Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff’s take on Jessie, He Won’t get the “Wizard Powers” He Has the Personality of a Orange Traffic Cone”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:45 – 7:45pm Backyard Couch Jeff and Jordan. Jeff asks her what’s the deal with Michelle and what does she think of her. Jordan rehashes the entire conversation she had with Michelle. Jeff now goes and fills JOrdan in on his conversation with Michelle. They both know that Michele hates Kevin and Lydia but both of them agree that Kevin and Lydia need to be left in the house for a little bit longer. Jeff says he tried to explain to Michelle that they need to take out some bigger players first, because they need those players for votes. Jordan asks what if Michelle is just feeding them what they want to hear and she’s really going after Kevin and Lydia this week. Jeff thinks that a little bit farfetched. He says he made it very clear to Michelle that right now they need to trust Russell, in Jeff’s books he’s the only one that has kept their word out of that group. Unlike that fuck Jessie who has lied to me 10 times outta 10. Jeff bitches about Jessie walking around last week like we won the money already. They both know that things are going good for them right now and the only thing that can realistically screw them is if Ronnie gets the wizards power.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff points out how stupid Lydia has been playing, Jordan says she say her and Ronnie hugging the other day. Jeff brings up that Lydia is just floating around attaching to whoever has the power. Jordan agrees but says that they need her right now for votes so let?s put on our nice faces. Jeff is certain that Lydia will bounce to the other side once they have the power or the votes. Jeff tells her his target after the fucker Rat is gone will be Jessie, “That kids got the personality of an orange Traffic cone”

Jordan bring sup Natalie and Lydia and why hasn’t that popped yet. Jeff thought it was going to blow earlier in the week but still hasn’t. Natalie knows that Lydia likes Jessie and Lydia knows that Natalie likes Jessie so why haven’t they “gone to the mattresses” over it. Jordan speculates that if they get rid of Jessie Natalie and Lydia are going to go to war. Jeff isn’t sure… He says things are looking good for use but we still have a lot of battling to do.

Jeff is worried that he hasn’t had the chance to talk to Russell today because the other side is around him 24/7. They both know that they talk shit about them in the HOH, Jeff curses and says he doesn’t care they are all slime to him. He brings up how pathetic Ronnie was in the POV comp, Jordan laughs.

Jeff thinks the next HOH will be mental so they need to be ready. Jordan says she’s been trying to remember things in the house and the sequence of events like eviction order and HOH. Jordan brings sup the first 3 weeks in the house and how it really hurts to have been screwed in the ass so many times. Jeff knows what she’s saying he tells her that the thing that is hard for him is to trust someone in the house after they all have lied to him so many times. Jordan brings up Ronnie going around calling her dumb and stupid, She wasn’t hurt by it but it was a mean and unnecessary thing for him to say.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


They move to general chit chat they watch a spider weaving a web, Jordan wonders how spiders mate? Jeff says its easy they just bang each other, “why are you thinking about spiders humping?” Jordan goers on toe says that her and Laura had a dragonfly out here named Gus. Jordan says why don’t we name this spider? Jeff thinks thats a great idea let?s call him “Peter Parker”. She asks him what kind of animal would he be and he says a Shark.. Jordan giggles and says she would be a dolphin.

Jordan asks him where he would like to live, what?s his favourite colour, number and song. Jeff?s answers Europe, blue, 23 and Bob Marley. Jordan thinks 23 is his favourite because that was Michael Jordan?s number Jeff says no it was his football number for ever. Jordan asks him if he could date any celebrity who would he choose? Jeff “that victory secrets model from Brazil” Jordan says she a real hottie. Now Jeff asks her what Celebrity she would like to “hang out” with and not day and she says Brody Jenner. how about hang out and dinner, “Justin Timberlake”.. .they continues to talk about dating Celebes and what they like to do when they are at home.

Jeff says it?s time to make food so they head inside, Michelle eventually joins them all the other houseguests are asleep only the “super secret alliance is up”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Jeff’s comment on Jessie’s personality has to be one of my favorites in BB history. Go Team Jeff!


What a terrible thing to say about traffic cones.




It’s hilarious! I hate those stupid cones now we can call them Jessie Cones!!!!! Jeff is just good sweet candy (yum-yum)! That sweet guy just doesn’t know how much America likes him. P.S…..Vote Jeff


“There was some road work going on today and I almost ran over a Jessie.”
Yeah, it works.

just me

JEFF is the man…just hope everyone sticks to the plan and ronnie goes this week…JEFF & russell are right, ronnie can’t make it to the jury house!!!


LOL! Tooooooo funny, em!

Evel Russ

Jeff and Jordan have the best conversations. Natalie and Lydia going to the matresses, Jessie having the personality of a traffic cone, a dragonfly named Gus and a spider named Peter Parker. Those two crack me up. And I’m glad their game is starting to show more, though I always felt they were playing well and just caught some bad breaks, mainly due to Ronnie. I think they are both smarter than people are giving them credit for. I would love to see Jordan win a mental competition, that would be whipped topping on the shit pie NBK is getting served up. Just please, please, please, let Michelle hold her alliance with Jordan and Jeff.


wont ronnie, jessie and nat be sad when they find out they were hated and not loved as they seem to think and made fun of by all america instead of being voted the wizard powers! they are so high on themselves and jeff and jordan are so humble.


I know, the Jess and Natalie show…they are delusional.

just me

my sentiments exactly…


I LOVE IT!!! Did you hear Rat boy say after the Coup Dd Tat (sp)was announced my wife is organizing right now all of our family and friends to vote me in…LOL ….Like he truely has any let alone enough to take over America’s vote!!!


BB12 needs to be and I expect it to be All-Stars.. out of this season.. Jeff looks to be a lock for the next All-Star BB.

I would also like to see america be able to vote someone back in the house. Laura or Casey returning would be cool. They both left waaayy too early in this game.

Big D

Showtime BB after dark we got Jordan in the hoh bathtub bathing. Nice.


Yeah and I noticed when she started shaving under her arms they switched back to the other HGs….like they don’t wanna be faced with the reality that girls actually have to shave. It’s funny. Now doesn’t Jeff need a bath?


Russell told Jessie to put honey on the pan he’s cooking squid on so the squid will stick to the pan and not curl up. Jeez. Then again, Jessie is trying to make potato chips out of squid. So it’s not exactly the brain trust in there.

Evel Russ



Does anyone have the link to vote for JEFF? I tried voting on CBS?s BB page??but it didn?t give me any houseguest options. After I hit the green ?Vote Now? button, it said: ?Thank you for your vote.? HELP !!!!!! (by the way, Simon……. Thank you for all the BB recaps. Your site is Awesome.)


Problem solved??.. My frustration with the HG photos not being displayed was apparently related to me using Internet Explorer to access CBS?s webpage????. I decided to try Mozilla Firefox and it worked great???.. Go JEFF Go !!!!!


Jeff is such a hypocritical douchebag. He can go live with the poser Casey any time now. What a loser.

deborah grimes

must be jessies only friend lol


these people are such idiots…anyone ever heard of calamari..

Mary Ann

Jesse and Natallie should have there own show and call it, DUM AND DUMMER OR HERCULES VS THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST.

deborah grimes

jordon is not as dumb as she is playing,she knew what guy would stick by her you go girl


I agree. Jordan isn’t the brightest, but I certainly think she is smart than they think. I’m so glad she is playing with Jeff! I too love their conversations!


Make sure you vote upteen times for Jeff because you know Ronnie’s friends and family are. Everyday until Tues. Aug. 4,