Big Brother 11 Sleepy Edition- Jeff and Jordan count the house

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

A fairly boring Live Feed Update, the house guests are doing a lot of sleeping. Jeff and Jordan are preparing to for competitions by counting everything in the Big Brother House. They are trying to keep the counting a secret.

7:15pm Green Room Jeff and Jordan still counting everything in the Green room. Jordan wonders if they need to count the bubble wrap. Jeff “If we have to count bubble wrap i’m going to freak out”. Jeff starts quizing Jordan.. she getting most of them bang on (they really know there cans in the green room)
Jeff “silver cans?”
Jordan “127”
Jeff “no the silver cans 595”
Jordan “i’ll just remember 600”
Jeff “you remember what you want i’m saying 595”
7:55pm Jeff gets called into the Diary room.. Jordan heads into the bathroom to count more stuff. After finishing up in their she grabs a chocolate bar heads in the green room and eats it… Starts counting everything again.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:15-8:00pm everyone but Jordan and Jeff are sleeping


8:00pm – 9:00pm Everyone Sleeping


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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91 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Sleepy Edition- Jeff and Jordan count the house

  1. if russell and jeff were in the jury house, do you think that russell will really give jeff the BOOM BOOM POW! how exciting!

  2. Damn that girl gets fatter by the minute.
    Was a big time J/J supporter. Not anymore. Jordan is way too dumb trusting Nat. And way too obnoxious going on and on about how bad Russell is.
    Jeff is too stupid to win. He’s getting rid of the only person in the house that would take pressure off him getting nominated next week.
    Make room in the Jury house…. Jeff is coming next week.
    And hide the chocolate bars, cause Jordan will follow.

    1. I am sory, but you are obviously an insecure little bitch, who needs to pick on the way people look, when that has nothing to do with the game. No Jordan is not the brightest crayon in the box, but she seems nice and she is playing her own way. Lay off the hatein!

  3. Yeah, this is turning out to be the most thrilling Big Brother Afer Dark ever! “Who will wake up first?! Will they have bedhead when they do?! What will the camera people zoom in on the most?! Answers to these questions and more in the next three exciting hours of Big Brother After Dark!”

    1. since they have gone to bed, i guess i might as well too, the producers should require them to be alert for BBAD. that’s the only reason that i subscribed to showtime.

      1. I always thought they should give a night POV (which they do) BUT ACTUALLY SHOW IT ON SHOWTIME!!! that would make us feel special. Instead they wait til BBAD goes off and then give them comps. I understand they want to save it for CBS but they should throw in something for the Showtime People… how about a luxury comp or a party that we can see!!!

  4. BB After Dark sucks right now. Everyone is sleeping. They shouldn’t be able to sleep during After Dark dangit!
    I’ve always been a Jeff fan, but if Russell can pull off getting the votes this week, he deserves to win. That would be what…the 3rd big bullet dodged? At this point, the only one I would absolutely hate winning is Natalie. She hasn’t done shit to deserve the $500,000.

      1. I know Carol! I must have jinxed it because after I sent it, my sexy man walked out of the DR! Now Russell got called in so I hope some action happens tonight.
        Chessie_K, I agree – Pig Pen didn’t even deserve the Slop Pass, that’s how much she sucks! If she walks away with the $500,000, I will be mortified and sick!

    1. If Nat is there because of gambling debts and wins the money, that will make me sick. She’s just gonna gamble the money away because she thinks she is a good player. To get into debt because of gambling… there’s something wrong there.

  5. Why is everyone hating on jeff and jordan for playing the GAME??? I think jeff is smart for getting rid of russ now. He is strong. And good at physical comps. I just wonder how many of you wouldn’t do the same at a chance for $500,000!

    1. Not hating on them, just shaking my head in disbelief over the stupidity. Jeff was pretty much handed the game, and he just gave it to Natalie or Kevin. It’s like having the winning lotto ticket and wiping your ass with it.

    2. Jeff’s attempt to backdoor Russell is a bold move. To think a week or two ago, countless people complained on this board that he sucked and did nothing in the way of game play to deserve being in the house…now he’s in a position to make moves and people still aren’t happy! lol It is a risk, but it truly may be the only opportunity he has to get rid of Russell. Russell tends to be stronger at endurance so in that respect, it’s smart game play. I will say it again, as much as I have loved Jeff this whole season, if Russell can save himself this week, he deserves the $500,000. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite my man Jeff in the ass.
      On a side note, I’m getting tired of the comments about Jordan being fat. I think she is adoreable. Just because she’s not a 98 pound looking anorexic stick like Chima, that makes her “fat”? This is what is wrong with girls body image today in America. Sad. Sad. Sad. And FTR, no, I’m not a “fat” person running to her defense. I am very fit and healthy in a size 4 and have worked hard to keep this body – it just bothers me the pressure people put on women/girls to be stick perfect. Okay, off my soapbox now. BB After Dark finally getting interesting.

      1. And regarding the weight, I don’t think people have to be stick thin either. Another poster commented that Jordan said she weighed129 when she came into the house and now weighs 141. Jordan has absolutely no muscle tone (look at her arms and legs). That isn’t healthy. She needs to work out on a regular basis.


        2. Give the girl a break… I can’t believe you checked out her arms and legs… Why should she exercise if she feels OK with herself?

          1. There are many benefits to exercise, and beauty is the least of them. Maybe you could google that or take a class to find out what they are. As for checking out her legs and arms, she wears them bare all the time and they look like she needs to lift a few weights. At 22 she should look like she’s at least done a day’s work instead of like she hasn’t lifted a finger her entire life. I can’t believe you can’t see an ounce of muscle on her.

          2. And just to make the point: Jordan checked out a friend’s vagina and called her “friend” BIG TEXAS because her friend’s vagina was fat. I guess it is easier to believe that a girl who feels good about herself and doesn’t need to exercise could just “happen” to notice a “friend’s” fat VAGINA while they were changing, than it is for a viewer to notice fat arms and legs that are televised on a daily basis. Seriously, I can’t believe SHE checked out her friend’s vagina, noticed IT was fat, and then dubbed it BIG TEXAS. What kind of friend is she? Oh .. but sure, try to insinuate there is something wrong with ME noticing her chubby arms and legs. Good point.

      2. What’s so adorable about a girl who never stops eating, doesn’t get off her butt, pretends to be innocent when she isn’t, uses men and generalizes that they all think with their penises, got a chest job instead of helping her mom save their home from foreclosure, hangs out in strip clubs, shares that she thinks she’s good at BJs, and talks non stop about s$x, farts & poop, and trashes everyone she talks about? Yeah, real cute.

        1. Anon, when I said Jordan was adorable, I was referring to physically. Sure she’s not a toned perfect 10, but she’s not this big fat piece of lard people keep making her out to be either. Its easy for any one of us to say that we’d stay thin and fit in that house of boredom and endless candy and inactivity but who knows until you are in the situation. However, one thing I know without a doubt is that if I was in the BB house, I would definitely shower, brush my hair, change/wash my clothes and not pick my nose and eat it like Pig Pen Nat. That I know for sure without having experienced the BB house and can say with complete confidence! lol
          And speak of the devil, Jordan and Michelle are out in the back yard exercising now. Good for them!

          1. Yes, good for them! I genuinely hopes she keeps it up. Sorry, but when you said she thought she was adorable, I wasn’t focused on the strictly physical (pretty is as pretty does). Ironic that while you were making a point about people judging physical appearance, you were actually doing that yourself.

          2. Guess I should have proof read that. But, let’s see if I can restate that without the errors:

            Yes, good for them! I genuinely hope she keeps it up. Sorry, but when you said you thought she was adorable, I wasn?t focused on the strictly physical (pretty is as pretty does). Ironic that while you were making a point about people judging physical appearance, you were actually doing that yourself.

  6. Jeff is making the stupidest move of competition and deserves to lose. He should have stuck final 4 deal. Russel gone=kevin natalie or michelle can put them 2 up. jeff is only hope will be jordan and well she is not very bright. They are counting everything i want to see them count some more what dumbasses! McDonalds called and said they need Jordan back to work ASAP-ding dong fries are done!



  9. Russell being ostracized does make me feel kind of bad. I mean, there’s something really sad about seeing someone have to play pool against themselves while all of their roommates watch and chat it up. On the other hand, he wanted to be the villain. So he got what he wanted, I guess. It’s surprising that he’s not happier about it, though. He reminds me of Lydia in that respect, they both say they want to be perceived in a way that they really don’t (Lydia, saying she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, cuts herself because she actually does).

    1. Good point. The difference is Russ tried to have integrity. Lydia never tried. As soon as she sniffed the wind (early on) she went with Jesse. Then she went on down the line.
      I liked her right away. I thought she might be a free thinker. Turned out she didn’t like thinking at all.

  10. I think Jordan is playing a flawless game. Jeff gets all the blame for everything even when Jordan is HOH. She is playing dumb so people do not see her as a threat. Normally playing nice is bad in big brother. But Jeff is doing all the dirty work. I also think Kevin is smart. His back was pinned againsst the wall and he had nothing. AND HE STILL FINDS A WAY TO GET OUT OF NOMINATIONS..Brilliant Kevin, Brilliant.

    PS..I dislike natallie

  11. Jordan and Jeff are idiots…….neither one of of them are going to the end…….should have left russell in there for another week until natalie was out

  12. I don’t think that backdooring rus was the smartest move for J/J, but i really hope kev and mich are able to team up together and vote out nat. it would be so worth it just to see the look on jeff’s face. it would also shake up the game and make things a lot more interesting.

    1. I’m hoping to God that Michele and Kevin get out Nat too, I personally like Nat, I think she’s smart but I would like to see Russell Jordan And Jeff in the final 3. I hope Jordan wins altogether tho, she needs it most. And I hope Russell comes in second place

      1. Really? Jordan “needs” the money most? Ummm poor people/needy people I know do not spend 5000 on boob jobs. And there isn’t an “IQ job” so what does she need it for? She already said she doesn’t want to go to school for a degree so should we support pampering her? I think Kev and Michelle would use it best and may even do something good with the money. Jeff has a great job and doesn’t need the money. Russ also has financial stability. I’m still hoping he pulls it out this week! Kev: think, think! Can you smell the money?

      2. And just WHY does she need it most? She has already proven that she won’t help her family in hard times (a boob job IS more important than your mother’s house foreclosure, right?). She wants to party, guess $500k will go far in that. Big aspirations. She plays the victim and innocent while she is neither. I would rather Gnasty get the $ than Jordan.

    2. I’m with you and it would be nothing less than what J/J deserve for turning on their own alliance by believing the enemy! They have lost it! Not only the game, but my respect! I was rooting for them all along until Jeff pulled this on Russ. Backdooring Russell was not a smart move at all! Plus, J/J seem to forget, who they are sending to the jury house. If they go up against Kevin or Nat in final 2 they will lose!

    3. After we get over the fact that Jeff beat Russel to the punch. Russel has said in diary room that if Jeff was smart he would get rid of him this week because he is going to take out Jeff next week.

      So Russel is mad because what? Jeff is smart.

      It has little to do with anything other than Jeff trying to make Jordans winning the HOH at least possible.

      Jordan is counting stuff in the house incase it is a Q&A on that stuff and Jeff has made the decision that Jordan against Michelle, Kevin & Natalie in an endurance competition is a lot better of a chance than Russel being in it.

      Remember Jordan did rather well in the other endurance competition , and only gave up because she thought she wouldn’t outlast the 2 strong guys, well the 2 strong guys will not be in the endurance this time, so her chances would be greater to win.

      Jeff did not believe the LML, they were already discussing the backdoor before Kevin ever talked to them. Jeff has repeatedly told Jordan not to trust Kevin and Natalie too much.

      He knows the deal and had to do what he thought was best for Jordans chances to win HOH. He also has Michelle after the talk with her, of course we know how Michelle is, but still Jeff made the best choice he could, no matter what he did, if Jordan doesn’t win wether Russel stays or goes, Jeff had a 90% chance of going on the block next week.

      This is his best chance for that to be stopped.

        1. Yes, I have been paying attention, it’s you that hasn’t. I didn’t say Jeff was smart, Russel said it in his diary session.

          He said “If Jeff was smart, he would take me out this week, cause he was taking him out next week.” Not sure that is the exact quote, but it is the gist of it.

          So Jeff did what Russel said would be smart, hence, Russel is mad because Jeff is smart.

          Hope I clearified that for you. I love helping people with comprehension problems, was my good deed for today, you are welcome :)

      1. Actually, Jordan DIDN’T do well in the endurance competition!! The top four in that competition was Chima, Jeff, Michele and Russell. With Jeff not able to play, Chima not there, and Russell possibly getting evicted on Thursday that leaves Michele as the best choice to win!!

  13. Russell will be just fine. It makes me crazy how he keeps stressing “I’m the villain. You need me in this game in the end if you want to win.” If anyone has watched this show much in the past, they would know that you can be a villain and win this game. Hello…Evel Dick ring a bell? The history of the jury shows they’d rather choose a winner based on game play and bold moves over a floater. If Russell makes it to the final 2, I predict he could win against most everyone left in the game except maybe Jeff. That could be a toss up in the final 2 but I think it could still go to Russell unless America’s Vote is the deciding factor – then Jeff would have it in the bag.

    1. Idk, seems America has turned on Jeff. The ones who just love him bc he’s hot are aholes anyway but the ones who thought he was this stand up guy have cleaned their glasses (or rather they were spit on). I have to admit that I voted for Jeff*ck for the mystery power also but more because I hated Jesse and reallllly wanted to see him turn red. I got my wish. But as they say: be careful what you wish for! Hmmm I wonder what “they” would say about Russ’ issue now. “They” has more wisdom than we do. I hope Kev doesn’t act redonkulous and just go with Jordan’s flow lol!

      1. I thought Jeff was a stand up guy. I now have clean glasses. (But hey, the more info one has, the better informed your decisions.)
        Kevin caught my eye a while ago. I now have a “dog in the race”. ( no offence to homo sapiens or canines.)

  14. If the next hoh comp is counting or house questions then we know that production is trying to push Jordan and Jeff to the final 2. It would be redonkulous! Sorry, I just got called into the DR! ;)

      1. OMG… Jordon thinks the fish are talking to Russell so she is feeding them cookie dough and mountain dew. Stop it…….

        1. No!? You’re making this up! ;) Is she trying to make the fish as dumb as her? Oh wait….huh ;) I like her game play! She’s thinking: I’ve been hearing all this stuff about “cutting to fish” so maybe the fish will get the final vote. Better suck up now.

    1. that is not necessarily true. Every year they have a Q&A about that stuff, and the houseguests know this.

      You see the houseguests every year counting the stuff in the house, it seems that only Jordan and Jeff remember this.

      1. So we really should believe its a coincidence? Oh please! We all hear tidbits from the BBers before they cut to fish on how production manipulates them in the DR. Plus, Kev and Nat were counting last week and they didn’t use it for the recent hoh comp. It would be too…FISH

  15. I think Kevin would like to approach Michelle about teaming up,however I think he is afraid to do it. If this happened it would really stir up the house. Kevin hasn’t mentioned his talk with Russell so maybe there is a chance. J/J need to go. I was a big Jeff fan until today he is a complete Jerk!!! Jeff let the power go to his head.

    1. right on target you are – kevin & michelle alliance could prove to be formidable…..start channeling them now all – please……… it could be a new type of reality show twist ending… the intellectuals and actual legit gamers win…maybe the production crew will like this suggestion & then tell them in the DR. Wouldn’t it be cool to have an alliance revealed at this point that no one knew about or was evident on all the feeds? Call it BB12 “trump card” – an no, natalie is not reinvited…..hhahaaa

  16. Everyone is freaking out that Jeff is backdooring Russ because Russ is so “loyal” and true to his word….

    Did everyone forget about how when Chima nominated Russ and he thought he was going home he gave Jesse the “Jeff should be everyone’s target” scenario. With his back against the wall Russ completely sold Jeff out. Then Jeff saved him. Russ is not being loyal…he is being situational. He was “loyal” because after he was saved by Jeff the house was against them. If Jeff hadnt taken him off the block and Jesse rallied up the team to save Russ, then Russ would have helped get Jeff out that very next week.

    Russ was only being so loyal because Jeff had power and Jeff had trusted his “loyalty” and taken him off the block. Then he layed low while Jeff had the power and became a J/J sheep because he started doing poorly in competitions. Everything worked to his benefit.

    Of course he was loyal…he was no longer a target during J/J’s 3 week reign of power. He shifts to the power. It just so happens J/J has had it for a while.

    1. Yeah, so what’s your point. The way I see it, anyone Russ has aligned himself with has betrayed him. First alliance was Jessie and Nat. They pushed him to the bottom of the totem pole for Chima and Ronnie. Michelle told him she had his back, and then he caught her in a lie. One week Chima was trying to play with his man toy, and the next week when he told her no, she went crazy on him and nobody dared defend him, most of them laughed at the terrorist comments. So what if Russ tried to make good with Jessie and try to get Jeff out? His back was against the wall and he was running out of time and options. He didn’t know Jeff was going to save him. Was he supposed to just sit there and do nothing? To Russell’s credit, he gave his word to Jessie, Casey and Jeff (twice) and he kept his word. I still can’t think of an example where he didn’t, and as much as people rant about him being a slime ball, nobody has come up with one example of him backstabbing anyone. He told Jeff to his face that once it was down to final 4 of course he would stab Jeff in the back if given the chance. Would Jeff have preferred a lie? Come on. If they were final 4 do you not think Jeff would have backstabbed Russell? Of course he would. That’s the name of the game!! The difference is that Russ was honest about it. He gave his word to Jeff, third time, that he was with them until they got to final 4. He kept his word the first two times, and he even helped Jeff win HOH by freezing Kevin. Jeff has betrayed him based on one of Nat’s nasty lies, when up until last week she was openly against him and Russ has kept his word to everyone he has given it to. If anyone can point out one instance where Russell backstabbed anyone, please remind me. I have been watching the feeds and as far as I can see, Russ only strikes back when somebody else betrays him.

      1. LOL my point is that Russ isn’t a strong player. He is a strong leech. They moved him to the bottom of the totem pole because he is a douche bag and they could see through it…probably because team Jesse were all douche bags themselves. Russ was keeping his word because he had no power. Besides, there were plenty of other players Russ could have targeted to save himself…Kevin being one of them. But he chose to throw Jeff under the bus… don’t give me that, “he had no other choice” option. the only reason he hasnt back stabbed anyone is because he talks to damn much and all of his plans get ousted before he has a chance to follow through so they beat him to the punch. I’m team no one this year. Since the very first show I told everyone that this season is full of nothing but pretentious “self claimed” geniuses and idiots. Does anyone remember the very first episode where they were introducing the hg. Jeff made some stupid comment about how hot he was or getting some girl or something I dont remember exactly but from jump I thought…Jeff is retarded. That’s besides the point though. I agree though, Russ has kept his word. I’m not denying that…I’m just saying look at the instances he gives his word. He does that because he has no other choice since he hasn’t won HOH again. EVERYONE jumps on the HOH bandwagon not just Russ. I’m not saying he’s a slime ball, I’m just saying he is a sheep. All of them are. NO ONE deserves the money. If it comes down to America’s vote…i think they should have a special write in category and just give the money to Casey lol Everyone was too weak to play a game on their own. Hell Janelle had to win like 58 veto’s. No one in this house is a game player they are all trying to play a mental game, because none of them can just outright win competitions for sure. Hence the lack of endurance competitions this season. The producers really screwed up with the clique idea. Not that they needed a house full of atheletes, but geez a house full of competitors would have a been a great consolation.

    2. People are freaking out because Jeff is accusing everyone else of what he himself is doing. Jeff has proven he’s stupid and isn’t the decent guy he had people thinking he was. He isn’t worth backing because instead of saying: “We all are playing the same game” he’s saying “I get to play my way, but I get to be pissed off if anyone else does what I do.” He’s ugly now.

  17. I sure hope Kevin considers Russ’ proposal. Kevin would have a much better chance with Russ and Michelle. The only competition for HOH is Jordan, and she has proved fairly useless. I too was a fan of J/J, but they are just as bad as Jessie/Natalie were.
    I’m not sure who I want to be final 2 now! Jordan is so selfish and self-centered, I HATE Natalie, Michelle is too shady….hmmm…I guess I’d like Russ and Kevin in the finals – extremely different game play, but both have their merits!
    Just for interests’ sake, in what order do you want the remaining houseguests evicted?

  18. btw– why doesn’t Coo Coo use her “brain” and put all of her Gnat facts together with an actual ending : 90210 + 18 year old poker player + older boyfriend = tons of lies = not 18; use that to keep Russ! Call out Gnat as biggest liar and filthiest HG, and let’s see some real game!!!

  19. GO JEFF and JORDAN!! Love them! Think getting rid of Russ is genious!!! Jeff might get stuck on the block but he knows he can win POV !! And i too think Jordan is super cute! <3 it!

  20. Why didn’t they air when Jeff promised on his family, made the rest of them (except Michelle who, love it, promised on her dogs) promise and then threatened their families “kidding” style if they flopped? Huh. Guess they won’t show Jeff threatening to stab Russ either. They so want America to think Jeff is the nicest guy when he’s as slimy as everyone in there. A lot of manipulation is going on and only these blogs show the “real” deal. Its a game within a game.

    1. This is the part of BB I really hate. They won’t let the truth be seen so that they can manipulate everything that happens. I didn’t know that did that until this season.

    2. they cant air everything and they have to accommodate for young viewers. no one ever said jeff was a saint. he’s human and he’s not a bad person. i am sure you’ve gotten into arguments with people.

  21. Jeff really went off the deep end tonight, Chima style, hating on Russ and Michelle. He said some really inappropriate things, comparing Russ to a rapist and saying he wanted to chop off Michelle’s pinky and a whole lot of irrational reasoning and justification. Jordan was egging him on until he is in a frenzy, and then trying to calm him down. She tells him that everyone loves him, he is America’s darling and he shouldn’t feel bad about what he did or anything he said. It’s pathetic to watch, the way she winds him up and then coos at him and justifies his irrationality. Of course they don’t say these things to their face, only behind their backs. Jeff and Jordan are no better than Chima. I am very disappointed in JJ and becoming more and more a Russ fan. He has had nothing but crap thrown at him. HOH seems to be cursed with paranoia and madness this season. Anyone that sleeps up there gets drunk on power and loses all perspective. Let’s hope Kevin and Michelle vote to evict Natalie. At one point, Jeff realizes that he is freaking out because he no longer has any control over what happens, and unless Jordan wins HOH, there is a good chance that he will be the one leaving next week. He should have thought of that before burning his bridges.

  22. I hope they count everything for nothing, but if it turns out there is a competition that includes the numbers of these items, we know the fix in in.

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