Big Brother 11 – 3rd Week Eviction and HOH results

Lydia votes to evict: Casey
Jeff votes to evict: Casey
Kevin votes to evict: Casey
Russell votes to evict: Jordan
Ronnie votes to evict: Casey
Chima votes to evict: Casey
Natalie votes to evict: Casey
Michelle votes to evict: Casey
Evicted: Casey
No More cliques
Mystery Power Given to a Houseguest: coup d’etat gets to overthrow the HOH and we get to vote the power to one Houseguest Voting ends august 4th, go to to vote



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7:05pm backyard HOH Endurance Competition
Ronnie out, Kevin out,Lydia out, Natalie OUT, Jordan out, Chima Out
Michelle Out


7:47pm backyard HOH Endurance Competition… Michelle, Jeff, Ronnie and Russell still holding on.
7:56pm HOH comp same 4 still up Michelle suffering big time… Jeff, Chima, Russell seem ok
8:04pm HOH comp Chima, Michelle Russell and Jeff still in it.. Michelle is going to drop any second now
8:11pm HOH Chima falls
8:35pm comp Michelle Falls… no deals being made yet, Jeff looks to be in worse shape than Russell. Jordan gives him a pep talk.
8:45pm HOH Russell pisses himself… Ronnie says “russell’s in there to win he just pissed himself”
8:55pm Backyard Ronnie, Lydia and Natalie. Ronnie says Kevin?s been saying it’ll be one of us three that get voted by America. who get the power. Lydia think one of them 4 will definitely win. Natalie thinks Chima might win…. Kevin joins them and they are discussing what the “power ?could be coup d??tat…. Ronnie now thinks that Jordan is going to get it… He says he’s 100% sure it’ll be Ronnie

Ronnie wins

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Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this site. I’m in CA and would have to wait for 3 hours if you weren’t doing this for us! I appreciate everything!!!!


Same here….thank you so much. Like Lisa, being in CA sucks when I have to wait 3 hours to find out what happens.


im startin to agree that keeping Casey is the rest of the house’s only chance of takin down NBK’s Natalie,Jessie,Ronnie, and Chima , if he gets evicted they can kiss the game goodbye the powerhouse of Jessie and Natalie will take the house apart WATCH it will go down somethin like this

next week Jordan

following week Michelle

following week Jeff

following week russel

following week ronnie

following week chima

end game Jessie = $500k, and Natalie = $50k


Omg Casey’s speech was epic.


I know, I was cracking up laughing!!! lol

BB Fan

Omfg!! Did you hear wat Casey said ugh i want him gone!!


You’re kidding right? That speech was on point.


Josh, BBFan may be the only Jesse fan in the world. It’s alright.


I love casey way to go and tell how it is


Thank God for Casey. Someone needed to put Jesse and Ronnie in their place. Speak truth to power Casey!!!

BB Fan

Ya that’s true i just am a huge jessie fan!!!

WHoooo Go Jessie & Nat!!!


Everything Casey said was true! He is the only one that has the balls to stand up to Jessie. It will be sad to
see him go. Another houseguest that I like gone. I loved, loved, loved, what Casey said!!!!!!


“Natalie, go make Jessie a sandwich!” That was awesome!


LMAO! that speech was epic. and on point.


just like i thought it’s startin to go as i predicted


aww i wished ronnie would have left this week not casey, he was cool! they’re all fools letting lame natalie and horny jesse run the show! they’re gonna end up winning and everyone’s gonna be like damn, we should have got them out!


Too bad he got the boot, I was looking forward to seeing him take on jesse. some folks just use good air and take up space..jesse is one of those people.

BB Fan

Haha!!! I Wonder what the new power will be???????


oh and i love how they are all little sheep and all vote for who they’re told to hah


you know whats crazy? lydia, kevin,chima and michelle don;t have enough common sense or brains to figure out that Nat and Jess planned to take everyone out


Nat is Jesse’s pittbull…I wish he would have pushed him or whatever she said so her ass wouldve gotten put out too. Loved how Casey went out, I hope Jesse and Nat goes out soon too!


Nat is a little bitch only reason she jumped in is cause she is all up Jesse’s ass, Jesse needs her cause he don’t
have big enough balls to stick up for himself. Casey got kicked out because Ronnie is a rat and Nat gets Jesse to do
everything she wants.


wooooo vote for Jeff or Jordan!


LOVE the new power, man I hope Jeff or Jordan gets it!!

BB Fan

Omg the New power is so kool!! Who are you gnna vote for??? Im voting for Jessie!!


you’ll be the only one voting for Jessie. Jeff has already won and it’s not close. Jordan came in 2nd. Jessie came in 100th place just ahead of nat.


Jeff just won america’s vote in a landslide


I would hope he would!!!!!! This is so GREAT. I can’t wait to find out who wins tonight!!


So long CAsey…..YEA.. he is gone. …party time…


vote Jeff/Jordan for coup d’etat!


Yes, vote for Jeff or Jordan for the coup d’etat. They are great to watch.
I would like to see Jessie and Ronnie on the block for elimination. Let them connive against each other. Funny.


jordan ain’t gonna win anythin she been a floater since the beginning but jeff can’t save her next week , and it;s funny that Ronnie is more of a F**** then Kevin and Jeff ain’t playin this game at all he gaining a relationship with Jordan cmon now it;s so obvious root for Jordan to win HOH then Jessie or Natalie can be taken out next week and somewhat “level” the playing field …if Jeff or anyone else wins the game will go as they planned




My vote is for Jordan or Jeff. Depends on the outcome of the HOH competition. I’ll miss Casey though, he was hilarious at the end.


Casey made his mistake early on last week when he was talking out loud in front of Natalie that Jessie should go along with the plan and not give another reason for them to put a target on his back since he already has one for being athletic. Everyone needs to remember that no one should be trusted and in order to win this game you are going to have to lie to someone. I wish there was more talk on this board about gameplay rather than, “Oh I like him, he’s cool” or “I hate him he’s so annoying”, etc.


Then go to another site because everyone wishes for something. Like me I wish you kept your opinion to YOURself!


I really hope Jeff doesn’t get dizzy and fall. I think Jeff will win Americas vote big time!


Jeff and Jordan are like Ollie and April last season. They haven’t done enough to play the game.


Jeff and Jordan are NOTHING like April and Ollie. They’ve barely even kissed yet, A&O were doing it all over the house. Skanky.


hahaha caseyy was amazing loll


i hop jeff or jordan get, if not jeff will be out next
cant wait to nat, jessie, and ronnie to leave. its gonna be so funny if jeff or jordan get the coup d?etat


America time to show jessie the gay in the closet natalie the doggirl ronie rat#1 natalie rat#2 lidia the psycho we dont want them in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go russel jordan jeff and chima gezzzzzzzzzzzzz
I miss banana 🙁


would of been smarter move to keep casey,,i likes jeff/jordan,,,they at least seem down to earth,,,jessie’s head even bigger this year than last,,,,and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let this b the last week i have to look at ronnies smirk


vote jordan or jeff.


Vote Jeff or Jordan!! Time for Natalie, Jessie , ronnie and Chima to go!!!!


Vote Jeff, he’ll keep Jordan safe, and he’s a great guy




Why is Jessys face up on there 3 times!?!?


I voted! now we need everyone to vote JEFF!!!!!! He will turn these bitches on there heads!

I hope people vote Jeff or Jordan. and I like when people play the game just not when they are full of themselves and are assholes.


Voted for Jeff for Coup D’ Tat… Cannot stand Natalie, Jessie, Ronnie and Chima get rid of those idiots.


Jessy is Ghetto Nats BITCH! make that sandwich!…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG becarefull voting on cbs!! the things are all out of order i voted for jeff and it voted ronnie i think!!! its all messed up it scares me!!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Can you imagine Jeff having the power to put up Jesse/Natalie or Jesse/Ronnie anytime he wants in the next two evictions??? if he is smart he will do just that


jeff has this hands down ?(thank god)!!!


vote for jeff or jordan!!


Come on you guys. Lets vote as many times as we can for Jeff or Jordan! I would hate if we voted for one of the others to win. Man I hope Jeff can win this thing.




I’ve already voted online for Jeff. Still hope he can win HOH, though! Jordan winning would be okay, too….I could even take RUSSELL winning at this point!


I have no live feeds!!!! please keep us updated!! thanks!!!!