BB11 Cry Be a River Edition – Chima “this game is unfair I don’t care if they bribe me with prizes I’m walking out”

6:45pm Backyard Chima and Kevin on backyard Couch. Chima is telling Kevin how much she wants to go home and how unfair the game is. Kevin tell her to stick with it there still in the game. Chima says that her Lydia and Natalie told the DR that they wanted to leave. Kevin “NO WAY!” Chima “yes we were going to walk but they talked us into staying”. Chima starts bringing up that Kevin should of won that HOH he was so close. Kevin says Michelle was FAST answering the questions. Lydia joins them. Chima thinks Russell is going to fuck Jeff and she can’t wait to be there when he does. Kevin isn’t sure that will happen till near the end. Kevin remind Chima that everyone will fuck each other when they get close to the end. Chima says that production told her Jessie is taking getting evicted well. Kevin said Jessie was trashing Lydia in the green room the other day. Chima didn’t know about that. Kevin tells them he is big on respect and Jessie’s hand in the face

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means he wants to slap him but isn’t allowed. Kevin explains how it started on Jerry Springer where you get in someone’s face but can’t slap them, “it?s the ultimate disrespect in my books” They agree that Natalie is most likely the other side?s main target. Kevin thinks that Natalie needs to start working on Michelle and try to get her to put Rusesll up as the target. Kevin thinks Natalie is in a good position because she’s never went back on her word. Kevin says the other side is very dumb
and they will be easy to trick. Chima says if it wasn’t for the wizard power they would still have the
numbers “thanks America” Kevin bring sup Jessie snubbing him during the eviction, Kevin says he knew Jessie didn’t like him but he thought they had squashed their differences. Kevin goes on saying that he had a stronger allegiance to Natalie than Jessie so he voted Natalie to stay. Natalie joins them, she says the “other” side is on the bathroom making bracelets.. she mentions that Russell is being

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very quiet and Super nice to Michelle. Kevin starts couching Natalie on what she should do. He says she needs to work her loyalty angle and tell Michelle that if Natalie doesn’t go up than next week if PP wins HOH she will not put Michelle up. Kevin we should not make it us versus them we want to get bad people out like Russell.. Chima Tells Natalie to go talk to Michele and tell her Ronnie attacked Michele personally and now Russell is doing that to everyone else. They start complaining about the wizard powers. Kevin says it was so unfair for them to do that, next year he thinks will be so boring because everyone will be trying to be nice to America votes them the power.. Chima says I?m going to make this so boring “I aint doing shit until the end”.. They start talking about the POV competition and how important it is. Natalie says she positive it’ll be How much are you willing to give up because so much is on the line this week. Natalie wants to go off on JEff because he promised he wouldn?t use the power on her.. Kevin tells scrappy to calm down and wait till after the POV ceremony. Chima tells them she’s going after Jordan and Jeff and they need to be put up together. Natalie agrees.

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6:45pm Bathroom “the other side” they have a bead set and Michelle and Jordan are making each other bracelets. Michelle tells Jordan that this week is going to be awesome. Michelle says she heard CHima saying that Lydia, Natalie and Chima tried to walk out. (Seriously that is pathetic guys those 3 are on my shit list from now on) Russell comes in and tells them Chima dumped all his shit out of his suitcase, Jeff mentions his bed was all messed up. They think it sad that chima and Natalie are doing this to their things. Michelle reminds them that this is the same group that were going to dump water all over her. Jordan points out that they have had 3 friends get evicted from this house and they never ran around messing up other peoples stuff! Jordan says she would of thought the other side would be kissing her ass the second she won HOH. Jeff says you just wait they’ll start soon enough. Jordan says at least Michelle doesn’t have to kiss any butts this week, Michelle says what a relief. The girls keep making their “good luck” bracelets.. jeff just hanging out Russell just trying to be friendly and nice to everyone especially Michelle. Russell says he thought fie sure he was going home. Michelle knew Jeff had the power early in the week and she knew he was going to use it so it was no surprise to her (I really think Michelle has been underestimate in this game .. dare I say GO Michelle) Jeff says now they are all pissed out in the backyard because Jessie is gone and there in the dumps. He adds that production is giving them gifts to calm Chima and the rest down.. He’s getting pissed saying we never got shit when their entire team got sent home… feeds cut…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:45pm Pool Room Lydia and Michelle. Lydia tells Jordan that she isn’t mad at her and no hard feelings. Lydia says it sucks that Jeff did what he did because he didn’t even give Jessie a chance to play for POV. Jordan reminds her that her and Jeff would be going up next week if they didn’t get rid of Jessie, she hints that they knew that hey were the targets so Jeff had to do something. Lydia give her a hug and say yes i understand but Jessie still should of been allowed to play for POV (CRY my a fucking river)… Russell is in the backyard playing with a beach ball
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:15pm Michelle gets her HOH room. Lydia is sucking up big time… Apparently Michelle has had many different hair styles, Blue, Purple, blonde..

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244 thoughts on “BB11 Cry Be a River Edition – Chima “this game is unfair I don’t care if they bribe me with prizes I’m walking out”

  1. I can’t help to agree with how unfair they made the game. Why can they compete against each other? Because the viewer like some more than other then they should get the hat tip to the popular people.

    This is a game that not worth my time anymore.

    1. Oh, I bet you’ll still watch. You took the time to be the first to check out the spoiler and comment, I bet you’ll tune in.

      oh, and you’re wrong, America has pretty much always played some role in Big Brother, and there are ways to be the bad guy, and still have America behind you, -see Evil Dick-, but Jesse was such an unllikeable person. It wasn’t editing, or me being jealous of his gross veiny body, it was plainly that he was too manipulative, demeaning towards women, and narcissistic (sp?) for anyone to like…except Pig Pen and Baby Voice.

    2. apparently u have never watched BB before are u would know that america’s vote has given power to other house guest before….. anyway if its not worth your time anymore why are u wasteing your time telling us u won’t be wasteing your time anymore….ha ha ha by the way u sound like the sore loser Chima does :)

    3. I agree the game is unfair. The racist Chima haters on this blog will never admitt this but all winning HOH last week did for her was grant her extra lotion and deny her the right to vote. Winning HOH was pointless last week. She has a right to be pissed off, and she has a right to walk away from the show if that is the stupid choice she decides to make. It is costing her a chance to winn 500k, not you illiterate jerks so I don’t see why you all are pissed because 90% of the people on this blog didn’t like her anyway. I am not a fan of anyone in the house after observing them for at least an hour every day I have decided that in real life I would not talk to any of them, but you people on this blog get so personal and so racist against Chima. EVERYONE in that house has lied, is annoying, and has said foul things but youy people focus most of your anger on her. The least BB could have given her was a vote, clearly they didn’t think this through. BB was like here Chima you are HOH , here are your prizes and power and fanfare, but oh you have no power and no vote, have a great day. Chima is NOT the most annoying, racist, loud, dishonest, or dumbest person to enter the house this season, but what she is , is the blackest and all of you Klan members are letting your “colors” show in your hatred for her. I can not imagine how difficult it is to be the only African American on a very white show on tv. Her friend Ronnie left last week and she didn’t try to leave she just feels screwed and is venting about jesse leaving this week. These people are living this we are just watching. Some of the comments on here are sick. I can go to the KKK forum and read friendlier posts I feel bad for some of you people. What do you do the rest of the year?

      1. It’s really depressing that people can say “Wow, such-and-such is an antisocial bigot and an asshole” and others quickly respond “You’re just saying that cause so-and-so is black” No, we’re saying it because she’s an anti-social bigot and an asshole. It’s only her so-called “defenders” who are bringing race into it…no one else.

        1. @CandyAndy

          Just to clarify my comment….I’m not saying you were the one who said “you’re just saying that cause so-and-so is black”, but there are many posts on here that have said that in so many words and yours was (to me at least) just indicative of a similar attitude.

      2. The irony is that you are defending a bigot by calling those who don’t like her racist. Even her grandparents and friend made it clear that they were ashamed of actions in the house.
        Frankly, I hope she follows through and walks out with Natalie and Lydia in tow. Those are the next three I want out anyway. Jeff made the perfect move for his situation with perfect results. Getting rid of Jessie threw that alliance into a tailspin. I can only hope that Michelle accommodates them and puts Chima and Natalie on the block.

      3. candyandy…. first of all no matter who won HOH lat week they had a chance of having their power taken by who ever america voted for……don’t u think if jeff would have won HOH and put up jessie and nat that CHIMPA would have done the same thing if she had been voted the power? Yes she would have but the only difference is jeff are anyone else would not have raised hell and made threats like CHIMPA did……. oh and by the way i’m not racist, i have 3 colored t.v.’s ha ha and please next time u speak please bend over and spread your cheeks cause u talk so much shit i can hardly understand u!!!!!!!

      4. and by the way she’s not the only African American in female in the house …….if she were white as snow, or Asian, or Mexican, or any of the other 100s of nationalities she would be just as despised…………..she’s a mean hearted selfish cruel person…..bottom line………………always have to bring the race card into it………

      5. Disliking someone or calling attention to their poor behavior isn’t racist. However, repeatedly calling someone “terrorist” because they are Lebanese, is. Its amazing that people randomly accuse others of being racist, yet completely overlook racist behavior in the person they are defending.

  2. Hey Chima and Natalie..would you like some cheese with that whine? Seriously, get over yourselves sweethearts and realize it’s just a game. Just because one of your allies got evicted, it doesn’t mean you become sore losers. There’s only one winner and Jeff has to do everything he can to further himself in the game.

    I’m sure if Jessie had won the wizard power, they wouldn’t be complaining. It’s a game..relax.

  3. Finally the OTHER side is starting to realize what’s going down?? Finally.
    Those power hungry fools shove their power up everyone’s butt the whole season, they completely block Jeff out of everything, then he has some power and they throw his stuff around.
    Not fair.
    BB needs to do something about it.

    1. Hahahahaha! Hey FatRatBoy, next on the chopping block is your pick to win, Chita. You should have listened to your wife who actually thought you would make an alliance with Michelle, the only true brain. Who’s the dumbest person in your family? You? Or your stupid wife who actually thinks you’re smart? Honey, do yourself and any future children a favor and divorce this 30+ college constipated community theater bad actor! There’s a reason God doesn’t want you two to have kids!

      1. Clearly this is what Ronnie meant by Russell taking him out being his downfall. Good to see he’s so good at this game that he can predict what will happen next.

    1. thanks kitty… hearing them say they wanted to walk out because of the wizard power was retarded. They still have a 1 in 8 chance of winning 500K !! I’m not a betting man but those sound like good odds to me.

      1. Simon, great read. I’m most pissed about the fact they got bribed to stay by production. I’ve lost a little respect for Big Brother production for rewarding that behavior. Now divas and a-holes in future seasons will just threaten to leave to get gifts. Hell, if i were the other houseguests, I’d threaten to leave and then ask for my gift too.

        1. “Simon, great read. I?m most pissed about the fact they got bribed to stay by production. I?ve lost a little respect for Big Brother production for rewarding that behavior. Now divas and a-holes in future seasons will just threaten to leave to get gifts. Hell, if i were the other houseguests, I?d threaten to leave and then ask for my gift too.”


  4. Why are the three lame chicks sad that jessie is gone? He slept all day, didn’t socialize, and just plain didn’t try to play the game. He was terrible for the show the first time and even more terrible the second time around. Glad he is gone. The three are sad that he is gone because they all knew he would be targeted first if/when it got down to the 4 of them (The man/myth/legend/douchebag, Chimichanga, Gnatranny, Psycho) and they were just hiding behind his big muscles…WEAK! Hope Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell just run them all out of the house one at a time…I do like Kevin as well…he didn’t need to stick by psycho since she was talking all sorts of shit behind his back…hope he breaks free from her and starts to play more strategically

    1. Smart comment, Jesse didn’t make any effort to connect with the HGs or the viewers, had a weak game play, was handed the chance to come back with a free first HOH, slept thru the game. He probably needed to leave anyways, it was about time to start to shoot up those steroids again.

    2. Apparently he’s “chivalrous” and “has more positive qualities than negative.” Jeff was right, they really were just playing the game for him.

  5. I can not stand Lydia and Natalie or Chima………….all of them are pathetic. They really make women look bad. Chima thinks the show revolves around her. Lydia thinks the show revolves around Jesse and Natalie is just a dumb lying bitch. I hope it comes out that Jesse was fooling around with Lydia under Gnat’s nose. That may change their alliance. I hope Kevin says something to her. I think he may as Kevin is pulling away from Lydia lately. He would be smart to join the other team this week to keep himself safe.

  6. How is it unfair? BB has had the power in the game before and Boogie decided not to use it that season. Jessie was also booted by America’s vote. It might suck for them but that is what they signed up for, if they watched BB before they would know that it was a big possibility. I still dont get why lydia is so upset, Jessie was just using her and Jeff took her off the block! whatever, just waiting for the big blow up

  7. Chima is a b***h jeff Jordan michelle final three so happy jessie is gone Lydia chima and gnat should not be mad winning Americas vote has always been part of the bb game the cde was totally fair

  8. CBS is really going to screw up if they keep giving gifts to Chima. No one is going to want to watch this show anymore if they keep this up. This is ridiculous. chima is going around trashing everyone’s stuff and getting away with it. what a sore loser. i’m so disgusted. michelle needs to put up nat and chima and then when she realizes she has to put a third person, kevin. he is the biggest pu$$y i’ve ever seen. grow a pair.

    1. the only gifts they should give the threesome is a muzzle (a really really big one); soap (poor little nat); and electric shaver (hide all the razors)

    2. i agree chima is a dumb b***h and cbs is screwing up giving her prizes when they have her under contract and she is trying to breech it they should just threaten her with a lawsuit and tell her to toe the line. give her about ten socks rolled together to shove in her big azz mouth!

  9. YES CHIMA the game is unfair as is life sometimes but u learn to deal with it and move on instead of showing your true colors and blame, blame, blame…….

  10. Not fair that Jessie didn’t get to play POV? Hey Lydia, it’s not been fair for any of the replacement nominees!
    Also, I have had it with BB trying to keep Chima. Let her walk out the door. Again, they are rewarding bad behavior. Chima didn’t want to wear the red unitard, no punishment. Chima calls Russell a “terrorist”, no punishment. Chima threatens to throw a tantrum if her nominees are replaced,no punishment but WE get punished by seeing a taped show and hours of no feed. Now Chima threatens to walk and she gets REWARDED with free stuff.

    Something must be going on. CBS couldn’t possibly be afraid of Chima, could they?

    1. i totally missed that-she didnt have to wear the red leotard or should i say WOULDNT? how did that happen. c’mon when is this going to stop. the unfair one-sided treatment of her and her attitude is ruining the reputation of the game -what did happen to punishments-they need to do something quick-like LET her quit! nobody will care. good grief!

      1. At least put her on slop, right? I mean, Jeff got an extra day for a sip. No warnings like Kevin got. He ate twice, but still got a extra day. Put her on permanent slop. One year they gave someone an extra vote against them in an eviction for breaking the rules. CBS, DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

    2. Good ole Chima is just an angry “strong” black woman who is just trying to bully CBS. If they don’t cater to her then she will probably run her big lipped loud mouth and call CBS a bunch of racist, which I’m sure they don’t want.

    3. She HAS hinted several times that she’s real close with some big wig in the entertainment industry. I used to think she was just full of shite, but she might not be blowing smoke based on how CBS is reacting to her games. I can’t believe they are rewarding her bad behavior. Don’t they know they need to rub her nose in it. She’s shooting herself in the foot if this was supposed to be her auditiion for the entertainment industry because she is a high maintenance diva NOW and she’s not even famous yet.

      1. lol high maintenance? the grease or oil she puts all over her face and big lips have to be high maintenance…..hell she puts so much on she makes shell oil and chevron happy ha ha

    4. There needs to be reason why Chima has been getting her way. I’m sure that if anyone else was the HOH this week, they wouldn’t be able to compete in the HOH competition that took place today. It’s ridiculous as to how much favoritism CBS has for her and will go through great lengths to make sure all her actions are justified in order to avoid controversy. She needs to become a Have Not, because despite her claim of wanting to eat and eat and eat, I don’t think she’ll do it and instead abide by the rules. All talk, no action.

    5. I don’t think they are “scared” of her. She just makes for good TV. It’s the same with Evil Dick, they let him get away with stuff that they wouldn’t have let other less interesting people get away with. The audience needs someone to hate.

  11. YAY Jessie is gone, my wish came true, I’m kinda nervous to see who Michelle puts up, she’s so hard to read, and I’m not sure who she is more loyal to on each side of the house. I wonder now with Jessica gone, if Natalie might start to actually do something now. I loved how Julie called out Jessie for sleeping for 12+ hours/day

  12. Lydia is such a hopeless idiot! She’s crying over Jesse, and he voted to evict her! (not to mention talked shit about her and pretty much treated her like shit) I can’t believe she is so dumb. Jeff took her off the block. She totally owes him! I can’t stand her. I’m surprised she doesn’t ask Michelle to nominate her just so she can go be alone with Jesse at the jury house. She is the most pathetic girl in big bro history!

    1. The week is still early. Once she thinks of it she will be all over his shit! OH Michelle PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me next to the jury house I am soooo worried about Jessee!!! I need to go give him a massage AND………………………….!!! lol … to calm him down and let him know we love him. She makes me want to throw up in my mouth!!! If he wasn’t GAY they would be perfect together! She already said she goes both ways!!! Can you imagine what this week all alone in the jury house will be like for Jessee!! HE WILL DWELL ALL WEEK ABOUT WHY DOES AMERICA HATE ME SO!!! boo HOO

  13. I can’t believe the production is sucking up to these 3 tools and giving them prizes!!! And that pussy dumbass of Kevin being all chummy-chummy with Chima. Does he really think he has a chance to win the competition or does he hope that the winner may give him some dineros? I hope will put Chima and Kevin, and that Jeff will win POV. Chia-Pet definitely needs to be kicked out of that house before Scrappy.

  14. They have a right to be diappointed. I hope that Jeff does not make to the final 2. Why was everyone so afraid of Jessie. Russell is the one that is going kick everyone a$$. I hope Michelle use her brain and put Russell up.

    1. I can respect Russell…he’s playing the game…Jessie hid behind two females like the bitch he is…the same way he hid behind michelle in BB10…he’s LAME! never noticed?

  15. They are complaining about the special power and how it wasn’t fair. Why wasn’t it fair? Every one had a chance to win it fair and square. Jeff didn’t go on the show trying to be nice so America would like him and vote him the special power, no one knew of this power. I bet if one of the rat backs won the Powr like Chima and the roles were reverse and one of them were on the block and they had a chance to remove them and shake the game up they are trying to say they wouldn’t use it? Jesse knew it was a smart move and so do they they just can’t admit defeat for this week. Who knows Jeff and Jordan might get the double eviction next week, do you think they are going to stomp around saying it is not fair that it is a double eviction week and go and trash other peoples property…..I think not.
    Next year people can go on and try to be really nice but how long can they keep it up 24/7, especially when they are really liars with no class, it won’t be long until America sees through their act and votes for some one else. There they go again thinking that we are all stupid and insulting our intelligence.
    I heard Kevin say Jesse was dogging Lydia in the green room, hopefully he tells her and she will realize he is a user and she will move on and start playing the game.

    1. that’s what i like about jeff….he is what he is….a nice guy and NOT a tool ….i feel bad for him right now he has that stress look in his eyes. . . . . i wish we could send him our good karma….

    2. If its not fair that Jeff won a vote from America, then why the hell was it fair for Jessie to win Russell’s hard-earned, athlete-geared HOH? I mean seriously…both those little bitches need to be put up and if one come down, lydia or kevin need to go up as replacement….and damn i wish they woulda let them walk and brought back laura, braden, and casey! (as mentioned in a previous comment) Talk about shake things up! They are all just pissed that their throne lost a couple legs (Rat & Douchbag Jess)…I hope Michelle shakes some shit up…backdooring Chima would be grand!

  16. if I were Jeff, I’d be pissed with BB placating Chima. Is the CDT the most fair thing? No, definitely not, but he didn’t ask for it, and he didn’t say he was walking off the show and they gave it to him to keep him happy. If I was BB and Chima and Natalie came and said “Screw this, we’re walking”, I’d point them to the door and remind them that they’d lose anything they had gained as more than likely them “walking out” could be regarded as a breech of the contract they signed.

  17. Love the recap Simon – I couldn’t agree more with your side comments!
    Jeff is spot on saying that they lost 3 friends and didn’t mess with their stuff and now one of “them” goes home and they have to act like a bunch of babies. I have to admit I kind of like Kevin, and I wish he’d open his eyes and get away from the dark side.
    I also agree that Michelle is really showing she’s got good game play and I’m liking her more than I initially did. She seems genuinely loyal to Jeff & Jordan (anyone loyal to my man Jeff is a friend of mine!) I still can’t get over how awkward she can be sometimes. Just the mannerism in which she casts her vote to evict is odd! Anyone else notice this or am I just being picky? lol

  18. Yes, please Michelle – put up CHIMA and NATALIE! and if one of them wins put up Lydia! Get Chima out of there. Not one of those girls deserve to be there since they want to leave all because of Jesse. Are you kidding me?!?! Where did these girls come from. And I’m sick of Chima saying all the time that she is a strong woman. You give women a bad name! I can’t believe they offered her gifts. Kick her out! Please get Chima out this week. I can’t stand her whiny voice any longer.

  19. The person I really loathe is Chima – a really dislikable, arrogant, hateful and insecure sore loser. I would think production would want to get rid of her .

  20. Glad Jessie is gone. I can’t believe Chima, Nat and Lydia threatened to walk out. I say let ’em. But no jury house, no stipends. What a bunch of cry babies! Lydia should be happy – she got saved. Jessie treated her like crap anyways. I sure hope Michelle puts up one of them – or both. We shall see!


  22. BB please let Chima, Nat & Lydia walk out….. Like they would not have done the same thing Jeff did….. Give me a break…. Poor Chima’s grandparents they will have to go underground after she (Chima) hears they did not agree with the way she handled herself….

    1. geez oh pete i think natalie’s going to implode… c-c-c-an’t even t-t-t-alk quickly enough…..and there’s chimpa saying all we wanted was harmony in the house…….damn it, i know i’m going to be up for the next 3 hours watching this shit on showtime and just getting more and more angry and the two of their ugly mugs

  23. They do have a right to be disappointed. They don’t have the right to trash peoples stuff, and act like 3 year olds by throwing fits. And they definitely shouldn’t say they want to walk out. They are just a bunch of SORE LOSERS. They need to get over themselves (especially Chima)

  24. oh god..if anyone doesn t see through the pit bull and chima pet they have 0 brains. i have never heard anyone talk as fast as nat is talking to michele in hoh. there pathic

  25. just like is thought soon as BBAD started chima and nasty is up michelle’s butt lying to her LMFAO she needs to put both of them up, just because they were the 1st up her ass after she won

  26. i just wrote a rant at the CBS feedback site about chima. i feel better now that i got that off my chest! and now she going to throw the have not comp and eat anyway to dare them to throw her out! i cant stand it! AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  27. hers where i see it…team 1(Jordan,Jeff,Russell)…Team 2(Lydia,Kevin,Natalie,Chima)
    and yet again michelle is in the middle…as of right now…i have no clue who she’ll nominate.

  28. sooo we had a previous engagment tonight – haven’t watched the show, but couldn’t stop myself & had to check in!

    awesome news – cn’t wait to watch it unfold! hope ronnie & casey were watching!!

    they should’ve showed them the door & bring back the first 3 evicted houseguests to replace them – Braden, Laura & Casey! Sounds fair to me!!

    I think Michele should put up Chima & Natalie. If one of them gt taken off the block then put up Kevin!!

    1. That was the smoothest idea ever! It would be like giving us a whole new ballgame! Too bad thats not the case…it would’ve made the best save of a reality tv show in history! Too bad your not production!

      And I agree totally with the noms and replacement! Preach it chesh!

  29. lyin sayin that if they had the CDT they would’ve have used it BULLSHIT jessie’s team would be the main ones you would think that would use it , they just bitter it wasen’t them…. do ya thing michelle

    1. jeff your moma and papa did a good job on you. you even feel sorry for chita pet for being so hatefull. all the best to you in this game and out..

  30. BB should make those nasty crawlers.. Chima Pet and Co… be on slop for throwing other peopl’s stuff.. Then POV be an endruance competition they won’t have any muscle left, let alone their mouths and won’t win! I hope Michelle knows not to screw over J/J.. Nasty Natyrat is such a liar…” i know i didn’t lie” WTF!!

    BB please.. let them walk out and bring back Casey, Lauren and Brandon.. BYE! BYE! BYE!

  31. The cult of Jessie is considering mass suicide. They’re mourning him like he was just assassinated. If they could they probably would have carried him out on their backs (which is hilarious, since they were planning on taking him out in a week or two).

  32. For the million time, people, Jesse was not supposed to be there this season. If some think that the CdE wasn’t fair, so wasn’t the whole Jesse come back down our throats. He won his first HOH with no merit at all and started acting the same cocky ways that sent him to the door last year. He was given a second chance at this and wasn’t smart enough to learn from his mistakes, got too cocky too early, slept to much and played cowardly. Deserved the boot, but should have had more crap told about him, but Jeff is a classy guy. So it was all clean cut.


  34. Chitma is a racist. I am tired of blacks pulling the race card on whites. It is time for us to pull the race card. She is a disgusting human her Grandmother said she was proud of her. I guess she taught her to be a hater. Please kick her big fugly weave outa there. Bitch

    1. I a tired..of ignorant people …such as yoursel fand other on here equating all black people…and since when did chima blame anything on white people….wtf…is up with some of you people…you are exactly the type marcellus was talking about today ..YA’LL NEED TO STOP MAKING IT A RACE THING…..

  35. I love Jeff…he is saying everything I’m thinking. “Jessie isn’t dead! He just went to the jury house!” and also about Chima “I feel bad for her….all that hate. how do you live your life? it’s sad.” He even talks shit with dignity! love it.

  36. Jordan cracks me up too! She has that wide eyed innocent look and smile after she says anything. Love to see her get an acting job in a comedy in her future. Mary Tyler Moore 2009.
    Now we have to listen to Pig Pen and her incessive “trust me” blabber.
    How many times have Chia Pet, Lydia, Pig Pen, and Kevin call Michele Bitch and crazy etc.
    Michele is not stupid.

  37. Jeff shoulda asked for kid rocks american badass, cause what he did was straight bad ass haha, chima is getting close to evel dick territory for me despising her

  38. “Michelle says she heard CHima saying that Lydia, Natalie and Chima tried to walk out.”
    “He adds that production is giving them gifts to calm Chima and the rest down..”

    Most pathetic players ever? Did they think that they were going to walk right to the $500,000 with ease? What idiots. They don’t deserve the money at all. Play the game with some dignity and pride, quit acting like 2 year olds that didn’t get their way. The sad thing is the oldest player in the house right now is the ring leader.

  39. chia talking about jeff and “his numbers game” as if that’s so lame……OMG, let me get this straight the numbers game can only be played when the kicked-out eunich is in the house?

  40. Lydia just said “At least we know we all have a heart.” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Wtf is wrong with this girl.
    2 secs later Lydia says if her or Chima get evicted that she’ll make sure that Jeff and Russell go to the hospital on their way out. Wow…. What a great heart they all have.

  41. DAMN JEFF IS HOT!!!! Love it…..I have replayed his speech over and over and watching Jessie clutch his jaw….PRICELESS!!! You go Jeff!!!!! Mr. McHottie!!!! YUMMY!

  42. yea as far as i know having a penis qualifys being a man. you can be gay and still mingle with straight men. i dont think he s doing the gays any favors

  43. The Forces of Evil always think their cause is righteous. I’ve decided to rename them the Glorious Worshippers of Evil because they are clearly followers of Cult Leader Jessie Godderz.

  44. Chima and the others are making me so sick now that they are talking about leaving. Big Brother’s biggest motto is “Expect the Unexpected” and they should be prepared for anything. Jordan and Jeff didn’t cry and moan when Braden, Laura, and Casey got voted out. It makes me so mad when I think about the thousands of people who would love to be in their shoes and be on this show. Big Brother producers sucked at casting this season. These houseguests suck, ROYALLY!

    1. I know. If she was really 18, the producers just committed a crime. As did Lydia and Chima for urging/commanding her to drink, but I had thought by now everyone –at least on “their” team– had figured out that little lie. I still don’t see what the benefit of it was. When it comes to decision-making, when have older people ever been more willing to listen to people younger than those their own age?

  45. hey kevin. why dont you be a real friend to lydia and remind her that the man she is praisinand talking about his honor is the same one who left bruises on her and she was about to cut herself over. omg now the 3 of them are crying. this is too much

  46. Oh and I almost forgot that Chima was lobbying for Lydia to get the boot last week, and even voted for her. These girls are seriously f’d in the head.

    1. They are sitting around crying over Jessie. Jessie hated Lydia. Lydia is crying over Jessie? Listen up Lydia. He hates you. Even though you were giving him hand jobs. You are so disfunctional. And who are you to give advice when you wanted to cut yourself.

      1. he talkin about the handjobs lydia gave jessie that she told kevin about …… i hope kevin is smart enough not to stick with them, if he lets it out about lydia ad jessie’s sexual relationship it’s goin to ignite the fight with her and natalie and they will no longer cry about jessie

  47. seriously, the 3some just said jessehead prayed for all of us and never spoke bad about anyone here…..was i the only one hearing his constant jealous comments about jeff from day freaking one?


  49. HAHAHA !! Nat just said “why did Jeff do that, Jessie was HOH twice and never put him up”. THAT’S BECAUSE BOTH WEEKS JESSIE WAS HOH, HE WAS IN THE ATHLETE CLIQUE AND COULDN’T PUT HIM UP YOU DUMB ASS.

    1. Oh my! those stupid 3 girls are acting like Jesse died! Haha Lydia and Natalie are going to fight over who will get in the jury house first to be alone with Jesse. That would be awesome! don’t let the door hit you when you get out!
      They are like Charles Manson followers. The Mansonites!! LOL
      Honestly, I don’t care who wins now, Jesse is gone!! Yahoo!

  50. It just kills me that Chia Pet thinks the game is so unfair and wants to walk out….it’s only because things didn’t go HER way. What a frigin loser she is. I really hope Michelle puts up Chia Pet and Nasty Nat and one goes and then the double eviction happens and the other one goes or Lydia. It was too funny when Jesse was hugging Nasty Nat and didn’t want to let go and they he couldn’t get away from Lydia fast enough!!!! That was so funny! Those girls are such poor sports and losers. GO JEFF…he really is the best and has the best heart!!!

  51. I am watching Showtime right now.
    And I am just laughing constantly.
    Chima, Natalie, and Lydia are crying. Because Jessie was ‘a good guy’ ‘didn’t even get to play POV’
    Are they stupid as hell or what?
    It’s just a game.
    Jessie will be there when the game is over.
    And PLUS Jessie was a huge competitor, he was gonna need to be evicted eventually for any of those losers to win.

    I JUST PRAY that Chima does not win this BB.
    Ughhh, I really dislike her laugh and everything is sexest, with her.
    Shes super lame.

  52. now lydia is willing to go be evicted in place of chima and natalie, sure she wants to get to two finger little dick. this is sooo sick its entertaining. they sure have illusions of grandure. jess never said a bad word abouit anyone g m a b.

    1. thats exactly why she wants to be evicted sos he can suck jessie’s dick all by herself don’t have to have nasty budding in

  53. DEAR LORD…..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…MAKE IT STOP. LMAO I have to be up for work extra early and showtime is torturing me with this garbage….ugh. LMAO

  54. NEVER in my life have I been more sickened at humanity than watching these three PSYCHOS CRY over Jessie. CRY. They SWEAR not to vote for Jeff to win because of it. HEY LADIES, he’s not here to suck on some dude’s nut sack. He’s there to win 500,000 dollars and that was the best thing he could do for him.

    I can’t believe how much power Jessie actually had over these crazies.

    And Big Brother…you FAILED EPICALLY picking these three lunatics. Who did your psych evals?

    They are talking about him like they just left his funeral. Jessie is alive and well!

    Jeff is by far my favorite BB player and I hope he sends Chima home next week and then Natalie and then Lydia.

    Just called Jordan a HO saying she’ll do anything Jeff says…POT KETTLE BLACK!

  55. I wish someone would put them all in there place. Chima: “everyone knew i wanted him (russell) out.” OK but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to do what you want.
    Lydia got some nerve calling Jordan a Hoe.

  56. Have these pathetic crybabies forgotten that this is a game?? And that there can only be one winner? Jesse is a prick with a God complex!

  57. Are these people kidding? I dont get it… have we missed anything? why are they acting like this? their reaction is really bothering me.

  58. Lydia is saying how jordan is a hoe and jeff is her pimp, well then lydia must b the biggest hoe becuz she’s always up in jessie’s ass along with the dumb ass nat and chima.. Jordan didn’t do anything wrong.

  59. Simon I love your site. It totally rocks! On a side note I agree with the majority BB production should have shown the cry babies the door and told them breech of contract don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord hit ya!

  60. How is it that these “women” Cant Understand Normal Thinking? WOW!! I just hope Michele is the Gemini I know she can be….

  61. I am done watching After Dark tonight. I can’t stand it anymore.

    I’d just assume they cancel the rest of the show and give 125k to the four NON PSYCHOS in the house.

  62. WOW!!! I hope they (Lydia and Natalie) are both evicted next week (when it’s a double eviction) and they will have to fight over Jessie in the Jury House. LMAO!!!
    We want want Chimpa to be gagged and sent back to the jungle!

  63. Hope he 3 of you rewatch the tapes to see how stupid all of your conclusion are. Lydia you are the dumbest of them all. You have no self-esteem or self respect. Gee do you think America doesn’t know that you were giving Jessie hand jobs and he still didn’t like you. Not even to be in the same room. You a fool and will always be one.

  64. These girls are ridiculous and an embarrassing. Are you kidding me? They are crying? Complaining about Jeff? And Lydia is calling Jordon a ho? Look in the mirror.

    I wish they would quit the game and let Jeff get the money.

  65. Showtime has the best comedy on right now it’s called BBAD. It’s the worst version of the 3 stooges I have ever seen but the funniest at the same time. Talk about selective memory on those 3 whiners. Talk about a bunch of losers Chima is upset about the power being used during her HOH does she not realize that they were told before that HOH competition about the power then they should have just lost on purpose and let someone else get the HOH. How funny that Lydia is talking so much crap about Jordan and how Jeff is her pimp. That’s coming from Lydia who gave the 2 pump chump some H/jobs and B/jobs. They are the biggest bunch of sore losers that I have ever seen in my life….

  66. What I don’t understand is why Lydia is saying “no hard feelings” to Jordan.. should she not be THANKING Jeff for taking her off the block, when even her best friend Kevin wouldn’t do it? Would she rather stay on the block and go home, rather than see Jessie leave? I think her reaction is horrible!

    And giving those three gifts for wanting to leave is ridiculous. Let them go, bring back Casey and Braeden (sp?) and Laura.. that’ll heat the show up for sure :D

    1. I agree with T.Send the 3 whinners home–NOT TO THE JURY HOUSE—and bring back Braden, Casey, and Laura! That would make BB worth watching for the next few weeks.
      Can anyone out there tell me who to email with complaints about Chima’s grossly inappropriate and outlandish racial, regional, and anti-American comments?

  67. commonm big brother get this bitch out of here. shes comparing herself to the twi n towers/. enough this girl is even anti american get her out CHIMA

  68. I can’t believe these bitches.. Big brother I can’t believe u allowing this type of talk. I’m so mad rite I don’t even want to watch this show. Chima is pure evil… America hates those 3 bitches.. Lydia u ungrateful bitch!!!

  69. now the wish ronnie was here oh so he could fake cry with the rest of you??? im laughin so hard at the “cry me a river 3some” i wasen’t even that happy that jessie is gone but goddamn…. is this shit hilarious im so glad that he used it the show is now entertaining in a good way…….

  70. Seriously?!? These b*tches are crazy! They have turned on 5 different people in the last 20 minutes. You need medication to even keep up with them. Gah….spineless

  71. it would be great of the HOH monitor could also hear what their saying then she would know that their talkin shit about michelle

  72. wow…did i miss something? did Jessie die tonight? This is hilarious/annoying. These fools are making themselves look so ridiculous!I hope Michelle is smart this week….i really hope so.

  73. Jessie wanted to work with Jeff , Jeff did not want to work with Jessie . why America like Jeff ? I hope Jeff go home next

  74. Cheema says aqua net is white trash and ly says that is jordon’s and cheema says that sounds about right. This is just too much, BB has to get this racist bitch out of there. If a white person referred to her with racial slurs, they would be gone? Why the double standard where she can call Jordan white trash. This is disgusting. And the alligator tears. Hope Michelle puts up Chima and Nat and one of them goes home. Lydia is inconsequential, Without Jesse she is a mess.

  75. This is hilarious! Lydia talking about how Jeff is jordans pimp! Lol get a life bitch! Jessie was your fing pimp! Its all on you tube take a look.

  76. its funny… outside America hates Jessie (including me). But what I find amazing is how he somehow finds a way to get these women to follow him like he is a god. MICHELLE FROM BB10 destroyed her game because of her infatuation with Jessie. Remember her temper tantrum when he left? should I say this is part two with Lydia Chima and Natalie??? Lydia should be grateful. Anyone in her position will look at it as a positive… afterall he put her up as a pawn and DIDN’T VOTE TO KEEP HER LAST WEEK!!! what an idiot.

  77. It is only unfair if the producers of the show promised in the houseguests’ contracts that the coup de tat power would never be given or used in that manner. I’m pretty sure that was not the case. And they had even speculated about the power being present and used, so how can they even be surprised or feel that it is unfair? It’s just resentment and disappointment. And the Cult of Jessie thing is pretty scary. They must all see something in the guy that doesn’t translate through the camera. I mean, he’s an okay guy and everything but it does sound like they would be willing to die for the guy. After a month of knowing him. And listening to him lie and scheme. And allegedly physically abuse people. At least he was really cool about the eviction. He complimented Jeff on his game and didn’t swear he would see the guy dead before the year was up or that he was going to sue the show or even say that it was unfair.

  78. The four inglorious bastards on the tabble wishing shit to people, making bad judgements and getting drunk. Who? Chima, Lydia, Natalie and Kevin. Oh! And I don’t know how Kevin feels about being called “one of the girls / girl power…/ girls alliance…” Last time I checked Kevin was a gay man , not a girl.

  79. Natalie seems to forget that her and Jessie threw Michelle under the bus with the green room lie that they told Russell I guess she figures that Michelle won’t remember that….

    FUNNY the way they R crying.
    I wish production would let these a-holes go home. It would be a much better show if we didn’t have to look at their ugliness (both inner & external). These 3 are LOSERS with a capital L………………………………………………………………………..
    Lydia must like being used & treated like trash, because that sure is what jess-she did to her. Chima thinks she’s all that, but truly doesn’t have anything going for her & better look for a deaf dumb & blind guy or she’ll be alone for the rest of her dumb life.
    Natalie is totally disrespecting this Jason guy that she “loves” by the way she threw herself on Jess-she & what’s up with the no grooming habits? What a pig!
    Now they all whaaaaa whaaaa want to leave. Why so that they can be in another house with Jess-she. That moron should start a Cult. He has his first 3 idiot followers right here.
    All I can say is—————————JEFF YOU ROCK & I HOPE YOU WIN IT ALL!

  81. Those dumb biatches are like: BOO HOO, JEFF DIDN’T EVEN WIN THE WIZARD POWER… IT WAS HANDED TO HIM. Ummm… newsflash….Jessie didnt win anything to get back into the house, or to win the week 1 HOH that sent Braden packing (Jeff/Jordan’s friend)

  82. Wasnt it last week Lydia was crying because of the way Jesse treated her? The half hearted hug on the way out was a joke. Jeff took her off the block what is she whinning about? And the tears how fake was that. Everything Chima says Lydia has to say the same thing or up one. Get over your self, its a game.

  83. I hope Michelle is as smart as we all think and nominates Natalie and Chima or Lydia…then let’s see who’s so pure and above it all. And where are the gifts for Jordan and Jeff for 3 wks of losing their teammates…oh that’s right they didn’t threaten the producers. Very disappointing to see BB given in to those tactics!

  84. If by some dumb chance those three women (Lydia, Chima, or Nat. ) are left in that house without Jeff, Jordon,, Michelle, or Russs I will not be able to watch. I just turned off ShoAfterDark because of those three. I will let the DVR record the rest and then I can fast forward when they are on. What are the BB producers thinking…..Let the 3 of them walk…no one cares.

  85. coup d’etat is crap! jeff hasn’t won a dam thing… america voted for pretty boy… just like kris allen on american idol… let’s put all the pretty people on tv ok? i m sick of it… bb sux now thanks to the coup…

    1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Jeff won the POV when he was on the block and he won the coup d’etat. That’s the way voting works, people vote, and the person with the most votes WINS. BB made the power, he won the power and he used it fair and square. If the tables were turned you can believe that Jessie would have done the exact same thing. The difference is that Jordan and Michelle wouldn’t be crying all night, saying they want to go home and making a mess of other people’s things.
      Trust me, you won’t be missed, and neither will Jessie.

  86. i m gonna cancel my 24 by 7 feed… this is all crap… sick of it… but that is just my opinion, so u others don’t hate me – enjoy your beautiful show! lol E1 – out!

  87. Lydia said that it’s “hard to find the silver lining when something like this happens.” Sheezus. It wasn’t 9-11. A guy got voted off of a game show. Try to keep things in perspective.

  88. Chima and Natalie are guilty because they wouldn’t let him play POV. Of course, that ignores the fact that Natalie would have been up against a pawn. Lydia’s just co-dependent. The Jessie mystique all comes down to the fact that he’s a buff guy who paid them any attention. They probably don’t get that attention in the real world.

  89. The one thing I love about Kevin is that when they kept talking bad about Jeff, Kevin was defending him by saying it was the only smart move. When they were obsessing over Jessie, he kept bringing up crappy stuff Jessie had done in the past.

  90. Couldn’t watch the 3 witches tonite. Had to turn it off with all their squaling!! If thats what we are in for , then I’m gonna havta start changin the channel more often!

    1. I agree, those three are playing the role. Jessie was a like a little baby, he slept most of the time, only woke up to eat and probaly pooped his pants and Nat or Lydia changed him. Lydia should be a little gratful for being tkae of the block. Had she been against Jessie she would be in the Jury House.

  91. Did anyone else see when Chima said Russell is a terrist and I’m the Twin Towers? Where does she get off saying that. The worst national tragedy in US history and this girl is making jokes about it and comparing this game to it! If the producers dont do something about that then i give up on this show! Millions of people were affected and shes gunna make a stupid heartless joke on it. I wounder if she realizes what criticizm she is going to have to face when she gets out of this game and back in reality. And now on another note. This girls are crying like someone died. They have known this guy for a month and a half and got kicked out of the game. Its part of it! Thats why its a game. Even Jesse knew that was Jeff’s best move. I wounder how these girls will react when someone close to them really does pass away! Goodness!!

    1. I can’t believe CBS didn’t let Chima leave. Now they are bribing her to stay? I am getting disgusted with CBS, and pretty soon will stop watching because I can’t stand looking at that ugly B*t#@’s face and hear her cackle. At least maybe her cackle won’t happen too soon since she is so unhappy. I am so sick of her acting like she is queen almighty, and whining if something doesn’t go her way. Even her Grandma and friends said she doesn’t take things not going her way well. They should have figured that out during casting and not even chosen her!

      1. I agree. Let Chima leave and bring back Casey. Chima, natalie and lydia need to get off of the pitty pot!!! It’s a game and they knew how the game worked before they entered the house. If she could only see how she looks to us she would know why america won’t vote for her to win shit. We (america) voted for Jeff because we knew he would put up Jessie. and america wanted him gone just as much this time as we did the last. BB- LET THEM LEAVE!!!! They suck at this game! What are they going to do when their next friend has to leave?

      2. they should have realized that from the very first comp when she started crying because she was on the losing team and become a have not. They should have made her a never will

  92. Sounds to me like B.B,s is showering Chima with gifts,,, listen to what she keeps saying. CBS, loves her. She has gone way over-board & they are letting her !!! So lets call her a few choice words huh ? Then see how fast , we get into trouble !!!

  93. I can not believe that the producers won’t step in when it comes to what Chima the Bitch is doing to Jeff and acting like a spoiled little kid and spouting things about the twin towers please send her packing next week her and Natalie, although I don’t think Nat the Nasty is any real threat to win anything. She really thinks her *hit dont stink. She is so ugly and I am NOT raciest as I have a bi racial grand daughter who IS beautiful. Not only is she UGLY on the outside bit on the inside too. Go on home to your make believe world where you are the Queen. This week WAS the best yet in my book and AMerica certainly picked the right one (Jeff) as he was and is the America’s choice to win.

    1. Nat has been riding people’s coat tails all season…Pretty soon no coat tails will be available and BUB BUB BUB BY

  94. We definitely know whose side CBS is on ………….I am African American and I am shocked by Chime’s behavior. She is a rotten, spoilt ,self absorbed rascist imbecile. GROW UP…THIS IS A GAME. YOU KNEW WHAT THIS GAME WAS ALL ABOUT , DID YOU COME ON THIS SHOW TO GET FAME AND ATTENTION.

    1. Has a BB player ever been kicked off the show? Chima needs to be – every word that comes ouf of her mouth is vile! CBS, step up and kick her out, pronto.

  95. I think that big brother should have rules about taking someone else’s property and hiding it or damaging it. In the outside world that is stealing and they should go to jail. BB please do not think that is “cute” or “good story line” because in my book that should not be tolerated. Also, did you see Chima in the HOH competition…she was still trying to dictate the outcome of the game by making gestures to Kevin on who to chose as if he did not have a mind of his own. Poor Kevin, his soulmate is probably at home watching and having a fit that some hag is playing him like a fiddle. The three of them sounded just like the Witches of Eastwick and I was wondering when they would pull out the big black cauldron and start making a potion to do something awful to Jeff or Russel.

  96. What does she do when she plays uno and the other person draws a wild card? Say that’s not fair ,I quit. Grow up! If she wasn’t such a be-itch, maybe america would’ve voted for her to win. i bet if “she ” would’ve won, it would’ve been “fair”. CBS should let america have the power for a week and pick someone off. I PICK CHIMA!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Way 2 go Jeff!!!!! Now let’s see who really deserves to go the end. Chima needs 2 go, she can’t talk about r*** and then wish it on somebody else. Really she really is a horrible person with that comment and that’s not even got anything to do with playing the game. Thxs A bunch Simon you rock!!!!!!

  98. I am Canadian and cannot stand Chima talking about 9/11 the way she does. This was a tragedy and this trash talk on terrorism as got to stop. It’s VILE….

  99. There is something seriously wrong with china. Where are the people to defend calling Russell a terrorist just because of his nationality …? Chima is exactly who voted for Obama … Give me everything for free because I whine all and I mean ALL the time.

  100. I can’t believe Chima, Nat and Lydia threatened to leave….CBS should have let them!!! They have no entertainment value anyway. All they do is bitch and moan!! Too bad for them their beloved Jesse went home. Get over it, it’s a game, it’s what they signed up for! I’m seriously so annoyed with them. I hope Michelle puts up any combo of those 3 fools. I’m going to write a complaint to CBS about Chima.

  101. Shame on CBS for letting Chima and Lydia get away with some of the comments they are making! Viewers need to call in and complain. Its one thing to play a game but its another thing to comment about 911. I wish they would let us send in comments for the players to see how we really feel about Chima and lydia and read them on a live broadcast. Where do we get the complaint forms?

  102. Call chimas bluff… If she wants to walk out the door let her… The self absorbed queen wouldn’t go. Her grandmother is a picture of class and quiet beauty…what happened to her man-hating granddaughter?

  103. I can’t believe that Chima.

    How dare she take Jeffs rosary beads and hide them.

    He is such a sweet guy. As much as he dislikes some of the house guests, he never did anything personal to any of them.

    Chima must go and CBS must put a stop to the way she acts and uses her filty mouth.

  104. Beverley,,,, What a sweet heart you are, Koot-ooooo,s to you my gal, I,am white & I have worked for many years with African American,s in Hospitals & we all come from the same cloth… Love, Heart,& Devotion, What has come from Chima,s mouth is her, just her,,, Love-ya,, Give a hug away & a Smile today,, it makes a better world,,,

  105. Until BB cast Chima I never thought a reality show could find anyone more distastful, hateful and just plain irritating than Amarosa!!

  106. I keep watching my tapes, it was so SWEET to see Jess/Nat on the green couches….Anyone agrees w/me that Jess is so vain, he must hv made that T-shirt B4 his coming into the house….He doesn’t need anyone’s love…HE LOVES HIMSELF so much…I totally agree with your comments…with all the racist comments that’s on the news, CBS shud not allow that awful, hateful, Chima continue with her actions. To hv the gall to say on National TV that she needs to hv a talk w/the producers just shows that she thinks EVERYONE must do her bidding. What I am hoping for is that bb producers kick her off the show, then they don’t hv to have a double eviction….what do u guys think. I really hv gain respect/admination for Michelle, she’s no dummy, she saw right thru the Jess/team. Pls BB producers, don’t give in to Chima, remember u hv a responsiblility to America and ur loyal fans to prove to us all, that CBS does not condone Chima’s racist actions…..Please, Please do something…remember what we are seeing is that she not only trys to intimidate the HG’s, on NATIONAL TV, she is intimidating CBS…are u going to take this totally rude, unacceptable behavior….sure hope not…..

  107. What makes Chima an African American? Because her ancestors may have come from Aftica? If that’s the case then this white man is an African American. Why can’t we all just be American? Let’s stop the segregation!

  108. screw the big ol’ ass lips Chimmmmmma, she is bye bye bye next week.
    screw the closeted lesbian that is Nat. cmon you know she is a lesbian.
    screw the weirdo Lydiot, dire for attention and throw EVERYONE under the bus.

    i hate these three bitches, especially LION KING.

  109. Amaroza is irratating but at least she is not racist. She uses her intelligence to support the arguement. Chima is just plain aweful, i hope Nene from (Real Housewife of Atlanta) bitch slapped this girl. Show her Nene!

    1. Chima is a total BITCH I dont care what color she is. Its the way she carries herself like everyone should respect her thoughts. Because she thinks she is queen B.

  110. Ppl…this is Big Brother…not “We are Family!’ Does anyone on this board really KNOW how this game works. Its apparent Jeff, Jordan or anyone who gets their “feelings hurt” or feels insulted does not know How to Play Big Brother.

    I would bet my last dollar that anyone of you on here making the same “Ignorant/racist” comments would do the same if you were in the house. Dr. Will said it best.. “I’m going to lie in your face, back stab you when its benefits me, and win a half of mil!” & Sorry ppl…but thats Game!

    I give props to all that are in the house to be watched & mocked for daily 24/7.

  111. IMAGINE THIS!!! How fantastic would it be If BB would of had the brains to sequester the first people evicted, then when the 3 beotches started their little blackmail fest, BB could have said FINE! Your wish is granted. You 3 can go to the sequester house and piss and moan all you want (not the jury house, that is different. They don’t get to be with Jesse) We will bring back Braden, Laura, and Casey to take your spots. In regards to Janelle’s famous line, BYE BYE BITCHES!!! Maybe in the future BB should start sequestering everyone who is evicted first so that if they get another blackmail queen in their they don’t have to cave in to her. They can just tell her to take a flying leap and remind her that there are several people sitting in the sequester house just waiting for a chance to be able to come back into the BB house.

    1. Ok, I have another scenerio for next week because it will be a double eviction. Lydia is evicted 1st. Remember they don’t reveal that it is a double eviction until after the first HG leaves. Lydia is ELATED that she will get to spend a whole week in the jury house alone just her and her little Jesse kins. An hour after she arrives all goo goo eyed and giddy over her romantic little nest with Jesse in pops her new BFF NATALIE! Imagine the look on Lydias face. Priceless.

      Ok I have another scenerio for next week since it?s a double eviction week. IMAGINE THIS!!!! Lydia is evicted first. Now remember they don?t reveal it is a double eviction until after the first HG is gone. Lydia is ELATED that she will get to spend a whole week alone in the jury house just her and her little jesse kins. An hour after she arrives all goo goo eyed and giddy over her romantic get-a-way with Jesse, in pops her new BFF NATALIE! Imagine the look on Lydias face. Priceless

  112. Ok I have another scenerio for next week since it’s a double eviction week. IMAGINE THIS!!!! Lydia is evicted first. Now remember they don’t reveal it is a double eviction until after the first HG is gone. Lydia is ELATED that she will get to spend a whole week alone in the jury house just her and her little jesse kins. An hour after she arrives all goo goo eyed and giddy over her romantic get-a-way with Jesse, in pops her new BFF NATALIE! Imagine the look on Lydias face. Priceless.

  113. Ok I have another scenerio for next week since it?s a double eviction week. IMAGINE THIS!!!! Lydia is evicted first. Now remember they don?t reveal it is a double eviction until after the first HG is gone. Lydia is ELATED that she will get to spend a whole week alone in the jury house just her and her little jesse kins. An hour after she arrives all goo goo eyed and giddy over her romantic get-a-way with Jesse, in pops her new BFF NATALIE! Imagine the look on Lydias face. Priceless

  114. Open Letter to Chima:
    America loves you…even if some don’t won’t to admit it. You are captivating. They’re glued to the show to see your next move. Don’t ever change. Speak what’s on your heart. This show would be boring without you. You are the talk of the town. Its evident. Every comment mentions your name. Continue to keep us entertained. Go Chima, go!!

    1. I agree. Freedom of speech rules. At least someone has the bulls no pun intended there Jeffo and will say what she wants to say. Good for her. A man can go around bitching and fighting and scaring the shit out of contestants but when a woman does it she is the devil. Come on, that is not fair.

  115. I am starting to get upset with some of Chima’s comments. I am catholic and she is starting to go a little to far. I hope that her family is embarrassed by her. And when she gets to look back at some of the tapes I hope she is ashamed by her own words and actions. I just watched an interview on the cbs site by Ross Matthews with Jessie and he blames America for the fact that the is no longer in the house, he kept going over and over that. Give the big baby a blankie and bottle.

  116. I have another scenario, Jeff has to go soon. He has really done nothing except ride on the coat tail of the Athlete’s clique. Just lucky for him America gave him the coupe d’etat. Hope he is gone soon!! I don’t think he deserves to win, he hasn’t really played the game?

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