Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Ronnie is the most “Ethical Person” in the BB House

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:30pm HOH Jessie and Chima. Chima is bringing up Russell and all the Final 2 deals he has made. Jessie tells her he never made a Final two with him and CHima just everyone else. Jessie goes on to say he’s putting up the people he want gone not players that that other people want evicted. if casey had won veto he would have taken Jordan off to show his allegiance to Jeff. Chima is just sitting there agreeing but not saying much. Jessie brings up Lydia and how she’s playing the game. She’s trying not to make any enemies so no one will go after her. He says that KEvin and Lydia are going to win nothing and coast to the end. Jessie tells her he’s worried that he’ll be gone on week 4 just like last year.
Jessie thinks casey is lying alot right now trying to save his ass… JEssie knows the lies and its not affecting his decision. HE thinks it?s a waste of time for Casey to try and change his mind. Jessie was saying he was glad that Russell wasn’t up there yelling at them for sceming, that it was nice to just talk about. THey both agree that Russell need to stop screaming that people are scheming. Chima thinks Casey is making up reasons not to like her, and thinks Casey is mad at her because she told him to stop acting black. JEssie again says that Casey is lying like crazy right now so watch out, CHima appreciates having a talk with JEssie in private now when they still have the chance. Chima says she hates her team she thinks they are all crazy. Jessie says you have to know that people will go after both of your team mates instead of you you?re not in

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

that bad a position. Jessie thinks the reason Casey doesn’t like Chima is because Chima being upset about the things she has to go through in the game. Chima thinks its because of the black comment she made to Casey earlier. Chima is shocked that Lydia would vote to keep Casey and to use the Clique excuse is just lame. Chima wonders if its because she’s so jealous of Jessie and Natalie. CHima tells him Lydia really likes JEssie its so obvious. Jessie says taht Lydia thinks i never accommodates the girl but in the real world I’m the one that gives the massages and i’m the one that gets the food. Chima says she’s interested in Russell but he has a hard exterior she keeps trying to find the softer side of him but its really tough to do. She adds that Russell is gaining alot of weight. They both agree taht Lydia and KEvin are a couple (in the game) and there hiding it by saying that Kevin is gay. JEssie thinks they are targeting him. Chima says Lydia was pissed because you had Natalie do your hair yesterday and Lydia is not good at hiding her facial expressions. Jessie says yeah, she goes from happy to pissed, overly dramatic. Chima thinks there?s somthing mentally wrong with Lydia she gives out so many evil eyes to people even when she’s greeting them or saying something nice.
Natalie joins them and pulls Jessie away… Ronnie joins Chima in the HOH to distract her while they prepare for her birthday downstairs.

Ronnie says he’s growen to like Russell he is a good guy, “better than the sum of his parts” They begin to trash Michelle, KEvin and Lydia. Ronnie calls Michelle Selfish and a liar. he now says that he never lied to CHima, Jessie, KEvin and Lydia, “I

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

still have your back” Chima says they said they were never voting out Braden but YOU convinced them otherwise she asks him if that was a lie? he just says he loves CHima and goes on to explain that Russell came up to him and brought it all up to Ronnie. Ronnie says Chima I never lied to you and I cried so much up here because i never did you any wrong and everyone was filling your head with lies about me. Ronnie warns her that if Lydia wins HOH next week we are fucked because she’ll take one of us out. He says he wants Chima or Natalie to win cause they are the best and will never do anything to hurt our group. Chima goes on to complement Ronnie on burning Casey… Ronnie says thanks he was going to tell Casey he spent too much time with 5th graders but didn’t. Ronnie says he respects Russell coming at Ronnie to his face but doesn’t respect Casey going behind my back (LOL OMFG RONNIE you rock your so ethical) Ronnie now talks about his work as a teacher and how the education system works. He says he is ethical because of his dedication to his students. He says his wife is the coach of the debate team in high school.He goes on about his wife and how he wants to keep his private information out of the hands of other houseguests. HE only trusts CHima and Jessie…. He says that he will not put Russell up cause he’s loyal to NBK and he thinks Casey,lydia and Kevin will. They briefly talk about evictions and Ronnie says he wants Jeff, Lydia than Russell gone. This will leave KEvin and Jordan all alone and useless. Ronnie says Casey has lied 12 to 1 compared to him, he is the puppet master in this house not Ronnie. The other side was trying to pin it all on me put it was really Casey. Ronnie goes off and trashes everyone to Chima he finishes off telling her how delicious it will be to see Casey go home this week.
He tells her that the final 4 will be Ronnie, Chima, Natalie and Jessie than they will play the competitions and the winner will win big brother. He says that JEssie will take Natalie over us and I will take you (LOL what about Chima taking you to final 2)


3:00pm CHIMA’s Birthday party

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Lydiot went back for more with JezNat… Guess bad sex is better than no sex.

Nat is a Dike

I hate jesse and Natalie she thinks she has this house on lock I hope Jordan wins hoh and puts up jesse and nat so one of them will go home… This game needs a mix up Im so tired of watching the jesse show if jeff jordan casey and lydia leave the show wont even be worth watching somebody needs to shake this game up like jesse go home 🙂 What is wrong with the people this season letting that dushe bag control the show… God something needs to give its way to predictable right now


Something to think about… Who does jessie want in the final two if he wants to win?
and what about every one else, who should they take?

I guess it’s to soon to tell until the NBK starts to turn on each other. As far as I can tell Jessie is worried about the wrong people, he should take a look at his group, I think I have heard everyone say that want him out. except Nat who will when the clique thing is over, Jessie is the worst person for her to go to the end with.

Randy Wolfgang

Natalie is a smug little creep who is riding along thinking that she is in no trouble – cannot wait to see her go down – watch the tears if she winds up on the block.


Ronnie’s saying that Casey has lied more than he has? What a dick.


my god people how is a non scirpted show perdictable first second of all i didnt like jesse that much in season 10 but lets be honest hes totally different this season why you all love the people on this show who cant do shit is beyond me you cant wait for jesse and nat to be put on the blk how about u cant wait till the other loser can finally win something there pathedic and that why everyone likes them because they deep down feel bad for them jesse is playing a good and smart game!!!!!!! nuff said


HOH’S so far…Jesse, Ronnie & Jesse again. Till someone else steps up and wins it ,it will stay like it is the whole way….. Jordin is to blonde to win a HOH, Jeffs head is to far up her ass to think right, Michelle wins it and she will be lost on what to do so it will probably go their way and Casey is out the door. Then u have the lil gay thing with no balls and Lydie who plays with Jesse’s balls. That leaves Chima who is getting wrapped up with Russell cause she wants to wrap them big lips around his muscle. So, for a few more weeks it will be the same ole same ole with Casey, Jordin, Jeff, Michelle and Chima all taking a hike cause they have no game till they step up and WIN A GAME!!!!!!!


I made a comment like that yes. Because I could not believe no one was rooting for the NBK clique… They r out smarting the GAME… And of course the should b final four jess/ nat/ronnie/chima…. They r tight and winning shit


the only person that is winning is Ronnie and Jesse. Chima isn’t winning anything either and at least Jeff did win POV.


FYI Jessie has only won one comp. (putting a ball in a hole, which we know he has had allot of practice at)
And Jeff is holding his own with a Veto win, you say they are pathetic but you just got done saying you didn’t like Jessie in season 10. He’s done this before so he learned from his mistakes, the so called pathetic people are still learning. I don’t feel sorry for them I just like them better
Have you heard Lydiot’s baby voice, Nat’s acts like a 13yr old , and Jessie is a big pity baby who’s ego is still hurt that America voted him out last time. CBS must have felt SORRY for him, we did it for a reason and that’s why we don’t like him regardless if he changed his game.


I just hope they don’t make shemaaan wear the leotard. If her lips between her legs are as big as her lips around her mouth that will be gross camel toe, it will probably look more like a elephants ass ha ha ha


Dave – you had me crying from laughing so hard!! Elephants ass – too funny!! Hats off to you!!


This season sucks. It seems as if the people are playing this season more personal and are not looking to even win the money. Jessie made a dumb decision by not putting up Ronnie. Why would he try and take out Casey, Jordon, or Michelle. There are bigger fish to fry in the house and he made a dumb decision. This season is beginning to be one of the worst ever. No one is really trying HARD in the HOH’s and it seems as if everyone is so laid back and nonchalant. Their just sitting back and enjoying their time away from home.


Jessie should leave week 4. It would be the funniest thing Ive ever seen on this show.


Did they announce who Jesse put up in place of Michelle yet? What does the letters NBK stand for?? TIA


Natural Born Killer….jess/ nat/ ronnie/ chima…and I think Lydia /keV goooo nbk … LOL they can’t b stop until they turn on each other :-(((((


NATALIE SUCKS!!!!! Worst person in BB history. I hope her bf dumps her sorry ass when she gets home. She looks stupid following Jesse around when he’s screwing Lydia. I hope Casey punches Jesse and Ronnie in the face & that is how he leaves instead of being evicted in a banana suit.

Randy Wolfgang

Now that Jordan knows about the plan to backdoor Casey – will Casey find out in time????


Randy what part did u find out that Jordan knows about backd casey who told her……grrrrrr

Randy Wolfgang

Lydia told Jordan and Jordan went to Russell to tell him – he already knows that Casey is being backdoored and told her not to tell jeff (to cover his tracks)


cant stand jessie either
american kicked him off last year what do we have to do to get his face gone
he will most likely keep ronnie hate to see casey go he coukd give them a good run
break up clicks nat needs to b on her own


how about more updates what is jessie up 2


i love nat & jessie.. love how ther workin together hopefully jessie doesnt turn on her <3


My thots exactly I hope they keep it 100 with each other…and win everything everyone one else out of the NBK seeems weak!!!!!!

The Chosen One

Wow ur a dbag for loving them…cos they’re like u…dbags!

Johnny Conservative

How did Jordan find out about the possibility of backdooring Casey?

I am Ronnie

I told her

jesse speaks

Om Goodness!
Someone actually likes Jesse as much as He does?
I have never been so frustrated by HG as BB11.
Jesse goes if Ronnie doesn’t.
What does NBK mean. Do not use Crypto WO saying one time what it means.


jess and nat will get there’s waite and see then you wont here a peep out of them they will be kissing everyone’s ass she is yhe worst player in bb history she is a lap dog


Does anyone know who the Meathead put up in Michelle’s place? I am pretty sure it is going to be Casey and that sucks cause Casey is kool. I hope Jeff, Michelle, or Jordan wins HOH next week.


This situation sucks. I don’t want Cassey to go home. I hate Jesse he is so stupid if he thinks his actions this week as HOH won;t put a target on him. Hopeful the other half of the house get it together and get Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie out. And wheat does NBK stand for.

I am Ronnie

NBK = Nat Bangs Kocks