Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell asks Kevin you have a hour what do you do

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:10pm backyard, everyone sitting around. Natalie leaves and goes inside to get food.. When she comes back she tells them she took all the leftovers. Jeff “why you take all the French Fries” Natalie says she left one pork chop. They start talking about final 6 final 5 final 4.. Natalie goes I know who is the final 4 she points at Michelle, Jeff, Jordan than herself.. they laugh. Kevin says with a smile I’ll be voting for Russell. Natalie says if I win HOH I’m going to put Kevin up and so he can go through the entire process of sitting on the chair and having Julie tell them by a vote of ….. Kevin says he’s going to vote for Russell to stay so she can experience a full eviction. Everyone laughs.. Michelle tells them she’s lost 16 pounds since being in the house Jordan is amazed “WOW 16 whole pounds!” They start talking about their time in the hotels before the show started and how boring it was.. Michelle says she was getting all of PP’s food because of the initials (?) CBS Big Brother production tells them to stop talking about it.. so they stop. Jeff leaves to go into the diary room and Jordan and Michelle go to exercise. Russell, Jeff and Natalie around the hot tub. Kevin thinks Russell should grow his hair out.. Russell explains that he doesn’t like it long it gets in the way during fights and he looks Italian.

Kevin leaves to the kitchen.. Russell talks to Natalie and tells her its a lost cause for him to try and stay in the house.. He just wants to be included with the house before Thursday. He asks her if people are talking shit about him. Natalie says a lot of things have been said but most of it is about you going home.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40pm Russell on the couch with Kevin and Natalie, Coo COo Magoo and Jordan working out (We need a nickname for Jordan any ideas?) Jeff playing pool. Russell asks Natalie if she could do anything for 1 hour what would she do.. Natalie’s answer is go to the spa.. Kevin and Russell are surprised by her answer. Natalie tells them that she’s not a girly girl but she still likes going to the spa. Russell says that when they all met they said Natalie was sweet and a girly girl after awhile Russell was like no fucking way this girl is a pit bull. Kevin and Natalie laugh. Russell asks Kevin, his reply “look at some porn and jack off” Russell laughs ya i would do that to for the first 3 minutes than go for a ride. Kevin “you c** like smoke or powder “POOOF” ” Russell laughs ya I would like to go riding in my bike.

Kevin i’m going to run do you want to come with me. Natalie no way have you ever seen me run before? Kevin i’ll go into the pool if you run with me. Natalie no way. Kevin “well there you go” Natalie tells them she’s a lazy person all she does is work at blockbuster and watch TV at home… SHe says she watches so much TV that whens she’s off of work she races home to catch some shows. Natalie now starts talking about going on amazing race and how she’ll exercise a bit before she goes on. Russell asks her if she’s going to apply and if Jessie is going with her… Natalie acts like she is going to be on the show but her boyfriend wouldn’t let Jessie be with her so she would end up with her boyfriend (WOW i wish I was Natalie’s boyfriend sounds like she really wants to be with him)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Michelle finishes her workout and heads inside.. Jordan comes out and they start bashing Michelle for thinking that Jordan’s nectarine is a tangereine. Natalie goes on and on about how stupid Michelle is for thinking a nectarine is a tangereine.. Jeff and Jordan throw in some diggs to but Natalie is by far the most vocal. Natalie brings up Michelle having a PhD and not knowing what fruit is.. You get about 10minutes of them talking bout this and how stupid Michelle is.. You can See Russell on the couch mad as fuck..

Natalie tells them if Julie asks her about the nectarine thing that she’ll throw it over to Michelle and say Michelle said it was a Tangerine and she has a PhD, “anytime she gets to throw a stone she will” (I think Natalie wishes she had a Phd from blockbuster U perhaps)

Michelle walks outside and they start talking about the stupid nectarine again.. Michelle now saying she thought it was a peach… Feeds get cut.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:15pm Backyard Kevin just finished running and Jordan and Michelle have started running again… (this is Michelle’s second run) Jeff is able to convince PP to do a little bit of exercise just so she can say she worked out once. She runs on lap, benches the bar 10 times and did a bicep curl in each hand 2 or 3 times. she heads inside and meets Kevin in the bathroom.. Kevin starts taking a shower.

10:45pm Backyard Russell on the couch, Jeff on the couch playing solitaire, Michelle and Jordan doing exercises on mats. Jordan stops exercising and goes to play pool with Jeff Michelle continues to workout.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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135 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell asks Kevin you have a hour what do you do

  1. At this point, things aren?t in Jeff?s favor. Gnat, Kevin, and Russell all likely would go after him next week (and let?s not pretend?Russell would go after him). I guess he figures he has a better chance at winning the veto with Russell out of the house. Either way, it?s an uphill battle.

    I’m sure this has been said, but if I were Kevin, I’d form an alliance with Michelle and Russell and vote out Natalie. It gives him a 3 in 4 chance of his alliance winning the veto. Michelle is the smartest player and Russell is definitely a physically stronger player than Natalie. It’s an upgrade for him all around.

      1. no, prob not. but think! they would prob take him to final 2 thinking they could beat him. regardless he is in final 2 and taking home some cash!


  2. New nickname for Jordan…Heffalump? Heffer? Ok she isnt fat, but she sure eats like a fat kid! or Pinky from pinky and the brain…minus the brain of course. NARF!

    1. Jor-ton? Boredumb? HO-dumb? HO-ton? Ho-Hum? Poodumb or just plain Poo. Orifice, offal, BJ (boob job or the other thing she’s good at), Big Texas, PT, there are so many options …


  4. Russ would go after him now that Jeff betrayed him. He wasn’t going after Jeff before final 4. I don’t know where some people are getting that Russ said he would. Maybe Jeff was just afraid to go one on one against Russell. You have to remember that the diary room clips don’t always show what’s really going on in the house. They are selected and edited. I have been watching the feeds, and nothing I have seen suggests that Russ or Michelle had any intention of taking Jeff out before final 4. Russ said to Jordan and Jeff’s face that he would back stab any of them in final 4 to win, and that’s what set Jeff and Jordan against him. I mean hello! Russ was just being up front with them. Of course he will and of course any of them would do whatever it takes once they are final 4, but now Jeff won’t live to know what it’s like to be final 4. If he had gotten rid of Nat this week, JJMR would have a 75% chance of winning HOH and they could send Kevin home. Then the game would be on, clean slate and each player for himself. Jeff seems to begrudge Russ and Michelle agreeing to go for final 2 together, but come on. Is he not planning to do the same with Jordan? Why is that ok but when Russ and Michelle do it, he thinks it’s betrayal? Jeffie has almost no chance of getting past this week unless he wins POV. The only person left that won’t put him up is Jordan, and unless its a cookie dough eating contest, I don’t thing she will win HOH. Kinda hope Nat wins HOH and puts JJ up against each other. Even better, I hope Kevin and Michelle vote to keep Russ. Then it will be game on!!

    1. LMFAO @ unless its a cookie dough eating contest
      Jeff let power get in the way of logic and reason. He said it tonight, when kevin and natalie asked if the deal was still on and he said…”whats in it for jeff”. He likes having his ego stroked since nothing else is i guess.

    2. Yeah, he was told that by two people that have always been against him. Two people that took his pillow and blanket and caused him to sleep in the HN room with no pillow or blanket. He believed Nat over Michelle and Russell, who have both proven in the past that they had his back, when Nat mouthed him off over Chima’s demise and over sending Jessie out the door. She even told him then that she wouldn’t rest until he was gone, and now all of a sudden he believes her enough to offer her final 3. Doesn’t he see that if Nat gets to the finals she has the votes to win? Jeff is such a moron. This was one of the stupidest moves ever in BB history, almost as dumb as Marcelas not using POV or Kaysar letting that whats her name take HOH. America essentially gave him the game, and he messed it up. There is virtually no chance he will make it to the final.

      1. chloe, i agree with you 100%.
        how stupid is jeff? russell’s only downfall was that he is too honest. he has kept his words. jeff/jordan are such a hypocrete…they can promise eachother final 2 but others can’t? others have to bow down and follow them and do what they say without furthering their game? jeff has to realize someone at the jury have to give him the vote to win….as far as i know he doesn’t have anyone’s vote. i hope his cocky attitude doesn’t think america will give him the vote to win the money after all his arrogance and ego and betrayal of friend. if he is final 2 i will not vote to award hiim the money…as much as i hate nasty, i will give her my vote.

      2. I honestly think that the producers have been involved in perpetuating the Last Minute Lie (Lydia said the DR told her they would help out with the LML when she, Kevin and Nat cooked it up). This probably happens a lot but we as viewers don’t see and they as players can not talk about their DR sessions. This is a TV show and the producers want it to be entertaining so they manipulate events in the house.

        1. I believe this too. However, they can’t make anyone BELIEVE the lies. Chloe is right about how stupid Jeff is. Anyone to have fallen so easily for a lie that is coming from people that were after you from the start deserves to go down. Jeff blew it.

  5. The hg’s are treating Russ like he has a contagious desease, he kinda begged Kevin to not to leave him alone in the backyard. The jury house is looking like a pretty good alternative for his dignity at this point. He might even score a threesome with Chamlydia and Jessie!

    1. Does stupidity run in the family, or is it just Jeff? What a fool and a dirt bag. He royally F’d himself AND his fans.

    2. Hi Ed, How is Jeff coming across? Do you think his BB personality fits his “real world” personality? Do you think his game has been helped or hurt by Jordan? Im sure every person in the cast is pushed to the limits in the pressure cooker (BB House). I still think Jeff is playing a good game. Although carrying Jordo may hurt him.

  6. At this point, Jeff has made so many poor decisions that its just laughable. He has made himself the biggest target in the house (worst thing he could do on a week he can’t compete for HOH). He has betrayed everyone who guaranteed him a final four, and he has placed faith in the two people who have always been out to get him. He has to bank on Jordan to secure him a place next week, or else he must win POV. How is it that he couldn’t have put 2 and 2 together and figure any of that out on his own? Wow. Just wow.


    1. his story about that trip is that he was broke and had to stay in hostels and 2 nights on a bench. it was 9 years ago when he was 22.

    2. alotta college kids go to Europe with limited funds….Michelle went to Greece so she said….her funds were probably limited as well….if u got guts enough to travel some place like that with little or no money go for..

  8. they never asked jordo the scarecrow what she would do if she had an hour….she would answer i would eat for a half hour and sleep the other half….what a waiste of space,,,,,

        1. I’m surprised at you Simon….are you trying to hide your crush on Jordan ? …….I know you have one…because of the boob, shower, and pool photos…..Don’t say you are doing it for the fans…..cause damn near everyone on here is bashing the girl.
          And since you suggested nicknames for Jordan….why didn’t you suggest they come up with nicknames for Kevin, Jeff and Russel ? what kind of message do you think that is sending to us females ? ? ? hmmmmmmmmmmm ? ? ?
          Don’t make us come down there…up there….where ever you are ;)
          GO JEFF AND JORDAN ! ! ! ! !

  9. it is sooooo weird that jeff and russ sit right next to each other! the pics are crazy. how can they sit next to each other with so much anger? its strange

    1. omg i didnt even think about that, it is really weird, look how close they are sitting, even after all the things jeff said about russ. maybe he is feeling regretful?

    2. they are doing it because neither wants the other to think they are afraid to do what they usually do…sitting on the outside couch is a daily event. they have not talked since.

    1. yes i feel the same way. i feel so badly for russell. he doesn’t deserve to be outcast like that. how childish is that…it’s like in a kindergarden. jeff bullying people not to talk to russell and then other kids are afraid to play with russell. how controlling is jeff? hope he is not like that in real life b/c he will be outcasted by his work peers. no wonder, he is moving place to place and in his mid 30’s living in his parent’s garage. what a loser!!

    2. Jeff made the best move for hemself, need to get rid of jazzy kev, nat the rat asap, the co coo magoo. Russ is a snake and jazzie Kev is a nut.

  10. I think point is that she is starting to get big now and if she keeps eating the way she has been, she will be 200 pounds by next year. Girl has no control over her cravings.

    1. maybe she is not used to eating so well. anyways, she is getting on my nerves and she needs to go. chima was right when she called her as ***** trash. i used to like her and i voted for jeff but now they are being way too annoying. their arrogance and ego are equal to jessee’s.

  11. i agree she is not the brightest star in the sky…she cant spell star or sky….how about her asking about the show 90210?she said why did they call the show that???the funny thing she said she watched the show all the time….she is from another planet like someone said before moronia….lol…

    1. I think she knew the answer to that. It is just too obvious that the name had a purpose and she focused in on not knowing the purpose. It was just a calculated dumb moment. I think she has those often. She loves the attention she gets from being dumb, and she plays that up and uses it because it keeps the focus on her rather than anyone else.

  12. i really think after all of natalie’s comments (which she keeps pretending are fake ie “i know the final 4” pointing to herself, michelle, jordan and jeff) she is going to outstupid jeff and get herself evicted. kevin is thinking wtf! keep playing. and him and michelle will throw russ a bone not knowing its attached to jeff’s neck lol!
    maybe thurs will actually be an interesting show?

  13. Last week Jordan was talking about backdooring Russ, but she chickened out. As soon as Jeff is HOH she egged him on to do it. She didn’t even have the courage to take out a player, so she took out the person that was no threat to anyone at all. If Jeff didn’t have her in his ear and in his bed, maybe he would have thought things out. Last night was really pathetic. She egged him on and whipped him into an irrational frenzy, calling Russ a rapist and saying he wanted to crack Russ skull in half and cut off Michelle’s pinky. All the while, Jordan is cooing at him that he has every right to be pissed, that America loves him and that everyone else is jealous of him. It was sad and pathetic. Is Jordan really such an airhead, or is she playing Jeff?

    1. i have noticed, jeff has really dark side to him. things that he says…is so troubling. he must had some horrible child experience or something…he is like ticking bomb.

    2. I think jordan is using Jeff to get throught this game as far as he can take her ( she is getting Jeff to do her dirty work) at the end it will be, I think, Jordan and michelle. Most likely with Jordan winning the game because of the way she used the poor “horny” dude.

    3. Both!

      I think Jordan has come to the conclusion, that she has no chance of winning the 500 grand if she goes to the final two with Jeff.

    4. Is Jeff in the mob? He seemly is meaner than Russell. Lets see Jeff’s reaction when he is on the block next week.

    5. what makes me mad is that only a few hand of people know the real truth about these two jerks.
      this site has the best write up of what really goes down 24/7 plus the assessment from the viewers. Is this stuff available for them to read after wards? I hope they read the entire blog to see the whole thing-not just bits and pieces of what transpired and why-especially if Jeff looses to Jordan.

  14. argh jeff is so stupid for lissening to jordo frodo.! damn shouldve waited to kick out russ cuz russ wouldve kept Jeff another week. i hate gnat shes effin weeeak.

  15. She isn’t lean, she doesn’t have any muscle tone at all. She IS fat. I’ll bet her body fat % is extremely high, and more than enough to fall into the fat category. You don’t have to weigh 200 lbs to be fat.

  16. how was i so wrong about people. i really thought jeff/jordan were so sweet and innocent and genuinely nice people. how wrong i was. they are the wolves in the sheeps clothing. the devil in disguise. i really can’t stand them…they are in the league with nasty and lydia. i hope kevin or michelle wins the money. i really do hope kevin changes his mind and vote out nasty and keep russell.

  17. How about “Boob” as a name for Jordo. All she does is play with her fake boobs and she acts like a boob (per the dictionary: boob – a stupid or foolish person).

  18. Unless Russell somehow convinces Michelle and Kevin to vote for him to stay then the only chance of having any excitement left in this season is when Natalie or Kevin win HOH and put J/J up. I like Jeff and Jordan, but they aren’t thinking straight at all. The only way either of them have a chance to win this game is if they both get to final 2. If Kevin or Natalie make it, then they have it in the bag. I cannot believe that neither of them have thought that through. If I were there, I’d keep Russell to go to final 2 because no one would vote for him….although I like him enough, the jury doesn’t.

  19. I still love Jeff, but I just think he is making dumb moves right now. Of course, that game incites paranoia- it is supposed to do that. We see a bigger picture of what is being said by all and all Jeff has is the conversations he is involved in and what he is told. The dumb thing he is doing is listening to people who have been against him the entire game. It is easier to believe that Russell is coming after him because Russell is so vocal about his backstabbing. However, seems to me that all of his actions have been what he said they would be with the exception of voting to keep Jessie. I don’t think he would have voted to keep Jessie if he had thought Jessie might actually stay. I still love Jeff, but I love Kevin too. he is dang funny! Like him or not, his DR comments are a crack up!

  20. what i think is so funny is that jordough thinks she needs to take gnat under her wings and be somewhat of mentor to her cooking tips, and always telling her everything will be ok…but in actuality gnat is older than jordough, by one year. i think that is just to funny. i cant wait for jordough to know the truth,she will feel so stupid..i know i would!!!

  21. Jordan IS an airhead, she’s the dumbest person ever on the show. Second place would be Jeff, if he wins it then it’s pretty obvious that the producer wanted him to win. Cannot stand all of these goofy preeteen girls out there fawning all over Jeff, the guy is a total D-bag.

    1. I don’t know about this..I would love to see her paired up against Natalie from BB9 on Jeopardy. The sound of the crickets would be deafening.

    2. Yeah, she is an airhead, but there have been much worse. The one that comes to mind is Holly from season 5. She was a major reason why I cancelled the feeds that year. She was more than your average airhead barbie doll. And for all those that were pissed that Jessie came back, it could have been much worse. We could have had Jessica AND Jordan, a double dose of dumb blondes! So as much as I hated Jessie, I count my blessings!

  22. Simon– Jordan reminds me of JoJo, then dodo (bird), so how about JoDo? Otherwise, her new nickname should be one of the following: pinhead, halfwit, Gucchie ( how SHE spelled it in her HOH blog) — I still can’t get past that one– she says it all the time and doesn’t know how to spell Gucci!!! Or, there’s always these: airhead, blondie, hooters (which refers to both previous names) or even something like 2+2=5… I don’t care what she looks like, it’s her complete idiocy that amuses me… Sorry I went on a rant; I’m really not this mean ( most of the time) ;)

  23. I know it’s only a pipedream, but NOW is the time for the original Final 4 (j/j/m/r) to unlease their version of the LML and rock the BB house with the LMR( last minute reversal).

    The LMR: keep Nasty happy thinking she’s safe and then they change their voting and instead evict Nasty! All it takes is Jord and Michelle to change their votes to Nat and then let Jeff kick out Jesse’s lapdog. Don’t even let Kevin or Russell know about it.


  24. Jeff sure forgot in a hurry how he felt when no one talked to him, remember when he said he wouldn’t wish that on anyone? I believe he also said that he wouldn’t do that to anyone…but he is.

    I was a big Jeff fan from the start but a little power has sure gone to his head…..just think what he and Jesse could have accomplished had they teamed up!!!!

    It is easy to judge from the outside so I really hope that Jeff is just starting to crack from all the pressure and IS really a nice guy on the outside. Although, I have a concern about his temper……could be why he is still single.

    He has mentioned that Jordan calms him and this is the first time he has had those feelings from a woman…….so…….my guess is maybe he is a closet control freak, I sure would like to hear from his past relationships…..wouldn’t you?

    Just my opinions

  25. Is it me, or does Natalie act like she is really going to put Kevin up next week if she is HOH? I get the jokes blah blah, but usually there is truth to that. I am hoping that Kevin ends up sending Natalie packing this week. She obviously is on Jeff’s side now. Come on Kev…do NOT let her win HOH!!!

  26. The game is over for J/J. It was fun for a while watching the game go their way, but now their gullibility has got the best of them! They belive anything N/K say to them and I am now rooting for N/K. They are playing the game hard and eventhough they have won nothing, they are still there and will probably win. If they luck into a HOH, J/J are done.

    The real Jeff has been revealed and it is not pretty. Good guy, but not too bright.

  27. Do you guys actually think that Jordan is fat!!???? That is ludacris. Just because she isn’t a stick and all her ribs aren’t sticking out when she has a swimsuit on!

    1. she is not fat, but she is on her way. she has admitted to gaining weight since she has been in the bb house and the fact that she just had her bood job right before she entered in, it could of caused her way of thinking to change ,about her body.

    2. You are right, she does act like a pig. She’s shoveling food in her mouth every time you see her. And, once again to make this point, she IS FAT. You can’t see any lean muscle on her body. Her body fat % must be really high, and that is what qualifies someone as FAT. You don’t have to be morbidly obese to be considered fat. She finally got off her big ass the last 2 nights and did some exercises, and when she was doing those crunches her legs were jiggling like jello … VERY UGLY.

  28. This whole tangerine thing is ridiculous. I think they are jealous that they do not have a PHD because having a PHD has nothing to do with knowing fruit…unless she did her thesis on fruit haha. I think it’s just jealously. Go Michelle!

  29. When Jeff had the wizard power did he and Russ ever discuss/agree on getting Jessie/Nat out? I recall Russ asking Jeff if he was the wizard who would he use it on and Jeff replied that he doesn’t even know what to do with it. So with Russ on the block not knowing who the wizard is, then Jeff stands up and takes him off, why get mad at Russ for voting to keep Jessie? Why does it take so long for Jordan and Nat to complete a sentence?

    This is Jordan…Ummm..Ummm..Wait what..Jefffffff..
    This is Nat..IIIII……have…………win……….veto/hoh…….or else………..IIIIIIIIII……go……….home.

    I’m like hurry up already.

  30. alota college kids travel to Europe with limited funds…n’ Jeff now works for an AD agency so I am sure that he makes a decent salary..Michelle went to Greece so she said….If a person is gusty enough or lucky enough to take a trip to Europe ..go for it….

  31. Nat and Kevin make an awesome team, they work so well together. If Jordan and Jeff were as smooth as N/K, they would win this hands down. You never see them yelling at one another, nor do you see them go at one another unless it is staged. The only drawback is, Nat takes things a little too far and I hope she will slow her role just a touch, and not feel so safe. So far so good, but you never know in this game what the outcome will be.

    You guys rock with the nicknames??Air? Jordan, Jordough is just classic.

    Although you?re on the other side simon, you have by far the best site for viewers to come and express/voice their opinion, GJ!

  32. does everyone else think it;’s funny that natalie is 1 year older than jordon? jordon acts like a big sister to nat….i cant wait till jordon finds out that nat is older.

  33. I’d be willing to bet that a good 90% of people on this board talking about how fat Jordan is and how she does nothing but eat don’t look anything NEAR as good as she does. Yeah she does eat alot, she still looks better than I’m sure alot of us do. If you’re going to pick on her, pick on her for not knowing how to tell time or for not knowing the difference between a peach and a nectarine, or for being Super Biotch when she’s on her period, which sh talks about WAY too much….but don’t attack her weight or her looks. Her legs look fine. She’s very pretty and like someone else on here said, she doesn’t need to be skin and bones.

  34. I’m still holding out hope that J/J can pull a rabbit out from somewhere LOL to stay in the game longer. I do want Jeff to win – sorry haters! I don’t think he will though – I seriously think it’s Kevin’s game to lose now and I hope to God he votes to get rid of bull-dyke Nat!! I honestly think Jeff is a good dude but, this pressure (game and sexual – LOL) is getting to him. He’s still freaking HOT though.

  35. Jordo or Jeffo need to lay down on the balcony outside of the HOH room (like Russ did) and listen to Gnat and Kevo when they are in the kitchen talking about putting Jeff up, calling him a sucker and stuff, so the plan will change and Jordo and Mich can vote out Gnat.
    After all wouldn’t Jeff want to be put up on game play by Russ than on Lies/stabbing by the enemy other side ?

  36. I hate that people are picking on Jordan calling her fat. I think she is really pretty. I am glad she isn’t stick skinny-that would make her look rediculous considering the boob job. I realize she isn’t the smartest person in the game, but I think she could be a totally different person outside the house. I am sure she is very nice and funny person.

  37. seriously if J/J catches N/K in their lies, he could once again shake things up and keep Russ and watch Gnat’s jaw drop open as Jordo & Mich vote her out!!!!

    1. Could happen. But Jeff & Russell will have to have a bro fest sit down and make amends. Won’t happen since they both think they are right. But things change everyday. Kevin will probably hold his LML card unitl he needs it.

  38. how can these people not figure out nat is lying about her age ? she has left plenty of hints. i’ve heard her talk about going to bars, casinos , & other things that you would think might give them a clue .the must all be morons.

    1. Botched boobs, country dumbkin, jordo gorgo,(lol) great names, how about cookie dough monster?(And anything thing else edible).

  39. Why is everyone being so mean to Jordan? She seems to me to be a very sweet southern girl. I think she probably does want to be more intimate with Jeff, but her southern politeness and the way her mother raised her demonstrates the appropriate actions. Please get off her back. Everybody is playing the game the way they know how to win. She may be floating, but if she wins, she did it with dignity.

    1. LMAO. Jordan is a freaking idiot. I love that Jeff is finally starting to get on her ass for making his hands dirty and not her own. And she is not exactly the sweet innocent country girl that she likes to play. She’s sneaky and she is playing Jeff. She’s a huge tease. She knows he is attracted to her and she plays on that to get her further. UGH, bottom line…she needs to go right along with everyone else on this lame season.

    2. Quit trying to defend jordon by saying she is a sweet southern gal. She is a dumb ass! And cmon people…all she does all day is stuff her face and tease her man meathead with her fake boobs and bitches and whines. Honestly i don’t know what is sweet about her anyway based on her game play. I’m tired of the efforts of the producers of this show to portray her as such a cute innocent bumpkin when she is clearly as dumb as a brick. Who tells perfect strangers enthralling tales of her bodily functions and thinks that is so endearing? i think it is kinda gross myself…

  40. I just don’t understand why everyone thinks that Jordan is fat. I’m sure there aren’t that many on here that are all that skinny since they sit at a computer reading these posts all day! I’m not a skinny supermodel, but I’m not a cow either! This is so what is wrong with today’s society!!!!!

  41. Stacey & NBK: So funny & true! so judgements & criticism of fellow posters aside, I think IF russell goes home Thurs, whomever wins next HOH will put up J & J if they’re smart! those two have a pact just as Nat & Jesse did. But it’d be great fireworks if Nat went home instead! LOL! P.S. Botched boobs? Don’t see the botched! She looks great!

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