Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan has so much to tell Jeff when they are out, Jeff “like what you packing a?”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:15pm Kitchen Natalie and Kevin. Natalie talking with her mouth full right into the microphone about how bad her Period is to Kevin…… (argh) They finish eating dump their dishes into the sink. Natalie tells Kevin she’s not going to the dishes the other people can because she’s not feeling well. Kevin starts preparing a heating bag for Natalie by warming it in the microwave. Natalie whispers to him that she’s going to get her “their Stuff ready”. Natalie heads into the washroom to find tweezers for her and Kevin’s “project”. While there she talks to Jordan who?s changing into her Bikini. She tells Jordan that Jeff and Michelle are offering her things to Keep Jeff in the game. Natalie tells her she not going to vote Jordan out even if they offer her money and prizes. Jordan says thanks and heads outside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:40pm – 9:46pm HOH Kevin and Natalie. They are getting all the parts ready to make calendars out of playdoh. Natalie tells Kevin that she just told Jordan about Michelle and Jeff’s deal. Kevin tells her not to do that now Jordan he going to Jeff telling him. Natalie doesn’t see why it matters… They continue making the calendars and doing some hardcore studying…. They do a little light scheming as they make the calendars. Natalie suggests they wrap the toilet in plastic wrap but they need to do it right after Jeff and them go to bed. Kevin thinks it?s a great idea he tell her that when he went down there they were all drinking and didn’t offer any to Kevin. Natalie calls Michele a bitch. Natalie thinks they should make a fake calendar and place it on the dresser so than Michelle and Jordan will freak out, “maybe they are stupid enough to believe the dates”. Kevin doesn’t think that is a good idea a) there not that stupid and will stat to study harder because they think we have it mastered b) they will try to make their own out of the remaining playdoh. Natalie “Lets hid all the Playdoh” Kevin “we won’t be allowed remember”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:40pm Backyard Hottub. Jordan and Michelle. They are going over scenarios for next week. Michelle tells her to prepare for a dates competition Jordan isn’t worried about dates she been studying them a lot and she knows them all. She mentions that Natalie is always talking about Dates and their all wring Jordan thinks she’s trying to throw them off (man Natalie is tricky). They start talking about who they will give their jury vote to. Michelle will give it to the best player.. she’ll probably vote for the person that got her out. Jordan says Kevin will never vote for the poersion that got him out. Jordan is fully prepared to go to the final 2 with Michelle. Michele agrees she doesn’t want to see Natalie win even 25grand. Jordan and Michelle start comparing notes and they know that Kevin and Natalie have been lieing to them since day one and continue to lie threw their teeth. Michelle doubts a word that
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
comes out of Natalie mouth is true. Jordan brigns up the dates again, Natalie was telling her that Michelle’s dates were all wrong and don’t listen to them listen to Natalie’s dates. Michele “fuck that Shit” Jordan “I know how dumb do they think I am” Jordan tells Michele that Natalie approached her with a final 3 deal that didn’t include Kevin. Jordan doesn’t understand why Kevin is so close to her he’s not going to win in final 2 with her. Jordan tell her to keep this between them but she will pretend to be going after Michele and voting her out but she really won’t, “don’t be scared Michelle” Jordan is truly planning to take Michelle final 2 but they need to win comps. Michelle says don’t worry about me I just talk to Kevin and Nasty to get information.

Jordan promises to take Michelle off the block if she wins the veto, “you have my word i will be sure to save you” Jordan the most important thing is we tell Kevin and Nasty nothing and we win the POV. Michelle is very optimistic she believes they can do it. Jordan is amazed at the number of lies Kevin and nasty have been feeding her about Michelle. Michelle says of course they want us to turn on each other.. She points out how cocky Natalie and Kevin have gotten they think they have wont the game. Jordan we have good odds in the HOH and POV its 2vs1 in the HOH and 2vs2 in the pOV.
Jordan brings up how amazing Michele did on the POV and even the diary room brought it up to her. Jordan tells her she really hope Michelle doesn’t stab her in the back and Take Kevin.. Michele says she won’t she doesn’t care about the money she just wants to make it to the end and not be with Natalie. Jordan says she’s only hoping for final 2 so she gets some money that will help her pay the bills. Jeff joins them… Jeff telling him that he had to redo his goodbye message. Jeff mentions that before he re-recorded his Goodbye message the production guy asked him what TTYN means Jeff says Talk to you never… The production guy called him Paris Hilton… they all laugh.

They start talking about their mean Goodbye messages.. Jordan only left a mean one to Russell even Ronnie got a nice
goodbye.. Jeff says his one to Russell was a doozie. Jeff tells them he’s not looking forward to the Jury house, he’s going to grab a bottle of tequila everyday and hide on the beach. Jordan thinks that Russell will get drunk and be all sentimental and nice to him. Jeff laughs wonders if theirs people there to monitor them to make sure they don’t leave. Jordan giggles says there will be a swat team, on alert 24/7 because Russell is there (LOL).. Jeff asks Michelle where her vote lands. Michele says she’s voting for Jeff to stay regardless of what Nasty is voting. They agree to talk to Natalie on more time tomorrow and offer her the deal. Jeff still has a boner about how sweet this deal is he
cannot understand why she wouldn?t take it. Jordan comes out and says they have white wine.. They all head into the kitchen where Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Kevin all pour a glass. Jeff, Jordan and Michele head outside and Gollum head up to the HOH where he proceeds to dump the wine down the sink. Natalie asks him what the fuck is he doing. Kevin doesn’t want to the wine to go to Jeff.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40pm backyard couch Jordan and Jeff alone. Jordan explains her conversation with Michelle a hour ago, Jeff thinks they are on the right track. Jordan says that Kevin and Natalie are freaking out about the dates.. Jordan feels confidents that she’s got it. Jordan adds that Michelle has no clue about the dates.. so she thinks they will study a bit later tonight. Jeff doesn’t think Jordan should give her all the dates just throw her some scraps you want to win HOH and get her to win POV… Michelle joins them. They’re talking about science fairs Michelle brings up the conferences she goes to and theres always one person that tries to tie in Science to everyday life… Jordan asks Michelle what she’s going to wear at the finale party. Michele isn’t sure she’s lost so much weight that all her clothes don’t fit. Jordan suggests that Michele wear one of her dresses because it doesn’t fit her anymore and it would look

great on Michele. Michele says thanks that will help me out a lot. Jordan says they will really do up Michele’s hair and give her big heels.. “your going to look soooooooo hot!” Michelle and Jeff getting a little tipsy.. Jeff’s smoking. Michele says that Jeff is the on of the people in the house that has seen her “vag” during the HOH comp.. Jordan says if they were looking at her vag she would tell people to stop. Jordan says she’s going to give Jeff a giant eviction kiss.. Jeff isn’t sure if he can handle that right after he’s been evicted “I get Sour when I lose” .. Jordan “thats what the kiss is for” Jordan says everyone will remember Jeff he was the wizard and he got the giant eviction kiss. Michele points out to Jeff that him and Jordan are getting the showmance edit. Jeff is grateful he got the wizard power.. he knows none of them would of survived if he hadn’t. Jordan says she looking forward to getting out of the house and Telling Jeff all these things she’s wanted to say but never could in front of all the cameras. Jeff “what your packing a p***s”

They all start making plans for after the show.. Jeff is going to change his flight so he can hangout with them for a couple more days.. Jordan says 3 days max. Jeff says he’s got some buddies here that are mega fun.. one of them is a promoter so we’ll just go do whatever he’s got going on. Jordan all exciting she wants to go drinking and dancing.. Michele to, “All my friends are guys and they never want to go dancing” Jeff says they’ll like his fiends they are awesome dudes dude.. Jordan and Michelle “Are they HOT” Jeff “ya” Michelle says that Jeff is going to get hounded by girls. Jeff say no way he’s no Don Juan he’s a chump a yo yo.. Jeff called into the DR.. Michelle and Jordan going over next week and the importance of POV.. Jeff comes back calls Jordan says they want to see us both. Michelle is left alone.. she goes in the bathroom the camera man zooms in on a jar of petroleum Jelly (weird).. Michele goes back outside eats something smacking her gums into the mic like shes Natalie…. she than hopes into the pool coo coo magoo style 10:55pm.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:55pm HOH Kevin and Natalie playing chess… Natalie thinks they should maybe be nice and go downstairs and hang with them. Kevin “fuck that wait until Jeff leaves”… other than that no talking.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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kevin is the epitome of a tacky, little queen. never liked him. and this coming from someone who is gay. too bad jeff wasn’t able to evict him … it would give him great satisfaction. total douchebag.


I like Kevin (and I’m not gay…who cares?). He’s bright and interesting. He’s just been hanging with a bad crowd (all of them). Hopefully, he’s not really a douche. signed, Ernest


I kind of liked him, but he has gotten really nasty about Jeff this week. I mean, taking
the wine and throwing it out so Jeff doesn’t get it? That is just like Chima, Natalie and
Lydia. Childish.


You’re right. Actually, lately, he’s been worse than childish. I just sense that’s not really who he wants to be.
He’s out of control. They all are. Not a very healthy game. — Ernest


The game is as healthy as the people who enter that door on day 1.


Yeah, I was wondering what the point of all their childish behavoir is. They are safe and instead of being happ about it this week, they are getting nasty and spiteful. Maybe they pump something into the air in the HOH room to make they get power hungry?


are u kidding me? when jeff was HOH he was worse than kevin. at least kevin isn’t trying to backstab jeff and isolate him like jeff did to russell. jeff was the worse HOH (maybe equal to jessee) he was mean, arrogant, and hypocrete. have we all forgotten about that? how sad people already forgotten…come on people…it’s only been a week. it really show how people who watch BB has short memory span.

Karen S

Kevin has been a floater by force in this game. I don’t care if he’s gay or straight or bi or whatever. He’s earned his kudo’s to me. It takes a strong, confident someone to go back on the deal he made with Jeff, to make the move he’s making now.. even if I am for someone else in the game. Got’s to give credit where credit is due.
He laid low.. and sometimes that’s all you can do.
I loved Joshua in last years. He was so much fun.. and in that realm.. I would have a friend like Joshua over Kevin. Most guys don’t fit the stereotype of being able to dress themselves color cooridinating.. and Kevin goes into that category. Maybe he’s color blind.
He is smart! Now if he can lose the lil bi-in denial scrappy.. I think he would be set. Of course that was last week. : )


The season was tainted from day 1. Having a physical competition to decide who enters as the 13th player was obviously in favor of the athletes. I think CBS should stick with the taint and create a miracle save for Jeff/Jordan and kick Natalies smug, skanky ass out. they would get the best of both worlds. J/J stay and make decent viewing for the rest of the season, and the jury house with Douchebag jessie, lydia and Ditchpig nat. Fun for everyone!!!


it’s a game!!! that’s how game is played. just like foul mouth jeff evicted russell when he swore on his family and making final 4 deal. it’s a move that jeff chose to advance himself which didn’t pan out…and kevin is doing the same..he is getting rid of the stronger player to advance himself in the game…. why is it when others do the same thing that jeff does…it’s not right and it’s a bad move and criticize and when jeff done the same thing with’s part of the game and forgives him? don’t let the looks fool you….devil can be very handsome as well until the devil takes you to the hell.


Anyone watching BBAD right now -Michele looks HOT


She certainly has improved herself, hasn’t she. She doesn’t look like someone who works with rats anymore.

bbad watcher

I totally agree.


Michelle has always been hot since day one


She was never uggs.She does look better .
But her nose !!! wow


^^ This

A no no mpose

Strange statement out of someone named Kate… but whatever…guess I’ll be taking in some BBAD tonight, thanks for the heads up. Apparently you east coasters get it live, its not on for another 1/2 hr out west.
Michelle IS hot, and that picture of her in a bikini is smoking, plus shes much hotter when shes not crying…


I’m in the West and It comes on SHO2 at 9:00


She certainly is 😀


Another Kate? I’ve never seen you before and I’m here three times a day.

Original Kate


I stopped watching the show last week, with Jeff leaving no fun left.

Michelle FTW!

Maybe Michelle’s ultimate plan is to just get Jeff’s jury vote, by being on his side so much?

Karen S

could be.. but I don’t think Jeff would vote against Jordon.. no matter who is the final two.


don’t let the door hit you on your way out jeff!!! you got got! lol


Well, it’s working. But i really believe she is trying to save him. He would be a much better partner than Jordan and the Jury house would be split or very close. Not so much with one of the rats.

Plastic Boob Inspector

Someone please help me understand what turned Kevin into a douchbag besides natalie. He is talking mad shit to and about Jeff religously. He trashes the girls also but he has a huge boner for Jeff and I cant figure out why. Jeff didn’t do a thing to him. If anything Jeff helped Kevin get further in the game from some of the moves he did. We all agree natalie is a horrible person but I am starting to think Kevin is much worse. He is gay and prolly gotten shit on his whole life so you would think he would be fairly nice to people. Game or no game Kevin has truly gone somewhere dark and he needs to be evicted pronto. After they all get out of the house and Jeff watches and sees all that stuff Kevin did and said about him he better watch his back. I smell a huge real life beatdown coming.

Plastic Boob Inspector

I mean taking the wine and pouring it so Jeff cant have any and all the other petty things hes doing to purposely be vindictave. I dont get it. It’s ok not to like him and want him evicted but you’d think he’d realise he still wants his vote in the jury house. These people make no sense. It’s a game and your getting him out but then why wouldn’t you try to be nice or civil and try to get his vote. I’m sitting here going bezerk over these idiots. Shaking my head.


I think Kev is mad because Jeff never approached him.


did you see any of the show when jeff was HOH? obviously you haven’t….your reply can go same to foul mouth jeff as well. when he was HOH he was rude and mean to russell. he even threatened other household not to talk to russell and anyone who talked to him…he got upset. isn’t that childish? why is it when others do the same thing that jeff does…it’s unlawful and sneaky and when jeff does same thing…it’s okay and he is playing the game? do we have double standards here? be fair when you watch BB. i know we all have our favorites but don’t bash others for doing the same thing that your favorite is doing. other words, don’t be hypocretes like foul mouth jeff and jordough.


Kevin’s beef with Jeff is, he had the hots for him. He didn’t really want to evict Jeff but most likely wanted to evict Michelle but, when he nominated Jeff, he didn’t go kiss Kevin’s behind. Kevin had his itty bitty feelings hurt and decided to evict Jeff instead. Now he hates him with a passion, specially because Jeff won’t even look at him……and I agree with the assestment that he has become just as bad as Chima, Nat and Lidia. I too used to like him but now, not so much……also, I hate when he talks about other people and calls them b***** or b*****s……sooo getto.


kevin suffers from ‘HOH-itis”…..everyone gets it….everyone!


Except Michele — she was generous and didn’t get on her high horse about the power.


what if Kevin surprises us all and when he breaks the tie tonight, he votes for Jeff to stay–now that would make for good TV and quite a game twist; would love to see Nat’s face and temper tantum afterward.


Not going to happen–Kevin should have backdoored Natalie and teamed up with Michele, leaving jeff to carry his dough girl to the end, Although I am sad to see him go, he is a sore loser and sort of a douchebag. He treats Jordough like shit a lot and gives her guilt trips about her performance and how he has carried her, even though she has been uber supportive and nice to him. Michele for the win. Even though she is minorly psychotic and her laugh is maddening, at least she is not a total scumbag like Nat and I guess Kevin. Kevin should do a last minute deal to keep himself safe next week with M/Jeff and screw that little lying, cheating, disgusting Nataliar

A no no mpose

Slow your roll Plastic Boob Inspector, we dont all agree about what a lot of people say about Natalie. Just say what you think but dont assume a thang.


You’re right. I think ditchpig Nat is far worse in RL. Of course this is something i can’t know, but every fibre of my being believes she is what we see plus infinitely more repulsive in the real world. Scruples and morals don’t belong in the BB house sometimes, but i think her philosophy on those things is the same outside of it. A foul, disgusting human being in any setting.


I agree totally with all that you said …


it seems like michelle’s only chance is to go to final 2 with jordan. No one would vote for her if she was against pigpen or skeevin.

Karen S

That’s easy… lol HOH does it everytime! Think back to all the contestants we love and hate.
As soon as all the one’s get HOH they get cocky.. give the third degree and everyone spills their guts.
Did you all not see what I saw all these years? You could be in the deepest depression, but if you get HOH, you get cocky and even mean. Pull info out of anyone.. make deals that doesn’t mean a thing.. Hell, I know I wouldn’t last a week. I would say what I think, confront people on crap.. and if something I said got scrambled.. I’d be able to say, what room, who, and with what object.. (clue reference)
Sign up? Oh hell no! I wouldn’t do anyone’s dishes, laundry or suck up the way that I have seen. I have kids.. make them carry their own weight.

Arggggghhhhhhh! I would be confrontational.. and still.. wouldn’t worry about it at all the way most of the houseguests get.. I am comfortable being alone. ha!
Guess that’s why the target audience is much younger than I. smilesssssss


Jeff does has some class .That won’t happen .
Jeff won’t want to make nice with the bag sucker .


He did say he was worried about how production would show he comments about Jeff and worried about his bf being upset. Is it possible he is doing this to deflect any worried his bf has or is he just becoming as NASTY as his partner in crime? I am actually shocked at his behavoir. He was underhanded, but a pretty honest, well until he got HOH. Like I posted above, I wonder if they put something into the air in the HOH room to make they get all paranoid and power hungry?


I think Kevin is doing the same thing to Jeff that Jeff did to Russell. Each of them as evictor seems to want to demonize or paint the worst possible picture of the guy they are evicting in an attempt to justify what they are doing…that is taking him out of the game. Toatally unnecessary on both their parts…Jeff just made himself look bad by badmouthing Russ and now Kevin is making himself look bad by badmouthing Jeff when all they have to do is put their actions down to game play. It is interesting that each of them by the evictions went back on a promise and have broken an alliance they made. The trash talk might be a way to salve a guilty conscience.


Well, it sounds as though the penny has finally dropped concerning Jordon realizing that Kevin and Natalie lied to them about Michele. I’m glad Jordon and Michele were able to compare notes about Natalie’s lies. It’s late in the game; but better late than never. If Jordon remains in the house, I hope she doesn’t fall under Natalie’s strong will again.

The diabolical duo are forever plotting stupid and childish pranks. Seriously, one would think that they would count as a house infraction but apparently not where Natalie is concerned.

A no no mpose

A Michelle-Jordon twosome, plotting and scheming… Aside the obvious, them making out and rubbing suntan lotion on each other, I like it. This is interesting, they may be able to salvage a win.
For my own sick reasons I was into the LML, but just like I got tired of the Jeff thing, I’ve had enough of the Gruesome Twosome…


Gruesome Twosome is a great name for K &N!


Does anyone know where Jeff and Jordan are?. BB might have let them have some private time together


Na !!! They r in the DR room talking about if the other goes what it would be like.
They are asking them about being in BB house n meeting ..You’ll see some of it on THUR


Do you see DR conversations with live feeds? Is there a difference in what you see in content between live feeds and BBAD? Thanks in advance 🙂


Less than 24 hours left for jeff and his dumb ass. This is a lesson for any future BB Houseguest. Don’t let power get to your head!


I didnt think jeffs move was power hungry. I think if russel had not voted for jessie he would still be in the house. Russel was way unpredictable and with nasty nats lies he was afraid not to vote him out. I dont think even Russel knew what his next move would be. the I will scew any one over to win the money comment also worried jeff. Even though that comment was probably true for anyone in the house. Some things should not be spoken out loud. But hey Im a newby what the hell do I know. Go michelle!




at least russell would stay true to his word and go final 4 with jeff. jeff could have stayed one more week. just b/c russell didn’t vote the way jeff wanted on jessee’s eviction that he deserves to go home? lol…. so when jeff is HOH…everybody need to bow up and down and listen to what he says? lol…. so what if russell voted for jessee to stay? he is gone isn’t he? russell knew he couldn’t save jesseee…he just throw the vote b/c he promised jessee that he won’t vote him out…just like when he promised foul mouth jeff and jordough that he wouldn’t put them up when he wins HOH and when he did win he didn’t. he kept his words. so him saying final 4…he would have kept his word….but foul mouth jeff got scared and kevin and nasty got to him….now he is throwing jordough under the bus scheming with michelle and nasty to stay. that man has no shame!!!

Karen S

agree… done


Russell, should have gone to Jeff immediately and told Jeff he din’t vote Jessie out because he made a promise to him and was keeping it. I think if it came from Russell’s mouth, things would have been a lot different.


Still he swore on his family and then went back on his word when he broke up an alliance that would have saved his ass this week. The power hungry part is the way he continually gloated about what he was doing. He got power and made some bad choices and trusted the wrong people and now he is paying the price.


obviously you havent watched every bb, bbad, and live feeds because every person that had hoh got on some kind of power trip, not just jeff! at least jeff hasnt stooped to extreme immaturity as kevin,natalie, and so many others have. i did like kevin, but what a huge disappointment he ended up being. pp and kevin are horrible human beings and i can only hope that they both dont get to the final two! i want there to be a twist tomorrow so jeff can stay!!!


Except Michelle, she was real nice and gave stuff away, only she didn’t have much time in HOH. Hope she wins it all.


Probably my last night to see Jeff on BBAD and they kept him the DR for an hour.

Gonna Miss Jeff!!!

I know. I was thinking the exact same thing. WTF???


i agree. you would think that they would have let us viewers see him and jordan more tonight since one of them may be going home tomorrow. i enjoyed what i did get to see of them too. I am a big j and j fan anyway. they will be so lost without each other.


What is this, Mean Girls? Throwing stuff away to keep others away from it? Hiding things? I hope that Jordan and Michelle win comps. and take them both out. Natalie’s boyfriend must be either very patient or have low self esteem (thinking he can’t do better than her) to put up with her. She is bossy, loud, boastful and a nose picker. I have worked with kids who are better behaved than her!


most couple pick up on eachothers habits sometimes if they have been together long enough. if this is the way natalie is, im sure her boyfriend is much much worse. i wouldn’t be surprised if hey pick eachothers nose or sleep in the mud together. natalies boyfriend is probably a pet pig.

Karen S

how hard is it to find a girl who chews with her lips closed.. and not so fast.. as if she were starving? Or even with Michele, who licks her lips everytime she takes a bite? I know it’s probably an OCD categorized thing.. but when people eat.. and chew out loud.. or chew gum like they are vicious animals.. I leave the room. done again.. lol


I telling you . It’s a game but my GOD !!! Pigpen is stright up Nasty Nat!!
talking about Michelle & Jeff r*** there priz… !!! She took Michelles money and put it in the tiolet !!!! WTF . Now she told Jor.. that Jeff & mich offered there Priz to stay . What a lier.
Agree they all do it is a game . But she walks around and she believes she is a truthful person,that is what she goes around saying .
She is trash .I’m sure her dad is so proud !!! She eats like a dude,walks like a guy,guy sports clothes .I bet he is a guy .


opps sorry all (not money ) but Monkey in the tiolet


When they came out of the DR J/J were so somber. Michele admits she’s no good at pranking, but pigpen continued to yell out for BB to watch the faucet prank like a child saying watch me watch me watch MEEEE! But, I can no longer watch her, I have to have another show to click to as she is so annoying. Like when Other people’s kids are acting out and you just want to smack ’em … but of course you can’t as much as you want to.


Jeff is my brother in-law.

mercy me

Whether he is you BIL – or not, I really hate to see Jeff go. It couldn’t have been easy with 4 or 5 people in Jeff’s ears, most wanting what was NOT best for him. I wish him all the best, and go Jordon and Michelle!!!!. Nat and Kev really have turned into worse than I even imagined they could be…and that is saying alot. Especially on Nastalie’s part. Gonna miss you Jeff.. (from another Carolina girl).
PS Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg. 😉


i feel for you….lol
make sure you watch your back constantly…don’t know when he willl be stabbing you.


if this is true..what words will you have for jeff when you see him? and do you really think that he is serious about a relationship with jordan?


he is? my sincerest condolences for having a double face fake
omg he is coming home hurry hurry slap him for me XD


wow im so sad dat jeff is leaving i hope a miracle happens the show wont be the same for me without jeffy..i love jordan too but i dont mind jeff staying over her..its gonna be so hard watchin the live eviction show


are you kidding me? do you enjoy listening to him dude this and dude that? you like him constantly making sexual jokes? hearing him f*** this f*** that every other sentence? enjoy listening to his foul mouth? picking on his nose? listening to him fart? you have a problem if you do. i am to the point i can’t stand him talking now….can’t stand his voice.


jeff is the best hope he isnt evited cuz i will be really sad


Its going to be so boring without jeff and jordan! Nat and keven are boring!


If Nat/Kev are in f2, I will NOT vote for them. They are both too disgusting. CBS will find a significant drop of numbers in America’s voting. I hope Michelle will win the game.
Next week will be a great week to kick out Kevin.
Kevin is very queen. I am gay and I hate feminine gay guys.


plus lesbo
vomit face


You forgot a few words that describe Gnatalie…
Cheater, Nail Spitter, food chomper, shifty eyes, lazy, dirty, horse face. Icould go on but i think we are on the same page.


Did anyone notice on BBAD that the camera on Michele was like a porno? She was sitting in her bikini with her purple hoodie on (sitting by herself) and the camera panned slowly from her feet all the way up. It did it a couple of times. Then she got up to go to the restroom and the camera followed her and while she was in the toilet, the camera focused on the jar of petroleum jelly! What was up with the camera work? LOL!


She’s also cocky and feels self entitled.



Jackie M.

Is it wishful thinking on my part, but did anyone notice how subdued Kevin was when he came out of DR AFTER the prank. Do u think he knows what we hv been hoping for. Jeff will be saved, and he has to put up GNat? I did watch BBAD, and I forgot how angry this show makes me seeing/hearing GNat. Can anyone tell me why they think Jordan is always “shifting” her boobs? Gotta stop watching, it puts me in a bad mood when I see the horrible things BB producers let GNat get away with, and I am so disappointed in Kevin. Go Michelle, you are the only saving grace, and you look great. God Bless.


I’m finished with Big Brother. I refuse to watch it anymore. I’m over all the hatefulness.


hopefully kevin is putty on a good show and will evict jordan ….i think he’s putting on an act for gnat


I love bb usa , but only get to see what people put on you tube , can someone please put alot of these last few days of Jeff &Jordan on you tube please . Most of the vids on BB sites wont show over in UK. I love watching J & J , has the key that found any value or secret to it , is that the twist ? here’s hoping it gives Jeff a coupd’etat or something similar but won’t tell him till one of them think they’re evicted.


Haha Kevin looks SO angry in that first picture of him. “Bring me the children so I may eat them grrr!”

Eh despite the wine thing I am still wanting Kevin to win but only slightly moreso than Michelle. As long as anyone but Nat win I will be fine with it I think.


Kevin you have stooped to your lowest and the nasty Gnat makes you look like a fool.
You are so mad because Jeff has taken no notice of you and you just think he is “HOT”.
Sorry Kevin you are pathetic just like the snake in the grass. You are nothing more than a
lapdog and a maid ….hurry hurry ……your Nasty Gnat is demanding you get her heating
pad for her cramps.

Karen S

LOL she does walk bull legged, doesn’t she? Someone more crude might say.. like she’s got something stuck up her hiney. Wasn’t me.. but sounds like something someone else would say.

Karen S

Unless a miracle happens here.. WIBW We are being pre-empted by the KC Chiefs game.
I will catch up here if that certain channel is carrying the sports crap too. Heppp a Kansas Girl! Protest if you have to! lol


Michele told Jeff and Jordan her vag really itches!
It’s going to be brutal during the HOH comp. tonight.
Blood, yeast and silicone will be splattered everywhere….


Man that is not an image I wanted to wake up to, thanks


If Jordan truly wants to leave and have Jeff stay why doesn’t she just punch Natalie in the face and get sent home ..then there wouldn’t be an eviction and the drama that would be created by kevin would look so good on him because he would have to deal with Jeff


From a strictly business perspective, I think the only scenario for a final four that could have been worse for CBS would have been to substitute Lydia for Michele. If i’m calling the shots i see this outcome as a failure and would set in motion changes that would prevent situations like this from happening again. College Football starts tonight, hmmm watch an exciting game with loads of hitting and stellar plays or watch Kevin, Ditchpig Nat, Jordough or twitchy Michy? At the very least, they have lost a good slice of the male demographic.


Hey – Jeff backstabbed… he got backstabbed. I’ve never seen anything more worthy. I really liked Jeff, but “swear on your family” then next stop pool table “So Natalie you are safe we want to backdoor russ” BULL! Karma. He fell for lies. Russ saying he’d screw anyone for the money was no different except YET AGAIN he was the honest one. He told it like it is and said he’d stick to the Final 4. He was a hot head, no shit, but he was an honest one. The fact he DIDN’T vote for Jesse was a clue that he kept his word… Jeff made a good ‘game play’ move at the moment, but he didn’t look ahead. It wasn’t strategic… a comp between Jeff/Russ or Jeff/Michele or Michele/Russ would have been far more deserving than what we are left with, but kudos to these two nothings for still being there without doing much of anything but awful behavior.

Go Michele.


Very well said Michele…I totally agree. Am so looking forward to seeing Jeff get what he deserves tonight!!!


Why would Kevin stick with Nat, she is as useless as tits on a bull. She has not won a damn thng, and if he thinks she is going to win the next HOH, then Kevin really is as stupid as I thought. I would have liked to have seen Kevin and Michele in the final two. But, now that Kevin is acting this way, I hope he goes next week and Nat the week after. By the way, I wasn’t a big fan of Jeff’s, glad to see that he maybe leaving.


Pissy pussy (natalie) really irks me. Kevin use to be my boy, but I’m starting to dislike him. Kevin is so stupid to b on natalies team. She will throw him under the bus when or if they make final 2. He has to know that this girl/pig kissed all the jury members ass before they left. Please kevin wake up. If these 2 go to the final, kevin will be looking like yvette the next morning on the early show when she regreted bringing amy to the end with her. Kevin will be handing pp the 1/2 million. These people have to realize that they really don’t know eachother. I guarentee that if kevin needed to borrow some money to pay a bill when the shows over, that pp would not help him out. Now that would be a true friend to me.


I wish a swarm of dragonflies would attack Nasty. Her reaction to the one dragonfly was the best thing to happen to her. I loved it. She’s a terrible player and a horrible person. And, she just keeps sliding by. They really need to get her out next. She does not deserve to skate through to final 2. Plus, Kevin has turned into a nasty little ho. Jeff has been nice to him, even saved him when he backdoored Russel.


I hope kevin & natalie’s lies, scheming & being vindictive back fire in their faces kevin is becoming just like natalie’s ass those 2 really think they have this game in the bag! After tonight if jeff is evicted i will no longer watch BB11! JORDAN needs to step her game up now that her man will be leaving! I can”t wait for russ to find out natalie & kevin told lies to get him out of the house, natalie & kevin are being real cocky! GO MICHELLE & JORDAN!


i’m REALLY hoping that tonight’s episode has a very surprising twist whereupon natalie or kevin gets evicted. THAT would be such sweet revenge.


Thursday 8/27 Julie: ?Tune in Sunday? Plus we?ll reveal a new twist to the HOH, that could impact everyone?

Sunday 8/30: Russell shown walking out the door without his name in the credits. The announcer at the end of the show says ?What is behind the door and will it effect the game??

Tuesday 9/1: Russell shown with inside the house footage and his name in the credits. Pandora?s Box is the behind the door mystery, shown to be like a luxury challenge.

Could the events from Pandora?s Box returned Russell? If so do you think Russell will replace one of the evictees? Or do you think he will come in as a voter, while Kevin replaces one of the evictees?

Do you ever remember in BB history a luxury challenge where the prizes were secret? It is interesting they gave each house guest their cash value from PBox in an envelope in the DR. This allowed Natalie to lie about her winnings. Usually after a comp they line up and the MC announces what everyone won. Maybe they will announce everyone?s prizes on the live show and drive a wedge between Kevin and Natalie.

I know the subject has been talked to death, but I am still curious for answers/speculation. If the topic is not addressed as a HOH twist tonight, this will be the worst tease EVER.


I have a stinking feeling that Kevin is going to have to pick between Russ coming back or Jeff staying in the house. Even though they will both be gunning for him, I still think Jeff is the lesser of those two evils. Jordan needs to go so Jeff can focus and not keep getting cock teased.


does anyone think that maybe russel’s name in color on tuesdays episode mean he actually was part of the cast by grabbing kevin when he stuck his arm in pandora’s box?


lolol I agree ,
Do you see the way she shovels her food in ..

Ya she’ll make some man mighty happy one day .lol


QUESTION: Are they are doing the live eviction tonight?


Yes and if you’re worried cause your guide says football is on CBS, try CW. My local news announced it yesterday that BB, Mentalist & whatever else is supposed to be on, will all be on the CW tonight.


were do u live East? west? south?North?


Thanks for that info, wouldn’t want to miss a thing on tonights BB show.


GO NATALIE!!!!!!!!!!! shes the best! hope she wins the game. she is the best at staying in the game without winning, she deserves the half million! yay! go nat!


You got to be kidding.

I just threw up on my screen a little.


ha ha ha ha ha!! Yeah right. Are you serious?



Jon is an idiot

You are what’s wrong with society.


Skanky-ho has got to go!


Our you her father or boyfriend ?

You have to be to think she is good .
Only a face a father could love lolol


Why didn’t Michelle and Jeff try to sway Kevin’s tie-breaker vote instead of going to Nastalie? Two nights ago on bbad, M & K were talking in the by about Gnat getting on his nerves, and him seeing M with him in f2… That’s when M should’ve started bashing Gnat to Kevin… Saying she doesn’t deserve to go further, etc. Kevin had just finished telling M that he saw Gnat get more money and not look for the key to save him. I think Kevin could’ve been swayed to keep Jeff for Michelle; I think K is upset they didn’t approach HIM with a deal!!! I really have been liking K and his DR sessions the last couple of weeks; now– not so much with Gnat brainwashing him into behaving like her… I thought he was better than that. Guess not.


Totally agree with you–Jeff had to much pride to do that even though it made the most sense. Could be k M vs J J. Oh well. Kev should have approached him too


Natalie KNOWS what she is. WE KNOW what she is. It’s gotta come out sometime guys. You can’t blame her for being what she is. I wanna just end her, but it’s a game.

She can state she has en education all she wants, but does she act like she has an education? I am betting she’s a welfare lifer that caught a lucky break to be on the show. I got good money says she’s been pregnant and has a child somewhere.

It is what it is.


So has anyone heard that Russell could be getting the chance to come back? The opening credits on Tuesdays show did not show the picture of Russell leaving so speculation is that the houseguests will get to keep The evicted houseguest or the unknown contestant. Like BB9.


she can whip your ass in a fight !!


I’m 66 but from what I’ve read here, even this medicare senior would be happy to try to take her down a notch. If she went after my purse on the street I’m positive I could toss her or crush her — I’m a widow and can fend for myself. I’d enjoy letting my years of holding it in go for a chance at that little brat! Ever hear of “when I’m old I will wear purple?” She really is the most rude, arrogant, foul little woman I’ve ever encountered.


I can’t believe that bb hasn’t penalized gnat and kev for throwing the wine away.That was so childish. I missed where M/J compared notes on gnats’ lies.I am so hoping that Jeff is allowed to stay.At this point I would not care if bb fixed it so thatJeff could stay. It would be worth seeing gnat and kev sweat.


BB didn’t penalize Lydia for dumping Michelle’s beer and sushi. Kevin and Natalie aren’t even original in their harrassment.

bug spray

i agree kevin is acting nasty, but once again, GNAT getting people to do the mean dirty work. Jeff will be mad at K, not N. She works constantly at getting other people to do things “with” her,but actually just takes a step back and lets them get the heat. hhhmmmmmm.. why is K not aware.


I bet tonight when Natalie loses she will blame it on having her period!


Nat does not have a boy friend. She is lying about that along with all her other lies. She has made up some lame excuse why he can’t be there at the end. Don’t believe a word she says!!


If stanky gnat was my child, I would scrub her down with bleach. She is good for nothing. Rotten to the bone. Ronnie should have saved his worst person in the world speech for her. You can tell just by looking at her that she is trash.