Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell warns Kevin “Jeff’s walking out of here with the money, This is the time when big moves are made”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

This Big Brother Spoilers report take place from 5:50pm to 7:15pm. Russell is starting to get worried about his future in the Big Brother house. He’s trying to convince Natalie and Kevin that Jordan is only being nice to them because she needs there vote to get him evicted. Russell lists off a series of things that Jeff and Jordan have done in hopes to sway Natalie and Kevin on his side.

5:50pm pool table Russell, Kevin and Natalie. Natalie is again be very friendly to Russell.. asks
him why did he think she was a semi pro poker player. Russell says it?s obvious you really know how to play poker you really good. Natalie smiles.. says she doesn’t have any secrets I just have a great poker face.
Russell starts talking about Jeff acting nervous around him.. because Russell brought up everything Jeff has been saying about them. Natalie and Kevin really don’t say much in return. Russell tries to get them to start bashing Jeff but it doesn’t work. Russell asks them if Jordan is being all nice to them now.. Natalie says yes

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jordan is nice.. Russell reminds them that a week ago Jordan wasn’t so nice to them. Russell points out that while Natalie and Kevin play pool she doesn’t move out of the way for kevin she makes him go around her
even if its his turn. Natalie says she’s like that everywhere “When I walk down the street i don’t move or anyone I make them move” .. Kevin beats Natalie and begins to play Russell. Russell starts working Kevin big time.. Russell tells Kevin to ask him anything he’ll answer his questions with the truth. Kevin doesn’t have any questions…. starts by bringing up Jeff saying he going to kill Russell’s family. Kevin “Jeff says it was a joke” Russell doesn’t think threatening to kill someone’s family is a joke. ” Yeah Kevin I’m gonna come after you and your whole fucking family!!!”, “When?s the last time someone said that as a joke to you?”Kevin agrees..

Kevin says that Jordan, Jeff and CHima were the only ones who during HOH came to him and told him he was safe. Russell “Of course Jeff came to you”. Russell explains that Jeff is freaking out right now because he cannot compete next week and everyone knows his secrets. Jeff is making a gamble that Jordan will win HOH next week… and Russell doesn’t see that happening. Russell says Kevin might think what Jeff did was a courtesy, but it wasn’t. Russell brings up the wizard powers. Jeff didn’t use it to save me he used it to get rid of Jessie.. but after he comes to me and tells me I owe him because he saved me while I was on the block. He tells Kevin that JEff is doing the same thing to you this week, he didn’t save you by taking you off the block he took you off the block to take me out.

Russell tells Kevin anything Jeff says you can’t believe. Russell says he had a final 4 deal with Jeff and its was real as far as Russell was concerned. If he did this next week it was a good move, but this week it just makes him look like a liar. Kevin asks if Michelle is pissed at Jeff? Russell thinks she is because she feels betrayed.. “Dude we all swore on our families to honour this final 4 deal, Just put yourself in the position”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Russell tells Kevin Jeff is going to win this.. He’s got the jury votes in the bag, He’s going to get America?s vote and now with me gone he’s going to win teh competitions. Kevin thinks it’s a little early to predict who is going to win. Kevin points out that he almost won HOH last week and he’s won a POV before.. Russell nodes “and guess who is going up next week?” Kevin frowns “me” Russell asks him whose won the most comps? Kevin “Jeff has”. Russell points out that Jeff is flying under the radar nobody is coming after him.. he’s going to try and get Michelle to put you and Natalie up than take out you out. If Jordan wins he’ll get her to put up Michelle and you.

Kevin is receptive to some of what Russell says… He tells Russell he’s not on board with anything Russell is saying but he’s told Russell a lot and he needs time to think (Think Kevin think join Russell join team evil) Russell?s tells Kevin he’s not throwing Nat under the bus, he’s just looking out for himself. Russell asks Kevin to do him a favour and don’t tell Natalie anything he said. He really likes Natalie and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, “I actually love the girl” . Russell tells Kevin he could talk to Michelle and try and work something out, He points out that Michelle was crying earlier because of what Jeff did that means they never told her… She feels threaten. Kevin says he’s going to talk to Michelle and try and see where her head is. Russell thanks Kevin for being the only person to apologizing for the laughing at the terrorist comments. Kevin is surprised no one said anything. Russell looks at him “I’ve never said anything bad about you trust me on that”… Russell tells him that in the jury house Russell is the bad guy he has no votes, Jeff will have all the votes plus America?s vote. Russell tells him this is the biggest move in the game you do the right thing and you’ll be remembered for it. “if you don’t take a chance, you’ll never win” Russell tells him all Kevin need is one person to flip this house back into his favour and that person (Michelle) is pissed off right now. Russell goes inside. Kevin finishes folding his
clothes and goes to bed.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:30pm Jordan going off about Russell as she eats.. Natalie just watching half heartily agreeing. She’s going over and over how horrible a person Russell is and how he did this to himself. she adds that Russell was going to do this to them so they had to strike first…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:45-7:15pm Green Room, Jeff and Jordan counting everything in sight. They are suing pieces of paper to mark off which tubes they have counted.. Spending a lot of time on this. Jeff comes in and out to grab smokes and drinks but Jordan just keeps counting she’s very determined and focused.


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I think if Russell could swing it, that be sweet. No longer J/J fans. They are as bad as Jessie and Nat were.

mich ftw

i hope this works k/r/n wuld be awsome to watch
just to see j/js face like wtf?


quick question simon (or anyone else for that matter), why are j/j counting things? did i miss something?

Drew Bludd

for a possible upcoming challenge involving memory about the house or houseguests


Russ may actually have a chance of staying if he can BS Kev and Mich enough to vote for him! He is quite the smooth talker….darn him lol I reallly want to see Jeff win this thing!


i don think michelle will bring russ back. she will look at it as “I can compete against russ and kevin (2 strong) or jeff and jordan (1 strong). as long as jordan and jeff are really nice and reassuring the rest of the week that is. but, if russ convinces her to a final 2 and just uses kevin she may go for it. kevin may harbor some negative energy towads natalie for the little negative remarks about lydia. it will definitely be interesting to see what happens.

i was a huge jeff and jordan fan but became really against them when they were talking about backdooring russ but after watching russ lie to the others and reword things in his favor i realized that this is a move Jeff really needed to make. they just really need to keep michelle on their side even if it means being with her 24/7.

kevin may also think that they finally got rid of russ and bringing him back will only be one more person that he has to beat.


Jeff and Jordon have already said it will be Nat, Jor, and Jeff final 3. They are stringing Michelle along to play for HOH this week. If she doesn’t win she is toast.


Jordan has been very mean and distant to Michelle this week, even today after the POV she said some mean things to her! I don’t think this setting right for Michelle and I think she is already thinking of a way to get rid of them. I am really hoping that Kevin is smarter than Jeff and gets Nat gone. Nat in the finals is handing her the money….they all are sooooo stupid for not seeing that!


Go RUSS!!!! I hope he swings the kevin michelle vote.


i think that if he offers to split the money between the two of them that he won, they might actually align themselves with him. michelle and kevin really do need russell if they plan on winning. as everyone knows, natalie will probably throw kevin under the bus if she has to.


I believe splitting the money is illegal on any prize-based reality TV show… Jeff Probst mentioned this once in an interview.


exactly, Russell needs to convince Mich and Kevin to keep him. Then it will be the three of them against Jordan for the HOH and they can def beat her. Then they put up J&J and even if one of them wins the POV it will be a tie vote and the HOH will vote J or J out. It is really up to Kevin and Mich if they want to go to the final three.


It would be great TV but I do not think it will happen as I mentioned earlier today….

I think Russell going home this week is a ?fait de compli? because I don?t believe Kevin will keep Russell after he prevented him from winning HOH. No matter how much he tries to convince Kevin to keep him, it will not happen. Can’t see Kevin, Mich. and Russell as a dynamic trio plotting and scheming the night away. Kevin would be low man on the pole and he knows it.

A Jesse, Russell and Lydia feed would be more entertaining after Thursday because it will get dull.. Lydia, I want to see you suddenly fall for Russell and shave your head to prove your love. Then Jesse gets jealous and dyes his hair pink to get her back?..if this could only happen we could have some real reality TV.


Kevin is the low man on the pole either way he goes, at least if he is thinking that way he makes it 2 finale 3, if he stay with j/j and jordan or michelle wins, he goes home 5th


Very true but I just think Natalie is the only person left he relates to and it could cost him in the end.

Drew Bludd

The comment that Jeff made about killing their family(if anyone broke the final 4)was made a while back and no one took that serious, now Russ brings up that statement and how serious he’s taking it now that he’s up. Sure he’s pissed, I understand. Not sure I agree with Jeff saying he’d cut Russ’s throat, that’s kinda harsh! It would be a good one-on-one fight though, however Russ’s only MMA fight was 5 yrs ago and he lost by submission(Gladiator Challenge 22). Too much testosterone flying, its a game and somebody has to play!


Jeez people, all the hate toward J&J, they’re just playing the game, same as (or better than) everyone else in the house. Russ is a threat to Jeff, that’s just a fact, and it’s just smart for him to think about getting him out when he has a chance.
With that being said (I think I just channeled Jessie) if Russ could pull off getting Kev and Michele to keep him, it would really make things interesting.
Then again, if Russ and Jeff could sit down and talk alone in the HoH (Without Michele’s “I don’t remember” and Jordan’s irrational distrust of Russell) they could come to an understanding and vote Nat out. It’s not too late. It’s not done til Russ walks out the door.
But in the end, Russ is a much better competitor than Nat. Speaking logically and not emotionally, it’s smart to get Russ out first.


You know what they say: “Love and Hate are the 2 faces of the same coin”. So if that makes you feel better, let’s just say that we feel reversed or flipped love towards JJ. It’s still love!

Mike W

great comments. all right on. i like j/j but tired of, like you say, jordan’s irrational comments about russell. he has a temper.. so what. that doesn’t make him evil or a bad person. i’d LOVE to see russ flip kevin and michelle.


At this point I believe it could be anyone’s game (well maybe not Jordan)
JUST PLEASE NOT GNAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Russ!!! I hope he can turn things around. I want to see Nat go home this week…She must be thinking about Jessie and Lydia being ALONE….It would be awesome to see Jessie, Lydia and Nat in the house together again..let the jealously insue!!!


what is the deal with the blankets? missed it.


thank you simon!


I really hope Russel swings Kev/Michelle over to his side. I use to flove J/J now I hope they crash and burn, or atleast Jeff does. If Kevin votes out Natalie, I would love to see the look on J/J’s face. Let them know how it feels to be screwed over.


I’d rather see the look on Nat’s face.


Right! LOL! It will be the best moment on Reality TV this summer.


people ,people~~~this was all set to happen why do u think jeff pulled off kevin,,and left nat on,???jeff & russ had this plan to see who would be faithfull,,there really voting out nat….all along.!!!!…..ok just woke up,,,,,,,,,,,,dang that was a good dream~lol……


Hahaha! Hopefully, that’s not a dream. PLEASE, let it not be a dream. It will be the most logical scenario yet. Take that Nat chick OUT! Seriously. PLEASE!

BB Fan

How high can Jordan count? She can’t even tell time can she?


Ten fingers and ten toes. After that she needs little pieces of paper.


Im still freakin out why jordan had implants just to work at hooters,,dont take me wrong ya i love hooters,,,but for someone who was having it ruff and her family struggling,makes you wonder if she is so innocent ?boob job,partying etc,,,thats not cheap…just a little vent..


After pulling and straightening her hair all the time, she might also be able to count with the few hairs that are left on her head.


Shes also counting all the weight she has gained ~~she stated that she was 128lbs coming in and now just 6weeks later shes at 141lbs,,dang like 2+lbs aweek!!


She eats constantly, has no muscle tone, and rarely gets off her big ass. She needs to add exercise to her lifestyle. She’s going to be HUGE after she has a child.


it would make” good tv” if julie chen says by a vote of 2 to 1, natalie, you are evcicted from the BB house!! jeff and jordon’s mouths would just drop. PP would also be in total shock and would take he anger out on kevin. then, r/m/k will win the hoh and put up team dumb and dumber. hilarious!! at least to me it is funny and make “good tv “since jeff has gotten so full of himself and wants to make “good tv”


perfectly said!!almost as good as janet jackson famous~oooops~ halftime moment!!!cbs ratings will fly off the hook for sure!


can’t wait for thursday. i sure hopes it goes down that way or any way to save russell!


Oh if only. I would love that.


LOL yes
I think it would save the BB season – just to see those three faces would be gold 🙂
Then Russ can lock arms with Kev and Mich and laugh at them.


Jeff’s dumbfest of moves started when he evicted Lydia instead of Natalie, they were both weak players, but Natalie is more manipulative and treated him and Jordan like shit when Jessie was running the house. I hope he knows that Natalie and Kevin will put his ass up if they get to HOH.


Natalie isn’t a weak player. That is her disguise. Think about it. She won the first HOH, which brought Jessie in and gave the athletes the advantage in numbers. She proposed Chima and Lydia for the first nominations, and was behind backdooring Braden. She worked Ronnie into line, and when he had the power, she pushed for getting rid of Laura because she saw that Laura wasn’t as dumb as she pretended to be. Any game moves Jessie made were concocted by Natalie. When Russell was HOH, she created the GR lie that set Chima off at Russell and undermined Russ and Michelle’s relationship, leading to Chima being so blinded by her hatred of Russell that she stopped playing smart game, melted down and was tossed. One more strong player out, and no blood on Nat’s hands. When she should have been gone last week, she managed to convince everyone that Lydia was a bigger threat! That takes a strong liar and player to accomplish that, even when you are talking to dumb and dumber. With the exception of the eviction of Ronnie and Jessie, she has been a driving force behind all of the evictions, without getting a drop of blood on her hands. She is the biggest and best liar of them all. She is a sneak. She stirs the pot and lets others take the fall, and even her victims don’t see it, they think she is LOYAL. I dislike her, she is a pig, but she is definitely not a weak player. She hasn’t won anything since that first HOH because she hasn’t needed to win. If they keep her this week, she will need to win, and I bet she will. Then everyone will realize what a mistake it was to keep her instead of Lydia, Jeff will see how stupid it was to break the final 4 alliance, but it will be too late. I beg to differ that Jeff is on his way to a win. At this point, the clear front runner is Natalie. I hate to say that, but it is true.


if i remember right, nat did not win the first hoh by herself. i believe russell was still hanging in there with her. what really bothers me about natalie is that even though this is a game, what kind of person if she outside of BB. i could never be friends with a person like that because you can’t trust them. she says that she was raised by her father and didn’t have a mother, it’s obvious that her father wanted a boy(not trying to be funny) because she has no feminine qualities. she eats, walks,talks like a dude. you can’t believe a word that she says. i think that she inherited her skills of deception and manipulation and that is not a good thing. it’s ok for the game , but not in real life. just saying.


You have to remember that Natalie isn’t competing everyday for 500k. This show just shows exaggerated personality traits and makes players lie and do everything they can essentially for survival in the game. I can’t think of one season that the winner didn’t have to back stab someone. It’s all tactical in a war for 500k. I think Natalie might be a slob and annoying, but you can’t judge someone’s true character from a show like this. From every 13 ppl you find yourself meeting in your life how many of them do you genuinely like? Imagine literally being stuck in a house with ppl you dont care for just hoping you find someone that has common interests. The whole point of this game is getting different personalities in the house so finding that is slim. So are you really going to care about the ppl’s feelings when half a million is at stake? If you want to find ppl winning that much money with integrity, honesty, and true genuine kindness youd have a better chance just playing the lotto yourself if youre so much better than the people in the house. I’m saying you generally, not directing that at you persay.


What I am most upset about is how Jordan can start to believe someone who’s has never ever been on your side(Natalie) and convince Jeff that he needs to remove Russell because of this lie that people that have been against them this whole game came up with. I really wish that the producers would just come up with a way to give away Natalie’s secret about her age and the whole reason she is in the house in the first place. I hate her, and also think that she is a pig. But, if she can pull off fooling Jordan like she has, and Jeff is that lust blinded to believe what Jordan thinks. Then, both of them deserve to be sent to the Jury House with their heads between their legs and I would vote for whom ever is still in the house with Natalie in the end. Only because I don’t want her to win the Money, I don’t think that her poker debts is a valid reason for winning the game, I would rather someone who needs the money for responsible purposes win the money. I HATE NATALIE WITH SUCH A PASSION!!!!!! I really want BB to mess things up and see what happens from there. Like offer soemone a lump sum of money to leave in place of Russell, that would be AWESOME, Jeff would really be Screwed……………. Peace Out!


I think his dumbest move was to get himself caught up with a dumber Jordan whom can’t figure fact from fiction.


geesh…why doesn’t anyone remember russell twice saying in the diary room it’s smart for jeff to get him out…duh cause he wanted to take jeff out first so he had a hidden agenda but never said it to anyone cause he wanted it to be a shock, and remember when he was trying to get jesse to tell chima to put jeff up…so what the hell, jeff just beat him to the punch..we voted for jeff to have the wizard power now we should stand by him!!!

Evel Russ

Jeff hasn’t been flawless. Him and Jordan should have put up Kevin and Natalie last week and got rid of one of them, or at least voted out Natalie and kept Lydia.
Backdooring Russell is the smart move at this point. J&J’s biggest mistake has been alienating Michelle. They should have kept her in the loop because she would have been on board. She was down for final three already. She’s feeling threatened now and that could cause Jeff and Jordan problems. If Michelle and Kevin don’t flip and vote out Natalie this week and the next HOH is endurance, she has the best chance to win. She could be upset enough to put up Jeff and Jordan.

another fan

Do you always refuse to admit you may have made a mistake? At this point, I am not sure giving Jeff the extra power was such a wonderful thing. Maybe they should have just let the game play out without interference – the show would be completely different, but who’s to say it is better the way it is? Just because we gave Jeff the power doesn’t mean we have to continue thinking it was the best thing we could have done!


Why do you only factor in what is convenient for you? Russell’s actions are a RESPONSE to Jeff’s betrayal. It was never an issue of Russell turning on them, it was the other way around


That’s not true. She didn’t treat them like shit. She actually said that she liked Jordan and also said that Je/Jo/Jes and her has a deal not the put on another up. She alway said how good looking Jeff is.


Kevin is a nice guy yes but stupid no!! Although I am still team JJ…Kevins best bet is to evict Natalie!! If he doesn’t he’s taking his chances!


After Russell talked to Kevin Jeff was called to DR. They are gunning to get Russell out. Don’t you see. Jeff is the winner, why not just say game over and not go through eliminations.


even if jeff gets to the finals, i don’t believe he will win. the only person that i believe will vote for him is jordan, not unless he decides to back door her also. which by the way is not such a bad idea


J/J have proved too stupid to win. Believing K and PP. Backstabbing their alliance (hypocrites). Taking out the weakest player (Lydia) instead of a stronger player. They were my faves, but I have lost all respect for them. They have become what they fear most in Russell – lying, backstabbing schemers. Didn’t Chima call this transference? Go Michelle or Kevin! I hate Nat and have no respect for J/J. Great game, Russell!






russ admitted coming after jeff this week. he only changed his plans after jeff confronted him. if russ was hoh this week he would have done the same thing.

russ contends this show is about giving up a friend for the money and thats all it is. he would not have hesitated getting rid of jeff this week for half a million dollars. if someone told you that if you made the same move as jeff you can have that money- you would not hesitate to do it. jeff is still the good guy. remember russ attacked jeff the first week for doing nothing. he only wanted jeff to have enemies he said.

what about kev and natalie gunning for jeff next week? this is exactly what the game is all about.

if jeff didn know russ was coming after him, but we all did, we would be screaming a our tvs to get jeff to do exactly what he did. we should all be happy he found out and acted on this.

now we wre all wanting him to find out about natalie!

we can all help russ by voting for him to get the jury vote.

with his money he already has he will walk away with $45,000. Thats almost 2nd place.

plus, i think russ will be back for the next allstars and i will be sure to root for him then.

J/J luv'er

All you people are forgetting that Russell said in his diary room session last week when Jordan was HOH, that that was the week to get rid of him if they were going to do because if he won HOH this week his goal was to get rid of Jeff. So I guess this week Jeff won and beat Russell at his own game. This was the smartest move Jeff could have made and whatever way it plays out I hope Jeff and Jordan win because I think they deserve it.

People have said on this forum that J/J are stupid, but I think all you people are under estimating J&J, how many of the house guests went around putting Q-tips in the bottles and using playing cards to add up things on the wall in the green room, certainly not the neuroscientist.

Also I have seen people on this forum write nasty comments about Jordan being a ho, I haven’t seen one thing to indicate that. So she kissed Jeff, she didn’t have sex like Ollie and April or give BJ’s like Lydia. Comments like that make me sick and you people need to find something better to do with you time. As the saying goes if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

Mr. E

We didn’t “forget” anything. He didn’t say anything close to that.


Talk about selective memory.


Have you watched the feeds? There is plenty of fuel for people calling her a HO.


AMEN! finally someone who points out what i just said!!!


Chima was the worst houseguest this season. You forget that Russell said he would put Jeff up AFTER Jeff & Jordan became friends with their enemies in the house and AFTER J/J had been scheming behind Russell’s back and treating R like dirt. J/J CAUSED the situation to change, Russell didn’t randomly say F the final 4 I’m getting them out. He was only recognizing the situation that existed (J/J not being true to final 4) and was responding in kind.


My bad Chima was the worst and lydia is up there too.

Russel has been saying in Diary room sessions since jordon was hoh that if he were in there shoes he would get rid of them. He is also smirking and smiling about it. And if he didnt truely mean it, it is just stupid for him to say that shit cause he looks even more like an idiot when he throw temper tantrums about something he would of done and saw coming a mile away.


DR sessions are edited. Russell only made those comments AFTER JJ had betrayed him by courting and making deals with the enemy. JJ believed a lie and schemed to get Russell out. It was never an issue of Russell turning on them, it was the other way around. Get it straight.



If Jeff planned to do this he would have been better off throwing the POV so long as Russel didn’t win it.

He would have no choice to put up Michelle or Russel and when he puts Russel up it would have appeared that he had no choice.

He would keep himself relatively good with Russel in Jury House and everything would be calmer.

The mistake was winning the POV…

another fan

Does anyone know who would have won POV if Jeff hadn’t? All they have shown on TV is the nomination, and I don’t remember anyone saying in the spoilers who came in second- did I just miss that? The POV comp gets shown Tuesday night, right?


WOW~~maybe Orondo was that bad afterall??


ooops~i meant was’nt!!


Diary room doesn’t mean anything. They go through all sorts of scenarios and we only see the edit that CBS shows us. I bet there is another one of him saying the opposite. The TV show is one thing, and the live feeds are another. I have watched the feeds since season 2 (cancelled season 5 because they were all a bunch of immature idiots). From his actions, and from his conversations with Michelle, it is evident that Russ knows that none of the four stand a chance against Nat or Kevin in the finals. The jury votes are just not there for any of them, so the best strategy for all of them was to hold together until then and after that, all bets are off. I never saw Russ saying he wanted to take out Jeff before final 4. He did make final two agreement with Michelle, but so what? It’s a given that Jeff and Jordan would try to take each other to final two. Why is it wrong for Russ and Michelle to do the same? I honestly don’t see Russ breaking the agreement, because it would be suicide if Nat or Kevin makes final two. None of them can win against either of them, and he is smart enough to see that they aren’t as weak as JJ think they are. I think even Michelle sees that. I used to want Jeff to win, but now I want to see his ass booted out asap. He has become a self involved asshole, and it will be fun to watch Jordan crying when he goes, since she laughed so hard at Nat, Lydia and Chima when Jessie left. I hope someone says to her, geesh, it’s not like Jeff DIED! LOL.


Absolutely correct! Russell was honoring their deal, and intended to follow through. JJ started fell for a lie, courted the enemy and began acting shady towards Russell. JJ are the cause of any mistrust on R’s part, and if he did intend to put them up next week, it was AFTER JJ had already broken their deal by scheming with their foes.


ok idiot they can’t edit what comes out of russell mouth…of coarse he’s not going to talk about it to other hg cause he can’t trust anyone even michelle..he says it in the dr because the hg can’t find out until after the show…duh


You ever talk to someone that has played the game? I have, won’t say who because they aren’t supposed to talk about it, but they get you to say all sorts of things. They throw hypothetical scenarios at you and then edit them into the show, making it look like you are saying one thing when you are referring to something else. It is how they create the show. They mess with your head to turn up the paranoia. They stoke the fire because it gives them lots of material to draw from. Houseguests know this going in, that CBS has the right to edit any way they see fit.

You didn’t really think reality TV is real, did you? But that’s why I like BB, because you can watch the live unedited feeds. After 9 1/2 seasons, I can tell you that what you see on TV isn’t usually a good summary of what really happens in the house. The feeds are real reality TV.


You are obviously too close minded to even encourage you to get a clue.


JJ lost my vote. Russell has been true to his word he could have used Jeff but didn’t and took out Ronnie as promised which caused him to be target. Kept word to Casey, Jesse, and Jeff. Jeff made threat to harm family that is not a laughing matter. Just as bad as terroist comment. Kevin will get Jeff too!


diary room sessions are often edited


everyone is sleepng in the house on the live showtime feed === finally i can get some sleep


i dunno abt this move coz look at this am all for J/J but heres the thing..
after russell leaves this week, they only have 2 players to play for them in the HOH and i really doubt tht Mich n Jordan will win it …so Kevin will definately put Jef n Jordan up..and you kno jef would get hmm everyone wants jeff outta that house besides jordan n mich is a loose canon watch her very closely ..

another fan

Jeff is likely to win POV, and leave Jordan up against someone else – if they are smart, they will vote out Jordo. At that point Jeff and Michelle have to stick together, because Nat or Kevin would win the jury vote easily. Nat and Kevin would be smart to take each other out, because they are the ones the jury will have a tough time deciding between (except Lydia’s vote would be obvious).


From the live feeds:

What was that ‘thing’ underneath Jeffs picture on the Wall?

Then I seen a lock or little door or something?

Anyone know?


The “thing” underneath Jeff’s picture is his house key. I’m not sure what that locked little door is though.


bb after dark they r all sleeping ,,,,,cbs needs to set off a alarm at 9 to get them up


I think the reason Russell got so upset over the threat to his family is because he lived in Lebanon when there was fighting going on and this hit a nerve with him. I did not think Jeff was kidding when he said it, I believed he used those strong words to make sure everyone was going to the final 4 and knew what buttons to push with Russell but it sorta bite Jeff in the ass when his own words came back to haunt him from Russell.


oh puhlease! a) jeff was clearly joking. clearly! b) russ never lived in lebanon. he was born and raised in the states. he had once discussed the fact that he has relatives still there and something about an uncle running for president there. who knows if this is true? doubtful, at best

Canadian Point of View

Russell gets upset at things when it suits him…like Chima calling him a terrorist – it didn’t bug him until she was out of the house and he acted like he was such a victim b/c of it…now Jeff said this (obviously joking) and he’s bringing it up so he can be the victim again. Whatever…see ya Russell. I would loved if J/J/M/R had made it final four and to be honest, I think this is a bad move and I’m a HUGE j/j fan but they don’t see what we do…I just don’t want to see Nat win SQUAT!


THe proof is in the pudding! We will know if Kevin is thinking about the proposal if he does not tell Nat or t5he others about it.
I am afraid though, when he tells Michelle she will go running to Jeff and Jordo-she is so needy and wants their attention. She betrayed Russel many times before-No one can trust her.
She thinks her final 3 deal is on-even after jeff already broke the final 4????Comon??????


You’re right, that’s why Kevin need to let her Know what Jeff said about her he told Kevin he wanted her out next, and that he amd Jordan are not F3 with Michelle she will buy it and Russ may have a chance either way Jeff is going Home he showed his hand, and he showed the houseguest that he and Jordan are together, and he will go to the Jury House.

Mr. E

First, Russell never said he was planning on taking Jeff out, he only said that if he was getting lies from Natalie and Kevin and Michelle in his head it makes sense to put Russell and Michelle up. Doubt me? Ask yourself why CBS doesn’t have a single instance of Russell planning on taking Jeff out or a single mention of it in any DR sessions until 10 days after this stuff started? You would think if Russell was planning on getting Jeff out you would have him saying it directly at some point instead of saying that he can see why someone would do it given the circumstances. Know why? Because he doesn’t say it. CBS edited everything that happened last week to make it look like Jeff wasn’t an idiot (for instance, Jeff didn’t even hear the lie from Kevin before he had already thrown Russell under the bus and told Kevin his entire plan. Kevin had to INTERRUPT Jeff in order to tell him the lie Natalie came up with). The DR was doing its best to convince Jeff to not make a stupid mistake and when they failed they took a vague statement about Jeff’s strategy from Russell, edited it down, and pasted it on the screen. The footage simply isn’t there to support the argument that Russell was coming after him, so they use footage that kind of sort of could be taken possibly at a stretch if you look at it sideways as Russell considering the possibility of doing it if he were Jeff and use that as “evidence.”


Finally … a logical, thorough, post about facts. These posts trying to rationalize Jeff’s poor decision and betrayal are about as dumb as Jeff is.


I am thinking Jordan really is playing more than most are giving her credit for:

1. She is thinking of all angles.
2. She has went over them SO much they have confused Jeff.
3. She has TOLD Jeff she wanted Russ out after he asked her who she wants out.
4. She has won HOH (smart enought to have Jeff give it to her after she was good enough to get to the final two) and won POV.
5. Layed low and befriended everyone in the house while making “Jeff” do the dirty work.
6. She is telling Jeff what Michele is saying to her and “stretching” it a little to fire him up.
7. She keeps telling Jeff that when he gets to the Jury house so much he got frustrated enough to finally tell her to insert herself into that statement.
8. She was in on the Female winner pact with Chima, after Russ only Jeff will be left. She has that covered now with Michele, Kevin, and Nat all gunning after him after Russ leaves.

I think im starting to like her more now that I put these together.

Thought I would toss that out there to think about.


I brought this up last night. I totally want her to be some mastermind who fed everyone this “I’m a dumb blonde” routine. That would make my day lol


Never gonna happen.


Regarding #2: She confuses Jeff because she starts a sentence and gets mixed up in the middle of it. She can’t carry a train of thought from point A to point B without her eyes glazing over, blinking, stumbling around with “and ummmm” “then uhhhh” “he ughhhh” and trying to start all over again. That’s stupidity not cleverness.


Jordan will make it too final 3 beacuase everything thinks they can beat her in anyhting. Just will jeff be there? All he has to do next week is win POV becasue who ever goes home he will be up.


russell get’s edited but some how jeff doesn’t…smart one… jeff may have or may not have made the right move but at some point everyone one in the bb house does something they might regret..who knows what russell was going to do, but if were watching the same show he (russell) throws everyone under the bus and clings to who ever is so they all have except for jeff and jordan they kept to themself while the others were in the hoh room.. now it’s just a little time for them to take a little bit of that feeling…


They all get edited. That’s the point. What you see on the tv show doesn’t usually reflect what’s going on in the house. What they showed of Chima’s meltdown was actually a very nice edit of what went down. If they showed what we saw on the feeds, people would be outraged! She is complaining, but she got a good edit. You can say what you like based on the TV show, but unless you watch the feeds, you don’t know all the stuff that happens and doesn’t get mentioned on TV.


Don’t forget that if Russ hadn’t used a gold can to shut Kevin down, Jeff wouldn’t even be HOH because Kevin would have won. It is entirely possible that PP would have convinced Kevin to put up Jeff and Jordan, or maybe Michelle. It would have been the logical move. Seems that Jeff isn’t remembering that little detail either. He is so stupid to think that Natalie is more trustworthy than Russell, when Russell helped him win HOHl. Jeff deserves to go home.


bye bye russell this week, bye bye jeff next week. we will probably see nat and mic in final two, and they still won’t figure out she is not 18. gotta hand it to that greasy little snake (who hasn’t won anything)……
she will walk away with the money

BB Fan!

Wow, here’s the big move:

If Nat and Kevin were smart….they’d throw the HoH competition to Michele. She’d get rid of Jeff or Jordan to break up the duo.

Whoever was left: Jeff or Jordan….wins HoH because yet again, Nat and Kevin throw the comp…..they get Michelle for revenge.

Then Nat and Kevin have take out Jeff or Jordan……Nat and Kevin are in the final two and one of them wins BB11.

Nat and Kevin’s best move may be to lay low and let nature take its course.


It will make me sick if ( Nat ) walk,s with the money,,, but watching Jeff & Jordan these last couple of week,s makes me even sicker yet. I really thought he was a stand up guy, & Jordan was a sweetheart, but now,,,,,I hope they get just what they have ask for. The door hitting them the next two weeks in the ASS as they walk out that B.B. door. HOH & POV, went straight to both there heads Jordan is a pee,pee, teaser & Jeff has gone blind. ( I mean nothing by that remark I have a beautiful sister-in-law who has been blind now for years & God bless her, she is a real GEM-OF-A-LADY-& I LOVE HER DEARLY ) Just saying he see,s nothing wrong with Jordan ! !!, CRAZY,CRAZY,CRAZY. Now that I myself have really listened to some things she has said,,, she has been around the block & time or two & try,s to play the ( I,m a good girl card ) I,m 66 years old & I know she is NOT ALL THAT. She play,s the sweet country girl, & I know better,,, don,t ya,all. I was a sweet country girl, raised on a farm, & I had three brothers, & I can see the GAME SHE IS PLAYING ALL OF US. SO, now I would like to see Kevin & Michelle go all the way. Michelle ,,, has really taken abuse the most. But Jeff & Jordan has got to go,,,,,SOON. & Nat, should get NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING.


i want russ to win


Maggie, You are right. I really think Jeff should have stuck with final 4. If Natalie wins I will be sick. I have a feeling she will take Michelle with her and she will win. I am tired of looking at her face….


I definitely do NOT want Russell or Natalie to win. They are both the same in my eyes. They lie, backstab and use intimidation as tactics to get what they want. Everyone seems to forget what Russell is actually like. His behaviour switches to suit what side of the house he feels like following that week. As for the argument between Jeff and Russ they were both as bad as each other so I don’t understand why Jeff is getting all the backlash!


Good point by Chloe about Russ helping Jeff win HOH. Russ got screwed and I think he would have been loyal in the original JJMR final 4. Then he would have paired with Michele.
He told Jeff that outside a few weeks ago and jeff turned it around saying Russ told him to his face he would back stab him. Russ was speaking the obvious. Once it gets to final 4, it’s everyone for themselves and I’ll come after you then.
I hope Russ can pull it off one more time. I think he deserves to win based on the way he’s played and competed.


yeah but russ also said in his dr session that it would be the smartest thing jeff could do and that he would do it to jeff and jordan if he had the chance but he didnt win hoh or the pov so he SOL

Jackie M.

I hv lost all trust in J/J once they broke their alliance w/Michelle/Russell. They SWORE they wud keep it. They deserve to lose. I hope Russ is able to get Kevin/scumbag Nat/Michelle on his team, and PAY BACK stupid/deceitful J/J. I for one will no longer vote for Jeff. Power has gone to his head, and he has lost my respect. As for Jordan, all she is good at is EATING, and being a TEASE. Go team Russell. I am getting so fed up with the way things are going so far, that I have given up on watching BB after dark. Jeff/Jordan deserve to lose for falling for the LML. Wait till they see how they hv been played.


LML wasnt really a lie though it was true