Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The Calm Before the Storm… Chima explains why people Date UGLY

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:30pm Backyard Couch Most the houseguests are siting around joking… Russell is laying in the lawn chair sunning himself. Chima explains to them why Guys date UGLY its because the Ugly ones do the things the pretty ones won’t ,the pretty ones know they can find someone else whereas the ugly ones might not find a better person than what they have.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:45pm Kitchen Jeff and Michelle cooking up some liver. Michelle has made a half appetizing liver dish and she is offering to give some to Jeff… Jeff is trying to get exciting about the liver “Ohh ya it looks like steak its going to be delicious” Jeff takes a bit of a burnt piece and says it was alright he thinks the burnt pieces are better. Jeff comments that the squid would of been so much better.. he says there’s much more he can make with squid than Liver.
Jeff wonders why kind of dressing he should use to mask the taste.. Micehlle recommends just smother it with BBQ sauce. Jordan walks in and asks Jeff if he could make her one of his burgers.. He says no problem.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:20pm Backayrd couch Chima, Michelle, Lydia with Scrappy sleeping. THey are talkign about the have nots and how the hardest thing is the food and the sleep deprevation. Chima thinks the showers are no problem for her, Lydia and MCiehlle agree. Jessie pokes his head outside and asks them if the steak in the plastic bags is good to eat. CHima tell him it is, He asks her if she wants one. Chima wants to know how he’s cooking it… He says in the microwave. Chima: “UMMM NO!” Chima “Who microwaves a steak ohh my Good thats gross”.. Lydia calls Jessie a man boy after he leaves, she explanis you take a boy(Jessie) that wants to be a man …what you get is a manboy. THey go back to talking abou the movie and how funny it was.. Apparently there was a part with a guy jumping out a airplan with a bag of dildos. CHima starts talking to them about her future in the game.. She thinks the Wizard power will be used and and Russell will be going after her next week. Lydia leaves to go inside. Chima goes on to explain how much of a ass Russell is and she wants him gone because of the things he’s doing. She says that Russell has everyone by the balls if he stays nobody can beat him in competitions or stand toe to toe with him. She’s hinting that the wizard (Jeff) is getting played if he thinks he can ally with Russell. Chima warns Michelle that the Russell is going to be really working on Lydia and Kevin. Michelle tells her that she won’t be listening to anything Russell has to say. Chima now says that she doesn’t care about the mystery power because theres nothing she can do about it. Chima says she’s telling everyone that Russell will move to wherever the power is. If its Jeff/Jordan than Russell’s on that team if its JEssie and scrappy than he’s with them. Chima: “When you try to rationalize your human instinct thats when you get in trouble, But we have the human brain that gets us in trouble”… CHima gets up and heads inside to “get my shit before he touches it”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:30pm General chit chat around the house everyone preparing their meals or talking out back. Theres a calm around the house.. after todays drama things are probably going to explode tonight.

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i guess chima doesn t realize speaking of ugly girls putting out she s speaking of herself. her opion of herself is delusional


So guys date Chime-in because she does thingd pretty girls won’t?

Team  Jeff

i lol’d.


Has Chima seen herself in the mirror? I’m serious. She is by far the most unattractive woman this season! Every time I see her on tv I can’t even focus on what she’s talking about without questioning WTF did she do to her face [and hair].


Thanks for all your hard work Simon. It’s greatly appreciated. I have SHO so it’s nice to read what happens during the day. Thanks again.


I agree. I’ll be honest and say I never got into BB before this season, but I’ve been watching BBAD and the CBS broadcasts and it’s awesome to catch up on what’s going on during the day. Thanks for being so meticulous!


What do you look like AJ? She is not ugly. She has large lips but her lip are not ugly.


She’s not pretty…


If your into burn victim’s with a voice like nails on a chalk board, Chia pet.. errr Chime-in… errr Chi Chi Rodriguez … errr Chima is the person for you.

Jordan = Pretty + sweet
Laura = Hot + smart

Michelle = average looking girl who has lost her marbles.

Nat = annoy little man
Chima = burn victim with cartoonish lips who laughs like the wicked witch of the west

Lydia = Take away the tatoos and she’s actually pretty but has severe self esteem issues.

oh boy

you are an asshole!

BB Fan

That actually helps explain her view towards the men in the house. The racial remarks she continues to make about middle easterners, however, still make it very difficult to like her.


Watching the show tonight when that came up I felt bad for her for having to go through that in her life. But then watching the live feeds tonight at around 10:30 pm EST Chima is talking to Jessie and Nastalie about Russell and trying to get him to do something so that he gets kicked off the show and she follows that up with saying she would press charges on him so that he would go to jail and “Get r*****over and over again” I lost all respect for her after that comment. Not that I had much respect for her to begin with…. She is a Racist…

BB Fan

She should be in therapy.


How do we know it is true?


I can’t believe that any woman would make up a story like that. If she DID, then that says about everything that anyone needs to know about Chima. I think we should take her word for it. On the other hand, it’s an odd thing to joke about having happen to someone else. And if it’s not a joke, then she must hate Russell far beyond the game or what she’s letting on. Either way, it’s kind of sad.


it’s no excuse for how she is behaving…..if she felt that strongly about what all she went through….she should be a speaker…and giving talks…..not on a gameshow wanting to press false charges against some guy so he can go to prison and be r*****over and over.


Yeah but gotta admit the from the chin down Chima is smokin hot and that counts as much as pretty when it comes to guys falling all over a woman.


yep…guy next door said to tell you Chia was a two bagger….he would want a bag over his head too in case hers fell off.


Thanks for all your hard work Simon. The website is legendary. It really helps to fill in the blanks, much appreciated.


I also thank you Simon for this site, Took and take a lot of energy, Well Done. Post

I think that you guys are missing something very important here. I seem to me that a lot of you guys believe that Chima is a dumb idiot and Russ is loose cannon. I don?t think so. I do not believe Chima and Russell are as mad at each other as they pretend to be. Russ has done this before (With Ronnie). I also believe that those two always thought that the America Votes wizard power would go to Jeff/Jordan. Understanding that fact, why not create enough chaos in the house to keep every one off balance, including Jeff/ Jordan and America. When Jeff use the Power to put up Jess and Nat, one or both will go home / the blood will be on Jeff?s hands. Chima and Russ will team back up because I think Russ is in love with Chima. I may be wrong. But? for the sake of argument let?s look into the future.

Two Teams: Jeff / Jordan (JJ) or Chima / Russell (CR)
Remaining House Guests: – Ask yourself?
? Jessie will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Kevin will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Lydia will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Michelle will vote with (JJ) or (CR)
? Natalie will vote with (JJ) or (CR)

From what I have seen so far, if Jeff uses the power, he is toast. Jordan will then side with Chima because she respects Chima as a Sassy girl. This game will be over and Chima will win $ ? Mil.


Not a chance Chima teams up with Russ after this…


Want to bet? It is clear to me that you don’t know black women very well and you certainly have never experience a woman like CHIMA (black, brown, yelow, red or white). She control?s her and Russell?s relationship like she is washing her hands in the sink and he is standing there with the towel to dry them off. He has no power over her. I am 62 years old and she own’s Russell. Take that to the BANK!


I never said Chima would team up with Russ / I said that Russ is Chima’s little LAP DOG now and will do what he is told. Maybe my two cent is worth a nickel now. / Good night / do u want me to continue to participate in this dialogue or not?


Cracks kills is what I think. you must be watching totally different BB. WHEN Jeff uses the power, he will have Russell’s loyalty til the end just like he has Jordan’s. Michelle & Michelle will float to whereever the power is just like they have all game. Lydia will stay away from Nat & Chima and w/ Jeff gone will hang with Jeff & Russell that much more.

It’ll be Jeff/Jordan/Russell w/ Lydia vs Chima/Nat w/ Michelle & Kevin ready to jump ship the second the J/J/R alliance wins HoH.

After the eviction of Jessie Thursday, the HoH comp will be HUGE.

Jeff wins : Chima & Nat nominated
Jordan wins : Chima & Nat nominated
Russell wins : Chima & Nat nominated
Lydia wins : Chima & Nat nominated
Kevin wins : ??? history shows he goes to where the numbers are which means J/J/R/L but he dislikes Russell
Michelle wins : Russell & ????? (Lydia)
Nat wins : Russell & Jeff
Chima can’t participate in HoH

Worst case is Nat wins HoH Thursday and nominates Russell & Jeff.. but the house would evict Russell… so in the end Jeff & Jordan make it another week and Jessie & Russell are out of the house leaving Jeff to dominate the physical HoH comps.


*Michelle & Kev will float
* with Jessie gone


Let’s just wait and see if Jeff or Jordan can win something. Like HOH or POV again (selfish and insecure person / not protecting Jordan but his own ass) Jordan even knows that he can not win anything against these other MEN. He is A No – Body.
America / had to bail his ass out / because he is a white male and he can not win on a fair playing surface… Go Chima / Russell! They both won HOH.


My freind, i do not want to demean you or upset you. If Jeff use his power, he Is TOAST in the house. I understand your felling outside the house looking in as an outside observer. but think about it and think about the people that you live with. you are a fool if you think chima or russell care about
jessie. natelie, . they are their tool’s for him. he has no respect for them at all. he think they are idiots.


ur so right eric, but these idiots don’t get it


Simon you rock! Everyone needs to give him a donation!


To be honest, I am 20 plus years US Air Force Retired at age 40, and 20 plus years Sprint retired at sweet ole /old age of 60. I think all these young people in the BB house (even Casey) are beautiful, smart and interestng. It took hard work to get on the show and they made it. YOU DID NOT! – So as my grandbabies say / Grampa just GET OVER IT and move on! It will play out and I think that all will be revealed on Thursday with the wizard (Jeff) power. If he use it – Game over / Chima wins. Jeff do not use it / Toss up / Chima or Jessie. Just adding my two cent.

Nice guys finish last as always :(

Why was this peice of shit remark published?? You sir are human filth!


If people date “UGLY” as Chima states then Chima must get asked out on lots of dates. She is ugly inside as well as outside. For her to say that she wants Russ to hit her and then state that she will press charges is beyond ignorant! She basically just said she was setting him up! For someone who considers herself a smart woman she sure is looking like an imbecile more and more as her reign comes to an end.

Billie The Puppet

LOL Beauty is a matter of Opinion so what I think is Ugly may not be what others do. I have respect for Chima for surviving the r*****/near murder and wish that on no-one but lost some respect for her wishing it to happen on another person (Russell). She is leting the game get personal. Funny how the beginning she was all over Russell and she denies it does that make her a Rat now? Personally I think She is Ugly but I could say that with most of the girls this season Lips are way bigger than Jolies and overpower her head. Hair is just horrible as are the eyebrows. Chima also loses on personality to me expecialy the nail scratching the chalkboard fake laugh of hers. I also think she is full of herself. Jordan is the only exception to this season except her breasts as I am not a fan of fake boobs.


Read you reply and think you are localized / groroup think person
I love Jordan and Chima the same for final two.

Who do you think is playing to win the game?


Someone needs to be evicted!


OMG this has been the longest week of BB ever. I can’t wait until Thursday when Jeff pulls Lydia & Russell to replace with Jessie & Natalie. Hurry up Thursday


why hate chima so much, u people are racist, if jeff uses it nat will leave and everybody will want him out next week. chima is preety, stop hating on the girl ,just because she’s black


jordan is not pretty , u think she is because she’s white and blonde, lol please thats not pretty its so 80’s

oh boy

where do you people live? do you not see people who look like all the people in bb house? maybe youre just shocked by it all. sorry but this is how people who are not on tv look. real.

Uncle Cool

I think even the people in BB House do not represent the real world. The producers go through a lot of trouble choosing the contestants. None are older. None are fat. None are High School dropouts. None are ugly. None are unemployed. I think they could do a better job of representing the ‘common’ people in society, but they do what they think will attract viewers.


she is wearing a wig.


So what!!! Many people wear them!


bueaty is n the eye of the beholder… who r we 2 judge we must all remember this is just a game. please leave the judging 2 god….


H.M.G, Why are you viewers not on Cheimas case after the big story she told about her being raped by a serial killer ? This girl should be removed from the house by big brothers if this is a lie, or lost the game to who ever comes in second if she is the bottom two.


The story about the rape Chima told is true. She was raped by a serial killer who was executed on death row. It is on the internet.

Billie The Puppet

Jordan is actually the exact opposite of what I normally like. I prefer Dark Black Hair/Brunetts but the ones with those features in the BB house had other factors I didn’t like about them. I don’t really like blondes all that much and as for her being white why is it that we are not allowed to like white people? I find beauty in all ethnicities. Just like I can find UGLY’s in all ethnicities too.


“Chima explains to them why Guys date UGLY ”

Well, SHE would know.


if big brothers let chima makes wise cracks about russel as a terrorist that not funny she should be kick out our country has had enough the producer should tell shut her mouth or go home get rid of her and jessie i think i will quit watching and american people to maybe till they send chima home and then they will see we don’t want see that


Chima is dumb, it is not a matter of black or white. She is full of shit. She runs her mouth like a fool. I hope she goes next. Her calling Russ terrorist is dumbest move a smart person could make.

Billie The Puppet

Also Chima said she could be on a date and 10 minutes in already be giving him a handjob. – If my memory serves me correctly.


I thought comments were supposed to be moderated on this site, using the “n-word” was extremly unnecessary and offensive..yes the majority of use dislike Chima, but her race has nothing to do with the way she is.
I love this site Simon, and I really do appreciate all the work that you put into the site for us to be ahead of the t.v schedule, but some of the comments here should NOT be published


“Time for Chima to go!”


Chima needs to go and is clearly mentally and emotionally unstable. Viewers shouldn’t have to endure her racist comments. I complained to CBS using their feedback form. I encourage others viewers to make your voices heard