Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff reveals his plan “I’m going to tell Russell he’s going up and Going home”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:20pm – 8:30pm HOH room Michelle and Jordan. Michelle asks Jordan if Natalie is pissing her off.. Jordan not really. Michelle goes off on how Natalie is a bitch, “She’s trying to make it sound like she a saint and was part of this angelic alliance”.. Michelle is very upset, “You realize that her side was trying to break us all down”. She says Lydia and Jessie are not here to defend themselves, she reminds Jordon that she was there for several of their meetings and Natalie is lying Jordan yayaya she changes the subject to the POV competition saying Michelle did awesome. Michelle brings up that Russell hasn’t been hanging out with them much lately. Jordan notices that to she wonders what is wrong with Russell nowadays. Michelle thinks he’s taking the losing the POV hard. Jordan “WHY!” Jordan says she thought they were all on the same team. Jordan says he does this every time acting all paranoid and crazy it makes us wonder what team Russell is really one. Michelle start playing down Russell ability saying that Russell has done horribly in competitions lately. She ads that the person that has come in second place for the last couple competitions is Kevin. Jordan just listening….
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:35pm Jeff and Russell walk in. Michelle brings up that she was just telling Jordan how much she
can’t stand Natalie. Russell starts bashing Natalie and Kevin. He says it’s amazing how all of Natalie’s original alliance are gone but now she’s throwing them under the bus. Michelle chimes in saying Natalie is so full of Bullshit. Russell says he hasn’t been hanging around them because he can’t stand being near Natalie and Kevin because there so full of shit. Jeff says he knows what’s going on he knows all about Natalie don’t worry, “I know what the fuck she is I know what I got” Russell says he was in the room when Natalie was saying MAD shit about Jeff and Jordan she really
wants you two out she’s not innocent like you think. Jeff starts telling Russell that Jessie didn’t have Russell back and he told Jeff that He wasn’t allied with Russell that Russell had no one. Jeff is pissed because Russell voted for Jessie won?t even looking out for him, “what the fuck man Jessie almost stayed”. Michelle leaves to take a nap. Russell wants to know why Jeff keeps saying he barely started talking to Russell after week four” Jeff say because you rarely did you were only talking to me because you talked to everyone looking for votes. Russell didn’t know Jeff had the power, He tells Jeff that when your up and you know the votes are against you will do anything to stay in the house. Russell says once Casey was gone he had no one, “you have Jordan”. Jeff says he never realized Russell and Casey were so tight. Jeff says the one thing he doesn’t understand is why in the beginning everyone was so obsessed with Jessie. He thinks if Jessie would of stayed people would just quit so Jessie would get the money. Jeff brings up the three witches having their cry fest when Jessie was evicted and how Jeff doesn’t have a word for that it was so insane to him… Russell brings up Jeff winning the Coup D’etat power and how crazy that live show was. Jeff smiles, adds that he was glad to get the power and appreciates the fans voting it to him. Jordan says she still doesn’t understand what happened. Russell says he’s going to leave Jordan and Jeff alone and he leaves.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jordan starts telling Jeff all about Michelle trying to keep Russell safe and how Michelle has been pointing out that Kevin is coming in second place in all the challenges. Jeff confirms he’s putting Russell up this week and when he does that he knows that Michelle will freak out and think she the target next week. Jordan says Russell will be so pissed. Jordan tells Jeff how Michele wanted to talk about Natalie and was bashing her but Jordan said nothing baout Natalie. Jordan “we know Natalie, Kevin and the others on that side have talked shit about us”. Jordan knows Kevin and Natalie are desperate but Jordan thinks they have saved Natalie twice so she should be loyal to them (OMG Jordan I can’t wait for Natalie to WIN HOH and put your ass up) Jeff is sure Russell knows something is up because Jeff was being Cocky to him. Jordan doesn’t think Russell and Casey were as close as he says. Jeff agrees, but then adds they won’t be sure about anything until they leave the house, “Casey and Russell did spend those mornings together”. They start going over the scenarios when Russell goes home. They are convinced if Russell goes than Michelle has no one and will do what they want. Jordan says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Michelle and Kevin but Kevin is the target. Jeff reminds her if she does that she has to bond with Michelle to prevent her from going coo coo magoo. jeff really wants to tell Russell he’s going up and going home. He thinks it’ll stop the drama and everyone can relax.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle knocks on the door almost in tears saying that Kevin and Natalie came into the splish splash room while she was sleeping and pulled off everyone?s blankets saying they were cold. Jeff is shocked “Why would they do that, why cause so much shit right now” Jordan is asking maybe they didn’t know she was there. Michelle says they knew she was there and they were very rude and nasty to her. Jeff and Jordan go downstairs to figure out what?s going on.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:25pm – 8:00pm Pool Table Kevin and Natalie. Kevin is excited that the plan might work. Natalie agrees she says if they stay this week it’s all because of LML. Kevin instructs her to keep her cool when the POV is used and Russell is going up. Kevin brings up the POV and says Jeff was really trying to win, He either wants to ensure Russell goes home or wants all the power to FUCK us this week. Kevin says he would of voted for Jeff if he went final 2 because before last week Jeff hadn’t promised anything to him. Now Jeff has promised him things so if he fucks him over this week he’s not getting Kevin’s vote. Natalie says Jeff will not fuck us he’s going to put Russell up and tell him he’s the pawn but than Russell is going home. Kevin asks Natalie what she’ll do if she’s HOH. Natalie says she’ll put Jeff and Michelle up say to everyone Michelle is the target but take Jeff out. Kevin nodes says he’ll do the same (bravo Jeff you picked the right allies) She adds that If Jeff ask her she’ll say she’s putting up Kevin and Michelle. They agree that they have to make it look like they are alone in the game. Natalie says she’s always saying to them that she’s lost all her friends and has never been close to Kevin. Natalie “thank god Jeff won the veto, if Russell had won you would be going home” Kevin “Ya i figured that is what would happen” Natalie with a big smile on her face “LML worked and Russell is going home” She says that she knows that Russell will go to the jury house and tell Jessie that they have been talking shit about him. Kevin doesn’t think it’ll matter, Lydia is already filling his heads full of shit. Both are in a good mood laughing how the game was changed because of “ONE LIE”

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What makes them think Natalie and Kevin will no doubt keep their word and put up Michele and someone on their own side…(if they actually win which is almost no possibility) All of a sudden putting trust in people who they have never talked to the whole game until now is soooo dumb. Jeff’s basically going for second place if he keeps Natalie and Kevin longer and longer because one of them will end up going to the final two and he’ll have no chance in hell to win.

can't stand jordo

exactly right…why would anyone in their right mind suddenly switch sides with the 2 people who they know were against them since day 1. it kinda makes you wonder if it’s all fake cause nobody’s that stupid…nobody.


I’m tending to believe that they have no intention of not honoring the f4…….i think its all a ploy…..a huge fat ploy (go jeff)


double negatives are confusing but i thought the exact same thing.. that Jeff is saying all this about putting Russ up and then at POV time it will be a huge shock when he doesnt use it. If he does.. he deserves to lose like everyone else in america is saying… just a random thought.. dont know why he would tell jordan he is using it though.. guess we will have to wait and see..

gino dee



sucks on Jeff’s part. Doesn’t he realize he made deals with EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE THAT WILL BECOME A JURY MEMBER. Once he breaks this Final 4 deal he’s sealed his fate at winning the game. Jessie is not going to vote for him… Russell? after swearing on their parents not to take each other out until final 4. Natalie? Kevin? Lydia? Jeff needs to WAKE UP!!!


I don’t like kevin or nat-a-lie!


All i know if jeff gets ride off russell and either pp or kevin win hoh jeff will be up and he will have to win pov to say his own butt. But if he leaves russell in game and lets him win hoh next week i beliive russel will be true and get ride of the last person for the final four since jeff has been good to him for three weeks in a row and he tuely likes him and he won’t be able to compete for hoh in the final 4. This would leave them the advantage for hoh between jeff and jordan. I hope russell stays jeff/Jordan chances are better.


I can’t believe Jeff is going to screw himself and Jordan so badly. He can’t win if he gets rid or Russell this week…. Nat or Kevin will win hoh and his ass will be on the block and michelle will vote him out because she will be pissed at him…. If he keeps Russell and Russell wins hoh he won’t put up Jeff and Jordan, because they have stuck to their word and he will owe them one more time. Keeping Russell one more week is his only option to have a chance to make it to the finals.


If Jeff and Jordon back door Russell (which seems pretty obvious now) I hope Kevin wins HOH next week and sends Jordon home, then maybe Jeff’s dumbass will wakeup.


or at least tries to and puts her up and then he wins POV to take her off. this way he gets the shock and realization that he can’t trust Kevin without the reprecussions.

can't stand jordo

jordo won’t go home cause she’s no will be jeff who gets kicked out (thanks to jordo)


towards the end can’t just rely on who’s the threat but rather who is the jury going to vote for


I agree. Natalie and Kevin will put Jeff and Jordan up. Jordan is trusting Natalie? Are you kidding me? I think this season is over for me. Good Luck to Michelle.

BB Fan!

Jeff can’t win. Either he takes out Nat and Kev…then gets screwed by Michele or Russell or he takes out Russell and hopes Jordan wins HOH. There’s no win for Jeff. His only chance is to take out Russell (a strong player) and win POV next week. That’s it.


I find it funny that Kevin is saying he won’t vote for Jeff if he sends him home and in the next breath says if he wins HOH he is sending Jeff home. Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Lydia and Kevin ALL have always had this double standard. I hope Jeff over hears them wakes up and keeps his noms the same!!


Jeff is so dumb. I used to like him and now I think he is stupid. I want Russell to somehow gets some mystery power so he can save himself.. Jordan is not as sweet as she looks anymore. If they take out Russell and Michelle wins the HOH, im pretty sure Nat and Kev will do another lie to Michelle and convince her to put up jeff and jordan too. So lame, this game makes me so frustrated. Jeff = Dumb for not realizing what he is doing. Jordan = his puppet.


watching bbad really getting sick of jordo.. her relationship with pit bull is sickening. jeff better wise up …nat has developed this flirt ing little giggle its so not her she should get an emmy ….maybe she deserves to win


and here i thought jeff was smart..i mean he played his power right…then made the perfect final 4 deal..and now he wants to screw it up? stupid stupid man. if he does go through with it..i hope to hell it blows up in his face & Jeff or jordan go home next week.


OMG people please they still have the numbers lol. Wow folks do u realize Russell is going to recruit Nat or Kev w/ him and Michelle next week to get Jeff or Jordan out. I can’t believe u guys trust Russ and Michelle. Nat and Kev prefer J/J over Michelle think about it??? So Russell the creep needs to go from J/J fans perspective too. Jeff is doing the right thing trust me. Russell is not a good person and J/J as well as the rest of the house have stated that. OK people that wanted the storybook circle of friends ending where they fight each other because they don’t want to vote the other out and beg the producers to split the money 4 ways lol. Wake up aint gonna happen. Why are u guys so sad to see this bully leave. Jeff should say at the ceremony “Russell as I fight to come up with the right words to break the news to u….. I have never been good with words or spelling for that matter, so Russell I have 1 word for you Technotronics bitch now move your feet and take a seat.” Ultimate pwning of Russ.


kev and nat will suck up to whoever has the power week to week………..but jeff’s in a tight spot on who to trust re: next week i wish he could pull a double eviction and get rid of NAT AND RUSS (nat wants vengeance so bad and russ has a mad man crush on jeff, and looks and giggles at him like “I wish I was him” — not just in the BB house but outside of the house………russ is a dork)…….if Russ was HOH this week, Jeff would be in the hotseat right this very minute and russell would have never sworn on his family, etc………………….i’m sick of everyone acting like jeff is this bad guy when if russell was in his place he’d be doing precisely the same thing but being more of a dick about it…..just cuz someone is rude and in your face does not mean i’m going to appreciate his so-called honesty anymore—jeff’s a cool cat and is AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN classy, funny, respectful to everyone in the house……………..oh and by the way jordan is acting like such an ass….hate when the VOIgins brag and brag and “he was my only one” meanwhile they’ve had 20 cocks in their mouths (ugh!) and just the way she keeps talking about the va-jay-jays and sexual crap in front of jeff….i don’t know, she’s just puking me out


Jeff and Jordan just lost everyone’ respect . There getting played, there in the dark, get these folks a blindfold!

I really hope Russel somehow survives this week and wins at the end

j&j fan

oh my God…what’s happened to j/j?? I don’t even want to watch!! I am losing respect for Jeff. The reason I liked him was that he was playing strategically, but honestly. Now, he’s lost…and all over the damn place. After having sworn an allegiance to each other..why is he letting nat-lie/kevin influence him…stick to the plan Jeff…stick to the plan!!! I won’t watch the show if you break you final four commitment…i’d be done with the two of you for sure..


J/J are simply too stupid to win. They had final 3 in the bag. Just needed to stay the course. Jeff accusing Russel of scheming and lying is laughable. Jeff is now the world’s biggest hypocrite and the master double crosser. The only hope is if Russell and Michelle come out swinging tomorrow. Make up some lies about Kev and PP, tell Jeff he’s not safe next week, etc. J/J were my favorites, but they are too dumb to win. Go Michelle!


I thought Jeff was an honourable man and when he swore on his family he meant it. He deserves exactly what he get from Gnat and Kevin if he backdoors Russell. I hope he smartens up before then and realizes how stupid and dishonourable he is being.


Not anymore….
He is just a hypocrite. He accused Russell for not being loyal or anything but he speaks for himself.


ok so lets assume Russell goes home. NAT or KEV win HOH and put Michelle and Jeff up. Best case scenario for me would be Jordan wins POV takes Jeff off… Nat or Kev go up. Jeff/Jordan vote and Michelle stays. YEA!!! now I’m sounding like JJ with these scenarios… what do you guys think are the odds of this happening? I’m still for JJMR even though they (in particular JJ) are pissing me off with getting rid of Russell this soon… but I can see where Jeff is coming from. He is scared because he can’t play in the next HOH comp… so he wants to take out a “strength” in the game so his odds are better at winning POV and future comps.


ok so this may work because either way if KEV or NAT get HOH the odds of JJM going home are low… because that would mean KEV/NAT would have to win HOH and POV. I don’t think that will happen. O.k. I’m getting happy about this Russell situation and the possible outcome with him gone. So if JJM win POV either KEV/NAT will go home AND the remaining can not play in the next HOH. So the three playing would be JJM!!!


Good thoughts, but Jordon is not likely to win POV

A no no moose

Jeff should be able to play for POV if he’s put up…just not in the HOH competition.
Glad the JeffJor cute couple talk has stopped… that malarky was turning my stomach. Also people can stop the poor Jeff talk as he’s won plenty…

I hope Natalie can win something, HOH would be real nice, her competition is extremely tough…come on girl…I’m rooting for you…


If Jeff goes through with the deal, he can kiss his $500 grand


it shouldn t be hard nat…your already a nasty pig

A no no moose

Its Michelle whos the nasty one. not Natalie… like it or not, according to the blog, Michelle actually had odor from not showering.


Jeff is pissing me off! Oh God, he can’t be falling for this shit! He needs to get rid of Kevin and Natalie! WTF, Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t turn stupid on us now!


j/j arent realizing that the jury house is full of people that wont vote for them in the end if they are against kevin or natalie. the only way they will have a chance of winning is keeping their original final four. they cant take the risk of keeping natalie or kevin. hopefully they will realize that.


I’m really getting sick of this game. I think I’ll just stop watching. Just read the headline blogs to find out who wins each HOH & the end prize. Stupid, stupid people! Come on, BB – get some better choices to represent the human race. Very, very disappointed in Jeff & Jordan, and I really never thought I would have to say that!


ever notice when someone does well at something (with the exception of POV and HOH which nasty nat ever wins), say for example, tonight when kevin said he almost beat jeff, she always has to one-up that person…..”I almost beat him too” —————– eeeww i can’t watch anymore if she stays i soooooooo sooooo sooooooooooooo am grossed out by her


Jeff and Jordan if they go through with their plan, they are dumbass. To the jury house with their dumbasses! I can’t believe Kevin and Natalie are getting away with this bullshit…Rooting for Russell now which I never thought in a million years would happen but since hes obviously leaving this week next up is Michele even though i think shes crazy i hope she wins over these retards. GO MICHELE

Crooked I

yo natalie just said jordan got kicked out??? whats up with that

Crooked I

would be funny if she did get kicked out , and jeff would be left alone against everyone


Natalie and Kevin got in trouble and called to the diary room for speaking Spanish & Pig Latin and Big Brother kicked Jordan out of the diary room to talk to them ….

Crooked I

oooo ok thx for clarifying that


ok…im done. if russell goes this week and nat or kevin win hoh next week, thats it for me. i cant watch anymore. i know its a game, i get that, but it makes me ill to see or hear people win when they dont deserve it…buh bye bb!


For all the reminders in the past 20 minutes pigpen has gotten about not talking about DR stuff, for trying out spanish and piglatin after many many “stop that”s maybe Natalie will get evicted — or at a minimum get a stiff penalty!

And maybe Kevin will start spilling Nat’s plan to get Jeff out!


and then everyone can post comments on how unfair the cards are stacked, and the program is rigged, etc. There’s freakin’ rules CHIMA, NAT………frickin’ follow them or pay the consequences….


if in fact Jeff and Jordan kick out Russell..they deserve to lose. Russell has their Backs and Natalie and Kevin are weasels


Ha! Nat the Rat!


Simon, what’s the deal with posting? Is there a limit of how many times one can post, and how often? I’d appreciate some clarification.


If Russell is out this week, then Michelle has 33% chance of winning it next week, Nat 33%, and Kev 33%. Jordan is zero….
And the possibility is that Jeff/Jordan the DUMB DUO) will be nominated 100%. And I can’t wait to see Jordan’s jaw drop on the floor.




The thing is that the key for Jeff should be to take out Natalie this week and leave Kevin in the house for Russell to go after.. I also don’t think HoH is going to be endurance.. They won’t do two shows in a row which end without the audience knowing who the new HoH is.. Idk if that’s a good or bad thing.. Really hope Michele or Jordan win HoH.. I have gotten worked up over the scheming Natalie always does, but she always says “next week if I’m HoH my target is….” and she still hasn’t won.. So I’m too worried about her winning HoH.. Natalie is the weakest competitor in the house in my opinion.. Jordan can win, and Michele as well of course.. The problem then becomes Kevin.. Another thing that if Jeff was smart he would take into consideration is the fact that Russell said he felt bad because he swore on his dad.. He seemed really genuine.. If I was Jeff I would keep Russell this week, tell Jordan and Michele to try to throw the competition so Russell wins.. Hope Russell keeps his word, goes after Kevin.. Then you’re in the final 4 and Russell isn’t playing for HoH.. That’s very important.. To take him out they would just have to secure the veto..


So when did Jeff get dipped in dumb? He’s a friggin moron if he BDs Russell. Kev/PP will take him out next week if either of them win HOH.

This might go down as one of the dumbest BB moves ever.

J/J luv'er

What difference does it make if Jeff keeps Kevin or Russell both of them will put Jeff up so no matter who stays or who goes, Jeff has a target on his back. You people need to get a frigging life, nit picking about what someone eats. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, jealousy seems to be the root of all evil, not money. Jealousy breeds gossip, slander, the ruining of people’s lives and reputations. Who cares what Jordan eats or anyone on the show for that matter, what they eat has nothing to with who should or shouldn’t win the game.


Jeff’s an idiot, his strategy went from good to bad. He still doesn’t realize that he can’t win if he’s in the final two.


I think it is what Jordan makes him. She kept talking about BD Russell. Jordan is a dumb bimbo. She just easily believed in what PigPen said.

gino dee



its so weird how all the J/J people are jumping ship———if jeff was just la-la-laing it and not mentioning puttng up russell..,.,.alll the posts would be about how stupid jeff is, and how russ told him to his face how he’ll be after jeff and why doesn’t jeff play stronger, etc.

lol….jordan is asking jeff if he wants to take a bubble bath with her… he’s telling her let’s make out and put on a show, he lifted his buttcheek and farted…………….smooth, jeff, smooth—- but hell to the YES!


No Jeff…don’t do it! Don’t listen to Kevin & Natalie! Jeff needs to leave the noms the same. Right now its just a simple matter of math! Its 4 vs 2 now. Leave the noms the same and next week its 4 vs 1! Duh! Why believe in people who only a few weeks ago were totally ignoring you and gunning for you? Lets just hope Jeff reconsiders his backdoor plan – or his game just got that much more difficult!

Save Russell

I cannot wait for Natalie to put up Jeff and Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can almost see Julie Chen interviewing Dumb Jeff after he gets the boot, for backdooring Russ this week: ” Alliance with Natalie and Kevin, what were you thinking Jeff? “




jeff was isolated from week one….he handled himself well the next few weeks and has nothing to be ashamed of…..what in your mind is a strong player? he won america’s vote. he won head of household. he won POV and he’s been doing what needs to be done…………….


jordon is really plumping up. she doesn t do any physical activities…not even with jeff….she s even starting to walk like a chubby girl. when she s thirty she ll probably be a fat women. i m a j./j fan but is wish she wouldn t eat sooo much


She is just like every other hillbilly. Cute at 20 fat at 25 with three children of different men. Jerry Springer style.


“Jordan, please shut up”
“Jordan, please shut your pie hole”
“Jordan, please stop pulling your hair”
“Jordan, please stop telling your very very boring stories”
“Jordan, please go to bed”




“Jordan please stop talking to the enemy as if they were your best friends”


nat isnt big enough to bear her bf child.;what a bunch of bs. she s hippy. probably doesn t have enough female hormones to bear a child. she s like a punk ass boy and if she wins i for one will be pissed


LOL! I thought that was so ignorant too, so many tiny girls are moms.



gino dee

j/j deserve whatever they get…there two dummies and dont know how to play the game…cant wait too see there faces when kevin or natalie win the next hoh and put him up…I CANT WAIT….


What happens if/when Russle gets put up and voted out is that in the next HOH competition its 2 vs 2, Jordan and Michelle vs Kevin and Nat, and whoever wins gets Michelle.

His entire line of thought is just mind numbingly stupid at this point and it must be said, its likely Jordan rubbing off on him.

If he does not betray his deal, and gets rid of Nat, it is then 3 of his team vs Kevin , and Kevin is the target, if Russ wins HOH, Kev goes out, and the final four is done.

All his plans and scenarios are retarded. What happens if they put up Michelle and she wins POV? Jordan goes or Jeff goes. All these assumptions that He is making about who wins this, who wins that, no consideration in any way that a POV sends one of his team home if Michelle is the target

and absolutely no thinking what so ever when it comes to the reality; Kevin and Natalie are lying and Jeff is digging his own grave. In the BB House.


michelle will never ever put jeff up


You, my friend, are a fool.


totally agree Michele is looking out for #1 and as much as she says she likes Jeff. she would definetly take him out


Thank you Simon.


Jeff and Jordan sit around and do all this thinking about different scenarios.. How about you think of how you are setting the game up for Natalie and Kevin?! They think of all these scenarios but not that one.. They are so stupid.. In my opinion if they get out Natalie this week, they are pretty much guaranteeing themselves in the final 3.. Whatever though.. Get rid of Russell and you deserve to lose.. Jordan is in fact an idiot..

Save Russell

I second that! I hope Natalie gets HOH next week and boots out Jordan. This way she doesn’t make it to the final four and then Jeff only make it to the final 3. I would love Michelle to win it all but she would never have the votes against Kevin or Natalie. But I would love Jeff and Jordan to get nothing and when they announce the Jury prize for Russ to get it. I cant wait to see Jeff and Jordans faces. Natalie still gets on my nerves with her waddle walk and Jordan with her stupid voice and always playing with her hair.


I speak Spanish fluently but unfortunately I walked away for a minute when Natalie and Kevin had just started with the Spanish thing. She was trying to teach him some key words for them to use as code. Did anyone hear the whole thing? I haven’t figured out how play back the feeds or I would go back and translate it.


jeff won’t use his POV….i think production tells them to talk “game” during the week and that’s why they go over and over and over and over and over the same story and what ifs……………..ugh….its getting tiresome


ditto….i think they do too. If they didn’t…..we all wouldn’t have anything to bitch about. I think Nat or Kevin will be going home….


If Jeff puts up Russ he’s stupid. Russ might be iffy but Nat and Kevin can’t be trusted at all.