Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima: “Ronnie wasn’t a Nazi, Russell is a Terrorist and I’m the Twin Towers”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:10pm Kitchen Cry fest. They go on and on about Jessie and how he rivalled mother Teresa. They all agree that Jeff didn’t deserve the power because he’s never done anything big in the game. Chima goes on about how unfair it is that Jeff won the Coup D’etat power. Natalie says he should of competed for it than Jessie would of won it. CHima mentions that Jeff hasn’t had to try for anything he’s just sat outside the whole time. The only time he won was when his ass was on the line. Lydia says if you don’t win America steps in.. so maybe on of us will get the power. Chima tells them they all have been made to look like fools this week because of the wizard power. there guzzling down the win, Kevin doesn’t think drinking so much and

carrying on like this is a good idea. Lydia says she wishes ROnnie was here instead of Russell “I would take that little Nazi over the terrorist” (OMFG I can’t believe these people) Chima says Ronnie was not a Nazi but Russell is the terrorist and I’m the twin towers. (ARGH there?s no end to chima) Lydia says Jessie is a great guy.. I never thought that I would get along with someone like him but he understood me and what it was like to be judged because of the way you look. Chima agrees he was really a great guy. Natalie says that the producers what to give me stuff I don’t want that I want Jessie back. Lydia tells them every eviction she’s putting a J and a G on her face. Natalie tells her not to. Lydia says she’s going to corner Michelle and tell her Jeff called her a shit starter. They start brainstorming things they can say to Michelle to get her to put up Russell.. Lydia says she’s willing to try whatever it takes. Natalie says they need to tell Michelle to but Jeff and Russell up. Lydia and Chima now claim that they don’t need the money this is for revenge now. Big Brother calls Michelle into the diary room chima makes a comment that the producers are going to fill her mind with shit. Natalie says she took Jeffs blanket he only has one that?s all he gets. CHima laughs says they should do more things to their stuff.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm – 11:00pmbackyard Russell, Jeff and Jordan. They are giving hints to Russell on how to talk to Michelle. Lydia makes a brief appearance telling them the food they had sucked tonight, she goes back inside. Jordan and Jeff wonder if they should tell Natalie about the hand **** yet. They decide they need to wait. Russell tells them everyone thought brandon was the racist but CHima really is she was calling me a terrorist because of my ancsetors origins. Jeff tells jordan that the cry babies inside have talked mad shit about her. Russell back him up and says he’s heard it. They all start laughing at the girls crying for Jessie. JEff says they know they are going to lose and now they are bonding over it. Jordan “thank god jeff won that wizards power” Jeff says that was a game

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

changer. Russell agrees “Biggest games changer ever “Jordan says she would pray ever night that her or Jordan would win the wizards power. Michelle joins them, She says Natalie offered her a “Sweet” deal. Michelle is laughing at Natalie “wicked” attempts of not getting put up. She told Michelle in front of CHima that if CHima goes up it will be a 2 person alliance her and Michelle. Russell “What the fuck! that?s smart” Michelle tells them that Chima’s saying that you 2 would put her up next week. Jeff says flat out their being stupid. Jeff tells them they just need to make sure nobody looses their temper right now. Russell supports Jeff. Jeff really wants them to stop messing with their stuff. Jordan says if we messed with CHima’s stuff she would have a fit. Jeff: “she would throw a knife!” Michelle gets called to Diary Room. Russell says he’s happy if the 4 of them can ride it out to the end. Jordan thinks that might be a good idea she says she’ll talk to Michelle about it. Jordan tells Russell about what Jeff said in his diary room. Jessie you bitter from bb10 your ship sailed away you only made it one more week on bb11 time to retire from BB. Jordan coaches Russell some more saying he needs to be very nice an polite to Michelle do not piss her off. Russell asks what if she makes me do something weird Jordan “do it” Jeff takes a peek inside the house… comes back and tells them how “fucking

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

hilarious” it is with them crying. Russell thinks Michelle will put Chima and Pig Pen up Jordan hopes it will be those 2. Jordan warns the guys if those two girls go up they are going to be coming after you with teeth. Jeff saying Jessie wasn’t a saint he pitted 2 girls against each other took hand ****from one of them. THey are now crying in there because he went home “Its a GAME!”Michelle joins them. They start talking about Michelle’s nominations. Michelle’s thinking about putting up Chima and Kevin.. Jeff thinks “personally” if it was him he would put up Natalie and Chima he thinks they can sway Kevin on to their side. Jordan doesn’t think Kevin is any kind of threat.. Russell thinks Kevin is underestimated and he will win comps if there the question types. They all agree that Lydia is useless. JEff really selling the idea of getting Natalie and CHima up. HE says if CHima goes home there done they have no power.. its just use. Russell says that if Chima goes home that will have Kevin at a loss because he has Chima and Lydia. He tells them they have to go after the people that have the most people protecting them.. He says Jessie had the most and how he’s gone. His rationale is if CHima leaves Kevin has only Lyida so he may flip.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:35pm-11:00pm Red room Chima, Lydia and Natalie. Chima is saying that she’s sleeping in the red room regardless if she’s have nots.. if they try to stop her she’s going to walk out. Lydia agrees “if they want me to be awake during the day than I?m going to sleep in my bed”. They all agree that they will not follow the rules if they get have not?s and if they get in trouble they will walk.
They all are hiding away the blankets they stole from Jeff and Russell, Chima grabs Jeff’s rosary and hides it behind her bed. Chima says she’s going to drink her whole bottle or wine and the last half of the other one “Fuck you BB”. They say tonight they are grieving Jessie lose but tomorrow they got Kevin?s back, chima:”are not dumb bitches, we’re strong bitches”. Lydia goes on and on about the clothes she will wear and the way she will do her makeup during evictions to mourn Jessie leaving. Lydia points out that Kevin has left them to be by himself. Natalie says after nominations she is going to start some mad shit. She’s going to strip their beds and rub it on the floor so they have to wash it. Lydia is just going to keep hiding their shit. Lydia says she’s going after Jeff when he sleeps (what your giving him a hand ***) she’s going to hid all his clothes. Chima leaves. Natalie and Lydia says they are teaming up to get Jeff out. Lydia says “I”M SO FUCKING MAD” Natalie says that Kevin is going to flip to the other side. Lydia says she likes Kevin but she understand why he would flip. Lydia says Kevi use to call her a dumb shit.. Natalie is shocked.

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215 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima: “Ronnie wasn’t a Nazi, Russell is a Terrorist and I’m the Twin Towers”

  1. OH MY FREAKIN LORD! Why would someone stoop to such a level… Hiding someone’s rosary?? Stupid bitches! Uuuuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!! I hope Russell is able to sort out his differences with Michelle! GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I would imagine that the people who hadloved ones die in the towers would be appalled at her using that moment in such a way.

      I hate to tell you, but in the grand scheme of life, your buddy getting kicked out of BB is a far, far cry from 9/11…..

      get over your f*king self……and what are the producers doing? Are they scared of her? She’s threatning them that she doesn’t care about the rules, and if they say anything, she walks?

      I say kick the bitch out and everyone else who supposedly will “walk” and start bringing back people who were evicted…..if these clowns don’t want to play for half a mil, I’m sure that the evicted HG would.

  2. Why isn’t CBS stepping in and warning those bitches not to touch other people’s things??? Jeff and them will lose it when they go back inside!!!! Those bitches need to be thown out the door and not sent to the jury house and given no money for a cab. I just can’t believe this is being allowed and they way Chia Pet is talking. She needs to GO…she is a racist pig and I am just shock at BB and CBS for allowing all this!!

    1. They’re allowed to hide other house guest’s personal belongings, but they can’t destroy the personal property. BB probably won’t do much about the situation unless they start destroying things.

  3. Good grief, what little theives. CBS needs to do something. Stealing other peoples items should be against the rules. Kick them to the curb. Wake up CBS, you have thieve in the house.

  4. More double standard. Chima needs to be escorted out and see a therapist. She is hateful and obsessed. I can’t believe they are letting her get away with it all, rearranging the live show on her account and allowing her to mess with the personal property of other houseguests. She is the vilest person in BB history by far and if she continues to get away with it all, she will probably keep raising the bar. The live feeds are a source of revenue for BB, and I frankly am getting sick of the fish every time she goes off on a temper tantrum. How dare she bring up the twin towers and terrorists! She obviously has no compassion for the people that were affected by that. I am sick of the racist comments and threats.

  5. jeff has absolutely no talent, except he is pretty – america loves pretty boy! chima won HOH, and it got her nothing, except she lost a team member, and that is not fair… america screwed chima and her team… you are supposed to award the winner, not award the loser jeff… tonight was terrible… they need to get rid of julie too – she is so smug… i m so tired of hearing ‘u r so pretty julie’ – this is a pretty show! and guys you don’t have to hate me cuz i m venting okay… my players got screwed by america… and i m dealing by venting ok… no HOH has every got screwed like this… i m not a chima fan, but she got screwed royally… i wish they would walk out… but bb IS big brother… all control… all the time… too bad they disrespect so many fans… by favoritism… a sad, sad day! for this major former bb fan… suk it!

    1. ok your not a chia pet fan,but you just said”your players got screwed” expect the unexpected,but I bet it would’ve been alright if someone from the goon squad recieved it.give us all a break you actually think jessie and them was gonna make it to the end.first chance jeff,jordan,michelle or russ got,jessie was being put please,he is gone,wear black all week,download his pics and life will go on tomorrow,I promise you,the sun will rise!

    2. you need to realize that every part of the show is under a schedule that was finalized before the houseguests even moved into the house. the “wizard powers” weren’t made up to help anyone specific. everything from games to the food they get in the house is predetermined. jeff got the power because he is playing with class and not crappy like “your favorites”.

    3. He has the ability to make people understand that his word IS good. Jesse feared him to no end because he knew Jeff was honest. Chima had to push Jesse to go and talk to him which seemed like the obvious move considering they knew there was a wizard power out there and that Jeff most likely had it but Jesse was seriously afraid of having to sit and have a conversation with him. I think showing good qualities like integrity, honesty and not talking game 24/7 is a incredibly difficult thing to do in this house and actually takes your game much further. And its the reason America loves Jeff and hates Team Jesse.

  6. HEY RONNIE!!!! How are yo feelin’ now with your alliance being picked off one by one? Pretty cool huh?
    How is that man crush workin’ for ya?
    And,when your blow up doll Chima, gets expelled soon,I hope that you don’t break into tears again.

    1. You joke about it, but I have no doubt Ronnie probably scours these live feed websites and commands a slew of cyberterrorists who try to sway public opinion. I wouldn’t doubt at all that he’s been here before. The way the J/J haters all showed up at once on this site seemed pretty suspicious, imo. Wow! What a great night for reality TV history! Saint Jessie, a self-absorbed sleepaholic, great at tent-building, who is his own greatest hero, and who has more experience at playing the game than anyone else, is blindsided….by a turn of events he admits he suspected was coming. It has been more than a pleasure to watch Jessie’s eviction tonight (I didn’t like him last season either) and if Chima, Natalie, or Lydia (who needs serious counseling) follow next week, I’m sure it would be great for ratings at the Tiffany Network. Thanks for this site Simon. I’ve lurked for a while and this is my first comment.

  7. i don’t understand cutting to the fish at all – is that not what i m paying for, is to hear freedom of speach, i mean that is what this show is about… i want to hear it all… especially when they go off… that is the fun part… that is why we are here! am i right?

    1. yeah what happened to 24/7 live and uncut,tell chyma to please let you show us everything thats going on,since she now runs BB and CBS!

    2. They should be punishing the houseguests for singing, talking about DR, talking about people that haven’t signed a release, etc. in stead of punishing the people actually paying money to see the live feeds. Every time a houseguest does any of the above they should be put on slop for a day or they have to sleep in the Have Not room for 1 night or penalized monetarily for breaking their contract with BB or some kind of penalty. I’ll bet they stop singing, talking about DR, etc. I have already written to CBS about freedom of speech and they , of all organizations, should be more sensitive to the bill of rights. I suggest that you and anyone else on this site that have a problem with the fish do the same. I’m livid and I intend to request my money back for every minute that there are fish on my screen. And perhaps next year I will file a lawsuit before BB begins tomake sure that our civil rights are upheld. Good luck and I hope we all send letters to CBS about our treatment.

  8. You know… as much as I love Jeff and want him to win… I just wish none of these bitches (including Kevin) win….

  9. The Twin Towers? OMG.

    America’s going to love that.

    Chima, you just compared yourself to the victims of 911.

    Of course, you’ve also called Russell a Terrorist, and Branded Braden as a Racist. And you called Casey White Trash.

    WOW. Who’s the evil one here?

  10. Michelle talking to Kevin. Michelle: “I’m not aligned with you, but I’m not coming after you.” And when he tries to remind her of how the world will view a woman who forgets how Russell treated her. “Chima…was pretty horrible. Ronnie was worse. Jessie was the worst.” I’m glad she’s sticking with her team. For now.

    1. I so hope she puts up Chima and she goes. Chima is a spoiled rotten brat that has
      become an angry neurotic maniac.
      She was living in a fantasy world in BB up until now and she just didn’t think it would
      go any other way. That is why she is dumb and will lose.
      Jeff was the smart one, staying out of their way and “staying outside”, so he could
      pounce when the opportunity arrose. Well, it happened and we all wanted it too.
      She needed this reality check.

  11. “This is a game.” Actually, it’s not.

    A game is where you have a fair chance to compete. Backdooring and having America pick people to hold a power isn’t a competition. Jeff really hasn’t competed at all. I think he’s a great guy, but should that give him this power? Should everyone have a chance to play for safety when everyone could go home?

    I’ve never heard a season where the producers are mentioned so much. It really makes me wonder how much they’re interfering. They may as well give their favorites cash right now.

    I’m not really a fan of anyone at this point. I think this season has gamed too much. Too much lying, scheming, and backdooring by both sides. To hand someone a power this strong is not really fair. I know Jeff’s got a big following…and sure, he’s a great guy…but who’s to say it wasn’t rigged with computer voting?

    Like I said, the competition factor is gone…the houseguests all seem whiny and bratty when things don’t go their way. Nat/Chima/Lydia moreso than the others who sat in the back and bitched amongst themselves…this season really has sucked. I think I’m done watching and I hope the producers let the HGs battle it out themselves and not interfere as much.

    1. The reason why we keep hearing about production is because some of the houseguests blatantly refuse to follow rules and orders. As showcased on numerous occasions, they don’t seem to care that they’re discussing things and doing things that are against the rules. I don’t think I’ve seen this much rule breaking in a while, but maybe that’s an observation that someone else can comment on. Point is, there seems to be only a few houseguests who feel the need to bring up things that cannot be discussed and they know they shouldn’t discuss it but feel the need to do so anyway. Chima has no respect for others and runs her mouth about everything and will do anything to get her way/prove that she is right, even if it breaks the rules.

    2. every season has surprises,mike boogie also won this power,but never had to use it,thats like saying was it fair russell won 10g’s or kevin winning $2,500 and lydia winning a tv?or nat winning a slop pass when her team was on slop? its a game,expect the unexpected,is everyone on here watching this for the first time?

      1. No, I’ve watched all the BB seasons. I usually love the show, but it doesn’t seem like a true competition to me. I really can’t get behind all the backdooring done by Team Jessie nor can I get behind the coup b/c it really was a fan thing.

        Do I like Chima? No. Do I respect her for going after Russ straight up? Absolutely. Most people shy away from stronger players. She went after him but she gave him a chance to play for veto. That’s competition. And I like that. You get your drama but you also have a fair chance.

        What I’d really like to see is POV going back so that everyone competed for it. I really think the 6 person games take a big hit out of competition. It’s a game, it’s supposed to be fair. This season really doesn’t seem that way with backdooring, the coup, and people calling out producers (who really should strive to just keep things in bounds).

    3. The polls say that it wasn’t rigged. Every poll I saw had Jeff getting 80%+ of the vote. If anyone else won it would have been hinky, but Jeff winning was expected.
      That said, there is always a twist like this. Last year America chose to have Dan vote out Jessie. This year a big reason Jeff got the coup d’etat was because America wanted it to be used the way it was, to get Jessie out. It’s not even the first time that they have given the out coup d’etat. And when Mike Boogie got it, he was able to use it for 3 weeks, where Jeff only got it for 2.
      As for Jeff not competing, he was one of the main people behind the attempt to save Braden. That blew up in his face, he had to lay low after that. The time that he was put on the block, he won the POV and got himself off, if not for that he would have went home. Just because his strategy hasn’t been scheming, backstabbing and lying does not mean he hasn’t been playing. He’s actually been building real bonds with people, him and Jordan are the only two people in the house I think can trust each other 110%. He’s also been gathering information on people and he’s proven to be very astute. Before he even got the coup d’etat he saw that the way to destroy that alliance was to take out Jessie and that has definitely proven to be right. He’s also the most level headed person in that house. He knows when to bite his tongue and it’s worked out for him very well.

  12. Please, please, please, please let Chima, Lydia, Natalie and Kevin be have-nots this week. Send these snatches packing.

  13. All the producers want is ratings…which leads to a renewal and more cash. They’ll do whatever they have to if it means they stay.

  14. Hiding stuff is one thing, but messing with someone’s religion (rosary) is crossing the line. Jeff is going to be absolutely furious if he can’t find that rosary. These girls are a disgrace to women!

  15. Did anyone else think Chima’s grandmother seemed to throw her “under the bus”? Can I say grandma called a spade a spade without someone calling me a racist?

    1. Jeff’s cocky? Are you kidding me? He has been sitting on the couch in the backyard for 4 weeks waiting for the other shoe to fall. What having you been watching? I think Team Jesse had the cocky factor all tied up. It is so nice to watch Natalie finally realizing that she doesn’t run the house. Perhaps in the next week or so we will actually see her willing to share beds as everyone else has had to do from the beginning. Chima and Natalie both have hissy fits when they find “their” food is missing from the fridge. It is amazing that they two “strong” women have to resort to messing with other people’s things to feel better. A fact that, if done to them, would send them both to the moon.

  16. Man Jordan and Jeff are so nice wanting to tell Natalie that Jessie got a handjob from Lydia just to try and make her feel worse just cause. I’m sure if Jeff was POV and someone used a wizard power to get rid of Jordan he would be all “This is just a game guys lets have fun”! Seriously why do these people like Jeff and Jordan so much they are ridiculously dumb, they are incredibly boring, and neither even play the game Jeff was forced to play.

  17. omg… nat/lydia/chima=dumbest most annoying HGs ever… Especially Chima. I hope one of these days soon they call her into the DR and say “you wanna leave? good, get your shit together and go.” Damn… i seriousy just want to go into the house and tell them that American hates them and that they are acting like little ass kids.

  18. The power of Coup D’etat had been given out before, but not used as it showed them all discussing. Mike Boogie didn’t use it.
    I wished they would show the feeds to the HG’s for our entertainment after the show is over so we could see the reaction to learning the truth about what each has said about each other. There would be some tears for sure… and maybe an execution.
    The very thing “those” girls are crying about is the same thing they were revelling in last week. The power… and it made them crazy and hateful. Nothing has changed so much accept the tears that now go with the hatefulness.
    As in last season, behind everyone’s back, Jessie and Natalie were bitter, ugly, vulgar and cruel in their assessments of the other HG’s.

    What amazes me is how anyone can think that anything that BB does is unfair. Those of us who follow season after season is not surprised in the least. There is always a power shift of some kind. I’m sure the millions of people who voted for Jeff wasn’t trying to give him an unfair advantage in the game.. just a shot!
    The game is a mind game. Everyone of the HG’s signed contracts, watched previous seasons.. they all knew what they were getting into. Therefore, I have no sympathy if the creeps, punks and buttheads, get what they have coming to them. A bit of misery. :)

    1. OMG – I know!!! That could be a show in itself. Us seeing the HG watch the show for the first time! I so want to know their reactions and see what they think of their fellow HG when its over after they see what we saw.

  19. what type of HOH contest was this… michelle answers two questions and wins HOH!?!?!?!?!?!??!?… boy, those producers/writers were working overtime to get this right… how suspenseful… geesh… kevin and lydia did not have a chance, as they were selected first… i guess they are not as pretty as jeff and jordan… don’tcha just love pretty people winning… they deserve it right… they r so pretty…

  20. Are these bitch’s that dumb,to think they run this house and show?do they know if they are kicked out,there will be no sequester house,its back home bitch’s and plus probally a law suit,they did sign a funny will that be,kicked out and won’t get to see saint jessie.I hope they know,in the real world,that musclehead wouldn’t give them the time of day.who in their right mind would bring lydia or nasty nat home to meet mom?

  21. chima wins HOH, and she loses her biggest ally – THAT IS SO JACKED UP, BB SUX! talk about bending the rules to help out pretty boy jeff… duk that… bb sux… i was a fan, this is so wrong… i don’t like chima and i really don’t like pretty boy jeff… he has done nothing to win… zero… he sux at competitions… america just handed it to him on a platter… like i want to watch this on tv anymore… i wish the dam show would get cancelled… chima got screwed… she is penalized for winning HOH – that is so jacked up… the producers suk crap… she wins and loses because of it… jak it!

  22. I believe that BB set out to see how far people would go to win money. They’ve achieved that! I also believe that the whole BB experiment is a microcosm of society as a whole(i.e, race vs perception, the haves and have nots,etc.,) with that being said, isn’t it a fair statement that generally in our society “the nice guys almost always finish last”? in which case, the “nice guys” were given a boost in the way of a mystery power. and if not, the show surely would have ended with Jessie; who had previous BB experience, winning hands down. and the same people being put up each week, and ultimately voted off! Not fair, in and of itself. But again, it is a game, and any device that would ensure entertainment value, and ratings, is “fair” game. so, Kudos to BB for hooking us all, and provoking deeper thought! BTW, Chima is still a sociopath! and should be allowed to leave(before someone truly gets hurt)

  23. How weird is it that Chima rants about wanting a strong woman who isn’t dependent on a man to win, and she blows up on Russell because he wasn’t attracted to her while commiserating with a group of needy hangers-on who are willing to throw themselves on their swords for a narcissistic misogynist using them as a human shield.

  24. the game is to send the biggest threat packing as soon as possible not keep them around…Chima is not the biggest threat left in the house…just mouthy. the winner of BB would have looked past the small stuff and stayed focused…right now that person is neither Jeff, Jordan, Natalie or Chima.

  25. wow…jessie had these 3 dumb broads by the palm of his hands…lol…lydia was the chickenhead in this “love triangle” and yelled “abuse” from jessie a few days ago…yet…she still balls her eyes out…her family/friends must be so ashamed of her…LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! stupid chics…now they want to give up the chance of winning 500k just cuz roid head got booted….

  26. i thought I would pee myself watching the three witches from Macbeth crying over Jesse last night. Chima (head witch) ” he was so chivalrous, boo-hoo”, Lydia (total nut job witch) He never said anything bad about anyone! boo-hoo” and Natalie (cauldron stirrer Witch) “he was nice to everyone, boo-hoo” Man oh man that was the funniest thing I have ever seen – wait to see how long that coven lasts when Michelle put two of them up today.

  27. It’s time for the producers to lay down the law with Chima, Lydia and Natalie by calling their bluff instead of rewarding their whining and disrespect for the Game by giving them gifts to stay.

    They all have repeatedly broken the rules (not sleeping in the Have-Not Room, etc.) and by making direct physical threats to harm Jeff and Russell. They have each threatened to ignore BB’s calls to the DR and to attempt to make the show as boring as possible.

    Let them quit if they want and then inform them that they are in breach of contract and will not be receiving their stipend. This way, BB will actually have more time and money to spend on the House Guests that are really playing the game. It would be simple to make up the time by just eliminating the double eviction competition.

    I think that if Chima were the first to be removed due to her threats, then Lydia and Natalie might just realize that BB is serious and that they (Lydia/Natalie) would back down from their planned ultimatums and begin to play the game properly.

    Jef was correct when he said that they should be appreciate and be happy with what BB has already given them. It’s more than they had when they came into the House. They are provided with free food, drink, prizes and are also being paid to play a game. What more could you ask for?

    Finally, Chima’s 9/11 comments and her defamation of “middle-easterners” as being terrorists went way beyond the pale and is disrespectful to all those that perished on that fateful day and is also insulting to an entire culture. She, out of all the House Guests, should know better than to bring up racial insults and biases.

    BB, please don’t bribe Chima, Lydia or Natalie to stay any longer. I want to watch a game where people actually want to be there to play. If they don’t want to be there, then let them go home. This will also set an example for future season contestants, that they are to come to play the game and to be entertaining and that they will not be rewarded for bad behavior or disrespect for the show’s producers or the audience.

    1. At this point, I would rather CBS allow Natalie, Chima and Lydia to leave and bring back any 3 of the already evicted houseguests – it would be a much more interesting and tough game to watch. I don’t even like Ronnie and Jessie much, but would much rather watch them than the coven of witches.

    2. Its amazing for such “strong” women, especially Chima, they have let this destroy them and take them to a whole new low in morality. And all this for a guy they knew for 4 weeks. I think they were star struck. Perhaps this will show the producers that bringing back past year contestants is a bad idea.

  28. How are people bitching about jeff not playing!! Anytime it mattered he won and if it benefited him to lose he gave up the power and has still lasted to the end! Thats what bb is about! not showing your hand too soon and getting booted yet staying in the game! he’s not just a pretty face he’s really smart and he did exactly what i hoped!!! Talk about unfair.. jesse lost once and got to come back as HOH week one!!! WTF?!? Im so excited about what happened, and as a woman i am soooo disappointed in Chima/Nat/Lyd!! Its a game! Get your head right and effin play! Or hopefully Michelle sends you packing! Even Jesse said Jeff is sooo smart for this move! They are saying how its not fair Jesse didn’t get to play for POV but all 3 of them have suggested back dooring one player or another! Screw them!! GO JEFF!!

    1. I agree! How is that Jesse’s game is somehow better? He got to come in on the best team (athletes) without having to compete and was then handed HOH. Somehow that seems fairer than America trying to even it up some and giving Jeff the coup d’tat? And why is it that Chima has all of these fond memories of Ronnie “saving” her the first week but can’t seem to remember who put her up there – her idol Jesse!! Go figure.

  29. Kevin is actually playing this smart. He is just keeping quiet.

    Lydia is an idiot!

    Natalie and Chima need to go next.

    Good job America, we got it right giving the power to Jefe!

    1. we got it right?
      YOU FOOLS got it all wrong!
      Jessie Played the best game he could according to the rules so they changed the rules, plain and simple…

  30. Big Brother is definitely a game, and there is no assurance for ‘fairness’ (if everyone could even agree on what that is) or a level playing field in a game. A LOT of competitions are designed to favor specific skill sets- Jessie wouldn’t even be in the house if the first HOH competition wasn’t totally geared toward the Athletes.

    Jeff has been playing well- he through the HOH competition to Russel a few weeks ago after Russel gave his word that Jeff and Jordan would be safe. He’s certainly playing strategically. Also, he’s hilarious!

    Go Kevin, Michelle, Jeff, and Jordan!

  31. The plane is about to take flight. Banner will read: “Nat is 24, Chima is a psychopath: Double Eviction 8/20”. Who’s with me? Have any other ideas?

  32. I think what people continually fail to understand is this show is a game, but a game that also is supposed to represent a social experiment. The rules are farely well-known for people that follow the show that you are to “expect the unexpected”. This means that the producers or whatever can manipulate the outcome, that is essentially part of the game.

    People complain that the Coup d’etat was unfair, but are we forgetting life in general isn’t fair and often rewards people based on things clearly as shallow as looks, or charm. So, in essence this show is just attempting to accurately portray reality by giving advantages to certain individuals that happen to be more popular. To use a sports analogy, star athletes always get preferential treatment from their coaches and even from the referees on calls. Attractive people earn higher salaries on average, and hell job interviews themselves are used to gauge the personality and likeability of a person before they get hired. This is just a part of life.

    As for Jeff not playing the game and/or winning anything, that is another bogus point. First off, simply because he doesn’t scheme or makeup lies or use verbal warfare to make moves doesn’t mean he’s not playing the game. Any “game” there are multiple ways to win which is why sports are so entertaining because we get to see differing ideologies and systems go against each other. Jeff is simply imploying a different method which is to lay low and use his own gifts to his advantage. Why would you expect him to do something he isn’t equiped to do simply because you think that’s the only way one can play the game? Isn’t he playing for the money and not your entertainment?? Also we should remember that Dr. Will didn’t win one competition in his WINNING year and yet he’s considered one of the better players ever, so how do people attack Jeff’s inability to win at competitions as a negative?

    Every contestant was well aware that the public would be watching, and that in the past the public has had a say in the game in some manner. So they all could have attempted to act in a manner that would garner support however that wasn’t part of Chima’s play and now she’s punished for it. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it?

    1. Football is a game too…
      but they don’t give away touchdowns to losers…
      there is fairness and then there is lets just change the rules so we can appease our audience, this years Coup was a joke.
      WOW I am bored this morning.
      I am bording becoming a TOOL…

      1. I would agree with you if they had actually changed the rules but I’m pretty sure that this is part of the rules. That is, it is built into the rules that the BB Producers have the discretion to alter the game as they see fit. This would be similar to discretion that officials have in making on-the-field calls but not completely make up a new rule. The creation of Coup d’etat wasn’t a new thing, nor was it unexpected as the HG’s were all aware it was a distinct possibilty. If, lets say the producers just eliminated someone because they were disliked then that would be unfair.
        My point is, would you be upset if it happened to you (the Coup d’etat power), yes of course you would. But also you have to look at the history of the game and rules set out (which would almost certainly include a caveat to allow this) and realize that, while you feel robbed, it is part of the GAME – just like a poker player feels robbed about a “bad beat” but eventually realizes that that’s part of the game.
        Additionally, as I mentioned this is a game/hybrid/social experiment taking aspects of reality into it (as much as people don’t want to believe, people do act like this is real life to some extremes). So I was just pointing out that real life doesn’t always reward those that you might think are the most deserving. I don’t follow these shows that much (though I have gotten into this one) but isn’t it common place in shows like this and Survivor that the people that demonstrate the greatest skill tend to get evicted first because their seen as threats? So rarely it seems that the BEST competition people win but rather someone that can adapt to the changing environment of the game week to week.

  33. For all you Jessie fans… get over it. Do you really think if he made it to the final 2 he would have gotten votes for the $500K. No way. He cant be stupid enough to think he could win, neither can his alliance. He was LUCKY enough to get to play the game TWICE… there was no way he could honestly think anyone would vote for him to win the game. As for his alliance, only reason they are missing him is he helped carry them along – purely selfish reasons on their parts. And Chima if you want to complain about BB not being fair – while your bitchin to them, ask whats fair about someone getting TWO chances to play the game. Thats the biggest “unfair” move BB made, but funny how you don’t see that! Hypocrite!

    1. Or the fact that she can call Russell a terrorist and it get edited for the non live feed watchers that she was saying that because he terrorizes the house. They protected her character to America while she made Braden look like a racist pig. Chima, lets stop being a hypocrite and leave “fairness” out of it.

      1. HAHA great comeback, like that group, no substance to your reply. Sounds like your a poor sport as much as the Chima/Natalie/Jessie gang.

  34. Did anyone else notice that Michelle’s left titty is smaller than her right one. Her brain is as lopsided as her tits. I’m just saying.

  35. Chima is acting like a spoiled 2 year old! GROW UP!!! It’s a freaking game. I already think she should be thrown out of the house for what she has said. It’s out and out slander. I just can’t understand how the producers can sit there and let her say the crap she is and basically say that she’s not going to follow the rules. I also pray she’s a Have Not.. How sweet would that be? She is by far the nastiest player in BB history.. I cannot wait until she gets voted out! Gonna be the best week ever.

  36. It turn out that Michelle is planning to stab Chima in the heart and back. Wow, Michelle is a snake. If it was up to me for sure Michelle and Russell would be out of the game. Please Russell do you snake moves and get both Jeff and Michelle out.

    No, I have not always agreed with Chima’s conduct but she was the only one that gave Michelle the benefit of the doubt in the house. Goes to show that you can’t trust people.

    Jeff should not win. America has given him enough. Jordan is riding the coat tails of Jeff and now Michelle.

    1. Michelle is an excellent player, and very smart. She has been underestimated in this game. At least she hasn’t said the hateful and disrespectful things Chima has screamed. I am not catholic, but I think taking other people’s things and messing with their stuff is cowardly – and taking a rosary is over the line!

    2. Wow, Michelle is going to stab Chima in the heart and back. Because that team wasn’t planning to do that to her, were they? Have you been paying attention? I also find it interesting that the NBK somehow think that since they didn’t directly target Jeff and Jordan that they should be grateful but the fact is that they WERE targeted since their teammates were targeted. Which apparently is the exact reason they are so upset over Jesse leaving. None of them were actually targeted either (or at least Chima and Lydia). I guess my point is if they are going to use a particular point of logic in their argumetns, they should at least use that same logic across the board.

    3. “Michelle is a snake…”. Really?!?!? R U even watching? Chchchchima(pet) was more than eager to make up lies about Mich when it served her purposes. She only started kissing her ass when she wanted to lock in enuf votes to evict Russ. That’s when she made up this “girl power” BS. Girl power means Chiapet only. Everyone else is expendable. It’s funny how we are all hearing about “St. Jessie”, but this week Chi &nat were tlking about how he had to go in two weeks

    4. Chima gave Michelle the benefit of the doubt? lol thats for sure…if she wasnt so happy to go against a man she would have realized that Michelle was lying( which she was). Chima hates men thats plain and simple, and thats fine but for someone who professes to be a strong woman she is sure carrying on like a dumbass over Jessie leaving..I agree with the person saying” I hope they get on the have not’s” becuase I for one would love to see them leave…once they got out in the real world they would give their collective heads a shake and say : “oh yeah…I was supposed to be trying to win bigbrother”.Schemeing and lying and backstabbing are all part of big brother but her screeching banshee mouth and her hatred take the fun out of this season for me.

    1. Has anyone ever seen people use so much lotion in their lives? I don’t even think I own a bottle of lotion. And Chima has this whole 5 lotion protocol. Weird…

  37. c’mon – they need to grow up. how can they get away with taking/hiding other HG’s personal stuff? Chima taking Jeff’s rosary…that is not right when it comes to religion or religious items. They are getting out of control and BB needs to straighten that out. I know it is a game and I undertand the frustration, mental, arguing etc…but the taking of personal things is not cool and the desctruction….c’mon.

    1. actually they would bring back Laura, Casey, and Ronnie because they lasted the longest. I hate Ronnie, BUT he would have no allies si it would be fine:p

    2. I totally agree. But if the three crybabies REALLY quit and were sent to the jury house, the only truly fair thing would be to bring back Jessie, Ronnie, and Casey (the last three eliminated).

    3. No kidding! Heck, I would even be okay with them bringing back any of the evicted HG including Ronnie or Jesse. I think it is a travesty that Chima, Lydia and Natalie had to be talked into staying. I’ll bet Jesse hits the roof when he finds out that they would have just quit when he had to go home considering he would have given his right arm to have stayed. I think they need to do better psychological testing for BB12 to keep nutjobs like these 3 off the show. They obviously don’t care about winning or the money. I guess they only wanted to be in their for the “career” advancement they are looking for and now they are tired of playing. Next season, producers should look for folks who actually want/need the money and not players with agents.

  38. for those who are bitching about Jeff and the power he had and how it was not right for him to dethrown queen chi chi chi cha pet let us not forget SHE was ALLOWED to play in a hoh comp that was way to easy and she could have won it again how many times in bb history was a outgoing hoh allowed to play in the very next hoh comp and let us not for get the i loves me some me jessie was giving his hoh at the start of the show he did not have to compete for it at all i for one am done with bb i think they caved in to chima and her evil ways of being a human they need to set childma down and say you want to walk then walk wait better yet let her stay and bring back EVIL DICK beens bb like to brink others back

  39. I think you all need to go onto the CBS site and submit a complaint ..there is a place at the bottom of the big brother page that indicates user comments…you then can choose comment or complaint..lots of people have already complained about Chima’s racist remarks and the fact that she is breaking contract…I already have

  40. I’m blown away! I cannot believe how Chitma, Lydia and Natalie are behaving. It’s okay for them to throw a party and be happy and lie and cheat and stab people in the back but, when the cards turn on them they throw their temper tantrums, whine, hide stuff and CRY! For God’s Sake – is this how they act in the real world? They go to the DR and threaten to walk out – so production gives them gifts? Rewarding their bad behavior?? PLEASE!! I can overlook Natalie and Lydia (if I have to LOL) but, Chitma and her continual racist and bigoted comments are WAY, WAY out of line. People say white ppl perpetuate the hate? Excuse me – CHITMA?? If Michelle turns on Jeff, Jordan and Russell she is done for – they will use her up and throw her away in a New York minute. GO Jeff, Jordan, Russell, Kevin and Michelle!!

  41. I have never seen three more useless human beings in my entire life. Natalie and Lydia are gonna team up for revenge? What are they going to name themself? Team can’t win shit? They are carrying on like idiots

  42. Game or no Game,,, what is spewing off of Chima,s tongue & over her lip,s is dead wrong & it hurts people ! What she said about Jeff,s ear really hurt me,,,, I have a sweet GRANDSON who was born a very low weight baby & Mommy did all things right, but he has C.P. & wears braces on both legs & he can run & play , but it takes time for him to catch up,,& was on a breathing machine a few weeks in Mott,s Children,s Hospital, so what give,s her the RIGHT TO MAKE FUN OF SOMEONE THAT WAS,T BORN SO PERFECT. IT IS HATE,,, JUST PLAIN HATE, & IF SHE WAS A RAPE VICTIM ,,,,I FEEL NOTHING FOR HER,,,, SHE GOT TO FIGHT-BACK-HARD,,, MY GRANDSON HAD TO FIGHT WITH LOVE & A LOT OF HELP & PRAYERS, & HE IS STILL FIGHTING EVERYDAY FOR THE GOOD OF LIFE.. And HE SURE BRING,S JOY TO OTHERS,,,, CHIMA IS A FEEL SORRY FOR ME DEAL….!!!

  43. All the evicted house guests except for Jesse have been in the real world and cannot come back.

    So stop suggesting it.

  44. Lydia is the most ungrateful and thoughtless twit in the game. She is ignoring the fact that it was Jeff that took her off the block, when her own friend Kevin did not, and aligns herself with the exact people that would have gladly voted her out in favor of Jessie. If Michelle is smart she put Chima and Natalie up on the block and if by chance one of them comes down then put Lydia up because it betters her own chances in the game and because any one of those three would put her up in a heart beat if given the opportunity.

  45. Strong women? They are crying over a man leaving who carried them through the game and are now ready to lay down and die. Now that the puppet master is gone I think things are going to turn in the game. Unfortunately, we have to listen to the whining trio until they’re gone. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they walked out. They were toasting “the legend”. He’s the legendary two time BB loser!

  46. Good God those three are acting extremely immature :/ They act like Jessie done died.
    What me and my sister done said, let those 3 walk out and bring back Casey, Braden, and Laura. I hope they get the have nots. If they are talking about leaving if they get it and breaking the rules, then maybe they will get kicked out.

  47. Chima is the WORST reality ho EVER!! She makes Ronnie the fat bastard look like Saddam Hussein and Chima is Osama bin Laden.

  48. Unless she is the greatest actress since Katherine Hepburn – Michele is putting up Chima and either Natalie or Lydia prob. Lydia and the reason is a simple one – she really dislikes all three and is comfortable with the Jeff team. She doesn’t like all the lies and scheming and she REALLY hates that the three idiots messed up Jeffs and Russels things and stole Jeff’s blankets and rosary – who steals someones rosary?????? Michele thinks how can she trust three people who act like selfish four year olds????

  49. Chima is such a horse face bitch. I thought i hated Natalie(and I do) but damn, Chima needs to be in a mental ward as does Lydia. One would think after being taken off the block, Lydia would be grateful but instead she is crying over Jesse?????!??!??!? I really do not have a problem with Jesse but he is not the second coming of Christ, good god.

  50. Stealing the rosary is below low, wow, Chima has no respect for anyone (especially for someone that is always preaching about respect and DEMANDING it from other while showing it to no one). I totally love what Jeff did tonight. Amazing. Lydia is such a tool. I hope shes gone soon. They gotta oust Chima, that is the next power house that needs to go. I think BB should step in especially with the rosary, that could push a religious person over the edge! These people are all like an anti Christ, I swear. BB has changed in these last years, it appears to be “you need to help my game and if you don’t – then YOU’RE an idiot” it’s about helping YOUR OWN game not someone elses! GOOOOOOOOO JEFF!

  51. What a bunch of crazies. Jessie was definately going to put Jeff up next week, in fact they all said they wanted him gone. Its an Fing game, Jeff did the best move by getting rid of one of the strongest competitors. Now Lydia wants to leave so she can be with Jessie? I hope Chima goes, she should not being saying the things that she does on TV or even out loud, comparing herself to the TWIN TOWERS 9/11 attack??? Who does she think she is? I can;t stand the sound of her voice anymore.

    By the way stealing someone’s rosary?? WTF Chima, you need to go. Natalie you next, then Lydia.

  52. Ok Well Chima is a loud mouth Bitch…Lucky The men have manners and don’t knock the C*** OUT…..and look at LYDIA kissing CHIMA’S ass….Jeff takes her off the block but yet she is acting silly….what a DUNMBASS…….CHIMA HAS TO GO CRY BABY……..LYDIA IS WORTHLESS….
    Natalie is a follower what ever DOGMA DOES THERE IS NATALIE……
    Michele has to put those immature little la la’s up on the block and hoping Russ or Jeff orJordan wins POV….all I know thos 3 really have to go double eviction thursday …

  53. Michelle and Russell are the low down dirty players in the game. Jordan is riding jeff coat tails and brain cells. Nat, Chima and Lydia are letting their emotion get in the way of their gam play. Jeff taking advantage of awards that he didn’t earn.

    I hope that KEVIN wins!!!!

    1. Here is a million dollars… you did nothing to earn it.. Would you spend it, or give it back?

      Remember, Jessie didn’t do anything to earn his way back into the house in episode 1, NOR did he do anything to earn the first HOH. Braden left because of the free gift to Jessie, and Braden was Jeff & Jordan’s friend.

    2. Clearly shameful you are not watching BB11. Michelle and Russ have not once hurled racial comments on any other contestants. Chima has. Neither Michelle or Russ have spit on another hg to incite them to violence in order that they get arrested, thrown in jail for assault charges and sodomized on a daily basis. Chima has. Neither Michelle or Russ have stolen belongings from another houseguest. Chima has. Clearly Chima is playing beyond dirty. Get your facts straight shameful

  54. If they don’t do what they’re supposed to with the have-not, they need to get kicked out and not be allowed to go to the jury and like MeMeMe said, bring back Casey, Braden and Laura in their place.

  55. This season is boring compared to the others. I was bored with it weeks ago. There are no good characters or storylines this year. At least Jesse had a personality that you loved to hate last year and tons of good game playing. I fall asleep while my wife watches them now and she makes me check to see what is going on! Good site and nice job with keeping up with the details. It is amazing what you do here.

  56. everyone that believes those three..nat..chima and lydia have gone too far with their mouths and actions please go to CBS site to viewer feedback and write in..maybe if enough do CBS will “grow” some and remove them all….

  57. All the house guest should know that when it comes to America nobody likes arrogant people,bitchy,psychotic asses!! Why do u think as soon as Jessie found out America had given a power he started being Mr Nice Guy.These girls are just freaking pathetic(nat,chima,lydia) so so so sad. Like Chima said “grow a pair”

  58. I also agree that CBS needs to remove Chima from the game. She is making threats, damaging peoples property, and not following the rules. Her comments about Russell being a terrorist and she is the twin towers should have been grounds enough. I love this show and love what Jeff did, America gave Jeff the power because he was the only one in the house who is using his head rather than his heart to play the game. If CBS does in fact monitor this site please remove Chima, you are supporting a racism by keeping her in the game and buying/paying her to stay. Do the right thing and have her removed. Also what an idiot Lydia is, Jeff just removed her from the block, something that Keving refused to do and she is against him and mourning Jessie? Seriously, she needs to be evicted just for being a moron. I think that we will see how insignificant Natalie really is now, I don’t think that she will amount to much. Someone said in a previous post to remove Chima, Natalie and Lydia and bring back some evictd house guests, but that would only screw Jeff and Jordan, Michelle and Russell and all of the work that they have done thus far. Please CBS show some class and give Chima the boot, your network is better off without her on it.

  59. BB — are you kidding me — have you been watching the feeds? Chima needs to leave; she slanders everybody in the house, talks smack about everyone except her precious Nat and Jessie (good riddance). You think she gives Michelle the benefit of the doubt, I think you are forgetting her past behavior. Michelle is playing a good game – America is seeing it to and that is why they gave Jeff the power (he’s also playing a good game) — they are not WHINING COMPLAINERS. I say let CBS send Nat, Chima and Lydia home! I’m sick of their complaining!

  60. I had to turn BBAD off last night, I could not take anymore of the 3 of them crying over Jesse like he was dead or something. The other side of the house has had 3 members of their team voted out and you never saw them acting as pethedically as they are. GROW UP please… I cant wait to see Chima go! She is by far the worst person I have ever seen on BB

  61. BB just jumped the shark…
    I try not to care too much who wins, obviously people have favorites or those they don’t really like, but Jessie got SCREWED! I admit to not thinking much of Jessie after last season, but he really grew up this year and was playing an almost flawless game. He established a really good alliance with the strongest players in the House, (like him or not Ronnie did win HOH) if Russel the idiot keeps Ronnie that Alliance Rolls through this entire game. That team won EVERY HOH comp. Jessie got screwed b/c America likes idiots (jeff and Jordan are idiots) Lovable sure, nice people ok, but dumb as posts!
    Sorry Jessie, you played really really well and got screwed by BB and America…
    Why bother watching anymore if “america” does not like the outcome of who actually WINS competitions they can always cry and get their way…BORING!
    Thanks for Nothing BB…

    1. I disagree with what you said. Jessie didn’t get screwed by America, he was the strongest player in the game and was NOT going to win. Even if he made it to final 4 or 5, the other houseguests would have orchestrated his demise because he is the biggest threat to win. He was “TOO GOOD” of a player and it would hurt him.

      Jumping the Shark…. HAHAHA I disagree with your reasoning, but “Jumping the Shark” is funny as shit. Kudos.

  62. I thought taking things that don’t belong to you and you don’t have permission to take is theft, along with trashing people’s personal belongings is destruction of private property. Aren’t these crimes? How about making threats to do bodily harm, or threatening to spit on people? Isn’t that atleast considered harrassment? Yelling out racial slurs? Last I knew there were strict laws on hate crimes like those. I don’t know, but as far as I can see, Chima has been getting rewards all along by not being removed from the house like other past guests were, for less than that.If anybody is going to end up in prison, for thier behavior outside of this house, it’ll be her, for sure.

  63. Chima is awesome! GIRL POWER! Russell is a terrorist! He terrorized Ratboy, he tried to terrorize Chima, but she was too strong a woman for his bitch ass! Russell is a bully. He uses his ‘might’ to
    intimidate people, and he’s mad because it didn’t work on Chima. Jeff’s a wuss because he let Russell get in his head, and Jordan is hanging off of Jeffs ball sacks riding his dingaling all the way to the end. I say more power to Kevin, Chima, and Michele!

    1. Girl Power? Please… No sane woman would be proud of what Chima’s doing!!! Even her own grandparents were embarassed by her actions!!! Girl power, my a**! Wacko power!

        1. Chimasawesome…obviously you too need to get your head checked with your lunatic Chima houseguest. You should be ashamed of yourself. Chima’s actions aren’t girl power -its disgusting, vile, classless. Clearly you are a supporter of a racist, a thief, and a bigot. Get a life

    2. I guess being a thief and stealing someones rosary is Girl Power – you stupid moron???? I can’t wait for Chima to go on the block – her weave will stand right up!!!!

        1. You kidding??? Its easy to write off a fool like you who screams Girl Power no matter that the subject is hateful, petty and a thief. But you overlook all that and just say Girl Power – yep you are a moron.

          1. You’re the moron. You’re basically on a blog calling someone you have no clue about a moron. That makes you the stupid one. LOL

  64. Now we can see how Charles Manson twisted all of those kids heads.
    The 3 amigosLyd, Chi, and Nat, would have done anything that Jesse wanted.
    This is scary!!!!!
    Crying over someone who backed down from Russell like the punk he was.
    If it were me I would have taken the beating by Russell rather than showing the world I was a muscle bound punk who was shitting in his pants.
    Charlie Manson and his girl followers.

  65. They would probably just cancel the double eviction next week, and the following one. If they had to bring someone back, they would unfortunately bring back Jessie (last evicted, only one in jury house). BUT if they did that, it would probably be suicide for the show to *UNDO* the twist because the results pissed off the house guests. I guarantee that if that happens, they will do a better job of screening the contestants and possibly throw more twists into the game in the future, to prevent those strong of bonds being formed.

  66. Wow catty little things. There’s appreciation Lydia is begging and pleading for a Prince Charming to take her of the block. Jeff saves her and sends Jessie (who would not even plead her case) home. BB has to crack down or their is going to be altercations not in the good sense. Personal property is is personal property. I don;t care who pisses you off you leave it alone, and the bedsheet and other stuff is childish and willl fuel it. BB has to make them stick by the rules and punish them by putting them all on have-nots. if they bounce they bounce. I was pulling for Lydia but after this I am so disappointed.Why do these girl seem to think they are owed something. You sign a cintract you play by the rules. Time to grow up. Deep down i think they are all talk and if big brother lays down the law they will back down.

  67. So everyone that is crying for the worst alliance in bb history “jessie, natalie, chima, lydia”

    The vote was fair i guess what you should have done is got online and voted more for your pathetic alliance to win the CDT power, you could have voted non stop for one of these pathetic excuses of humans to win the power. Instead the MAJORITY of america sees them for what they are!

    Jeff has played the game and made it far without any help from his so called “click”.

    Quit complaining about Jeff winning the power and blame yourself for not voting enough for your side the vote was open to everyone guess in life people didnt vote for the “pretty people” just voted for the ones that were not vile and disgusting rude racist pigs!

    1. The funny thing is Lydia was never on their alliance and in fact had been put up by that team to be voted out several times. Simply she is not there to play the game but to get Jesse. She even said vote me out because I don’t want to play anymore. She is a skank and way too desperate for a man. Lydia YOU NEED TO STAY IN THE GAME to win the money and get those snarly teeth fixed. Jesse does not and never has liked or respected you. You are a sad case of very very low self esteem.

  68. Lydia gives a bad name to women. Your best friend didn’t take you off the block, Chima put you up, Lydia hates you and your pissed at Jeff who took you off while you sit with the people who hate you … STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID Biatchhhhhhhhhhhhh …. from a mamas mouth … you won’t win shit .. STOOPPID girl STOOPID game …. Go Jeff, Russ and Jordan …

  69. There are many, many concerns stated so far.
    * You have a person who was supposedly raped in the past and now saying that they wish another person would be sent to prison and BE raped. That is sick and wrong on many levels.
    * House guests supposedly in breach of their contracts and being rewarded by the producers.
    * Theft of personal property. There are laws about this and maybe CBS is culpable for allowing it. The property owner is entitled protection under the law and a contract to participate in the show should not mitigate that right. This is not to mention the many terroristic threats being made by some…again is CBS culpable?
    * CBS has consistently advertised 24/7 coverage with a paid enrollment. They have done this for years. They have willfully and frequently not provided this as evidenced by their feed cuts. The producers can control their content however CBS may be open to a class action law suit for their lack of truth in advertising. If a class action was brought I wonder if it will effect previous years sales of feeds? Wow…could be a lot of money here! Maybe CBS is not watching the store and the producers of the show are going to give away the farm?
    * Entertainment is one thing but blatantly condoning breaking laws…shame on you CBS.

    1. You can complain to cbs on their website. At the bottom select feedback and register your complaint. I did it and you can too

  70. Chima is the Twin Towers? What a terribly tasteless thing to say, not like we should expect anything different from her.

    1. Chima is a total disgrace to all females. Between Chima and Lydia I don’t know who has more mental issues, it might be about even. Both are insulting and really have no idea of what they are saying, they just talk and talk about nothing, just nasty things about other people. Disgusting remark about Chima being twin towers, that is such an insulting thing to say and she should have not said it. She needs to apologize for her stupid and ignorant remark but she won’t because according to her, she does no wrong but she is totally wrong about everything. She sure loves herself and is full of herself. LOL

  71. If these crazies don’t do as they are supposed to, don’t they get penalties which could lead to their ultimate eviction? I don’t think they will walk out the door. They are just sore losers. Lydia is ungrateful that she was saved, and for the life of me, can’t understand her devotion to Jesse. She’s got low self esteem issues. Chima is undoubtedly the most annoying chick ever in BB. Natalie is all talk. I don’t mind Kevin, but I think he’s ultimately controlled by Chima. He did pick Russel and Jeff to go head to head in the HOH challenge, after Chima’s prompting.

    I really hope Michelle is smart and puts up Chima and Natalie. This nomination will really show who she is alligned with. Which, I guess is a good thing for Jeff/Jordan. I don’t really know where she stands in her alliance.

    Go team Jeff/Jordan. I really hope Michelle and Russell mend fences and become an unstoppable 4some force against the crazie bee-atches!

  72. By the way Chima isn’t awesome yet she is a spoiled brat. I believe and like strong women, being loud and abnoxious is not being strong. Strength comes in, knowing the situation, making an assessment and exercising the plan. Standing up for what you believe to be right, but not to be blinded by your own ego, Acceptance of reality, and working within it. Daily I face each day with strength and humility. I have a degenerative arthritic condition in my spinal chord and pain is a constant companion. I have a tooped back and people tend to shy away from me, I don’t rage against them for doing it. THey do not know who I am and just judge what they see. Chima is still young and will in time become strong if she sets aside herself. I have endured this condition and have accepted it with grace and realize it has brought me other gifts, a more reflective view of the world,others and myself. The WOlf is an aboriginal sign of endurance, explains why i am drawn to them.

    1. You speak with grace and I admire the fact that you can lay out an honest criticism without totally obliterating the woman. I tend to want to stick up for people who others seem to want to down in a way that I view is unfair. And though I don’t agree with ALOT of Chimas behavior, she’s still a human being only guilty of exercizing her strength the only way she knows how now. I value people like you who can somewhat be objective instead of being a judgemental internet bully.

      1. Take a good look at yourself Chimawesome, because the last few postings did not reflect an individual who was enlightened or sane.

  73. WTF! How can these lil wining asses get away with this shit! BB PLEASE step up and be the man..errr…woman..errr.whatever you are and put a stop to this, tell them 3 to effin leave then! (I mean who really cares) Let them all go back to the jury house w/ Charlie…opps…jessie and they all 4 can have a big ol foursome!!

  74. These girls are absolute idiots! And, that Lydia is one twisted little mind f*!k! Chima is the only racist in the house, (what an embarrassment for her family!!!) And Natalie should be ashamed of herself for being so 2 faced (gee, now she’s friends with Lydia?) And stealing people’s stuff? Really? Really? GROW UP LOSERS!!!!

  75. @ JUST A DUDE. Ya know when you think about it everything you’ve said is right. Most people who sympathize with Chima do so because she was blatantly attacked by bloggers from the beginning, and no one really said too much about the shortcomings of Jeff and Jordan. Them being attractive has nothing to do with how they are playing the game. I myself am more apt to vie for someone who is playing hard and is not an a-hole about it. Jesse to me was the only one playing hard, but he was doomed from the beginning because of how things went down last season.

    At the end of the day though one cannot dispute your input.

    1. Chima not being an a_hole, she has stirred the pot like everyone else plotted and planned, being an a-hole is stealing someone’s personal things, and being destructive. Now i will grant she was boozed up and took pills (never a good combination) and i can take the tough talk as booze muscles ( i have been that way before) but i can not tolerate willful destruction and theft of personal property. I appreciate she had a horrendous experience, but you grow from those and hopefully for the better. If she wants to council other victims, she has to stop making victims of others by violating their property. It’s not the same as rape, but it is a total lack of respect for another’s individual’s rights, and also a total disrespect of yourseld. I think Chima could be a good councillor but she has to start offering respect to others.

      1. @ Wolven— Well yeah, now that she’s supposedly took someones property, I can see why negativity would be thrown her way for that action. Theft isn’t a good look for anyone. It just seems as though people attacked her from jump because she had an attitude, but hey alot folks have attitudes, you can’t attack them, but you have to just try to learn and understand their circumstances. I would just like to see equal opportunity dissing. Jeff and Jordan aren’t innocent. I feel this way especially after watching Jordan on BBAD speak negatively of them. Jordan hadn’t much to say until the power shifted. That is cowardice. The other girls were straight up from the beginning.

      2. Chima would be a good counselor??Are you nuts?? Chima shouldn’t be near anyone vulnerable. The woman spit on a contestant. She wants to incite russ to violence so that he hits her, gets thrown in jail and sodomized on a daily basis. This trash came out of her mouth on live feeds. And this is the counselor you are advocating for? She was raped for goodness sake, why wish it on anyone else? Now she steals Russ rosary because he is a devout catholic. She calls him a terrorist because of his lebanses heritage. And mind you she said that it is permissible to call him a terrorist because american hate middle easterners. This is the individual you want counselling disadvantaged, minority, or marginalized groups. Chima has so much hatred from her experiences and before she should even be allowed to participate in public life-she needs serious therapy.

  76. Jessie deseverses to leave….his first HOH was handed to him and the second was luck. Chima talks about “girl power” yet she calls Jordan a hoe and bitch for no reason. And destroying a person’s personal property is childish. Also I can’t wait until Nat hears about Lydia’s handjobs haha. Pathetic. Go Jeff, Jordan, & Michelle!

  77. Please BB put a STOP to this crap by these spoiled stupid girls. They have seen the show before. There are twists and turns in the GAME and i mean GAME!!! Just because it went against you does not mean you can not win. If you win HOH you will make it to the finals. Isn’t that why you signed up for this game. GROW-UP!! BB tell them to shape up or GET the F**K OUT!!!!!!!

  78. Chima is a racist, I can’t believe what she is saying! She needs to be kicked out of BB! She is a loud mouth annoying bitch. She thinks she is the queen of the castle but she is far from it….she thinks America loves her….well America does not love her and she has bashed a culture just because Russ wouldn’t give in to her. GO JEFF/JORDAN/RUSS/MICHELLE!!!

      1. Also not everyone has the live feeds which does cost the money. I don’t because I won’t pay for it and I just read the stuff here.

  79. I am so irritated with Chima. She is very mean spirited. Those girls are whining about how it isn’t fair that Jeff got the “wizard power”, he didn’t even do anything, but what they are not realizing is that this show is also about America’s input, which is why it’s popular. Did they not watch the show before? For the last couple of years, there was input from America. IT’S PART OF THE GAME.

    I hope that Michelle does not get swayed by those gals and keeps an alliance with Jeff, Jordan and Russell. I think they would be a great team to go to final 4 together.

  80. You know production really should have a talk with Chima! Her calling ppl a terrorist and referring herself as the twin towers is total Bull**it! That was a tragic accident and some of us know ppl who died that day. This is a F***ing GAME! Get over yourself! Those 3 (chima Nat, Lydia) need to grow some balls and play the game! Yes girl power…woo hoo more power to you but unless you play the game like a game you can’t win! Sitting around crying like a baby about Jessie being gone is so 12! Production if they wanna go home send their asses home and bring back Casey Braden and Laura!!!!!

  81. Wow, Chima, Lydia, and Natalie are ridiculous! I cannot believe this…no one else has been like this when they are on the losing side. They really are messing with the other HG stuff? That is so childish! Let them ALL walk please, they don’t deserve to be in the game. I CANNOT believe that CBS is giving them gifts! The producers need to intervene with their actions – they should not be allowed to do this stuff. I really hope Michelle sees through all their bullshit.

  82. if chima does not go this week i will stop watching BB. i CAN NOT watch such a low ife person such as chima anymore. the idea that she would take jeff’s rosery’s and hide them….pure evil and should not be allowed.the fact that she spouts racist remarks about a certain ethnic group if people is dispicable! she is under the impression she is owed everything.karma will show her what is owed.
    lydia and nat are just sick people…especially lydia. the poor wackjob has no idea what reality is and has no self respect.

  83. I think big brother erred with the coup d’ etat. I don ‘t see any difference in the things that the “final four” (JJRM) are doing than the others did when they were in power. Handing over this power in this way was weak. Yes we know Jeff never won HOH on his own but what a punk move to just hand this power to him and take away the power of HOH from someone who at least earned it. Just for ratings to see the pathetic winers win. Jordan takes up space and is riding on Jeff’s coat tails. I would hate to see someone win who did not even play the game for themselves. Remeber Nasty Dick from the previous BB. Being nasty and mean should not be the reason to give weaker players unearned power.

  84. yah seriously thats disrespectful trashing peoples stuff and hiding it. and come on you dont take peoples religious stuff no matter who you are thats wrong you respect peoples beliefs even if you dont believe in it big brother really needs to do something about that. Cause how would you feel if that happenned to you.

    1. exactly,lulu but chima apparently can only feel what is good for her and can not empathize with anyone elses feelings. she’s totally self-absorbed and incapable of caring for others…pretty sad person,if ya ask me…just plain sad to be that f-ked up.

  85. Chima Pet is just a vile human being all the way around. I too, cannot believe that BB would try to bribe them to stay in the game. Let them walk, and let the rest of the house gun it out. Those three girls are nasty, and have been nasty since day one. Good riddence to all 3 of those filth filled ladies!

  86. They should take a hint about the fact that America wanted their alliance broken up, and thus we gave Jeff the power. America is sick of their filthy behavior. Chima is indeed a hypocrital bigot. And, this garbage of calling Russel a terrorist, just because of his ethnic background is appolling. I was so happy to see that even Chia Pet’s own grandmother thinks her behavior on the show is out of line, as does her best friend. I hope she realizes once she comes out of the game that America thinks she’s ugly on the inside and the outside!!!!!!!!!

  87. The 3 stoogettes – Lydia, Nat and Chima. They are really pathetic! Sore losers also. I do believe Lydia has mental problems, Jesse treats her like a POS and she still likes him. She must be desperate. Also now Lydia and Nat are best buddies, makes me laugh. Chima is such a control freak and cannot control anything. Also she is so full of herself, I guess she has to be because no else seems to be interested in her. This is a game and these three seem to forget that. Too bad it isn’t a triple eviction next week, it could be bye bye chima, lydia and nat. LOL

  88. The show is fixing it so America’s favorite has a shot at winning since he can’t do it on his own. The game is fixed.

  89. I hope Chima, Natalie and Lydia f*ck up so bad that they get kicked off the show!!! I hate those 3 so much!!!!!! I hope Chima is so ashamed of herself after she watches how she acted on the show. She is one shallow, ulgy, selfish, baby BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. By what I’ve seen from Chima, she’ll probably be proud of herself. Remember her final interview with Julie from the HOH room? God, I hate people like her. Say what you will, but that interview wasn’t game play. That interview was the true Chima.

  90. This is my take on why Chima is such a man-hater. She has never had a second date with any man:) A guy would have to be pretty weird if he could stand to listen to her talk about how beautiful and smart she is all evening, all the time laughing with that awful sound.

  91. Chima is racist and tactless. Her comment regarding the twin towers soildifies her bigotry towards other cultures, and her insensitivity for 9/11. In fact, I think she even demeaned caucasians at some point. I am furious with CBS for portraying her as a victim to Russell’s rants, and for not showing the viewers her true moral fiber.

  92. Ahhh, I cannot stand Chima and Natalie, and not to mention Lydia, who should be grateful to still be there, but can’t stop pouting, little baby. The world would be so much better if these three awful women were suddenly missing, just saying. :)

  93. The way Chima could disrespect the victims of 9/11 shows what a lack of integrity and character she has. I would be ashamed to be related to or even know her! What a horrible, horrible person!

  94. Chima is an idiot and should sue the plastic surgeon who did her face…looks like plastic….anyway to bring 9/11 and Nazis into this shows what an immature person she is!

  95. I have a real bad problem with bb allowing her to even touch Jeffs rosary beads that is Not cool at all. and allowing all her comments in this day an time. NO not cool at all. BB is allowing some real serious things to be said that start wars for crying out loud what are they thinking. Wow I never miss any season but I am really considering watching anymore seasons with all they are allowing this year. Maybe its just me but I don’t know I don’t think alot of this is right.

    1. I HATE CHIMA!
      she is an ugly, ugly person.
      and yes, the producers need to stop all this nonsense.
      i am sure it is only hurting their ratings.

  96. Regarding Chima’s Twin Towers-9/11-terrorist comment:

    Offensive? Yes. Ironically funny in an unintended way? Yes.
    How stupid! Doesn?t she realize that the terrorists TOOK DOWN the Twin Towers?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, when she referred herself to the Twin Towers..I have alot of friends that do not get to see the After Dark show and the live feeds, so they were thinking that Chima was this victim that Russell was bullying around. I had to set them straight and show them what they don’t get to see, now they understand why i dislike her so very much

  97. Chima just lives up to the black stereotype. She is just another worthless excuse of a person who has a “God complex”

  98. Are u kidding me wit this crying shit? Proves to be the most f*cked up cast ever…I’ve nvr seen anythng like this… to the jessbots u r playng a do not pass go do not cllct 200 dllrs…these mofos are crazy…I wldnt be suprised if nat wnts to join him in the jury house hence no cameras there..her boyfriend will neeevvvveerr know…and chima I thght u were a bit mor classier uve proven tht t be a lie…I’m trippin on these ppl…are u serious? Michael jackson is dead for crying out loud…oh my goodness…this shit is funny…but the cast freakin sucks…wht did thy thnk it was gnna be one big happy family…play the damn game or go home….

  99. Natalie, Chima, and Lydia can really hold this game hostage if you think about it. If they were to walk; it would kill the integrity of the entire season. They may be forced to bring people back. Nonetheless, they defiently know they have the producers crawling at their feet and will continue to push their buttons. BB deserves this though, for trying to manipulate the game from the outside.

  100. and I DON’T mean go away… hope he wins it. And when he gets his rosary back, I hope he uses it on Screama…


  102. I never really liked this show, but my fiancee loves it, so I endure and tolerate. But this BS, WTF how can CBS stand by and let this anti-american, anti-freeworld crap be said and aired??? I’m canadian, and i was offended by the 9/11 re-marks! Where the hell is the FCC in all of this? This season is offensive to the human race!

    1. I’m a woman. I’ve had my share of being done wrong, and seeing my girl-friends getting hurt. I’m so about girl power, but you must understand that men and women are different. Chima need help. I’ve read things she gone through, and I undersand where she is at this time. She has not dealt with her issus. I think she is okay looking on the outside, and hate men on the inside. She rather be alone forever then deal with her problem. Russle was the only person in the house that did not cater to her, so that make him terrorist.

      1. who gives a shit …shes nasty. i m sorry for what she went through and i hope she gets help but i ve lost a friend in 911 and don t appreciate all her slander. at least she s alive.

        1. I agree totally, big brother should give her some sort of penalty. The twin towers comment was way out of line. I lost many friends on that day. That day should never be used in the way chima used it.

  103. Upset w/Chima’s behavior? You too can register a complaint directly w/ CBS by calling 323-575-2200 or on their feedback section at the bottom of the CBS webpage.

  104. I agree with Christine 100% , Chima is gone thank you BB11 she made me sick. She was the self appointed Diva in her own mind. Her Ego and Jessies Ego too much to take, who picked these people its disgusting.

  105. let the games begin…the real threat is russell..if he makes it to the end. he played the game taking risks which must be respected.

  106. I’m so glad Chima is gone. I don’t know if anyone in BB history has ever gotten away with so many racist comments. But doesn’t this mean there will be one less vote in the Jury House? If she quit she probably wouldn’t get to vote, so does that mean BB will put one of the people that got evicted earlier on the jury or what?

  107. F*** SHEma but she shouldnt be kicked off but should face he demons good or bad — definately no dumbass quitters. if in not jury for next xxx weeks then force conselling…she signed contact… force mental health…xxxx weeks of coucelling and psychiatry..
    she-ra is so dispointing. forever alone as i dont think she has fans…. can 1 person slap her? i would like to slap her senible… this convices me paddles are ok in school. force her stay or force conselling for rest of weeks….

  108. Chima is horrible she should have been kicked out of the house instead of her walking out. I’d smack her upside the head if I ever seen her in person. BRING BACK WILL.

  109. This is my first time visiting this site. I was so pleased to notice that no one was giving Chima any TV time. She should not be rewarded for her actions. A lot of times the Villans turn out to be the celebrities and I think they got rid of her just in time. I hope we don’t have to see her on some other reality show for fallen celebrities. Will this be the end of Chima? I hope so! No to her being on Dancing with the Stars or I’m a Celebrity get me out of here!

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