Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russell and Lydia on the block

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:00pm HOH Chima, Natalie, jessie and Jordan. Chima is telling them she wants Russell out. Jordan tells her she will vote whatever way Chima wants. Chima explains to them that Russell is playing both sides of the how?s and needs to go. She goes on to add that Russell never did any navy seals training that it was all a lie. Jordan states that she has personally caught Russell in many lies, Jessie tells her that Russell will put her and Jeff up if he wins HOH again. Chima wants a guarantee from everyone in the room that they will vote out Russell.. Everyone give her the guarantee.
Chima says she wants him out because she doesn’t trust him it has nothing to do with personal reason. Its Chima’s believe taht the house will settle down a lot with Russell gone. Chima tells the girls that she is going to have a girl party so they can do their nails and eyebrows and maybe take a bath and try out the lotions she has.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
they continue to bash Russell, Scrappy says Russell is trying to turn everyone against each other he was trying to get her to go after Jordan. Jordan tells them she believes that Russell and Ronnie had some sort of special agreement because they always acted so weird together.

Chima says that Russell is playing everyone personally and strategically. She goes on to tell Jordan he called her dumb than he goes to Lydia and tries to get Chima and Lydia fighting. She adds that he tries to get me to fight with jordan and Lydia.
Jordan is suspicious that some of the arguments with Chima and Russell were fake, Chima swears they are not. Jordan than says she trusts Michelle and Chima more that Russell. Natalie says that she doesn?t trust Michele, “Not after last week i think Michelle is the rat”. Chima says she trusts Russell and realizes everything that was said about Michelle was a lie fabricated by Russell. Chima says she will never trust Russell again because he talked bad about her behind her back even while they were friends. Natalie jumps in and says that Russell fabricates stories and plants them all over the place.

Natalie warns Jordan that every time she talks to Russell he runs to Jessie and calls Jordan dumb and says her head has no marbles… Jessie pipes in saying that Russell’s been telling peole it was Jessie that’s saying mean things about Jordan but it’s really Russell. Scrappy says she heard the Diary Room call out Russ and Ronnie before Ronnie got evicted. They were using eye liner to write stuff down and Diary Room guy told them to stop it. Feeds get cut….

Natalie tells everyone they have to keep a lid on Russell being the target… They are all worried that Russell may win Veto than Who would go up? Natalie goes on to blame the whole “Green Room gate” on Russell saying he was trying to make shit up about Michelle because he was pissed at her. Jordon says Russ might be a mini ronnie


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:15pm Backyard Russell and Jeff playing pool… Jeff telling him that he’s going to make a move soon. He asks Russell if Natalie and JEssie go up would he evict Jessie….. Russell says YES! Russell tell him he thinks he’s going up this week… Jeff tells him not to worry there?s always the POV. You Need to win that Man!


5:45pm Triva on the feeds Nominations Ceremony


7:00pm Kitchen all the houseguests getting ready for dinner talking about liver… Jessie saying that he likes liver because it’s full of nutrition, he would rather have Liver instead of squid. Russell is a little pissed because he is nominated, “I just got nominated by my own team fuck.”.

7:03pm Michelle and Kevin Michelle talking about she never wins anything small like the have nots she only wins the POV.. Kevin says he never wins the big things like POV and HOH….. Michelle says she feels sorry for Lydia being on the block 2 weeks in a row.

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Russell winning POV would be the best possible thing to happen this week…Chima would be forced to pick one of Jeff’s allies and leave her cronies unprotected.

Mr. E

Chima told Jess and Nat she wouldn’t put up Michelle, Kevin, Jeff, or Jordan. If Russell wins the POV, she plans on putting up Jordan as a pawn to get Lydia out. If that happens, Kevin knows team Nat/Jess/Chima was gunning for Lydia all along.


Chima can go on all week long about it’s not personal….it’s personal alright. That hant? haint? ( help me out here folks…cause Worm is going to be spell checking me ) …..that old bag was scorned by Russell and she is out for his…umm….blood. And what is Jordan doing up there running her mouth…she better get away from them cows or she is going to be gone.


I can’t wait until Thursday when Jeff stands up and puts Jessie and Natalie up and the vote is for Jessie to go. Natalie will be lost without her ‘king’ and finally that team will get a taste of their own medicine.

They are all ganging up on Jordon right now and feeding her a bunch of bull. I think she will know it doesn’t pass the smell test.


Jeff will talk sense into her…


I think Jordan is playing them. I really do. We all know she goes back to Jeff and if she does believe them he will set her straight, she believes Jeff 100%.
Scrappy and Jesse are the biggest liars of them all, one to lie is one thing but to make up stories out of thin air is very desperate!
Notice Jeff asks Russell if Jesse was up would you vote him out! I think Russell would vote Jesse out because with out him Chima and Natalie are nothing!!!! They will go down very fast! I think after Jesse is out they need to get Chima out first then Scrappy because without Chima or Jesse Scrappy will be lost and it would be HYSTERICAL!!!
Oh and just a side note I hope Ronnie reads this site and realizes how Hated him and his alliance were and how stupid they looked. Notice when talking to Julie he acted like they were all that, they are NOTHING!!!!


I agree completely with Suzie about Ronnie. If you noticed even Julie did not seem to like being around Ronnie, she kept pointing out all of his flaws and how rotten he was, even the handshake at the end seemed forced on her part and who could blame her, I wouldn’t want to touch the little rat either

Mike Boogie rules

best scenerio….Russ wins POV….Chima puts up whoever….probably Jeff…then Jeff says uh uh….Jess and Nat come on down…..that would be great!….then Chima will be scrambling next week because she cant win HOH and if Russ , Jeff , Jordan or russ win it shes up.

u rule

dude, i could so give u a freaking job!! i 100% agree, man! haha.


that would be great to see jessie and nats faces ………..


I find it funny that Jessie keeps thinking he is getting the short end of the stick when other people win things or get special powers. Hello Jessie, you got a second chance at the WHOLE game, a complete re-do. That is the most unfair part of this season, not secret powers or the preset alliances, just simply Jessie’s inclusion

The Original Jim

Yeah, but he’d only get to bitch for as long as his exit interview is.


WOW .. Chima, Jessie, Natalie are idiots. Ya Russell was with Jordan & Jeff but he was also with them. Now instead of 4, they are a team of 3 and if Russell finds a way to stay in the house (POV or Jeff), the 3 of them are toast.

Chima, Nat & Jessie look like they are gonna try replacing Russell with Kevin in order to get rid of Michelle, Jeff, Jordan & Lydia these next 4 weeks. Problem is Lydia & Kevin are a team and they just nominated Lydia.

Jeff wants to & should use the power to save both Lydia & Russell. Jeff MUST make a deal with Kevin & Lydia telling them that with Jordan & Him they can make final 4 but with Chima, Jessie & Nat they are only final 5 and neither have chance at final 3.

If/When Jeff uses the power to save Russell & Lydia he will have Russell LOCKED in as a teammate for the rest of the season and should have Lydia & Kevin for at least a couple weeks. Throw in Michelle, & Jeff/Jordan would ONLY have 2 people gunning for them the next 2 weeks until those 2 people were gone + if either Chima, Nat/Jessie were to win HoH and put up Jeff & Jordan they would have Russell to help take one of them off the block.

If Jeff doesn’t use the power, Russell is gone (unless he wins POV) and it’s Nat, Chima, Jessie vs Jeff & Jordan with the loyalties of Kev & Lydia in question. More than likely Kev, Lydia & Michelle will want to stay safe so will try to be part of the Jessie/Nast/Chima alliance.

Jeff & Jordan might as well begin packing their bags.

Another thought: if Russell or Lydia get off the block and either Jeff or Jordan are picked as the replacement (Chima will not use Michelle as replacement), then it’s a LOCK that Jeff will use the power to replace BOTH nominations with Jessie/Nat. With that I hope Lydia or Kevin wins POV and Jordan/Jeff goes up vs Russell.


thats what im sayin…. i don;t know why people sayin that jeff shouldn’t use the power , that would be a huge mistake JEFF knows Jessie,Nat are comin after jeff and Jordan and will lie to everyone in the house about them and influence them to vote jeff or jordan out, he would be signin his eviction notice if he don’t use the power and save russel and lydia(because guess what? they would both owe him one for next week) in no way would jeff be a target for next week because his side will have the numbers and votes


chima is only tryin to get kevin because they think HE has the power, jess and nat don;t like him at all and you know chima will follow whatever they say


AND Chima can’t play for HoH so it’d just be Nat or Jessie playing for HoH vs the rest of the house. I think it’s more than safe to say that the house would put up some combination of Chima, Nat/Jessie & maaayybe Russell … Jeff & Jordan would have guarenteed safety for at least a week or 2.

Whereas if Jessie, Nat & Chima r still in the house, Jeff & Jordan have a great chance of being nominated next week. They would have to win HoH to be safe & in order to nominate Jessie & Nat If Chima winsPOV and takes off Jessie, then Jeff & Jordan are screwed.

Jeff using the power this week GUARENTEES that either Jessie or Nat goes home and leaves only 2 people compared to 3 who want them out.

Jessie AND Nat can’t win PoV though.

If Jessie wins PoV and Jeff uses the power:

Nat goes up vs Lydia (jeff would only take Russell off since Jessie is safe).. house votes:

Jordan evicts Nat
Kev evicts Nat
Russell evicts Nat
Jessie evicts Lydia
Michelle evicts Nat

4-1 Nat is gone .. Michelle could potentially vote out Lydia but it’d still be Nat leaving

If Nat wins PoV and Jeff uses the power:

Jessie goes up vs Lydia … House votes:

Everyone but Nat evicts Jessie 4-1

As long as Jessie doesn’t win PoV, Jeff can at worst get Jessie out of the house like he needs and wants to.


I Love This website!!! and big brother too he he =)


Your updates do rule. I was looking for u to post what Jeff said when everyone was in the HoH room congratulating Chima and Nat saw the Waffle/cookie/pancake mix. Was something like “It needs Eggs, Butter & Milk.. i don’t think you are gonna be able to crack that code Nat” <—- totally ripping on Nat for having zero clue how to cook…. I mentioned on this site a week ago that Nat couldn’t even spread butter on bread… Jeff’s comments rule…. dude is the funniest HG of this season.


Does anyone know the specific rules for CDT? I know WHEN you can use it but not clear about now many nominations you can overturn. Also, if Jeff is allowed to evict on the spot of if the HG vote on new nominees…

For example: Jeff removes Russell from the block and replaces him with Jessie OR can he also remove Lydia and replace her with, let’s say, Natalie?


Jeff can overturn both nominations. He chooses who he wants to be the two new nominees right on the live show. He does’nt cast an eviction vote though, so there will only be 5 people voting. Also he can play in the HOH challange but Chima can’t.

The Original Jim

I am curious about one thing though. Because the CDE is used right before the eviction ceremony, Jessie and Natalie won’t have time to pack. How do they handle that?


If Jeff uses the power, doesn’t he overthrow the HOH and does that mean he can’t play for HOH next week???