLC show, 18 and Counting. Jordan comments on how they are old fashion in many ways, and that he mom continues to have babies. Michelle thinks that having that many kids is not helping over population. Jordan said that she will only have as many kids as she can afford. They talk about how hard it is to raise kids now because it is expensive and you need to get some kind of education to hold a good job. Now talking about the prize, how much money will be taken out. They also talk about trying to turn there money into more money. They then talk about the bank they are with. Natalie wants to buy a house straight up if she wins, but Michelle cautions her to be careful especially with the market the way it is. Jordan then talk about who she would help if she won the money… …and the feeds cut to FISH. When they come back, Natalie claims that she will win final HOH, and that that will mean she will get some money. They then talk about how much of a crap shoot the HOH was and that it was really anyone to win. They then talk about the endurance competition coming up. Natalie ask if they are gonna wear athletic clothes, Jordan and Michelle say that if they know they are leaving, Michelle then they rather dress to look good in front of Julie. Natalie mentions that whoever leaves during endurance usually knows.
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2:20am – 2:40am Big Brother Time: Now Jordan and Michelle are in the pool room on the same bed, Natalie is back in HOH. Jordan and Michelle are talking about how they aren’t drunk tonight because they paced themselves, not like the other nights in the house. Jordan mention how drunk she got on Thursday, especially during on the diary room… ..and the feeds cut to FISH. We come back to Jordan saying something she did while drunk was too trashy for TV. Michelle says that the fashion was fun, and that she tried to do more fun stuff like that throughout the season, but it never work. They are now talking about the first photo shoot they had, the one they were all in their bathing suits, and that was the worst part. ..and the feeds cut to FISH. Jordan said that she did not feel cute at all that day. They both complained about how white they were before they got into the house and how bad it looks in the pics. Jordan said that she is going to borrow her friend internet to see the pictures and read what people said about her. More random things about the house. Michelle then goes to get on her bed, Jordan says that she doesn’t know where her blanket is, but she will find it tomorrow. Michelle turns off the light, and they both try to fall asleep.
8:25am Big Brother Time: All the house guests are still asleep…

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BB is really boring now with all the good players out.


If “they” were good players, the would still be in the game.


I think someone should confront Natalie and her lies.Call her the DEVIL. Plus, call her our on her prayers along with her foul mouth.How Christian is that. Please big brother give the jurors the power of review of all past episodes.


Kevin calls her ass out all the time. Go Kevin (hes the gay version of Dan) well played season Kev. Lay low and make solid alliances in the beginning then step it up at the end and win everything…because that is the winning recipe to win big brother. Lay low, make deals, stay quite, lie, cheat and win when it counts. Kudos to you Kev. Congratulations on winning BB11.

Uncle Cool

A question for those that know…

Who does the maintenance at the house?

Mopping, cleaning, garbage collection, etc…

When do they do it?


simon not watching anymore the show since bulldog and kegay are the one bossing the game
bb do soemthingggggggggggggggggggg or you would lose ratinggggggggggg
simon love ur pictures lol so hillarousssssssssss
simon call bbb and do something lol
we want russell backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
pandora box was so waste of timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
uh? simon? can we see your picture????????????????????? XD

cryin over jeff

no… i do not think they will show natalies boyfriend at all lol.


Maybe because it is a girl!

cryin over jeff

or like a chihuahua or something lol


I hope they do show Pandora’s box I just cant beleive they will allow her bf to come in the house? And why would he want to marry her after she was flirting with Jessie the whole time. Doesnt make sense. But how does she know America hates her. And should he been allowed to talk game to her… That just seems very odd. But you have to give it to her and Kevin they really took over the game with their lies


the reason why nat knows that america hates her is BB told her in the DR. BB is for Nat and Kev to win this thing.i truly believe it i haven’t watched it since jeff left i just read what everyone says on here and jokers. a lot of people are saying BB is helping them win, why were they allowed the calendar when last year it was taken aways from the HG’S when they made one. but this time BB let nat and kev make one with the chess board. and were allowed to keep in the HOH with nat. why would BB fly her BF there just for 20 mins hard to believe. so the only other logic is BB is telling kev and nat everything. that people say about them. maybe if jeff and jordan lied ,cheated, and insulted people like those two have maybe they would still be together on the show.that pandora box was a big joke. didn’t make any since. why did the one’s that were greedy take over the show and was rewarded. doesn’t make any since. someone in BB doesn’t know the story behind it.


She also found out that people like Michelle. That is not a good thing for nasty to know. I think it’s funny how she wants to wear make up now too. Lol!!

Give it a break!

Give it a break! It was OK that BB was showing favortism to Jeff and Jordan. Maybe they don’t care who wins. They spend more time with these people then what you get to see. Stop the hate because the game is going the way that you want.

cryin over jeff

i still dont believe that she saw her boyfriend… i guess we’ll find out soon enough… but did BB fly out the other house guests people too? i mean, what if Jordan (unlikely, i know) had won HOH? was her mom flown out for her just in case?


Nat is just blowing smoke up the other HG?s a$$. I don’t believe her boyfriend told her she has a lot of haters in America now. Nat is just trying to make the other HG’s think she wouldn’t get America’s Vote and be less of a threat with the JH votes.


Why can’t big brother interfere and do something to get Natalie or Kevin out the door? I’d fully support that… ANYTHING…


because BB is behind them they want the two that people hate the most to win. i always said if you lie, cheat, and do evil things to people BB will support you and help you. and that’s what Gnat and Kev did and BB loves them for it.


Since they all did those things, will they all win?


The fact that everyone is talking about this is a good thing for CBS. In the media, it doesn’t really matter as much what people are saying – just that people are talking. A sad but sorry truth in today’s rating markets. And just a thought … if they have a BB AllStar series next season, I think that Bernie Madoff should be allowed to play – he has all of the necessary qualifications!


I still don’t understand why jeff wasn’t rewarded for finding the key and bringing it back to Kevin. Also, why did they not play his goodbye messages or the dr session that Jordan and jeff did together.


Good questions…..I’m sorry Jeff did not win all this…..can’t stand Nat..she’s just a liar, Michelle is all right, Kevin is OK, and Jordan is just cute…..but I really thought Jeff deserved to win…..I kind of hope Jordan wins, but she’s got to step it up..she’s got a good heart….


he did, he got almost 4 grand, and stop trying to make him sound all noble like he stopped looking for cash just to save kevin. Kevin told him they needed the key to keep the cash, that is the only reason he looked for it, once he found it he hid it and looked for more money, he only freed kevin when nat came for him and the key and he went in. He did not free kevin to be nice.


Is anyone aware that Kevin cheated during the pov comp? He told Natalie afterwards that he could see the questions before they were asked because of where he was standing…and jordon and michelle couldn’t. I’m hoping they redo the comp.


Seriously? Where or when did you hear that? Was is on BBAD or LIVE FEEDS?
If true that calls for a rematch..?


That is so unfair. Maybe BB did that to set up the win for Nasty and Kevin. I have watched since day one season 1. I am so tired of this game. This really was the worst cast.

another fan

Someone posted a link earlier, but now I can’t find it. It actually was linked to spoilers, and when you go there it says there was technical difficulties when the POV started, and Kevin got to look at the questions before Michele and Jordan and think about them ahead of time. They even saw where when they came in from the comp, Kevin told Nasty he got an advance look at the questions, and it helped him. Several people on there are calling for a re-do because they had a re-do on season 7 for one HOH because buzzers were not functioning properly. We can only hope they re-do, but time is awasting, so if they don’t re-do soon, it probably won’t – since the complaints are on their own website, maybe they will listen if they get enough complaints.


oh please.


If they are setting it up for Natalie and Kevin to win, then I’m happy about it, because they set it up for Jeff to win and he just screwed himself over, Kevin and Natalie aren’t that dumb, they take advantage of the opportunities given to them and they use it to advance their gameplay. Smart moves = winning BB, don’t be mad because Jeff and his posse got played, it’s a game, don’t hate the players hate the game.


i think the hury members do deserve to have the live feeds to help them decide
cuz if natalie wins im going to explode lol said it b4
but michelle is da only deserving person
and if not her i want jordan to win then kevin

idc what people say i want sumone thats not evil
i dont think evil people should be rewarded

ok heres what has to happen
bb has to use pandoras box to create a twist like cancel out the pov
then jordan will vote out kevin and michelle and jordan still have a chance to get to f2 then michelle or jordan will win

i kinda want jordan to win too cuz she wants to help her mom and shes such a good person


I knew all along when Natalie won HOH that the D.R, was cheating big time. Then to let Kevin go ahead with the POV game when Michelle & Jordan,s game was not working ,,B.B told them to stand by the wall until they got it fixed, & all that time Kevin was working on his game & that is why he won. It,s on B.B.A.D, & the girls was standing against the wall & Kevin was still playing for the video by himself way before the two girls got started, now tell me, CBS is playing a fair game this year ??? I e-mailed CBS & really got PEE—OED at them, and you know they want the ratings, we need to drive them nuts with complaints around the clock, because they ( B,B ) gave that right to Kevin & the girls know nothing about it, as they could not see him playing,, it makes me SICK, & I hope B.B goes down for this one.


have you learned that what people say on this game show may not be the truth?


This is dirty playing , & they should be held accountable for it. Just bug the hell out of CBS, every 15 minutes, & don,t stop. You can sue a ham sandwich & they & they should pay the viewers for there waste of time . I,ll never care to watch that so-called-live show ever again. CBS sure played the viewers & that is very sad.

dazed and confused

People are saying so what, everyone lies in this game, past as well as present, all the HG have lied about how they were going to vote, alliances and so on. But to my knowledge I don?t remember anyone lying to the degree that PP has. She not only lied but she has lied about other peoples and conversations that she supposedly overheard or had with that person. She has taken lying to the level of habitual! She has been the culprit of 95% of the bullshit that has happened in the house. So my question to you, in BB history has there been anyone that has taken lying and deceit and scheming to this level?

Oh my second thought, PP said she wants to be on all-stars and BB ?SHOULD? have a her a BB wedding show , my thought about both, after this season watching PP, I would rather watch a reality show called ?THE DENTIST? where real (e.g. ex-Crack /meth addicts or hockey players) people compete to see who has the worst jacked up and missing teeth and then on Thursdays live show they will perform a live ?ROOT CANAL? on that week?s winner!!!

SIMON: I have a question there is a BB rule book, they referred to it when Chima got the boot? In all the years of BB has anyone other than the HG seen this book, and what the exact rules and regulations that the HG must follow?

Hell I figure that if they can post Obama?s tax returns online? The BB rule book must have surfaced as well ?lol


Wouldn’t the rules basically be outlined in the contracts that the players sign beforehand??


As much as I didn?t like Michelle, she grew on me just seeing the girls there having a good time. Jordan can be Jordan without feeling bad she can?t win anything. Plus, she can just be as dumb as she wants to be. Michelle can giggle and act goofy, yet not worry about really who to kiss up to. Nat will be Nat regardless of the situation, and Kevin seems to let the girls just be alone.

I really wanted Nat to lay it into Michelle when Michelle walks out the door, but I hope she keeps her mouth shut and just let bye gones be bye gones.

Thanks for the peace in the house, later!

Nat and Kev FTW!

pamela j


pamela j



No they are not, a contestant from our hometown was on BB 9- went really far and has confirmed that it is not fake, it is what you see on TV, on BBAD and on the live feeds. The houseguests do not know what is going to happen at any time.

You don’t know what you are talking about ‘pamela’.


hey wpark2419….i missed that part, but if he did do that and said that to the gnat then he should be disqualified from the competition and a new one should be done. i just sent a complaint on cbs’ site to them about this because cheating is not cool. if it was at school we would be expelled, if it was at work we would be fired. he should pay a price if he actually did say and do this and everyone should let cbs know too. so everyone….send a complaint to cbs letting them know.

pamela j



ummm, yes it is. They hosed Rob and Amber by holding a plane after it had already taxied but that would have put Rand A way too far ahead…consequently they lost later in the race.
All fixed. Quit crying everybody…it was fine when the game helped Jeff…
Ridiculous! Most of you are hilarious most people watch to see who will win not hope that the producers will help their favourites. Silly




Seriously, everyone contact CBS. I did. Hopefully they’ll do something. There is no way this is going to be ok.

Give it a break!

Did they redo the comp when Jordan was listening Michelle foot steps? Get over it people the comp was fair.


Anyone have any idea what Julie meant when she said the Jury House will get a big surprise?


if you want to complain here is Allison’s CBS phone number, it’s legit I’ve checked it out!1-818-325-6900 ext. 6903

Let them know, you are aware of Kevin’s advantage in the PoV caused by their technical error and demand a redo.

Hurry before it’s too late!


This should be corrected. The whole game is based on cheating. I can’t believe the rules are being bent this way. I also thought no one was allowed to see family members and friends from the outside for the entire time they were on the show. This is why I am doubting Natalie’s story too.

hate it

I hate BB now..Natalie and Kevin make me sick….I stopped watchin after Russell was evicted…I hope BB is never like this again. Either Lying Natalie or Kevin will probably win which sucks..Natalie did nothing in the game and does not deserve to win and Kevin already won 10,000…Hate it………………………………


I am curious if nat is really engage to her bf like you would think that he would be so pissed with the whole jhesse


That fashion show last night… I swear to God, I think I’d have rather had my buttocks sliced off with a dull scalpel than have to remember the ten minutes of BBAD last night that I watched before turning the channel. I think it’s safe to say that none of the remaining houseguests are going to have tons of offers to host anything once this is over;) This is how bad it was for me…. I ended up switching over and watching Dane Cook on Comedy Central.


I am curious if nat is really engage to her bf like you would think that he would be so pissed with the whole jesse thing….I doubt that he would purpose to her but who really know


where on flashback/when did Kev say that he saw the questions before the others?? Does anyone know the exact timestamp?


I’m just now getting on here after a couple days. What happened with Kevin cheating? Where’s it at on here so I can read about it? Thanks!


Kevin did not go out of his way to cheat…if what you call cheating is big brother screwing up then you need to go look at your definition of cheating.


OMG, when people were talking about BB rigging the show for Jeff, everyone was saying, “no they don’t”. Now that Jeff is gone then all of a sudden it is about BB rigging it for Nat/Kev. Give me a break. Jeff lost because he made stupid decisions. So what if Nat lies, it is her game plan. If you don’t want to watch then don’t. This was not my favorite cast but I love the game and whoever wins deserves it because you don’t get to the finals without a plan.


the game was fix for jeff and jordon. then they mess up. big brother couldnt even same


how did kevin cheat on the pov?


he made a calender – which he hardcore studied.. and admitted that it is what helped him win. calenders are not allowed in the big brother house.. they have taken them away from previous house guests.


Woopsss – **calendar 😉


They have known about the calendar forever…they would have taken it away if it was against the rules.


No body can tell you for sure or not if he cheated – he made a comment after the POV about a technical error that may have shown him a question from a prior house guest. No one can see the POV on the live feeds so its all just rumors as of now….JUST RUMORS….Rumors like the key Jeff found opening the door to get back into the BB house…Turns out when we watch that key was big as hell and was left in pandoras box..If Kevin had picked greed he would have had to find the key and open the box. Instead he chose to give the HG something instead having to reach his hand in the box…as the story goes there is hope at the bottom of the box. Nat opened the box and unleashed evil…we dont know what all it did but we can speculate.


So here’s the deal.

You wanted Jeff or Russell to win. But they’re out of the game. Or you want Michelle or Jordan, but they’ll be out soon.

So, they should change the rules so that your HG gets to re-enter. And they should just kick out Natalie and Kevin because they have lied. Sure whatever you want. Like there’s a person who hasn’t lied or misled someone else.

And the NFL has decided that Dallas and New England will play in the Super Bowl no matter what happens during the season.


Get real. Jeff is coming back, AND the DOLPHINS are going to the Super Bowl


I agree with you…except the Bengals or Browns are going to the Super Bowl:) yes I am from Ohio and its about their turn isn’t it?


its never Ohio’s turn when you got Baltimore in your way.


Oh well…we still have the BUCKS!!!!! Go OSU!!!


Jeff will not be returning to the BB house he has had contact with the outside world. If he was going to return the alarms would of sounded and he would of been sent back in right away. Sorry Jeff fans the next time you will see him is on Tue. or Thurs. when they show him in the Jury house. He had a great ride and his downfall was Jordon – He should of cut ties with her and made a final 2 deal with Russell and took em all out 1 by 1. (Even he wishes he would of done a final 2 deal with Russ and is regretting not doing it sooner)

cryin over jeff

whats the difference in jeff coming back in and nat’s boyfriend being brought in? they’ve both had contact with the outside world.


No the deal is not many people want Nat or Kevin to win cause they don’t like them or how they played the game. Change the rules no – just hoping for a twist that would bring back the people or keep the people they like and want to win.


This season blows…………. I cannot believe that Gnat a lie and Kev a tell are going to win. BB if there is a next time pick better people. Oh and just to let the viewers know this is all a rating game. CBS is going for high ratings because that means more $$$$ for them !! Although I don’t see how the ratings can be good now unless everyone just does want to see who wins. And don’t let them fool you with a half a mil payout. Your paying for it by logging on to the live feeds.


alot people dont understand big brother game.they think can play game with out lie.


This doesn’t surprise me at all. They’ve let these two get away with crap from the get go. This is playing out exactly as CBS intended. If anyone thinks that writing them will change the outcome then you need to remember you’re watching BB not Fantasy Island!! The whole premise of BB is to manipulate and control the cast so it achieves the outcome and wish of the BB exec. producer. This became crystal clear to me when I watched Jun win (BB4?).


I cant stand nathalie or kevin. I dont agree with the way they talk or act. Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.
Now that my favorite is gone, i have no other choice but to give credit to these two idiots. They fooled Jeff and then voted him out,
And now they are walking to the final two. I dont want jordan is an idiot. She havent done shit for the game but look pretty and talk a lot of shit. At least that stupid rat nathalie, along with kevin fooled jeff and got two strong players out.

Thats the game for you! Jeff’s worst action was to take jordan to the finals with him because of her he believed the LML. Everyday she kept saying how she hated russell and how much she likes the rats nathalie and kevin.
I dont hate jordan but i think she is a waste of space. Her and nathalie are the worst cast on big brother history.


Jordon knows she cant win the 500k but is guaranteed 50k if someone takes her to final 2. Right now shes just playing for the 50k….really what did she do in the game? Had HOH handed to her by Jeff, and cheated to win a POV.


I DID write to CBS this morning and complained about them controling the game. I don’t know if this will help but it couldn’t hurt


I think you can tell by the recent posts that the pig lovers are showing off, their heros are winning. A lot of people who wanted a decent person to win this have stopped participating in the viewing and blogging out of disappointment. (That and not wanting to waste time listening to her screetchy rants). This morning the Dali Lama was talking (on Fareed Zakaria) about a harmonious Tibet can only happen if there is no fear and hatred, and only if there is trust. NAT can’t just turn on and off the trust button, she is not a trustworthy person and that’s why she lies so often and wins through fear-mongering, bullying and dishonesty — it comes naturally to NAT. Are those the people we want to see with the gold? I guess if you are a rebel like rockstar and some others you do, a bit of justice having a loser win.

I’m sorry Simon and Dawg that you have to put up with the dregs now that a lot of the more intelligent and fun people have stopped tuning in regularly. The possibility of a miracle seems bleak, but I’m still here hoping for the unexpected and that someone with some honest purpose in life wins in the end. Take good care and thank you both.


Thanks Annie.. the feeds have are still a lot of fun that fashion show last night was very Funny.. When he’s not scheming, lying and hating other players Kevin is VERY FUNNY to watch.


Yes, I saw bits of that and I’ve loved Kevin’s sense of humor all along, and if Nat were to disappear I’d be back for BBAD but seems Nat is always featured so I turn her off. I always read your website for the updates and now skim past the comments from the nat-lovers, who seems to want attention.


Annie, I don’t want attention. I’ve been a Nat fan since the beginning. I have to look through pages and pages of I hate Nat posts which is annoying to me. If I’m one of the few who like Nat and there are only a couple of us who post to the Nat Fan Club, this can’t be a problem for the non Nat fans and if it is, too bad. Nat fans are loyal.

Jake K.

Doesnt anyone think that Kev will win final HOH and take Jordan over Nat. He may think that its a guaranteed win cuz against Nat it isn’t. That will be like a stupid Ivette move from BB6 when she took Maggie over Janelle. As he said…he doesn’t want to be known in the category of being the gay guy who makes bad moves (hahahaha i still laugh about the marcellas thing to this day). If he wins after the Pandora’s Box thing (he knows shes after money), recent nominations, and her overall trustworthiness, I believe he will take Jordan.


At this point I think kevin should win even though he is in an alliance with Natalie…uugghh


Jordan is just as bad if not worse then Natalie as a human being. Jordan is a twit plain and simple. She is stupid and chunky and selfish. She is white trash supreme. She farts and talks about crapping all the time. She has a BAD boob job despite crying that her family was homeless because their house just went into foreclosure. She claimed her family lived at a friend’s house and she had to share a bed with her mother. Who goes and buys some tits while facing foreclosure? What 21 year old shares a bed with their mother? Why no college or even mention of higher education? She constantly walks aroung rubbing her breast and stuffing her face. She was given an HOH by Jeff and with that HOH she got rid of useless azz lydia. LMAO. Nice game changer Jordough. One of her newest goals in life thanks to Laura is to be in Playboy, which is not going to happen because she has flashed her misshapen titties more then anyone else in the house.Jordan has lied in this game and been a leech. Her host Jeff died because of her advise and soon enough she will join him because once coo coo leaves it will be a few days before she waddles towards her own eviction. You people hate Nat because she is tomboyish and has some bad manners, SO WHAT! So does every single house guest. Everyone has lied and been gross and said things I am sure they regret. You Jeff lovers need to give it up and think of all the poor queers he offended by calling people faggots and such or how he put down and yelled at his chubby lil side kick the whole game. Jeff didn’t deserve the money more then anyone else he just had the best chance of winning it from the very start. The game was set up for him to win it and he screwed it up. Ratings will not drop to badly, the show is nearly done anyway. I for one am dying to see Jeff arrive at the JH. Will Russell piss himself? Will Jessie faint from laughing? No matter what that should be great t.v. No matter which of the remaining HG’s win they were an underdog at some point, but I hope Nat wins just to stick it to some of you jerks.


They won’t do the veto over again but, they should tell Kevin that he can’t take himself off of the block since him and Nat CHEATED.


I don’t care if there is rigging, just as long as it screws over gNat.


omg its a game folks. sorry that the “pretty people” did not make it to the end. Why is it that is someone wins that you do not like they have to be cheating? I hope kevin does win this. hes played a smart game despite the fact he did it was natalie. (yea i dont like her. she has done nothing but ride the bumper of everyone with power. She imho in no way shape or form should win this) but Kevin has done nothing that every other player in the GAME has done. Little tired of all this “oh they played this game so honest and is such a decent person” everyone has lied in this game. everyone has backstabed someone in this game. Just cuz someone prays every time before they eat does not make them holy. Speaking of natie needs to stop pushing religion on people. that is a personal choice and should be left to the individual. I know lots of people who dont not believe in god and og my god. they are not satin. they are decent hardworking people. Again sorry that the more attractive people got the boot.


wht havent they gotten in trouble for the calendar and kevins cheeting ,,,,r they now trying to let Kevin win BB11


isnt the calendar that playdough thing? I figured it was okay for them to do that because Natalie was readeing the BB rules book before they started it. I’m sure their is a disclaimer that as long as its not written down on paper its okay.