Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin says need to give Jordan a mental.

12:20pm Big Brother Time: Natalie gets up out of bed and goes outside to get Kevin. She says good morning to Jordan who’s still in the pool. Kevin says he slept horribly. She says she slept good. Kevin asks what time they went to bed. She says about 3am. Kevin says girls night. Kevin and Natalie then go up to the HoH room to talk…. Natalie says that she does not like Michelle and that she only feels like she is just there. Kevin says that he likes Michelle as a person and Natalie says she thinks Michelle is evil. Natalie saying she is evil, conniving and then 2 min later will talk about you behind your back. Natalie says she is not going to act like her friend. Kevin says it is because she is playing the game. Natalie says Jordan is paranoid. Natalie says she tells Jordan that Natalie thinks she is safe. Kevin said to let her stay paranoid. Natalie is rehearsing another speech to let Michelle know that the Kevin speech was a ploy, and Michelle has always been the target. Kevin wants Natalie to take ownership of the ploy and not put it all on him. Natalie says she will let him know that it was all her plan. Kevin knew he was nominated and that he was just a ploy. He knew it all and Natalie’s target was always on her. Natalie wants Michelle to know it was all her. Kevin asks why? She says she wants the satisfaction of Michelle knowing it was all her plan. Kevin and Natalie are still game talking, saying they will make Jordan think she is going home on Thursday. Kevin says need to give Jordan a mental BLANK. He wants to mess with her mind so she will lose sleep. Kevin says that he needs to think of Jordan like he did of Jeff that he needs to get this mother BLANK out. Kevin says that he needs to stop thinking of Jordan as the sweet southern bell. Kevin says that Jordan’s playing the sweet dumb girl but she’s not. Kevin says that he wants her to worry and to loose sleep, that he wants her to BLANK herself and have diarrhea. Natalie talks about the speech she wants to give to Michelle. Natalie wants to throw it in Michelle’s face that it was her plan all along to get her out and that she always had Kevin’s back. She is going to say that her get-up during the nomination ceremony was to throw her off so that in the back of Michelle’s head she might give up an inch in the POV and it worked. She wants Michelle to know she Got-Got! And that Michelle has been her target all along. It will be vengeance for Chima. Kevin asked Natalie to make sure that it was Natalie’s ploy. Natalie says that she wants to make sure Michelle knows who is sending her home.
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12:40pm Big Brother Time: Natalie starts talking about her boyfriend and Kevin corrects her that hes, her Fiance and then Natalie say oh yeah, that she keeps forgetting. Natalie says she’s so used to calling him her boyfriend. Natalie asks who is gonna feed the fish next week? Kevin says let the BLANK die!! Natalie tells Kevin he doesn’t get his stippend if they make it to the final 2, that you only get what you won plus the $50,000 or the $500,000 for first place. Kevin doesnt get it at first and thinks that his stippend will be deducted from the $50,000 and the if he was second place he would get $43,000. Natalie explains that no, that he would get the $50,000. Natalie say that they have to play more pranks on them BLANK. She wants to replace the suntan lotion with sour cream and that she wants to do the faucet thing again, too. Kevin says that’s kind of mean… They start talking about the fish again, and trying to figure out when they were fed last. Kevin says that the piranha bit him once and Natalie says that she doesn’t believe it saying they can’t bite.

12:55pm Big Brother Time: Kevin says to Natalie that since you are going to give such a long speech, I will do nothing. Natalie says that rubbing it their faces is funny and entertaining and they need to do it. Natalie says she wants Kevin to really make a point by giving a speech because of jury. In the backyard Jordan and Michelle are sitting on the couch talking. Michelle and Jordan talking about what they think Kevin is thinking… Jordan says all she wants to do is sleep. Jordan hoping for mystery power and Michelle says, if anyone has a mystery power it’s probably Natalie. Michelle talks about deals she made with Kevin and Natalie. That the deals were pretty much taking out the other person. She thinks Kevin told Natalie everything but Natalie didn’t necessarily tell Kevin everything. Jordan says she doesn’t think they would turn on each other and knew the whole time Kevin was going on the block. Jordan says that Kevin and Natalie are doing it to mess with their heads. Jordan and Michele chatting on couches outside about POV competition. Jordan says she stressed out because she messed up on the first question. Says all she could think about was Jeff but Jeff was not an answer. Michele speculating that it might have been easier if the competed separately instead of all at the same time.


1pm – 1:20pm Big Brother Time: In the HoH room Kevin and Natalie are still talking game. They talk about their speeches, Natalie makes several suggestion to Kevin, none of which he is buying into, she tells him he should wear a the robe and crown. Kevin says maybe I should set them up for Thursday. Kevin says very difficult decisions are going to be made, in this game, although at this time, this is not a difficult decision, because obviously I will be using, I will not be using the veto on anyone or something like that.. something overshadowing… so that maybe Jordan is thinking “oh” maybe he’s gonna keep Michelle, you know or something like that just to keep the act rolling I could say something like I did in Jeff’s eviction, that I need to continue to look after myself, and there are gonna be some very difficult decisions to be made, that we all agree, should not be taken personally, but at this time, this very moment, this is not one of those difficult decisions, I will not be using the Power of Veto. Natalie says no, don’t say I won’t be using the Power of Veto, because then your BLANK is on the block. Kevin says I am on the block. Natalie says you said you will not “be using the Power of Veto” that is what you just said. Kevin says because I have it …Natalie says you have to use to use it on yourself though …if you say ” I will not be using the Power of Veto” then you are done… Jordan stays ( off the block) don’t say that .. because if you do .. that is final dude. Kevin says no, no, no, no… Natalie says you either say, “I will not be using the Pov ” and you put it in the box, or you say .. “I will be using … ” Kevin laughs says “oh, that is a Marcellas Move” Natalie says if you say you are not gonna be using it, you will be going home..Kevin. Kevin says that’s right… he laughs .. Natalie says don’t do that. Kevin says he will say something about the LGBG Final 2.. says that Michele will try to turn that on him… like she did before. Natalie says so ….Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Gender? Kevin confirms… Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Gender. Natalie- these people are so oblivious to what we are doing to them.. Jordan said ” I actually thought that when you said Jordan, I’m sorry I have to do this” that you were gonna evict me. I am was like .. “we know.. that was the plan”…. Kevin- I don’t know if she actually thought that … Natalie- well I do, and I think that we are playing them like fiddles and it’s working. Kevin- “them” .. I think it’s Jordan. Natalie- – I think Michele too.. why do you think she didn’t talk to you before the veto.. because she thought you were going home, she thought I was fighting for her …Kevin- I think it was you giving up the chance to play in the POV… I think before that she was thinking that maybe we weren’t together .. but after you gave up that chance…Natalie disagrees and goes on to talk about how Jordan is so distraught and how that was “their plan.”


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j/j alltheway

I hope the karma bites these two in the ass with their pranks aand evilness……give it to them 3 time a bad or however it works.yall know what i mean lol


K and N are not just bad players/house guests, they are very bad people. Karma will get them, even if it’s after they leave the game. People everywhere are seeing what kind of low-life individuals they are. It wouldn’t surprise me if their boyfriends left them after seeing how they treat people. And, people that actually like these two, well those are people that I know I don’t want as friends. And, believe me, people like Kev and Nasty are in a very small, pathetic group. Most Americans, and people everywhere, Agree, Karma is a bitch and these two bitches are due.


I would hate to be Nasty Natalie or Bitter Kevin and walk out those doors into the real world…they are truly despicable human beings. I hope all the misery that windfall money can bring to the lives of the undeserving comes down upon their heads. Michelle is the only hope for that show and it is not looking promising. Big Brother please step IN!!!!


Nasty is a bitch and I hope she dont win! Whats up with the 10 year old pranks?


Okay, you all know I have no favorite among these four but Natalie discribing Michelle as the devil is a little disturbing. Maybe Natalie needs to listen to Michael Jackson’s “Starting With the Man in the Mirror”. Take the “man” part either way. And, guys, help me with that LGBG thing. Tell me straight. Obviously, you can tell me anything. Don’t let me get annoying here.


wow! i now know what he meant. sorry i was a kid. yeah , what is with nat and all the biblical when she can’t even admit to her #2 or not lie with all that ill intention she has. she gives a bad name to her spanish heritage. she lied to all before she introduced herself and kevin is a spiteful bitch. i would think with all the controversy in the last year with g and l rights he would conduct himself as more of a gentleman or lady. he is a total C-word!


Please, Big Brother, Lock the Exit door and don’t let Michele leave.


Please, Big Brother, Lock the Exit door and throw Michelle under a bus.


Jeffs Girl

At this point I agree Brenda. I also agree with BBGrandma. I couldn’t believe what Natalie said that stuff about Michelle and being the devil and lying and conniving. She obviously has been looking in the mirror too long. I have never disliked 2 people so much on BB as Natalie and Kevin. I truly don’t remember other players in the past playing or acting like them throughout the entire game. It just sickens me that they will be the final 2 more than likely. If I were in the jury house I wouldn’t vote for either one and lose my stipend. It would be worth it to me!!! They are both such evil people. I am 100% sure this is how they are in real life especially Natalie. The other night when she said her friends aren’t watching the feeds is probably because she has NO friends!!! This has been by far the worst season of BB yet. It would have been great and a great season if they hadn’t brought the 2 time loser Jesse back!


I agree Brenda! She has been a lone wolf this whole game and she has been bad-talked by every alliance she thought she had. She lost her brother shortly before the show started and has had no support from anyone in that house. I hope America gives her some cash. Better yet…lock the door and give her HOH!


I’m hoping she wins the Ameirca’s Choice but I have a feeling Jeff will win it. I’ve liked Michelle, I just think she was on the outside looking in too much. She needed to form her own alliance. I think she walked into the house alone, spent most of her time alone and once she leaves she will feel a little foolish for trusting Jeff and Jordon but I do hope she sees that loss as a gain for her own personal self worth. She looks awesome, she’s handled the game as best she could without having anyone on her side and her friends betraying her. She’s won HOH and POV’s. She has to believe in herself more. I adore the girl, I just wish we should have been on my team.

j/j alltheway

Is Nasty the most hated bb houseguest or does somebody remember anybody else being that hated by america?


It sucks that this years game is just how last year is gonna end up. I like J/M but there is no hope for them.


Enough with the pranks and crap! Like 8 year olds! Can’t be enough to have power this week they have to be immature and nasty. Gnat is the worst at this behavior. Yeah, I don’t like how Gnat is calling Michele the devil – no need to take it personal like that. I hope Gnat hears and reads all the bad (personal!) stuff people have been saying about her all season long! At least Kevin said he likes Michele as a person! Kevin is ok once away from Gnat’s influence. He needs to get away from her. Too bad that I don’t think he’ll realize this. He could have a good shot at winning if he stuck with Michele.


Where did bb get this people for this show ? They have no intergrity at all, bb sure scraped the bottom of the barrell this year!

Mystery Speaker!

Cheaters! report them to the CBS/BB feedback link ate the bottom of CBS’s page>
point out the cheating and unfair advantage CBS allows these two with the cheated POV, calendar, hiding objects in the house before competitions. they must be fair.
Kevin staed he cheated, afterdark shows them cheating, time to make it right.
see what happens.
we are all poor sports when the people we do not want to win do win

Michelle is still a loon but not as much

wow so get nat out cause she “stinks”? sigh….

Michelle lost..she played a good game, its over


If Natalie wins the big money, I think myself and many others will hate BB for the rest of it’s existence. She is a foul mouthed, unhygenic pig, and ugly minded fool who has deluded herself into thinking she is a Christian. Game or no game… no true follower of Christ would talk the smack and jam the agony in the other players’ faces they way she does. Rehearsing her vileness is beyond disgusting. She is the lowest thing to surface on reality TV so far. Her father should be ashamed of her. I am ashamed for him.


i have absolutely zero interest in continuing to watch the rest of this season. the games PRETTY much over, nobody’s really playing. Jordan is too dumb to play it, natalie is more than annoying. i was rooting for team JEFF until he turned into a paranoid RETARD and evicted RUSSELL. even AFTER he’d been evicted by kevin and natalie, he still says it was the right move. .. moron. Why can’t anyone on BB ever stick to the final plan when it comes to the end. There’s been many chances for alliances to survive when it gets down to the final group and someone always EFFS it up. Jeff deserved to get evicted, even though i was pro-jeff.


As of today, I’m done with this website. This site is place for people filled with HATE over a GAME. A GAME! You don’t know these people personally. You praise those that come up with disrespectful names, pictures, ugly comments and their perception of what happening in the game. Then you have the nerve to judge those that are playing the game. Grow up people! Supporting this site is like supporting a hate organization.


Don’t get me wrong…I can’t stand Natalie but I think Kevin is being way more evil in this game than anybody right now. There is a difference between playing the game, messing with people’s head’s and saying things like “I hope she shit’s herself everyday.” That is too far and makes me think he is sick in the head. I hope that Kevin does not make it to final 2! I would rather see nasty Natalie in final 2 than his sicko ass. Keeping my fingers crossed than Jordan can pull out a final HOH in….but not holding my breath….


This is why this season is difficult to watch. It is bodily function city in that house…the mental age of these people stopped developing around the age of 2. I have watched every season of Big Brother and this crew goes down in History as the grossest. Why did Kevin say ” Let the Bitches Die!” when they were trying to figure out who would feed the fish next week? That is truly pathological and sad. I hope if he gets the cash it brings great misery to him…wow, what a season!


ok if there was a true pandora’s box, something awful would happen to Nat for being disgusting inside and out. Come on BB, kick this up a notch for us!!!!!


BB hasn’t played a great deal of fun and exciting games this year. The CDT was boring and even Pandora’s box was cheap and lame. Ameirca’s Choice was for food and well even that was boring. I liked this group of houseguests but everyone of them have been laying around in bed all the time.

It’s boring when everyone wants the game to be pleasant with no fighting or lies. I want Ronnie back, I want Russell back before Jeff chopped of his nuts. I liked the crazy of the past houseguests.

It’s easy to blame it all on Jeff and Natalie or America for ruining the show but maybe it’s BB’s fault for messing this year up because no one really clicked.


And then there were three.

I would not be surprised to see Jordough follow McGoo out the door tonight. Clearly McGoo and Jordough is no match for Nat and Kev. Like Julie was saying to Jeff?it?s not just about the competitions that are played, but the strategic moves in the house. And from what I can see and been saying all alone, Kev and Nat can?t be beat in that category?at least not by McGoo and Jordumb.

Nat and Kev for the easy win…too easy!


I hope so NAT.


Man “F” all yall, after how this game went down all summer, and how people had so many unfair chances in the game, and then at the last minute decide to screw themselves over, man whatever! Natalie and Kevin deserve final 2 and I hope Kevin wins!


Kevin seems to be the type of person who would gladly spread AIDS to others if he were infected with it. What a scumbag!!!


Maybe Kev’s man will leave him, and then he can hook up Joe or Dustin and get gonorrhea.


He’s playing a game. Kevin is a good guy. Should he just make a deal with Jordon and lay down and die? No, Jordon has proven she can’t be trusted.


Wow, I have to wonder what kind of person makes a comment like that about someone that they don’t even know. It’s a GAME people!!


Can you believe that the very-focused Kevin had a major memory lapse and unknowingly planned to keep himself on the block?

I knew Kevin was going to win weeks ago, but when I read that, I was hoping Natalie wasn’t paying too close attention so that Kevin would remain on the block.



I think it was the blogger who did not hear/type it correctly. I imagine it’s hard to keep up with typing constant conversation and there are going to be mistakes in transcribing.

(I’m not pro-kevin. I just don’t think he made this specific mistake.)


I don’t get why these two think that they still have to be nasty. There is no longer a point in it. Ugly people. I’m sure the gay community is very proud of this guy. Bisexual gender? Maybe his biggest lie is that he isn’t really gay???


These two spend so much time discussing how awful everyone else is and how much everyone else talks behind peoples backs……they need to look in the mirror. They are two of the caddiest people that were in the BB house!


Did I hear wrong last Thursday? Isn’t today (Sunday) supposed to be the Noms, POV comp & decision, and a live eviction + the 1st part of HOH? Isn’t that for today?


I believe you misheard and all of the above is happening on Tuesday night!


Oh. Thank you, buddhistgirl69. 😀 It’s going to be a loooong road till finale night. I feel obligated to watch till the end, but I’m already starting to detach and prepare for a Nat win. It leaves such a bad taste in one’s mouth, eh? Anyway, thank you Simon and Dawg for all of your hard work…I wish I’d discovered it earlier, but I’ll be back for BB12. My sis and I have decided we’d rather just donate to you guys than go with the live feed for BB12. See ya, then. 🙂


Where do they find these people?? I know, the cesspool of humans who really act like Kevin and Nasty in the real world! All of us know a few. I am sure they will say that they only acted this way because it’s a “game”, but I think we all know better. You can’t pretend to be this way without showing your “true colors”. I think CBS sucks for letting Kevin get away with cheating, but I am sure they will just edit it out to make everything look good. CBS is turning into grade C quality progamming, just like VH1.


Natalie and Kevin are 2 mean spirited people. They are both sitting pretty right now and still continue to come up with evil plans to mess with Michele and Jordan mentally. It’s just not right. I can’t wait for both of them to come back to the real world and see what most of American truly thinks of them.


Me Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life’s going to be a bitch!


Though your language is a little strong I agree with the intent of what you say. The true fans of Big Brother deserve way more than this! I think unless Pandora’s Box changes “everything” we are in for a dull little ending to this game.


OMG I am SOOOOO tired of Kevin and Natalie, I am not on anyone’s particular side as to who should win but I dont these two MEAN idiots deserve to win.

Kevin is going along with Natalie because she is head of household and has gotten him a little furter in the game this week.

Natalie talks about her Christian values, but I dont remember one of those values calling people names, and minf F’ing them.

Tonight they say the truth will be revealed if Pig Pens BF really proposed, what I want to know is what does this BF find so attrractive about her? She doesnt shower, she has a dirty mouth, she is vindictive and she goes on talking about people being liars….she came in the house telling the first lie!

DUMP HER! Kevin use your brain, Natalie is trash, TAKE OUT THE TRASH!


C’mon BB……do something to make N&K look like the twats that they are. Make Nat take a shower as well, shes a health risk to the rest of the playas.


no. tonite is nominations and they’ll probably show the pandoras box episode. then on tuesday is taped pov, live pov ceremony and live eviction.


I’m pretty sure Michelle is out the door as I’m sure most of it think that will be the case.
HOWEVER, I’m HOPING that Nat will turn on Kevin knowing him to be the better competitor against her and that Jordan will win by default. = – )

Then Jeff can win America’s favorite and Jordan can win the game. THAT’s MY favorite scenario.

Nat is repulsive

Pig Pen has made it entirely personal, and I am sure she lives her personal life embroiled in an equal amount of drama. She revels in others fury and frustration, often stirring the pot so to speak. She’s useless and a habitual liar. Which in turn also makes her a blatant hypocrite.


It definitely does speak volumes about the integrity of these two players. Both have, unfortunately, positioned themselves perfectly to reach the final two and they STILL want to make Michelle’s last few days at the household a miserable one. They really get off in seeing themselves in the ‘power’ position and definitely exploit it as much as they can. I’m starting to think that it will never be enough for these two… just horrible display of how humans scucumb at the offer of money. Good luck to these two and I hope the behaviour they have shown on television may never reach the outside world.


Was totally hoping Michelle would win POV. With her now pretty much heading to jury house, i could care less who wins maybe Kevin. Those of you rooting for Jordan to get final HOH good luck with that. In final 3 she has to win either the 1st or 2nd competition and then come right back and win the 3rd one (which truthfully speaking she does have a chance b/c its a mentally one but a multiple choice or true false one). However she still have to win back to back competitions which i just don’t see happening. Her only hope is Kevin or Natalie picks her for final 2 (which would be a stupid move not as bad as jeff backdooring russell but right under that)


Tjis pair is sooo warped. All the money in the world will not help this dup. It is like putting lipstick on a pig…..still a pig


please cbs fix this if your reading this.You should make the jury house decide who goes home this tuesday.that would be frickin awsome and an excellent twist! But natalie and kevin need to get royally screwed and i think you know this. if im on this show(hopefully) and i see people like this all hell is going to break loose.


There have been a lot of life lessons in this season of BB:
1) America loves an underdog – especially if he’s handsome and funny.
2) Power definitely changes people. They become increasingly paranoid and are intent on getting rid of people who they think are targeting them.
3) Once someone discovers you’ve lied just once, you’ve pretty much lost their trust. If they don’t think you’ve lied, they will pretty much believe anything you tell them.
4) Those people who brag about how honest and truthful they are, usually are the most deceitful of the bunch.
5) Schools and colleges are failing miserably in teaching grammar.
6) Women need a mother figure during their upbringing.
7) Good table manners matter!
8) Nosepicking should be done in private – ditto talks regarding your bowels, periods, and sexual habits.
9) Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (witness Chima after Russell rejected her) or one called fat! (Get over it Jordon!)
10) What goes around, comes around, i.e., Karma is alive and well and will hopefully prevail!


Kevin once stated when hgs were saying that everyone liked him that he didn’t get get it because he wasn’t popular or liked in his life. He is showing us now why that was he isn’t liked in his everyday world. His HoH blog on the cbs website should not have been published.. His gross comments on the live show were an embarrassment. He is trying to establish himself as a role model for the gay community and I will never consider him a gay representative because he is nothing like any of my gay friends. He is so amoral that he definately belongs linked to the sociopath description that was used here to describe his new bff gnat. People here have said Jeff changed when he was “in power” but nothing in bb history compares to “lets be nasty and cruel just for fun not for game” attitude of these 2 people. Who would think putting bleach in someone’s contact solution is “fun”? Jeff, Jordan and Michelle could not compete with these people because they are not wired like k/gn. They are too nice of people and have a soul and a conscience the k/gn definately do not.