Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin asks did you just roll your eyes? Jeff says haha? Are you talking to me? …ha, yo, yo?

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11:55am Big Brother Time: Big Brother announces that the HOH lock down is over. Kevin is carries his stuff down from the HOH room, Michelle is going through her drawers in the red room. Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen, Jordan cleaning up and Jeff is cooking. Michelle walked through the kitchen with some sort of clothing item in her hand on her way from red bedroom to the bathroom. Kevin has walked through a couple of times. Kevin is sitting on the couch in the bathroom. Kevin then walked from the bathroom to the storage room where he is getting the vacuum cleaner. He’s eying the carpet in the living room area for quite some time. He is now vacuuming in there. Jordan and Jeff in kitchen.
12:20pm Big Brother Time: Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen cooking and talking. Jeff is talking about the food he’s going to eat when he gets out, pasta and fish. While Jeff is cooling at the stove he tells Jordan who’s doing dishes, that he’s kinda excited going home. Jeff says he’s talking like he’s going home, but he’s not. He’s going to jury house. Jeff says he’s sure the jury house won’t be as bad as he thinks. Jordan says that it will be like a vacation because it will be stress-free. She says she doesn’t want to be in jury house with them, then she goes through the list of names of the others already in the jury house that she doesn’t want to be around. They comment about the house is big and Jeff says it won’t be so bad, they have movies to watch.. then he says they can look forward to bashing the next person that comes in. Jordan starts to speculate on what Russell will say but Jeff interrupts her….yeah he’ll… then she interrupts him.. and says nothing, just reading each others mind as to how Russell will react and how they will react to him. Nat is sleeping in the red bedroom. Kevin walks through the kitchen with the vacuum. Kevin asks did you just roll your eyes? Jeff says haha? You talking to me?.. ha, yo yo? Michelle walked through in a really pretty flowered above-the knee halter dress with her hair wet. Kevin is back through the kitchen. Jordan says I’m going to go jump in the shower. Jeff is now alone in the kitchen cooking.

12:25pm Big Brother Time: Big Brother says Jeff, please go to the diary room. Michelle is in the bathroom going through her cabinet. Jordan is out of bathroom stall and is getting into the shower, chatting with Michele about the Golden Girls. She says loves that show, she’s got the song stuck in her head. Michelle says that her husband has a picture of the Golden Girls up on the wall, and people have asked them if it’s his grandma. She says they have a lot of jokey things like that up. Who would think the Golden Girls were your family? Jordan now showering. In the kitchen, Jeff it eating at the dinning room table, Michele has joined him and is also eating. Nat and Kevin are in bed in the red bedroom.
12:50pm – 1pm Big Brother Time: Jeff and Michelle finishing eating. Jeff says it’s too early to get ready. We’ve still got to go upstairs, right? Michelle says yeah, I think so. Jeff up from the table. Jeff and Michelle are now both in the pool room. Michelle lays down in her bed, eyes opening and closing, and Jeff playing solitaire on his bed.
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Production wants Jeff to stay,, They show him the most and they know how much they’re rates have gone up because of him, If they were smart they would find a way to keep him, face it people without him the show will blow!!!


everyone chant along with me…SAVE JEFF! SAVE JEFF! SAVE JEFF!



Jeff*fan always :)





Keep HOT JEFF!!!!






Save Jeff! Save Jeff! And while you’re at it, boot the Gnat OUT!!!!!!!!!!






Oh well then the show blows. Get over it. He messed up. Maybe he should have thought about things when he got rid of Russell. KILL THE SHOWMANCE! Do you want them to rig it so Jeff wins? It is a game, get over it and stop watching when he leaves if you don’t like it.


Getting rid of Russell wasn’t the mistake…it was getting rid of Lydia for personal reasons, instead of Kevin or Nasty for strategic reasons that was the biggest mistake!




It doesn’t matter what Jeff did to Russell.Glad he left.
Jeff had a target on his back before all that crap.
Look what he did for Kavin ??? Look what Kavin turned around n did .
It was a smart move for Kavin to go for Jeff.No I don’t like it .But remeber they all want the money .So as long as Kavin a Nasty don’t get it I’m good .I wish Jeff would stay and him n Michelle go to the end .That would be great.


Whatever…still you all seem to want them to just give the money to Jeff. What is the point of the game then?


For sure…it’s the name of the game. There can only be ONE winner, and if it isn’t Jeff then so be it. Your favorite can’t always win…


you make no sense… want people who done NOTHING in the game to win??? you sound like a loser yourself…. atleast jeff took the 2 biggest players out.
what did nat do? what did gayven do? nothing except hide behind people.


I agree, Name. Those saying the mistake wasn’t Russel it was Lydia… nah. It’s Karma. No ‘mistake.’ He backstabbed… he got backstabbed. He was had. he “got got”

Jeff did this to himself. I’ll be glad to see him go…


Agree…if Jeff leaves, the show is done and I’m done watching….I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch that fruit loop kevin any longer….



another fan

A FOOT loop???? leased??? learn how to spell and stop with the CAPS. Michele is playing the strongest, most honest game of anyone, so if she needs to go because she lied, she will still be the last one standing because she has lied the LEAST!!!




Sarah iam with you . after tonight this show will really suck, kev and Gnat really turn my stomach everytime they are on i turn them off. ast night when showtime kept showing them up in the HOH i turn it off. i can’t stand them. that pandora box was stupid if you ask me jeff was the hero and he saved kev . nat is the one who left him up there.her and kev really need to go i just wish BB would put a twist to this game and let jeff stay and he gets to put up kev and him and mich vote out kev. then get out nat. other wise tonight will be my last night watching it. if jeff goes home watch the raiting go down. those tw make this whole show. people are getting tired of kev and nat being nasty and greedy.


Yeah, Production is glad that Jeff is stupid. Otherwise, the remaining weeks would have been boring with JJ going to the Final Two. With Jeff gone, there’s some dram for next week.


Yea, Jeff is so interesting and funny and great, NOT. Jeff sux he should have been long gone, people are still going to tune in to see the russ reaction to his arrival and to see who wins. It amazes me how many of you are stuck up jeff’s tweezered butt. Jeff called people fags and faggots all the time, it took him forever to win anything, he picks his nose too, he tweezes his brows all gay guy style, he is super repetative ie. dude and douche, he couldn’t even talk the super stupid Jordan into giving IT up, he is not that smart or physical unless competing in a house full of women and a gay guy, and he didn’t do jack shyt until america handed him a free undeserved HOH. Good riddance to a big fat douche. I just love the fact that a gay guy got him out after he said faggot and homo and used gay as a negative adjective time after time after time. I can only hope that his equally gross teammate jordough is next to leave. I have never seen such a waste of skin. What type of woman goes out and buys implants when her family is homeless and she shares a bed with her mom at someone’s house. She is always eating, farting, or rubbing her bad boob job. The second a guy puts a ring on that little piggies finger it will be like pulling the rip cord on a raft, she will really blow up. Noone who loves cookie dough that much while not fully understanding the mechanics of working out can remain thin for too long. I can’t wait till both of those losers are out.


I agree theyallsuck….its awesome that the foul mouthed homophobic douche got got by the gay guy. Personally I love it and can’t wait to see the door hit Jeff’s skinny ass on his way out of the house into Russell’s waiting arms.


wow…ITS A GAME…seriously what are you all a bunch of kids? yeah lets rig the game for jeff who is the golden boy…guess what dont like the outcome of peoples decision in the house quit watching and move on its for entertainment some will like it some wont but seriously its a game people do things they normally wouldnt do to try and win yet the majority of the people on here are all oh this person is bad because they lied a bunch…well who hasnt lied so they are all bad yet you bash the ones that started strong and then turned on jeff and now are turning back to him hmmmm cliques was a good theme this year…and no this doesnt pertain to everybody but if ive pissed you off then it most likely includes you dont like my oppion get over it





The Ideal Eviction Night:
Julie is telling them to make their last speeches; Jordan and Jeff falling all over themselves complimenting each other. Julie says,” Before the votes, I’m going to tell you both to take seats on the couches– out of the block chairs. (Jeff starts crapping his pants, and Jordan is wailing.) Insert your ideal theory ex: Russ walks in, that chunky gold key drops in Jeff’s lap, or Kevin has collapsed from strangling himself with his many scarves in worry. Gnat is snarling on the sidelines, still unbathed, unkempt, and in Monday’s clothes while she swats at the flies buzzing about her whole body. Julie then says,” I bet you all are wondering who in this house has been more hated than Ronnie this season. ( Gnat blurts out,” Michelle!!!”) Julie: “No, Natalie, it’s you. Why don’t you just go ahead to the front door and leave. We’ll send your garbage bag–er suitcase along after you. Big Brother has decided that your lying, cheating, and stealing ways has gotten you evicted from the house. By the way, are all you houseguests aware that Natalie has been lying to you from day one: she’s not 18, she’s a 24 yr old man.”


that would be CLASSIC T.V.! if only..

ohio say:

That would be GREAT!!!! one could only wish.


Jeff jumps up and yells, “Dude! I knew it, Dude! Swweeeet!!! TTYN bitch!!!” meanwhile, Michelle has gotten the tissues out of her bra and is using them like pom-poms at superbowl game. “Woot! Woot!” Michelle trips over the coffee table, bumps her head and is lying in the middle of the floor bleeding profusely and suffering a new head injury. Kevin is screaming at Gnat, “Why didn’t you TELL me?!?!?” as Gnat is escorted out the door, kicking and screaming, by the group of men from I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Jordan is sitting on the couch and says, ” Julie, I just peed on the couch. Can I go get some cookie dough?” THE END….


Lori — you are hilarious! I would love it if your scenario played out tonight.


bleeding profusely? new head injury? wow,pretty nasty stuff…….weren’t you the one who’s always defending chubbo jordo and putting other ppl down for being too mean???? perhaps,i’m wrong but i seem to remember you voicing a complaint about a comment not nearly as graphically mean! i think you’re kinda sick for wanting mich to bleed profusely?! wow! see i think calling a fat person who eats constantly and never exercises (sans 2 minute crunches once in a blue moon) and talks white trash stuff non stuff while being 2-faced and constantly feeling herself up and asking others to feel her fake tits deserves to be called fat when she is. however, mich’s weird,little off but not nearly as skanky as jordo so why do you picture the poor women bleeding profusely and defend the cookie monster?


It was a story, you half-wit. I have seen another Lori on here, and obviously she is not me. I usually only make fun of Gnat; I’m actually gunning for Michelle in final two if Jeff is gone. I was making fun of her being accident prone; I’ve seen a lot worse on here… I’m not changing my name on here, so if the other Lori is offended by this story –sorry– but oh well…


that is some funny shit right there! I was laughing out loud!


Lori thats some very funny stuff….you had me laughing my head off. Hang on while I put it back on!!


Oh crap!!!! I just laughed so hard I peed a little!!!!


Lori that was to funny ROFLMAO


BTW BB is a game…everyone cheats and lies on it. Not a fan of Natalie but she hasn’t done anything wrong.


Yes she? did,, She? made it personal.


Hahahahahaha, love it!!! She? 😀



heather 87

that would rock! I love it!


love to see that look


Lori that would be a show for sure. that would be the biggest twist in BB history but we all know BB doesn’t have that kind of balls to do something like that. it a shame. that the two people that every one hates so much is going tot ake this game , how wrong is that.Nat is just down right nasty , she has yet to comb that mop on her head. her and kev just turn my stomach. i will not watch it after tonight when jeff walks out the door.


talking about same clothes, how come every time I have seen a pic of Jordumb this week she has been in the same camo pants, dont all you JJ fans hate rewearing the same clothes?


lori…that is funny as crap!!!! we could only pray. LMAO. 🙂


If he does go I won’t be watching it along with a lot of other people,,, Who really cares if Kevin and Nat win, I can only imagine how many people will be watching, they are sooo boring and pathetic, Maybe next year they can find normal adults to be on the show!

ex jeff fan

heres how it will in reality go jeff evicted michelle win hoh kevin win pov jordan gone then final three and kevin wins and takes nat and nat wins half a million dollars

another fan

Bite your toungue! Michele FTW!!!!! Don’t consider going into fortune telling, cause you’ll fail. Kevin will never take Nat to final 2, because he knows she would win. He would choose Michele.


Or better yet..stick with her lie and tell her she is kicked off for drinking under age…hehehe


Or maybe they could also kick Natalie off for not not revealing she’s really a guy. Jessie’s boyfriend….I am a feminist so I am for everyone’s life style it’s just that I believe if CBS is going to tell the truth then they better just go ahead and say Natalie is NASTY and a guy….I’m sorry does anyone believe NASTY has a period? I so doubt it…b/c she’s a guy…plus who at 24 doesn’t know how to use a tampon? COME ON…she should be kicked out because she/ he is discussing that NASTY STUFF ON TV. I think Jason is her real name not her boyfriend…Think about it. I am a J/J fan but have more respect for Michelle as a player….however, I do believe that they should STOP PICKING THEIR NOSE SO MUCH> I like Jeff alot, but the picking his nose and making food is gross. I can not handle that…but I could wash his hands and then tie him up…what michelle wants to do!!!! hee hee


Lori – I love what you wrote – and wish it all would come true – especially the part of nasty nat being evicted – she is so nasty.

BB please flip that house and keep Jeff in it – he deserves to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why does Jeff deserve to win? Everyone is playing the same game just in different ways.


Be honest, he doesn’t deserve the win. He really made some stupid moves. I would like to see Gnat evicted tonight and Mich win the whole thing. I think Kev just screwed himself out of the jury house award because of hanging with her. I hope Russell wins that.


If the house is flipped so Jeff wins then why even bother with a F4 or 3 or 2. You Jefflovers are really sore losers. I like Jeff but I liked Russel more and I kept watching. Yeesh.


Go team Jeff! Go team Michelle! Throw Natalie out of the house!


Can someone tell me why Gnat thought that pretending she was 18 was strategy? I mean, what has she done in the game that the age difference has worked in her favor? She is nasty!


Obviously her strategy did work…..She’s still there isn’t she??? 🙂 I’m not a fan of hers, I’m just saying…I hope Michelle wins the 500K…And I might be in the minority here, but I will jump up and down with delight when Julie announces,…”Jeff you have been evicted from the BB house….The looks on everyone’s faces will be priceless…especially Kermit (Jeff) and Miss Piggy’s…..I’D APREEESH!!!!…aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Don’t forget that there still is a twist. On the web site Julie states that the twist was introduced on Tuesday not completed. She also asks how it will change the game. I don’t know what it is but i do hope Jeff gets to stay just so Ratty Natty will go home.


I have a question…. I thought they were not allowed to have calendars. But K & N made one… Is that not against the rules?


Oh ok then Michele needs to be go as well because she used her birth control to make a calendar.


i really thought she said she got on the shot is this not just a lie nasty made up?


Pen, paper , calendars, etc are not allowed brought in but I guess if you get creative enough such as K, N and M did , that’s allowed. BTW, Jordough better get busy with the day one, two, etc dates…she’s not even studying that that i can tell. She be a dummy thru and thru.


LOL I love what Lori said, that would be so freakin awesome! lol


i just hope something interesting happens tonight! I don’t care if it’s Russel coming back, everyone calling out nathoe on her lies, Jordan clawign at jeff not to leave, anything! I hope it’s an entertaining show, otherwise it will just be the start of a path of boring hg


Get ready for boogers and the ugly cry from Jordough when Jeff walks out. Ta ta, Jeff; greetings to Russ!


OMG, That would be good tv to see that happen! Let’s all wish it together… save jeff, save jeff, save jeff….. let the showmance continue and see if Jeff ever gets to first base!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Kevin kas sure been acting like he can’t stand Pigpen today – guess he’s had enough!!!!


I hope Gnat goes tonight. If not, she? may actually do well on the HOH comp. She seemed to have dates and and order of occurances down from the play doh calendar.


BFN BB does not care what NASTY AND KEV do i guess. the calendar should have been taken away from the remember nat from last year made one and it was taken. maybe kev is doing something to make BB happy. it really made me mad about the pranks nat is doing they need to do one on her so she can see what it feels like. what a biotch. i really hate her.


I do not agree with the things that Nat is doing….ex: stealing people things, I know of at least 2 things she has taken of Michelle’s. This is suppose to be a game and I understand that, but stealing is wrong. Someone should steal her pads and see how she likes that tonight on the live show!!


yeah i recall kevin saying they are not allowed to hide the playdough


It would be nice if they evicted Nat for the calendar. I agree, Nat needs a prank lesson.


I am sure BB is aware that they are using that calendar. It would be a joke that they are studying dates, veto’s etc., and BB does a completely different trivia game. Maybe that is why they have not being called out about cheating as they are literally wasting there time doing this. It would be such a joke to backfire on them as it does not pay to break rules which they are constantly doing. These two are getting tiresome and boring.The gnats nastiness no longer irritates me as it is pathetic and Kevin he is just a wuss, Gnats little servant that jumps every time Gnat the weasel demands something from him.


Mary, I agree with you 1000%


Cracks me up how sooooo many people say “If Jeff leaves I am done watching!” We all know your butts will be sitting on your couch Sunday evening with the tv on CBS saying the same thing next week when Jordan is leaving. Just like all the people that were Russel fans said the same thing last week and they are still watching and posting on here….hopeing that somehow Russel is coming back. BB is an addiction….(one I love honestly) and even if its not my fav winning I know I will still be watching 🙂 GO MICHELLE!!!


You and me both! At this point I just want to see who wins. Okay so originally I was gunning for Jeff but after him making some bad moves and listening to Nat and Kevin, well I just shook my head. Again, nice to look at. I wouldn’t mind Russel coming back, at least there was something to watch! Some drama.


someone made a comment earlier about seeing russ on youtube doing his interveiw and he does make a reference about pandora’s box..the box happened after russ left the house. it was weird to hear him say it cuz he was making an analogy about bb house and pandora’s box. i thought……..what a wierd analogy to pull from your butt? hmmmmm, ya never know people!!!!!


Yeah that is strange, cause if he was in the jury house he wouldn’t know about that till tonight when jeff walks in with the tape,


it will be like bb9 i think with james. If you watched tuesday on opening credits russel wasn’t shown walking out the door but in the backyard and his name was not erased, it was displayed. SO tonight houseguest you get to choose jedd or the box votes go 2-2 hoh breaks the split jeff leaves russ is back


Why did BB call Jordan and Jeff together into the diary room? I swear if Jeff stays then I know for sure that BB is fixed. I will still watch the season but I would hope they realize how people don’t like production to mess with the outcome and back off next season. I know many of you love Jeff but he made a bad move and should have to suffer the consequence for that decision. Why should he get another chance? Why is Natalie not allowed to have her own game plan, even if it is not what everyone likes? She played the game in a way no one has before. Is she gross for not showering, abosolutely. Does she lie a lot, abosolutely. But does she deserve to be voted out when she played Jeff to a “T”, no because she outsmarted Jeff, plain and simple. I don’t want Natalie to win but Jeff does not deserve it. Just my opinion and we all know on this site, many will call me names and attack me. However, I understand people have their opinions and I respect that.

Go Michele.


The way I look at it, CBS/BB is screwed either way….half the country says they will stop watching if Jeff leaves tonight, and the other half say they won’t watch if he stays cause then it will be rigged….LMAO!!!


Oh I didn’t think of it that way but I agree CBS is screwed either way.


Hi!! Did anyone notice last night on bbad, they called Jeff & Jordan into the dr for a long time! (a first for bb) When they came out they both looked like the cat that swallowed the canary!!! They could not keep a straight face! for at least 10-15 minutes!!! Wonder whats up?????


whats a 1st? more then 1 in the diary room…no they have done on more then 1 occasion….they actually have done with 3 in there during bb all stars.


The past few days on the feeds it was looking like Kevin is becoming fed up with Natalie, and I was glad. But I read his blog, and he talks smack about all of them, but not Nat. He says he luvs her and the only bad thing he can say about her is that someone needs to give her a comb. Kevin, you just dropped of my radar with that one. If you can live with that girl and like her, it says a lot about you. He also loves Chima. The blogs tell the real story, because the game doesn’t matter. He is telling it exactly how he sees it and I am disappointed that I ever liked him. He is obviously a bottom feeder. Michelle is my pick now by default.


Welcome to Team Psycho 🙂 We will be closed to new members when Jeff goes home tonight. This means you, Randy Wolfgang and Mr E. Simon is already on board. Go CooCooMagoo!


Team Psycho is a elite group, we’re small in numbers but big in CRAZY!! GO CooCoo


you know i have disliked people in past big brothers but that is not even what i feel about natalie………… i think that she has the moral fibre of a dishrag. some of the antics and the cruel comments she has said and done just turns my stomach sick. we all love to watch a good game in any competition or sport but when you have a player that is cheap and sneaky and hits below the belt it sours your enjoyment of watching………. so many times i have wondered why the producers are letting her get away with things………….i don’t think it makes for good tv. in fact it makes me want to turn my channel. i love when players play the game tough and rough and with dignity and the outcome is the best player. not this low class crap with natalie. i know some people would say to me “well,big brother is a dirty game” in my eyes the winner of big brother is the one who makes it to the top with the least amount of collaterall damage……………. just my opinion


why is evrybody talking about the calender that nat and kev made? jeff,jordan a and michelle could of made a calender too.!!!!!!!!!!! and i’m not even a nat and kev fan but come on……..everyone knew they had one. they could of stole the play=dough and made one for themselves.


BB just needs to make sure they treat each season with the same rules then. Last season their calendars that they made with nail polish was taken away.


J/J/M could have stole the playdough but they didn’t and they wouldn’t- that is Nat’s cheap trick because its the kind of person she is and the kind of game she plays. Its the only way people with the morals of Nat and Kev can get ahead.
Just like -Jeff could have tried to trick M out of her veto like Nat suggested and then stab her in the back but he refused. He is not that kind of low down person not even in a game not even to win 500k not even to help Jordon which he would like to do if he wins.

Jackie M.

Lori u are so funny, love it. Need a job, understand CBS/AG/BB producers need someone with wit, you just made my day. Only wish u correct abt Gnat going home. But u really hit this one out of the ball park. Pls continue, we all need laughter, especially since BB/BBAD is going from bad to WORSE.


People grow up! You’re acting worse than the HG, geez!

The only twist tonight, is Jeff twisting his ass out of the house!

Now the real showmance will begin, between Jordough and Goo Goo McGoo.

Jeff*fan always :)

BEST case senario if there is no special power…

Michelle votes to evict jordan and Gnat gets personal and evicts jordan too. so jeff stays and kevin will be like omg wtf? and Jordan will leave and michele will win HOH and jeff will win POV and evict Nat. and then its an all out war between MICHELLE, JEFF, and KEVIN. the best people of them game! to me anyway. i wish they could make a final 3 deal. Kevin would be safe and have a chance. he knows he has no chance with Stinky, and should toss her aside. plus the jury voters will vote for the BEST player. not their friend. So even if Gnat makes it to the end. she gets 50000 for 2nd! she didnt do anything the whole game except run her fat lieing MOUTH!


If I don’t get to watch big brother tonite because of some stupid PRESEASON football shit, I am gonna be pissed!!


same here. local affiliate won’t be showing BB until 2 am because of football. I’ll be here waiting for updates to see what happened.


Jordan needs to bitch slap Natalie, get kicked out of the house which means jeff gets to stay and then watch those weasels nat and Kevin kiss jeff’s ass..


O.K. What if: The twist to Pandora’s box is an added H.O.H. responsibility, right? They tell Kevin since Jeff unlocked him, he has to take him off the block and nominate someone else for eviction, or then Jeff gets to nominate someone else for eviction. Whadda ya’ think?


Hey that would work! 🙂


natilie needs to leave she is absoutleley useless and cant win anything without jessie she has floateed throught the whole game and doesnt deserve to win half a million dollars


yes- i like it- but don’t forget- Kevin as HOH had the responsibility of the original choice to open the door or not. So there already was an added responsibility.


Ilike any scenario where Natalie goes home tonight and the three others target kevin and he goes home next week.


I hope BB will not be that stupid. Atfer all, Jeff was given a “free pass” weeks ago and it
is his fault that he did not use common sense to stay off the block. Jeff deserves to go home tonight. It’s as simply as that!


OK let me try again. The Pandora’s Box thing is an added H.O.H. responsibility, right? So what if Kevin is told he must take the person off the block who unlocked him, and replace him with someone else or Jeff could replace himself with someone else.


the added hoh responsability was when he had to decide to put his hand in the box to release 10 grand or not put it in, but that whatever his decision was, it was final.


The Jury house will not be bad for Jeff. Jessie will have a man crush and vote with Jeff and Russell liked Jeff, he was a man’s man so he’ll buddy with Jeff…Lydia hates Natalie and will vote for the other final two….But I hope NASTY NASTY girl/guy goes home and is washed up by production!!!! Before I accidentally see her on some press conference. I do not care…she is disgusting!


OH! I need to add that Nasty Nasty Nat also is the biggest cheater playing chess and pool. Gee Whiz….What kind of father raised such a crusty parasite.


As a J/J/M/R Final Four supporter, I find it hilarious that everyone was ok with Jeff making a deal with Russ/Michele … having them swear on their “pops/dogs” (specifically Russ’ dad who just had a surgery that had Russ worried and he confided to Jeff that he had been worried about his dad’s health)… then walk over to Natalie tell her that he was putting Nat and Kevin up and they had to when POV so he could backdoor russ. That was not even 10 minutes after he made Russ swear on his father. That was the most asshole move. Lie, fine. But to make them swear on their family? Then backstab… cold. Russ has said he was planning to stick to the deal. He’s been classy about his eviction. Jeff got what he deserved. He should have paid closer attention to strategy and not his little head. If he hadn’t been paranoid and listening to Jordan – he wouldn’t have made that decision. Lying is part of the game, but that was dirty and I lost all my respect for him then and there. I hope he isn’t saved. I hope he goes. He needs to realize karma got him out the door. I just hope Michele makes it all the way and wins.


I am on board….I was a dedicated J/J fan until I saw how he acted when he had the power….J/J left Michele and Russel in suspense all week….and they jpoin with Nat and Kev….ugh…horrible move…hasta la byebye Jeff!


Part of it was Michele’s fault. She fed the fire and said Russel was gunning after them. Of course, Russell denied it so what was J/J supposed to do?


Well, I quit! Jeff is gone! Bring your freakin’ box back next week and jump in it! Not even going to watch tonight. Curly, Moe and Larry: may the best “man” win!


BB gets worse each year.How stupid are the sponsers to buy time with a show like this.Everyone should boycott whoever buys a product advertised with CBS.This gets trashier every year.Take time to pick some people not so ignorant.Natalie is half black stinking ni**er who can’t win anything.You saw CHEETA.Kevin is a ni**er faggot and Jordan is a dick tease that can do nothing but ride someone else’s back and Michele has the personality of a retarded fool


I am so mad that Jeff had to go!! I missed what he said and did Jordan give him that kiss he wanted?? And whats up with new stuff? Anyone out there that can fill in the blanks??

chimin(leave blank)

yeah though its true that BB is lying and cheating and while it maybe entertaining by the way America reacted to JEFF and Jordan its clear that the majority of people dont like those kind of people that all they do is cheat and lie while no one escaped this life with thier share of lies and such we all try to do it to a monumum and that is what we saw this year someone trying to get by with the least not the most

Up All Night

Wow, the more jodan talks the dumber she gets. As for the box, get over it, it’s finished. Theer isn’t enough time to bring someone back.


Well thats it for me, cant watch anymore BB this year, Natalie winning HOH and then yelling this is for you Chima was the last I could take, BB has to let America decide on who stays and who goes, give Jeff and Jordan their own reality show, now that would sell, Natalie and Kevin have to be the biggest sh>> , heads on TV, no more BB for me