Big Brother 11 – 3rd Week Eviction and HOH results

Lydia votes to evict: Casey
Jeff votes to evict: Casey
Kevin votes to evict: Casey
Russell votes to evict: Jordan
Ronnie votes to evict: Casey
Chima votes to evict: Casey
Natalie votes to evict: Casey
Michelle votes to evict: Casey
Evicted: Casey
No More cliques
Mystery Power Given to a Houseguest: coup d’etat gets to overthrow the HOH and we get to vote the power to one Houseguest Voting ends august 4th, go to to vote



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7:05pm backyard HOH Endurance Competition
Ronnie out, Kevin out,Lydia out, Natalie OUT, Jordan out, Chima Out
Michelle Out


7:47pm backyard HOH Endurance Competition… Michelle, Jeff, Ronnie and Russell still holding on.
7:56pm HOH comp same 4 still up Michelle suffering big time… Jeff, Chima, Russell seem ok
8:04pm HOH comp Chima, Michelle Russell and Jeff still in it.. Michelle is going to drop any second now
8:11pm HOH Chima falls
8:35pm comp Michelle Falls… no deals being made yet, Jeff looks to be in worse shape than Russell. Jordan gives him a pep talk.
8:45pm HOH Russell pisses himself… Ronnie says “russell’s in there to win he just pissed himself”
8:55pm Backyard Ronnie, Lydia and Natalie. Ronnie says Kevin?s been saying it’ll be one of us three that get voted by America. who get the power. Lydia think one of them 4 will definitely win. Natalie thinks Chima might win…. Kevin joins them and they are discussing what the “power ?could be coup d??tat…. Ronnie now thinks that Jordan is going to get it… He says he’s 100% sure it’ll be Ronnie

Ronnie wins

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219 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – 3rd Week Eviction and HOH results

  1. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this site. I’m in CA and would have to wait for 3 hours if you weren’t doing this for us! I appreciate everything!!!!

      1. Same here….thank you so much. Like Lisa, being in CA sucks when I have to wait 3 hours to find out what happens.

  2. im startin to agree that keeping Casey is the rest of the house’s only chance of takin down NBK’s Natalie,Jessie,Ronnie, and Chima , if he gets evicted they can kiss the game goodbye the powerhouse of Jessie and Natalie will take the house apart WATCH it will go down somethin like this

    next week Jordan

    following week Michelle

    following week Jeff

    following week russel

    following week ronnie

    following week chima

    end game Jessie = $500k, and Natalie = $50k

  3. Everything Casey said was true! He is the only one that has the balls to stand up to Jessie. It will be sad to
    see him go. Another houseguest that I like gone. I loved, loved, loved, what Casey said!!!!!!

  4. aww i wished ronnie would have left this week not casey, he was cool! they’re all fools letting lame natalie and horny jesse run the show! they’re gonna end up winning and everyone’s gonna be like damn, we should have got them out!

  5. Too bad he got the boot, I was looking forward to seeing him take on jesse. some folks just use good air and take up space..jesse is one of those people.

  6. you know whats crazy? lydia, kevin,chima and michelle don;t have enough common sense or brains to figure out that Nat and Jess planned to take everyone out

  7. Nat is Jesse’s pittbull…I wish he would have pushed him or whatever she said so her ass wouldve gotten put out too. Loved how Casey went out, I hope Jesse and Nat goes out soon too!

  8. Nat is a little bitch only reason she jumped in is cause she is all up Jesse’s ass, Jesse needs her cause he don’t
    have big enough balls to stick up for himself. Casey got kicked out because Ronnie is a rat and Nat gets Jesse to do
    everything she wants.

    1. you’ll be the only one voting for Jessie. Jeff has already won and it’s not close. Jordan came in 2nd. Jessie came in 100th place just ahead of nat.

    1. Yes, vote for Jeff or Jordan for the coup d’etat. They are great to watch.
      I would like to see Jessie and Ronnie on the block for elimination. Let them connive against each other. Funny.

  9. jordan ain’t gonna win anythin she been a floater since the beginning but jeff can’t save her next week , and it;s funny that Ronnie is more of a F**** then Kevin and Jeff ain’t playin this game at all he gaining a relationship with Jordan cmon now it;s so obvious root for Jordan to win HOH then Jessie or Natalie can be taken out next week and somewhat “level” the playing field …if Jeff or anyone else wins the game will go as they planned

  10. My vote is for Jordan or Jeff. Depends on the outcome of the HOH competition. I’ll miss Casey though, he was hilarious at the end.

  11. Casey made his mistake early on last week when he was talking out loud in front of Natalie that Jessie should go along with the plan and not give another reason for them to put a target on his back since he already has one for being athletic. Everyone needs to remember that no one should be trusted and in order to win this game you are going to have to lie to someone. I wish there was more talk on this board about gameplay rather than, “Oh I like him, he’s cool” or “I hate him he’s so annoying”, etc.

    1. Then go to another site because everyone wishes for something. Like me I wish you kept your opinion to YOURself!

    1. Jeff and Jordan are NOTHING like April and Ollie. They’ve barely even kissed yet, A&O were doing it all over the house. Skanky.

  12. i hop jeff or jordan get, if not jeff will be out next
    cant wait to nat, jessie, and ronnie to leave. its gonna be so funny if jeff or jordan get the coup d?etat

  13. America time to show jessie the gay in the closet natalie the doggirl ronie rat#1 natalie rat#2 lidia the psycho we dont want them in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go russel jordan jeff and chima gezzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I miss banana :(

  14. would of been smarter move to keep casey,,i likes jeff/jordan,,,they at least seem down to earth,,,jessie’s head even bigger this year than last,,,,and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let this b the last week i have to look at ronnies smirk

  15. OMG becarefull voting on cbs!! the things are all out of order i voted for jeff and it voted ronnie i think!!! its all messed up it scares me!!!!

  16. Can you imagine Jeff having the power to put up Jesse/Natalie or Jesse/Ronnie anytime he wants in the next two evictions??? if he is smart he will do just that

  17. Come on you guys. Lets vote as many times as we can for Jeff or Jordan! I would hate if we voted for one of the others to win. Man I hope Jeff can win this thing.

  18. I’ve already voted online for Jeff. Still hope he can win HOH, though! Jordan winning would be okay, too….I could even take RUSSELL winning at this point!

  19. Its obvious that Jeff will win americas vote. does anybody else think that the producers did this on purpose because they know america will vote for jeff. Even though i like jeff i feel that the producers are really manipulating the game

    1. I was just thinking to myself just before I read your post…apparently cbs people do read message boards because they know that we all HATE Ronnie, Jessie, and Natalie. Gotta keep the viewers happy. And, I am :)

    2. Producers had to do something. They were about to lose alot of viewers. Noone wants to see a final 6 of Jessie, Nat, Ronnie, Lydia, Kevin, Chimia

      1. and yea..we so wanna see a jordan / jeff final. Wtf did they do game ways…this big brother not who’s a great person …. I wish all you people who are hating on the way the game is going would really stop watching….jeff and jordan are only two ..and the rest of the other house is on the same team. SO either you stop talking about how horrible things or talkng about what deal jeff and jordan have to make to win this. Let’s say “america” votes for jeff /jordan…okay that will only last one week…i am saying this right now. .. jeff and jordan will never win…even if of them makes to the final they don’t have the votes..becuase they have not done shit…THUS FAR …

        1. I think it kindof boils down to who’s the most likable. You wanna see the good guys win. And that’s certainly not Jesse or Natalie, in my opinion. Yes, they’ve done alot of scheming and strategizing, but they’ve also done alot of power tripping to. “The Jess and Nat Show”? Give me a break! Who does she think she is? And yes, I wish J&J would stop talking about how much this sucks and wish they had won. But they’re just nicer people. More fun to watch. I can’t stand watching Jessie and Natalie play chess. Would much rather watch J&J commiserate.

  20. Please vote for JEFF so we can stand to watch this show!!! He is the only one brave enough to put up Jessie, Ronnie, Nat, or Russ!
    Even if he wins HOH this time he can use it the next week :)

  21. hahaha they tricked Scrappy with the water in the comp!!! Vote Jeff; diary room will have to explain the coup de’tat too many times to Jordan and she’d still not understand it … Plz don’t compare Jeff/ Jordan to April/Ollie!!!! A/O were both dirty ho-bags screwing all over that house –hope they fumigated that place!

  22. Vote for Jeff…if you split your votes between Jeff and Jordan someone else could win..we know Jeff will protect Jordan but Jesse/Natalie/Ronnie need to be split up… thnx

    1. people on twitter are saying lydia, kevin, and ronnie fell…and some people sound like they are getting sick

    2. Yes vote for Jeff, he might not be here another week without this. I love jordan but we gotta vote for jeff. I wanna see natalie go more than anyone, but jesse needs to go week 4. Without jesse, nat will be helpless.

  23. Vote for Natalie or Jessie, they are the only ones who are playin the game. Jordan is a bimbo, who doesnt deserve to win or even be in the house, and Jeff is not willing to do whatever it takes to win (like stop carrying Jordan)

  24. I have been trying to vote but can find where to do it on the cbs site, can someone tell me where to find it at?

  25. okay so I just watched Tuesday nights POV show(Natalie’s voice gives me a headache) Anyway, did I or did I not see Jesse masturbating when he was in HOH with Natalie? ewwww…

  26. Vote, vote, VOTE for Jeff – I agree don’t split votes thinking of Jordan. She also may not be able to keep the secret (though I love her innocent, simple little self!) but we need JEFF to be thinking & able to use strategy to beat the other gutless players. Hopefully, he’ll figure out & believe that Russell voted for Casey & could be an ally against the Jessie-Nat-Lydia camp.

  27. I definitely think the producers did this on purpose. I don’t think they planned on having a twist like the COUP D?ETAT so early in the game. They probably did it because they know that people can no longer stomach to watch the show anymore and they know either Jordan or Jeff will win.

  28. Jeff and Jordan are exactly like Ollie and April, they just havent started to bang all over the house yet. Give it time.

  29. wait a minute i knew lydia and kevin woudn’t last, but didn’t “Ronnie” say he could “sit” all day?? HAHAHAHAHA

    1. omg Vanessa u bring shame to my name! I hate Natalie!

      JEFF AND JORDAN ALL THE WAY!!! everyone dont vote for the bitch Natalie. shes freakin BUTCH!!! man and her voice is annoying as HELL!

  30. Natalie went for a prize the last time and got a slop pass. I thought she would drop 5th. I hope Russell gets HOH so that everyone will hate him by the end of next week and Jeff will swoop in and overthrow his votes…Bye Bye Jessie! He even spells his name like a girl! Beneath all those muscles is one sore va-jay jay!

    1. I’m glad someone else was thinking that about Jessie’s name. A guy would spell is Jesse. What a tool.

  31. okay you need to stop not posting mine or any1 else who does not agree with every1 on here….just b/c we’re not all about jeff and jordan…doesn’t mean you don’t have to post our comments….SIMON OR DAWG

    1. that is down right funny!!

      btw Simon – apparently some people don’t realize how bogged down the servers can get. i remember last season when things got interesting & on show nights it was always crowded.

      i appreciate all your hard work keeping us posted. and if anyone can send donations please do. i’m hoping to be able to in the next week or two.

  32. To all those who thought JORDAN can’t play! She did awesome, but she could have dropped first and won the $5000, and keep playing the pawn role. Kevin won the $5000 FYI
    PLEASE VOTE FOR JEFF it last for two weeks, he’s the only one that will do the right thing and save us from watching NBK!

  33. there are only four left: chima, michelle, russell and jeff. but apparently chima and michelle are both throwing up and chima was thisclose to falling off awhile ago

    1. NBK = Natural Born Killer, the original super alliance, Lydia, KEvin, Ronnie, Chima, Jessie…. Natalie can’t remember if Russell was in with them or not

  34. Im voting 4 Jessie, Scrappy will just put Lydia up and not take out Jeff who needs 2 go. Russell is betraying everyone

  35. Go, Jeff – or maybe even Russell – as long as Jeff can veto the wrong people that Russell COULD put up. I’d like to see Russell, Jordan & Jeff form a strong alliance. FALL Michele, FALL Chima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Yeah I know u white people are wanting Jeff or Jordan to win cause u want no blks or latinos to win. STOP THE RACISM

  37. PEOPLE PLEASE – DON’T VOTE FOR JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can anyone stand another few days of all that prancing and preening? all that “ain’t I great/cute/wonderful” crapola? ANYONE BUT JESSE, PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Or Ronnie, Russell, Natalie, or Chima.

      Go Jeff, Jordan, Lyida, Kevin, and Michele. They are in an alliance!

  38. Why do u guys hate Ollie and April? Interacial couple? U hate Natalie? Latina? U hate Chima (she is ghetto cuz she’s umm eww blk). U hate russel because he is not full white? Jeff and Jordan the all american white american couple( yeah there ya go ::smile::) Thank u people mighty white of u ::smile::

    1. Actually Joe, I liked Ollie last season, I just couldn’t stand April. She was skanky. I like Jeff and Jordan because they’re nice people. I haven’t decided about Chima yet. Sometimes she’s got a bad attitude, but sometimes she’s cool. Guess what…Jessie’s white, and I can’t stand him…so for me, I’m not judging them by the color of their skin, but the quality of their character. Sound familiar to you at all?

    1. BigWill said it all about Ollie and April…and lol I love how someone just assumes its because of race. they must have not been watching the show. they dont know what race we are [[I’m black]] and I likeJeff and Jordan and it has nothing to do with race! but maybe they just want attention and sadly Im feeding into it.

      1. I tried to ignore it the first time, but the second time I had to say something. As if skin color is the only possible reason one could have for not liking someone. Jessie’s probably more hated than anyone (except possibly Natalie).

  39. As long as chima’s out of this soon, I’ll be a happy camper. Jeff winning would be ideal, but I think Russ might do spme of the dirty work for Jeff by getting Chima and Lydia up there.

  40. Oh and Jordan did better than Nat, so she can stick that up her annoying ass!
    [[wasnt sure if it went through the first time lol]]

  41. How about an all white final four bring Braden(hey he is white bring him back), Jeff, Jordan,and Michelle. There we go a final 4 we as real americans can be proud of

    1. Joe, you do realize that Jessie and Ronnie are white, don’t you? I don’t know what ethnicity Natalie is, but I’m pretty sure she’s at least part white. I think she’s part white, part bitch, & part yappy dog. Possibly part boy.

  42. I wouldn’t be surprsied if jeff/russell make a deal – with Jeff winning the coup d’etat – team Jessie is in a world of trouble

  43. its amazing how most here are cheering for Jeff to win. I’m with you all on that one.

    Last year was a little different when it came to Keesha, Memphis, Rennie, Dan, etc. There was a lot of back-and-forth on who people wanted to win, etc.

    Its clear to say this year’s house guests are not loved by america… especially Ronnie & Jessie and those drinking their “kool-aid” as Casey would put it.

  44. JEFF and RUSS the game is about to change (not in the favor is JESS and NAT) whoever wins now , i know their mad as hell

  45. Michelle just dropped after puking off and on most of the time; only Jeff & Russell remain. GO JEFF!! Rat, Lydia & Kevin dropped within 25 minutes.

  46. my perfect scenario…

    JEFF wins HOH puts up Jessie and Ronnie… one goes home next week (Ronnie)

    JEFF wins coup d?etat

    next HOH Jessie/Natalie vow vengance and want to take Jeff out… one of them wins… lets say Natalie

    Natalie put up JEFF and JORDAN/LYDIA

    JEFF throws POV… somewhat letting the nominations stay the same.

    EVICTION NIGHT JEFF DOES A SWITCH-A-ROO and puts JESSIE & NATALIE/RUSSEL up (can he put Natalie up since he over rules HOH and the HOH loses their power?) and laughs in their face.



  47. I have already voted 20 times for Jeff online. Let’s keep it going…..can you imagine smug, self-consumed, arrogant, punk Jessie and the biting chihuahua Natalie’s faces when Jeff would get to put them BOTH up on the block????? Now, that would be something to see. I LOVED it when Casey slammed Jessie before he was evicted….”with an IQ of….ironically…a BANANA”! How frickin’ funny was that???? Mr. Macho was dumbfounded! I think it took him awhile to realize he was being criticized! Jessie, Natalie, and Ronnie definitely need to go! Don’t have the live feed either, but was glad to see that Ronnie was supposedly out of it. America, keep voting for Jeff, I agree, if we gave it to Jordan, it would take too long for her to figure it out…really sweet girl, not very bright. Her and Jeff do make a cute couple…hope that works for them. Jessie is a puke for the second time again. Can’t wait till he gets the boot, hopefully it will be Jeff handing it to him!

  48. FYI the teams are over, Jeff or Russ can put up anyone they want, seems like some people still think Jessie and Nat are safe.

  49. 9:23pm BBT:
    Russell looks more uncomfortable then Jeff.
    Jeff asks everyone to go back inside again so that they can talk.
    Before Jordan leaves, she tells Jeff “I think you guys should just play it out!”
    Jeff: “Jordan, go inside!”
    Russell SWEARS ON HIS DAD that him & Jordan are safe.

    Jeff drops.
    Russell is the new HOH.

    9:26pm BBT:
    Natalie comes out.
    Natalie: “Is it over? Who won??”
    Jeff: “Russell.”

    well at least we know lydia is up on the block now….

    1. Sidebar, how stupid was it that she asked who won? Could she not see Jeff walking around and Russell still hanging on? I have to assume she couldn’t see the full scene because that would have been really stupid.

  50. Soo the HOH was between Russ and Jeff and they make a deal Russ can have HOH but promises Jeff and Jordan safety and that Ronnie is his target…..

  51. IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience

    IMPORTANT NOTICE — All online votes cast before 9:20 PM EST (6:20 PT) on July 30 have been disqualified due to technical difficulties. We encourage you to vote again if you voted during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience


  52. I so wanted Jeff to win, but I think Russell can be trusted. I want him to send Jesse’s a$$ packing. Jesse, the raging chihuahua Natalie, Chi-man and Rat-Boy Ronnie are the next ones that need to go!!! Lydia is a freaking cry baby. Michelle is the female Ronnie… I like Kevin,too. I don’t know why the hell Jordan is even in the game. I don’t think she is doing anything, but riding Jeff’s coattails. I LOVED Casey’s parting words to jesse and Ronnie. No truer words have been spoken in this game yet!!!!!!! I hope Jeff wins the coup d’ etat and backdoors Jesse the same week he went home last time.

    1. I think this was the best outcome. Assuming Russell keeps his word, Jeff can hold on to the coup power til next week. So he and Jordan are safe 2 weeks in a row. It’ll be so funny if Nat or Jessie wins HOH next week, and think they’re back in control….then just before voting, Jeff says…..”not so fast…..” Maybe he can borrow Lydia’s mustache for that.

  53. If anyone but Jeff wins the Coup D’etat, I’m calling shenanigans. Based on the forums that I’ve seen, Jeff is a seriously heavy fan favorite.

  54. I hope Jeff will get the “power”..please vote for him! can’t stand jessie and ronnie anymore..they need to go!

  55. jeff winning the power would be amazing! everyone please vote for him! it would stir up the game like mad. when and if the nominations get changed the houseguests dont even have time to think who they are going to evict. best case scenario jeff wins this power and changes russells noms to jesse and ronnie, unless russell beats him to it and nominates them first. VOTE JEFF

  56. good i glad russell won! now russell will keep his word he will put up ronnie. but ronnie will win the pov. it is too soon for ronnie to go bb11 needs more drama in it . jeff and jordan are too nice and boring. i like action. i hope kevin win the aa vote because he is a floater and need to get notice. watch out for this floater he is very smart!

  57. Casey is gone thankfully. He was soooo annoying, immature and a sore loser. He proved about stupid he is by his actions in the house and his speeches which were more along the lines of revenge and also it is great he will not be in the jury house. Next to go is Natalie, she is a royal pain in the butt and is very selfish. Her reasoning on the bed situation showed how selfish she is and she needs to quite her stupid lectures or whatever you want to call them. I wish Jeff had won. Russell cannot be trusted.

  58. Ronnie, Jessie, then Natalie in that order. Ronnie is a snake, too bad the loser has to come on national tv to get recognition, probably making up for getting beat up all the time in high school!!

    Jessie is a big, obnoxious loser and Natalie is already playing the game on his coat tails.

    1. I have to disagree, I say, Jessie first, (in week 4….AGAIN…..he’d lose it) then Natalie, because she’s powerless without Jessie, then Ronnie. Ronnie’s a liar, yeah, but everyone knows it, and he’s not that strong.

  59. I agree with you Em. I think that Jessie should go first then Natalie and then Ronnie. I don’t want Jessie to make it into the Jury house. Natalie is annoying and is nothing without Jessie. I hope that Russell realizes that Jessie and Natalie will go after him and he should put them up. But remember whoever wins the power can always change the nominations. Sho if Russell doesn’t put up Jessie then whoever has the power can put him up and get him out. And I hope that Jeff wins the power.

  60. At the point that the evicted HGs start going into the JuryHouse, the HOH needs to start considering that in nominating HGs for the block. But they rarely do.

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