Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell Feels Safe: “Jordan will only win HOH if the Questions are about Silicone and Implants”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


11:30pm bedroom Ronnie, Jessie and Chima, Ronnie tells them that he doesn’t trust Russell. Jesse seems surprised and asks
why. Ronnie says that Russell put him on the spot by offering him a deal to final 3. Jessie says he hasn’t heard anything about that. Ronnie says Russel told me it’s gonna be you, me and him. Ronnie adds that Natalie is not part of the alliance at all. Ronnie and Jesse head to the HOH. Ronnie tells Jesse he has always been 100% straight with him and he always will be. He tells him that he trusts Jesse, Chima and Natalie. Ronnie gives him the run down about how the house is taking about saving Braden and are going to vote out Chima. Jesse doesn’t understand why because Chima is on his side. Ronnie says he knows that but he’s worried about Russell he’s really rubbing the house the wrong way. Jesse tells him that he will give
Ronnie fair warning if anyone comes after him. He tells Ronnie that he respects him. Ronnie tells Jesse that he guarantees he is not going home next week. Jesse tells him he’s still scared. Ronnie tells him not to worry
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

they want Russell out. Jesse tells Ronnie that if the other side doesn’t win HOH that ROnnie is good with them. Ronnie tells him about what Laura is saying. Apparently Russel told Laura she needed a muzzle and he said she was fucking dumb. Jesse is surprised “Oh Man!”. Ronnie says the peasants are having a revolt…. They both agree to tell each other everything to keep things in
check. They start to speculate about how things might go if and when HOH and then POV are won. Lydia is at the door and Jesse tells her a couple more minutes. Ronnie tells Jesse that Lydia really worries him. Jesse tells him not to worry Jesse can talk to her.

Jesse tries to explain to Ronnie that he is allied with Russell and there isn’t much he can do about it. Jesse reminds Ronnie that Russell could win HOH next week. Ronnie says Russell will put me up if he wins HOH. Jesse tells Ronnie not to worry Jesse will make sure he doesn’t put Ronnie up. I’ll convince him we have bigger fish to fry than Ronnie. Jesse complains about hearing Laura whining about being one person down in her clique
and being forced to be with Jordan. He tells Ronnie that he wants Laura out. They go over the votes Jesse thinks Kevin and Lydia will vote for Chima. Russell at the door to use bathroom Lydia enters to Jesse asks Lydia who she’s voting to stay, she says no she’s voting for him to go. Jesse tells Lydia that Ronnie is worried about Chima getting voted out. Lydia says no don’t worry she’s staying. she goes on to say that the only people that are voting for him are Jeff and JOrdan. ROnnie says no They also have laura and Michelle. Jesse tells Lydia it is because of the fight. Lydia says that they only have 4 and Kevin is voting to evict Braden. Lydia ask ROnnie who he is voting for he says he’ll vote to evict Braden, “Why would I vote out my team mate?” Ronnie says the shit is going to hit the fan tomorrow night. If one of them like Jordan win HOH. Russell laughs
Jordan won?t win anything unless the questions are like “which is better Sailing or Silicone”. He goes on to complain about all the damn boob talk. He finishes by calling Laura a idiot and calls Jordan a dumb Fucking blonde with an IQ the size of her foot. Russell brings up that CBS wants Braden out because he called Julie Chen a Hoe. They decide to count the votes to get rid of Braden: Russel, Natali, Casey, Kevin Ronnie and Lydia. Russell ads that they are all idiots except for Braden he?s the smartest one. They start making jokes about Larua and Jordan being dumb idiots that are dumb


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:30pm Casey, Jeff and Braden. Casey says that he told Jesse how the votes were going because the two of them had a understanding. Jesse appreciates that he was kept safe. Casey tells them that things change so fast in this house Jesse and Jeff could become friends. Jeff says that he’s open to being cool with Jesse. Casey couches Braden to keep acting nervous tomorrow and keep campaigning. Casey says this is going to work as long as Ronnie and Michelle pull through. Jeff tells him not to worry they will. Casey then says it’s a done deal then.
Casey tells Braden that people are making fun of his stories. Casey is going to do some research about braden when he gets out. Braden swears they are all true. He asks them not to look at the pictures. Casey says he wouldn?t mind getting rid of Russell but he won’t put up Jesse. Casey hopes Russell punches him and gets thrown out. He also says that Russell pulled a “Brian” thinking he had everyone under his control. Ronnie joins. Ronnie says Jesse really hates Russell. Jeff says it will be great if Laura wins HOH, she’ll put Russell up. Casey says that tomorrow is done deal there is no need to go crazy. He tells Ronnie that “less is more”. Jordan says that Jesse will tell Natalie who will tell Chima. Casey shrugs this will be a test of loyalty. Jordan gets stung by a bee
Casey is really upset about Russell. Ronnie saying if he doesn’t do something about Russel, his mom would be so pissed at him. Casey tells them that once Russell finds out he’ll come to them and say “Ronnie and Casey said this” ” Casey and Ronnie said that” We can’t fall for that, we gotta keep it cool. Casey tells them to laugh off the mad fallout tomorrow. That’s the best way to handle it. They start talking about Big Brother 10 and how all the votes were 9-0 8-0 etc etc.. Casey says he hates the mob mentality like last year. Ronnie says al the votes were house votes and thats how Jesse is trying to play. Casey said he thought last year was boring “Everyone wanted to vote with the house, Don’t want to upset the house”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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