Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jessie on Slop and the World Ends

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:30pm Kitchen most the houseguests around. Jordan is going to pick the have and have not?s out of her graduation cap. She tells them that the people on slope last week will not be put on slop this week (the brains). She pulls out jeff’s name everyone laughs and tells her to pic someone else… First person is Natalie than Kevin than she pulls jeffs name again… They tell her to pick again but pull jeffs name out of the hat… she picks and gets JEssie. Jessie is pissed off saying that its not fair they picked JEff first. They all go back and forth about how to decide which one to pic.. “Rock paper scissors”, “Pick a number between 1 and 10”.. Lydia says she’ll take his place if he’s going to be such a big baby. She goes on to say that she will sleep between Kevin and Natalie. The Big Brother Voice tells them thanks for the great competition, They all thank Big Brother for the pizza.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40pm Recycling room Jessie, Chima and Natalie. They are trying to regroup and figure out what is going to happen this week. They think he’s going to put up Ronnie and Lydia. Jessie is really worried about the America’s vote. They are starting to think that Ronnie is going to get it. Jessie starts nonstop complaining about being on slop. Natalie starts bragging about her slop pass…. Jessie goes back about the nominations; he’s positive that Ronnie will go home if he goes up. Ronie walks in. Natalie is going off on not shower all week becuase she’ll have to shower in cold water. She bring sup at least 4 time taht she’s not going to shower nobody pays any notice.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:50pm Bathroom Michelle, Chima and Russell with Jeff in the shower. Russell congratulates Michelle on holding on for so long. Michelle says she was thinking of her husband the whole time. Jeff brings up Chima pukeing and how hardcore she is. Chima says she puked 10 times. But chima wasn’t the only one to have thrown up, Michelle says she did and so did Jordan and Natalie. Russell brings up that at one point all three of the girls were puking. Jeff says they are going to be so sick tomorrow and he can’t even get out of the shower. Russell says he knows how he feels Russell knee is hurt and his back is bothering him. Jessie pokes his head in and starts complaining to Jeff that he should be on Slop.. Jeff says thanks for going on slop for me, Jessie leaves pissed. Jeff brings up that he could of stayed longer but he knew so could Russell so he dropped. Russell says good thing you did cause we would of stayed up there all night and fuck our bodies up. They joke that they were waiting for Big Brother to start and offer them prizes. They go one to talk about how tough the competition was.. Russell comment on how hard they were getting slammed into the diploma. Russell brings up when he was peeing on himself and it made him feel warm.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Jordan announces the HAve nots and tells them all that it starts tonight. Jessie and Natalie start barking up a storm saying how its not far, Natalie: “Big Brother is all about fairness aren’t you big brother, and this isn’t far” Natalie & Jesse saying its not fair they must start Have Not right now and stay in the room now. Natalie sayin its not fair! Natalie saying BB wount let her wear her jacket early because it was fair. Natalie bitchin & moaning to Jesse on how its not fair. Jesse says it?s their show and they can do as they want. Natalie going on & on “It?s not fair!”. Natalie is made because all the other times they got to start the next day but now all of a sudden they start the day they get slop. Jordan tells them its Natalie, Kevin and Jessie and it starts right now. Natalie still going off about it not being fair. Her and Jessie move to the red room where he tries to tell her to be quiet but she just goes on and on until they cut the feeds for 10 minutes.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm Kitchen Jordan, Michelle and Jeff. They are all talking about the competition and how insanely hard it was. Michelle tells them taht during the competition she got her shorts wraped around the rope and it showed off her Va-Jay-jay. Michelle says she very embarssed, Jordan doesn’t think they would show that but it makes for good TV. Jordan brings up them showing Michelle major wipe-out during the POV comp. Michelle giggling now. Kevin joins them and congratulates JEff the “Stud” on staying up there so long. Jeff bring up how sore his dick is from hanging up there for so long. Jeff now shows him his gigantic bruise on his thigh… they continue to talk about the HOH.. KEvin and Michelle leave Jeff and Jordan alne. The kiss and cuddle. Jordan isn’t sure Russell can be trusted. JEff is confident that they can trust him. Jordan now brings up the mystery power… Nether of them really have any clue what it could be. Jordan mentions the others saying coup d??tat and how if she wins it she’ll put HOH. Jeff mentions how sore his legs are and he wants to go lay down. Jordan mentions the pool room has some space.

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Evel Russ

Loving that Jessie is on slop. And Jeff thanking him for going on slop for him is awesome. Karma is a bitch. And Natalie is just a nasty little thing. Not that not showering all week will be much of a change, I understand she only showers every 3 or 4 days anyway. Could she piss and moan any more?
Also, I read that Jesse actually complained that his “neck is killing” him from watching them for so long. What a twat.

Mr. E

I was hoping Russel and Jeff would be the last two and it turned out perfectly. I was also hoping that Russel would get HOH because I still believe Jeff is going to win Coup d’Etat (which lasts for two weeks) and the combined two-week domination of the votes would break the powers of evil permanently. Either Jessie and Ronnie are gone or Ronnie and Natalie are gone. Which leaves the rest of the house powerless and in an absolute panic.
Russel just needs to realize the only way to guarantee Ronnie goes is to put Jessie up against him because Ronnie has been cutting so many damn deals. Just say, “If you had put Ronnie up last week you wouldn’t be in this position, now I’m on clean-up duty.”
Jessie and Ronnie are in a panic because they realize America won’t like them. Jessie is pissed because not only does he have to eat crappy food and sleep in the crappy room but he has cultivated a following of waffling slimeballs to carry him beyond the Jury House. Instinct is telling him that America loves Jordan and Jeff and he can’t control either one. Ronnie is in a panic trying to rationalize away his own underhanded strategy of playing everyone against each other and spreading lies about people by saying, “America wants to see the clever person who’ll use it the best win Coup d’Etat.”
Sorry, Ronnie, but we know how you’ll use Coup d’Etat. Any way Jessie WANTS you to. You’re a pawn and even though you think you’re clever, we all know exactly what you’ll do…put power back in the hands of those who already had it.

Karen S

I thought it was hillarious that Ronnie thought anyone would vote for him to get the mysterious power. It usually turns out in the BB house, that the popular vote would go to who is liked, not who is hated for his hypocrisy and arrogance.
Like most of you, J & J are whom I am rooting for! They are just nice people. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone nice to finally get it.. Well, besides Dan. ha!
I hate the way Jessie talks about Lydia behind her back. It’s a shame to see Jessie get his jollies and then kick her to the curb. I knew it was a train wreck. sigh~
And in turn, didn’t April turn on Keisha last season in the same way that Lydia has turned her back on Jordon. hmmmm
Maybe Lydia and Kevin will get smart and help get out some of the bigger threats in the game.
Floaters.. has anyone really talked about them this year? Seems like there is a bunch of them. It is awkward to see the house shift every time there is a new HOH.
Over thinking this game screws them all everytime!


karen i agree with you. ronnie must be out of his mind if he thinks america will vote for him. but i am scared because america might want to see some more action. if jeff or jorden win it will be boring because they are nice people. but they might change if they get some power. have you ever seen on big brother a nice person win. big brother is all about lies and double crossing. and may the best lier win. i think i going to vote for kevin because he is a floater.

Karen S

I agree with Mr. E! Jessie is sweating it, because he got voted out by America the last time. He’s not been so quiet about it either. He knew America didn’t like him. Even though he’s been pretty level headed so far, it’s only because he was in power or controlling the power.
Natalie’s whining, b**tching and complaining about how Jessie’s muscles are going to suffer on slop.. wa wa! He knew what he was getting into. I think we’re about to see Jessie’s ugly side again.
I agree with you as well about the coup d’tat. I’m hoping Jeff gets it as well. I love jordon, just not sure she could keep her mouth shut. I applaud Russ for being honest with Jeff about the vote. I haven’t heard Natalie be honest with anyone about her vote.
Felt like I might hurl when she talked about sleeping in the “Have Nots” room.. that her relationship with her bf would be risked by sleeping near a gay guy! For REAL? What an insecure man that would be. tsk tsk



Evel Russ

Casey’s speech was epic. Best speech ever. He owned them both, but really hammered Jessie.


also, has there ever been a bigger whiner than “smedium” shirt Jesse? the guy has been in power for 2 of 3 weeks and the first time anything doesn’t go his way…. WAH WAH WAH!

vote jefe!


Is there a limit on the number of times you can vote for that mysterious power? I know text is 10, but what about Just wondering….

robyn conway

so hopefully russ will keep his word,america vote for Jeff.also what they shoukd do is change the veto rules,the person who wins gets to take who ever they want off the block but then they get to name the replacement.Jesse and Natalie enjoy the slop,she is pathetic following him around,and finally Ronnie has to go.


JEFF and JORDAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie is an idot and needs to be evicted…the biggest DORK ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE JEFF #2 @ 81818 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


HATE HATE that fat dork and slimy hypocrite Ronnie. Jessie and Natalie – why don’t you two stop whining and bitchin. If things don’t go your way you think BB is being unfair. I voted for Jeff numerous times. I agree J & J are so sweet and nice. Wish Casey was still in the game also. Would love to see that azho dorky and ugly Ronnie go. He’s so evil – I just hate looking at him. Jess and Natalie make me nauseous. Wish there was a triple elimination. Chima and Lydia can go too.


I agree. I can’t stand Jessie, Natalie, and Ronnie. So much that I couldn’t even watch online live feeds much this last two weeks, they drive me crazy – get rid of them. Jessie is the biggest whiner I have ever seen. Natalie is just a b**** and Ronnie is just and idiot. I can’t stand to watch them. Go Jordan and Jeff. I am sad that Casey had to leave 🙁 I have already voted for Jeff several times YEAH JORDAN AND JEFF maybe I can actually watch online this week without wanting to throw up LOL


Lets make sure Jordans people vote for Jeff, lets not split he vote, Jeff will keep her safe. She might tell Jeff if she gets it and lose it.


Love russel and jeff hope they unite as a one and they could easily reach the finals and get rid of all those rtas aka ronnie and michelle and lidya and the gay in the closet aka jessi
wohooooooooooo I vote already for jeff to get the power cmon america lets show them we like the good ones to win not those disgusting rats and the doggirl aka natalie btw she is so uglie lol


i hope america votes for kevin or lydia but america will vote for jeff or jordan because they are well liked but who will cbs let wiin? i glad russell won and i do hope he put up ronnie and jessie so the person who win power will not use it. and then i hope ronnie wins the pov and save himself . and stir the house up again. if all the trouble makers are gone bb11 will be the most boring bb of all time


Ronnie has a 297.1 disorder Jessie is a 301.81 dosorder and Nat is a 301.50 disorder . Delusional, Narcissistic and Histrionic in that order


Love the whining that Nat & Jesse are doing, and the contrast of the complete innocence on Jeff & Jordan’s parts of who might get America’s vote. They really don’t realize THEY are the most liked! I agree, Russell winning HOH was a smart move on Jeff’s part & I’m sure he can be trusted. LOVE THE SHOW – FINALLY – and I don’t even care if it IS fixed – I want some goooooood feelings for once! Can’t wait to see who Russell nominates!


Jordan/Jeff all the way! The only people left I like. Although, Russell is growing on me (especailly if he can keep his word) and I don’t mind Michelle.


Way 2 go Jeff


OMG I cant believe Jessi thought AMERICA was gonna pick Ronnie for the coup d??tat thingy. Um if he does i will be very very surprised. and pissed.



Simon I absolutely LOVE your heading on this summary”Jesse is on Slop the World ends!” I am still laughing at that! Nat and Jesse think they are above everyone. I think it is hysterical they even think there could be a chance America will vote for them for America’s choice—yeah right!


Same old Jessie – as soon as things aren’t going his way, he begins to implode. And I so love that Natalie couldn’t wear her garbage bag suit for the HOH!


Simon you should get a Douchebag business card. LOL…

Evel Russ

No one wants you here troll.


I hope they both break the rules and get kicked out!


Jeff deserves to win the power he’s been hanging there being bullied by Jesse and his ” pitbull ” Natalie

G. Lynn

My dear God Man!!!! That is quite possibly the most terrible spelling and grammar I have EVER seen. Quick review:
Their= Belongs to that person
There=Where something is
They’re= They are

As for the spelling, they’re (remember they are) the words with little red lines under them.


lmao…thats why you post on here G Lynn….to correct folks grammer….go take your meds and chill out…

Jake K.

I hope Jeff or Jordan gets the power (its funny they think ronnie will get it) because since Russell is protecting them they are guaranteed until week 6. this week they are safe cuz of russ then they would have the power for the following week no matter what happens. hopefully its ronnie then jessie.


I swear to god…I can’t believe I’m saying this….but I’m watching BBAD from last night, and it had to be THE most EFFING adorable thing I’ve ever seen when Jordan said to Jeff, “I was eating en-a-mims but I was thinking of you”. God those two are too damn cute.
Sidebar, the amount of whining Nat & Jess are doing is unbelievable. You think to yourself, “Man, those two are gonna hate it when the tables are turned”, but then when it actually happens, it’s way worse than you could’ve imagined. Way to not let us down, J&N. J&J are being all cute in the kitchen, then they switch to J&N bitching. Thanks Showtime.


Oh so jeff and jordan and casey weren’t whining…these people gave up long ago…its a shame all you people are riding jeff and jordons b.s.


Go.NBK – doesn’t it ever bother you that every day you wake up, you’re still a douchebag?