Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Saint Jessie is gone, Lydia, Chima, Natalie breakdown – Jeff: “he didn’t fucken turn water into wine”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:50pm HOH Room Chima and Michelle. Chima reminding Michelle that Russell cannot be trusted, She brings up Russell calling Michele crazy head. She warns Michele that Russell is going to be up in HOH filling her head with lies. Chima says she wants Russell out of the house. She mentions how Russell wanted to have a Showmance with ehr. Michelle says she knows Russell is untrustworthy, you don’t need to remind me that. Chima goes off about when she was HOH and Russell came up and almost talked himself out of going up. Chima now brings up how shitty her HOH and how she shouldn’t of even won it. Natalie joins them. Natalie nervously telling Michelle that she has never lied to Michelle. Natalie explains how she’s never gone back on her word she’s given her word 2 3 people in this game Jessie, CHima and Ronnie. She keep repeating she’s never gone back on her word with those 3 people. Natalie says she will respect whoever Michelle puts up…. she assumes Russell is going up and hopes she isn’t because she promises she won’t put Michelle up next week. Chima tells Michelle that earlier in the day Jeff said something about women not winning competitions much and their not a threat. Michelle really doesn’t have a chance to say anything. Natalie frustrateed and confused offer her a seat on Natalie and CHima’s team. Natalie says with RUssell here none of them have a chance at winning a physical competition. CHima tells michelle she worried that other poeple might come in here and try to sway here from doing what is best for Michelle. Natalie now brings up the girls vs the guys saying that Russell wants the guys to win and is going after all the girls. Natalie says if she doesn’t go up she will vote the way Michelle wants her to vote and she won’t put micelle up next week. Chima buts in and says Natalie?s word is good… They all hug and leave.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:00pm Backyard Jordan, Russell and Jeff. Jordan is really pissed at Natalie.. She calling her a little brat and the biggest instigator in the house. There all pissed off at Chima for parading around the house saying she doesn’t want to stay there anymore. Jeff is worried that there up there filling Michelles head with shit. Jordan says it’s going to be hard getting alone time in the HOH because Chima is always going to be in there. Jeff mentions how immature Chima and them are. Russell “what are we fucking 10” Jeff: “I better get my stuff for it gets smashed” Big Brother 11 Spoilers Jeff “You know why Chima is single?” Jordan “Cause of her bitchy attitude” Jeff “Exactly” Jeff “Why does she even want to do this?” Jeff “There?s people out there that would die for this opportunity and She doesn’t even want to play this game” Jordan: “She doesn’t deserve half a million” Jeff “Fuck ya see doesn’t deserve to be here one day” Jeff “you think that it’s only use? everyone outside these walls is thinking the same thing” Jordan leaves Jeff telling Russell they are still screwed because it was suppose to be 4 vs. 1 but the vote was 3 to 2. Jeff says i hope to god it wasn’t Michelle. Russell tell him if Michelle makes the wrong move than chima has the power. Russ says sick and tired of every week someone comes up with something else and you have to go up there and try to prove things. It turns into a pissing match. He goes on questioning why everyone has to like a 10 year old. Jeff says Kevin is not the problem its CHima and Natalie. Russell goes inside. Jordan sits beside jeff eating her dinner. Jeff says he’s worried that Michelle being the hinky vote. Jordan say there is now way Michelle voted for Jessie to stay. Jeff says it really doesn’t matter Michelle is going to do the right thing. Jordan says she’s going to tell Michelle what the other were saying about her. Russell comes back. Jeff saying it’s sad that some people are so sad in their souls, “you going to cry if we are on opposing teams playing football and one side gets a touchdown” Jeff goes on saying when the chips are down your true character comes out… and now inside that house their chips are down and that is you they inside. Jeff feels sorry for a 30 year old to act that way Chima is.

Jeff saying all Chima has is hate in her heart. It’s a shit storm that never ends with them. That no matter what Big Brother gives them that they always want more. Why don’t you be grateful for what they give you. Jeff is getting worked up Russell tells him to cool down tonight. Russell laughs at Chima saying they threw a knock out punch at me a missed. Jeff is wondering why they are so upset Jessie isn’t dead Russell says they are acting like Jessie was a saint. Jeff starts laughing says he heard one of them say they want to go home in Jessie’s place.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:30pm Kitchen Lyida, Natalie and Chima sad because Jessie is gone. They want to say goodbye to him. Lydia says they need time to morn him being gone.

Lydia says do you know why Jeff got it because women vote for this kind of thing and they all vote for the hot sexy guy. They would never give it to a women. They all start crying they are saying they would all of been gone week 1 if it wasn’t for JEssie. Chima says Jessie had such a good heart and was really looking out for them. Natalie barks out that Jessie was HOH twice and never put Jeff up how could he do that to Jessie. Lydia mentions they never gave Jessie a chance to save himself how mean is that? Lydia and Natalie talk about how Jessie would yell at them to try to be friends with each other. Chima says Jessie was the mediator in the househe keep all the sides talking.

Lydia tells them money is no object to me, if Michele puts me up you guys vote me out i want to leave. Chima reminds them the one person in this house that has never spoken ill about any one else is gone. Natalie says it’s one thing to get beat fair and square but Jeff didn’t win the power it was handed over to him. CHima says Russell was hated by everyone and Jessie was loved why did Jeff do that. Lydia and Chima don’t care anymore about the game it isn’t fair and they’ve had enough. They start bashing Jordan calling her a hoe bitch. Lydia says Jordan would of fucked Jeff by now but he hasn’t gotten the HOH room yet…….

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224 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Saint Jessie is gone, Lydia, Chima, Natalie breakdown – Jeff: “he didn’t fucken turn water into wine”

    1. was that not funny? crying over a guy that threw them under the bus every other day,except for Nat.but if they had even one day to campaign to stay,we know,they both would’ve been throwing each other under it…haha..they act like he’s funny!!!

    1. you’re just now noticing that thing on her face where her lips should be? LOL!!

      this is ridiculous – you’d think Jessie had died! they are making me ill with all the saint jesse stuff! i see lydia has already fallen on the sword to be evicted next. yeah – a week of just her & jessie!

      note to Chima, Natalie & Lydia – LIFE IS NOT FAIR!! get used to disappointment!! i don’t think i cried this much when my mom died!

      what do they mean – he never said anything bad about anyone?? boy will they be surprised! and then Chima will owe russell, jeff & jordan a big apology!!

  1. OMG! This is ridiculous. Producers do you see this? These people are talking about quiting. These are people who you cast to be on this show when thousands of others wanted to be on here. Goodness… they want to win the game or did they want Jessie to win the game? Its a game people!

  2. OMG, what self absorbed little twits these girls are. I say, if they want to leave, let them go. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave, just make sure Chima is 1st in line.

    1. well actually we would want chima to be last so the door could knock her on her face….well, that wouldn’t matter…her big ass lips would catch her fall

    2. I say let the three cry babies leave,and BRING BACK BRADEN,LAURA AND CASEY! and for them to say Jessie never talked bad about anyone,ask the first 3 evictee’s if he didn’t.these are the dumbest girls i’ve ever seen,and Chyma is how old…3?

  3. Does eve1 notice that michele lies all the time… Now she is sayn that chima will put her up… Boy I can’t wait for her. Nomination speech… She is doom after this week

  4. that was the most pathetic thing ive ever seen!. jessie damn near beats the hell out of lydia….she runs crying into the diary room. she has bruises all over her ass, and now she is crying for him? do they think jessie wouldnt have fuc*** them when it came down to it? how pathetic and funny it is watching them weep over that goofball!!!…..

    1. after one of the nominees from whomever Michelle decides to be put up leaves, the houseguest do a quick HOH comp, then noms are made, and the POV is played within a matter of minutes after the HOH competition, than another vote is made and that’s that in a nutshell

    2. 2 people go up one of them is evicted then right after 2 other people are put up for eviction then they play POV and then (if POV is/isn’t used) if one of the nominees win POV then a replacement is picked other then that the voting would start and one of the nominees gets evicted, that Double Eviction, then right after that HOH

  5. Are you kidding me,these 3 ungreatful hoe’s crying over jessie is hilirious!calling jordan white trash,cause she has aquanet,chyma is a bigget racist,nat is a cheating hoe,and lydia getting fingered by jessie and giving him a handjob…ok but jordans the hoe!please BB get these girls out of the house,before your season is over with.chyma already shut you down once,is she running the show now?

  6. why the hell is lydia calling Jordan those names,while she’s been giving out sexual favors to Jessie..I really hope that Michelle uses the fact that she is underestimated in the game and makes a powerplay move to get out either chima or nat during her reign of HOH, and since it’s a double eviction next week, who knows, maybe the house can get both of them out, and they can go reunite with Jessie, whom they all seem to worship for some insane reason.

  7. How pathetic. They don’t even deserve to say Jordan’s name let alone call her names. Can someone take them to the pool and drowned them this is just getting to embarrassing. Put them all out of thier misery and our misery.

  8. Absolutely disgusting. Is the the freakin Chima show? How far will they let her go? If BB doesn’t stand up to her, they are just setting the stage for more of the same IF there is a next season. Chima has insulted white people, middle easterners, threatened to ruin the live show, threatened to walk out, messed with other HG things and openly said on the feeds that she wanted to provoke Russ to hit her. She is also a manhater, and I don’t understand why Kevin is still hanging out with her, I am sure she has a nice slur for gays too. She needs to go, or this will be the last BB season. So many people wanted to be there and didn’t get chosen. The PMS sisters got chosen and want to leave when things aren’t going the way they want.

    1. 11 million people voted for jeff to win the power…i think they will be another season of BB. They keep chima bc she’s “controversial”.

    2. So calling Russell a terrorist is am insult to Middle Easterners? You’re the one who’s racist. Besides, a terrorist is someone who strikes terror into people’s hearts- what Russell was doing following Ronnie around, picking a fight with Jeff first week, following around calling Michelle crazy, and saying s#it to Chima.


  9. I sick of jeff, he is using jordan, can’t wait to get in her pants, remember what he said, i’ll carry jordan until… matters. Jordan is a good person, because she is most stupid un educated person they could put on BB. She is actually stupid, she can’t tell time, etc. Russell is such a xxxxxxxxxx.

      1. Wait for Jeff to come out………. you will eat your words,

        I am gone ……I will not watch this show anymore, TIme for Top Chef, Project Runway, Stars, etc. New prime season coming……….

        Jeff is a college graduate, learn to talk,,,,
        Jordan is so dumb and stupid, can’t tell time, etc…..
        Russell is a great con artist, we’ll hear about him later in the news,
        Natalie is also smart, wait until they find out who she really is,
        Lydia is there for the experience, not the money
        Chima is a strong woman, but could listen more
        Kevin will win and he is a great guy

        1. So long Shirley. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Just like the PMS triplets.
          Since you’re no longer watching, I guess you’ll no longer be posting either.

    1. You are calling her uneducated when you yourself can’t complete a sentence? How embarrassing!

      This is what you wrote:
      “I sick of jeff, he is using jordan…she is most stupid un educated person”

      Learn how to communicate correctly before you start making snide remarks about other people’s intelligence.

      1. I am not here to check spell check, Jeff can’t think and talk in real live situation. Listen to him.
        And yes, I am highly educated and I type fast

        1. Hey Shirley. I don’t care how fast you type. If you aren’t typing the correct keys, your grammar insults are laughable. Any educated person understands this.

          By the way, weren’t you leaving the Big Brother universe? Come on, baby. Let’s have some consistency!


    1. happy hes always happy . didnt you hear him talk about positive thinking and alxo even throw chima pet a bone saying he felt sorry for her that she was so misserable..maybe your warching a differen sjow

    2. what show have you been watching? can’t even believe you posted that about jeff………did you see jesshe for the week he was on slop/have not………russel pouting about everything………….all of them except jordan and one flew over the michelle’s nest…………..

    3. i’d be mad if someone was going through my things and threatening to walk out unless production gave them something…

  10. I haven’t even read this recap yet Simon and I’m already sick to my stomach about how these pathetic idiots are acting. They are crying and talking about Jessie and telling stories about him as if they are taking turns giving the Eulogy at a funeral. I am going to wake up with a headache tomorrow – I’ve never rolled my eyes this much in my life!
    The stuff that is spewing out of Lydia’s mouth is garbage. The things she was saying about Jordan are shameful and hypocritical. And, as predicted she’s already hinting that the money isn’t worth it and she can be put up as a pawn – omg seriously this girl would rather be alone in the jury house with Jessie than play the game and win. What a moron.
    Russell, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle were just outside talking game and who should go up. They are all gunning for Chima (including Michelle). I hope Michelle is really serious about this. She is so damn hard to figure out that I don’t know what to think! I would actually be kind of surprised if she put Chima up because I thought they were friends but I certainly won’t complain. Get that witch out!

  11. The only thing that would have made this all better is if the secret about Lydia’s sexual favors for Jessie got out finally. This has been awesome though. I hope that Chima, Natalie and Lydia all just walk out. Bring back Casey, Laura and Braden, they wanted to be there.
    Man, I hope Michelle does the right thing and puts up Nat and Chima.
    By the way, check out this hilarious deleted scene about Natalie’s stanky self.
    I can’t believe they cut this from the show.

    1. Oh, and Jeff’s nomination speech was wonderful, the only thing that would have made it perfect is if he would have added, “Casey, you are avenged.”

  12. Three Immature skanks
    1 Nat granted her age of a young 20 something, Lyd wanting and needing a real man to hold her hand and fck her little brains out, not that she has any and must think she was getting Clark Kent AKA Superman Wannabee Jessie . And then there is Chi cha Chi head with all the fake hair. Well these three will go out in history starting with Cha cha Chi Head, It’s no wonder she has been beatin and raped in real life, when you are treating people the way she is and always has and will it is a no brainer someone needs to put it in place, unfortunatlly she will end up behind bars or in prision not Russel. The other two skanks Nat Lyd they are just to Stuipid to see whats evoling around them. America and the people of the U.S see the real people who are mature enough to handle there selfs in a dignified way all know it will be the real men and women of the house who will be in the final 4 Jeff, Michelle, Russel Jordan

  13. OMG…he’s in the Jury House not the mourge and he talked more shit about others than anyone else…someone slap these bitches back into the GAME. It is a game and not life or death but if this is how gnat chia and lalalydia deal with life in the house…how do they deal with real life. Even Chia’s Grams and friend were like chill and listen to everyone before reacting to one.

  14. I love this! Best BB ever! The narcissistic, egomaniac is gone and his devotees are now establishing themselves as fools. Now all 4 can be equally hated by America. I can’t wait until they see themselves after watching how he treated them! Although, I do have some sympathy for Lydia because I do think she has some emotional problems…..but then I get over it when she hugs Jordan and then has the audacity to call her a “hoe”.
    I agree with previous poster, madlikeadog, who said BB is letting Chima run the show. Enough is enough, she either follows the rules, is moderately respectful, or kick her out! Now that’s a show I’d love to see…..I can see the headline “First HG in BB History Kicked Out! Chima’s Explosive Exit”!

      1. You are right…. Wikipedia says re: BB1 “William Collins is a politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who stood unsuccessfully for Philadelphia City Council.[3] William was the 1st person banished in the history of Big Brother USA. He was known for being banished after he called out fellow houseguest Brittany Petros on her supposedly racist ways. In the season finale, he was also critical of the show saying that without him, Big Brother was “Big Boring”. The episode where he got banished it was revealed that he was a Black Panther.

        Hmmm sounds a little like Chima…..

  15. It is interesting that now Lidia and Nat are fighting to be “alone” in the juror house with Jesse.

    I want Chima to go home next. There will still be plenty of drama without her. I don’t think Michelle has the guts to put her up.

    I also don’t like how Kevin is flip floping sides, put him up next to Chima.

    1. i agree. kevin is definitely one of the GROSSEST BB contestants ever. ewwww, casting really dropped the ball on that one.

        1. my guess is that you are as ugly and gross as him. it’s just like dumb people not actually realizing that they’re dumb…they think they’re just “not brilliant” =P

    2. Team J/J has been talking about leaving Lydia and Natalie as the last two players on that team. This should be entertaining.

  16. Did anyone hear Lydiot offer to go out the door next because she said she doesn’t care about money? That ho is already plotting her psycho way into the jury house with Jesse alone! When Chitma, Nastalie, and Lydiot started crying I couldn’t stop laughing… They’re embarrassing themselves beyond belief there!

  17. its so insightful that j j r and m can actually just take a break and talk about life and thobitches are still moaning and sceaming. kev and chima are on there own whats up?

  18. has it been confirmed by the houseguests that the reason they pre-recorded Thursday’s show was because they were afraid of the houseguests’ reaction to the power being used? if so Chima really has people running scared. She’s controlling the puppets in the house and those in the control room. These people getting that emotional over someone in this game will not last long. They will not make smart moves. There are 4 people who are playing this game smart… Kevin… Jeff… Russel… Michelle. Each have different methods… some better than others but they are there to play. The others are going on emotions… and clearly worshipped Jessie.

  19. I am so sick of all of them, show is boring, jeff is always upset and also no different than Russell or Jessie, (watch him, he will disappoint you), jordan is stupid, michelle is learning social skills, chima is smart, but should listen more, russell is the best con, he would make a good criminal and murderer, Kevin should win, he is a humble guy, natalie is also smart, wait till they find out who she is, Lydia is in for the fun and experience, doesn’t need the money, This will be the last time I will watch the show, it is sooooooooo boring………..
    Also project runway, top chef, etc are on or starting, GOODBYE BIG BROTHER

    1. So long Shirley. Don?t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Just like the PMS triplets.
      Since you?re no longer watching, I guess you?ll no longer be posting either.

  20. Oh also.lets not forget Ronnie the so called mastermind sitting on his fat ass at home crying is eyes only question is is he for real crying or fake tears…lol

  21. I’m loving team Natalie, Chima and Lydia. Say what you want, but it’s entertaining. I still protest that the Coup D’ TWAT twist was bullshit and handed over to Jeff as a popularity/underdog gift. I don’t care WHO you support, it’s bullshit that the producers manipulate the game from the outside like that.

    1. 1. it wasn’t handed to jeff…he is who america liked
      2. america vote was already scheduled for the game that partiular week just as the entire season’s activites are scheduled.

      do you honestly think that they decided on the whim? the season was planned and approved by production before the show even aired..

      anyone who cries about it is just bitter

    2. The game is Big Brother “expect the unexpected”!!!! Jessie knew about the wizard power for TWO WEEKS….and he knew he wasn’t going to get it since it was up to america. If Jessie wanted to stay, he had a fair shot at the HOH. He lost. He wouldn’t have slept for 1000 hours and played the game. Point blank he gave up and now ppl want to cry about. Get over it! If Jessie was in Jeff’s shoes he would done the same. America didn’t screw Jessie over. Jessie screw himself over! Tonight was the best episode ever. I am not a Jeff fan but Big Brother is fair game. I hope Russell wins the whole game. Team Russell all the way

    3. It is not bullshit…Jeff is the only player that is actually playing the game. He has not once had to lie to anyone. He is a good guy and he will win this game. HOw can anyone justify what Chia Pet, Nasty Nat and Lydiot are doing as playing the game. They are 100% going on emotions and not game play. Their ring leader is gone and now they don’t know what to do. If they were smart they would be gearing up to win, but they are too busy crying because they lost and are sore losers and want to leave the game. Did Jeff or Jordan do that when 3 of their people got kicked out? NO, they didn’t. Those 3 so called woman are disgusting and need to go!! I hope they walk out and they will lose their stipens and get sued by CBS because they signed a contract!!!! Now that is what needs to happen!

    4. yea entertaining watching them whine and cry over jessie being evicted asctin like he’s a god or something, and making BB give them gifts in order to make them calm down and stop saying that they want to leave they gotta go….

      the CDT was to make up for the chaos the “cliques” brought it was also needed because the POWERTRIP that was “Sheep Team Jessie” was getting out of hand thats why they brought it into play it was a good move otherwise team jessie would wiped out the house with their bullshit and it all would’ve made jessie winning BB easy as hell, because he had everyone protecting him and doing most of his dirty work….. the CDT would never have been needed if jessie had not been unfairly brought back….

  22. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Lydia offers herself as the “sacrifice pawn” (because she’s hoping she will get evicted and get to go off and be alone with Jessie) BUT don’t forget it’s double eviction next week so no one will be alone with him. Oh that would be priceless for her to think she’s got him alone and then see Natalie walking up the sidewalk to the jury house right behind her. GOLDEN!

  23. What BB should do is bring EVIL DICK in this week and I bet anything,those girls will beg to get out of there,I can just imagine the things he’d say to these three idiots!did Jessie go to the jury house or a firing squad,christ I have a friggin headache…lol

    1. that’s because you are struggling to put sentences together, unsuccessfully at that.
      give yourself a break and go back to the alphabet blocks where your verbal diarrhea won’t harm anyone but yourself.

  24. i would just like to say that this BB is by far one of the saddest ever…i mean really, you can’t give us anybody to root for? well jeff, i guess, only because he seems like a respectable person in life but a true fan couldn’t cheer for the douche up to now…he has NO GAME and is only around because of the BB coup d’etat gift…which i might add is the most UNFAIR AND PATHETIC game edition (and i hate the jessie crew as much as anyone).

    it’s been tough – i have wanted to cheer against the jessie crew but who to go with? jeff is weak…..jordan maybe? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. she is probably the poster child for exactly what is wrong with society. blonde hair, big boobs, and the IQ of a golden retriever. slimy and disgusting kevin? uh no, listening to him speak is almost as awful as having to look at him. a little vomit comes up every time. pathetic lydia who doesn’t demonstrate even one admirable quality? well, her fashion sense is strongly individualistic but can i really cheer for someone because of that? michelle? um, that girl has the personality of a piece of cardboard. lydia? pleeeeease, she is already out to lunch thinking that she’s something special, if anything she needs a reality check.

    so i guess i’m left with russell…caveman russell who often appears moments from an assault and battery charge…but he plays the game hard, demonstrates decent game insight, and has been making moves since day 1.


  25. The worst big brother ever jordan jeff and michelle are so freakin boring, this is the worst big brother ever, i miss ronnie

  26. Michelle is being used by both Jeff and Russell. I’m happy that there is a double eviction this week. I actually plan not to tune in for a couple of weeks.

  27. For all those that oppose the coup d’?tat, what happened to “expect the unexpected.” Well these bitches just got a whole lot of unexpected thrown at them haha

    1. Its called smart game play,unlike your hero’s ronnie and jessie,they haven’t tried to run the house and everyone in it,if lies,deciet and backstabbing is game play.This group of 4 is playing dumb and confusing everyone in the house,michelle is smart as see where playing hardcore got dork ronnie and musclehead jessie.mike boogie and dr,will are prime examples,smart play works in certain seasons.

    1. Then stop watching. I think it’s a great season and I enjoy seeing someone who’s good hearted winning instead of someone who’s mean spirited. I’m tired of hearing all the bad news and evil people around, it’s nice to know that there are some good people still out there. And no, im not referring to Russell either.

  28. I agree the three are entertaining but without conflict the show wouldn’t be any good. If the first big alliance dominates without reprisal everyone not with them is picked off and then they just start picking one another off. BORING ASS SEASON. At least the Coup D’Etat gave ‘Not-Jesse’s team’ a chance to actually start playing a game that wasn’t ‘Suck Up to this week’s HoH’.

    Although I almost wish Jesse had stayed and Nat had gone because the balance of power in the house would have been even more in flux.
    But then I see the tears and I think next week at least will be really really fun.

  29. I agree with you Kiki….Lydia, Chima & Natalie are all way too emotional to play the game smartly. And if Chima wants to go home so badly, the producers should let her go!

  30. it’s not bullshit, the outside manipulation is part of the game if you’ve ever watched previous seasons. America ALWAYS has a vote of who they want to win something, it’s nothing new. It was handed to Jeff, BECAUSE WE SAID SO! =]

  31. Did anyone catch chima’s comment about her being the twin towers and russell being a terrorist? As a native New Yorker, I was absolutely disgusted, I can’t imagine how many people she will offend by that statement.

    1. yes I heard that too,now she changed it to he terrorizes everyone in the house.I think she was called on that comment.Should’ve been kicked out instantly!

  32. hahaha seriously! big brother could not have gotten it better this season – it REALLY is high school. lydia, chima, and natalie are acting so immature and are now slandering jordan’s name? for what? because she was an ally to the one person in the house who sent “saint jesse” packing?
    just hours before the evictions they were all perfectly content with jordan! and now she is a hoe bitch.
    coming from those who “keep their words” and have been completely honest throughout the entire game.
    seriously producers, get rid of them all. in fact, let’s turn this double eviction into a triple, and let them carry their sob stories onto the jury house

  33. Jordan is a fat assed, lazy, bottom feeder SOW (female pig)!!! If she put as much effort into competitions as she does feeding her face and touching Jeff up, she’d be okay. And Jeff, The Donkey faced metro/homosexual, he’s just as worst. How is it that these two LOSERS are given a handout, while the others have worked to gain what was theirs? This season is turning out to be a disappointment…..:( Oh, one more thing! Say what you will about Chima, but as small as she is, she has guts and stood up to “the Little Emperor/Bully (Russell)” with great tact and tenacity. I admire her for that. Bottom Line, Jeff and Jordan SUCK!!!!

    1. A handout? WTF did jessie do? 1st HOH was handed to him,the 3rd one was luck,all he did was tell the puppets what to do.he sucked ass for 5 wks,it was like he was HOH every week,no guts to do any dirty work,everybody else did,he used everyone of his team mates,then when the numbers were against his hit squad,they’d threaten and munipulate who they needed..aka ronnie the dork threatening michelle to vote for him or else.please dude,put the video game controller down and actually watch the show and BBAD,you’ll be surprised what these idiots have done!

  34. Jeff played this as smart as he possibly could.

    Now, in a perfect world, instead of lamenting the loss of Jessie, Lydia would wise up and realize that Jeff took her down off the block. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. Despite this, I think we can all agree that Lydia thanking Jeff for doing this has about a 2% chance of happening.

    I disagree completely with Lydia’s notion that America votes for the hot sexy guy. I am a straight male, I cast two votes for the Coup D’etat competition, and they were both for Jeff. The reason is simple: Jeff strikes me as the most level headed, even tempered individual in the house. I think he himself said it best when he said “Obviously America see’s what’s going on in here [the house] and now it’s up to me to give America what they want.

    Now, all of that being said, here is my prediction. Right now, I think the teams shake out as follows: Jeff, Jordan, Russel on one team, Michele, Kevin, Lydia, Chima, and Natalie on the other. I see Michele somewhat as a girl power type, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she buy’s heavily into Chima’s idea about a girl winning the game. In addition to this, she hates Russel, so the fact that Russel is teamed with Jeff and Jordan will make here more likely to go against that team.

    Clearly Lydia, Natalie, and Chima are a team, and we all know that as goes Lydia, so goes Kevin. I suspect that it’s only a matter of time before this vengeful women show Jeff the door. And when that happens, my summer of big brother will officially be over.

    1. You should go ahead and quit now. Even if Jeff make it to the final two, he wont get the votes to win the first place prize. He might win if he take Russel with him, but I don’t see both of them making it the final two without BB helps and Jordon, she would the first showmance to win if Jeff take her to the final two.

      Go Jordon!!!!!!

  35. BB should put Chima (the racist bitch) out of the house for continually calling Russell a terrorist. Heaven forbid if anyone insulted her ethnicity–a WAR would break out with the NAACP backing her! As a minority person, what she is doing is especially disgusting! There is no call for it. The threats she is making and her behavior is insane & reprehensable! Throwing water on Russell constitutes an assault and is a chargeable offense. BB should not allow her to remain in the house. By allowing it, they are condoning violent, illegal, & racist beahavior. Many viewers have become turned off by this and will no longer be watching the show on NBC, or After Dark on SHOWTIME. I myself, subscribed to SHOWTIME just for BB. I will be saving some money now.

    1. You are such a lame. I know you are not black. NAACP, are you kidding? That statement you said is racist. I thought we had the right to say what we feel or choose to say? I see you do. I guess you are a racist person too, because your words were harsh and constitutes an assault just for reading them. Can I call somebody on you? I don’t think so because you be like I have the freedon of speech and the right to speak my mind, then pratice what you speak!!!

  36. TRUTHTELLER = Uneducated republican/redneck/nigga.
    Chima = Dumbass.
    Jessie = Lil’ punk ass bitch
    Kevin = Chima Jr.
    Nat = Jessie Jr.
    Lydia = Waste of space

    ‘Nuff said.

  37. I just tried to sign up for the live feed and I had to download “Real Player” but now I can’t figure out how to get the live feed!!! HELP!!

  38. Actually, I’m a Creole Conservative Democrat, who prides himself on being honest. So, Let’s step out of the trailor park and realize there are various ethnic groups and cultures exposed to the web….. Hey, you have your opinion and beliefs, and I respect that. However, my opioions are based on fact. Do your thoughts and beliefs represent BIG JORDAN?!! LOL!!! Does she use such words to describe the races and ethnic groups of those she does not know or understand?? You may be a relative- LOL!!!! BIG ASSED JORDON!!! THE SOW!!!

    1. Wow – way to stand by your beliefs and integrity. You’ve certainly stepped up to the plate with the trailer park statements and personal attacks for no other reason than to “up” some stranger on the internet.

  39. Well Done Jefe!

    I cannot beleive that Lydia is acting this way after Jefe saved her tatooed ASS! Someone should pulled her aside and say “listen, if Jeff left you up on the block instead of putting the chiwawah you (lydia) would have gone home!”

  40. I have to admit,I did cry when jessie was evicted…….from laughing my ass off at those idiots.looks like the player got played,go pump some iron and some boys,musclehead!

  41. I think Michelle is on the “Cool Team” (Jeff, Jordan and Russell). She has been hanging with them heavy and I think Michelle is more level headed, more like Jeff than Chima. Go Michelle, put up the TRUE TROUBLEMAKERS Chima and Lydia!

  42. remember its just a game. real people come in with their biases and try to mesh well enough to stick around and send the threats home earlier than themselves. the comments are more amusing than the show at times. thx simon.

  43. Chima’s a self entitled bitch! Why is CBS taking her shit? Put that raceist bitch in her place! And most important! America should vote on “Have Nots” for the week! Then let those bitches talk more shit about the country that gives them the rights and freedoms that they abuse!

  44. 1 more thing:Chima hiding Jeff’s religious items is WRONG! BB better do something about that! If he had a bible the bitch would prolly burn it! She needs to go!

  45. Truthteller,,,Your a jerk,,,, ,,What kind of words should Jordan use,, ? ? Stupid ASS DEMOCRAT, or go all out like Chima ? And use the N— wwwwwwwwword,,, go get a life. She is the sweetest gal in the B.B. HOUSE. Go ahead JERK & LOL. I don,t know who you are ,,, but I know what you are…& I don,t care how you feel about me,,,,,,,I,m way-way-OLD.. I,m a little old lady, way up there in age with a lot more respect , & Chima never had any to start with. Honest,,,, give me a brake…Why would you ( A so called DEMOCRAT ) That talks out of his ————–. Ya,all get the picture…JERK….

  46. What is with these chicks? You would think Jessie fell over the balcony or something! Bashing Jeff for doing what he did. They don’t seem to understand that Jeff is on the other side and that is the object of the game….Vote out the competition! They are so stupid

  47. I love how Jeff actually thinks his team won in that football game. He was GIVEN a power he didn’t earn. Chima actually WON and BB screwed her by adding a power that wasn’t suppose to be in this season.

    1. Marty, But wasn’t Jessie given the first HOH without earning it? And how do you know what “powers” were or weren’t supposed to be in this season. I seem to have heard the term “expect the unexpected” somewhere before. . .

    2. BB didn’t screw anybody. Expect the unexpected. It has been that way from season 1. AMERICA voted for Jeff to win the power, so I suppose you can say America screwed Chima if you really feel like someone got screwed. We all knew who Jeff would put up and I’m pretty sure that is why he won it. America evicted Jessie. God bless America! lol

    3. Jessie is not dead, what is wrong with these chicks. He played a dirty game and america did not like it so they changed the game. Last night was one of the best bb’s I have ever seen.

    4. how do you know that power wasn’t suppose to be in play this season? Chima needs to grow up. This is all part of a game that she wanted to be a part of. BB did not screw anyone in this game.

    5. That is part of the TWISTS in this game….its part of the game…every season someone gets “screwed” somehow but Chima is the only TWIT that took it so personally. BOO HOO HOO…cry your ass to the jury house.

    6. WTF? R U kidding? America voted for Jeff so he would get Jessie out. We wanted Jessie gone. Just like last time we voted for Dan as america’s player hoping he could get jessie out. Jessie sucks.

    7. I think he earned it. America voted and he won. Basically earned it by not acing out like some of the other HG’s….His actions EARNED him the power. Nat hasn’t won a thing and she is still there, Jordan hasn’t won a thing and she is still there…etc etc etc…Its a game. Expect the unexpected in the BB House!

    8. The only thing Chima could win and we would all like is a heart. The girl is hard hearted and is only upset because Jessie can not protect her now and she is on her own merit. Which in my opinion is not much. Get a life Chima and quit hating so much. Grow up its a game.

  48. I love Natalie saying that Jessie never put Jeff up the 2 times he was HOH. Hey stupid bitch, they were on the same team so he COULDN’T put him up.

    1. EXACTLY!! and how in the hell is LYDIA calling anyone else a hoe?????
      How long did it take for Jeff &Jordan to even kiss? Her nasty ass was giving out handjobs and getting fingered and God knows what else as soon as she could! You were disposable to him, he USED you!!
      & he never talked about anyone, BULLSHIT! He is gone and I am happy. They would know that this could be a possibility if they actually watched Big Brother and wouldnt have been complaining if their side had gotten the power!
      sorry, I just had to same something about all this crap lol

    2. That’s exactly what I was just thinking!! You would think the moron would have remembered that! Ughhh Lydia is pathetic! Crying like a baby on national tv over a guy who was using her! She wants to leave so she can be with Jessie alone in the jury house. What did Jordan ever do to any of them? Well isn’t Lydia the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t she the one giving out hand **** and who knows what else? Technically the power wasn’t just handed to Jeff, he earned it by being the most likeable player and getting America’s vote! Thank goodness we were able to vote. If those sheep were still running the house I don’t think the show would be bearable. Let’s hope Michelle makes a smart move.

  49. Lydia says that Jordan would have “done” Jeff by now but she hasn’t won the HOH room? Well apparently she has more class than Lydia who would let Jesse do her in Natalies’ clothes, while Natalie slept on the floor next to her. Lydia is the LAST person to judge someone elses’ character. And Jesse said in his diary session in the beginning……knife them in the back, over and over again he said that! Looks like the knife got you first again Jesse boy. Go home and take a nap until next season.

  50. Marty – Jeff obviously deserved it because he wouldn’t back stab anyone and if the “other side” would have brought him in with the other Athlete’s in the first place, he would have been on their side. You are as much of a poor loser as Chima. Get over it and yourself already.

  51. What a bunch of crazies. Jessie was definately going to put Jeff up next week, in fact they all said they wanted him gone. Its an Fing game, Jeff did the best move by getting rid of one of the strongest competitors. Now Lydia wants to leave so she can be with Jessie… I hope Chima goes, she should not being saying the things that she does on TV or even out loud, comparing herself to the TWIN TOWERS 9/11 attack??? Who does she think she is? I can;t stand the sound of her voice anymore.

    1. Offensive? Yes. Ironically funny in an unintended way? Yes.
      Doesn’t she realize that terrorists TOOK DOWN the Twin Towers?

  52. I think that if Jessie actually came back into the game without his crappy “I love me” attitude and tried to play the game differently this time, he may have gotten in America’s good graces, but instead he ended up showing his true colors once again, as a conceited JERK and he deserved to go. His 15mins of fame were SO OVER last year.

  53. I can’t believe how irresponsible Chima is with the things she says. Using the twin towers and terrorist in reference to a person is truly despicable. These three are constantly unleashing personal attacks against people and then saying they want to get the bad people out! I wish Jeff would have heard Chima call Jordan a ” hoe ” etc…….furthermore……….why dosent CBS do some serious discipline to these people for damaging and taking others property… six year old knows better! Completly unaccepatble!!!

  54. All this drama,handjob Lydia,pig pen Natalie and twin tower bearch Chima. Next week is a double eviction I sure hope its natalie and Chima than Lydia and then they call all have Jessie. Did you see Jessie’s response to when he was voted out and Kevin went to give him a hug like everyone else. Jessie the inflated ego will some day get his butt whipped

  55. EVERYONE that believes CHIMA>>NAT>>>Lydia..are way out of control and need to be taken off the show because if their mouths and actions, need to go to CDB site , feedback and write in about them…maybe if enough people do CBS will grow “some” and take their sorry asses out….

  56. I bet if chima would’ve gotten that power, it would’ve been “fair”. Jessie sucks!!! America voted for Jeff because we knew he was the only one with enough balls to get him out!! America kicked Jessie out, we just used Jeff to get it done. BB should let us kick someone else out. I vote Chima. If she wasn’t such a BE-ITCH, maybe america would’ve given her the power.

  57. “Jeff didn?t win the power it was handed over to him.”
    True. He and Jordan suck at this game. There both
    freaking born and that’s the next alliance that needs
    to be broken.

  58. Jeff didn’t say they won, he said they scored a touchdown and I agree with him. It’s all a game when the people you like are winning but when the tide turns and your side is down then it’s unfair? Jeff did win a competition, he won a vote outside the house that gave him a power that he used, it’s all part of the game and if they didn’t want to play it for a shot at $500K then they shouldn’t have signed on the dotted line and entered the house.

  59. Its funny that pig pen says that Jessie was HOH twice and never put Jeff up, well dumb ass thats because he couldn’t put Jeff up, they were on the same team and if that person was the HOH than your whole team is safe. If it wasn’t for that than Jessie would have put Jeff up in a heartbeat.

    1. Thank you JJ Russ fan. Pigpen is retarded. You are correct, Jesse could not have put Jeff up because of the cliques. Jesse never said a bad thing about anyone else in the house. WTF!!! All he did was bash the others in the house. Jesse is the biggest narcissist in the world! No one loves Jesse more than Jesse. We hated him last year and we hated this year. Chima, Nat and Lydia are full of crap. America has seen all and hopefully they go HOME!!!!!!!!


  61. I love how Chima wants “girl power” and that women need to be strong yet as soon as the “other side” has the upper hand, Chima calls Jordan a hoe and bitch….get overself Chima.

  62. These 3 girls need a new psychiatric evaluation… I am quite sure Planet Dumbo is missing 3 of its inhabitants. Crying, mourning? WTF?

  63. The only reason Jeff was not put up is because of the clique thing, but nat told him if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have been put up. It was when russell was at Jeff about the spelling game.

  64. Okay. I haven’t read the comments so I apologize if someone else has already said this – but Natalie saying that Jessie never nominated Jeff when he was HOH is bullshit. He couldn’t because they were both on the athlete team, right? So he probably would have if he could. And why would Jeff want to keep Jessie because he’s “loved” and Russell is “hated”? That would be a reason TO get rid of Jessie! And Russell’s a little bitch for voting for Jessie to stay. Jeff just took you off the block – jerk. Rusell needs to stay a bit longer – but I hope Jeff and Jordan know he’s a BIG FAT a-hole.

  65. Are you freaking serious!?!?!?!?? Lydia, Chima and natalie are acting like he DIED or something!!!! Hello Girls this is a game you are in the end going to back stab someone!!! I hope Michelle puts up two of them since they want to go home send there a** home!

  66. How many times did they say “If it weren’t for Jessie we would’ve have been gone in week one?” Jessie put Chima up on the block in week one! It was Russell who took her off!

    Chima put Lydia up on the block as a pawn! Instead of taking away a vote from the “other” side by nominating of them as a pawn. Then Kevin wouldn’t save Lydia when he had the POV!

    They are each others worst enemies. And deservedly so.

  67. Crying over Jessie leaving? Unbelievable! It’s like Charles Manson’s family worshipping him. How can that happen?

  68. for starters lydia are you serious you were on the block and jeff took you off. and chima is the biggest beyatch she doesnt here half the crap tht comes out of her mouth. but most importantly i cant believe michelle she gets me fustrated when she says i didnt say tht she did say chima wanted to back door russ i wish they could see the tape.

    1. Melanie- I love you. You and I are on the same page. BB handed Jeff the advantage in the game by giving him so much power that he did not earn. This week is a double elimination week and I hope that Jeff follows Chima out the door. He does not desire to win. Jordan will fall apart without him and I hope they laugh at her for crying when her brain cell (Jeff -not saying much) is voted out! Since she made fun of the other for feeling sad the Jessie was wrongfully voted out of the house.

      Everyone always excuse Jeff when he crying (big entitlement baby). By the way Chima is only 2 years older than him. So, why is he not married? What is his problem? Since he was commenting on her not being in a committed relation currently (none of his business).

    2. Jeff is not a loser he made one of the smartest moves ever. He just took one of the biggest threats out of the game and made others doubt why they want to be there. Very smart

  69. Russ has already told J/J that he would backstab them for the money, and they just brushed it off because they need the numbers. Then he votes for Jessie, probably hoping for Jessies vote when he backstabs J/J for the 500k and J/J still ingnore his actions. Yeah Jeff said “I am upset” yet he still keeps him around and trusts him. (eye roll) Michelle just made up with Rusell who just a couple days ago was riding her like a pony calling her names and now she thinks Russ in not after her. COM”ON, these people are stupid. Russ is using them. They are so worried about Chima and Nat, but keeping around their 1# enemy who has blantanly told all them that he will screw them and constantly shows them by his actions. Michelle, Jeff and Jordan are not good at this game and dont deserve to win. If Michelle was smart she would continue to play both side and put up Russ and Chima, then win over Kevin as Russ replacement. Kevin is way more trustworthy. J/J would not like it at first but would stick with her because they dont have the numbers.

    1. Jeff isn’t good at this game? He successfully made the ballsiest move of the season. Even Jesse acknowledged it.

      I must admit that I was impressed with Jesse’s exit. As for the PMS twits, I’m not so sold.

  70. I have to disagree with you Melanie! Jeff and Jordan have to be two of the most genuine real people in the history of BB! You can just tell they are good people. I hope Russel doesn’t stab them in the back! I am sure he will because he knows won’t win against them in the end!

  71. Without the help from America and CBS, Jessie will be still in the game. That?s fact.

    He and Russell are the strongest competitors and I think without the Coup ?D Etat these two will be in the final 2.

    I think Jessie was playing a fine game this season. But he can?t control the things from the outside.

    That?s the problem. Without these things ( Americas player, Coup ?D Etat) , Jessie will still have a good chance to win the game.

    However, Jordan won nothing, Jeff won nothing. And that?s fact.

    I like Jessie. But I accept the fact that a lot of people like Jeff and Jordan.

    1. Hey Mel,
      How many times are you gonna’ keep posting the same message over and over? We get the point. You aren’t swaying anyone.

  72. OMG are they serious. I cannot believe big brother had to give them gifts to stay. What is that all about. The other side didn’t get nothing as all there teams were voted out. So all you have to do on bb is say I do not want to play the game anymore I want out. Then they will keep them happy. I bet the other team would of liked to know that information. They could of won large seeing their team was always being sent out. LOL

  73. Regarding Chima and her 9/11-TwinTowers-Terrorist comment:

    Offensive? Yes. Ironically funny in an unintended way? Yes.
    Doesn?t she realize that terrorists DEMOLISHED the Twin Towers?

  74. the americas player and coup detat is part of the game…. just like all the other powers(hoh and pov)….. most of those are won by luck as well. … if jeff would have won hoh and did the same nominations then would you complain… whats the difference…. he won a power and used it the way he wanted to…….. thats the point of the game

  75. Chima is unbearable. She is childish, racist and a sore looser. She forgets that she went personal on Russell first and showed her arrogance by saying she regretted nothing. Karma baby – what comes around goes around.

    1. you’re exact;y right. they are really out of control. they’re talking all that shit about the producers and getting them? what kind of shit is that? they all need meds

  76. I agree with Lydia. Face it! Whenever America votes on BB, it’s usually for a white man. As I stated before, “Big Brother, please eliminate “America Vote”!! I understand how the game is played, but Jeff did not compete in any game to win the power that he received. Although BB received high ratings last night in the number of viewers, was it worth it. Some people now view BB as a show that unfairly gave the “underdogs” an opportunity to participate in games since they were constantly losing. Come on BB, in all fairness, let’s start doing the right thing by allowing the players to earn their winnings. Isn’t that the objective of the BB game?

    1. Go back to school….become a producer/ and or director and you can do whatever you want for your show. In the meantime, watch or dont watch….your choice if you dont like the show.

    2. In a way he did win. With his “winning” personality america chose him. I don’t see the big diffrence. To make the game interesting you have to throw a wrench in the works from time to time. Good season BB, keep it up.

      1. That is exactly right! He refused to get into “drama” with people. He never talked down to anyone and basically just showed America that his personality is a winning personality–wouldn’t it be nice if everyone treated others as he has. He feels blessed by what he has in the house. I think he and Jordan would make a lovely couple. He doesn’t seem to have pressured her about sex, which says a lot about his character also. Go Jeff!

    3. DJ….I would like to inform you that at the begining of the game, the first HOH did NOT do anything to win the power he had. Is that fair to the rest of the house. Plus, the dude had his chance to win last year but his ego got in his way just like it did this year and probably for the rest of his life. I think America voted for Jeff to have that power because he is the only one in the house that has sense and would know what to do with it. All in all, IT’S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!!

  77. That?s right. Jessie has his chance last year. But he lost the game ,because America hates him.

    Without things from the outside the house ( America ?s Player, Coup ?D Etat) he had won last year and he will still inthe game this year.

    Without the help from the outside Jeff won nothing. That?s the fact.

    In a competition man against man(sportive), Jeff had no chance against Jessie. Jeff knows that, Big Brother and CBS knows that and this is the reason why Jeff became the wizard.

  78. Is Chima and Lydia getting in trouble with the police for contributing to a deliquency of a minor??? ie cheering Natalie on drinking and giving her the glass of wine???

    1. you must not watch the show and absorb all what is said, she lied to the other players and she said on the first show she was 18 but then told tv viewers she was 23 or 24 remember???

      1. You are absolutely correct on the lying part however they still do not know this. So therefore they think she is a minor. And because of it being recorded on video there is proof. They thought she was a minor THEREFORE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA can be punished for contributing to a minor!!!! Crazy hahhhhh???????????? I even heard of rumors of the police investigating it. I think its stupid too but not for us to decide.

      2. NATALIE is 24, or so she said in the show, with a college degree. she said that to braden in her goodbye speech to him when he was evicted.

  79. All I can say is if there was a way to get rid of Chia Pet, Stink Bug, and the BJ Princess then I would do anything, even trade them for Jessie. These girls always talk about ” Girl Power ” but I have never seen a more pathetic group of girls in my life. They make me sick.

  80. america or actully the contstants need another perspective.. next season.. amercan idol style, dancing with stars, BB other countries.. funniest would let contstants belive they were still voting… huge mind-f*… that would be a great season every week they meaninglessly vote but amerca votes rule and they dont understand any evictions… or mix it up so coin flip or unknown 4th weekly game decies if america or them vote…

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