Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff to Jordan “we’re having fun tonight and thats it”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00 – 9:25pm Hot tub everyone there now.. Still random chit chat. Jordan asks Natlie if the Internets is expensive. Natalie doesn?t know because her dad pays for it. Kevin explains there?s different plans you can get. Jordan tells them how computer literate she is she says “all my friends do that Face book thing but me” Jeff brings up the cell phone service Cha Cha and how cool it is. Beside Jeff Kevin is the only one that knows about Cha Cha Kevin explains its a SMS service you text it a questions like “what?s the meaning of live” and you get the answer. You get the response in a minute. Natalie “Awesome I could so use that at school” Jeff Thought it was free but Kevin says the first 5 are free but after that they charge you. Jeff looks worried I didn’t know that I?ve been using that like crazy the month before he left for here. Jeff “My cell phone bill is going to be 500 bucks Stupid Cha Cha” Kevin asks them if they’ve heard about the iphone bump… Nobody has. He explains that you take 2 iphones and smack them together and they share each others primary phone number, email address etc. Russell has a iphone, Kevin and him share what apps they use and tell everyone
else how cool having a iphone is. Jordan says she doesn’t understand iphones she likes the simpler phones. Natalie agrees she doesn’t like technology. Jeff brings up jack handy from Saturday night live but nobody else knows what he’s talking about. (come on Jack handy rocks) Jordan heads up to take a nap in HOH her period is bothering her. Kevin leaves to go to the red room.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


9:30pm Red Room Kevin and Natalie Kevin. Kevin is wondering what tomorrows POV competitions will be. He lists off past seasons POV’s Kevin thinks they need to study the memory wall because there is a good chance it will be the one with the scrambled faces. Natalie suggests they do it when no one else is around. Natalie says it’s a guarantee it will be one of 3 competitions. pictures, dates or eating BLANK. Kevin mentions maybe it how much to you has to lose? Kevin wonders if it could be the find the hidden veto. The one where they hide the veto in the hosue and everyone has to go scrambling for it…. Kevin gets called into the Diary Room… 10:00p Lights out both are asleep


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


9:30pm Kitchen TEAM PYSCHO They are digging around the kitchen trying to make slop based food. Russell is sick and tired of churros. Michelle being very flirty to Russell. they start to whisper about Natalie sucking up to Jeff big time and it?s so noticeable it makes them sick. Russell tells her to not go run up and tell Jeff/Jordan what we talk about again. Michelle says she won?t. Russell says to save themselves they have to win POV and not use it. Michelle tells him that is her plan. Michelle continues to be mega flirty with Russell she says they can wrestle later tonight and maybe she’ll bit his nipple off… Russell tells her the slop crackers look like they will be good. Michelle says they’re alright but they talk a long time to cook.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:00pm HOh Jeff and Jordan. Jordan tells Jeff his grandmothers look alike. Jeff says he knows Jordan had told him that already, “Remember you said they looked like sisters”. Jordan starts talking about her conversation with Kevin today and how he said he wanted to broker a final 4 deal with us his argument was that Michelle and Russell cannot be trusted but Natalie and Kevin can be. Jeff says no matter what happens I find myself on the block.. Jordan says they need to go talk to Michelle and tell her she needs to win POV. Jeff says don’t say BLANK to her right now she knows she needs to win. Jordan says I?ll tell her we’ll explain later. Jeff “don’t put thing into this crazy BLANK head she BLANK crazy” They start arguing Jeff tells her she needs to stat talking to people and stop getting him to do all the talking. She tells him that every time she does the talking that he says that she talks too much and that she’ll just ask him what to say and then say it. Jeff says she needs to start studying the faces. Jordan doesn’t think it’ll be the face competition, “they do that competition once the numbers get lower”. Jordan says she wants the final 4 to be Jeff, Her, Michelle and Natalie. Jeff tell her about the conversation He had with Russell. Jordan acting all scared about going on the block. Jeff reminds her at some point that one of them will have to go on the block. Jordan gets called into the diary room..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm -10:50pmJordan comes back and they start laughing and flirting. Jeff wants her to be positive and assume they are going to win everything. He wants her to stop being a downer. Jordan tells him he’s starting to irritate her at night because he’s always getting so made. Jeff says jokingly that he’s got tampons in the bathroom but still he’s not getting anything “this is the worst relationship in my life” they both start laughing.. he goes on “we’re BLANK around tonight and thats it” Jordan say no i’m on my period… they keep laughing and joking around. Once the joking is over they start talking about who they should take out this week. Jeff is having second thoughts about taking Russell this week. He’s worried that it won’t be endurance than Kevin might win it and he’s going up with Michelle. He’s stating to think their best bet is to take out Kevin than Russell next week. (one minute he says Kevin goes home another minute he says Russell right now Jeff sounds undecided) Jordan starts going to town on Jeff’s Jumbo chocolate bars.. He tells her to just eat one because he wants to make smores this week. Jeff “I want a bowl of honey smacks” Jordan quit talking you making me hungry”. Jeff “we sound like a old married couple that has nothing to do on a Friday night”. Jordan laughs they start guessing cards from the deck neither seem to be guessing any of them right.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


10:20pm Backyard Team Psycho. talking about how Natalie is kissing Jeff?s BLANK. Russell thinks that something may be up between Natalie and Jeff. He’s worried that they might get backdoored this week. Michelle thinks it?s a very good possibility. She tells him they need to win POV its very important. She thinks that Jeff might want to keep Kevin and Natalie just in case they win HOH than they will take wither you or me out whoever is left. Russell tells her they need to distance each other so don’t be upset there still tight as BLANK. Michelle understands they need to reduce the target on them. Russell says he’s going to be optimistic and say Jeff is just trying to cover his bases that he’s going to stick to the original final 4 plan. Russell asks her if she noticed how the keys were placed today. Russell was first than Michelle than Jordan, “that the reverse order of how he wants us gone” Both are pissed at Natalie Russell says he’s going to turn it up a notch when dealing with her. Michelle says Jeff isn’t a idiot he’s not going to what?s right he remembers what happened…..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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jeff and jordan avoiding russ and michelle may cost them the game. i dont understand why they believe nat and kevin are on their side!!!

Say Word?

because their STUPID, thats why

jeff would be less dumb if he wasen’t horny all the time about jordan, if she was gone he would play much smarter all he been thinkin bout is that ass and mad she won;t give him any, she’s a waste of time, he needs to drop her, or she gone end up winning if he stupidly decides to take her to final 2

gino dee

that jordan is as dumb as a rock…..omg…lmao…..


I like jeff but jordan turn easily and is taking jeff down in process… I trust that jeff is a man of his word and make the best decision… if not he not gonna win or jordan….


I was originally pulling for Jeff and Jordan to win the whole thing and make it to the final two…. but after the non-stop power trip and flip flopping I’ve changed my mine. If you ask me… I personally feel like Russel and Michelle have a much better feel for exactly what is going on in the house. They know that Kev and gNat are saying/doing whatever they can to stay, they know not to trust J/J with everything, and they know that they have to play HARD for the POV tomorrow. I hardly think that they are the psychos… they’re just eccentric. I find it endearing. But I’ve loved Michelle’s strange personality quirks since day one… that’s just how I am.


I agree! M and R are playing pretty smart! At times I questioned their logic but then it all made sense later. Both of them have not only put work into understanding the comps and challenges but also understand that understanding the players and anticipating moves
is a real strength. They are both masters at it while others in the house are not. Although I will give props to N and K because they really knew how to toy with Jeffs security in the last few weeks. They aren’t foolish players either, they just followed and teamed up with foolish players and are paying for it now. I think K would have had much better odds had he not befriended Lydia. Mostly, I enjoy how M anf R get out of tough spots. R is so funny when he’s angry! Omg when he went around calling Ronnie ratatatat and then went in and said I’m just busting your balls so no one knows we are playing together- that was hysterical! I laughed so hard my head hurt after. And when M responds to any questions as though she is testifying in court- “I don’t reme


Sorry….”I don’t remember” to something she just said! That’s hysterical! Plus her faces when she’s confronted; she really needs her mommy! I love that people think she’s nuts because of this! This is her game! She amuses me!


My thoughts exactly. Please don’t call Michelle and Russell ‘team psycho’. And if you must, at least be fair and call team J&J “team dumb, horny,flip-flopping, scheming,lying,back-stabbing,cocky,whiney,swearing on their families,JESSIE AND GNATALIE WANNABE DOUCHEBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It seems like J and J have become the new Natalie and Jessie to me, only 10x dumber. If they do backdoor Russell I hope Natalie finally does something and wins HOH and gets rid of Jeff. I still dont understand why Michelle tells J and J everything Russ says, she is a dumb PhD if she believes she has a better chance of winning with J and J in the final 3.


I think Michelle is playing the game. She knows she can’t alienate anyone in the game. She seems to be the most strategic one in the house, although I think Jeff is doing a good job too. Like someone else on the board said, Jordon is affecting his game.

Jordan and Jeff

I still like them!!! Let’s be honest…Russell is a very strong competitor who they would be smart to get out if they had the chance. In my opinion whether they keep Russell or not it’s a lose-lose situation. I think Jeff should have considered throwing HOH to Kevin. Then Kevin could have done Jeff’s dirty work for him and Jeff could have competed for a possible endurance HOH…

But you have to admit…it would be nearly impossible to beat
A)Russell in a physical challenge in the Final Four
B)Michelle in a mental challenge in the Final Four

Kevin and Natalie? Umm….not so much 🙂

I personally hope it’s Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle in the final 3.


Russell & Michelle are go competitors, however, no one in the jury house will like them. That’s why J/J should want to be up against one of them when the voting comes along. I think it stinks that they actually trust Kevin & Nat who have NEVER been on their side over Russ & Mich! That’s turned me against them! I’m almost hoping Russ & Mich end up in final 2 at this point!


I totally agree with you!!!


I agree with you 100%!


If Jeff threw the HOH to Kevin he knew there was a possibility he would be going home! Jeff also knew Russell was a strong competitor before swearing on his family to take him to final four!


I totally agree. I just can not believe that Jeff would actually believe ANYTHING that natalie would say. But he is still my favorite!


jordan stupid…. she needs 2 go…


That would be my favorite moment on BB 11, surpassing Jeff using the CDT and Michelle putting Chima on the block!


J/J are starting to get on my nerves with this flip flopping. Have they forgotten what Jeswus, Nasty and Chia Pet put them thru?

Say Word?

well jeff got part of it right, when he said she(michelle) thinks “their voting our way we got em right where we want them” but he got the “her” wrong her name is “Natalie” LMFAO DUMBASS


Simon and Dawg: you guys are awesome! You’re on top of everything! And your side comments always make me laugh. Thanks for keeping us informed all summer long!
This is starting to get really boring! I think they need to start speeding through the comps. I am shocked that I am beginning to like Russ more than Jeff. I guess I’m beginning to see that uhhhh Jeff isn’t the perfect angel we thought he was. PLEASE VOTE CASEY FOR THE AMERICAS CHOICE $ PRIZE!!!!! Casey was very funny and actually would do something good with the money. Out of the people who remain few I could care less who gets it really because I don’t trust that they would do anything good with it- just buy themselves a house and car. Vote Casey!!!!!!


I am a Casey fan however I don’t understand why he wouldn’t let it go with Ronnie and it annoyed the crap out of me but I still hope he wins the money.


Grrrr …. I hate it when people display that entitlement attitude. Jordan has that towards Jeff and it really pisses me off. She should be expressing deep gratitude on a daily basis. I keep seeing glimmers of hope that Jeff is processing the situation in his mind and reassessing his position with Jordan. But then comments like “I’m stuck” and “you’re stuck” mean he knows that he has made his bed and must lie in it. I want to see him say you’re on your own, and send her packing because he finally looks at the bigger picture and realizes he has to put his own best interest first.


jordan needs to leave ASAP

Mr. E

Kevin won POV two weeks ago, then came in second in HoH, then came in third in HoH, and just recently came in second for HoH. The idea that Kevin is weak is nonsense. He can win, it’s only a matter of time.


I’ve had it with j/j! Jordan just told jeff she wants to take her, Jeff, Michelle & Nasty to the final 4! What is she thinking?!?!?! I hope Michelle wins! I’ve been for J/J all along, but if they backdoor Russell this week, they can lose as far as I’m concerned. After all Nasty put them thru with her jerky buds!

vote CASEY!

I would love to see Russ and Michelle battle it out for final 2! That would be great tv! I think they are a great duo! Russ is as smart as Michelle and Michelle can handle an endurance challenge also so it would be game on!


Omg, I’m so sick of Jordan… She is so freaking clueless. I was pulling for J&J but they are pissing me off.
Trusting Nathalie and Kevin in a week after they never talked is stupid!
Now I want Russell and Michael to the end. Yes, Russell is a jerk but atleast he is playing smart. He gave his work to dumb and dumber and by the looks of it he was being honest until jordans brain stop working all together and became BFFs with Kevin and gross nathalie.
I used to like Jordan but now I can’t wait to see her gone… The girl is an stupid and it has nothing to do with age.


how can u say that? u r crazy! jorden is such a nice and sweet girl! just cuz shes not the brightest u dont like her? wow ur low! i hope jeff and jorden go to the final 2 then, get married! aha!
so just dont even talk about how u dont like them cuz i dont like you!!!
u must be an amercain!
love, juliet


Sorry, he gave his “word” to dumb and dumber.
Simon, you have me waking up at 5am just to come and read your site.
Great job! I can’t get enough of it…


j/j are stupid, vulnerable, gullible dumbasses. They are getting played hard and they are so stupid they dont even see it. Im sure when they playback this season, they’ll see what idiots they were. At this point, they dont deserve to win. Their game is weak and their choices are poor. I use to be big fan of theirs, but now im rooting for M/R. She maybe “mental” and he may act “psycho ” but they are both smarter, stronger and overall have better game.


Question Simon…How come you didn’t mention the fact that Jordan is a liar? On the overnight show last night, before J&J were playing the card game Fish, they were talking about how Jordan didn’t even know what a spade or a club was. Then, right after that, Jordan starts explaining DUH! a card game to Jeff…How could she do this if she NEVER played cards before???? She’s a bold-faced liar that’s how. And furthermore, I’m almost certain that as weird as this sounds that Jordan is playing Jeff more than he is her. Aint that a bitch? Also, my people-reading skills tells me that secretly Jordan is starting to seriously wear on Jeff’s nerves as she has been doing mine for some time now. I predict the pair of them won’t make it to the final two. Maybe one will, but not both. I think that inside the house, Jordan does seem appealing to the eye, but outside of the house, in reality she’ll just look like a dumb,fake,bitchy, JESSICA SIMPSON WANNABE!!!!!! I still like Jeff a smidgen but not Jordan. She’s a dead-weight and the sooner that Jeff realizes this and remembers his final two deal with Russell, the better. This is my new order on the totem pole of who I want to win. At the top is Russell, then Michelle,Jeff, Kevin,Dumbo, Gnatalie. Go team R&M!!!! 🙂


do know what? ur a jerk!!!! what the fawck is wrong with jorden! its a game! its ok if shes useing jeff maybe thats her way for playing the game! but i dont think she is! so go srew ur self!
and ur ruting for smelling and jerky?! oh wow hope they win! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive been watching bb since the beginning and i can tell good ppl from bad and who is gunna win! and i know russel isnt for sure! so eat that! biatch!


I hope Russell wins the pov, and doesn’t use it. Then, they send home Kevin. Then, Russell wins the hoh, puts up Nat and Jordan, then wins the pov, then backdoors Jeff. I want to see Russell backdoor Jeff and Michelle to backdoor Jordan. That would be sooo funny. Can only hope.

Uncle Cool

I hope Jordan and Jeff are both out before the Final 3. Anyone there but them will make me happy. Now I don’t care who wins this season as long as it is not Jeff or Jordan.

Go Natalie!!!


I second that, Go Natalie!

dude what?

agreed! the tides are turning…J/J are not my faves anymore…anyone else wins except for them.

Hey Simon–are Russ/Michelle team psycho? why did i miss something?


Interesting. I thought Team Psycho was just Michelle! It still is, in my mind. And it’s funnier.

Yae Dum Dum

I’ve had a fantasy or two about Jeff……sorry, thats for another message board.

Anyway, I’ve been a J/J fan but I would really like to see Kevin win POV and stay in this game, grow a pair and kick a little ass to make it interesting. What do you all think?


No way he sucks


yea idk about kevin and yeah jeff is hawt dam!! 😉 i love j/j there perfect for eaachother

Uncle Cool


Is there any way you guys can make the letters bigger in the Chima picture. We can still see her face.

Or maybe just make it blank?

Yae Dum Dum



what kind of game is J/J playing. don’t they know that Kev and Nat is just saying anything to stay in the house. And they should think about the votes they get from the jury house if they make it to the final two with Kev or Nat . They will no win. There only chance of winning the pot is to take Michelle and Russel. The other house guest hate them.


I agree with you. I like Kevin’s game. I think Russell and Mich should jump ship and team up with Kev. The three of them can take Jeff Nat and Jor out.


i love how we all love JJ when they are the underdogs but as soon as they get power and MIGHT try to use it to get rid of a very strong competetitior, we hate them

i stll love them! JJ final two!!!


wow. i dont watch this show on tv anymore, only on demand or online. im not helping this show with their ratings anymore im still SHOCKED that Lydias somehow gone…i gotta see how the heck that happened…but anyways you crew hoppers are stupid. im still team jesse. chima. and nat and i like lydia 2. im rooting for Natalie but i believe Russel will win. michelle is a geek…its funny how ?smart? people like michelle and ronnie are but complete idiots in other areas of life. anyone can sit in their room and read a dictionary 24/7 and learn it but no one wants to do that crap. so my message to all you geeks …get a life…like ive been saying before all you chicken heads jeff sucks and jordan couldnt screw a light bulb to save someones life.


J/J Hmmmm….. They should really be called D/D Dumb and Dumber…….. Go Russ and Michelle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is what happens when you got someone that cant tell time and someone whose largest word in the vocabulary is ” Technotronics” together under the reign of power no brains, no game !!!!!! C, mon lets hope the PHD and investment broker to overtakes these two!!!!!


wow shut up! like r u stupid? jeff and jorden are nice sweet smart ppl! sure there not so book smart, but they have gone far in the game so there doing somthing rite!!! duhhhh
so do to h.e. double hockey stick! thats rite i said it!


I think that Jeff and Jordan are making OBVIOUS rookie mistakes! They used to be my #1 … but now it just looks to me like poor hot stud Jeff is in love with a damn dodo bird! Jordan is a moron who doesn’t see what is right in front of her. I lose respect for Jeff just for loving her ………….


Can’t believe so many are turning on Jeff. He just got Jessie out 9 days ago. I still give him major kudos for that. I’m starting to prefer Michelle and Russell, but that doesn’t mean I hate Jeff any less.

I’m rooting for anybody but Natalie to win it all.


totally agree with you. Russ and Michelle number one chose to win, then Jeff and Kevin. Really don’t like Jordon much and hate Nat. Jordan is such a liar and she is so stupid. Natalie does not deserve to when she only been riding coat tales since the beginning. And she really taught the house should had been called Natalie and Jesse house.


WOW! I just woke up and wrote something about Jordan before I read all the posts that are confirming my thoughts. SO, I am sooo happy to see the you are also thinking along these lines.Jordan has to go ASAP. I also was a huge fan of J&J but no more. I am rooting for Russel and Michelle. How pathetic!
Right now, Jeff is calling her on her manipulations, and she goes Jeeeff again.
He is getting, he is getting!
Now she is doing the sex thing-driving him crazy.
If she feels he is onto her-she will play the Sex card to distract him.


Hey, I respect Jordan for NOT having to have sex on this show – few girls can do that – knowing her family is watching. Jordan talks too much – she also admitted to being in special classes & knows she’s not very bright, but I honestly believe her heart is in the right place. Jeff’s not good at the top – he overthinks things. Hopefully, they’ll both honor the Final 4 commitment. GO J/J! Am enjoying Russell & Michelle….Nat? Still can’t stomach her. And why would she pretend to be 18? She only ACTS like it!


22 yr. old cute waitress + 31 yr. old hot salesperson = NO BRAINS!!! NO GAME !!!!!
1. They evict the most weakest and least threatening prematurely—-DUMB
2. They aligned themselves with people who been against them from the start—DUMB
3.They trust someone implicitly whose flipped back and forth in the game—DUMB
4.They underestimate M/Rs intellegience/ strategy in the game—DUMB



and you think you would be better!


the most weakest? I dont really think you’re in any position to be commenting on someone’s education my friend


22 yr. old cute waitress + 31 yr. old hot salesperson = NO BRAINS!!! NO GAME !!!!!
1. They evict the most weakest and least threatening prematurely?-LYDIA WAS GUNNING FOR THEM
2. They aligned themselves with people who been against them from the start?EVERYONE LEFT WAS AGAINST THEM
3.They trust someone implicitly whose flipped back and forth in the game?THE 2 OF THEM CANT WIN IT ALONE
4.They underestimate M/Rs intellegience/ strategy in the game?THEY DONT UNDERESTIMATE IT/THATS WHY THEY DONT TRUST THEM




Jeff and Jordan are still my favorites. I think you are just jealous of Jeff on how nice he his. You guys should listen and learn from him. GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!!


I LOVE JEFF AND JORDAN… they were always my favorites and they still are. they are the cutest things and i could definately at least see one of them in the final 2(and i think it would be jordan just because jeff is a bigger threat)


I like Jeff and Jordon and I believe Jordon really likes Jeff and visa versa. They need to keep Russell and Michelle.


I think Jeff and Jordan are the best, I have watched big brother since season one, I have never seen chemistry between two people and I do them. Also when they talked to their families they seem to be rooting for them. I would love to see them when it and maybe down the road have a great wedding and honeymoon! Jeff is smarter than some of you think. I think getting rid of Russell at this point would be a very smart move, because Russell is a great competitor, then Michele. Don’t get me wrong I don’t under estimate Nat and Kev, but they are not as smart as the duo of Russ and Michele. They may thing they are but NOT! Kevin fabrication turned out to be the truth. Russ thinks that he and Jeff are even, but HELLO, he would have been gone if Jeff did not use his power, so how does Russ figure he is even. Jeff gave him the HOH (with a deal) and then used the power to keep him, so how are they even! GO JEFF AND JORDAN, GO!


I think J/J are a nice little duo tooo but we talking $500000 BUCKS people…I just do not see me putting a man in the way of hindering my chance of winning it…NO first man later…but in this situation it’s Jordan hindering Jeff….n’ that is just what is happening…becomes more evident everyday…hate to say it but is true n’ he needs to wake up n’ face it….


Do you think they are playing POV already?


I love J/J but what are they thinking. If Jeff or Jordan make it thru to the final 2 and Nat or Kevin is other one. The Jury house will give it to Not or Kevin, they should really get rid of Natalie this week. They need to get them out first then worry about Michelle and Russell.

Roach Cannon

Nat outsmarted them. They can’t even figure out she’s older than 18 despite all the obvious signs. Nat should go but they have no ability to think rationally at this point. Jeff’s misdirected testosterone will eventually be the downfall of J/J. You can’t have all that stuff floating around without some negative repercussions – gotta clean the pipes now and then or you go a little crazy!!!


I think the best move the J/J team could do is kick Russell out. With Russells past record he will turn on them and tell them sorry its a game. Those who are switching sides are forgetting how he has screamed and embarssed past house guest. GO JEFF and JORDAN.