Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin plans on taking Jordan to final 2, “Jordan is like Jerry from BB10”..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:30pm Hottub Natalie, Kevin and Jordan. They are all wondering about tomorrow.. Jordan tells Natalie she will do her hair and makeup for her. Jordan says she has to start early cause there is a lot of getting ready… Jordan gets called into the Diary Room.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Kevin says he doesn’t want Lydia to ask him the question because he knows he has her vote he wants someone that doesn’t like him to ask him a question so he can win them over
Natalie “So i guess we all know who we are voting for hey”
Kevin “ya”
Kevin “dude Jordan smoked us in America’s vote she’s kind of like Jerry
Natalie “She America’s sweetheart and she’s Jeff’s girl friend”
Kevin “hmm hmmm ”
Kevin “Fuck Chima fucked us big time she was on our side it was a guaranteed vote for us”
Natalie “I asked Jordan if she’ll take me and she tells me I don’t know I don’t know.. that means she’s lying”
Kevin “I think she’ll take you”
Natalie “No freaking way she’s taking you your my only chance”
Kevin “No…. you and Jordan have been way closer throughout the game than her and me”
Natalie “If she evicts me you have my vote and I’ll work on Jessie.. you also have Lydia’s vote”
Jordan joins them and Kevin gets called into the diary room
Natalie Tells Jordan about the conversation she just had with Kevin… Natalie asks her if she knows what she will say to Kevin when she evict him tomorrow. Jordan says yes. Jordan goes on to say she’s getting kind of nervous. if she losses the last HOH she will cry. Natalie “Of course tomorrow competition could be worth 500K”. Jordan says she doesn’t think she will get America’s vote because she really didn’t do much in the game. Natalie agrees with her (HAHAH and Jordan doesn’t say anything) Natalie doesn’t think America’s vote will be a factor because it is going to be 4/3.. Jordan heads to the bathroom.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:12pm Hottub Jordan and Kevin
Kevin “I’m nervous”
Jordan “why?”
Kevin “I dunno”
Kevin “Natalie is telling me i’m her only hope… argh!”
Jordan “take her than if you think she will win”
Kevin “I won’t win against her”
Kevin “are you going to take her?”
Jordan “Why would I take her!!! I have no way winning against Natalie”
They start going over the votes and they both start to argue about who will win. Jordan doesn’t think she has a chance against both Natalie or Kevin. Kevin tells her that he is going to take Jordan regardless of what jordan tell him she will do. Kevin “regardless of what Natalie is doing and regardless of how bad I feel about it.. i’m going to take you Jordan I have no chance to win the money against her” He explain to here that nobody stays friends after big brother is over this is all about the money. Jordan “I would rather have the 500K than an friendship in this house”.. “I told Jeff we’ll talk for a couple months than we’ll get set in our ways and never talk much” Kevin tells her that if he goes up against Natalie she will be looked at as the brains and I’ll be looked at as the servant boy. Jordan agrees, she thinks that strategically he should win but this year in Big Brother the people will probably vote passed on who they liked and the Jury house is full of Natalie’s friends. Kevin agrees he points out that Natalie’s entire Clique is in there. Natalie joins them and Jordan heads inside.. Natalie wants to play pool but Kevin says he’s sick of that stupid game. She convinces him to play and they rack up the balls. Jordan is in the splish splash room packing her clothes up.

*** I think Kevin is going to take Jordan.. ***


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232 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin plans on taking Jordan to final 2, “Jordan is like Jerry from BB10”..

  1. Can I just say this…on BBAD right now…Natalie is telling Kevin that if he wears his yellow and black plaid shirt tomorrow, he will look ”busted” and that he’s already worn it before.

    Ok pause.
    Wasn’t it just last night that she was saying how she plans on leaving in the same dress that she entered in? Because it’d be a cool idea?

    That, for one, is so idiotic for her to judge him on.
    And for two..she ALWAYS looks busted. So, how dare she comment on his clothing.

    Someone physically harm this girl, please.

    1. Just a thought, do you think her boyfriend is really planning on marrying her if she does not win the 500K?? I think he will dump her nasty ass if she loses, even if she wins 2nd place and get’s $50,000.00 after taxes she will only get about 25,000, her boyfriend will help her spend that and then dump her nasty smelly ass.

      1. i 100% AGREE , he only proposed because he thought she was goin to win that $500k it’s so obvious , watch his attitude schange when she comes home with the money she made for being on the show…..

        1. I think BB only did that to try and help Gnat and make her a little more positive in the eyes of America. But, I still think it was not real. If it was real then I feel sorry for that dude. Hey Jason, “she is not that into you” she wants Jessie!!!!!!

      2. HELL NO!! That whole thing (proposal) was so painfully awkward it wasnt even funny…just sad. they looked totally wrong together and had ZERO chemistry

    1. You would have really liked the end of BBAD, then. Kevin finally made his best case that Natalie was an a–hole. Natalie did what she always does, of course, blamed someone else (Jessie). When that didn’t get her anywhere, she tried to turn the argument around. Turns out that Kevin’s “a dick” and that apparently negates anything that she did that would make her an a–hole. On top of that, she’s a woman and deserves to be pampered (like when she took the best pillows and blankets). Then there was a lengthy debate over the definition of what is “yours” and what is “mine” and what is “ours.” Except it didn’t go as smoothly as it does on Sesame Street for some reason. Then, finally, before BBAD shut off, it looked like maybe the argument was going to get heated, after she tried to laugh the whole thing off and Kevin kept trying to prove his point. I think maybe he was trying to get her to be accountable one last time. If it was a test for his vote, it seems like she failed.

  2. I hope Jordan wins this whole thing.. and if she doesnt I hope its Kevin… Natalie deserves NOTHING.. I wish we could see her reaction to the blogs when she gets to read them that would be sweet satisfaction I hope she cries :D

    1. I agree with you, I would LOVE to see her face when she finds out America thought she was a BITCH, not because she hung out with Jesse, but because of the way she acted in the house. A spoiled little brat with a stupid lie about being 18, and not winning one damn thing. But always saying she will win the next one !

      1. We didn’t think she was a bitch but we knew she is a bitch.
        She won’t have to do dishes after today? What world or planet does she live on?

      2. I too would love to see her face when she reads up on all the blogs….however….as always, she will find a way to justify WHY America hates her….”It’s because of Jessie” etc…She would NEVER believe that any of us hate her for reasons of her own!

  3. I t finally hit me that the show’s coming to an end. 10:00PM BBT: Jordan flashes her boobs…possibly for the last time! *sniffle*sniffle* (goes and cries like Ronnie; all high-voiced and stuff, but no tears)

  4. Simon… Thanks for the updates, and so glad to have you back. Appreciate Randeep’s help while you were gone, as well.
    Hope all is well with your family. We missed you!!!!
    Looking forward to the finale with you (and your updates), you always keep us informed and entertained. (More so thann BB has the last several days!) :)

  5. Simon,
    It’s good to see you back. I genuinely hope that everything is okay now. You’ve been in my thoughts.

    Ps. The other guy was cool too! grin

  6. I found this on another website:

    What the Future Holds for the HG’s of Big Brother 11.

    1. Ronnie: Ronnie?s wife demands that he get a real job upon leaving the Big Brother house. Since he is especially knowledgeable about computers he applies for a position with the local Geek Squad but his application is rejected on the grounds the geeks think him waaay too big a nerd!

    2. Chima: Chima was removed from the Big Brother house and goes on to be removed from a Starbucks, a Piggly Wiggly, a Wal-Mart (twice), a local car wash and the CBS parking lot on finale night.

    3. Michelle: Michelle?s life returns to the mundanely normal after leaving the Big Brother house. She returns to her cold sterile lab where she doesn?t have to actually interact with others. She is often seen alone eating lunch in the cafeteria wearing her devil horns and mumbling quietly to herself.

    4. Russell: Russell goes on to star in a self-made soft porn movie entitled The Love Muscle, turns out sales are disappointing because his ?love muscle? doesn?t quite ?measure up?.

    5. Braden: Braden becomes Russell?s ?stand in? for a re-make of the movie The Love Muscle, copies fly off the shelves.

    6. Casey: Casey opens a hugely successful bikini/strip bar in St. Petersburg, Fla. Its name? What else?The Banana Peel.

    7. Laura: After being impressed with her ability to ?read? people in the Big Brother house, Laura is offered a job as a profiler with the FBI, her code name? Twin peaks.

    8. Jordan: Jordan becomes a marketing darling endorsing cookie dough and cookie dough sales skyrocket across North America, in a related story so do memberships to Jenny Craig?Have YOU called Jenny yet?

    9. Jessie: Jessie does attain fame of sorts after leaving the BB house. He is entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. He is listed as having the largest measurable ego ever known to man!

    10. Jeff: Jeff also goes on to considerable fame after Big Brother as he lands roles in a number of movies. His best part is in a re-make of The Wizard of Oz. Many fans thought that he would star as the wizard in the movie but instead was cast as the straw man. His performance of the song If I Only Had A Brain garners him a Golden Globe nomination.

    11. Natalie: Natalie goes on to win Big Brother 11 and with the $500,000 dumps her fiance and finally goes forward with her long desired gender reassignment surgery, after which she changes her name to Nate. She and Jessie hook up and move to Canada where they are legally permitted to wed.

    12. Lydia: Lydia begins to drink heavily after learning of ?Nate?s? and Jessie?s wedding, she ends up homeless on the streets of Vegas where she is often seen stumbling drunkedly around late at night holding onto (and talking baby talk to) her constant companion, Day-Yum-Yum.

    13. Kevin: Kevin comes in second place on Big Brother 11 and wins $50,000. With the winnings he takes a hiatus from his job as a graphic designer to write a book about his Big Brother experience. It is titled: Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride, Coming in Second Place in the Ridonculous World of Big Brother.

  7. If only they knew Natalie was despised by the jury…

    I just love that Nat won’t get any jury money. I can’t wait to see her evicted.

  8. The greatest thing would be to have Nat a liars expression on her face when she gets put down and finds out that the alliance she thought all along with those in the jury house was never really there.

  9. I dont know how many times tonight so far on BBAD she picked her nose or fingers. And the butch walk its like she is walking with a cheek spreader up her butt.

  10. OMG I just got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach watching BBAD… I think Jordon is actually going to take Nasty if she wins tomorrow night….I sure hope I am wrong cuz I really don’t want Nasty to win anything, Beaides I was SOOOOOO looking forward to seeing her get chopped off at the last minute.

  11. thank you to all who gave me some questions for diane …..some of which i had already given her. we must think alike…look for her interviews on and in los angeles. thanks again..debbie .[diane henry bb5 and allstars mom].
    go kevin for the win!

  12. i’m telling you he is taking nat not jordan. he knows he can’t beat jordan so he’s gonna take his chances and try to sway the jury because he played a better game, nat didn’t win anything. he’s added the votes and doesn’t think he can win either way. he is gonna try to sway michele away from jordan for the win! he practiced both speeches (taking jordan and taking nat) this morning. he’s only telling jordan that to hopefully convince her to take him in case he loses hoh!

  13. I’m sorry to say it but I still think that Kevin is pulling a fast one on everyone…especially the fans. He is too adamant about keeping Jordan no matter what. I think he is just playing up to the cameras and he is really going to keep Natalie. I hope against all hope that he keeps Jordan if he wins. In a perfect world, Jordan would win the last HOH but I am not holding my breath. I just have these gut feelings about Kevin but I hope that I am proven wrong.

  14. It just irritates me to no end the way Natalie says everything so matter-of-factly when she really doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. Oh and the way she barks orders and tells everyone the way it’s ganna be. She is sooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!

  15. eugh, they’re so deluded! the Jury HATES Natalie!!!

    I wish they knew…

    but at least now I know my boy Kevin will make it to the end. I’d rather have him up against natalie though and make it easy.

  16. can anyone please tell me who is who on the memory wall of this page? I get the obvious ones (pig pen is nat ) but some of them I just don’t understand who the picture is for……

    1. thanks for clueing me in on the wall–kevin, casey,jessie,ronnie,russel,chima,jeff,jordan,natalie,lydia,laura,michelle,and braden. anyone else?????

  17. I really hope jordan wins!!!! It’s so weird that its time for finale already!! I will be so bored now that i wont be running to check your updates every five minutes anymore simon lol(ok so i checked to see if anything was new way to often lol) but its been nice to have an outlet like BB…its been a crazy season this year!!! Thanks for all the updates simon!! much love hope all is well

  18. Welcome back Simon, i hope you and your family are doing okay. Although Randeep was very nice to fill in for you, we are glad that uou were able to make it back to see Nastys face when she loses!
    Do you know what time they are getting started tomorrow?

  19. Here’s a scary thought. Next time BB does an All Star’s…for sure they’ll put Gnat back in the house just because we all hate her so much. Ick.

  20. Here’s a thought…. why doesn’t Kevin sit with Jordan… work out a plan for him to let her win the last comp.. that way.. he has no blood on his hands when Jordan *bounces* Nat outta the house..! just a thought..! * taps chin*

  21. Cannot believe I just watched the final BBAD!! Please, Kevin take Jordan – please, Jordan take Kevin. Don’t let that b*itch Nasty win one dime! She threatens Kevin (who I think is GAY FAB) and is playing Jordan like nobody’s business!! Kevin and Jordan both stated they have done things in the house they regret – Nasty was quiet. Just goes to prove that how she was in the BB house is how she is on the outside and it’s disgusting. I will miss BB but, I will not miss her pig at a trough eating style, her poor hygiene habits, her constant nose picking and her” I can do and I know everything attitude. ” So, I know this game is strategy based and the winner should be picked accordingly but, I don’t give a damn – she’s a morally corrupt human being who deserves to go home empty handed!!!!

  22. *PREDICTION* (as if you care what I think…lol)
    Kevin wins HOH and takes Jordan with him. (although if I were Kevin I would entertain the thought of throwing HOH hoping Jordan would take me, but that is a big risk)

    Jeff, Michelle, Natalie and America vote for Jordan.
    Jessie, Russell, and Lydia vote for Kevin.

    Now if Kevin does not win HOH, I feel that Jordan would take him anyway… then Natalie would vote for Kevin and he wins BB11.

    1. I hope not, she really does not deserve it over Kevin, personally I voted for Kevin in both instances with him in final 2 and Jordan if it is her and Nat.

    2. I hear what your saying because whoever sends Gnat packing loses her vote. So whoever win HOH in the 3rd and final round it could be their downfall because I beleive that it is GOING TO BE BETWEEN Kevin and Jordyn and the votes will be close! 4/3 so instead of AMERICA being the deciding vote GNATALIE may be! Jordyn wins and sends her packing Gnat gives vote to Kevin and vice a versa.Because neither one of them have the hootspa to tell her she sucks and they are not taking her to the FINAL TWO!!!!

  23. I can hardly wait for Kevin to stab Natalie in the back the way he stabbed Kevin! Do you think she has any idea what’s coming????

  24. This is strange to say but Kevin will lose the game if he wins HOH and picks Jordan. HE has to let Jordan win so he won’t have to evict Nat. If he evicts nat…He will lose her vote

    1. The final comp. is usually questions the contestants won’t know the answers to. Sort of like how Nat won HOH against Mich and Jord. It’s usually a guessing game and almost impossible to throw.

  25. i dont like the way natalie played the game but i dont hate her…..i dont want her to win 1st or 2nd place money but i do feel bad for her right now. the one thing she did in the house was to try to have fun…she was always doing goofy things, however, i think she was more relaxed than all the other people cuz she always felt safe……if you dont feel safe, it’;s hard to smile and joke around. she didnt win much of anything but she knew how, when and why and who to lie to when she needed to help her and kevin stay longer. i think as sad as she is right now,if by some chance she were to win 1st place we would see her same old same old attitude come out again. thats why i really dont want her to win…but it is sad to see anybody sad,thats just my thoughts anyway.

    1. I also feel very sad to see her sad. Then again, I have a soft spot for any girl that I see who is sad. I felt really bad for Michelle when she was really upset and crying. I really have a soft spot for Natalie. I really felt bad for Natalie when Russ was being an a-hole to Natalie and she was crying because she was so happy to get the phone call from home. Yet, he was just being a total a-hole to her for no reason. Saying something like “I didn’t do it for you” I think he even threw the b word at her, completely uncalled for. I probably wouldn’t be able to last too long in the BB house. Even if someone wasn’t in my alliance if I saw they were sad, I’d try to comfort them as much as I could. I can only hope that Natalie has a bright future. I hope the exposure from this show leads to some good things. Most people hate her and those are the types of people who go on to do other reality shows. Omarosa, New York, even Puck (those of you from the real old school reality shows) even though they weren’t fan favorites, found success.

      1. The BB house would eat you up and you’d be gone the 1st week….cant go around feeling sorry for everybody.
        I do feel for Nat tho, shes lasted a long time in that torture chamber with a camera on your every move 24-7. Its an emotional roller-coaster for all of them so for her not to snap is a testament to her inner strength. The same goes for Jordon & Kevin.

    2. That could be the most level headed comment I’ve heard…er read. A lot of people get way too emotional about BB when they’re just outsiders. Natalie does not deserve the vile things said about her on any blogsite. You stated your opinion without any venom…very cool.
      I dont hate any of them, well except for Ronnie but thats more lack of respect for the man. Even if it’s strategerie, as a man, it is just weird to encounter a blubbering fool because someone is giving you a hard time. Plus on his exit speech, he was unnecessarily mean to Michelle.

    3. Were you watching the same show that the rest of us were? Gnat is a PIG!! The way she eats, walks, her hygene(sp) habits suck, she CHEATS at EVERYTHING she PLAYS, even when she plays solitare by herself, she stole thingS from the other houseguests!(WHO STEALS ROSARY BEADS AND THINKS ITS FUNNY) Lets not forget her boyfriend, that was the coldest reception I have EVER seen especially when she said YES!!!! This will be the BEST show yet!! I love Jordyn but if Kevin wins I will be happy for BOTH of them JUST send that THEIF PACKING!!!

      1. i dont recall ever saying that i liked everything nat did. i know she was mean thousands of times to people. i just said that i dont hate her and that it did look like she as having or atleast trying to have some fun. it’s a shame to get that chance to go on bb and moan and be pissy all the time and then have to leave and never really enjoy it. some of the things were funny that she did….and some were just down right cruel and vicious.

  26. Does anyone know if Kevin is REALLY going to take Jordough? I mean it would suck if he took Gnat, hell it would suck if either one of them takes her

    1. I’m nervously with you here. I’m not so sure Kevin’s going to take Jordan, and I have this horrible gut feeling he’s going to take Natalie after all.

    2. SINCE Friday NIGHT on BBAD Kevin has stood firm about taking JORDYN! He appeases Gnat and says of course but you know when hes talking to Jordyn alone that he is serious about taking her. Last night he said Jordyn even if you told me right NOW that you have changed your mind and you are taking Gnat if you win, my mind is made up I am takin you no matter what!!

  27. I have watched BBAD sporadically because its so boring lately but it really seems Kevin will take Jordan to final 2. I can not figure out who Jordan would take though because she is telling both of them she’s taking them. What do you all think?

  28. Does anyone know how the HGs would know about America’s Vote?

    ?dude Jordan smoked us in America?s vote she?s kind of like Jerry”

    How would they know about that? Also, the other day the HGs were talking about how they didn’t realize Jeff was SOOOO popular? What did they see? Or were they told something? Doesn’t seem fair to me.

    1. I think they were talking about Jeff getting the coup de tat. (not sure of spelling). They didn’t know he was that popular as to get all those votes to get it.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. Read on another site that Kevin talked about it Monday night. I believe they are told things in the DR. If so, doesn’t seem right but this is first and foremost a “TV” show after all. This is my first season watching BB and I am not sure if I will watch again. Less so because of HG’s (didn’t care for Natalie from Day 1), but due to the realization that it seems driven by Production and not just HG’s gameplay.
      Kev/Jord F2

  29. I just have this feeling that Kevin could end up throwing the last HOH to Jordan to ensure Natalie’s vote @ the end… It would be dumb b/c the other jury members may see Jordan winning when she needed to as the catalyst between two floaters. I dont know. He already knows that America is choosing Jordan over all else, so I can see keeping Natalie in his good graces as somewhat of an advantage. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out… I will say this; better Jordan and Kevin in the end leaving Natalie’s ass w/ $10 g’s *before taxes, hopefully…* after being in that house for so many days.

    1. How stupid are the house guests to believe she is 18. The producers are providing her with alcohol…DUH. There’s no way they’d do that on national TV.

      1. which is why all of the other houseguests were pissed. I heard at least 4 or 5 of them bring it up but none ran to the DR like her and Lydia and Chima did OR maybe they would have found out the truth!!!

  30. Wow…its like…another part of my life is ending…LOL…Now my nights of “insomnia” (yea…I lie, I tell ppl I have insomnia when its actually BBADia) hahaha
    GO JORDO!!!!!
    I actually tried to watch last night and during the pool game and Natalies incessant “YEA-EEEEYAAAAA’s” drove me to the brink of insanity I could not watch the entire thing. Kevin was funny though…he was getting all choked up thinking about it being the end. Hahahaa.
    GO JORDO!!!!!

  31. Thanks so much for the great updates this season. This is the 1st season I have followed BBAD, and the forums, and I?m SO glad I found this site. Simon, prayers are with you, and thanks for all the hard work.

    Can?t wait for natalie to be evicted, after that I?ll be happy with either J or K winning, as long as natalie gets nothing, and gives Kevin his darn hoodie back. Geez??he said NO. She is the most entitled person ever?.just because you said so nat?doesn?t make it so??

  32. Breakdown on votes:
    Most likely final two.
    Kevin and Jordan:
    For Kevin: Jessie, Lydia,Nate (either way she will stick with Kevin I think, but may change to Jordan if she is really pissed at Kevin when/if he wins HOH and doesn’t take her). Will go with Kevin for sure if Jordan wins HOH and takes Kevin.
    For Jordan: Michelle, Jeff, America, Russell (this is the iffiest vote but he will go with Jordan since she won in the end and he doesn’t really like Kevin. It may depend on who wins the last HOH in his mind). But then Nate will probably go with Jordan so the two votes will flip…. Tough read!
    Winner (Kevin or Jordan HOH): JORDAN

    Kevin (hoh) and Nate:
    Kevin: Michelle (hates Nate), Jeff, America, Lydia, Russell (more wins- better game)
    Nate: Jordan ( pissed at Kevin), Jessie
    Winner: KEVIN

    Jordan (hoh) and Nate:
    Jordan: Jeff, Michelle, America, Russell
    Nate: Jesse (maybe), Kevin ( pisssed at Jordan),Lydia (likes Nate more maybe?).. Nate could only get 2 votes in this sceniero but I’ll give her three just in case.
    Winner: JORDAN

    That’s how I see it, but Russell vote is key.Still I think he “respects” winning POV, HOH and good game play in the end. Lydia will just give her vote to who she likes. Jessie is a hard read, and may follow the same logic as Russell.

    good luck tonight to Kevin and Jordan

    1. I really dont think Russell will vote for Jordan, she has done little in the game and Russell will vote based on game play. I have a feeling the lml will be known tonight and will be a big factor on them realizing how well they “the final 4 pact” were played. I see Kevin with Russells vote and potentially Michelles, even though she said she would vote against him, I see her favoring game play over friendship and her and Kev never had a big blow out.

    2. Anyone remember the “lie” that sent russel to the jury house? I’m fairly certain that jeff, michelle, and russell now being in the jury house, will figure that out. Guess i’m fairly certain if jordan goes to the final 2 she has 4 votes no matter

  33. Hoping RataLie leaves BB with her head hung in shame tonight for the poor way she “played” the game. I hope this “strategy” backfires on her & leaves her empty-handed. That should not be rewarded. Period. I don’t think this is just gameplay since cameras are on her 24/7 & she’s been an a$$ the whole time. If it’s been an act nonstop for the past few months then damn that b!tch deserves an Emmy for her “performance”… But I doubt if even Meryl Streep could pull off such a convincing performance! LOL Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds tonight!!

  34. Hey– on bbad last night Kevin called Gnat out on several things. Then proceded to tell her hair stank when they were have nots… She started laughing, but you know she was embarrassed ( can’t wait for the LIVE questions) ***it makes me wonder if Kevin started this “calling out” spat for an excuse to get rid of her. He keeps saying he’s not taking her to f2, but can’t do it… Maybe he thinks it will be easier to boot her out if she’s worried about the stuff he called her out on…just a thought…

  35. Im going to laugh so hard when Kevin finds out he would have beat Nat no problem, and instead he picked to lose to Jordan. Jordan will get Michelle, Jeff, and Americas vote. Natalie freshly scorned by Kevin, will pick Jordan. Congrats to Jordan for winning the 500k. LOL@Kevin

  36. Nat is continually telling Kevin she is better than him — she can win anything. When they are playing, pool, cards, chess, etc. she cheats and then she always tells him that she won. And she is always rubbing it in his face. She keeps telling him I am better than you — I keep beating you. I think that is a lot of what is going on here also — Kevin just wants to one up her one time and then she what she has to say.

    Nat has went a long way in this game. But if no one picks her, she only has herself to blame. You do not throw big competitions at the end.

    1. I read somewhere that CBS has banned any kind of banner to fly over the house anymore if it has anything to do with BB because they heard that some pilot was going to expose Eric as America’s Player. Since then, they won’t allow it anymore. Only stuff that’s NOT BB related. Can’t remember where I read it, but I read it somewhere lol.

  37. Simon and Dawg,
    Im going to miss reading your updates,im glad i found your blog this year. You guys will remain in my favorites all year long.Thank You Vey Much! Shannon R.

  38. Ironic that Kevin remembers Jerry in BB10, but he doesnt remember that Dan and Memphis knew they couldnt take him to the Final 2 because he would win.

  39. I don’t hate Natalie….that’s ridiculous to claim not really knowing the woman. This is life in the BB household where lies are a part of life. It’s HOW she goes about her lies and campaign that make me not want to vote for her. I want Jordan to win with Kevin 2nd but to HATE somebody….no.

    Still casting votes for Jordan as America’s 7th juror vote!

  40. So, if Kevin wins the HOH, he’s evicting Natalie, if Jordan wins HOH, she’s evicting Natalie. I believe Jordan would evict Natalie, but I don’t think Kevin would. I just thing Kevin is taking Natalie to the end, hoping the jury house would think he deserves the money more then her. He probably thinks that if the votes are tied, and america votes, they will vote for Jordan, which leaves him in second place. I think he is telling Jordan whatever she wants to hear. Just have to wait and see.

    1. Jordon wil take The Gnat. She repeats everything Kel tells her but doesn’t repeat what The Gnat says to Kel. It would be Jor best move to take Gnat, although I hate to see her in the final 2

  41. KEVIN WILL TAKE NATALIE. This game has always been predictable. Aside from Jeff using the Coup, no one has the balls to do anything game changing. They are all talk in DR sessions. Kevin has been two different people, the DR Kevin and Natalie’s lapdog Kevin. If Jordan doesn’t win part 3 HOH, Kevin and Nat in F2. Sorry people expect the expected!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with you but alot of people said Jordan couldn’t do it, but I think it would be fun to watch. CBS knows that America loves them so they could be offered a spot for ratings.

  42. I think #3 is the worst position to be in and I am glad it is Gnat. To go all the way to the end and get booted without any $$$ is perfect for her. She doesn’t even get to enjoy the jury house. I love it!!!

    1. I agree that Natalie played a horrible game and that she does not deserve the money but some of the names that you people have been calling her are so uncalled for. Everyone has lied in the game. Yes she picks her nose and doesn’t shower everyday but that’s her problem, you don’t live with her and you have no idea what she is like outside this house. You people need to realize that she has a life outside of this game. I’m sure you got the opportunity to bash her on national TV with country you wouldn’t do, so of course you hide behind your computers and pass judgments of people like you’re any better. Cowards!

      1. Invite me to the show and I’ll tell her how disgusting she is live on National t.v. I have watched every season and she takes the cake…and eats it chewing with her mouth open, crumbs flying everywhere.

        1. That is what I have been saying Kelly. You just said it better than me. Also what makes you better Budhistgirl69 than Natalie? Easy for you to say this and not actually follow up on it because you know it wont’ happen.
          If you put your money where your mouth is, don’t be invited, just go up to her and do it. Buy your plane ticket and fly to where she lives and giver her your piece of mind. Coward you will not do it.

      2. Sorry Kelly she is disgusting and if they Allowed someone to comment on the last show it woud have to be censored as she is a nasty skank. You’ll see what kind of life she has when she gets out…all the whispers she will have to endure. I bet she is thrown in jail for attacking one of her “fans” when they tell her how skanky shw was on the show and how she is s cheat in life….imagine pasong her on the street or in a grocery store….. I’d like to see how she lives after this….all the glares and whispers she is gonna get…oh well just a game right-o picks on her little sister OMG

  43. As I watched Natalie last night, I alternated between feeling sorry for her and the big come uppance and being turned off by her (she is so UGLY when she eats! Will she see that and recognize it when she watches the replays?) THAT and her boasting and bragging about herself and conspiring against everyone else. She cheats because she must win at all costs and those traits (her ego and arrogance) will be her downfall in this game. I just don’t understand why Kevin obeys her constantly. What she wants she gets because everyone gives in to her. That won’t work tonight, hope someone asks her why she lied about her age. If she says she wanted to stay under the radar I’ll split – Natalie, under the radar??? Her swagger when she walks and that ridiculous outfit she had on last night. Yet, she has the nerve to criticize Kevin’s choices in clothes. She is something else and I will be glad to see her reation tonight when she realizes she’s out of the $$.

    1. Yes, Natalie has a big ego, an excuse for everything, no idea of personal hygiene, a pathological liar, but I’ll bet you Jordan takes her to final 2 tonight!

      1. I agree, Jordon s just not smart enough to know that Nat is just befriending her to get to the end. Jordon is just so naive, and believe everything someone tells her.

  44. Why does everyone think Jordan has America’s vote??? I only voted for her if it’s between her and Gnat; if Kevin’s with her, I think he’d win America’s vote…hopefully!

    1. I am voting for kevin also but I think that Jordan def has it….

      truth is though I would want whoever gets nat out to win the whole thing — my guess it will be kevin so he has my vote.

    2. I know what you mean on this one – I voted lots, and that was the only combo I had problems with, so I voted some for one and some for the other. I wish we could see the final HOH results before casting the vote – I would vote for the HOH winner, since that is the person who would have ousted the Nasty one. Unlike the jury, we don’t get the chance to see the final comp before making that decision. I really cared that Nasty lose, so that is why I voted so many times!

  45. I would love to know what BB is really telling them in the DR. You heard Kevin say that in the DR they (BB) begged him not to vote out Jeff… then we here them tell him no to talk about the DR. You know they just stirr things up in there and plant things in their heads about each other. Any thoughts on this? Do we have any past HG on this blog that can elaborate on this…..

    1. Of course they do. It is part of the premise of the show. On other shows in other countries, BB really messes with their heads, just like in the Orwell book. In the US, the contestants have it pretty easy compared to other versions in the world where the game is a total mind f*ck. BB wakes them up in the middle of the night for no reason, makes them do chores and puts them in jail if they disobey or don’t do the task well. I wish the US version would get some teeth. This season was the pits, because several of the houseguests felt they had power over production, and production allowed it. I said yesterday that I would like to see all evicted houseguests be sent to the jury house. Let all of them vote for the winner. That way, when you get people like Chima that need to go, they can bring someone back from the jury house to replace them. If the houseguests know that CBS doesn’t need them to stay, that they can be replaced, maybe we won’t have to watch people stealing other HG’s personal property, cheating, threatening production. The HG need to realize that they are employees of CBS, and they are being paid to be there and give entertainment for the viewers of BBAD and the live feeds, and provide lots of material for CBS to edit for the TV shows. This season live feed viewers got to see HG sleep all day and stay up all night. I have never seen a season where HG provoked fish so often by talking about production. When a viewer pays for the live feeds, they should get what they paid for. I also would like to see a more mature crowd next time round. This year’s group of early 20’s immature players was a let down. I would like to see some mid 30’s – 50 players that are seasoned with experience in dealing with others, secure in themselves and that use strategy. This year, “strategy” was talking bad about others and hiding their stuff. So high school. I also don’t like how the show that says “expect the unexpected” has become so predictable that the Houseguests can anticipate what kind of competitions will happen and when. I would like to see them shake that up so that the houseguests can’t prepare for anything, where they never know when the other shoe is going to drop. That’s the spirit of Big Brother.

  46. Did anyone read natalie’s hoh blog? She does really think that Michelle played so dirty? What did Michelle do that was so horrible? Am I just not remembering? I mean it was Natalie who was CONSTANTLY throwing Michelle under the bus and lying about her. Not to say that Michelle didn’t lie, but I just don’t get why Natalie hated her so much.

    1. For Nasty, it is all about Chima. Michele promised not to put Chima up, and then did, so Nasty HATES her for that. Nasty holds major grudges, because her most 2 hated HG were Michele b/c of Chima, and Jeff because of Jessie.

    2. She nominated Chima. That’s why all the hate. So Mich is the devil, according to The Gnat, because Mic h was playing the game but not like The Gnat wanted.

    3. Hi Sasha — can you please tell me where to find the HOH blogs. I went into the CBS website but didn’t know where to go from there. Thanks

  47. Wow whoever left the commment that at least natalie tried to have fun throuout the game,you must be her cyripts fellow gang banger friend of hers. I dont call stealing peoples clothes,medications,calling them despicable names for no reason and being the most pathetic houseguest EVER trying to have fun…that is scary.

    1. i meant that she played funny pranks and tried to get people to play pool and chess……i dont like her at all and i hope that she doesnt even get 2nd place but she seems to have had fun in the house. except for now when she’s freaking out. which i think is funny. it’s her turn not to be so happy and go lucky anymore.

      1. but i also never like to see anybody sad……i didnt like to see michelle cry and remind herself it’s just a game..and i didnt like to see jeff down in the dumps….i didnt like to see jordan sad over the fact that she gained a little weight, or sad when jeff had to leave and she was crying….i didnt like to see russ sad when nobody would talk to him…… is in those brief moments in the game that reminds all of us that they are human and not just cartoon people.

    1. I love Jordan and want her to win too. She hasn’t bad mouthed people in the game like the others and she is true to her word. Go Jordan!!!!

      1. I want Kevin to win, although I would still be happy if Jordan won. But you can’t honestly say that Jordan didn’t bad mouth people. She did. She said she wanted to blow Russells brains out. I love her and I think she is a sweethear, but you can’t deny that she HAS bad mouthed people.

      2. That girl is no angel…I think she took Jeff’s game down with her bad talking Russell. Russell got called a terrorist in that house…come on! I know it wasn’t Jordan but he took alot of hits. Jordan helped pile them on too! Don’t like any of these final 3!!!


    1. Had you not had the luxury of seeing the JH, you would have thought everyone was voting The Gnat. Her hands were clean and she lied and schmoozed everyone before they were evicted.


    1. Good point, but he doesn’t know what they’ve been talking about in the jury house, as far as he knows Jesse still loves Nat and Michelle told him she wouldn’t vote for him if he voted her out…so you can’t call him stupid for it. And another thing, Russ will vote for Kevin to win. Did you now watch the segment last Thursday when Jeff entered the jury??? He said he thinks Kevin is doing great and that he wants him to win.

    2. Wow, you are so bright. Obviously Kevin should take Natalie, but he doesn’t have the luxury of knowing/seeing everything. His perception is based on what he sees, not what viewers can see.

  50. I hope Jordon takes the $500,000. Not only can she use it, but she will share it with others. Did you hear her say that if she wins the big money, she will help a friend pay off bills because the friend is broke? Jordan’s got a big heart and is exactly the opposite of Natalie.

    1. she’s an idiot — Jordan doesn’t deserve to win it and honestly I dont think she knows how to manage money.

      Clearly she has her priorities effed up. She’ll blow the money on clothes, jewelry, and the rest someone will swindle from her. She needs an education.

      After taxes, there’s not as much money left as you would imagine.

  51. There is the possibility that Jordan could win HOH tonight and Jordan does the picking of who is in the final 2. It seems like it is always Kevin doing the picking. There is a 50-50 chance for both Jordan and Kevin winning HOH. I really hope Jordan wins HOH and the $500,000!

    1. Jor will pick The Gnat. I hate to see Gnat get anything but $50,000 won’t be enought compensation for the publics view of her. She will blow through that in no time because she will be Jobless (would you hire her?)

  52. There is absolutely no comparison between Jordan and Jerry. Jerry was a rude, crude and loud mouthed person and downright nasty at times. Jordan has not been rude, crude, loud mouthed or nasty. The only time she yelled and she had a right to, was at Russell who was nasty, childish, rude and crude. Russell reminded me of a caged rat who couldn’t exactly make it through the maze and could only lash out at people which didn’t work thankfully. The way Russell was insulting to Jordan was inexcusable and I would have done the same thing, tell the SOB off!

      1. what jordan deserves is to win this whole thing! to keep her cool against Mr. Abusive AS*HOLE is just too much……calling a girl fat is showing just what Russell is made of, the same insect ingredients as Gnat Kevin Lydia Jessie Chima…..they are ALL disgusting. Jordan snapped and was sorry, Mr. Abusive has no class and never will, good luck getting ANY date after this.

        1. You said that perfectly and Jordan is NOT fat, she looks like a woman is supposed to look, curvy, not like a 2×4 or a broom stick. Russell is an arse all the way and so very immature!

      2. By Russell calling her the things he did, he only proved what an imbecile and freak he truly is and also he is just a total and absolute arse!!! You have it backwards, he’s the one who deserved what Jordan told him and I am glad she stood up to the jerk!

  53. Here’s hoping Kevin for the win!!!
    He’s the only one of the final 3 to actually do anything. He’s won more comps than either of the ladies, he’s the one who executed (even though Natalie thought it up) the plan to get Jeff to backdoor Russell and seal Jeff’s fate, and he’s the one with the best personality left. Yes, Jordan’s sweet and all..but BORING!!! And well, Nat is Nat. Kevin at least has spunk. I’ll be so disappointed if it goes any other way.

    1. hopefully evil will not prevail ANOTHER season of BB. kevin, i thought at first u were ok, now i know much better. you were either easily led by evil or she brought it out easily from inside of you.

    1. YESSS!!! Let’s hope AMERICA’S vote (the majority vote which should mean something…) means EVERYTHING tonite!! The majority vote, the eyes of the public…the reason for ‘The Show” have watched everything, no lies we didn’;t know about, no “r***” comments we didn’t hear……even talk about useing poor Michelle’s loss of her brother to mess with her head some more, DISGUSTING!!! All in the greedy want of evil peoples quest for the big buck! Playing a game with integrity is to be commended, Jordan…… silly, sweet Jordan, who DOES try without a black heart! Both Kevin AND Natalie are disgusting people and we ALL saw it……I only wish the jury was allowed to watch ALL of this beyond-the-pale devilish, sub human behavior! You know, when you say they were just playing a game, you have to consider these freaks have this puke in them to play it the way they did. Don’t waste money Big Brother! Why give a reward for sub human behavior? There should be and I hope there are consequences to revealing to America just what kind of twisted individuals you really are…don’t EVEN tell me you weren’t REALLY this evil, we know you are, ug. You sicken me. Go back to your useless meaningless dirty lives and FINALLY we can be done getting our stomachs turned. You sicken me. It’s OVA!!!

      1. I agree with everything you said! And the jury house should get the 24/7 live feeds too! Then they would make a truly informed decision.

      1. What did Kevin do? You sound somewhat sub-human yourself with hyperbolic comments like that. It reminds me of Natalie calling Michelle the devil. Get over yourself.

  54. Good For You! Chrissy Says,

    I’m totally on board with your comments about Natalie. I can’t stand Natalie, I still remember when she was arguing with Jeff at the beginning when she was saying that she never lies and she continues to say that she’s been honest throughout the game. Correct if me if I’m wrong but she’s the HG that came into the game lying about her age and she’s the one that instigated most of the lies in her group.

    1. tell me one time where a houseguest admitted to lying about something….what was nat suppose to say to jeff.?, yeah i lied, so sorry.”..hell no..if you lie and you get caught you never ever admit to the lie. good thing your not playing…you would of ousted yourself in the first week…and NO i am not a natalie lover.. i cant stand her but i dont hate her…and i for sure do not want to see her win anything but 3rd. so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Russell left because he never confronted Jeff about who told him he was playing against him! Nat and Kevin changed the game right then and there. Deny everything, deny everything! Even Rotten Ronnie knew when to walk away, hide in HOH, and cry!!!

  55. Kev better watch out or Gnat is going to steal his hoody , I wouldn’t trust her w/ any of my belongings. I’m sure when Kev and Jordan get home they will both be missing things,I can only pray at this point that Kev and Jordan have a final deal and they take each other to the finals.I know that gnat has her fans, however I can’t stand the person she was in the house .I have a sinking feeling that Jordan will take her to the finals not bacause she likes her or she can win against her but as revenge for Kev booting Jeff . May the best man Win as long as it’s not Gnat….GO JORDAN AND KEVIN!!!!!!!

    1. He might have to take his hoody to a toxic waste dumping point and dispose of it properly after Nasty wore it for so long. Does anyone remember Michelle making Russell another bead necklace when his crucifix went missing when Chima was rampaging? That girl has a heart of GOLD!

      1. She totally does…I, for one, love Michele. I thought she was the nicest person in the house! I kind of hope she gets the 25K tonight but I have a feeling it will go to Jeff

  56. I’m going to be so happy if Jordan wins, she has been so sweet from the beginning, I am so sick of Natalie & Kevin always bitching that BB was and is fixing the game so that they can’t win. Natalie needs to face the fact that she just sucked at all the comps and just got luck the one time she did win.

    1. Gnat can’t say ANYTHING about being a loser, she will always be a loser and Kevin isn’t very much better, both losers in my opinion…

  57. I hate to say it, but I think you’re right. Kevin is a big pussy. He’ll take Natalie so he won’t be seen as going back on a promise but moreso because he is a wimp. Kinda funny, since it will end up winning him $500k.

  58. What I hope happens is Jordan takes Nat and tells Kevin You back stabbed Jeff!!! Jordan Wins. Kevin takes Jordan and Jordan wins because of Nat (Being mad) and Americas’ vote. Kevin takes Nat and Kevin wins because nobody likes Nat.

  59. regardless of Nats Nasty ways i will say this had been a fun ride. every one of us BB fans loved to hate her. i do feel bad for Nasty Nat but hopefully she will change some of her evil ways after she reads these blogs. u have to admit what we are saying about her would hurt anyone. she is not a child and knows right from wrong but if she chooses to do wrong she will play the price. and alllll these blogs was her price to pay. she is going to need some serious help after reading this stuff. im sure it will put her in a major depression. anyway i just feel bad for her. she made some stupid decisions and will pay dearly. so back to BB, again i had a fun time. i enjoyed coming in here everyday and getting the 411 of the day..THANK YOU!! tonights show will be fun!! i cant hardly wait!! and to those who say if Nat wins they wont be back next season…that cracks me up hahaha everyone will be back!! just like me, ill be back and i will love to hate the next one just like everyone else. so till next time everyone take care and god bless!! *smile*

    1. There are ‘BAD’ players and there are ‘BAD PEOPLE’ Gnat is a BAD PERSON! And Jessie……….uh, ya, fill in the rest all of you! Kevin is a sheep following a devil, and I saw a few devilish traits he had on his own. Love to hate them? I have heart palps cause I am so disgusted! We all need to REFUSE these traits as ‘game play’ and call em as we know they are…..SICKO TWISTED selfish pathetic physco non redeeming and REVEALING to everyone they know in the real world! HOW EMBERASSING for them to go back to work, etc. with everyone knowing just what a sick individual you really are!!! THAT is justice enough for me, for them to have to walk in society as THEM after this!!! Seves you right for being evil minded and displaying the lowest depth you can come up with on national T.V.

  60. Many thanks to Simon and Dawg for providing a lot of comic relief by letting us know what was going on in BB house from the feeds. You guys are the best!
    Go Cookiedough!

  61. How can some of you think Jordan is so nice. Did you ever watch live feeds and see how she talked so nasty about Michele??? And isn’t she the one that told Jeff he needed to get rid of Russell. If Jeff had NOT listened to her he would be in the finals.

    1. I hated that they were rude to Mich, but if Jeff was still there Jor wouldn’t have a chance of winning. So what she did worked out well for her which is the point of the game. So she played a good game by those standards (even if the results weren’t what everyone wanted)

    2. exactly right…jordan talked some mad smack about mich and russ behind their backs. it was non-stop. and then jordan kept nat/kev over lyd (stupid!) and then helped influence jeff to believe the enemies over her allies that got him booted the next week and then the whole house over-turned.

    3. OK, let’s see……talking nasty, get rid of AN ABUSIVE ANIMAL…..compared to GNAT and KEVIN…….SLAM!!!! Squished the bugs that they are…..Jordan played the game of talking behing someones back, ewwww so bad…. the other two took knives and carved evil ALL over anyone in their way. Let the big ol’ flyswatter come down on the evil green blooded bugs they are!

    4. I agree. Her nasty side was never shown on TV. Her and Jeff said some really horrible and unjust things about Michele, not to mention, they both mentioned killing Russell. She’s a sweet girl but people shouldn’t say that shes’ be “soooo sweet from the beginning”, because that’s not exactly true. However, as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t be upset if Jordan won, but I think Kev deserves it!!

    5. Diane, I respect the way you feel ,however I have to respectfully disagree with Jordan not being nice. I think no matter what Jordan said about Michele that at the end of the day she liked Michele as a person they were locked in a house 24/7 w/ each other and they are bound to get on each others nerves and nit pick.Jordan was always nice to Michele in the light of day and only vented to Jeff ,she never went around the house bashing Michele as Gnat and Kev did .And as far as Jeff is concerned he is a big boy that made his own choices,granted it was a bad choice to get rid of Russ .Jordan has the biggest heart of the remaining 3 and I hope she wins it all….

      1. Absolutely agree with you. And I saw Jordon in an interview before the how aired and she said he would use a showmance to advantage if it could further her in the game. Jordon is not stupid by any means, naive – Yes! Absolutely she is. Everyone should be able to “vent” and that’s what she did with Jeff. She may also be the most boring person in the house – But that’s they way it goes when you don’t have to constantly talk of backstabbing and not tripping over lies you’ve told like Kevin and Nat and that’s the ONLY reason it APPEARS they have played the game better.. because they have so many lies to discuss.

        So who knows, maybe the choices Jordan made during the game as far as getting Jeff to backdoor Russell and then letting Jeff know that she trusted Nat and Kev so he would also – well maybe we haven’t given her enough credit for gameplay.

  62. Natalie will be playing the game until Julie Chen says ” Natalie you have been evicted from the Big Brother House, please take a seat and shut up and quit making excuses and take a shower some time this year! Thank You”

  63. I’m adding to an idea that someone came up with. Next season, the “twist” should be that the jury house gets to watch the remaining houseguests battle it out 24/7 without the remaining houseguests knowing. Then their true colors will come out.

    1. I agree, that is a fantastic idea!! Also it would be good to show some of the JH on BBAD especially if it is as boring as this year has been.

    2. YES!! Because how in the world can a jury vote intellegently without all the evidence? as we’ve seen in real life, tho, some juries give the obvious WRONG verdict even WITH all the obvious evidence of true guilt… least the jury would have the true story of all the facts. then their vote would also reveal reasoning behind their particular vote. be it ‘favorites’ or conduct, and if you ask me, conduct should ALWAYS play a role in winning at any game, situation, let’s see, hmmm, who’s conduct was DEPLOREABLE? NO VOTE FOR YOU TWO.

    1. Me tooooo :(
      A whole year to wait…BOO.
      They should do a winter/fall edition that ends right before Christmas or something! My all time favorite show!

  64. Thank you Natalie for being you. It has been so much fun to cheer against you and your childish antics. If not for you, BB11 would have been much more boring. (Remember BB1?)
    And a thanks to you to Kevin. You are the only one who could give Jesse a run for the money at who is the most conceited player ever on the show.(The most fabulousness?)
    Jordon, it has been a pleasure watching you. I smile at your naivety and gullibility. I hope that you win.
    I must say that I have certainly enjoyed this website the past few months. Thanks for your hard work.

  65. Go Kevin, hope u win final HOH and the $500K. I hope Kevin got America’s vote. Jordan does not deserve to win $500K. Tired of her saying how poor they are. She got boob job, mom got VERNEERS for her teeth. Some of us can’t even afford to go to the dentist, let alone get VERNEERS. She is also stupid for believing GNAT. I guess I shud be happy, as long as GNAT comes in 3rd. It was so disgusting HAVING to watch her eat….a pig has more manners. Also Jordan did bad mouth HG’s, such as Russell, and poor Michelle. She is NOT the sweet/innocent girl she wants America to believe. GO KEVIN, WIN, WIN, WIN.

    1. bahahaha i guess ur pretty sad eh? jordan kicked ass. even jessie and lydia realized everyone else was a joke. and maybe jordans family wasnt poor when they got those things??? stuff happens, people lose jobs. maybe you should get a better job instead of ragging on people you dont know.

  66. I don’t think the JH has been told about America’s vote yet but I can’t wait to see the expression on their faces when they are told this because of Chima being fired. Their expressions will be priceless!!!:o)

  67. I’m hearing serious rumors that Natalie will either be offered a position as nanny for the Octo-Mom or as a manners coach for Charm School – Rock of Love 6

      1. Last Minute Lie, IT was the lie concocted bu Natalie, Kevin and Lydia to get Jeff to turn on russell. It was found out that the lie was actually true and that Production helped them with it.

  68. If Jordan Wins the final HOH challenge then she disserves the money just as much as Kevin. Everyone thinks he played weak until the end. No. He was weak, and all the strong players got out, so he became the strongest. So If Jordan wins final HOH, she should win ;]

  69. “…MAN…” win….. Hope whoever get the final HOH doesn’t take gNat…. that flea bag doesn’t even warrant a shot at winning the $50,000….

  70. Natalie is tops one of the most unlikable HG ever on Big Brother!!! Jordan do it tonight and then take Kevin for second place. Go Girl!!!!

  71. Kevin and Jordan go head to head tonite. Whoever wins, should win BB. Simple as that.
    If Kevin wins he is the stronger player and should win, if Jordan wins then she proves she is just as strong a player as Kevin and Natalie beating them back to back and she should win, plus she has played the more honest game than Kevin by far.


  73. uh nononono jordo will win for sure… kevin doesnt do anything in the game till the end and everyone hates nat… but if jordo brings her they will prob vote for her cuz of tht lie… GO JORDO bb11 ya

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