Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin wonders what they can do to make things exciting (here’s a hint Vote out Natalie)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm – 7:25pm Red Room Natalie and Kevin cleaning their blankets with lint rollers. Kevin makes a comment that there’s nothing better to do in the house. Kevin sarcastically says the live feeders must just love us right now with all this action. Natalie doesn’t think there is very many people watching the live feeds.

Kevin tells her they haven’t done the competitions “in the news and not in the news yet”. Natalie doesn’t think they will because last year when they did it there?s was almost a full house.

Kevin asks her why she doesn’t get along with her stepmother, Natalie really doesn’t know why her stepmother always gave her attitude… Natalie goes on to say she doesn’t care about her she not Natalie’s mother, Natalie doesn’t even call her by name (i wonder what Natalie does call her stepmother?). Kevin asks if she’s ever gotten in a big fight with her stepmother. Natalie “we fight all the time and sometimes they are big” Kevin says they will probably close the have nots room after Thursday we better make sure our beds are claimed. Natalie thinks they should move into the splish splash room. Kevin says he doesn’t perform well mentally under pressure. Never in his entire live has he been in more pressure than he is in the competitions…


7:40pm Backyard Russell playing pool, Jeff smoking, Kevin and Natalie just sitting there… no talking everyone ignoring Russell.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm – 9:00pm Hot Tub Kevin, Michelle and Natalie. Russell on the couch. Natalie asks Kevin about his fashion sense she says it’s very unique. Kevin says his style is simple he never wears things that match. Kevin starts talking about his work.. its a advertising agency that focuses on a younger demographic mostly teens with disposable income.

Kevin is telling them about the lesbian, gay, transgendered and bisexual community (LGTB) are huge smokers and he’s part of a group that is trying to get people with his lifestyle to stop smoking.. He says for some strange reason the gay community thinks smoking is sexy. He tells them they hold parties and run ads to try and reinforce that it?s not cool to smoke. Natalie asks where they get the money to do that. Kevin says most of it comes from the government. Russell chimes in “Government grants” Kevin “ya”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie says that people smoking grosses her out she brings up Casey smoking right beside her and blowing the smoke on her. She adds that at least Jeff smokes out of the way.. she tells them that Jeff told her he only smokes Friday, Saturday and Sunday when he’s at home. They all stat talking about Cigars, Cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Russell doing a lot of talking about cigars and chewing tobacco, he says he gets a major buzz of chewing tobacco but its very addicting.

Kevin asks Natalie about her “career” at blockbuster, “so are you an assistant manager” Natalie “yes I am” She goes on to explain all about the corporate structure of a blockbuster store… She talks about how much better her job is than working at 7eleven or some gas station. She says at Blockbuster there are people around you but in a gas station your all by yourself so if you get robbed is more dangerous. She goes on to tell them about all the people that try to rob blockbuster but she doesn’t care it’s not her money and DVD’s. She’ll tell them to put the shit back and will call the cops but that?s about it.

THey now start talking about stealing things from stores.. Natalie says she doesn’t steal anything but when she was she use to. Jeff asks if she steals candy from her store? Natalie “NO way thats my job man!” Jeff “I would SO steal from their, I would be like OK we’re closed and grab some candy”. Kevin explains to Jeff that stores have cameras everywhere and you would lose your job in a second if they caught you. Natalie now brings up stealing pogs for her older sister… Jeff asks what pogs are and Natalie explains. Kevin brings up the Tamagotchi virtual pet, Michelle says she had one.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm Kitchen Jordan all by herself eating


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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88 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin wonders what they can do to make things exciting (here’s a hint Vote out Natalie)

  1. kevin is my new fav player! how smart he is playing! he is literally setting up every single houseguest right now. what does he have to lose by voting (oooooops it was supposed to be to throw michelle under the bus (to natalie via DR confession) and omg jeff im soo sorry russ asked me for a sympathy vote in exchange for a jury vote and i fell for it, you know im gullible, im so sorry. wink wink) natalie out? nada! and the winner of BB 11 should be….Kevin! i say should bc BB is manipulating the game for j/j but lets see!

    1. Kevin has some very strong games skill indeed but he’s not a risk talker and he gets too nervous in comps. Plus CBS seems to be on JJ’s side so he’s gotta bring his A game to win this one

      1. 100% agree simon! im excited about the possibility and still worried he will punk out but he is setting this up well for later on even if he doesnt go through with saving russ. he is making natalie seem wicked here and michelle wants her out even more now. he is softening russ to maybe get a jury vote there. and yet he still has the j/j cover. its perfect. so smart.
        thanks for this site. its the only reason i like the show! im sure it takes a lot of time, patience. and your comments are always an added bonus. lets hope we both get what we want and see kevin in the finals. i want him there with michelle to be honest. i like her sly way of pretending (and not pretending:) to be ditzy.
        ps: how great was the pov comp? omg i laughed so much at them all falling all over the place. i loved michelle! :)…and kev’s fruit comments!

    2. michelle is ruthless and cunning….she plays jeff to a tee…she’s doing to him what she did to chima…and best of all she is no punk when it comes to the competitions…she wants out who may be coming after her…and now jeff has to be at the top of that list…he said he had to take one of THEM out meaning russ and of all she can do this without winning hoh, but just by winning the veto….if michelle wins veto then she is final three lock…
      cant wait for jeff to come up to her hoh and she says jeff i have to put you up..jeff…ah..ohhh..but..michelle im sorry but you said u were coming after me at the pov… i didnt michelle ..i didnt mean it that way…michelle ..well thats the way i took it…so you take it they way im giving it to you jeffrey aka lincoln..aka dumbass for getting lydia’s lame ass out, and then believing the lml….

      1. lol! WOW. apply for the bb job! this is probably how it will go down. well on the feeds anyway. i love michelle! michelle and kev-final 2!

  2. Re: 8:45 pm (BBT)……. Jordan eating by herself.
    Could Jordo not find a *BIGGER* bowl? = )
    What the hell is she eating BTW ??

    1. It doesn’t seem to matter what’s in the bowl as long as she can stuff it in her face! All she’s done is eat and sleep! No wonder she’s getting as big as a barn! (I’m thinking maybe like the one she was raised in to listen to her grammar). Yikes!

  3. I feel bad watching Russell on the show. When he talks about him and Jeff fighting then now being friends and Jeff like doesn’t even acknowledge it, you could tell Russell’s feelings were a bit hurt. I couldn’t stand him the first week or so, but he really grew on me.

    1. me to! I thought it was rude of Jeff when he didn’t even acknowledge what Russel said about them fighting and now they are friends. I remember I wanted Ronnie to backdoor Russel so bad week 2 but now Russel is my number 1 favourite! I’m so disappointed in Jeff. I still like him but I won’t feel bad if he goes home next week

    2. I think that was just a “sneaky” edit by CBS. Remember, they’ve been taping over the course of 2 or 3 days for this one night’s show.

  4. Whos ur fav bb hg at the moment?

    I used to love jeff.but with this whole backdoor russel thing.not NO more!
    Natalie – HATE

    1. Current Fav – Michelle or Russell
      HATE – Natalie.

      I am really, really hoping for Kevin to turn on Natalie. I still like Jeff, but he’s pissed me off this week. He’s made good moves, backdooring Russell is one of them, but he’s also done some super stupid stuff like trusting Natalie and Kevin and alienating Michelle. It’s ironic that he thinks that they will keep his word to him while he is stabbing Russell in the back.

      1. Fav would have to be Michelle if Russ goes home
        Most unfav is Nat, then Kevin….(Kevin is ok) I just wish he wouldn’t have stooped to the LML. That turned me against him. Nat is a snake!!!!!!

    2. I don’t like Jeff any more! I feel so sorry for Russell I can’t stand it! So, yeah, Russell is my number one hg. I’ll vote for him to get the jury money! He gave up a lot to help Jeff & Jordan and this is a great way to be repaid! Jeff just turned into a monster!! He’s being a jerk to everyone! I can’t wait to see his sorry butt go home, cause I know Nat and Kevin will do just that and it serves him right! J/J are both jerks! They just turned on their alliance so easily they deserve to go home!!! I just can’t stand the thought of Nat getting even 2nd place!!!

      1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. PLEASE vote for casey to get the jury money! pretty please? :) casey was just too funny and entertaining. cmon and he was so good to people, even when he disliked them he just said “this is a nut house”.

  5. POGS?!?! are you kidding me? pogs were a fad when I was like 7. I’m about to be 23. So Natalie was stealing pogs when she was about 2. That was probably a vision of beauty even then. A toddler with just a diaper no shirt, with a sheriff hat, a cap gun, chewing bubble yum, eating fun dip, picking her nose, and stealing pogs. Awesome Natalie. She sets herself up so many times to get caught and everyone else is just like…whatev. You would think with concocting an elaborate lie like this, she would have created a “past” relative to the years of her supposed youth. Not 90210 and pogs obviously. Next she will be quoting clueless or dont tell mom the babysitter’s dead. which reminds me. does jordan remind anyone else of a hickafied version of cher? She is always “surfing the crimson wave” Give cher a southern accent and we have a winner i think.

    1. lol! i think the problem is that no one in the house cares at all! they really dont. they hear her, she talks and talks and talks and then loses everything. so they dont care. its funny bc i think she wants to be found out. even kevin who called her out on the first day (remember that? hysterical!) doesnt really care. but seems that natalie really likes her little (very little) scheme and wants to get credit for it. so she will keep talking. :(

      1. What about the fact that she drank wine!?!?! Don’t they realize BB wouldn’t have allowed her to drink on TV if she was under age??!!?!? That was the CLUE that even a blind man should have caught!!!!

  6. What a repulsive gig from hell be married to Natalie’s father and her stepmother. This poor woman must’ve needed US Citizenship…


    1. i gotta admit i find her amusing at times. shes smart. you cannot say she isnt. and she is quirky for sure. i disliked her because of her bullyish behavior with jesse or i may have liked her. i dont care that she eats this way or doesnt style her hair or blah blah. its funny. and shoot if she can eat like that and hold that figure, go on now! i like that shes a strong woman. but if she tells us again that shes 18, we should ask if she means in terms of years or what :)

  8. Jeff is an alpha male, why would he want to keep Russell in the house? Ya’ll have no clue, go Nat!

    Jeff dominates everyone in the house, and it will get worst once Russell leaves?watch your back while you sleep Jordan, or you might get stabbed in the neck!

    I bet we will see a lot of ?You better do this or else? from him.

  9. I think michelle is starting to look better than jordan. Jordan just has fake boobs and her hair always looks like crap.propbably cuz she is always playing with it.
    I remember when jeff and jordan were pissed cuz jessie and natalie were ruling the house and now that jeff is he is turning into an ass and getting russel out is hurting his chances. i dont think russel needs the money.

  10. Sheesh. Here we go about the “Nectarine Test” again. So someone with a PHD doesn’t know one thing, that doesn’t it make them an idiot. It is interesting though, how quickly people are to jump on the bash the person with the highest number of years in school at any chance. Kind of like how quickly people are to say Natalie is an idiot and makes silly comments because she’s “only 18.”


      1. Been reading these pages for awhile and in my humble opinion I detect a bit of racism in all the anti Natalie comments. Michelles actually stinks but its Nat is who is called nasty. Jordon was raised by her mom and its ‘awww poor Jordon’, Nat was raised by her dad…the mom was not around and Nat is labeled as manly. What these comments lack is fairness.
        Some of these people seem to be damaged, Natalie being one of them but most people on this blog seem to hate on Natalie.
        Well Nat hasnt won anything and I dont expect her anytime soon but I’m still rooting for her. She deserves the money as much as anyone in the house or has been in the house.

        1. i agree. its an issue for sure. when chima was in the house? oh boy. got to see what people are really about. people need to stop picking on natalie. shes an odd ball but its amusing. and shes not stupid at all. shes a slick one. i only disliked her bully attitude at the beginning with jesse thats hard to forget but i dont think commenting on anything else is fair. its just immature. and pathetic.

          1. Oh please, Chima is a racist bigot. It’s ok for her to attack someone of arabic desent, but just because she’s black, all the comments must have been solely because of her skin color. Give me a break. Chima is a loud mouth ignorant bgot. I don’t care if she is yellow, green, purple, or a combination of the bunch. Character is character, irregardless of skin color.


        3. I have to disagree. Natalie was deemed “nasty” by her fellow houseguests for refusing to take cold showers and not showering for a week. CBS created a video segment on her funkiness and only afterward did these new, unappealing nicknames ensue. Obviously the smell was a problem as the houseguests talked about it in the diary room. It was Natalie’s choice not to shower on national television. It is not “racism.”

        4. You’re one of those people who cry ‘racist’ when you don’t agree with what is happening. Obviously, you can read the earlier responses to your comment and understand her nicknames have NOTHING to do with race. Either you haven’t been really reading the comments, or you are just throwing up race as a defense. You are the kind of person who makes it difficult for those of a minority to overcome the ‘race’ issue.

        5. you just want it to be racism…..because you are a raicist. You don’t think it is because we just don’t like her from having watched her from different angles….she’s sneaky, rude. self-centered, smelly from not showering, bad nasal habits ( and I am being ohhhhh….so kind there )….we just don’t like her….go figure ! ;)

        6. Not showering for a week while having your period is plain and simple nasty. She has earned her nickname 100xs over for that alone. Throw in her constant nose picking and cow-like eating habbits, and you have Nastily (or Pig Pen, whichever you prefer!)

          1. I totally agree with you. According to you, calling someone “Nastily” or “Pig Pen” is a racial slur. What a load. People don’t like her because she is shady and lacks so much charisma. And on top of that she’s just downright nasty, greasy, dirty, and any other word of the like. Not once have I ever even SEEN her race brought up on one of these board until you. Don’t make an issue out of nothing, so stupid.

            1. When I call Natalie Pig Pen it has nothing to do with her race and everything to do with how she acts. Just like when people call Jordan Jordough it has nothing to do with her race and everything to do with her rampant eating.

              1. SIMON, don”t even respond to this nonsense, the names you give this fools, are perfect. I’m black and the racist accusations are BS. Chima is a racist Donkey, and Natalie is just plain Nasty Nat. Believe you me, I think Jeff and Jordan are also Donkey’s but that has nothing to do with race, more to do with them taking advantage of voters kindness, and becoming what the accused others of being. (Jessie and Chima when they had power)
                Vote for Russell for the $25,000 prize if offered, he has been, and will always be my favourite in the game. A true competitor !!

              2. Yeah I know, as far as I can see reading all these posts, NO ONE has made comments about her race. Everyone just says she’s nasty!! How the hell is THAT racially charged. That’s so dumb!!!! I agree with you simon….don’t you worry, everyone knows that your nicknames are to do with her dirty ass hygiene lol. And “Ridiculously Bold” – Simons nicknames are totally perfect, I agree!

    1. here’s a nickname for jordan, simon….”tree trunk legs” that fits jordan perfectly. “air head” is another good one.

        1. Haha, I like that one. She is so stupid. I’m pretty sure she forgets what she’s talking about half way through some sentences.

    2. People think that jordan is hot. Well, has anyone noticed what a rockin bod michele has? Ok, face, not so much but her body is beautiful. And this is coming from a straight married mom. ?Kace?

      1. Yeh Michelle has a body on her. I think Nathalie would be notice for a nice body but her funkiness is blocking everything else…

    1. America’s Vote for Eviction could be a really nice twist. They kept hinting at the viewers being able to save Natalie or Lydia last week, but it didn’t happen. Maybe this week?

  11. I’d like to see jeff come to terms with his anger and his self resentment in his own actions over the previous few days and apologize to Russell and tell Jordan to vote Nat out. At the same time, I would like to see Kevin and Michelle try and blame one another for voting for Natalie to be evicted, giving Natalie the eviction vote by a score of 3-0, wouldn’t she be surprised? That’s probably not going to happen, but if it did, it would be the greatest turn around in BB history.

  12. I gotta give kudos to Michele. I was watching the food competition of the second episode on, and she really looks very good now, she lost weight and tonned up.

  13. Geez! If Scrappy is going to talk so much on Afterdark I cannot watch it anymore!!! She is so annoying and the faces she makes! Please Jeff come to your senses and everyone vote that b… out!

    1. stinky makes me sick too. all those stupid facial expressions and plotting operation pranks after pranks…how bout she plot actually winning something? she is the least competitive player big brother has ever had. stinky is all about can tell. she accomplishes nothing on her own (although block buster employment is way up there), can’t win ANYTHING….and yet despite that, acts like she’s so accomplished. amazing. haha

  14. i am now rooting for kevin he may not win the comps but he is smart and the other ones disgust me especially gnat for trying to take credit for his scheeming please does she not think people see she is evil and could not come up with an idea on her own, hoping it all backfires and gnat goes home, a girl can hope. If gnat actually went to asu to get a buisness degree she must not have finished my daughter was an assistant manager when she was 19 straihgt out of highschool. It does not take a degree. Now she is a Marketing manager for a huge store (not blockbuster with out a degree) so i am thinking she just pulled the asu thing from her ass since she is from Arizona. the j/j thing so over it. keep russ let him send jeff packing with his lap dog. I am on west coast time so i just got done watching the episode and yea they made jeff look like an ass, but reallythey cut the hell out of it . He is riding on jordan this week to win hoh if that is not dumb i dont know what is, and why would he ever think gnat and kev would keep their word after they got rid of all of their friends. Hello wake up. Michelle has to win so save herself so she is screwed also, but that is ok cause i am so sick of her not remembering things considering she is the most educated women in the house way to represent smart women. Kind of disgusted with the whole thing, So Go Kevin why not!!!!

  15. If Russell goes, I will only watch to see Jeff get voted out. After that, I couldn’t care less who wins. They are all pretty unlikeable people, and childishness, paranoia have led to stupid meltdowns and bad decisions instead of great gameplay. I wouldn’t mind if Michelle or Kevin won, but I wouldn’t be happy either. I definitely don’t want to see Jeff, Jordan or Pigpen win. Since BB8 the show keeps getting lamer and lamer. In past seasons, at least you could find something to like about almost everyone. This year I really can’t say I like any of them, except Russell and maybe Kevin. They are almost as unlikeable as the BB9 cast. With Russell out of the picture, there is little point watching the feeds because all we will get is everyone ignoring Michelle, Jordan wiggling her fake boobs in Jeff’s face and Jeff snarking when he gets put on the block next week. The most exciting part will be feeds of and Nat picking her nose and announcing that she might take a shower next week if she wins HOH. And I am sure they will sleep a lot and cause fish. Boring. Please BB, find some real, interesting and mature people to play next year.

    1. With ya on that!
      If Russell is voted out it’s going to be soooooo boring the next week. They already do nothing but sleep. And it will be nice to see Jeffs face when he gets backstabbed, but aside from that….nothing to look forward to.

  16. I’ve seen on the feeds Russell, Michelle and Kevin doubt Natalie is 18. Russell questioned her about the poker playing at cassinis, kevin thinks she is too malicious to be 18 and Michelle thinks that her stories don’t add up. The other morons believe her ass, because they come from planet ” Moronia “.

  17. After this next eviction, Jeff’s the obvious target. He should have stuck with the final 4 deal. Paranoia can be a bitch.

    1. Jeff would have been the target either way. Russell already said getting him out was the best move in the game, so I?m sure he would have done the same. Seeing how strong Michelle is, Jeff and Jordan would have no chance against Michelle and Russell. I?ll take my chances with someone who has not won a dam thing (Nat and Kevin).

  18. Wow, there has to be a big stick….or maybe a dick…up natalie’s ass to make her walk that way. She is not girlie at all. That blue bathing suit that she wore tonight on BBAD did not fit her right at all. The bottoms were sagging on her behind. When she got upset that Kevin called her out on TV about getting a makeover, I was laughing so hard. She has to know that she has no fashion sense. But, now that I think about it, no one there does. Even on the live shows I have yet to see anyone dressed nice. BB sure has changed over the years.

  19. PP is just gross & manly! She also plays the “mastermind card”. In the end she will say that she controlled everyone from the very beginning! She gets on my last nerve & by the grace of God I hope she goes this week!

  20. I agree with Chloe..I also will be watching Jeff get evicted..and then I’m done with big brother ..

  21. re: moose. The fact that Gnat is black is not the reasoning behind people disliking her.She is not a likable person. She was not showering regularly before the have not comps. Chima pointed that out. Even if Michelle stink she does try and look nice. Gnat carries herself like Oscar on the Odd couple. When her alliance was in power she snapped off on people at will. It wasnt until the tide shifted that she started talking the other side. The fact that she is manly has nothing to do with being black it has to do with the fact that she is MANLY. If she does have a boyfriend he must be very feminine. I am so tired of her threatening to win and put people up every week. She says with such passion that it is a joke. Bottom like people dont like because she lacks character.

    1. anyone that brings up race about nat, like nat and are just trying to use the race card to get people to stop inferring the obvious…that she stinks, doesn’t shower, wears the same dirty clothes, leaves skid marks in all of her panties, picks her nose, and clogs up the toilette where jess had to plunge it. other house guests have told her she stinks…it’s so can almost see the stank on her. she is pig pen for sure.

  22. Hey everyone trying to play catch-up. Has Russel lost it yet. I wonder if they are going to do a tape show again. I think Jeff has disappointed me. I was pro-Jeff and Jordan but they are playing a way I’m not liking anymore. I’m now looking for Kelvin and Michelle final two…That’s a good mix. Jordan please grow up. Her acts was cute but now it’s just silly looking. A grown woman acting like she’s in high school…Russel I’m sorry I was hopin for you. But it’s your time to go buddy…

  23. Gnat’s father looked and sounded Mexican. She speaks Spanish. Why is she black and not Latino? I know that she said she is black, but she also said she is 18!

  24. If Scat was really a good poker player she wouldn’t be overselling the 18 year old thing. That’s what typical amateur poker players who think they can hang with pros do all the time.

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