Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell on his own, Michelle”I know i’m safe” Jeff “your not if your with him”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Noon Russell in the Green room

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

12:25pm HOH Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is pissed off at Jordan and is yelling at her for not asking questions to Michelle and Russell. Jeff’s mad at Michelle and Russell, he wants one of those two to go home this week. He thinks Michelle is being sneaky and has been spending a lot of time with Russell. He brings up that last night he was talking to her and Michelle was sticking up for Russell.. Jordan is surprised now Jordan thinks both Russell and Michelle are being shady. Jordan is worried that if Michelle wins POV it might be tough to get her to use it. Jeff goes off again on Jordan asking her why the fuck doesn’t she talk to Michelle more when Michelle is up in HOH with them, “I would like to think that your not just sitting up here listening to Bob Marley”. Jordan asks him why he’s being so mean to her and so grumpy she asks questions but she felt like Jeff asks all the right ones. Jeff says he’s sick and tired of talking to Michelle “Why the fuck does she laugh all the time ITS NOT FUNNY MICHELLE”. Michelle walks in on them during their fight and give Jordan a huge. Jeff “Why the fuck would you give her a hug how do you know She just said shit to me” Michelle “Your grumpy Jeff”.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle “I know I’m safe”
Jeff “your not safe if your in a team with him”
Jeff “if you want to go have a final 2 with him than do it go rock it and Jordan and I will rock our thing”
Jeff “I find it hard to believe that both you and Russell haven’t talked”
Jeff “If you can remember anything I would like you to tell me”
Michelle “honestly Russell and I are not scheming against you”
Jordan “Don’t go running off to Russell telling him all this”
Michelle “I won’t I never talk game with Russell, He just asks me to find out if he’s safe this week”
Jeff “Why don’t you ask if your save than he can come up and ask if he’s safe..”
Michelle tells them she though the plan was to take Natalie out this week than Russell out next week. Jeff says he doesn’t know what to do until the Veto is played for. Jordan tells her its very important they win POV than they control the votes. They start bashing Russell, they’re saying nobody like him and he’s going to the jury house with a house full of enemies. Jeff “he did this to himself by trying to play everyone” Michelle says after the big blowup earlier this week her and Russell are not too close. Jeff asks about her not remembering anything Michelle says that if people talk are located left to her she can’t hear them but if they are straight on she can hear them fine….
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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Russell joins them.. Jeff asks him if he was trying to come in earlier and Russell says he was. Jeff apologies for not opening the door Jeff didn’t hear anything because he was listening to music and Jordan said she was too tired and didn’t feel like talking. Jordan says the door wasn’t locked you could come in at any time. Russell brings up Casey and how funny he was.. He starts to impersonate Casey smoking.. Jeff comments that Casey was super loud when he smoked. They laugh at Casey’s speech and how he totally burned Ronnie the fat rat and Jessie. Jeff “Nobody would say it at the time because they all had a boner for Jessie but Casey totally got him”. … 12:55pm cut to control room

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

1:00pm Red Room Natalie, Kevin and Jordan. Jordan is bashing Russell saying she doesn’t want to talk to him any more. She tells them they are trying to make sure that Michelle uses the POV. Natalie thought Michelle was in on the plan, Jordan isn’t 100% sure but she thinks after their talk with her she will. Natalie tells her not to worry she’s going to win POV than they know for sure it will be used. Jordan tells them not to worry about anything the chances of Russell winning POV are slim. Kevin mentions what if its a physical comp. Jordan tell him not to sweat it Jeff will win it in that case. Jordan now telling Natalie that Michelle and Russell really want her and Kevin out. Natalie says it doesn’t matter what Russell wants he’s on his own he can get far by himself. Jordan is pissed at Russell always pretending he was Casey’s and Braden’s best friend. Natalie “I can’t believe he’s wearing Casey’s shirt”. Jordan now saying “Jessie is a really nice guy deep down I think he was a good person but in the game he was against us” (OMG Jordan what just happened to you and Jeff, I will laugh my shit off when Natalie wins HOH next week and put you and Jeff up) Jordan leaves.. Natalie and Kevin chit chat about having troubles sleeping.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

1:30pm HOH Russell, Jeff and Michelle.. talking about sports Michelle not saying much but Jeff and Russell really getting into the conversation. Russell talks about his wrestling career and how it was so hard going from a high school top wrestling to college level. His first 3 months he didn’t get one take down it was hard for him do well but after awhile he stated kicking ass…..

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3:45pm Big Brother Time: The feeds are still showing TRIVIA..

4:20pm Big Brother Time: Still TRIVIA…
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165 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell on his own, Michelle”I know i’m safe” Jeff “your not if your with him”

  1. Omg Jordan and Jeff need to WAKE UP! Natalie and Kevin are complete liars they need to realize that people will lie and cheat to get what they want. I just don’t understand why they are trusting Kevin and Natalie it is the worst move they can make. I can’t wait for them to watch this their feelings will really change.

    1. I agree
      J/J are started to lose me as a fan when they believed the LML (can anyone say “hook, line and sinker” ???)
      At this point Nasty and Kev are outplaying them by a mile and if they both get through this week J/J are history IMO
      I think there only hope is (even if they don’t realise it) for Russ to win POV

    2. thats why im with russel , JJ shows that without power they THINK more but with it they lose all common sense , and they start believing everything the enemy(natalie kevin) says… thats why they won;t win BB and when they carry natlaie to final 3 with them watch her win

      1. I’ve said it since they kept Nat. She will win this game. They are not even thinking that the jury is made up of most of her friends. Heck…….I don’t even like Nat but if she is in the final 2 with Jeff I will vote for her. I ditched J/J when they kept Nat over Lydia. How stupid. I really hope it is Russell & Michelle in the final 2. I wish Jordo would go today and Jeff being stuck to her behind would be pulled out with her. I must have voted for Jeff a hundred times for the CDT. J/J are sosooooooo stupid.

        1. …….and one more thing. If Russell gets the boot this week let’s give him the $25000 or even Michelle. Everyone vote for Russell and keep your fingers crossed he wins the POV. Sorry, just had to get the rest out.

          1. Russell’s definitely getting my vote. Jeff was America’s player because he showed loyalty and common sense even when Jordan was losing her dang mind. Now he’s off the train with her.

  2. I will laugh with you if Nat wins. J/J or really getting on my nerves with all of this flip flopping. They keep accusing R of being paranoid when they are freaking out themselves. They went off on M/R for talking final 2, when for the past few days thats all they have talked about. I thought that when they discussed it that they all agreed to move forward with the J/J/M/R as final four. But noooo they start falling for Nat the little schemer. I didn’t like her at first, but now I’m hoping she wins.

    Go Nat and Rus!

  3. Man i wish jordan would just shut her PIE HOLE ,what is up w/ this girl does she really think gnat or kev have her back .Jeff needs to keep her in check or she is going to cost him 500 k, lets hope jeff makes smart choices this week or he will be right ,jordan is going to walk to the finals w/ no blood on her hands ,and gnat and kev will have the votes in the jury house.This whole game is starting to piss me off…

      1. not this week though , the have to get rid of either kevin or natalie this week, maybe get rid of russ nexy week , but they won;t if russ goes this week natalie will win HOH and put up JJ and we ill have at them or it because they let it happen

  4. I hope Russell wins POV, J/J have lost sight of the final 4 word given to the original final 4. Everyone swore on their family to go to the final 4 with each other. If they think N/K is on their sides, they need to rethink and go back to the original plan.

      1. its because her brother just died and she will not swear anything on her family after something like that. would you?

      2. Mi-smell is funny, I can’t believe no one has used that yet. Good one! And yeah, her dogs are her “kids”. It’s part of her charm :-)

  5. I really liked Jordan and Jeff because they kept their mouths shut about their plans. Now they seem to be telling everyone about their plans. I think it will end up backfiring on them.

  6. Personally with all the drama I think that EVERYBODY changes their minds…unfortunatly being in the BB house there is not much to do but over analyze it all…sooo fingers crossed Jeff makes the right choice!!! All depends on the POV….

  7. I think Jeff is being a little too snippy with Jordan. They are starting to work my nerves a little. I’m hoping Russell wins hoh next week and we’ll all see if he is really a man of his word.

  8. the reason that michelle keeps throwing rus under the bus is cuz she thinks the final 4 is a sealed deal. a solid deal. that way when its down to just the 4 j/j/m/r/ the first one out will be russ, or so she thinks. she has no idea that they beleive nat and kev. she doesnt know that nat and kev are close to j/j. michelle doesnt know that j/j has been talking about backdooring rus. if she did know the whole house would be turned upside down.

  9. Jo-Je? Je-Jo? JorJe? Anyway they’ll will be fine… but they’ve been running things long enough…its starting to get boring, its time for another coup.
    Seriously…unless you’re getting a cut, why would anyone who’s reading and writing on this blog care who in the house wins… the more twists, the more fun.

  10. I know this is a game but when your word is given, it means to follow thru with the plan. I am so disappointed in J/J. It seems to me only Russell knows the meaning of giving your word to another and following thru with it. I used to be all for Jeff and Jordan but Michelle and Russell are slowly but surely taking their place in my eyes.

  11. can not wait too see the look on j/js face when one of them gets eliminated because they are two stupid and backstabbing people…thay want to talk about everyone else are schemers they are two of the biggest and DUMBEST SCHEMERS ON BB…GOODBYE JEFF AND JORDAN…you made a deal with the devils…natalie and kevin….russell please win pov…

  12. Jordan and Jeff are obsessed with power. They need to have all of it. They know they’re a Final Two and everyone else knows it, and even though they said they didn’t care about Michelle and Russell in a Final Two at the end, Jeff now admits that he hates that he doesn’t have three people all fighting to cover his butt. He’s quickly turning into Jessie, someone with a sense of entitlement in the game who feels that everyone should be playing for the sole purpose of helping him get to the end. This means anyone who shows him any sort of gratitude or obedience is immediately on the trustworthy list while anyone who shows any sign of self-interest, no matter how reasonable or honest or sensible or forthright is his enemy. Jeff was fine with the Final Four until he realized Russell wasn’t going to be his backup Final Two. Now that Michelle’s not talking like an idiot and playing for the Final Six Jeff deigns to offer her, he is freaking out at her. Jeff and Jordan are about to put all of their trust in people they ALREADY BETRAYED (Kevin and Natalie) by putting them on the block this week because they can’t keep track of who they are planning to backstab on any day of the week. This is what happens when stupid people scheme, they suddenly think they’re smart people.

    1. Jeff isn’t alright with Russell because he thinks he might get him out before the final 4 and the difference between The Hulk and Jeff is night and day moron.

  13. its not a question of wating jeff or jordon to win,its just that it would be more fun to watch if the final 4 would be jeff,jordan,russell,michele ……i want to see jeff and russell in a endurance comp…and u know what? if russell beats him,well it would have mean that he deserved to win…..if not it will be a really boring next couple of week if russell leaves….

    1. It seems it turns out Russell is more of an honorable human being than Jeff. So far, Russell has kept his word……I don’t know why it hasn’t counted for something. So he’s annoying. So is Nat. I have watched BB from season 1 until now and probably will continue; but, this year has been so stressful and if they had not kicked Chima off I would have quit watching for sure. I really thought J/J were something special. Power really shows true character. RUSS FOR VETO AND FINAL TWO WITH MICHELLE!!!!

  14. Jeff thinks that Russell is so stupid because he made so many deals they are coming back to bite him. Unfortunately, that’s the opposite of what’s happened. Russell is brilliant and has only made deals with Casey, Jessie, and the Final Four, but he has allied himself with a pair of complete imbeciles who are at the mercy of the smart people Russell is busy fighting. It’s so frustrating!

      1. Yes he did but that is still F4 and Mr. E mention that. I want Jeff to Win but he can not if he backdoor Russ Kev and Nat has already said he’s(Jeff) going if they win he needs Russ so he can win he can screw Russ in F4

    1. same old shit from last week..argue…fight..assume..and then reconcile by eviction night…im tired of this 4….i started watch bb6 on quirkydude/youtube..i miss kayser and his smart/quiet ideas w/o any questioning!!!

  15. Simple arithmetic should tell J/J that if any of them (J/J/M/R) end up final 2 with Nat or Kevin, they can’t win. If Jeff backdoors Russ or Michelle, does he really think they will vote for him in the end? Jessie and Lydia would vote against them if Nat or Kevin made it to the end. The only sure vote they would have is America’s vote, but you can’t win the 500K with one vote. Apparently arithmetic is not one of J/J’s strengths.

    1. yes, they don;t have the common sense to realize that jeff and jordan only chances of winning is if they take either rmichelle or russel with them to final 2( yes that would mean j/j being broke up but thats a good thing) if they took natalie or kevin with them they have zero chances of winning, if they listen to the enemy and backdoor russel, guess what his vote is gone in the jury house and that will add 6 votes against j/j when there was only to be 4 votes against them…..

  16. I don’t know what y’all are talkin about. I have been a season long fan of j/j mostly just because of there relationship & how cute they are..not because of there game play. Now, they finally have some power & y’all are hoping they leave!? They are finaly playing the game! Have y’all forgotten about Natalie & Russell? They have backstabbed SO many people in this house & will hurt anyone to get there way. I’m not saying j/j are smart for believin this lie..cause there not. But if you take a look back, they are by far the nicest & most trustworthy people in this game. Give um a break.

    1. When has Russell given his word and not kept it? He voted for Casey, even at the risk of pissing off the people he was aligned with. He kept his word to Jeff about getting rid of Ronnie, again, risking trouble with Jessie et al. He kept his word to Jessie and didn’t vote against him, even though it would piss off Jeff who had just saved his ass. Say what you will about Russell, but I think he has shown integrity. He refused the sexual advances of Chima, and he only got personal with her when she went off on him. Towards the end of Chima’s stay, he showed amazing restraint. Didn’t like him at first, but now I hope he wins!

      1. Russell scaficed Ronnie because said he was way down the line on Jessie alliance list and he felt that Ronnie loved Jessie. Ronnie was a part of the same alliance too. Russell got rid of Ronnie to gain Jeff?s trust. Russell must have felt he had a target on him back within his own alliance with Jessie. Russell really was not for Jessie (as Jessie said Russell act as if he was jealous of the relationship that he had with people in the house) although he was in an alliance with Jessie. For the record Jessie did look out for him. Russell just can?t be trusted based on his own actions. Jeff should get rid of him. The longer he stays the more likely he will win.
        As for Russell?s behavior, keep in mind that the BB production team is more than likely couching him as they had been couching Jeff, Jordan and Michelle.
        Russell does not desire to win this game. He needs to go and hopefully next week Michelle will follow.

      1. Natalie was loyal to her team through it all. Not once did she go against them. Kevin went against Lydia when he didn’t use the POV on her. Natalie however remained true. Love her or hate her, you have to give her props for being the most loyal to her alliance. She is alone in the game now. After Jessie left and Chima was kicked off, the only one left was Kevin and he was with Lydia

        1. This is true, but if you paid attention, Jessie always did what Natalie wanted him to do. It was really her that was in control. Same with Chima. Nat is really good at stirring the pot and winding people up to do her dirty work for her, and she even lets them think it was their idea. She is a true sneak. She is the person that has played the hardest. I still don’t want her to win because I just don’t like her. I try to like her, but I just can’t.

        2. Hey…I an’t gonna use no POV on nobody if it means my ass could be put in the chair…Kevin protected himself…..he was thinking ahead….

        3. Don’t forget that it was Nat that started the GR lie that set Chima off on the path of self destruct. She was blaming Michelle for it last week, but it really was her. If she hadn’t made up that lie, Russ, Michelle and Chima would never have gotten into it to clear up the matter, Chima might have never gotten so angry at Russ that it clouded her judgment enough to get tossed out. Nat is a Sh&t disturber. Almost all of the drama has Nat behind the scenes.

          1. Chima would have lost it anyways. It was BB’s fault for Chima losing her marbles. They took away the power she earned and then to add insult to injury was nominated for eviction. I do believe anyone in her position would have thrown a fit as well. I’d have thrown the mic through the window or over the fence.

    2. I have been a J/J fan all season, but if they are so stupid to back door Russel, neither deserve to win any money. Russell is staying completely true to his word to them, and they are the ones paranoid and making his actions into something they are not. If they back door him, I HOPE Natalie wins HOH and puts J/J up, just so they see what kind of fools they are! –believing her, how stupid can you get??????

      1. Russell said that as far as he was concerned, he and Jeff are even now. (Since he didn’t put up J/J and Jeff used the power on him.) I think we are feeling a little bit too sorry for Russell.

  17. Here is a thought…if by some miracle the power of veto is NOT used…will Kevin and Natalie start talking about which one of the other has told the lies…throw each other under the bus?? Hmmm could get interesting!!

    1. yea thats hoping neither natalie,kevin, jeff or jordan wins POV because if they win it will be used……. i hope russel wins, so the LML can finally be exposed

    2. This is what I am hoping. Russ wins POV, doesn’t use it. Kevin catches Nat throwing him under the bus and then confesses in front of everyone about LML, apologizing for being stupid enough to think Nat would be loyal to him for doing her dirty work for her, and exposing her as the biggest sneak and instigator in the house, worse than Ronnie or Chima. Fingers crossed. Go Russ!!

    3. Jordan loves Natalie for some reasson and Jeff is afraid of Kevin’s ability in competitions, so I would put my money on Natalie winning that battle

      1. Jordon is thinking that Natty is not good in competions so there fore if they go against each other Jordon thinks she would win…

    4. I think they will also throw Jeff under the bus and reveal everything he has been saying about Russell. Then they will throw each other over a clift. Fun times.

  18. j/j are finally playing the game? how exactly are they doing that by backstabbing russel( when he in fact said that he will stay true to them until they reach final 4) and believing natalie and kevin lies and saving natalie oh yeah they ARE playing the game right up until they lose BB because it it

    1. Even though I want Natalie to win, if not I’m hoping Russell. I think we should all go and yell out to Russell that Jeff is thinking of backdooring him and Michelle wants to backdoor him too. Russ needs to start playing the game and stop worrying about trying to appease Jeff.

      1. I don’t know about Michelle backdooring him, I think she is starting to relize that she is next after Russel and she needs him there.

  19. In fairness to Nasty Nat, she won the first HOH competition and that’s why Jessie came into the house. I think she has thrown competitions and is saving it all up for when there is nobody left to hide behind. Her lie about being 18 (I can’t believe that nobody has caught her in this lie! How old do you have to be to play poker in a casino?????? Why did BB let her drink wine?????) was so that everyone would underestimate her. She should have gone instead of Lydia who couldn’t win a competition if someone threw it to her.

    1. I live in Las Vegas and you are not even permitted in the gambling areas of the casino unless you are 21. There is no way she could have played poker unless she had a fake i.d.

    2. How did she when the 1st HOH comp?? She and Russel WERE both still hanging on for their team and if it came down to it, Russel would of out-hung here.

    3. I know this is petty but Natalie is not the nasty one…its Smelly Michelle…

      Come on Natalie…. win something for once.

            1. I didn’t get to see it, there is 5 hours in the difference with time zones. Maybe BB had hard water or maybe she’s using too much conditioner. It’s just slimy.

  20. i think right now jeff likes jordan a lot but she doesnt feel the same. i am sure all her girlfriends will tell her shes crazy when she gets home. down the road she will see what she missed out on and by then it will be too late because he wants to get married and have kids in the near future .i also see jordan continually gaining weight if she doesnt control it now because while others are losing weight in the house she is gaining. i think jeff will be a fun and awsome dad/husband. i am sure all his single ex’s are thinking about dating him again.

  21. Final 2 Scenario:

    Russell vs Jeff – This is a tough one. Will the Jury still like Jeff at this point?
    Russell vs Jordan – Russell wins
    Russell vs Michelle – Russell wins
    Russell vs Kevin – Kevin wins
    Russell vs Natalie – Natalie wins

    Russell is a smart man. He’s thinking Final 2. Period. And you have to be at this point. He knows he’s not gonna win vs Kevin nor Natalie. No one likes Jordan in the jury house. Jesse will not vote for Jeff cause he used the magic power against him. Natalie/Kevin would probably feel that Jeff betrayed them. People think Michelle is the devil himself. All this works to Russell advantage.

  22. Do other think too that the HoH power is getting in too much in Jeff’s head?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have been a fan of the duo JJ, but more power they get, the crazier they get. I just hope they don’t do anything stupid coz if they do they have no one else to blame but themseleves for their defeat!!

      1. Totally….I hope he gets it. He already made a dumb move by keeping Nat in the house. Don’t do aything more dumber

    1. I think in Jeff’s case It’s not so much having the HOH power as it trying to keep “2” people safe…hard enough to stay in the game on ur own but when u got partner twice as hard n’ more stressful

  23. I think Jordan is trying to branch out with Natalie, last night she kept telling Jeff he was going to the jury house. Maybe shes stepping up her game. Jeff said last night when he win the money. Lets see go Russell!!!!

  24. I just had a very bad thought.
    If Russel wins POV—and Jordan does not get her way back dooring him this week–she will try to convince him that they have been on his side all along and that now they know that was Michelle who has been scheming against him.

    Of course he already knows that Michelle is a liar, but he also knows that she is his only hope for final two.
    If Jordan convinces him of their loyalty they J7J will try to get him to take Nat off the block and back door Michelle. Jordan is convinced Nat won’t win and wants to go final 2 with her.

    She wants to split the final two up.M and R and of course J&herself- because she does not think she can win against Jeff either.

    She is dumb-but conniving just like the others.

    1. Russell isn’t dumb, he won’t go for it. Then he’ll win HOH and put up Jordan and Gnat or Kevin (whoever is left).

  25. Simon,im wondering the same thing…what is happenning to jordan and jeff…do they not know if kevin or natalie win there going up…they should just stick to the final four deal…i dont know why there trusting Nat and kevin when they are against them…the paranoia is reaching its highest point to them…Russell and Michele arnt saying crap about them…right now i dont know whats going to happen.

      1. Yeah, makes sense you would say this. I haven’t agreed with anything you have said yet. Backdooring Russell will backfire, and cost his $500K, but that is a smart move……..

    1. I am starting to think that Jordan is playing Jeff. She needed a strong guy to carry her, but once she makes final 4, she doesn’t need him anymore. She flirts, but she won’t put out, not that I think she should, but I think she knows the power she has over him and is willing to use it. She has him so sexually frustrated that he isn’t thinking straight.

      1. Chloe, I agree with you. I always said that Jordan was using him from the start. She hides behind him and he takes so much heat from it. She is not smart and trying to use someone. She should have left weeks ago. I am sick of her voice and walking around the house like she is queen or something.

  26. I just threw a paper airplane over the fence with a note to Russell.

    Dear Russell,

    Please win HOH. Nominate Jordon and Natalie or Kevin. Tell Jeff and Jordon that you are using Jordon as a pawn. Allow anyone but yourself to win the Veto. If Jeff wins he’ll take Jordon off, if Kevin or Natlie or Michelle wins, plead with them to use the Veto and backdoor Jeff.

    America was overly medicated and voted Jeff for the CDT. They are the same people who voted Bush to be president twice, bought tickets to a pedophiles concert and allowed their children to go to his house. Sometimes, they’re not too smart.

    Use the force Luke. The power is now in your hands.

  27. It’s official! I changed my name from lenalovesjeff to lenalovesrussell. I was waiting for Jeff to come to his senses but apparently that’s not gonna happen. I pray to God that Russell wins the P.O.V. and doesn’t use it. Then if that happens I’ll pray again that he wins the H.O.H. Somebody needs to put up Dumb and Dumbo and split that shit up! The nerve of Jordan (that would be Dumbo) to start playing now after she’s been carried thus far. I used to like her a lot but now, I CAN’T STAND HER!!! Now, everytime she opens her mouth it makes me wanna gag. I love it when Jeff yells at her too. :) I think or at least I hope that Jeff is starting to see her for what she really is…an annoying deadweight. Let’s go Russell!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Chima’s latest tweet:

    “My side of the story coming soon…CBS no likey. ;) ”

    On another site that she has reported for, she said that she will be at the finale and if CBS doesn’t let her in, she will make herself available to reporters outside. This woman is definitely psycho. She should be content to just move on and stop stirring the pot.

    1. Good for her. She probably wasn’t aware when she signed up for BB that if America didn’t like someone, the person they did like would get more air time and hints and help from production. I’d sue.

        1. I’m still on Team Natalie. It’s do or die. However, my second choice would be Russell. He looks very Clark Kentish in those glasses. I was a Russell fan til he went mental and starting attacking everyone. When he attacked Ronnie I wanted to kick him in the balls for being so stupid. If Russell would have played smart instead of foolish, Ronnie and Jessie would still be there and Jeff and Jordon would be home. (Jeff out banging chicks and Jordon eating deep fried popcorn)

        2. i thought it was in the contract that if you are thrown off the show you can not associate yourself with big brother…. that means no talk shows,no interviews,no appearences,etc……she was fired! she has to sever all ties with the production company(viacom).

          1. They can sue her if she publicly slanders the show but they are unlikely to do anything unless the FCC gets involved. She cannot appear on any Viacom owned shows but she can take the risk and appear on other mediums. However, the risks of doing this will have been clearly explained to her. She’s not that stupid.

      1. Oh come on! Any entertainment reporter worth their salt knows that “reality tv” isn’t as real as we think. It’s all about ratings. CBS doesn’t care who wins as long as ratings are good, and of course they edit and coach players so they get good footage to edit for the shows. If she didn’t know that going in, she isn’t very smart after all. Now that her little imaginary reign of terror is over, she goes to plan B: expose BB for not being “fair”. More sour grapes from the queen of narcissists.

        1. If everyone knows it isn’t a fair game, then Chima should be allowed in and play too. They chose her over thousands others. I could have easily been there in her place. With the drama of Chima going down, CBS has gained tons of viewers just to watch the mayhem.

    2. true ..she better leave well enough alone…..she made an ass of herself on BB n’ a CBS ATTORNEY will do take up where she left off….like I said before ..the entire matter was filmed…..she gonna keep on n’ whatever journalistic skills she has won’t be worth crap…..noboby will hire her…..She continues to be ignorant…..sooo sad.. move on..

  29. Now we are tired of Jeff and Jordan believing Natalie and Jeff. He is so paranoid. Jordan is pulling him down. His ding dong is speaking instead of his brain. Jordan and Jeff in final 2 will be a boring BBAD. Lets call it the Love Bug Show. I went to bed last night.

    1. Exactly!! Maybe if Jordan gets out then Jeff will start using his brain again. I was watching and listening to them on BBAD I’m like is that the same person.

  30. Would seem to me if u think about it the really smart player was Casey…He got evicted n’ is now making big bucks selling T-SHIRTS…lmao…

  31. Jeff and Jordan need to be knock off their high horse. They think they run the house. Since Chima and Jesse left they think they beat everyone in the house. Michele, her fake smile get me. She is the reason why Chima and Russell started to dislike each other. I beleive they will have a friendship when the game is over. Russell is going to win this game. Go Russell.

  32. if jeff evicts russ i think he will go from being one of the most loved to one of the most hated. and if he does i hope kevin wins.

  33. boy was I wrong. Jeff won the pov. And I’m not happy.

    This was the most important pov for Russel to win.

    Now that Jeff is gonna backdoor Russel, Jeff and Jordan will soon be going to the jury house…….

    (I sure hope production talks Jeff out of it)

    1. i feel the same way, i was rooting for jeff and jordan but they’ve been acting like real dumbasses lately, their becoming the new jesse and natalie.

  34. Russell very quiet…..Jeff says to much..Russell may blow cause Michelle had a 2 minute whispering session with him… keep them feeds on folks..

  35. Seriously Jeff has the game in his hands, but he is really playing stupidly lately. GET RID OF MICHELLE ! then Russell .

  36. I have been Team Jeff all the way however lately he has been getting on my nerves with his stupidity. Why trust Natalie and Kevin over Russell who has shown his loyalty to Jeff by putting Ronnie up? Jeff is drunk with power and its not attractive on him. He has become overly critical and condescending to Jordan more and more.. Starting to lean towards Team Michelle now.

  37. michelle is hsady thus i cannot ever be team Michelle……and we cant judge his wishy washy behavior on who he trusts…nat and kev suck at most comps that’s smart to side with them instead of waiting 4 Ms.wishy washy and Mr.weasel to turn on them!

  38. I think Michelle will put Jeff up if he Back dorr Russ, b/c she want be able to trust them, and Kevin and Natlie will tell Michelle what Jeff said about her so as long as Jordan do not Win Jeff is getting on the Block, maybe back door him, if Michelle took Jeff out She would get Russ,Jessie, Lydia and the other tow votes to win the Money Michelle is no fool.

  39. Jeff can win this whole thing if he keeps Russ w him to the final two. Everyone in the jury house will vote against Russel

  40. Jeff and Jordon all the way if they play there cards right. I think they should get rid of Natille then Kevin then Russel then Michelle.

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