Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The house guests are on the usual Thursday morning HoH lock down…

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10am Big Brother Time: All the house guests are sleeping when the feeds cut to the control room. 10:15am Big Brother Time: The feeds come back…In the pool room. Jeff is up. Michelle is up and in the kitchen, and then control room again. Lights are still out in red bedroom with Natalie in bed. Jeff just brought his suitcase into the storage room. Jordan now in the storage room bringing in her suitcase and back in the pool room with Michelle, who is lying in bed. Jordan walked out of the pool room to kitchen, where Jeff is sitting at the kitchen counter. Nat is starting to get out of bed, wrapping herself up in a blanket and sliding on slippers as she goes, passing Jordan on her way back to the pool room with a drink. Nat is bringing a heat pack to the microwave and sticking it in. No words between Nat and Jeff. Jordan seems to have said something to Michelle, but I couldn’t hear anything at all.

Jeff is now back in bed next to Jordan in the pool room with the lights on. Nat heads up to HOH. Nat is knocking on the HOH door, but we now see that Kevin is in the shower. Nat now lying under her blanket on the couch thing outside the HOH room. Kevin out of the HOH, and Nat gets up from couch, asking “did you hear me knock?” he said he was in the shower as he heads downstairs to presumably swap out his batteries. Nat headed straight into the HOH room …and the feeds cut to the control room.
10:45am – 11am Big Brother Time: When the feeds come back from control room, all the House Guests are heading up to a lock down in the HOH. Kevin is listening to music in bed and Nat is right beside him. Jordan is curled up in the round chair, Michelle is lying next to the HOH bed under blankets, and Jeff is sitting on the floor in front of the fish tank, dealing out a game of solitaire.? Jeff finishes his game and then grabs his blanket and curls up on the HoH room floor near Jordan… All the house guests are now trying? fall back asleep…
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132 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The house guests are on the usual Thursday morning HoH lock down…

  1. I don’t like Kevin or Natalie. I will be soooo bummed when Jeff leaves because at least he is entertaining. He makes moves in the game and he makes me laugh with the stuff he says. He would have kept it interesting. Waaaaaahhhh!

  2. WOW, if these get any more exciting, I don’t know what I will do….. go back to bed myself, YAWN!

    Simon and Dawg, I know it’s not your fault, just reporting the feeds.

  3. One thing I hope is that when Jeff leaves tonight, he ignores Kevin. The way Kevin has been behaving is just what he deserves and will also let Kevin know he doesn’t have Jeffs vote in the jury house (he doesn’t have Jesse’s either so Kevin better find some new friends and fast)

    1. Good call as usual from you Wolfgang! Although, I wish Jeff would really have a clue what’s going on here, I mean with Nat and Kev. IThe whole wine situation with Kevin is obviously so hard up! That was so low and desperate, don’t ya think? Who do you hope makes it to the F2? I hoping Mich get’s Kevin & Nat. Wouldn’t it be great if Jordon surprise’s all and Kicks But in HOH or veto?

      1. Kev is right now vacuuming in the Kitchen and on the rug before the memory wall clearly to just piss off jeff and jordan who are cooking in the kitchen. I mean, really Kevin?? You have obviously been spending way too much time with Nat. Is this necessary? the whole game he has been one of my favorites but this HOH week of his has totally killed it for me.

  4. When they say the feed cuts to the ‘control room’ what do they mean? Is it the production control team doing their job? Or is it one of the rooms in the house?

  5. It is Jeff’s own fault for going home. He broke his final four deal and tried to team up with his enemies. Not a smart move.

    Did anyone watch last night and see the calendar Kev and Nat made to study all the house events? Isn’t that cheating?

  6. Just curious, I’ve always wondered about this…probably a stupid question, but…while the HGs are locked down in the HOH, what’s going on in the rest of the house? Why do they do this? I know when they’re locked in fromt he outside, they’re usually setting up for comps….but what goes on Thursday mornings in the house?

  7. plssssssssssssssssss bb surprise us with russell coming back tot he house
    his picture was colored again last tuesday show
    wanna see dumb jordon face like WT…. lol or queer keygay as “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

  8. I think tonight is my last night of big brother…the people who stay are not interesting enough to watch…If Jordo goes I will miss that accent..and if Jeff goes I will miss his sense of humor…Nat is nasty,Kev is rude,and michelle can’t even pull off a good prank…So when Jeff or Jordon goes home tonight Big Brohter will have one less viewer..GOOD LUCK TONIGHT JEFF AND JORDAN….I’LL MISS YA…..

      1. me too, It is so nice watching jeff and jordan together, THE BOX please let the key be power for jeff to use to stay maybe they will say the house can keep the money or jeff can use it ?????????


    1. Glad you guys aint sports fans… buncha fairweather crybabies… Sometimes the teams sucks cuz the players suck but you stick with them no matter what. Dont worry they’ll be another BB with different people…maybe even better people than ever.

    1. its just a guess….but im sure BB is tired of nat and kevins cheating…talking about DR sessions, making calendars out of the chess board, all the stupid pranks. and of course their number one priority is ratings…..nothing speaks louder then ratings.. i know i said double eviction on sunday but that wont happen. but i do know bb hates nat and kev. they will do what they can to get rid of them.

      1. I agree with you. They probably don’t want to go to the extent of expelling someone again, but at the same time I don’t think they can condone that behaviour. Lets hope that somehow there is a loop hole here and Nasty leaves the house, I can’t stand listening to her anymore!!

    1. yeo his cute picture was color again and they didnt show his video exit like they usually do with most conestants
      I have the feeling the sweet cute is not over ha
      wanna see jordon face if he is send back to the house lol
      I bet her boobs would jump from excitement
      she is silly russell is cuter then dumber jeff plus hmmm what a rocking body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I think Russell returned on last night’s episode and that’s why he wasn’t greyed out. He was in Pandora’s Box holding Kevin’s arm.

  9. I wish Jeff wasn’t leaving! Guess only other way to show support is to vote him America’s Choice for $25K. If Nat is in final 2 or wins this thing I will be really upset. She doesn’t seem to have much moral character or motivation to win things herself. Riding coat-tails in order to keep her hands clean seems to be her MO.

    1. Yea Me To. Check out CW, apparently BB-11 airs on that station tonight. Not sure where you are but I am in Detroit, MI. BB 11 comes on after the Football game and that airs at 9:30 P.M. instead of 9:00.

  10. TEAM JEFF. Going to be so sad when he goes home tonight, maybe it will light a fire under Jordan and she kicks butt in the next comp….gnat the dirtleg needs to go….I think she is more annoying that Jesse was….

  11. This week has been so boring, with Jeff leaving it will be even worse and I will probably not watch. Watching them pull pranks, and Nat talk about her period really!!!

    As far as football it was posted that the CW station may carry bb

  12. I think it would be more interesting to watch the jury house then the big brother house. Although i am glad jeff is leaving things will be boring. Cant wait to see how Russ reacts when he see Jeff. But something tells me Jeff wont be leaving.

  13. Simon dear, where can i watch tonight’s BB episode since I’m the damn east coast and apparently football is more exciting….?

        1. on the programming on my tv, it shows that bb will air at 10 pm est. but i was hoping i could view it somewhere else earlier…..any websites or links etc?

  14. I am totally bummed if Jeff goes home tonight. I Think he needs to be on T.V all the time, his own show….CBS what do you think? Please don’t bring back Russell unless it means Jeff can stay. Nat is only in the final 4 because she crawled up Jessie and Kevin’s asses and hid, she would bark every once in awhile! PLEASE DON’T SEND JEFF HOME!!!!!!! CBS get it right.

      1. I believe that he is!! Jeff deserves some spotlight because of his exposure to the world! He has a terrific personality, quick witted and handsome! The guys want to be his best buddy and the girls want to be his bed buddy!

  15. Are we assuming Russel is coming back based on “colour” on his photo? Did anyone read about the return somewhere else?
    If Jeff is gone, I would love for R to return so it’s not so boring with those hg that are left.

  16. Gnat, “World Champion”, I think not! She competed in the Feather Weight division in 2002 at the “World Junior Taekwondo Championships” (JUNIOR) in Crete Greece.
    She did take a bronze medal home with her. My personal opinion is she talked someone out of it and then voted them out. Oh sorry, I got confused on what I was saying. Anyhow, she did win the “BRONZE” medal. I thought that you had to win a “GOLD” medal to make you a “CHAMPION” at something. My mistake. Oh, she did this before going into High school if I forgot to mention that before. She may have been once good at something. I’m good at things too. I’m sure allot of people are good at certain things that they can exaggerate on a bio. I bet Gnat could get a gold medal in Taekwonlie. She is great at it. She could lie herself all the way to the top and really get a gold medal and really be a “World Champion” and still have her great job at Blockbuster Video! Hey, I worked there too, when I was 16.
    I’m just saying.
    Oh, and Russell lost his one and only pro mixed martial arts fight.
    I’m just saying.

  17. C?mon Jeff! Black & White to me…… He’s a douche bag dude? Really, Jeff get?s what he deserves….. Suck it up and Buck up he’s gonna go. If he stays I hope Russ comes back and takes him down. As far as CBS giving “Jeff/Dude” a reality show well he is an actor, I will pass on any show he is in. BTW have you been watching these live feeds on this Jef f ihe s an A$$. I wish he were good but he is not. Trust me…….. Michelle FTW. Thanks.

    1. I am with ya….Michele FTW!!! I hope Jordan wins HOH this week and listens to what Jeff told her to do, which is stick with Michele. Then hopefully Michele wins HOH the following week…That’s my best case scenario…now whether it happens…LOL

  18. Sorry, I’m only just now tuning in…is Jeff 100% leaving? And how is it that Natalie keeps saying in the DR that she is this powerful player??

  19. gish why people want dumber jeff to stay
    dude its over he was so dumb to stick with the bulldog and queer keygay he betray his own team so just bye dumb jeffie wohooooooo
    he lose his big chance and now let the cute rusell go back to the house
    we want strong plares not dumb people
    we already have one dumber jordon
    besides rusell make me get h… uhhhhhhhh rocking body?

  20. Why does everyone want to give Jeff a free pass? He is just as rude as Russ. He treats Jordan like crap, he talks about wishing people would fall down the stairs he uses profanity hes not loyal or a man of his words. He and Russ share some of the same qualities but Russ gets demonized for his behavior. He talked about Russ being a sore loser but so is he. I really dont see much difference.

    1. TREATS JORDAN LIKE CRAP???? WTF! Have you been watching? They have a great “friendship” He is hard on her at times, because she needs it! The rest of the time him and her are just playing around and joking about things and providing the only sense of dignity in the entire house!

  21. I am almost 9 months pregnant, if my favorite couple Jeff & Jordan go home tonight, I will go into labor…. CBS do u hear me??????

    1. HAHAH congrats on the baby.. will you still go into labour if only Jeff leaves? how about Jeff leaving and Natalie winning HOH… I think the site will explode if that happens

    1. Is there anything that America can do to bring back/keep Jeff in the house? He is the most honest of them all.
      Hey Bib Brother are you listening? AMERICA WANTS JEFF IN THE HOUSE!!

  22. part of me wishes the gnat creature would make it to the final 2, then need america’s vote to break a tie between her and someone else. then America would give a resounding vote for the other person. otherwise.. even though kevin’s a stronger player, the gnat needs to go next.

    1. What would they do in the event of a tie in the jury house? Since Ch-ch-ch-chima quit, there will only be six on the jury.

      1. Maybe once it’s down to final two they will have America vote, and whoever has the highest wins (but only in the event of a tie)?? I really don’t know though, that’s a good questions!! However, I don’t really think it will be a tie…but it’s definitely possible. I would like to know the answer too lol.

          1. Yes Grodner already said America would vote the week before the final – so if Pigpen is in the final two she had better be sure she has four votes in the jury house because no way in this sweet world will she get America’s vote.

    2. If Nat makes final 2, she will win. It doesn’t matter who she is up against. Even Michelle seems to think Kevin is a greater threat, which is dumb. Sure he is more likely to win a competition, but Nat has lots of friends in the jury house. Even Kevin should be seeing that he has no chance unless he goes final 2 with Jordan. I don’t think he can beat Michelle, might be a close vote. Michelle can’t win against Nat, might not win against Kevin, but would win against Jordan. Jordan can’t win with the jury house, period. She will probably take second place though because she is the one that everyone can beat. Now I know some people think Jordan will win because she is sweet, but that’s not what it’s all about. The jury house is full of people that played the game (except Lydia). They got evicted for playing the game and making moves. Jordan did nothing but hold Jeff’s hand all the way to final 2. The HOH she got was thrown to her, and I question her POV win too. In any case, the only thing she did in the game was send Lydia home, the only person Jordan could beat in competitions, so stupid move. The jury will vote for who played the best game, and Jordan didn’t even play. Funny as it sounds, Jordan is the only one that is going to be safe next week. All of them will try to keep her for an easy win.

      1. Go back to after Mich winning POV. She spent a lot of time then with Kevin explaining how Nat would win because of jury votes. While Kevin agreed with Mich and suggested they have a final 2 deal, he refused to keep Jeff. So Mich had no choice but to solicit Nat’s vote to keep Jeff this week.

        1. True. I hope that once Jeff is gone tonight, Mich realizes that Nat is the biggest threat, not Kevin. As long as they can prevent Nat from winning HOH and POV, Nat should be the one leaving next week because none of them can beat her. Kevin should be sabotaging Nat, not coaching her so she can win a competition, but this is the season of dumbasses, so I fully expect them all to do the opposite of what makes sense. Michelle is the only one that has enough sense to see things as they are, but she has to contend with the actions of idiots. They say that it’s easier to compete with a smart opponent, because you can use reason to predict their next move, but when you are dealing with morons, a smart person just can’t predict what they might do.

          1. Michelle has stated numerous times that she couldn’t win against Nat and wants her out. She only wanted to keep Jeff because the hatred for him in the jury is strong enough to give her best odds on votes. Her strategy is based on who she can beat on votes, not on strongest player or floaters. She even mutters about this when she’s alone. Since she loses her best shot at a win if Jeff isn’t in final 2 with her, she will then systematically go after who would beat her in Final 2. Nat’s the biggest threat and goes next week.

  23. Can hardly wait for the “twist”, and the winner of HOH. Hoping my girl Michelle gets HOH, then POV. Russell comes back, teams up w/Michelle, and beat the living daylites to Gnat, and once a nice guy Kevin. Guess I can only hope unti we find out what happens. Still hoping that CBS/AG/BB producers don’t reward GNat with any more money. I wud rather they flush it down the toilet the way Kevin did the wine. Better yet, do the world a favor and flush her down the toilet, saran wrap and all. Go Michelle, win, win, win.

  24. “he lose his big chance and now let the cute rusell go back to the house
    we want strong plares not dumb people” are you serious… lose..lost plares..players.. all while knocking Jeffs intelligence

  25. UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. BB is being pre-empted tonight for the last preseason game – LAME!!! Everyone knows the last game is just garbage time for those hoping to make the team! UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Oh well, the HOH is probably going to be endurance…. right?? I can’t stay up until 1:30 am to watch the show…..unless…. hello boss, i won’t be in tomorrow…. i feel a migraine coming on…..

        1. Hey, the Rams stole our SPAGS, you ingrate! You may not be watching but Spags has a loyal fanbase in NYC that WILL be watching! Your Rams will be at least 300% better this year and SB contenders two years from now. You’d be crazy not to watch history in the making tonight.

      1. Go Giants! Beat those Patriots again…(this time with our 3rd string scrubs). Chiefs suck. Good luck with your Bellichick knockoff Paoli.

    1. I’m with you Karen!!! I could give two shits less about the Jets game!!!!! This happens EVERY year….and always on a Thursday. They need to move it to a Tuesday night!!!! Not EVICTION night!!!!

  26. Hey, just watched Russell’s exit interview on You Tube, has anyone else watched and what are your thoughts? He does reference Pandora’s Box in one of his answers. Is this a coincidence…..or wishful thinking on our part?

  27. OOO I love my Jeffy… Jordan too… But Jeff is SO HOT and I really think he played the game right, I wont watch if he leaves until the finale so I can vote him for AMERICAS Player!!!

    1. I truly believe that this exposure will land Jeff some high profile acting jobs or if nothing else some modeling gigs. I also look forward to him being on the next BB ALLSTAR edition! Do ya’ll think anyone else from this cast is ALLSTAR worthy??…Ronnie??

      1. I believe Braden has done a movie too…before BB of course. And I think Russ would be on All Stars if they did it again. I HOPE not Ronnie….

    1. Usually if there is a twist, CBS hypes it so we all tune in. It’s all about ratings after all, so unfortunately I think Pandora’s Box was the lamest “twist” ever. It wasn’t a twist. It didn’t “turn the house upsidedown” like Julie said. It wasn’t even a luxury competition, it was a money grab, and Kevin got the short end of the stick. I had hopes that they would put Russell in the box and tell the houseguests that they had to choose between keeping the money or giving it up. Both scenarios have consequences. If they keep the money, Russell jumps out of the box. If they give up the money, a special veto power comes into play that they all play for prior to the eviction ceremony. This would be a fantastic twist, but I think it’s too late in the season to do something like that, so I think with CBS’s Pandora’s Box twist, we all got got.

      I still think it would be fun to bring back some old houseguests from previous seasons to make their lives miserable for choosing the money. Let Dick, Howie, James just appear in the house and call them out on their lies and greed, follow them around, taunt them. Make them sit in the green room with a tag team of dumb blondes for a whole day to keep them from sleeping. My pick would be Holly and Jessica. That would be my worst nightmare, though I am guessing Jordan would feel at home. ( On a side note, as much as I didn’t want Jessie to come back into the house, I was even more afraid it would be Jessica. Can you imagine how torturous it would have been to have Jessica AND Jordan in the house together. We can count our blessings!) Something like this would force the HG to do something other than sleep and play solitaire, would give us something fun to watch as the season winds down, and it might just shake things up so the outcome isn’t so damned predictable.

  28. Why do people keep talking about a twist ? The last episode I whatched on Tue. did not say anything about a twist did I miss something ,or is this just wishful thinking ?

      1. Julie’s tease prior to the $$$ grab was that “a twist is coming that could turn the house upside down.” Do you not remember that??? Consensus is that the $$$ wasn’t a twist and it didn’t turn the house upside down…(just Kevin got to see Nat’s true colors). Theory is that the PB will be used further tonight for the real twist.

    1. I think it’s just wishful thinking. They’ve never NOT announced a twist at the end of the show. But who knows, maybe they will pull one over on all of us. I hope so…..I could use a good surprise.

  29. Really want a twist, this is getting boring with just the boring people left after Jeff leaves. Why don’t we get to see the sequester house like we get to see Ponderosa on survivor on line?

    1. I know…I totally wish they would put something online so you could see what’s going down in the sequester house…instead of that short 2 or 3 minute stint they do on Thursdays.

    2. Theory goes like this: Russell won $10k and $$$ to house was coincidentally $10k. Russ’ picture in intro shows him in BY tanning, not exiting like all other evictees. Russ’ name is not gone in the intro like other evictees. In BB9, HGs voted to keep the recent evictee or select a mystery past evictee. Therefore, Russell gave up his $10k for right to reenter game. AG said HOH this week will have “an additional responsibility”. So, Kevin chooses whether to keep Jeff or take back the mysterious HG in Pandora’s Box. There are other theories, but this one has the most buzz…

      1. That actually sounds like a pretty cool idea. They have brought back people before. I’d love to see Kevin in agony deciding since he can’t take a stand on anything.

      2. i was thinking the same thing , bc rusells picture was on the opening credits as if he had never left. i dont think production would make a mistake like that , unless BB was just messing with us, i sure hope not.

  30. If a miracle were to happen tonight and Jeff stays and Nasty goes then it would be the greatest thing I have ever seen on television! I would jump up and down and scream at the top of my lungs! CBS isn’t that what you want? Great television and greater ratings? MAKE IT HAPPEN SOME HOW!!! I would even settle for just Jeff staying and even accept Russell back in the house.

    1. Hell ya!!! CBS, do soooommmmmething to make us all happy and really WANT to keep watching!! We deserve some entertainment since the last few weeks have been DULL

  31. is there gonna be a twist tonight or not cause i think if there was they would have hinted at it on tuesday at the end. i am praying that there is a twist and some how both jeff and jordan stay. if not that pandora’s box thing was so stupid. it did absolutely nothing but give them money. PLEASE BIG BROTHR KEEP JEFF AND JORDAN IN THE HOUSE. YOU NEED RATINGS AND NO ONE WOULD WATCH ANYMORE IF JEFF LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE DO SOMETHING TONIGHT.

    1. Speak for yourself. I watch because I like the game. I don’t play favorites. I usually start out liking someone until they do something stupid, and liking someone else as they play the game. I almost always end up rooting for someone completely different by the end. I can’t believe all these supposed fans that won’t watch if their favorite leaves. Face it. Jeff made bonehead moves that ruined his game. He was odds on favorite to win, and he managed to mess it all up, against all odds. It’s a game and he lost. He should go. Given that Jeff didn’t play the game well, I can only suppose that the girls like him because he looks nice. Personally, I don’t think he is all that great to look at. If you want to watch a game where the prettiest guy wins, BB is not about that, or at least it shouldn’t be. This season it is hard to like any of these people. Michelle wins by default because she is the only one with use of logic and reason, and she has made it this far with everyone against her, on her own. She is there because she has been able to pull off wins and save herself. Unlike any other season since BB6, I am not really rooting for anyone, I am rooting against Nat and to some extent Kevin.

    2. I totally disagree with you BBfan:)…..To the contrary!….I have NOT been watching BB Afterdark for some time now,…all on account of Kermit (Jeff) blindsiding and backdooring Russell. Not only that, but he (douchebag-Jeff) is the BIGGEST schemer in the house!!!…He talks mad shit about Michelle behind her back then smiles in her face. He found the key to save Kevin but decided not to use it until AFTER his greedy ass collected as much money as he could….And incase you don’t realize it he is actually throwing Miss Piggy (Jor-dough) under the bus!!!….He’s eerily fascinated with Russell even though he hasn’t been in the house for a week…and if you ask me Russell WOULD wipe the floor with Jeff’s homophobic ass if it came down to it…Jeff, you THINK your’e ALL THAT!!!…well let me tell you, I think you’re ugly on the inside,…and you’re just as ugly on the outside!!!…calling people douchebag and yoyo and crazy bitch behind their backs does NOT make you a man!…As far as I’m concerned when Jeff’s dumbass leaves tonight the ratings WILL NOT drop because he’s such a douchebag yoyo everyone that I know loathes him so I think as soon as he goes a LOT of former BB addicts such as myself will start to enjoy the show once again!!!..All you Jeff-loving douchebag yoyo’s can kiss my ass!!!…..I’D APREESH!!!!! :)
      Signed with love and kisses! :)

  32. when you think about these people in the house i think that we all relate to them in the way – “would i want to be around that person in the real world” for example – i could see having a beer with jeff or even russell for that matter . jordan is such a kind beautiful person who wouldn’t want to be around her. Michele and kevin are also both fairly descent people. However, when is comes to nat………….. she has the moral fibre of a discloth……… it is one thing playing the game and yet another cheating , childish sneaking , blatant unnecessary i might add cruel put downs of the other people in the house. she thinks its so funny that no one knows that shes not 18 and “OH how i’ve pulled one over on them when they find out i’m 24 with a college education” to be honest i thought she was younger than 18. i have a 13 year old niece that is more mature. i don’t understand the purpose of her lie about her age, because her true character has been shown and she belongs back in grade school where she could be taught manners……………….

  33. WOW!Jeff’s fans are just like him. They want BB to lie and cheat to change the course of things that Jeff himself put in motion when he screwed Russel major time by lying to him that he was safe until the last minute before he back doored him. I hope you learned your lesson! You can’t do shit like that and then expect your prayers to work.An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth-that’s how it works. If you spend more time on the game and less under the covers trying to score with Jordo-you may have been able to cut your losses. Now look at this picture-you are going home and Jordo stands to win half million dollars. She screwed you even more than the others-she will be laughing all the way to the bank. Take it like a man-as you so arrogantly told the others you screwed of half million dollars! Bye pretty boy-good looks alone does not work on BB-you need a brain to go with it. Hurry up-Jessie, Lydia and Russel are waiting for you.

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