Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima is KICKED out Big Brother 11!! Jeff says ..and then there were 7! Russell says she’s running to the legal department!

10pm Big Brother Time: They go outside and Jeff says Nice! Golf. The veto tomorrow. Nat says GREAT! Russel is good at golf! They take it over and begin to practice. When Michele comes out Lydia tells her it’s the veto tomorrow. Nat tells Lydia when she’s done to go wake up Chima cause they are the ones who need to fucking practice. As Lydia read the instructions. They have to golf and hit the hole without touching the snail glued to the center. Putt Putt golf. Russell is down and Jeff is telling him about the girls tossing his stuff out of the drawers. Russ wants to go check on his stuff. Jeff tells him his stuff is fine. Russ wants to know what Jeff said. Jeff tells him. Michele asks Russ does he happen to play mini golf. He says he’s actually quite good. They both get evil grins. Russ says Jeff plays too. Jeff says Huh? Then says yeah, he does. Kevin’s in the kitchen. Russ offers to cook for Kev and Michelle. Jordan is up now. She’s going to check out the mini golf. Says AWww Man! I’m horrible at mini golf. Kevin asks if anything happened to her stuff. She says just took them out and tossed them on the bed. Kev is eating oatmeal. Jeff tells him he’s crazy. Jeff tells Jordan he ate everything then they opened the door. Russ is making chicken and zucchini on the grill. Kev telling Jeff he had nothing to do with what went on in that room. He went in there and all his stuff was in Jeff’s drawers. He said “thank you!” then said “wait a minute! who’s stuff was in there?” then he took all his stuff back out and took it back where it was. Says they were trying to implicate me. I said leave me out of it. Russ and Kev fighting over the sink. All in fun. Michelle offers to help Jeff cook. He tells her no thanks. He likes to cook. Kev goes and wakes Chima tells her about the golf. Asks if the girls are practicing. Says she’s not going to do it. He encourages her to practice. She asks him if he’s done it. He says yeah and it’s easy. Just mini golf. Says there are many ways to hit it. Says it’s already 10 and last time they only left it out there for a little bit. She gets up and goes with him. After fixing her hair. He asks her if she has any laundry. She says “what’s her name” is doing it. They go outside after Kevin tells her just hit a couple then go back to bed. She goes outside and BB tells Chima to put on her mic. Kevin stays inside with the girls.
Natalie and Lydia tell Chima if she figures it out, don’t tell Kevin cause he’s going to try to FUCK them. Big Brother tells Chima to put on her mic. Natalie brings Chima’s mic to her. Chima throws her mic into the hot tub. Natalie asks her what the FUCK she’s doing. Nat’s trying to save the mic from the hot tub. Lydia says FUCK, one of us is going to have to get in there to get it. And we get FISH. Nat, Chima and Lydia decide they aren’t going to let the others practice. Nat will stay out there until 5 if they need to. Chima says whats the difference. One of US is going home. Why would they bother? Lydia tells them to pick her. She’s actually good at this. Nat says well I’m going to try! Kev is rebounding for them. Lydia says she’s been coaching Nat. Nat telling Chima exactly how to hit it. Nat says good thing we came out here. They were trying to get here first. Says Michelle was trying to take their balls. Nat says she doesn’t need to fucking practice Bitch! Kev asks Lydia so, you barely hit it and barely miss the snail. Lydia says yes. Nat asks him if he wants to play. He says you two need to practice. Lydia tells Kevin and Chima to make sure they are behind the line. Kevin says someone (he) said the only advice he could give was to try it from different angles. The girls figure out that the snail is going to move. They are talking like Kevin is trusted again now.
Russ going outside to start the grill and Jeff tells him to feel free to put one of those chicks on there too. Jeff tells them that the girls started washing all their clothes again. He’s at the end of the line again. Another hour after taking it 2 hours earlier. Says he’s sick of the shit. He’s tired of holding it in. He’s going to blow up. Can’t take this bullshit. Jeff now talking about how much stuff people waste here. Jeff sitting in the smokers area. Just watching them girls playing… really more staring off into space than anything else. Nat and Lydia still trying to get the ball out of the hot tub. Big Brother calls Jeff to the diary room. Russ putting stuff on the grill Girls decide to cook steak tomorrow. Or kabobs. Nat asks Lydia if she has stuff to wash after this load. Nat struck the ball on the snail on the game. She’s proud of that. Nat saying she (Michelle) can sit there all night long. Michelle is on the other end of the sofa. Nat says, FUCK I”m going home. Girls go over how much they need to wash tonight. They decide they need to wash all the chicken suits next. They talk about Michelle not having any friends now the others aren’t sitting with her. They laugh about Jeff asking Nat about his clothes being moved. Makes out like she told him stuff she didn’t. Says she’ll tell her about it inside. Nat starts to tell them what Jeff and she said to each other. But when Russ comes back outside she says, I’ll tell you later. Nat hits Lydia with the club. Says right on her cut. Lydia calls her a ho. Lydia is finally on the inside. She should be grateful that Jessie went home because that’s the only way she got inside with that group. Nat goes back to talking about what she and Jeff talked about. Chima asks her why she did it if she wasn’t going to tell him she did it and why she did it. Nat says she’s here for the next week just to piss him off. That’s why she did it. Nat says it’s a stupid comp. Lydia says she wants to go to the green room and says when they go inside they are going to take the balls with them. She warns Nat not to over practice. Nat says she doesn’t know if they should take the balls or not. Everybody just watching Nat play. Kevin retrieves the balls for her. Now’s Chima’s turn and Kevin still retrieving balls. Chima really seems to suck at this. She’s more worried about swinging her hair around than learning the game. Chima leaves. Lydia wants to play pool. Nat wants to keep practicing. Makes Kevin stay to help her. Lydia and Chima at laundry. Trash talking Michelle. Lydia mouthing off loudly about weak women and how she hates them and women who let men trash talk them and treat them bad. Laughing. Russ comes out and looks over to the couch and says something to someone. Lydia and Chima go inside. Jeff is on the sofa. They are trying to bait him.
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Chima and Lydia are sitting on the dryer talking. Big Brother tells Chima to exchange her microphone with one in the storage room. Chima says she’s not going anywhere. Nat asks Lydia to please. Chima says no. She says Michelle fucked her so she’s not doing anything. Kevin to Chima – you know there are just gonna keep bothering us until you put it on. Chima puts it on and says into it – you guys can suck a dick. Russ asks Kev if he knows where his rosary is. Kev tells him no. Russ really serious and wants it. Chima tells her she would like to see her hit Russell in the head.. she adds it would be an accident .. you know like how he accidentally hit you on the head. Lydia talking about double eviction .. says it will be next week ( as not in this coming one ) or the next… she says I hope Jeff and Jordan get double evicted. She tells Chima if she wins veto … she will use it. Lydia – I want to hide his ( Russ ) hat .. and I know where we can hide it too.. up high. Chima- because he is so short. They laugh.
11:15pm Big Brother Time: Jeff, Jordan and Michele watch Natalie the game. Jordan wonders if they are sitting on the dryer so they can’t use them. Michelle says she doesn’t think so. (They are though) They discuss that Nat is not a good player and that Kev will change again next week. Russ takes the game! Natalie is actually tossing the balls back to him. Big Brother telling Chima to put on her mic back on. Chima mocking Big Brother put your microphone higher. She puts it lower …at her waistline..and then under her shirt. They laugh. Jordan and Jeff discuss that they now want Chima out this week. Jordan saying that she took the hot sauce and didn’t bring it back. Jordan thinks Chima is going to pour it on either them while they are sleeping or their stuff. Jeff says if they do he will light their shit on fire. Jordan says you can’t do that cause you’ll get evicted. Jeff says then I’ll set THEM on fire. Jordan hopes that Nat wins POV and they can put Lydia up. Jordan calls her a cunt. Jeff says no matter who is against me at the finals, they will vote against me. Jordan talks about how Russ has really nice name brand stuff. Nope, that’s Kevin. Jordan thinks maybe they should get Kevin out before Lydia because she thinks Kev is smarter. Jeff just grunts. Jordan says when we get them out, Lydia will be all over us. She brings up the secret Lydia told Jordan and Jeff outside. Blackmailing Lydia with it. Jeff says FUCK that. I’m just going to tell it. Jeff says this is a nightmare.
11:25pm Big Brother Time: In the Red Bedroom, Natalie says they did take my red shirt. Lydia- no they didn’t …They check their shirts. Chima – maybe someone else took your large that you had up there .. I wouldn’t put it past them. Kevin- you know what they took mine too. Nat- did you leave them out? Kevin – whatever. (They are talking about Big Brother taking them I think because they decide if you leave them out they can take them but if they are in your drawer they can’t ) Natalie- thievery. Lydia complaining that someone took her wife beater. Chima- it was probably Russell… the little thief. Lydia going through all the drawers in the Pool Bedroom. Kevin says Russell asked me about the rosary. Lydia says you don’t know anything about it. Kevin says he must have thought I had it ….Natalie says he came and looked in my fucking bed.. like I would have it there. Lydia going on and on about where her wife beater is. Chima says he ( Russ ) is probably washing it .. like it’s his. Kevin says if they come in I don’t think that we should tell them what we are doing …They say we won’t. Big Brother calls Jordan to the diary room. They decide to use the blankets to try to block the board that they have made with M&M’s for their strategy sessions. Chima- we could go in the Have not Room. They are now using play doh for their markers. Chima, Kevin and Natalie focusing on the board and what happened on what days. Natalie- I know everything, except for week one, that’s not complete. They decide they will tell the others that they are ..just playing checkers. Natalie wants Lydia to braid her hair tomorrow …She also says if she is going to do her doll ( play doh ) before she leaves. Lydia – yeah. Chima- you are not leaving .. if anyone is leaving it’s me. Nat- they want me out. Lydia – the haven’t won a HoH yet. Nat- I one won. Chima- and I hung in there on the endurance. Nat to Chima – it’s not about the comps.. it’s because they don’t like you .. and for me .. it’s about Jessie. They talk on saying that the kicker was when Michele told them that she always knew what she was gonna do. Chima- well maybe all the times that Russell said she was a liar .. she was… and she was throwing me under the bus. Lydia- he is a piece of shit person. Chima- and she (Michelle) is too ..she hangs around with him. Nat saying she is going after Michele. Chima- I told Michele that … it’s called… karma. Natalie says her speech for the veto ceremony is going to be that anyone that takes Jeff out of the game will have her vote (in the jury house) and if it’s Russ that’s fine. Chima- that’s it for those 3 (Jeff/Jordan/Michelle) and as much as I hate Russell .. I would vote for him to win. Chima back from the kitchen says I think Jeff just heard all of that. Kevin- what? Chima- what we were saying about them all fucking themselves. Lydia saying she can’t believe that Russell hasn’t gone off yet. Kevin- because he’s smart. Natalie- Russ knows all the numbers and the event that happened when they happened because of Ronnie helped him.

12am Big Brother Time: In the Red bedroom, Nat is grilling Chima, Kevin and Lydia on what happened when in the house. Nasty Chima does have her mic back on,but is sitting there like someone owes her something. Lydia says that she going to do her clothes, Chima says that she’ll come with her. Chima, Nat and Lydia have been using the washer and dryer ever since the Have/Have Not competition today. In the backyard, Jeff is practicing for the upcoming POV, Jordan is spotting him. Chima, Lydia and Kevin are out there getting another load in and out of the washer/dryer. Chima and Kevin go in and Lydia tells them to leave the door open.
12:15am Big Brother Time: In the red bedroom, Nat and Kevin still going over everything using the chess board and the play doh. Chima thinks that one of her dresses has shrunk, she hangs it up and takes it to the CR. Chima tells Nat that she’s just going to throw the POV and go on home. Now, she’s going off about someone eating her Cheetos. The last person that I saw eat them was Nat and she was shoveling them as fast as she could. Chima says that if someone has eaten all of them that she’s going to go off. Chima is looking for the Cheetos, she heads to the backyard. She slides the door open and asks if anyone had eaten them. Jordan tells her that they were in the Kitchen. She comes back and tells the red bedroom group that she KNOWS that Russell ate them. She heads to the pool room and takes Russ’s hats that he wears during the live shows. She takes them and goes to the CR, wraps them in a blanket and flops them in the storage behind the CR bed. She goes back to the pool room, goes through his drawers and comes back out.
12:40am Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Jeff, Russ and Michelle still practicing. Jeff and Russ are good,must be playing some golf and they’re bound to have a great putting game. Jordan comes back out. Russ is taking a turn now, Jeff is telling them about the break and where to shoot it. He thinks that it’s going to be more than what they’ve got out there. Russ thinks that there’ll be cash prizes to try to get them out of the game. Jeff tells them that he’ll give 10 G’s to get Chima out so he doesn’t have to listen to her anymore. Jordan tries her luck with it and does fairly well. Jeff is back up,he misses all 4. Russ tosses the balls back to him. He tries again and does better. Russ is up. Jeff is making fun of Chima and talking in a high voice saying…”where my Cheetos?”. He tells them that Chima’s asking where her Cheetos are and Nat’s lips are all orange. That Nat is reading the book about doing stuff to people’s things in the house. Jordan is standing there doing her bubbie exercises. Russ tells them that if the red bedroom bunch is raiding their stuff that he’s going to go off. Russ tells them that he had to be the asshole and come over and take the game away from them. Jeff says that he knew that Nat was tired of it and just wanted to be hateful about it. He starts a story about his 4 year old niece…FISH. Mich is playing the game and missing the little peg at the bottom by a tiny bit.
1:10am Big Brother Time: In the backyard, Kevin has joined them, he and Mich are on the sofa while Jordan practices. Russ has farted and Jeff runs away, and tells him that he stinks. And the feeds cut to FISH again.
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2:40am Big Brother Time: The feeds finally come back after about an hour and a half. They come back but only briefly. Nat looked to be in the backyard, Russ was in the storage room, Kev was prowling around outside the diary room and Lydia was at the kitchen counter. And the feeds cut back to FISH. They come back a few minutes later. In the kitchen, Russ stirring up something and it was Jordan at the counter. Jordan is telling him that she thought that he was going to be hard to talk to when she first met him. Jeff and Mich come through, Russ is getting ready to cook. He’s made some salsa and they are digging in. They all seem right happy. No sign of the red bedroom bunch. Jeff tells him that it’s spicy as a “maw faw”. Hmmm, looks like it might be Guacamole that he fixed. The counter crew is eating and Russ is cleaning up. Jeff keeps blowing because of the heat in the whatever Russ fixed. Mich tells Jeff that she’s drank so much coffee tonight, Jeff tells her that he was drinking decaf. She tells him that she did because she thought that she’d be up playing golf all night. Jeff just said that he hopes they put another person on the block. Russ just said that he thought that “they” were going make tomorrow more fun. Jeff is talking about he thinks that if Nat leaves that Lydia will be fine. Russ is talking about they’re going to have to replace a jury house member!
2:50am Big Brother Time: Jeff gets up and goes to brush his teeth. Russ asks Jordan if all her stuff is there. Jordan tells him that she doesn’t think that “she” took anything of hers. Michelle tells them that she has anything that means anything to her upstairs. Jordan tells them that she always tried to stay on Chima’s good side. Russ says that he didn’t, that he’d take her on any day of the week. Russ just said that one of the first meetings that she’s going to have is with the legal department!
3am Big Brother Time: In the kitchen, Jeff comes in and asks them if they ever feel like you want to rip your hair out? They all look at him funny. He’s had his hat on all day and he’s running his hands through his hair raising it up on his head. Jordan is talking about Chima having drank Green Tea and is it good for you. Mich tells her that it is that it does good stuff for you. Jeff just said…and then there were 7! CHIMA’S GONE! Jeff says that it?s been an exciting day and you never know what?s round the corner in this house. Michele says that she was in a shitty clique. Everyone from your clique and my clique are gone but the only gone from yours is Jessie. Jeff says that he was kind of in his own clique. Jordan says that she won’t sell her stuff on eBay. Jordan is talking about her brother and he had a speech impediment with his R’s and he’s still says her name like “Jordan.” Michele says that her little brother had trouble with R’s and couldn’t say fork and it would come out, “Where’s my fuck, where’s my fuck?” Russell is telling the story how Lydia made blueberry pancakes with grapes and they all are cracking up. They start telling Casey stories and how he would always eat everyone’s food and never clean or do dishes. Jeff tells the story about the margarita party and how everyone else had they’re sombrero’s on and looking down eating and Jeff tells him that he was going on the block and you’re wearing a banana suit. He said that Casey didn’t believe it and had to go to Jessie and check and came back and told Jeff that he was going on the block. He asked Jeff how he knew it and Jeff said look at everyone, they weren’t looking at you.”
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3:20am Big Brother Time: Russell asks Jeff and Jordan if they?re going to get married. She says no that they are BFFs. Russell says that BFFs don?t kiss and Jordan says that they?ve only kissed like one time when Ronnie was in there and maybe one other time. Jeff says that they?ve got to keep it business. Then he smiles and asks Jordan, ?Do you want to go to bed?? Natalie comes in the kitchen to get something from the fridge?and Jordan keeps talking so that theres not an awkward silence. Russell, Michele and Jordan are talking about Chima and how she was mad. Jordan says, ?I wouldn?t even worry about it, she?s gone now!? Michele says that she was worried that Chima would come after her and hit her. Russell says that Chima was trying to bait him and that they all knew that she called him a terrorist. Jordan leaves the kitchen. Michele tells Russell that she wanted to throw milk shakes and scalding tea on you. Michele says that Chima and Jessie tried to intimidate her. Russell says that Chima was not used to confrontation. Russell hopes that she gets fined and has to apologize to everyone. Michele says that even though it?s a reality TV show, we are employed by this place and we?re here to do a job. Kevin walks through and goes outside. Russell asks Michele if they are close. She waits to answer and she feels bad because he?s in the middle. Russell asks Michele why she did nominate Chima. Because she was so adamant about not being in that chair, she wanted to take out Jeff, and she threw her friend under the bus. She mistreated everyone, me, you? Russell is promising his allegiance to Michele that if she were up on the block and he wins PoV he would take her off the block. Russell apologizes to Michele for being a “cock” to her and says that she’s like a guy and lets it be squashed. Russell says that when someone punches me, I punch back. Someone yells at me, I yell back. I feel that she won and America. I had to sit outside for 2 weeks all alone because of her and no one even told her to stop or shut up. Russell says that his dad taught him that when you make a mistake, step up and admit it and people will respect you and you will respect yourself. Some people don’t know when to admit: I’m sorry, I fucked up. Russell says that Kevin is his next target and would love for them to be the final 4, they fist pound and he says that it would be fun if they were final 2.
4am Big Brother Time: Jeff and Jordan in bed and he is telling her about Chima and how she was raped and beaten. Jordan says that she didn’t know and feels bad. She was one of the reasons why the rapist got caught because she lived through it. They think that might have something to do with her attitude toward men and her craziness. Jeff says that she probably needs a psychiatrist and thinks that she needs professional help. She’s got a lot of fucking anger inside. Jordan thinks that she is beautiful and tells Jordan that he has to admit it. He says that he sees the ugly in people and he doesn’t think she is. Jordan says that she does have a nice side and maybe that she’s bipolar. Jordan thinks that BB might help her and maybe she’ll listen to them and talk to someone. He says that someone has to want to be helped. Jordan says that she feels bad now but Jeff warns her to not talk about it since they don’t know all the details. Jeff is saying that he overheard the brats saying that “why not, what do you have to lose?” And that BB is catering to them because they don’t want them to quit too. Jordan says that she snuck in the bedroom so that Russell wouldn?t follow them and that?s he?s probably trying to make final 2 with her. Jeff says that he wants to wait another week and then get him. Michele comes to the pool room to see Jeff/Jordan. Jordan says that they were talking game. Michelle says that she?ll sleep in the pool room, she doesn?t care. Jeff goes to the bathroom and Russell is doing the pee dance waiting on Jeff to finish. Michele says that no one wants to use her big awesome bed and Jeff says that he needs to go back to the ghetto where he belongs. Meanwhile, Natalie and Lydia are in the red room and Lydia says that tomorrow should be interesting.
4:10am Big Brother Time: Jeff and Jordan are in bed joking that it?s over. The camera moves and makes the sound and Jeff says that he hates that while Jordan says that she doesn?t notice it. Jordan says that it?s so late and tells him that he feels so skinny. She says that he better start eating a lot to fatten you up. Jeff says, Fuck. Jeff asks Jordan to scratch his back before she goes up to the HoH to sleep with Michelle. Jeff asks, Are we supposed to be talking? You’re abandoning me for HoH but don’t forget where you came. Jordan jokes and says, You’re the worse partner ever. Jeff laughs and responds, Yeah, I’m the worse! Jordan says that she was really mad at him during the competition. Jeff says that he couldn?t deal with this shit and please don?t be mad. The feeds keeps going in and out. Jeff is totally teasing her about the contest. Jordan jokes that they aren?t partners anymore and jokes that ?thank God that me and Russell are partners now.? Michelle comes back down because she doesn?t want to be alone and Jeff asks to turn out the light. Back to competition talk and Jeff says that we did good Jordo. They are laughing and giggling. Russell is walking like a zombie to find the door in the dark. Michele jokes about not having domestic violence in the house. Jordan says that he beat me walking up the steps and he wants to drown me. Double drown. Michelle says that they?re having a pool party and he?s not invited. He asks why and they say because he?ll drown them. He says that he?s a lifeguard but not for real. Michelle is complaining that her tummy hurts and probably because of the guacamole dip. Jordan says that it was spicy and that her body was getting hot. Out of no where, Jordan says that for some reason her leg hairs grow real fast here. Russell says, How random. Jordan says it might be the razors and Jeff agrees. Everyone cracks up laughing.
4:40am Big Brother Time: They finally decide to go to sleep. Michelle is sleeping with them as to not separate. All HG’s sleeping. Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia are in the red bedroom. Jordan, Jeff, Russell, and Michelle are in the pool bedroom. Michele didn’t want to sleep alone and wanted to be with Jeff and Jordan.
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Randy Wolfgang

Did Chima quit or was she fired when she threw mic into the pool?????


i wish i knew it is hard to say they say it was a ball that went in to the pool. i am glad she is gone but i wish we knew why and if this will count as the eviction this week will nat be free???


What happend to Queeny Ghetto???


Either way, I hope they show the memory wall today so we see her greyed out


What I noticed was that after she threw mic in the pool – DR never said anything to her about treat mic with respect or anything they did cut to fish shortly after but we never heard anything – they never said put on mic after that. They even called other people in the DR and still never said anything to her. I was thinking maybe they are #1 getting a new mic and #2 trying to decide what to do about her. And also – now I think they were waiting for Showtime to go off. Eventually they told her to go to storage to get mic (which she wouldn’t do) and someone went and got it for her. She wouldn’t put it on. She was walking around talking with no mic for a long while – producers never said anything. That made me realize they are just biding their time. Maybe getting alison grodner to the set to talk to her, so just waited to call her in DR. Obviously at some point last night when they cut to fish for 2 hours – she was called in and everything went down.

A Chimamonkey hater

Do you realize that maybe after the constant battle with her and she does have a contract which spells out what whe will do during the game and there is a rule book, the Production may have already handed her a next time and your gone and we will not fight with you. that is the way I see it> By Loser ChimaMonkey


There is no way that Chima would have a case against CBS. They all signed contracts and you know that CBS made sure the contracts were iron clad. Plus the Houseguest had a rule book which would discuss the dos AND don’ts of behavior in the house and what is acceptable for production to do and what isn’t. Chima just simply believes she is above it all and that rules do not apply. She sees no wrong in her actions. It’s actually a sign of her being a sociopath, not a strong woman.

A Chimamonkey hater

She did not go out with a bang! She went out as a ghetto cry baby loser!! She has no respect for anybody or anythong let alone her Family which I am sure is why she is like she is, her Realy Girlfriend will support her through the return to ghettoville!
Glad your Gone LOSER!

I am Not atto

Your A ChimaMonkey lover, she has no case, and I mean none! she is the contestant who signed up and came to apply for the job, all the rules, contracts are for the studio, they own the game, she does not.


So I was just told that Ronnie is going to the jury house as we speak. He was the only evicted person that was not told about anything after he left and did not go home in case anything like this happened. He is being used per the rulebooks as a replacement in the jury and has been sent there by CBS to backfill the jury. It was just explained about the rules for backloading the jury, per americas vote, but that CBS and Big Brother only had the one evicted person who was not either given details about the house, or sent home and that was Ronnie.


Where did you hear this? I actually think I’d be ok with this if it were true. At least no bringing Jessie back. The final 2 will be 2 of the good guys, they have to vote for SOMEONE.

I am Not attorney

FAlse Liar!
they will not just put him is the Jury House, he did not make it the jury house point, and the first four people prior to this point to flip a coin for this spot and each player will come back if asked, to play oout CHimas spot. they will not return a house guest becasue this week was a duble eviction week anyway.


The first three house guests have been given information about the other players and what was going on in the house in the exit interviews as well as sent home and could see the show. This was not the case with ronnie and jessie. Jessie is already in the jury house, and ronnie was not given info, or sent home, so he has the chance to go to the jury house. The BB rules do not allow players to come back to either the jury house or the game if they have not been sequestored (SP?) away from the game, as was the case with past seasons where people were allowed back in…I.E…james, Amy. So they cannot influence the jury pool or the house. So those first 3 that were sent home and given info in the interviews cannot be brought back to the jury. Watch the exit interviews as Julie actually told players who had been trying to get them out and such. Another BB site has shown the rules about america allowing the jury pool to be back loaded with an evicted houseguest as long as it is one who was sequestored. (SP?)


Jeff making death threats, what else is new.


YAY!! We won’t have to hear CHITMA and see those n!!!!a lips ever again


Who is going to replace her vote in the jury house???? America, I hope!!!


No one knows yet how she left. Read that Allison the producer came out into the house in the middle of the night.

Can’t wait to see how the other 2 act now. Wonder what they will have them do all week now. I assume they will treat Chima leaving as Michelle’s eviction and just do the HOH and live eviction Thursday night that was supposed to happen as the double eviction.


WHAT??? I just woke up and did she really quit? I seriously did not believe her when she threatened to quit. I wonder what’s going to happen today.


Still don’t know yet. I hope she was fired. Probably what happened was, she threatened to leave again, thinking that the producers would bribe her into staying again, and they instead called her bluff. She probably didn’t think they’d let her go, and they probably didn’t think she really WOULD go. But they all sortof painted themselves in a corner. I hope they use all of that on the show, so everyone will know what happened.


Wow, long post! Thanks for the update Simon! I’m so happy that Chima was sent packing. I’m sure it was a case of “either you quit or we’ll escort you out” and I really hope she didn’t get paid, or was at least fined for her actions. Good bye!!


I am sure CBS listened to all the complaint letters they received. Good on them, I am so happy they listened. I guess Jesse is coming back now though.

Big Lew

The evil witch is dead!


I hope she was fired. BB Producers don’t need to put up with her shit.


Chima had a bipolar breakdown and quit the show. Her family must be so proud. I can’t wait to see how BB edits this for prime time tv. Today will be interesting!!!


I like how everyone went to bed not wanting to be alone. Reminded me of how the Waltons show ended! Goodnight Jeff, goodnight Jordan, goodnight Russel, Goodnight Michele, and GOODBYE and GOODNIGHT CHIMA !




Does anyone know if Russ got his Rosary back. She was just a vindictive person.


From what I read he did get them back.


Who cares she is gone!!!


I’d like to think that it was CBS who booted her out – not her own choice. After all, her behavior was vile and totally unacceptable. Her grandparents must be so proud…….

BB11 Fan

I believe the b!tch quit..too much of a damn DIVA!


Did Russell get his Rosary back? I think the three of them are too immature for this game. You don’t resort to childish behavior to win arguments.


So what happens now? Will Michelle just have to make another nomination? Do you think that it will still be a double eviction next week? Man I REALLY hope they bring someone back as long as it isn’t Ronnie or Jessie – I just don’t know what happens in this case… Has anyone ever walked out before, especially when they were on the block? This is SO exciting – sorry about all of the questions but I have only been watching for a couple of seasons so I am not really sure what has happened in the past if this has ever been an issue…


The SuperPass homepage says that BB “kicked Chima out of the house”. Either way, shouldn’t her “alliance” be really, really pissed at her at this point? The numbers are looking very bad for them…


Looks like Chima finally had enough of the game and how it was fixed. Good for her. I wonder what they will show on the live show, if anything?

I am Not an Attorney!

You think the game is Fixed? what for Chima who demands her way or else? RIGHT!!!
this is a televiosn show, with paid house guests/casts for entertainment purposes, so what if it is, your watching it and thats what its all about!!! Your Girl is a ghetto loser and gone get over it


She knew what she was signing up for. She is a spoil awful excuse for a woman who decided since it was not going her way she woul dhave an tantrum and quit. Good riddance!


i hope that michelle can put up someone else….


chima & jessie are both gone? Ah…. sweet victory!

Anita Hen

Wonder if they will bring another player back in. Oh, maybe Ronnie or Jessie. That would be SICK, & I don’t mean that in a good way.

Just Fleeps

Will we ever know if Chima quit or was “asked to leave”?


Sore Losers! It’s a game….and there are still POV’s, I don’t understand how they can act like that and quit. So immature. But the BB house does that to some people I guess.

Did Chima throw the mic in the Pool?


We may never know the real story….


bye chima, its about time, so tired of ur annoying voice. i hope they dont bring jessie back because that would suck


One idiot down, two more to go (Lydia and Stinky!). Who the hell gives up and walks away from 500k? What a loser! So, does she go to the jury house or is she gone completely? I wonder if she will get replaced? Please please please dont let Jesse the a-hole come back.


CHIMA quit because she does not want it said she lost and was voted off!
CHIMA you are a LOSER!


I don’t even care how it happened. The important thing is she is gone. She is a sore loser and should not ever play any games. It would be really cool if she was fired though. She deserved it!!! She has been getting away with too much shit. In the real world she would have gotten her ass beat. And if lydia and Nat don’t start playing the game right- kick them out too and let America vote the winner.


Bradan Do your Happy Dance for Chima!


I HOPE she was thrown out. I don’t care what her past problems have been. Chima is a loose cannon. Natalie is a spoiled child and Lydia is just plain nuts. I hope the double eviction takes out Natalie and Lydia. Then the real game can begin. We can get rid of all of the childish games that make me want to tune out Big Brother. Seriously, I was done with the show and their antics until I read that Chima was gone. I just got off the phone and canceled my live feeds. Thank god she is gone


What Happened During the Black-Out?
Although details are still unconfirmed, the Houseguests were allegedly called into the living room for a meeting with the producers. According to Twitter user Tracy Ellis (?ladyace67?), executive producer Allison Grodner informed Chima that the cost of the destroyed microphone will be deducted from Chima?s weekly stipend for participating in the show. This sent Chima over the edge and she declared that she wanted out of the game. Ellis also reports that Natalie and Lydia wanted to leave the House along with Chima, but producers were able to calm them down. Chima, however, was screaming at Grodner. If this story is accurate, then it appears that Chima left the game of her own free will and was not removed by the producers.

Will Chima Be On The Jury?
According to, Chima will reportedly not be a part of the jury house, meaning that Big Brother will indeed have to replace the missing juror with a previously evicted Houseguest or give the seventh and final vote to America.

Is This Still A Double-Eviction Week?
What the Houseguests don?t know is that the week of August 17th to 21st was supposed to be a double-eviction week with a week?s work of Big Brother taking place during the live show on Thursday, August 20th. With Chima leaving the House, there is no need for the producers to keep a double eviction unless they intend to end the show one week earlier than planned. It is still unclear whether or not the double eviction will occur on Thursday.




found this on CBS’s website When you click on Chima’s picture.

I can’t believe that CBS would have such content on their web page. Tasteless.


thats the same stuff they had up since day 1


She quit!


CBS release an article this morning stating that she quit the game.

BB Fan

Rumor has it that during the downtime in the feeds a house meeting was held. Chima was told she?d have to pay for the microphone she destroyed. Chima reacted as you?d expect Chima to react and she was removed from the house.


Ding dong the ugly bitch is gone! Woo hoo! The only bad thing is they are gonna put Ronnie in the jury house now! I mean who else would they put!


Yeah – you need to revise – she actually through her mic in the pool – go back to feeds at 10pm camera 2 – you see kevin bring it out, natalie gets it from him, she runs over and hands to chima, chima takes from natalie and tosses it in the hott ub It wasn’t a ball. –



Update 2: Okay here?s what I received just now on what happened. The tipster believes this to be a credible source based on past details and it synch?s up closely with what we had heard so far. Until I can directly confirm please take this with a grain of salt:

Mike: Hey Guys, can you all come into the Livingroom please? We need to have a
house meeting.

?. ? they speak ?. ?.

AG: You will be paying for the mic pack Chima, this will come out your

Chima: You know what? ***** this *****. I?m outta here. love you, nat?you too
Lydia. *throws something* (her mic?)

She presses the diary room button, it doesn?t go green, she tries to pull the
door open (EVERYONE is in the living room sitting down btw) and Chima says
“don?t ***** with me, open this damn door. NOW!”

Then Nat and Lydia want to leave with her, but production asks them to remain a

AG: Everyone, PLEASE calm down!

Lydia gets up and tries to open the DR door, bangs on it, crying.

Chima was SCREAMING at AG! The entire control room was told to record
everything in case something happened. Security may have been there too.

So what do you think now? Seems very plausible and goes with the story that Chima had refused to pay for the mic. Too bad she thought the mic must have cost more than the $500,000 she was just a few people away from possibly winning. Not a smart move?


Since Chima is now out this week, maybe they will forego a double eviction on Thursday and count Chima as the first evictee and only have a normal eviction on Thursday. Would make sense as it would keep the broadcast schedule on track.


I think so as well. but i think bb are really going to use that as a eviction to keep nat and lydia from walking out and give them a chance to play hoh. In all out i wish nat would go home now and then go on with the show 🙂


They won’t have enough jury members

BB is  joke!

They should cancel the show. It’s rigged anyway. The outside world should NOT be able to give power to any player (prizes, food choices is OK). Why, because of everyone personal biases (read this blog, it is loaded with crap). Someone who is a great player and playing the game by the rules such as Jessie will get screwed (Why, because he win). Let them compete for power. If Jeff wasn’t handed the upper hand in the game he would be crying on the couch in the back yard smoking cigarettes with Jordan eating cookie dough calling the other house guest names.

He can talk shit now because it is all going his way.


to BB is a joke, don’t watch it then. Every year BB gets America involved with the house in some way, if Nat, Jessie, Lydia, Chima or Kevin aka the bitchy BRATS would have won, it would have been just peachy! Jeff is just playing the game like everybody else.

loves J&J



I meant to say BB is joke aka Ronnie the Rat


BB IS A JOKE bb has always done it this way ,i don’t understand why you complain now you must be related to jessie always crying fowl when things don’t go your way.


yeah, okay, ronnie!
how nice it was to see that three of the worst players are gone simultaneously: ronnie, jessie and chima.

This is Casey!

ROnnie! stop your shit again! cancel the show? why becuase you know that any returning house guest would not be you! Go play with Jessie like both of you did in the House!
Ohhh SOrry I let that Out!!!

BB_is Joke!!

I am NOT ROnnie!!! I Tell You!!! NOT!!! Stop picking on me!!


If it wasn’t on TV and was strictly a game, then I agree. But an interactive TV show is good for ratings. Assuming Jeff won it no matter what… Russell could have been overthrown as HOH the week prior. If Russell put up Jeff or Jordan instead of Ronnie, Jeff would have been forced to use it last week, and Michelle would have gone up as a replacement and evicted. Chima would have HOH, and Russell would have gone out instead of Jessie.

The wizard power is part of the reason that the game is in the state it is in now, but it is moreso because of the chain of events that led up to it. If Michelle and Russell would be gone instead of Ronnie and Jessie, then the entire clique would have overwhelming numbers and I would have quit watching the show.


And I bet if Jeff used CDT during his HOH, then Russ would have lost his mind and started bullying everyone including Jeff.


Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

its just me

Omg, U must be a personal friend of his. No, he needed to go! He gave Jeff kudos for putting him up! Hellloooo, It was a game move! Remember this is a game to win $


So I guess it was rigged when Jessie was handed the HOH the first week when he didn’t have to do anything. Some people live with blinders on.



I am Jessie!

You want buy a t-shirt of the LEGEND!


the legend of Cockyville? i don’t think do


Goodbye Chima. I will not miss your rants, your selfishness, your vanity, your bigotry and mostly your laugh.Your bad behavior on tv will reap a wealth of negativity in your life. The only down side to this is that millions will be punished now that your back in the real world instead of just 7!


Why did Chima quit? I really need to know why.Is it because she is a sore loser or what. An is BB gonna replace her and if so with who. An if Chima quit does that mean that she gets to go to the jury house an they just won’t have a double eviction this week. Somebody give me some news and dying here.


YES! Chima is gone! What a baby her and Natalie are. Jeff’s side got 3 allies kicked out right away and his team didn’t cry and damage the other sides things. What is wrong with Lydia, Jessie was just using her, he voted her out instead of Ronnie. Kevin needs to pick a side, he can’t keep playing both. If he were smart he would join up with Jeff, Russell, Jordan, and Michelle. So does Michelle just pick a new nominee? Does one of the houseguests come back? Is the double elimination cancelled? I guess will find out tomorrow night!


“Lydia mouthing off loudly about weak women and how she hates them and women who let men trash talk them and treat them bad.”

so lydia talkin about she hates herself? i mean shes weak and she let men trash talk her and asuse her LMFAO

so what time did chia pet leave???? im guessin around 2am? hope she finds out that nasty was eattin her cheetos