Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Sparky and Chima put up, Natalie: “Michelle is going to get a horrible disease for doing this to us”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm REd Room Natalie, Chima and Lydia. Natalie is trying to read something in the rule book. The witches are pissed because Natalie and CHima are up. Natalie says that Michelle is going to get a horrible disease because of what she did (omg scrappy you rock). Chima says that Michelle promised her early in the game that she wouldn?t put her up and now look, “Something bad is going to happen to her for that” Lydia tells them that Michelle is against all women she wants to see a guy win this year. Chima goes off on Girls like Michelle are the reason why Men always win Big Brother cause they don’t stick by each other. She continues saying that there 3 people she wants to get out now Michelle, Russel, and Jeff. Natalie is trying to be optimistic if one of us wins HOH next week then we will reverse it. Chima shakes her head we don’t have the numbers its over pig pen.. better for us to just go home. Natalie says no right now its 3 against 4. One of us wins, puts two of jeff, jordan, Russell adn Michelle up and it’s back 3/3. Chima says she doesn’t care either way. Chima says if she doesn’t win POV she’s going home, Scrappy says no, it’s me. Jeff wants me out Chima thinks they fear her more than Natalie. She doesn’t give a shit about those stupid men. Chima says they know i’m the strongest women “I fought off a serial murderer and rapist”. Natalie continues to read the Rule book trying to find a lopo hole (looking for some wizard powers for herself). Natalie barks out that “We having HOH last week was a waste its not fair”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm HOH Jordan, Jeff, Russell and Michelle. Apparently the witches made a comment about spraying lotion on Their clothes.. Jeff is telling them if that happens it’s full war he’s going off on every one of them. Michelle laughing she says that Natalie was tell her she’s in trouble with God because I “went” back on my word with Chima. Jeff “F*** them, I?m going to stop worrying about them there a bunch of losers” Jordan brings up Natalie wearing Jessie’s shirt during the nominations ceremony Jeff wonders if she was a boyfriend anymore or what her boyfriend thinks of Jessie… Michelle says that Jessie and Natalie were wrestling in the pool the other day and they were all over each other grabbing and groping… Jeff bring sup Lydia looking like she got evicted and sent to hell… “she got a fricken Key man why so sad”

Russell says he thinks Lydia is going to try and get evicted this week to be close to Jessie in the Jury house. Jeff laughs thinks Natalie is going to race her to the door. Jeff jokes that Lydia is probably going to win HOH this week and put herself up. Jordan “she can’t do that” Jeff saying that it?s funny how things work out they ran this house for the first 4 weeks and if you would of told them 2 days ago that Jessie would be gone and Chima/Natalie would be up they would of laughed in your face. Jordan says the witches are in shock right now they thought they had the game.

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Did these idiots know ANYTHING about BB before applying?

I love how Nat is all happy when she’s on the side with power and now she’s a moody bitch. FYI, it’s a game and people go home! You already sent home Braden, Laura and Casey did you really expect to just keep picking off people and never losing any allies?

And all this we we we…YOU NEVER WON ANYTHING NAT AND ALL YOU DID WAS SUCKLE OFF JESSIE’S NIPPLE! God, the bitch is left to fend for herself and she falls apart. I wish Chima, Nat and Lydia walked out it prove how much of a waste this season was.



whats funny is that they are all for jesse and he doesnt care about them. he said he doesnt care if they (lydia or natalie) win or not in an interview.


no joke! i think we (America) proved we were over jessie when we sent him packing last season.


wowwwwww these girls need to grow up.




I heard that Chima is being casted for a Bachelorette style show when she finishes BB. That`s why they keep highlighting the fact that`s she is single.


That’s already been done, it was called I Love New York.


now chimpa is calling russel a serial killer and a rapist? wow she lucky im not on that show because i would risk being sent home and smack the shit outta her


hold on im got it wrong she was talkin about the dude that raped her LOL


Why are Chima and Natalie mad?werent they the ones going to walk out…so one is going to be evicted and there mad about that…lol…



Since there is no more wizard hat to put on Jeff, why don’t you put witch hats on the three pissy little girls.


HAHA …yeah thats a good suggestion … thanks


i hope all 3 leave,honestly who cares if they do,i agree with alot of u out there,one of the weakest cast in bb history sorry…


they need to grow up and stop messing with jeff,russell.and jordan’s things…bb should do somethin bout that…jeff and russ should tear apart the red room looking for there stuff…these chicks are mental…


They shouldn’t stoop to their level and mess with their stuff. Since they won a BBQ grill in the POV, they should set the shirts on fire that Jessie left behind. (Not messing with any of THEIR stuff)


OMG I can’t stand those 3 bitches anymore, they are so freaking annoying!!!! I’m so happy Michelle has a mind of her own and put nat and chima up. They really need to grow up saying they don’t need the money and want to leave, then just freaking leave.!!!!!!! and how chima is all about girl power but the minute jeff used the power and jessie went home, she wants to quit, WHAT KIND OF GIRL POWER IS THAT???? I wish BB would just kick them out

Randy Wolfgang

One of three witches dumped Jeffs clothes out of his drawer – I wish they would all get awful stomach viruses.

Mike Boogie rules

The three Ho’s……Chima the whiny Ho….Natalie the smelly Ho and Lydia the …..well shes just a HO


Team Jessie had a hand in EVERY eviction. Jeff cuts the head off of the snake and they all want to revolt. They keep messing with Jeff’s stuff on the feeds. Jeff just told Nat “DON’T MESS WITH MY SHIT AGAIN”


I am sure that everyone signed a contracted before playing the game, and I am sure that CBS covered their asses with regards to people walking off, so me thinks that legally they can’t.


I couldn’t agree more. Never bring back Jesse again. Not even for guest spot in a competition.


oh got no then lydia would immediately know it was him and get herself taken off the game for goin crazy


Talk about Girl Power! The three ugly stepsisters are an embarrasment to their gender. On the other hand, the “geek” scientist and the steroypical “dumb blonde,” can hold their heads high. Not so geeky and dumb after all! Remember, folks … it’s grace under pressure and high spirits that always comes though. Should they not WIN, it doesn’t matter … they’ve always had their dignity. THAT’S POWER … girl or guy.


I really and truly do not understand the logic or train of thought of the 3 little pigs lol
They talk about all this girl power business, but when Jessie leaves the house, they’re so powerless and pathetic. I’m estactic that Michelle is smart enough to not fall for any of the trash that just continously spews out of their mouths. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really wouldn’t be all that surpised if Michelle ended up winning this whole thing, she’s a smart player and was highly underestimated by all in the house.
At least this week with pig pen thinking she’s going home, she won’t be making all these deals and promises she plans to fulfill when she wins HOH, is it me, or has she been saying that she will win HOH since this season has started,and yet, has won zippo.


I think she has won the most competitions out of who is left in the house.

OMG Seriously

They are making it impossible for me to decided who to kick out first! It is a game…like they have been saying the whole time. Jessie took it better than all of them and he was the one who got kicked out! Did they forget the show’s motto is “expect the unexpected”?!?! Fairness doesn’t happen in the game…


We all knew this would happen to Nasty, but for Lydia & Chima to act so dramatic & mad is even more idiotic. You’d have thought Jessie was GOD – maybe he should form a cult. Bet he could!

Big D

Please go to the Ross Matthews inside dish interview with jesse last night right after he got kicked off. Ross started asking about Lydia saying he could them doing things and he starts to get pissed off and red. Than Ross wants him to tell them what they did , he says nothing and Ross says what if I put a sheet up will you tell me than and Continues to pull out a sheet and try to put it up and he pushes it away, he gets so mad for being called out on his two pump chump moves.


that bitch didn’t even take blame for being evicted , he didn’t even win HOH and if he had won guess what you would still be in the game and only natalie would’ve been gone, whiner til the end and place no blame on himself


and whats wrong with ross’s voice why he sound like a female?

Big D

Idono I think he got a little nervous with jesse getting all pissed and called out for his after hours blow/hand jay’s. I guess he didn’t think America would get what was going. Dude thinks he is so fckn smart, he has a complex like idono what. I don’t think this tool has every really been called out on his shit his entire life . He is a entitled, grandious, piece of dog shit. And it’s sad cause he will never realize this. Be back later I am screening some shirts with my face on them.

Teddy Sanders

It is so cool to me how jeff completely flipped the house upside down!

what the...

These girls are bananas!!! Also, I just watched a couple interviews of Jessie and he was a complete a**hole to anyone that interviews him. He refused to answer a lot of questions, and acted as if he was too good for everyone. I was embarassed for him. At one point the lady interviewing him asked him about the t-shirt he wore on his eviction night and when he told her what it said she started laughing. it was hilarious!


Does anybody actually believe Chyma’s… I was almost raped and he was a serial killer bullshit.For one,you’d have to be very hard up to even think of her as sexual and two,sounds like a poor me story for pity votes,she never mentioned this till what 2 wks ago?


I am no fan of Chima but I actualy checked out her story and it was true. She was indeed raped and did fight of a man known as the Bathtub Killer. He raped and murdered two women in his apt complex. Three yrs later he brokeninto Chima’s dorm and attacked her. As a matter of fact, because she came forward after the attack and from the evidence they gathered from her and the crime scene, they were able to catch the guy. So you can imagine my suprise when she wanted Kevin to go to jail and get raped. How dark she must be on the inside to say such a horrific thing.


Her story is true and can be found in the newspapers from Texas. Although she is using the story but I am not sure for what.


madlikeadog, actually Chima’s story is true. It was on an episode of AE’s Cold Case. I think she may have mentioned it to someone else in the house earlier cuz the bloggers caught it. It’s def out there if you google her name.
THAT BEING SAID….it gives her NO excuse to be such an nasty-ass, crazy bitch.


Has Jeff mentioned to Nasty Nat about the handjobs to Jessie yet or the diddling of Lydia’s canyon?


that’s coming…lol


I love Jeff”s sense of humor.

And lets see just how much crap Scrappy is gonna be talking when Chima is gone. My bet is on NOT MUCH. She’s gonna turn into a weak, needy little girl who can’t figure out how to use a can opener. But none of the guys are gonna fall for it.

I seriously wanted BB to do something about removing Chima from the house, but now I can see that they do know what theyre doing in staying out of it. Better to let the houseguests spoon feed her a dose of her own medicine during a week of watching her squirm, than to just end all the fun early and kick her ass out before the ecivtion.

I cannot wait until she finds out just how much America dispises her. She might as well sign up as the head of Russell’s fan club. Every word she slobbers outta her big lips just makes us like him better. Hey Russ! Don’t forget to give Chima a lil sumpthin outta that 10 grand for all her hard work. She’s making you a star. LMFAO


The 3 Stoogettes need to quit whining! They are sooooo annoying. Michelle did good by nominating Chima and Nat. With double eviction, hopefully Chima goes first and then on the second Nat is nominated again and she goes bye bye. They are so stupid, hey 3 stoogettes this is a game. Lydia should go the next week. I am surprised she is still in the bb house. Kevin doesn’t do a dam thing except listen and then whine or attempt to fight with someone. The four of them are just nuts and have no direction.


I think they must have played in those leagues as a kid where there weren’t winners and losers and they didn’t keep score. Everybody got a trophy no matter how piss poor you were.

United We Stand

I don’t want the rat team to win but I don’t want Jordan to get over confident in saying that now they are ahead because she may find Jeff goes up and is evicted after one of them on Thursday. I hope and pray that isn’t the case. The rat team can not win HOH or the POV. I think Kevin has clearly shown who side he is on, by not standing up to these 3 witches and stooping them for going through the other HG clothes, etc. He may say he didn’t do it but by doing nothing you are just as guilty, just as if you stand at a store and watch one of your friends steal something, he is an accessory to the crime. Perhaps he was the watch out person.


Its not like he has any choice… thats why kevin is so down now, he clearly sees what people he got around but if he goes against them on anything he will be alone. And Kevin thinks game before personall stuff so therefor is he not taking a stand. if he did it would be in favor of jordan and jeff


OMG, Chima saying if she doesn’t win she’s quitting. Just like the little kid that takes his ball and goes home. She’s going to take her weave and go home. Next thing we’re going to hear out of her mouth is, “I’m rubber, you’re glue.” LMAO. She already pulled the “la la la la” thing with her fingers in her ears. What else can she say. How about, “my dad can beat up your dad.”


He was a marine…


but she hates men so it would be more like “my mom would beat up your dad” or something 🙂


pigpens funk!-on CBSwebsite what didnt make the show!


they don’t even deserve to go to the jury house…….Casey, Laura and Braden should replace them in the jury house….I wonder how they will take it when they find out America thinks they are TOTAL ASSHOLE BITCHES…..and thats sugarcoated. 😉


o nomichelles going to get a terrible disease. no no jessie hoe s the only person getting a disease is lydia and we all know why. i wish team jjmr would drop that bomb on pig pen lol


are these girls really this dumb?? i feel really bad for their families. its sad to watch.
i think jeff and russ should run them out of the house. its all about prank wars….throw all of chimas clothes in the pool…..throw all of pig pens clothes on the roof.
well thats just me, something id think of doing.

Randy Wolfgang

No he can’t do that – you can hide things but can’t destroy them – now if Jeff was really vindictive – he could destroy one of his own things that the witches threw and that could get them thrown out – something I’m sure the producers would welcome1!!


Man, Jeff nailed it. True colors come out when you’re in dire straights. The witches are absolutely vile human beings! The queen being the worse. Chima is a disgusting person. Terrorist….white trash….hoping someone contracts a disease.

I feel bad that her grandmother has to see this side of her.


it’s sad, but her grandmother probably won’t see it cause cbs might edit alot of stuff, that shows her being awful.


if they think it is bad in there-wait until they have to face the music to family, friends and strangers on the outside and live with fact that all of this sh** is out there somewhere……… unless they have no shame!?


I find it astounding that the two women (Lydia & Natalie), who were mortal enemies for the majority of this season, have all of a sudden come together over such a waste of a “man” like Jessie (who was actually the reason for their conflict).
And, I don’t understand how these women claim to be all about “girl power”, when, they were and/or are only all about Jessie.
This equation doesn’t work out for me.

I’m a new poster to this site and I want to give kudos out to the people who spend their time and energy maintaining it.
Thanks a lot.
You guys ROCK!!!





Good for you. And don’t forget to DONATE to this site!


Casey is marketing the fact that he was evicted and while wearing a banana suit.. Something to lighten the move up.. Check out Casey the banana man commentating on his eviction and selling his t- shirts with his sayings on them. **something to make you giggle** its too funny..


Double eviction, Chima and Natalie. Just hope neither of them get the POV. I am only ashamed to admit that I will look forward to the expected horrible behavior from Chima and Gnat. They completely lack good sportsmanship. Jeff, on the other hand, shows incredible sportsmanship. He had all his stuff messed with and he kept his cool. Love you Jeff!!!!


Note to BB – don’t give them microwave popcorn 😉


I can understand them bein upset over a “friend” living but their comments/actions arejust over the top.
How immature, how embarrassing to their family to see Lydia talking about cutting her self
for a guy who doesn’t care about her, for gnat not taking a shower and showing how lazy she is
by sleeping 12-18 hours a day, and chima child you need god in your life.
You are an embarrassement to us women.


those 3 bitches are mentally ill and need real help. did bb do a background check on these people. they are crazy.


I think it is time for Michelle to resort to drastic measures and start using comments like “Sticks & stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me ” lol

You know this way Natalie will understand the premise of it cause that will be in 3rd Grade terms lol Myabe Jesse can explain it to her once her sorry ass is in Jury house.

These 3 are pathetic lol


These dumbass harpies are Michelle’s new lab rats. She is testing how long they will go without Jessie juice before they start whining for more lotion & conditioner.


Hello All Big Brother Watchers
I can’t wait for She Man gets to see all the wonderful things people say about her and when she see’s the Chima Pet picture OMG that was sooo funny,,,
Let me say that Jeff is the All American guy he needs to win it all, just a little nervous that Russ may backstab Jeff that would suck but Russ is a schemer and he better be careful.
And Chima and Lydia are really dumb Nattty is drinking wine if she was reallly 18 the Big Brother gods would have been screaming over the speaker saying smelly dont do that…

BB Fan

I do think that Michelle will probably get screwed over bad by Russell and Jeff…Jordan also I guess though it isn’t like she does anything and basically counts as one person with Jeff. It will be funny to see when Michelle does get screwed over for switching sides so many times in the house.


Did you just drink some Chitma koolaid?


I am a hardcore J/J fan…….but if Michelle wins it won’t be bother me a bit…that girl has come a long way against both sides and has won more than anyone I think…..and she is smart as hell…..The jury house is going to be full of bitter bitches….and they will have to vote for the one they hate the least…..Russ and Michelle both have a shot just like Jeff and Jordan.Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing those selfish leglicking bitches go out……and I think Jessie and Russ both have a crush on Jordan.


Lydia says she hopes Russ does not play VETOIf Jeff wins he won’t use it!
If Russ wins he won’t use it!
If Mich wins he won’t use it!
If Jordan wins he won’t use it!
If Kevin wins he won’t use it!
Lydia says she WILL use it on Nat.
Lydia: I don’t care if Kevin goes up as a pawn!
Nat: It doesnt matter who wins PoV one of us is still going home!

Lydia just wants to make sure Gnat doesn’t beat her to Jesse. LMAO she is so transparent.

The Chosen One

Just luving this week. These chix are classic….I really hope CBS doesn’t give them a good edit this week. Especially after what they did to that scumbag Jerry last yr…making him look like a saint when he was a dirty old creepy guy. These pigs need to be shown in their true light. Troutface the racist and self absored, Lydiot the emotional needy dumbass and Gnat the stinky, plain stupid floater who thinks she’s actually been relevant in this game. LOL!. Luv it!


Somebody needs to send a banner to them. It wouldn’t take much to get Chima worked up and soooooooo pissed off that she would do something that absolutely could not be over looked and bought off with bribes, and then BB would have no choice but to throw her a$$ off the show. If someone took her clothes, belongings, and squirted lotion on them or threw water/tea in her face or spit on her she would demand that they be removed from the show and she would scream assault and say that they are targeting her because she’s black. Someone needs to do all of these things and then she will absolutely lose it. I would love to see Jeff and Russell gang up on her, squirt lotion all over her clothes and then throw all of her stuff in the pool to clean the lotion off of them, one of then spit on her and then the other one throw a glass of water on her and say here ya go beotch, here’s some water to wash the spit off. She would freak out, her head would spin around on her shoulders and the men in the white coats would have to come in and put her in a straight jacket and take her straight to a rubber room.


I completely sympathize with chima in her experiencing such a hateful act of crime and I must say I commend her fighting and ultimately surviving; HOWEVER, wishing this same act of crime on another peer, makes you wonder if she learned any thing at all or is grateful to be here…her racist comments are too, ignorant and intolerable, but living in the South with a partner of a different race, I have learned that racism can, in turn make you stronger and bring to light the ones that will stand beside you which can remotely be positive….but wishing sexual abuse…there are no positives and screw people up for life, possibly killing them…it is unacceptable and absolutely dispicable to even slip from the lips of a human being….ESPECIALLY one that has experienced this type of behavior…you would never have the opportunity to share your sick mind with my children, nonetheless, any that sorround me…and after this show, imo, you may need to choose another profession…chima, you are a complete embarrasment to your family, friends, and America….and hopefully one day, YOURSELF will be included in that, cuz you should be highly embarrased.