Big Brother 11 – Jessie wants to talk to Jeff, Russell wants to Go against the girls, Jeff wants to play with modelling Clay

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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9:00pm HOH Chima and Micehlle. Chima bring sup Ronnie and his eviction speech she thought it was a
little harsh. She thinks if ROnnie is saaying Michelle is the worst person he’s met he needs to meet more people. Micehlle is shocked taht Ronnie couldn?t think of something better than “worst person in the world”.. Chima agrees “worst person COMEON… in the world REALLY REALLY?” They both laugh. Chima now points out that it was ROnnie that kept her inside the house, she’ll never forget that. The conversation moves to Russell and chima tells her the first week fight between Jeff and Russell was fake. She points out that Jeff was oblivious and was actually just feeling attacked

and defending himself. Chima tells her that it was Ronnie’s idea all along but Russell brags it was his idea. Micehlle asks what the point of the fight was. Chima explains they wanted to see were the alliances were early in the game. Chima tells him id she’s noticed that Russell has been wearing a hat more because he’s breaking out all over his skin because of his nerves. Chima brings up the original fight with Russell and how mad she is with him for starting that. Chima calls Russell the Villain and a bastard. They move on to Lydia and how fucked up she is, Chima says that Lydia is a different person depending on who she is talking to. They talk about her and Jessie and how she was saying she wanted to cut herself over it, but after 10 minutes she was running back to him because he smiled at her. Michelle says that Lydia was backstabbed her. Michelle says she’s like Fatal Attraction. CHima brings up Kevin and they both agree that he’s much more trustworthy than Lydia. Chima says she doesn’t want to bad mouth Lydia she’s just laying down the facts about her. She adds that maybe Lydia should go after Russell because we can’t trust her. Chima points out that LYdia has been on the block twice because of Jessie and once because of her. If Lydia wins HOH she will but Chima up but not Jessie. … Chima now mentions that Jessie is playing the what if game constantly because he’s scared shitless.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Jeff and Russell working out. Russell mentions that everyone seems to be sleeping all the time. Jeff agrees and says he would be sleeping more but it’s impossible for him to sleep more than a couple hours in the have nots room. Russell wonders why production lets them turn the lights off in the rooms in the middle of the day. He thinks they should leave them on so people don?t’ sleep all the time. Russell goes inside after a bit leaving Jeff alone. He start wandering around the backyard tidying up stuff and mixing in some exercises.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:45pm Backyard Lydia and Jeff. Jeff in the hot tub thinking wizard thoughts and Lydia is on the couch eating delicious slop biscuits. Jeff asks her if they are any good. She thinks there pretty spicy but still tasty. Michelle joins them. They talk about Lydia slop biscuits. Lydia is excited they got modeling clay to play with.. Michelle goes inside to check it out.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
START WATCHING the live feeds today! See what they CAN?T show you on TV!! TRY it FREE for 3 DAYS!

9:55pm Red Room Lights out Chima, Jessie and pig pen. Chima tells them they really need to stop
sleeping it’s not good for their game, “I thought we talked about this come-on”. They are talking about the wizard powers. Jessie tell them he has a felling that he’s going home on Thursday. Chima tells them that before Kevin was called into the Diary room he was going to tell her something Jordan said. Apparently Jordan is saying that Russell is getting on his nerves in a big way. She goes on to point out that Jordan uses the term “when Russell goes out” instead of “if Russell goes out” Jessie says he’s trying to talk to Jeff but every time he walks up to him Jeff goes teh other way. Jessie starts complaining about the potential for going home.. he feels that people from his alliance have been HOH for 2 weeks he should feel safe. Chima says you two realize if he is the wizard and he puts the 2 of you up than its your own fucking fault because you haven’t talked to him. You need to get your ass up stop sleeping and talk to Jeff. Jessie says fine I?ll go talk to Jeff tonight.. Chima says she really thinks Jeff and Jordan want Russell gone but they still need to talk to Jeff. Jessie leaves Kevin enters. Kevin telling Chima and Natalie that Jordan said that Jeff said to Russell ” do you want me to save you or not”, the wording was “save you” not give you “my vote” Chima says she didn’t hear that one. Chima brings up Russell saying to Jeff and Jordan that he would back stab anyone in this game. They all agree that Russell’s personal attacks should start soon. Chima wonders why Russell is even trying nobody likes him. Chima says she going to start calling Russell Ronnie because JEff and Jordan hate ROnnie. They wonder if Russell is going to try anything during HOH lockdown on Thursday. Chima hopes he tries because he’ll be in front of everyone.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:10pm Kitchen Jessie, Michelle, Kevin, and Lydia is building play dough figures she’s trying to sculpt each houseguest. Lydia is in a very good mood playing with the play dough and starts making Kevin. Jeff wants to know if he can each basil, Lydia tells him just the dry not the fresh basil from the garden.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:35pm Backyard Russell and Jeff laughing about Russell being drunk last night. Russell brings up the votes and how he’s going to be short one. Russell asks Jeff who he should talk to, Russell decides he will talk to Kevin first because Lydia is pissed at him right now for not using POV. Jeff advices that Russell start talking to people but do not come on to strong just plant little seeds in people’s heads. Jessie joins them. They start talking about baseball… Jeff find the first opportunity to go inside and leaves the conversation. Jessie brings up Russell choosing Jeff for POV, Jessie feels lie that was a kick in the teeth at his expense. Russell really pushing the threat of a women alliance. he says if Russell goes home this week the men will be down too many votes there’s no way they can win. He calls Natalie and Chima feminazis. Jessie wonders what Jeff thinks of it. Russell says Jeff?s onboard. Russell say he told him that the only way that any of us guys will win is if I am here and he knows that. Jessie says have Jeff come and talk to me if we’re going to save you it’ll take 4 votes and you guys need me im the fourth vote.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Man I don’t trust Jessie one bit with his whole lets talk to jeff he just wants to make sure jeff doesn’t use the CDT and put him up I really think he would basically make them think that he’ll vote to keep russell so the power won’t be use then bam vote russell a** out. Man I really Jeff use it I getting worried that he won’t use it. I think J/J need Russell to stay to have votes for now its not russell time to go.


jeff needs to put natalie and jessie up!

loves J&J

I totally agree! I want jessie and natalie gone! I cannot wait to see if he does put them up ( He better!!!!) The look on Jessie and Natalie’s face will be priceless!!!! Cannot wait till Thursday! Jeff better do the right thing!


Jesse is a LIAR….he would never vote to save Russell. But since Jeff is going to use his power Jesse will be going home so it’s ok.


I can’t wait to see the look on Queen Chima’s face when Jeff drops the boom on Thursday. I know Russell is a fierce competitor but now is the time to take out King Jessie and knock Nasty Nat down a few pegs and he needs Russell’s help to do it.

Carrot Top

Why do people keep saying that Natalie is dirty-nasty etc? How do you guys know this?
She cracks me up because shes intense, and would be great to have on your side… yet she’s whats his name’s lapdog. Weird.
BB should make a visit to the salon for a day a prize and fix it so she wins in order to get her looking pretty again. Except for the 1st week, she has been looking prety harsh. Still I dont get the part wheres shes a dirty person, please explain. Hopefully I’ll be able to find this string again.

loves J&J

Because she is attached to Jessie’s butt !!!!!!!!


She didn’t take a shower for like 5 days when she was a have-not. To top it off, she was on her period at the time. Nuff said.


Jeff shouldn?t be able to play for HoH if he uses his powers, which would be totally unfair to Chima and all the others who couldn?t play for HoH after being HoH. Let him use his last hurrah, so he can be the next one out the door. As said?He getting a free pass in the game doesn?t make any house guest besides Jordan happy. Taking Lydia off the block shouldn?t be a reason for her to be on his side, since she has enough votes to stay anyway.

His only hope would be for Russell to win HoH, or else he is done!


Is this true?? Can Jeff play for HOH next week? I think you are wrong — I think he can play!!!

what does everyone else think?


The way I understand it, the CDT can overthrow the nominations and the ability to cast the tie breaker. So, Jeff could take down Russel and Lydia and put his own two up. The two *old* nominations would get to vote, the two *new* nominations *wouldn’t* get to vote, and Chima would not get a vote. If it comes to a tie….the CDT…not the HoH gets the tie-breaker, and the CDT still gets to play for HoH the next week as they had none of the “perks” for being HoH.


no Jeff shuld be able to play for HOH, the rewards the basket of lotions he was not able to receive the bed and private bath, he is intiled to play. He only overthrown a poor government.
so now new elections and he administration.

Billie the puppet

This weeks HOH knew about the possibility of the wizard powers. Hoh this week offered saftey as well as pov Julie told The Hg s this last week. It would be unfair for them to allow Chima to play fir Hoh back to back. As for Jeff being allowed to play I’m on the fence but since he did not reap the awards of hoh he only gets the negatives.


Hey Nat:

NEWS BREAK: Us fans voted for Jeff to get the CDT so why should he be punished. Obviously most fans believe he is worth sticking around such as myself. you however are in a small minority when it comes to Jeff. Oh and he will win HOH next week!


he should be able to play for HoH because he got none of the perks. No letters from home and has been on slop. he didn’t get to hold his power meetings with the houseguest to get that one on one knowledge of where people’s thoughts are. jordan will not be the only one that is happy. russ will be more happy than anybody. kevin will not be displeased if its jess that goes.


Pig Pen!!! LOL
Way too funny.

Karen S

Did anyone see excorsist? At 10:35 pm…. Jessie’s head.. and background equip.
HA! Truthfully it would be a mercy killing. smiles~


I shall be dancing a jig of glee when Jessie walks out that door on Thursday.


Jeff is so darn cute. I hope he goes all the way to the end just so there’s something to admire the rest of the time. He’s got abs to die for. Whew!

Johnny Conservative

I hate it when this show sometimes turns into a battle of the sexes.


thats what this show is about battles! sex, racist, homeless or mansions, that whats makes you return to watch.

Johnny Conservative

What I am saying is that I hate it when ppl say, “girl power” or “bros before hoes”. It just makes me feel uncomfortable.


Loving the fact that when Jessie comes around Jeff he goes the other way!! jessie is so desperate you can tell he is trying to kiss ass! So sad–actually pathetic!

Hey Jessie-don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does any rules on CDT exist?
everybody speculating what if”s.
Julie made a comment the first time the CDT was mentioned that possibly two HG’s will leave, but no body ever mentions this, so is it possible that the CDT works as a real Coup and instead of killing the overthrow powers as in real life that here they just go home, 2 nom’s 2 gone. no votes because it is a coup.
I know this is far reached but maybe it has merit.
now everybody can think and talk about the POWER!


I love it when you said that Jeff is sitting in the hot tub thinking Wizard thoughts. That cracks me up. It also makes me smile whenever you put the wizard hat on him in your pictures. Keep up the good work.

America can’t really know what Jeff is going to do because they are not showing it, but I really hope he uses the power and puts up Pig Pen and Roid. It would be the most strategic move for Jordan and him. He said he was tired of being a sheep, so I am 99% sure that he is going to use the power.


There hasn’t been a battle of the sexes for a long time. The women usually get used by the men until the end. I want Jeff to win but I think that he should put up Natalie and Michelle.


Voting out Jessie – Jordon, Michelle, Kevin, Russell
Voting out Natalie – Chima, Lydia

or Kevin may go with Lydia and vote out Natalie which means Jeff is the deciding vote or does Chima get it if they have to break a tie.

If Jeff uses his powers he knows he is a target to break him and Jordon up. Right now he is safe and isn’t a threat nor a target. If they got rid of Russell or Lydia, neither he nor Jordon would be a target and would have a better chance of going farther in the game if one of them won HOH. If they go after Jessie and Natalie, whoever leaves will have revenge and go after him or Jordon.

Jeff needs to let the game play out. It is his only hope. If Jessie and Natalie stay they will be going after Michelle or Kevin or Lydia or Russell. Either or. Jeff and Jordon are safer by not going against Jessie and Nat.

Dawn D

That would give Chima 2 votes. She can’t vote Natalie and then be a tie breaker by voting a 2nd time


I totally disagree. Jessie and Nat have both said that once Russell leaves, Jeff is their prime target. I really believe that the best bet for Jeff/Jordan is for Jeff to use the power and get Jessie out of there. By doing this, it leaves only Nat fighting for HOH while Jeff has a stronger chance of being safe while Jordan, Russell and himself are playing too. If none of them get HOH, Russell will still be the target to go home next week.

Randy Wolfgang

No – Chima cannot vote – there will not be a tie breaker since only five are voting and jesse goes out the door.


If that’s true then why has Jessie been saying if he get HOH next week he will put Jeff up.
They are coming after Jeff regardless if Jessie leaves or not, But if Jessie does leave Nat is the only one that can pay for HOH so his odds are better with Jessie gone.


i disagree…Jessie needs to go this week…it’s the only way he has a chance of getting to the final 2…if Jessie stays he will continue to dominate in the challenges…i pick them one by one…whereas if Jeff uses his power…then him and Russell will be the strongest of the house…so in the hoh competition this week…it would be Jeff,Russell,Jordan,Lydia,Kevin and Michele vs Natalie….because Chima can’t play….so Natalie will become a quick easy target and when she is gone…Chima will mostly go down too…which leaves…Lydia,Jeff,Jordan,Russell,Michele…from there…Jeff will probably start dominating the challenges (Russell too)…so they can pick off Kevin,Lydia and Michele….and then which leaves Jeff,Jordan and Russell left…so it’s pretty much gurantee that if comes down to those 3…Jeff would get in the final 2…Russell would take Jeff and Jordan would obviously take Jeff…u tell me what’s better


Ronnie returning next week as the returning House Guess and Ronnie being in the final fight! now what do you think

Randy Wolfgang

Exactly right!!!!

Billie the puppet

How so if you play the numbers game and Russ goes home that leaves Jeff with 2/7 chance at Hoh influence. That would tie him with the nat/Jess/chima alliance as chima can’t play. If Jeff sends one of nat or Jess home his hoh influence increases to 3/7 or 4/7 if you count Lydia and the others drop to 1/7. The remainders are the big time floaters and can only see Michelle targetting Jeff if she were to win hoh.


its time for jessie to go! without him the other will be going out the door one by one

Dawn D

Have you guys seen the poll on about Jeff’s one-liners? They are hilarious!

Anita Hen

How do you think Jordan will feel when she learns that Jeff has the Wizard power? Do you think it will push her over to the “girl power” side? Also, to break up the “girl power” group chima needs to go next week since she is the group’s leader.


Jordan is so dumb she will probably be confused and ask what power? She won’t leave Jeff. She would be out of this game already if it wasn’t for him. She finally seems to have started playing the game so maybe let’s see if she does continue but I doubt it. She is a weak player.

Von Ton

I think that Jordan will understand that Jeff could not tell her because if he did he would loose the power. I think she will stick by her man

Uncle Cool

Hopefully, next week, Jeff is gone. I totally despise the JJ team. Jordan is the same as Natalie. Floater to the extreme.

Jessie this week.

Jeff next week.

Let’s get back to individuals playing against each other.


i really dont watch at night so i have to get caught up when i read everything you all right (thanks) . but is jeff and jorden still together as a team or have they turned on each other what about jeff and russlle? i hope he will put up jessie and nat if he was smart and jessie goes home.


I didn’t watch BB when Jessie was on the last time. Was he the same as he is now? When did he get the boot? It looks like he didn’t learn anything from the last time.


jesse was out the 4th week last season cause he was super obnoxious this season he has toned it down, but hes still so self absorbed

Von Ton

I watched last season..Jessie was like Russle in the beginning. Wants to be the man of the house and tough guy, stuff like that. He left in week 4. Jessie is playing a little safer this time, well he was. But he choose the wrong side. The strong people are not always the winners. It does take brains and I think he is finally catching onto that.


3rd time will be the charm! j/k! he had had his second chance and STILL cant get it right. yeah-i want a do over. brother. you dont get ANOTHER chance jesse-these first timers are going to beat you at your own game. tooooo bad!

Anita Hen

Was very sad to see Jesse win a spot on BB11. What a jerk. Could’nt stand him on BB10, cant’ stand him now. He is a low-life. I am hoping that Jeff puts him & his pit bull up & he get’s voted out.


To the Real Ronnie! you suck


Chima although she is the most vile player on in BB history, she is a freelance reporter for online paper called Hollyscoop. You can google her and find all about her. I am an educated black woman/mother of an educated young woman. I would be so disgusted by my child’s behavior if she acted as Chima has in public and or private. I truly think BB should release her from the show. The things this woman says has a huge impact on some unsuspecting youth that may happen to see her while changing channels.
I want them to do something although I am uncertain that they will.


They brought her on the show to cause controversy. They wouldn’t just release her cause a few people don’t like her.


Giggles your comments about Chima are accurate. Her racist and discriminatory comments are despicable for someone who claims to have journalistic credentials. She even went on to say she wants to provoke russ into hitting her so that she can press assault charges have him thrown in jail so that he can get sodomized on a daily basis. The girl (not woman) is an animal. You too can complain to CBS at the bottom of their website using the feedback section and register a complaint. Chima needs to go..Chima is bad TV


File a complaint with CBS using the feedback section at the bottom of the website. Many viewers have. I did too

Von Ton

I was soo shocked when she called Russle a terrist and that she would spit on him and all of that crap. And I agree, she is making an impact on our youth who watch this show. I am ashamed to be a women because of how she acts. She is racist and mean and just a bitch. I hope her days are numbered too.


I intend to do just that. Thanks


wow i’m watching bb after dark jesse little brain can not really comprehend what russ is saying what a looser . jeff get rid of this d-bag !

Von Ton

I couldn’t stand Jessie from last season adn nothing has changed. Nat is a pain in my ass, a flirt when she shouldn’t be and a bitch. I think it would be awesome if Julie said that they bothe were evicted. I have all faith in Jessie to put them both up. I think if Jessie some how stayed he might even thank Jeff because Nat is soo clingy. All I know is that the house would be better off with out them.


I love Jesse


Hey Simon I love your site and every morning check it religiously. Keep up the great work you do. I am a huge fan of the show and your site!!!


No problem keep up the great work. Oh yes I totally agree with you on Gnat she is totally disgusting. I don’t think I have ever seen a dirtier girl. Jesse and his dirty girls LOL. Lydia is skanky too. I really hoped to like her but neediness is such a big turn off. Go Jeff and Jordon!!!


Anyone know why they are in lockdown at the moment?


quick questin do people in the house talk about nappy not showering? and if chima was a real friend why would she not pull her aside and let her know she needs a shower. if it was a friend of mine i would….but in a nice way.


If Chima was such bad TV, you wouldn’t be watching it. Its funny how people talk shit about all the house guest saying they need to be kicked off and saying they hate this person and that person…..well if u hate them that much stop watching the show!!!! And lets just say Jessie, Chima, Natalie, and Russell left, what the hell is the show gonna be like then. Boring as hell thats what, who wants to watch a show with people all liking each other and singing kumbaya. This is not that type of show.

Jackie M.

I totally agree with Big D….it wud be the frosting on the cake if Jeff puts up Jess/Nat and BB tells the hg’s that this is the week for double eviction, and they both go home. Maybe they will, then Chima throws a hissey fit, and gets kick off the show. This way we get rid of 3 of them with one wizard power….wow what a thought. To Andreana, although I agree with u that this type of show requries one to lie, and cheat…I have watched bb from the beginning, somehow hg’s such as Ronnie, Jess,Nat, Chima game playing is off the chart. For example, notice how Michelle lies, but yet she is not so hateful. I dunno, I can hardly wait for Thursday, I sure hope Big D is correct. Keep the comments up, love them,
Mahalo Nui Loa (thanks very much)