Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell wins HOH


9:00pm HOH comp Russell and Jeff, they both want to go after the same people. Both are saying they want the same person gone. Jeff says he’ll give Russell his word but he won’t trust Russell with everyone around. Russell asks everyone to leave and they all do except for Jordan. Russ tells Jeff that he was the vote for Casey and it was him keeping his word to Casey. Jeff says he isn’t going to drop, Jeff knows he’s everyone?s target it?s too risky for him. Jeff “I want that Fuckin dude to but I’m low on the totem pole”. Russell tells JEff over and over again that he can be trused. Jeff wants to rock/paper/scissors for it Russell says no way. Jeff talks about playing Jordan last night and she won the first game but Jeff won the second. Russell says he really wants his father?s letter.,.. he’s been missing his father, there very close… They both say they want the letter. Jeff promises Russ he won’t go up no matter what. Russ says they same. Russell is in rough shape.

9:25pm Jeff and Russell make a deal, Jeff and Jordan are safe and Ronnie goes up on the block.. Jeff agrees and Jeff Drops Russell wins HOH. Ronnie looks scared


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oh god here we go again… deja vu with Dan and Ollie. I hope Jeff also made him promise not to put either of them up if the veto is used. In any case JEFF NEEDS THE MYSTERY POWER! VOTE FOR JEFF!!!


NO WAY AM I VOTING FOR JEFF! Just what exactly has he done in this game except for cowardly rejecting his clique when he saw that they were creating enemies and were getting bloodguily, instigate BS and drama in the house all the while being protected by his clique who were actually taking risks and playing the game, ONLY stepped up to save his own ARSE when he was on the block and immediately after that went back to instigating BS.. HELL NO! I AM NOT VOTING FOR JEFF. I am going to vote for someone who is actually playing the game and not trying to stay under the radar like he is . Jeff is always calling people cowards, But he is the BIGGEST coward of them all. He has NEVER stepped up and OPENLY taken the lead to change the game or make a difference in the house. Jeff is the biggest WUSS.

Evel Russ

Everything that guy just said is bullshit. Thank you.


…ok… prove my words wrong…. rather than saying it BS, states some actual facts….. Or is it you can’t prove my words wrong and thats why you resorted to name calling… thats just sad.


I must have missed something bc I didnt see any name calling….Go Jeff =)


I totally agree… That’s y I like bb… U have to play… Now CBS making it easy for the underdog… While the real players get Nbk get a bad wrap for known g strategy


I did 🙂


CBS : IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience



Just like we thought as soon as Jessie doesn’t get things his way he’s acting like a baby! Damn that slop pass Nat has.
This is why people don’t like Jessie, and just so you know jordan did the fair thing and picked names at random and Jessie and Nat said they would have just named Jeff and Jordan, look who is bitter now!

The Original Jim

Coup D’etat! Viva le Jeff!

Big D

keep voting for Jeff.


Well I’m content with the outcome. Jeff didn’t win but he’ll get America’s vote and possibly safety from Russ. And we get to see Jessie on slop, so I can’t complain.

Evel Russ

Where are you guys getting that Jessie is a have not? I didn’t see that anywhere. Who else is a have not?


why would jorden put jeff’s name into the hat (to be picked for have-nots) after what he went thru and after saving her???what an airhead! lovely to see natadude and creepy jessie and kevin on slop. is natadude crazy thinking jessie horseface is entitled to not being on slop because as she says “he’s a big man and needs to eat”ohhhhhm nat you are a strange little sheep who needs to learn not to worship and follow creepy,extremely short but muscled airheads (aka jessie). oh, and lydia…….did you run out of your anti-depressants? gosh, you’re depressing to even watch.good competition BB…it was great to see the houseguests get knocked around (well not jorden ,jeff and russell) but i wish jessie was up there getting his.


Didn’t Ronnie say if it was endurance and it was sitting he would win?


lol yeah


Karma is a bitch Jesse, ronnie and natalie needs to go bye bye they cost casey his game

Jeff deserves the power

please give the power to who deserves it most, JEFF!!!!!


Well I was enjoying the game the way it was goi g…… But of course it’s better to watch the underdog take over a Jordan/jeff needs a good week n da house!!!!!!!


Jeff all the way. I am voting as many times as I can.
Maybe he is not playing the game, but at least he is not a jerk. Ronnie, Scrappy, Two Pump Chump, and Chima are all vile human beings. They have had easy rides since the game began, and now they have to deal with a little adversity and whine. I see a collapse of the empire coming. I can’t wait.
I have been praying all week for something like this.

Evel Russ

Totally agree and hoping that Russell holds true to his word. Ronnie this week, then Jeff puts up Jessie and Natalie the next week with the Coup D’etat.


Goodness I had the strangest feeling that Russell was going to win. I hope he puts up Ronnie and keeps his word to Jeff and not put up Jeff or Jordan. Best case scenario is that neither Jeff nor Jordon gets nominated this week and Jeff (if he wins America’s vote) will not have to use his power until the week after next.


Amen. And it also gives Jeff another shot at HOH.
Russel is a definite wild card, but I really think he is a man of his word. He has appeared fed up with the group he has been stuck with from day 1.
I may now actually be able to watch the remainder of the season.
And boy is Ronnie working hard. Bye Bye LOSER.


Please everyone vote for Jeff. Jesse has been such a little bitch tonight over the have not. He was so tough the last 3 weeks but now the power has shifted he is showing how big a pussy he is. He could not have hung on like Russ and Jeff.

interesting deal

i’ll believe it when i see it


Lydia is a piece of shit…saying she would go on slop for jesse? I’m all for gameplay, but that was troubling. Can’t wait to see ronnie try and weasel his way outta this one. Ronnie,Lydia or Kev should go up. Ronnie should be the target, but lydia will panic her way into getting eliminated.


Can someone tell how they chose have’s and have nots. I read the post but I don’t understand it.


sorry simon,
did bb set up the comp? Who said for Jordan to pick? Why was she able to put jeff’s name back in the hat several times?


ty 🙂

Big D

It was her dipolma she had to pick after falling off , that she get to select who goes on slop, have not, for the week. Super Gay gay fell and he picked and won 5 k. He is becoming a target, people starting to catch on to his helpless but I’m the gay guy act.


The first five got envelopes … maybe it was in one of those envelopes!




Jeff should’ve learned from last season that no one keeps their promises…I so wish Jeff would’ve won!!! Im voting for Jeff as Americas favorite.PLEASE guys vote JEFF or JORDAN!!!!


Ronnie has a 297.1 disorder Jessie is a 301.81 dosorder and Nat is a 301.50 disorder . Delusional, Narcissistic and Histrionic in that order


Please vote for RONNIE – HA – NOT! (Make that DOUBLE KNOT! and hang the little twerp!)


i wish jeff stayed up longer he looked like he could stay on longer than russel.i honestly dont trust Russell he better keep his word.but it isnt like it matters because jeff is going to win the special power thing:)


The first 5 people to fall from the comp last night each got somthing (eg. Kevin got $5.000). Jordon got to become a Have for the week. She put names into a hat and drew them out as to who would be the Have Not’s (She did not put the Brains because the were the Have Not’s last week)


do anyone else think that Ronnie looks like a serial killer?

jeff fan

does anyone else think Ronnie looks like a serial killer?


We just have to make sure Jeff gets the magic power. Come on America. VOTE Vote and the go back and vote again.
I would Love to see Natalie go home. She’s such a hood rat.


I too wish Jeff would have stayed on, I am not certain that Russ will keep his word. I was all set to top watching if BB did not do something to change things. Now I hope that either Jeff or Jordon get America’s vote. Please America vote for the people in the house that at least have a conscience and integrity.


I don’t fully trust Russell b/c remember last week he was following Ronnie around mocking him but they showed that he went into his HOH rm. and said we have to play this off.

But then again Russell did keep his word with Casey and was his only vote. I miss Casey. His speech and exit was classic. Jesse look like he didn’t know what to do. Thought his body mass would imtimidate someone. PLEASE!!!!

Nat got to go..She 24 but acting like a 18 yr with a crush on the buff boy…


Russell better not put up Lydia or Kevin. They are definately my faves the season.


i hope lydia wins pov and russell puts up that pitbull Natalie. I loathe that beyotch!!!